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John Mara

John Kevin Mara (born December 1, 1954) is the president, CEO, co-owner of the New York Giants.

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The video on the team's official site of John Mara addressing the John Brown situation cuts short of showin…
When is John Mara going to hold Jerry Reach accountable.
NOT A COWBOYS FAN!But Jerry Jones stands behind his players 1000%. John Mara u are the face of the giants speak up man! quell this Sh--T
maybe throw John Mara and Jerry Reese into that list, and not make it a list, just definitive answers
John Mara and Carmen Policy are hoping for a vote next week on NFL relocation to Los Angeles
John Mara's defense of Josh Brown confirms the NFL has returned to its pre-Ray Rice mindset
I was certain that the Man in the High Castle was taking a "hardline" after Hardy. Except when it comes to John Mara apparently
Family would not have done to Tom Brady what Jerry Jones & John Mara orchestrated.
Dan Rooney & John Mara similar relationships I think. Weirdest thing in the NFL but then again Goodell is an ***
New York co-owner John Mara isn't taking the pressure off ...
People should question John Mara when he hired David Tyree who has made anti *** statements and is still with the Giants
John Mara said he was 9yo when he saw Paul McCartney on the Ed Sullivan show
Want to know what a great saint said about Islam? Read this:.
Wellington Mara's grandson Patrick Brown scores his first NHL goal against His middle name is Wellington.
From RR: 'Canes Patrick Brown, also nephew of John Mara, said of Wellington Mara: "He was always reminding you to give back and be humble."
On day of introductory presser for McAoo as new HC, John Mara said Giants HC has always had "significant role in . . .
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how i deeply love and will forever love Tita Mara and Uncle John😭❤️
If Jeffrey Lurie and John Mara had a panty fight, who would win?
Maasai Mara & Amboseli are my favorites. NNP is good for picnics on Sunday's
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of *** a *** of heaven." John Milton
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18
"Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." John Wooden.
Miller acknowledged that there is a link between repeated and
Tom Coughlin finally admits it's 'time to move on' from Giants: Giants owner John Mara asked Coughlin followin...
love it, except for Roger Goodell, the corrupt Park Ave office & slimy owners such as Jim Irsay, Jerry Jones & John Mara
"Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced." - John Keats.
Learning about human conflict in the in Africa
This roundup of what NFL owners have said about CTE is pretty nuanced, via
>> Forum Post: 2010 John Mara quote denouncing big spending in FA
Well done to my sister (Mara's Exec Director) LSEG launches Africa Advisory Group ht…
32% increase in concussions in NFL in 2015 is a top concern for owners at this year's meetings.
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Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish. - John Henry Newman.
I challenge you to keep a dry eye when the Commissioner suspends the whole Pats draft table for life in a weak attempt to impress John Mara.
What NFL owners have said about CTE
What NFL owners have said about CTE -
"What NFL owners have said about CTE"
Tomorrow night Mara's continues our Coffeehouse Series Concerts with John DeLuca and Trish. It's a great...
If John Mara wants the to build a new stadium. Let him pony up the money or
John Mara said owners will take up ejection rule and touchback at 25 Wednesday. May vote or table until May.
with equally beautiful, meet Mara! — at Papa John's Pizza, Visayas Ave. 😊
John Mara can finally sleep at night after Philadelphia Eagles fire ...
Ok...don't look at this guy, John Hope Bryant as my brother, BUT really listen to the message.its deep! Mara
Vacchiano: Giants spent big on reload, now it's up to McAdoo: Steve Tisch and John Mara didn’t authorize a $200 million spending spre...
Mara and I were wondering if John Cena was still around… — He's one of the MANY talents currently out with injures.
I can see why John Mara keep the prize of tickets because the team haven't make the playoff for four season.
John Mara thinks one of the 3 injured DBs from last year - Berhe, Jackson, Thompson - will start at FS in 16. - per Tom …
I agree with Chesco on this one. I'd go
So either Rich can join me with a tin foil hat or maybe I'm on to something LOL. BTW John Mara still ***
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "That *** John Mara is probably in charge of this process. He screws the Redskins AGAIN."
well John Mara but you know what I mean
If we don't win the Super Bowl next year the loans John Mara took out to pay our brand new defense will have gone to waste
Mara did you have to play that song by John Secada though?? Eish...
cmon now lets be real about who else you talking bout John 😂💀
"Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him." - John Locke.
"Everyone has special talents, and it is our duty to find ours and use them well." - John Templeton.
You're doing God's work. Giants fans are just upset - John Mara is the new Daniel Snyder
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Giants take first big steps toward restoring defensive glory: John Mara for too long has bemoaned the fall of ...
Given one last opportunity by co-owner John Mara to bulk up a roster that had not made the playoffs...
didn't John Mara say he was doing a good job over the last several years at the Coughlin press firing?
wonder if Hunt was a Kraft ally? This is what happens when Jerry Jones & John Mara pull the levers while hiding behind RG
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Lacrosse is back! Varsity opens up with Chaminade on Mara Field March 29th at 11AM.
Giants get Vernon, Jenkins, Harrison in free agency (Yahoo Sports): Given one last opportunity by Giants co-owner John Mara to bulk u...
Yep but unfortunately John Mara seems to think it was all Tom Coughlin's fault and has full confidence in Jerry Reese!
I thought that was John Mara not the Eagles who got the ball rolling on that?
offseason champs.I almost feel sorry for them. Then I think about John Mara screwing us and I laugh. Life is good.
Wouldn't be surprised if it came out John Mara really wanted to sign Maclin...
If Idzik sabotaged Rex in 2014, John Mara did the same to Coughlin in 2015... If not worse
John Mara opened that check book today boy 😳🙌🙌
Another thing John Mara said: the NYG had lost some credibility as an organization. Making a strong move to correct that during Eli window.
good moves desperation? Lots of $$ tied up Mara hope it works out not!!
Somewhere the curse of John Mara is going to pop up again on the Giants. Spending like the teams he penalized a few years ago. Shady.
Hey Did Jerry Reese & John Mara at least buy you dinner before they screwed you?
Then John Mara (Giants owner) was mad at us and Dallas for spending like crazy and put that salary cap penalty on us for a couple seasons
Is Vinny Cerrato GM in NY?. remember Mara slating 4 splashing out in FA!
Tom Coughlin is sitting at home stabbing cardboard cutouts of John Mara and Jerry Reese with a bow knife
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What happened to Jerry Reese and John Mara? If anyone finds them please do not return them.
I'd love to see how red Tom Coughlin's face about John Mara waiting until now to address the defense.
What a huge day for the John Mara made clear he was putting it on Jerry Reese to fix the roster holes. They are …
John Mara and Steve Tisch gonna be eating fast food for a while.
Jerry Reese didn't fire Coughlin. John Mara did. The GM doesn't make those decisions in that organization.
John Mara, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Tomlin all on NFL Competition Committee, all had players involved in the leagues biggest brawls this year.
Bob Kraft, Art Rooney, Jerry Richardson, Bob McNair, and John Mara combined were no impact over Jerry Jones alone
meanwhile Bob Kraft and John Mara get paper cuts counting money...while giggling.
"JFK was so hot.". "yeah until his brains were in the back seat of a car". "yeah, all over his wife, too. RIP in peace John"
Wait until Mara Jade hears about this
nshebe hlem 👀 there's zero chance for john to be single mara geh Ziboys zihumble, got to keep playing my role as thee bf😛 😂
Wish we could find a good gaming group here. Can't wait for Mara (20 mo) and her almost new sister (-7 days) to be old enough!
""I never lie because I fear no one, you only lie when you're afraid." -John Gotti"
In 1929 John Mara purchased the NY for $500. Forbes recently valued the team at $2.8Billion
when asked during interview about LA on ESPN NY John Mara said didn't think London would work. 1st big hitter to say that?
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"She looks like John Travolta in Hairspray..." okay
Today is VOB Everywhere!. St John Parliamentary representative Mara Thompson is on Down to Brasstacks right now...
Mara do u guys see how John looks at Mokgadi mara, n I bet John is her father, wanna bet?
John Mara doesn’t rule out trading a draft pick for a coach
Who's working on Makunutu's wardrobe mara?. John is going to chow somebody's mom Let's bet!!!.
...John~boi say he ain't feeling the new Future
We are Angels with one wing, but we can still fly by embracing one another. -Fr. John Mara.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono pose on the steps of the Apple building in London, 1969.
"I love you so much that I shall hate you forever for today." . - The Magus, John Fowles.
Rooney Mara & John Crowley swapped 1952 NY dept store films. Crowley originally going to direct CAROL, Mara was slated to star in BROOKLYN.
Miss yesterday's press conference? Hear from Ben McAdoo, John Mara and Jerry Reese. 🎥 |
how does the deano still have a job? Is he John Mara's *** son or something?
mayb,but when john mara spoke at presser it sound like JR is on a must deliver season.that's how I took it
Ian_OConnor As Wellington or John Mara once said of Jerry Jones it is nice to see arroga…
Spags is still under contract w/Giants. Both John Mara and Ben McAdoo want him to stay. Giants might not even let Eagle…
.on how Ben McAdoo's hiring could define where John Mara's legacy goes from here.
John Mara has essentially said as much.
John Mara on WFAN just called last 3 years for "an organizational failure," vows today starts "a new era" of football.
John Mara is becoming ridiculous. The players job isn't to make him happy. Their job is to make the fans happy.
John Mara was asked about players being happy with the hiring of Ben McAdoo. "Their job is to make me happy."
Ben McAdoo said he would welcome the opportunity if Tom Coughlin were to accept John Mara's offer to work in advisory role with
John Mara says Ben McAdoo signed a four-year deal to be the head coach of the Giants.
so disappointed in John Mara. He lost at the LA relocation and he just lost this franchise years of winning.
I think it says that John Mara is too busy laying into his former head coach to do his job and actually hire the right guy.
that's why John Mara should sell the team he's a 💩owner of the Giants
I bet John Mara is on the phone with Jerry Reese figuring out how to get Nick Saban on a flight to Newark by week's end
The only way saban's coming here is if reese is fired. John Mara better get on that.
. . . John Mara was now having strong second thoughts about giving Reese another year. In addition to those sickeningly . . .
John Mara fired the wrong guy. J. Reese not TC should have gone. JR is a mess and so now are the
John Mara central figure on NFL-to-LA committee assembling at owner meetings that begin tomorrow in Houston. Keep that in mind re: HC search
John Mara made it very clear he believes an important quality is "something to prove.". Coaches fail, learn from it
Tom Coughlin should show the Eagles a video of John Mara & Jerry Reese from Tuesday's press conference. "You see what I was…
and John Mara should have put Jerry Reese out of office first
Hope Gase cropdusted John Mara and the rest of the Giants search committee as he left the room.
Vacchiano: Giants should show Smith some Lovie: John Mara and Ernie Accorsi flew to St. Louis 12 years ago to ...
why does John Mara look like a real life Max Headroom
ICYMI: will re-air today's full press conferences at 5PM feat. John Mara, Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin.
John Mara says (on that the Giants would like to have Jason Pierre-Paul back -- at the right price of course.
John Mara on Jason Pierre-Paul: "Obviously we'd like to have him back. ... at the right price."
Tom Coughlin makes Eli Manning tear up, owns John Mara, rides off into the sunset:
Tom Coughlin walking RIGHT by Giants President and CEO John Mara after his exit presser
Idk what's more funny, Tom Coughlin shading John Mara & breezing right by him or Jim Irsay saying Ryan Grigson outdid Polian.
John Mara confirmed Giants OC Ben McAdoo and DC Steve Spagnuolo will be interviewed for team's head coaching vacancy.
John Mara should cut Andre Williams right now
John Mara said he asked Tom Coughlin to stay on in some capacity, and he said Coughlin indicated he would think about i…
John Mara, Steve Tisch, Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin will address the media Tue morning |
With Tom Coughlin likely gone, Giants owner John Mara needs to think ... -
Save us Steve Tisch, you're our only hope. John Mara doesn't have the stomach to tell TC it's time to collect Social Security.
Myers: Tom Coughlin's future will be easy call for Giants: Tom Coughlin is making it too easy for John Mara and Steve Tisch to fire h...
That would be New York Giants. . And I don't believe John Mara and Jerry Reese were interested in David Price.
Hardest question I've ever been asked is which John Mayer album is my favorite
it's because John Mara is part owner of the NFL and the owner of the Giants
With his 2nd assist of the night John Klingberg is now the leader in scoring among NHL defensemen.
Tarantula is my favorite movie about a giant tarantula that stars John Agar and Mara Corday.
It's not like he's untouchable. John Mara watching him under the microscope! Like this 🔬👀
Sad thing is I wouldn't be shocked if John Mara let this nonsense go on for another year.
Happy birthday to my favorite volleyball player ever ! Hope you have an awesome day!
call John Mara next! He's Chief Architect of the new WWF structure of today's U will find him hiding behind RG
When excellent essays about research bring me to tears! TY John Price Mara Nase…
I think Rooney Mara doesn't want to return. I like the actress they're in talks to replace her with but hate recasting.
I'd rather eat a pet sandwich 4 lunch than fill it with John west tuna. . . http…
Careful, Odell . . . don't want to break John Mara's windows . . . do you?
Mokgadi wa lapisa mara byanong he will end up touching John's underwares .
Shame on John Mara owner of the New York Football Giants. Your words from last year are meaningless, and you are letting your fan base down.
At what point does John Mara begin taking a hit for this mess.
merry Christmas to john Mara and Steve Tisch. Why waste the money on players.
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Great Public Policy Committee Meeting this morning with John Sivolella and Mara Dolan discussing the state of...
I'm sure Reese will take this stat and run into Mara's office and say "you see John, we're making real progress!!"..
last year John Mara wanted to "Fire Everyone" after the Jaguars game. He has to be mortified after Sunday.
C'mon down to Maras! Buy one entree get one half off all day @ Mara's Cafe & Bakery - Fanwood
I would love for John Mara to just get rid of Tom Coughlin & quit being nice to him like he deserves to be here.
John Mara is the Head of the Competition Committee... Nuff said.
...Refs screwing us an on-going theme this season. Refs gifting the Giants an on-going theme this year. John Mara head of competition.
I'd love to hear some comments from John Mara on today's game.
Grigson will skate! He ran point for John Mara, RG and the rest of the Deflategate gang. They owe him a favor.
You should know, (losing) it's been going on for 3 years. Lets face it. It starts at the top with John Mara. No Balls..
The Giants organization is a joke John Mara is trash
John Mara parents are rolling in the grave this franchise dead
John Mara should tell that disgrace of a team to stay in N.O and get all new staff and players! Absolutely embarrassed 2b NYG fan!
Roger Goodell and John Mara trying their best to screw Saints over.
if John Mara has any balls ,he would fire every one As of Tomorrow.
Hey John watching this Defense?! Jerry Reese put this roster together.
How can John Mara watch this defense play today and still allow Jerry Reese to have a job tomorrow?
John Mara is probably getting sick around now. We need a complete overall from the top down.
John Mara is thinking what excuse can I use this year to keep Coughlin and Reese
John Mara needs to show Jerry Reese a tape of this quarter and say "You put this defense together. You're fired."
John Peterson going Happy Gilmore off the first tee in an actual tournament
Thanks Mara for sharing! I really needed this. . John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto...
New York Giants owner John Mara: I don&know how many fingers JPP has
Who is responsible for the lack of discipline in a team? Right, Jerry Reese. No, John Mara. Right.
Robert Kraft and John Mara are hanging out on the field with line judge Sarah Thomas.
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "In about 2 1/2 hours, John Mara is going to asking the Pope to fly across the Hudson River to help the Giants."
Well I am not paying him John Mara is and again who else are they signing? Geno, RGIII, Colt McCoy?
Weatherford thanks John Mara for opportunity to be Giant, Giants fans for embracing his family + Tom Coughlin, "greatest…
Attention: Jerry Reese & John Mara- get a clue & Pay Eli, then go sign Evan Mathis. Bad enough you let Antrel go !! !!
back when they hired Tyree, I wrote John Mara a letter identifying myself & expressing disappointment, asking for review
Giants owner John Mara is disappointed Jason Pierre-Paul refused to meet with the team
John Mara says Giants have not been allowed to examine JPP (Yahoo Sports)
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "I'm not a big John Mara guy but that's a funny statement."
Mara expects command center to take over all replays: Giants co-owner John Mara, a member of the league's competition committee, expl...
John Mara discusses competition committee's consensus for not changing NFL replay rules.
co-owner John Mara weighs in on the NFL Competition Committee proposals that fell short:
She's super funny but also a great friend when you need one. Love you
(A tear falls from his eye.) Mara. She was the first person to ever care about me. I love her still. She's dead now though.
It's complicated, but the John Mara, Jerry Reese, Kevin Abrams all have a hand in setting the price. There are many meetings.
After a 7-9 season in 2013, Giants president John Mara was asked if his job was safe. "Not according to my mother, it's not…
I remember watching this fella with you Simon 😄"John O'Mara of Brentford
Listening to and Francesa interview John Mara. Its hard to hear the soundbites from Mara over the alarming breat…
I could never date someone who likes the same music as me bc rocking out to Elton John with a dude would be weird
While Narok is burning and we are watching, we shall soon wake up to no Maasai Mara with that kind of leadership
Lupica: John Mara looks back on the last time the SB was in AZ with fond memories
You can't guess what I love about Kate Mara.
John Mara said he would not damper OBJ's spirit. That sir is a fact. You are a hack, that is too.
Today on Lupica -- Woody Johnson at 1p, John Mara at 1:45p LISTEN on online at & ESPN Radio app.
TEXT from Perry Fewell: "I wanted to stay in the division so I can make John Mara's life A LIVING *** "
Don't want either need a owner or president with no ego like Paul Allen or john Mara
My favorite photo from tonight thanks to John Mara. Waiving at my show hubby!
ill give you Miles cause hes not in non party movies. I really like MBJ as a whole. But Kate Mara as Sue Storm though
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"that GOD so love the world that he ga ve his only son whoever belives in shal not perish but had enternnal life " john 3:16
Ya wanna know how powerful John Mara is in NFL circle? After axing O-Coordinator Kevin Gilbride, he landed as an analyst on NBC Sports.
That john kerry lad ACTUALLY Threatened to not give visas if Nigeria has any political violence. like america the only count…
And don't forget about John Mara. I promise they having three way sex at the Super Bowl. I hate all three of them.
. Meant and anyways if I have to explain my jokes, than its time for me to go to bed. Nite Mara! (2/2)
Odell beckham is how a bad team gets a great pick and keeps you hooked till next year. If John Mara ran the Knicks I'd believe in them too
Skincare tips & my latest John Lewis haul on the blog / // #
If me and mara met I would probably cry about John Krasinski and Jared Padalecki with her let's be honest
After the salary cap robbery and Mara's comments, Giants, now and forever
Giants matriarch Ann Mara recovering after slip and fall: Ann Mara, the mother of Giants co-owner John Mara, i...
if you've been to Huddersfield Town's John Smith's stadium.
This Time I'll take the chance. This Time I'll be your man. But John Legend though!!!
Yeah. Wonder how harsh John Mara will want the executive committee to be with a team out of Giants’ divis…
NYG Star Ledger: Giants co-owner John Mara says new defensive coordinator will get multi-year contract
John Mara said he hasn't been this excited about a draft pick (Odell Beckham Jr) since 1981 -- year the Giants drafted La…
The decision to fire both Perry Fewell and Peter Guinta were made by Tom Coughlin, not John Mara. (H/T
John Mara, Steve Tisch, Frank Gifford and Pete Gogolak react to the death of Allie Sherman:
Tom Coughlin has been told that he will return to Giants in 2015, but still has a meeting with John Mara today re: pot…
At one point during owners meetings in Dallas, Giants owner John Mara and Steelers owner Art Rooney cleared out...
My giants need these two wins are you john mara? Or related to him
Mara Pirates they lost a goal keep now the coach leaves them just like that, hai no
My drivers friend was waiting on John Mara's table last night in Rye said Coughlan's out for next season. 😕 He needs another season
Giant for life... owner, John Mara: Eli Manning 'has a lot of good years left'.
John Mara needs to put a muzzle on Steve Tisch. Make sure he remains a Silent partner.
Hard to argue that right now, but no one knows what John Mara is thinking right now.
I am putting you on indefinite IR soon after I throw you under the bus to John Mara and Steve Tisch
New post: Kate Mara's dad John owns the NY Giants. She tells GQ she will never date a footballer
"Chris used to hide in my room when john came looking for her and i would hide in her room when lindsey came looking for me." PLS STOP THIS
Dog, I disagree. John Mara is not the type of guy to make a snap decision based on one game. He is too cerebral
If you know John Mara, you know this: He already knows what he wants to do with Tom Coughlin.
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Steve Tisch said today that he and John Mara will evaluate the after the Super Bowl. Does not sound like sweeping changes coming.
LOL. After the Super Bowl? Maybe that's when John Mara will let him know what was decided 4 weeks earlier.
Steve Tisch says he and John Mara won't discuss direction of franchise and future of TC until after the Super Bowl.
we need mom to talk to John Mara s to convince him to keep TC. She's one tough cookie.
Wellington Mara picked Coughlin. Picked Fassel and those before them. So not Reese, but John Mara & Steve Tisch will decide Coughlin's fate.
Good open letter to John Mara in this morning's paper, Steve. Tough spot, but he's GOT to do something
Also, mail on John Mara's decision, Jameis Winston to the Jets, rivalry trophies and my fine speling and grammer.
Valentine's View: For the Giants, John Mara has the only opinion that counts
you'll meet John Legend at MAMA2014 pls listen carefully to his song neh? especially the "all of me" song if ever he'll sing it.
John gets so sad over his divorce from christine :-)
any shame John Mara that the Giants are the worst football team in NYC?
Giants owner, John Mara, inherited the team from his father who made his money as a horse racing book keeper.
Mary is so perfect for John and Sherlock.
It's time for co-owner John Mara to make major changes to his crumbling Giants. Will he? Column:
It's time for co-owner John Mara to shake up his pathetic Giants | Politi
my ballot of worst owners in sports. 1. John Mara. 2. Jerry Jones. 3. Jeff Lurie. 4. Ted Leonsis. 5. Mark Lerner (or his Daddy)
I finally get to announce that my Mentee, Mara Rae Rutherford just signed with agent John Cusick of...
It would've bEen nice to go watch John Legend eish mara dis sickness
Lol mara Cbu :'D I'll never take a pic like that though
John Mara must decide if Giants are headed in right direction -
If John Mara concluded he had the next Andy Robustelli on his hands (as GM, not DE), my guess is he'd make a change.
I know you're not a JJ fan. But he impressed me . . . and John Mara as well . . . late last season.
if the bills owner was John Mara, the game would be played in Tor or at the Cuse
john mara is in Goodell's ear. It's embarrassing.
Quotes just referenced in regards to Coughlin keeping job until he is ready.
Gilbride comes across as honest/ insightful. Can sense John Mara's "offense is broken" comment really sticks in his craw.
I think its 99% that Jerry Reese is coming back. John Mara will allow him to hire his own HC whenever Coughlin moves on.
Tjo mara those plastic white chairs? Is that TheDome? You'd think a John Legend concert would be cosy yazi?
1 John 2:9 . Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.
He hired him after John Mara told him to fix a broken offense by hiring a new offensive coordinator. Both right!
John Mara suggests Giants will stick with Eli Manning for many years to come.
Is Eli Manning still the future at quarterback for the New York One vote for 'yes.'
Coming up next on the countdown: Cow-people-tipping? John Mara saying Eli isn't washed...and what was the NHL thinking?
Eli Manning is Giants QB of past, present and future, needs O line - Newsday
John Mara hints that Eli Manning is here to stay with the you had me nervous there for a sec johnny boy
John Mara: Eli Manning has a lot of good years left -… EMNews
Is Eli Manning the QB of the future for the Giants? Here is a 'yes' vote
Mara makes it seem that the Giants are committed to Eli Manning for foreseeable future
John Mara on Eli Manning: "We still think he's in his prime and still has a lot of good years left."
John Mara isn't about to let Eli go. It's the right call.
John Mara :Time to talk of Eli Manning's contract after the season -
NFL's investigation of Ray Rice case could take 'several' months: Giants owner John Mara says the investigation headed by former FBI ...
I'd be pretty surprised if John Mara doesn't wish he could throw Steve Tisch on a rocket ship headed for deep space.
Bill Cowher headin to Staples tonight for that gold leaf résumé paper. Wants it lookin dope when he hands it to John Mara in Jan.
How is this an independent investigation when the is hiring Mueller AND two of Goodell's cronies John Mara & Art …
DRIVE THRU NEWS 9/11/14 *Partly sunny and cool. High: 60. Wind: NE 8-15 MPH. Currently: 49. *It's time to go after ISIS in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama said in a nationally televised address intended to sell stepped-up military efforts to a war-weary public. Announcing a broad campaign against the Sunni jihadists who have rampaged from Syria across northern Iraq, Obama announced an escalated U.S. military role as part of a strategy that includes building an international coalition to support Iraqi ground forces and perhaps troops from other allies. *Ukraine's president said Russia had removed the bulk of its forces from his country, raising hopes for a peace drive now underway after five months of conflict in which more than 3,000 people have been killed. *The NFL announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will lead an independent inquiry into the league's investigation and gathering of evidence in the case. Goodell said Mueller will have access to all NFL records. Two NFL owners who are ...
We are 2 believe John Mara will be impartial in an "independent" review of possible NFL wrongdoings? Another display of arrogance by Goodell
Of coarse John Mara think old Rodger did a great job typical of Mara
I respect John Mara and Art Rooney but they are OWNERS! How can it be an independent investigation if they are overseeing it?
AP: President Art Rooney II and Giants owner John Mara will oversee the independent investigation of Robert Mueller
Good part of Mueller appointment: greatly respected. Bad part: two owners overseeing, John Mara and Rooney, are close t…
Robert Mueller is from New York/Philly. The investigation will be overseen by John Mara whose team plays in New Jersey.
John Mara, one of the owners overseeing the investigation, has already come out publicly supporting Roger Goodell.
So this "independent" investigation will be overseen by Giants owner John Mara, who has already stated Goodell won't l…
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