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John Major

Sir John Major, (born 29 March 1943) is a British Conservative politician, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997. He held the posts of Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Cabinet of Margaret Thatcher and was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Huntingdon from 1979 to 2001.

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this is a party that has given us Alex Douglas Home, Ted Heath, John Major, Hague, Duncan Smith, May.quite a list
Seems Mrs. May is less Maggie II and more John Major with an extra X chromosome.
John Major and Russell Grant were rarely seen together.
Theresa May's speech stands in a long Tory tradition. Here's John Major on the importance of free markets in preserving our…
Yes, Maastricht was John Major's doing. Who knows if Neil Kinnock woul…
The host of Tipping Point is dressed so dull he looks like John Major's Spitting Image puppet.
Always thought that under conservatives rule post John Major
This is unfair. She is evidently talking about the UK, where both of these views have not been held…
AFL Creative Director Phil Osborne has been talking to about the future of Chinese football:
Taylor Williams finally made his major-league debut after several health setbacks in the minors.
Will John Wall finally separate himself as the best point guard in the new Eastern conference?
"B*st*rds" (John Major 1993) and "swivel eyed loons" (David Cameron ally 2013) now in charge of the Tory Party. What could go wrong?
Corrupted yes, but in a manner devoid of ideas (thankfully). Sort of a perpetual re-run of John Major's Cones Hotline
I would be a little surprised if it was John Brown because Slay will probably shadow him.…
Time is running out, and it's now likely will make landfall in the U.S. mainland as a major hurricane.
Baloney. The United States has the 4th lowest taxes of any major economy (Only South Korea, Chile, and Mexico ranking lower).…
One retired ophthalmologist, John Tanton, a racist is behind three major anti immigration organizations.
There is a Bible verse that proves a major flaw in the Bible. Don't know the Chapter & verse. When tr…
Angelnewsletter September 2017. Find out why Sir John Major & Ken Clarke MP are our heroes of the month
Yep. DEFINITELY a VERY BAD case of British sub-culture, Major and Mrs. John and Jannette Smith.
First major storms in 12 years and it's climate changes fault... ok it was also climate change when there wasn't any hurr…
Tories need to understand the public hate of inequality and stop picking these inherited w…
Do you think John Major should be arrested for opening up back-channel talks…
At last!Major energy users wake up to coming catastrophe caused by renewable subsidies. $9bn power hit for big firms
"Sea-level rise will have major effects in the Planning ahead for resiliency is critical." John Callaway…
History will record major achievement as connecting gentle people with their capacity to hate.
On this day in History:. 1815 - Australian explorer John McDouall Stuart is born. 1825 - Major Edmund Lockyer...
Interested in learning more about the harp? Get your daily dose of from our senior harp performance major, J…
You measure the attributes and abilities of politicians on attainment? How well did John Major get on?
Tony Blair Gordon Brown John Major Nick Clegg Kinnocks Mandleson David Cameron and you listen to that lot ?
Same as most MPs in the major parties. You should watch the question time episode he speaks on
Fort St. John will be the site of a major slowpitch baseball tournament next summer. Details on at 6.
If experts never questioned that, why weren't they discussing a major piece of evidence?
We'll done, Rece. Men like John Ward and Larry Munson were a major part of the fabric of the SEC.
John Fox better hope his number isn't blacklisted for ordering and then falling asleep before delivery.…
"Britain may never recover from economic hit." Why are we doing it? John Major said "Ministers must demonstrate benefits"
John Major fingered a budgie while coked up to the nines
Prof: let's go around and say your name, your major and a fun fact about yourself
John Cornyn: Things are looking up in with one major exception: There's still no water to drink.
John kasich waiting for public opinion to form before he takes a stance on any major issue
described Hammond as resembling John Major, but without the charm. Made me laugh. Right wing press ig…
He's recycling a quote about the John Major government.
How a minor innovation in one field became a major innovation in another. The story of John Sipe.
First major impacts to the U.S. territories happening now as eyewall hits St. John in the USVI.
John Crace has the biggest gap between self-perceived and actual levels of humour of any major columnist.
anticipated track will bring tropical storm to hurricane-force conditions to South Florida by Saturday: https:…
Build-to-rent (BTR) emerging as a major new way of providing housing across the UK. Read more at:
At the website, minor memories of a major spirit:
John Major gave a reach-around to a ferret before passing out
With the effect he's having on the religious Overton window, I actually expect he's the John the Bap…
It's funny that you think that logic or reason would outweigh politics. Until it impacts major lobbyis…
We are, as pointed out many times, lowest-taxed major advanced nation. Repetition of this lie shows contempt for intellige…
Major John drama on the season premiere of TOMORROW at 9|8c, only on E!
I suspect we may see, as John Major did, a compromise candidate come through. Maybe Fallon or Gauke.
Disagreement among major players. China & Russia want 'freeze-for-freeze', US prefers embargo on oil exports to NK
Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson will now split the upper class clown vote. Tedious John Major accountant wins by defaul…
The Tories have been split for decades over the EU & it ruined John Major's government, time to get rid of remainers h…
I have found John Major and Tony Blair have been very understated PM's of Britain. They I find were very good at what they did.
Remember the ConDem Coalition picking up where John Major left off privatis…
John Major- not a bad bloke. Blair is an evil, self serving narcissistic and sold us down the river, so keen was he to get with Bush
The Daily Telegraph screaming "Leave EU to save the NHS" and the truth from from John Major . featured in NBC s Science of Love
Theresa May ribbed by one of her own ministers as he compares her government to John Major's
He's like John Major without the glimmer of interesting bought by having shagged Edwina Currie.
You do know that people think that, of all John Major's errors, you were the biggest?
Jacob Rees-Mogg throws John Major in the garbage via
John Major makes the v good point that the billions paid to Ulster for DUP to prop up Tory govt will be bitterly resen…
John Major urges Theresa May to pull out of DUP deal over risk of violence returning to Northern Ireland
Heseltine: Tory voters dying off at 2% a year - Lord Heseltine was John Major's deputy
I didn't think there would be a worse Prime Minister in my lifetime than John Major. Then there was Gordon Brown. Now the
John Major lost his majority in 1996. He refused to form a pact with the Ulster Unionist Party as it would disrupt the peace process.
John Major knows how delicate the balance of Northern Irish politics is. May should listen to him | The Independent
John Major has urged Theresa May to pull out of a deal for the Democratic Unionist Party to prop her up in power,...
Breaking - John Major has asked Theresa May to drop deal with the DUP as it risks violence in Northern Ireland. Not th…
John Major is warning a Tory deal with the DUP could throw Northern Ireland back into violence. Frightening.
John Major says May's deal with the DUP risks the “fragile peace” in Northern Ireland .
John Major warns Theresa May a DUP deal could eventually lead to a return to violence in Northern Ireland.
John Major tells Theresa May to drop DUP deal in unprecedented intervention
John Major has done more for peace in Ireland than any Conservative in 70 years. If he is worried about a Tory/DUP Axis, we s…
Very glad that John Major has spoken out about this deal May is doing with the DUP. wrong in principle and dangerous to…
Theresa May putting narrow Party interest before the wider good - even risking a Northern Ireland crisis. John Major nev…
Absolute rubbish, was John Major a terrorist. Your arrogance and lack of moral fibre sums you up.
Is she the worst candidate the Tories have ever put up? She makes John Major look like Jack Kennedy!
WE ASSERT: Miguel Portee-oo, Peter Lilley and John Redwood are the THREE *** John Major condemned when taped by ITN's Mike Brunson
Time will tell whether the political fate of UK PM Theresa May resembles that of Thatcher, John Major, Gordon Brown or Canada's Kim Campbell
The market will teach Davis a big lesson. He may want to ask John Major for that experience.
Remind me what John Major called his opponents within his party. The big parties are all coalition…
This is what ex PM John Major said about the Tories seeking reelection ⬇️ Don't be fooled. Kick them out https…
Breaking Satire:'Corbyn will take the UK back to the 1970s, the time before Ted Heath/John Major signed our sovereignty away'
Remarkable how few on R4 just now got the John Major ‘knock up a curry’ joke. Surely thats not forgotten by all those lefties? 😂
The CREEPIEST the most dishonest Brexiteering MP in OUR BOOK is Peter Lilley, one of John Major's *** as reported by ITN Mike Brunson
it's hot competition with IDS. . To think, once upon a time people thought John Major was the worst...
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'How can you support anyone who shook hands with the IRA?' . We have peace because people like John Major, Jeremy C…
In a much tougher election, John Major had the guts to get out of his armoured car, stand on his soap box -and talk. htt…
Sexton was like the John Major of managers
I was 7 and knew that John Major was Prime Minister, but then one day the news said this new bloke Ton…
John Major and Edwina Currie got nowt on us!
Stephen Fry: What do I think of John Major's leadership? I'... See Entire Quote -->
I'm so pleased it's Edward Enninful and not, say, John Major. Or Ed Balls.
Did you know that John Major, Michael Parkinson, Errol Flynn, Tom Jones and Martin Kemp all work at Bradford Council?
Ex British Prime Minister (1990-97), John Major almost lost his life in a car accident, while working as a Bank Manage…
and given complete access to vulnerable people by her , John Major started the talks with McGuiness etc
would you describe John Major as left leaning? He started the talks with IRA and McGuiness?
Blair praising a Terrorist McGuiness is abhorrent at least John Major statement recognises McGuiness Terrorist activities never be forgotten
I find myself having to agree with John Major. Martin McGuiness deeds in his early life are unforgivable.
Very balanced view on life of McGuiness on by John Major.
John Major says should disown Brexiteers in the Gov. When is he going to get it -NO-ONE'S listening to h…
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John Major. Gordon Brown. Tony Blair. . All of yesterday's men rally to the stop Brexit cause. Traitors now highly visible.
"John Major" was ultra-caddish, when he slipped one up Edwina Currie behind his wife's back. Not a Honourable man.
I'm minded of a joke that Ben Elton used to tell, when he was funny, about John Major ... via
or if PJ and Duncan lobbed a hand grenade at John Major?
Here we go ! Tories at each other's throats a la John Major, and finally gets an airing on Sky! https:/…
Lord Ashdown: if John Major sought Parliamentary approval for the Maastricht treaty, why does this Govt think it doesn't…
Project Fear is alive and well. Even if John Major is living in the Past. *** He's the new *** on the Block.
I know we live in the 140 character age but John Major speech worth reading in full.
Sad that this needs to be said about the 48%, but I'm glad John Major has
John Major and Nigel Farage: Back seat drivers by Christian Adams - political cartoon gallery
Excerpt from John Major's speech, all class. Iain Duncan Smith's response, all crass. . If you have no arguments, just atta…
People are having conversations about Warren Beatty, John Major and turmoil over Europe. Good morning everyone, it's 1990.
John Major joins Tony Blair in warning of the phony promises on Brexit. Sooner or later, voters will realise we are headed…
John Major on Brexit - "British people have been led to expect a future that seems to be unreal & over-optimistic"
I'd recommend reading full John Major speech on Brexit. Very interesting, and robust at times, eg here on listening to t…
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Still yet to see a rebuttal of John Major speech that isn't just a personal attack on the man and denial of his entitlement…
Is... is John Major leading the opposition?.
John Major accuses Theresa May of misleading the British people over Brexit
John Major attacks government over approach to Brexit
Corbyn's PMQs sorted by Blue on Blue Brexit when John Major thinks May's approach needs "a little more charm and a lot l…
Never thought I'd find myself agreeing with John Major. "It's not arrogant or elitist or delusional to express concern abou…
And the same terror organisation that Margaret Thatcher and John Major sucked up to in order to bring peace to Northern Ireland.
David Waddington, Home Secretary and Chief Whip in Mrs Thatcher's govt & Leader of the Lords in John Major's govt, has died, he was 87.
I remind you that John Major started with the pfis Osborne introduced pfis 2 which Nuttal praised.
facts: Ex Prime Minister John Major lived in the borough with his parents, who ran a garden gnome factory in their back garden
Blair did exactly same in Iraq as John Major did with Carlyle group+ Credit Suise,all scams through Iraq oil for food program
Let me remind you that Ronnie O'Sullivan first won this Masters title in 1995. John Major was Prime Minister. Extraordinary longevity.
Theresa May was elected PM in the same way that Gordon Brown, John Major, Jim Callaghan, Douglas-Home, MacMillan and Eden were
Why Blair, why not blame John Major for Marstrich, or Ted Heath for joining in the first…
CCHQ if Edwina Currie knew about Chester MP Peter Morrison we can guess John Major and Savile thought…   10% Off
One wonders if Enda might be tempted to do a John Major and stand in a leadership contest he calls himself? No...
Perhaps it is time to give John Major credit for introducing the principle of subsidiary into the treaty of Maastri…
John Major said no to Murdoch's hint at a 'referendum on Europe' but *** Dave obliged him. Will Watson resume the chal…
John Major says Rupert Murdoch told him to change his policy.
. I have absolutely no idea who that is! Shadier than John Major.
Total nonsense John Major opened talks with Corbyn and other Labour figures in support. Thank goodness
factually incorrect. Peace process started long before Blair got involved. John Major was the first PM
so you disagreed with Chris Patten's & John Major's Hong Kong policy?
Norman Lamont wishes his old boss John Major would stop talking about a second EU referendum.
Former Chancellor Lord Norman Lamont under John Major describes his former boss's intervention on 2nd ref as "regrettable"
"If chillingly arrogant Tony Blair and John Major get their way, it would be the death of democracy"
John Major only won the Premiership because the voters believed (rightly) that Neil Kinnock would be worse than utterly useless!
John Major's "Alter ego" on Spitting Image had more charisma...and more sense!
John Major says Brexit shouldn't be decided by "tyranny of the majority." Or democracy, as it's otherwise known.
John Major suggests second referendum necessary to give people final say on Brexit deal. The same man who blocked the M…
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John Major calls 52% "the tyranny of the majority". Oddly, I don't recall him taking that line when he won the 1992 elec…
IDS taking pot shots at John Major this morning. He's still trying to get revenge for this near-perfect, understated hatchet j…
The basic error Tony Blair, John Major & their Remoaner pals make is they think Brexit was all about money. It wasn't then. A…
Tony Blair and John Major are out of touch elitists who are trying undermine Brexit. I daresay Neil Kinnock will join them
Tim Farron's proposed 2nd EU Referendum now is being backed by Tony Blair, John Major, Owen Smith and millions of others! It'…
Lol: "For Mr Howlin, the party has to “get back to basics”, echoing former British Tory Prime Minister John Major".
John Major at Leveson: Rupert Murdoch told me to change policy on Europe .
This is shocking! Please watch and share, share, share. John Major at Leveson reveals how Murdoch manipulates Govt policy. ht…
it's weird, isn't it? Nobody ever thinks this of, idk, John Major or Jeremy Corbyn. But an older woman is somehow precarious..
The last time either party at ease with themselves probably John Major's 4 week honeymoon when nobody knew what he stood for!
Mindful of John Major (not to mention IDS and Jim Callaghan), which Tories say this, please Can you…
Jonathan Bartley, the new joint leader of the Green Party, worked on John Major's Tory leadership campaign in 1995
. “The judgment of history will be much kinder to John Major and Gordon Brown than to Cameron and Blair"
up your Monnet - we were not a stupid as you and Wilson, John Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron hoped we were
The last act of John Major's Government was a quick, BODGED privatisation of the railways Nicholas Jones you buffoon. It wasn't good
PFI - started by John Major, continued by Blair; now all tied up in anonymous (unaccountable) offshore havens. Easy money.
Safe havens can stop the suffering in Syria: John Major has deservedly been lauded for earmarking such a larg...
Apparently all down to John Major-plus you got that line from Christine Ohuruogu. Should I feel guilty that I don't gamble?
And now you're reminded me that Edwina Currie had an affair with John Major. Thanks for that. I'll be having nightmares tonight.
John Major wasn't only good for shagging Edwina Currie and the Cones Hotline, his National Lottery turned us from Olympic joke to powerhouse
The royal family's existence is a constant reminder of the hollowness of John Major's rhet
Alex Rodriguez's major announcement tomorrow is that he will be the special referee for the Aj Styles/John Cena match at
John Major and Tony Blair today set aside their differences to campaign for Britain remaining in the EU http…
DJ Khaled earns his first No. 1 album with .
Purple Heart is not a major honor. To wit - John Kerry
Product of NOLA! No reason to leave - play at home, great education, major college football!!
Pope John Paul II welcomes Major Gorgone as new basketball coach
No 94 Bill the is in the ring on Sunday With
"Piobaireachd...has a power over the emotions of the Highland heart that no other type of music can equal." - Pipe Major John Grant
Major Training are at the Ekka in the John Reid Pavilion Stand JRP012. Come down and say Hi if you are around and...
Why LinkedIn Is About to Make a Big and Unexpected Shift -
I have an old Major 360 and recently bought a CRE-8900
.makes his Major League debut for the tonight at 8:40 ET.
Yep. One of my main memories of that match was of someone in the crowd abusing John Major who was there watching!
implemented first by John Major in 1992, accelerated by New Labour.
John Major who wanted to criminalise giving money to homeless beggars!
EU pays John Major 4 sticking up for them on TV. Clarke, Hezza too.
Bud Norris is the 26th player on DL this season, one short of major league record. Yet they're only 2 games back.
20th: Hull. With no major signings and a usually poor record in the league, Hull will finish last
jesus John, just give him the cold shoulder for a bit I guess. nothing major just had a sore throat and Leonard isn't replying??
The British don't runaway from terrorism. We have had 30-odd years of terrorism in our own count
The Gold star father is also major donor to DNC .
John Donne - The Major Works: including Songs and Sonnets and sermons...
I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY a major stop on the Underground Railroad. Lots of churches with secret basement rooms
Gettin some major John Mayer vibes from this song. Not mad about it at all 👌🏼
Alabama makes the top five for 5 star Top Target John Petty!! This is a major priority for Avery Johnson and staff! https:/…
reminds me of that time John Major shagged Anne Widdecombe
"What Tony had on the table, it's like us, we a major key"
I really don't know how anyone can vote for either major candidates-0ne is a corrupt compulsive liar and the other a volatile authoritarian.
25th birthday of Gift Aid last year - introduced by John Major as Chancellor...
Ireland 2-0 down at HT in a major tournament. It's either John Delaney's fault or the lack of Street Hockey Players with guile.
The competition to win this Major Bag is now closed. Winner announced shortly! Good luck 👍🏻
Syrian resistance broke seige over a major city with no areal support. International community is partially responsible fo…
Then Trump ended the standoff within his own party by doling out not 1, not 2, but 3 major endorsements
Also: and They'll never get a dime out of me.
Trump's new economic advisor John Paulsen was the major cause of the financial collapse in 08
John Major when chancellor and future chancellors "refined" or "improved upon" 😊
Opposition commander in South saying that is the major force fighting in the area, most
major shareholder, John Fenty, has agreed to join us live on the programme after 2pm.
UPDATE: New information about the death of Major General John Rossi via WHAT?
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apart from the first kiss, which was a bit awkward as, at that point I still looked like John Major
I looked in the mirror to discover this act had turned my face into the face of John Major. I could only be consoled by the fact
Breaking: Ahrar Al Sham claims JaF have made major progress inside the Airforce battalion inside the Ramousah Base!
Only in Britain could it be thought a defect to be too clever by half. The probability is that to
Here's a funny ditty: John Major vowed to react 'without hesitation' if violates the University of Mumbai.
but is he like John Major, big in the pants?
Sir-prized Sirs Michael Caine, Richard Branson, Alex Ferguson, Alan Sugar, John Major &Winston Churchill all left school with no certificate
Christ. Dan Poulter on making John Major look charismatic
Worth noting that David Cameron won't actually last as long in office as John Major, who managed 6 years and five months
To be fair, see also Gordon Brown, John Major, Jim Callaghan, Alec Douglas Home. Happens all the time.
(2/3) ...'mandate' then why not do the John Major 'put up or shut up' thing weeks ago? As I've said all along...
I think they went wrong when they ousted John Major. Now there was a politician you could believe in.
I think John Major and Mo Mowlam may have also played a part in good friday agreement as well John Hume
sadly a whole generation never knew Alan Parker UW. I can't forget him because he once made me dance on stage in a John Major mask
Decent politicians don't last long in our corrupt political society. Jeremy Corbyn, John Major, Ian Duncan-Smith...
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What do Alec Douglas-Hume, James Callaghan, Gordon Brown & John Major have in common? How many won GE?
Tony Blair, John Major, Gordon Brown, Neil Kinnock, William Haig. Join the dots. The Elite who tried to bully the British people.
aye same here. At this rate I'll wake up and John Major is still pm.
Last thoughts before tomorrow's referendum . John Major's speech today could work for either side. The...
John Major: if we vote to leave on the basis of untruths, the gravediggers of our prosperity will have big questions t…
John Major today accused Brexiteers of being "gravediggers of prosperity" who could turn out to be "architects of disarray a…
David Cameron, John Major, Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness all say vote in. Liz Hurley says she's voting out. Know who I'm with. YEAH BABY!
So does Cameron and he's Tory, & John Major, Tory too. Also Gordon Brown who was Labour. There goes your theory!!
John Major: at risk from 'pythons' & Gove. .
as did Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and John Major etc.
So Gordon Brown, Jeremy Corbyn, John Major, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Amber Rudd tell me again how many have you sheltered?
So you ignored the case of Gough Whitlam and the quote from John Major, ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.😆
Did they dig up John Major especially for this and give him a bolt with a set of jump leads to bring him back to life
What has Blair done ? Got rich, weapons of mass destruction, John Major, Edwin a Currie. Carry on your good work, in or out, N.Ireland
Tony Blair and John Major warn Brexit will ‘tear apart’ Britain. Must be missing something. Major thought the ERM was a good idea, wrong!
John Major put up interest rates to 12% to support Europe and many lost their homes.
I just can’t stop imagining Edwina Curry and John Major in the throes of passion now. Thanks a bunch, Edwina.
John Major, should have listened to Maggie. Getting personal does nothing towards improving your argument ht…
John Major was wrong then and is wrong now too - Jonathan Arnott MEP via
John Major ruined the UK economy with his obsession with the EU,the ERM caused a recession.WRONG THEN WRONG NOW htt…
Who cares what John Major says he's a has been Politician that is part of the problem with the EU not the solution.
John Major brands Boris Johnson 'court jester' and hits out at 'depressing and awful' - London Evening Standard
Still havent made a firm decision yet - but John Major on and Betty Boothroyd in MoS giving quality arguments for
Best quote today: John Major on Gove, Boris and IDS:. "NHS is as safe with them as a hamster with a hungry python" https:/…
John Major is right: this referendum will decide the futures of our children & grandchildren - the UK is https:…
John Major was, is, and appears to wish to remain a throbbing imbecile. Ignore
Interest rates went to 15% under John Major because he wanted the UK in the euro, no thought for how many ppl lost thei…
Don't think I've seen John Major in such angry, abrasive form before
John Major on Brexit campaign: deceitful, untrue, depressing, awful, verging on the squalid. But insists not "personalisin…
"The NHS is about as safe with them as a pet hamster with a hungry python" John Major piercingly accurate on risk frm G…
Amazing intervention by John Major. God knows if anyone will listen but a full-on, bloody attack on . Brexit arguments and peo…
Most Conservatives want to Leave the EU, so who is dividing the Conservative Party, John Major? A Remain vote will split…
Like so many of camp John Major is in fantasy land, he thinks we can influence EU policy, the facts of last 20 years show we can't
Quite extraordinary interview from John Major. The Geoff Boycott of politics turned into Kevin Pietersen, calling Brexit deceitful.
perhaps she caught it off John Major.
The extraordinary private conversations reveal the personal admiration PM John Major (right) and President George Bush Sr (left) show...
Why dies John Major think anyone is listening to him - we voted him out of office almost 2 decades ago
9was the year John Major was the new Prime Minister, after Margaret Thatcher resigned,but when was that? G&H
. 25% I think you will find. John Major had his pants down that.Ask Edwina Curry.
We had 77.7% turnout in 1992 when it was John Major v Neil Kinnock v Paddy Ashdown. 4 TV channels and no internet!
I'm not rubbishing her at all. It's just it's normally only at end of career – e.g. Danny Alexander; Eric Pickles; John Major
brown was chancellor from 1997 and started selling the gold in 1999! He and John Major are political figures! Don't be influenced
John Major? Gordon Brown? Ed Balls? Vince Cable? really is scraping the bottom of the barrel
Boris is a Classicist, Norm! He deals in categories! Lord Lamont understood but John Major wdn't!
I wish Celebrity Squares just featured the least cool famous people. "Tonight, John Major and Aled Jones on the history of cricket whites."
Had to laugh when IDS claimed (with full delusion) that he supported John Major as Prime Minister.
John Major - a successful Prime Minister and leader. Ian duncan smith - a failed leader of the tories - who do the public listen to ?
John Major saying (correctly) senior members of his own party are deliberately lying about cost of EU membership:
John Major reminds us all why he failed as Prime Minister.
The campaign now reduced to trotting out John Major who was irrelevant while he was still Prime Minister.
This is John Major traitor to his Prime Minister, to his WIFE .no surprise then he'd crap on the rest of us is it
When Gordon Brown was on the BBC, his caption was 'Former leader of the Labour Party' but John Major's caption was 'Former Prime Minister'
John Major was a poor Prime Minister and yesterday's man. Some people eligible to vote in the referendum won't know who he is.
Didn't John Major and co once exaggerate the economic consequences of leaving the ERM? Turned out to be a big plus
Just to clarify, Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister who took the UK into the ERM and John Major was the Chancellor.
Ex-PM warns over use of immigration in Brexit debate Former Prime Minister John Major warned against using immigra…
This referendum is down to the weakness of Cameron to stand up to 'The *** in his party the way John Major had to do.
John Major was a weak and ineffective Prime Minister and is now a rather sad figure that no one listens to.
John Major lashes out at Boris Johnson for 'morphing into Ukip' via He is a failed Prime Minister
- seems to think our ex Prime Minister's name is John Mayor, not John Major...
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John Major is a Bellend. A wholly forgettable Prime Minister. Weak. Unimpressive. Boring. If he was a colour, he'd be grey.
John Major, the best worst Prime Minister we ever had.
John Major morphing from a failed Prime Minister into a pillar of the Establishment.
The last time Tottenham finished ahead of Arsenal, John Major was the Prime Minister in the UK and Moi was President of Kenya.
Ruth Davidson thinks she's a bit like John Major? I think she's a bit like somebody else!
John Major made it to PM. Don't think Harold Wilson or Jim Callaghan came with a silver spoon either.
If only more of the interviewees on would say "Don't talk nonsense" to Humphrys. Well done John Major.
most have never had a real job so we shouldn't expect to much John Major still thinks its Marr followed by double geography
Obama sold America out to Islam, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major sold Britain out to the EU
John Major was made european chairman of soros backed carlyle group after "incompetence" gave soros £1 billion to invest in…
Ken Clarke, John Major etc. My favourite Tories are all on today
John Major says leaving the EU would be "a betrayal of our country's future". Oh, no, sorry: that was leaving the ERM.
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