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John Lydon

John Joseph Lydon (born 31 January 1956), also known by the former stage name Johnny Rotten, is a singer-songwriter and television presenter, best known as the lead singer of punk rock band the Sex Pistols from 1975 until 1978, and again for various revivals during the 1990s and 2000s.

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Want to hear John Doran interview John Lydon but don't want to see their ugly mugs? We have the podcast solution:…
Prints will include: John Lydon, Brix Smith, The Jam, Ian McCulloch and all the usual suspects. I'll instagram the edit on 31/3
"World Destruction" by Time Zone was an unlikely collaboration between Afrika Bambaataa and John Lydon.…
I liked a video Public Image Limited interview with Keith Levene & John Lydon on The Tom Snyder Show
My aural accompaniment is a lovely Bill Laswell (over)produced album of John Lydon edging close to jumping the shar…
The Beatles composing a tune with John Lydon in a prog style, produced by Phil Spector
Happy birthday to John Lydon. Born today in 1956
On the Christmas Special panel are Charlie Mullins, Eddie Izzard, David Icke, Russell Brand, John Lydon and Tim Farron.
"I think national pride leads to nothing but wars and hate." - John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten
I'd prefer Johnny Rotten try to sell me another Sex Pistols tour than John Lydon try to sell me a $400 book.
John Lydon co-stars with Harvey Keitel in this '83 film called "Corrupt", "Cop Killer" or "Order of Death": .
John Lydon interview – Shaking up the WORLD Mr Lydon !. the Donald Trump, Theresa May and The Great British Bake Off
"Anarchy in the UKIP"? The Sun making a Sex Pistols reference? I really hope John Lydon tears them a new *** …
I'm no one's lap dog, you can't put me on a leash.
"Sometimes the most positive thing you can be in a boring society is absolutely negative.". ~ John Lydon
People don't like other poor people, and rather than blame the people that make you all poor, yo
Excellent advice in this week's from John Lydon of all people. Revolution starts at home.
Way to go & CEO John Lydon for creating a welcoming and safe space /for .
Wake up early tomorrow as CEO John Lydon will discuss the 412 Youth Zone with at 7:15 am!
John Lydon on Life Stories is rather brilliant
1980 John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) sentenced to 3 months inprisonment on assault charges
I think John Lydon once said it was a greater crime to bring a child into this world who wasn't wanted or loved. I agree with him.
People should never allow themselves to be dictated to by media.
This sums up the British Establishment fair play to John Lydon for trying to speak out in 78
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. Saw him in Frome last year. The world and his wife were there. Good gig.
Do what I want, be honest to myself and then it would do good for others, that's all, full on.
Legend and proper Gooner. Never afraid to say it like it is... via
No matter what you experience in life, it incorporates political tendencies, and in so many ways
Over the years, during television interviews, whenever the host or the reviewer or whoever gets
I don't believe in pets. I like animals to be wild and free.
Indeed. Here's a familiar bear on a newer flag. And a tribute from John Lydon at the time...
All purpose parts banner
.frontman John Lydon on the state of the music industry:
"Be very afraid" – John Lydon talks Trump. More from in this week's Big Issue – from Corbyn to the Great Brit…
John Lydon 'banned from radio' after speaking out against Jimmy Savile.
John Lydon catches glass bottle to the head during Public Image Ltd. gig, finishes the show
Watch the aftermath after Public Image Ltd's John Lydon is hit with a bottle during a performance in Santiago...
John Lydon laughs off glass attack at show:
John Lydon laughs off glass attack at PiL show by
John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) was performing with his band Public Image Ltd. (PiL) in Santiago, Chile on Sunday...
John Lydon is featured on one of 6 different covers of this month’s Esquire magazine (UK). https:/…
Oxfam down the road has Max Cavalera's autobiography in the window, next to Iggy Pop's, John Lydon and the completely works of Shakespeare??
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten is 3½ years older than me. Hard to believe, I know
Johnny's Teeth Aren't Rotten Any More - Everyone has to face the music at some time — even John Lydon, former l...
via Fabulous Lynn Barber interview with John Lydon... Forgotten how good PIL are.
Lynn Barber meets John Lydon is great. Time sometimes causes you to forget what an exciting band are
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) has to be up there with the Bowie as the most important musician of the last 50 years. Brilliant
He's best known for being punk rock icon Johnny Rotten - but John Lydon looked worlds apart from his former self as he headed out in
Wonderful Watch if you missed it. John Lydon interview.
Loved Lynn Barber's interview with John Lydon on tonight worth watching on
Johnny Rotten's King's Road flat where he partied with the Sex ... John Lydon 😶😆
I saw the end of Lynn Barber interviewing John Lydon then realised they're repeating the Julian Temple Keith Richards doc
Lovely to see John Lydon interviewed by Lynn Barber, pleasure
Enjoyed watching John Lydon interviewed by Lynn Barber on Newsnight this evening
Is that really John Lydon or is it Ron Wesley's dad doing an impression of him?.
Lynn Barber "I must say it's been delightful" . John Lydon "I'm not that bad. Once you get to know me.". Stretched to 35 minutes.
John Lydon and Lynn Barber on is every bit as magnificent as you would imagine.
Watching with Lynn Barber. She's interviewing John Lydon of & she is fabulous. Hope to keep my youthfulness like her
Painful watching a bemused Lynn Barber in 'conversation' (do all those 'yeah's count?) with John Lydon.
Great go hear John Lydon with Lynn Barber on Artsnight - the intellectual pulse of Punk. 60 and still an acerbic rebel with a cause
Not sure Lynn Barber springs to mind as the obvious choice to interview John Lydon. But I guess she was young & punk once ...
23:00 Artsnight: Lynn Barber meets up with the self-ordained king of punk John Lydon.
"I've never mentiond Zeppelin very much, Physical Graffiti is one of my favorite albums" - John Lydon
John Lydon picks his favourite records on Capitol Radio, July '77 fascinating early insight
Sex Pistols rocker John Lydon claims BBC banned him after he tried to expose paedophile Jimmy Savile
Been quiet for news lately the Goon show is being remade with John Lydon and matt lucas and and Roger Moore rerecording the first ever story
"United Kingdom — John Lydon, also known by his former stage name, Johnny Rotten, has explained...
Ppl who have weird posture when they play:. SIMON GALLUP: WYD. Fabrizio: how do u not hit ur head m8. John Lydon: stand up straight you punk
02:00 The Seven Ages of Rock: Featuring contributions from the late Tommy Ramone, John Lydon and Pete Shelley.
. You are younger than me, Kurt Cobain is your generation. Ian Curtis, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins and John Lydon are mine
The line between John Lydon in Happy by PIL and Fred Schneider in every B-52's song is thin.
Day One concluding in Looking forward to meeting w/John Lydon & Caroline Healy of
Have you heard the House of Crouse podcast with Glen Mazzara & John Lydon on
John Lydon: My guilt on bringing Sid Vicious into Sex Pistols via
Fun interview w who shot Bob Marley Sex Pistols re John Lydon & show/Pix in...
We're playing Open Up (ft John Lydon) by LEFTFIELD (from Leftism 1995): Neil Barnes and Paul Daley's landmark album…
John Lydon (the former Johnny Rotten) was originally approached for the role of Jimmy and even screen-tested for the role
John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, has said he wants his music to change the world. I want the same for 21st century journalism.
Dave Dobbyn sounds like John Lydon on that track.
A blog about John Lydon, Benjamin Zephaniah, inspiration, positive change and the true power of spoken word:
John Lydon is center of battle between Dennis Morris and Elizabeth Peyton
Is that article getting John Lydon and Sid Vicious mixed up? Dear me.
hi Jarvis, I share my birthday with John Lydon! I wanted to let you know the Cornish word for today's weather is mizzle ! Darren
Today at 4pm ET | 1PT a classic w. Max and Kev with special guest John Lydon (on East Village Radio.
Musik: Anarchy in the UK: John Lydon wird 60 - FOCUS Online
via Could listen to this tune over & over again! John Lydon is a proper legend!
I hate the technological rip-offs that pass for music formats these days, and go...
Nobody in the establishment would dare do anything, as all their peers were doing it too. Only John Lydon spoke out, was derided.
What happened between you, John Lydon and Kele Okereke? Did you smack John Lydon?
just watching your interview with John Lydon. What fantastic viewing.
I have a sensible set of values that tell me to never lie.
I dreamt that me and John Lydon were confronting PEGIDA
Just seen interview with John Lydon for the first time. Wonderful exploration of d man.
Some song ideas absolutely require a kind of rigid discipline, and others requir...
John Lydon legit walked into this class 45 min late I can't even
Guys John Lydon just walked into my math class
This a great song for dancing the Texas Two Step... Afrika Bambaataa feat.John Lydon - World Destruction. ▶️
I can't believe John Lydon is not my dAD REALLY ?? ARE YOU SURE
Me, as a human, I never want to take away another human being's choices or lifes...
I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, but I made a rap song 20 years ago with Afr...
: 1978- John Lydon, lead Singer of The Sex Pistols was fired for 'not being weird enough anymore'
almost broke my remote when Lydon popped that 3
Los Angeles Punk Museum will be celebrating 40 years of Punk . Shows start on John Lydon:s birthday locations TBA.
John Lydon remembers 1976, 40 years on: “It was about time the world had a slap in the face” http…
John Lydon stars in adverts for butter.
PiL charging £35 a ticket to see them in Wakefield yet John Lydon still thinks he's entitled to decide whats punk and what not
I liked a video from John Lydon QA Live at The 100 Club full interview
"There's nothing worse than absolutely not belong to anybody. That's the ultimate pain". -John Lydon
I liked a video Sex Pistols' King of Punks, John Lydon is Brutally Honest About Drugs, Music,
RIP to Malcolm McLaren, former manager o/t Sex Pistols. You can get John Lydon's perspective on him in our interview
"I'm not here for your amusement. You're here for mine.". --John Joseph Lydon
Dreamt I was at a performance John Lydon gave for Prince Charles. It ended halfway through 'God Save the Queen' when the Prince walked out.
John Lydon 'I'd like to kill seedy Jimmy Savile' [1978] - YouTube (and *** Jagger)
:( NBC videos won't play in the UK. Bowie important but John Lydon was more formative for me Now it's Pink Floyd
I'm definitely not a Trump supporter, but anger is an energy (h/t John Lydon), and I'm tired of the GOP insisting in playing nice.
John Lydon is finally framed and on wall. Friend did this for me. Love it.
Heaven is on this earth. There are no angels on the clouds with twanging harps... That's just another man's fantasy. -- John Lydon
Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) spent time in Jamaica before forming PIL. Reggae had an impact on his music
I've never told anyone this. But I suffer from terrible stage fright. True. You ...
The urchin king of punk and an unlikely style icon - the sartorial story of John Lydon:
The rise of Johnny Rotten, an Esquire style icon:
John Lydon of PiL, 2011. See them this summer. Photo by
The new, punk special, issue of MOJO is out today Read our John Lydon interview for starters http…
World Cafe's Best Of 2015 - Patty Griffin, Marilyn Manson, John Lydon and Courtney Barnett are all part of Worl...
VIDEO: Jerry Cohen of and Craig Ford of talk John Lydon –
John Lydon is a closeted conservative. I believe he is a parishioner at an LA Catholic church too.
In the Public Image Limited song Rise, singer John Lydon proclaims 'Anger is an energy' If this is true I have enough to power a continent.
Photo Gallery: Public Image Ltd @ The Fonda: When John Lydon chanted out to the crowd, “Turn up the bass!” I c...
Q&A: Ex-Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon: Former Johnny Rotten defanged and back with Public Image Ltd
Q&A with John Lydon of on the importance of laughter.
ICYMI: John Lydon & are tomorrow. Read our interview with Johnny
Johnny Rotten, now a US citizen, likes John Kasich. Ex-Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, defanged and back with PiL
Were you able to peep the interview I did with Johnny Rotten/John Lydon over at No? God is watching
John Lydon on the Sex Pistols, Jimmy Savile & his childhood | Channel 4 ... via
a documentary on the Bee Gees, which I wasn't really interested in until I saw John Lydon (THE Johnny Rotten) interviewed as a FAN
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten: "As for the punk ethos, unfortunately that got reduced to studded leather jackets.".
Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten, now John Lydon and an American citizen, may vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich
John Lydon and Public Image Ltd and wow that bass. @ ALTAR BAR
My colleague Scott Mervis' hilarious and cringeworthy interview with John Lydon shouldn't be missed. A classic:.
John Lydon, A.K.A. Johnny Rotten; a punk god and a rock genius. He is without a doubt one my many…
Finally got to see the one and only John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. Big…
Tonight I got to see a hero perform: John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten & band, Public Image Ltd.
Johnny Rotten: “Thank God I’ll Be in Philadelphia”: John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, the king of the punks, lit the…
If I had heroes that weren't my dad, John Lydon would be one of the two. Loved this book. 👍👍
PiL & John Lydon on mesmerised with where as DuranDuran-Wild Boys my ***
I would love to see you singing "I am an anarchist" with John Lydon in a new Range Rover😀
Looks like John Lydon is peering over wanting to get in on the action
Hang on am I seeing things or is John Lydon actually singing the lyrics off the sheet in front of him
John Lydon singing a song about a toilet on . I LOVE THIS having had crapper probs myself in the past.
Is it just me, or is John Lydon looking like a Simpsons character these days?
GOD SELFIE THE QUEEN?. "Brilliant photo from when I met John Lydon. Eternally grateful to !
John Lydon and PiL were on with Jools. 😀
Just found this brilliant photo from the time I met John Lydon. Eternally grateful to !
Quote of the day . John Lydon. I dyed my hair green, and Dad called me a brussels sprout
John Lydon reveals phobia of pork chops
Arlo transfixed by Public Image Ltd and particularly John Lydon. No surprise as they stole the show…
Interesting how John Lydon is also trending just after I watched the Never Mind The *** Classic Albums documentary!
Know what you need? This clip of John Lydon on 'Judge Judy.'.
There is only one thing worse than being an Aquarian trending in London. And that is...we're looking at you, Germaine Greer and John Lydon.
Lydon's just a sad old man now, as opposed to being a sad young man. Back to flogging butter John!
Lucky for him he was performing opposite (a quite frankly weird) John Lydon or it could have been a lot worse
Good to see Country Life Butter helped John Lydon adapt to the widescreen TV format.
I'm totally with John Lydon on the endless UK winter illnesses. Some of us need sunshine and sea air to survive the UK winter.
A sweetened PiL: watch the video for Public Image Ltd's The One
I wonder what Johnny Rotten in 1976 would have made of John Lydon in 2015
John Lydon accused of racist attack on Kele Okereke
I like PiL, I love John Lydon . BUT last week made me feel alive. Pil tonight were .average
Jool Holland scraping the barrel tonight. John Lydon was embarrassing and then we get Duran Duran !!
Simon Le Bon Bon sounds more like John Lydon than john lydon does singing wild boys
Watching Jools Holland. John Lydon looking uncannily like a less green version of Terry Jones as Toad of Toad Hall.
I wonder what John Lydon has on his bread in America ?
Love John Lydon all over again. Pil on Jools Later. Followed by Duran Duran. Surreal! Trying to look mean Oh dear ... Hilarious.
"If you wanted a fin night out, and to meet interesting people, backstage at a Clash concert wasn't the place." - John Lydon
How great is John Lydon. I'll forgive him for living in LA
John Lydon on Better if you listen but don't watch.
On living in California, "The salt air is like, really really useful for me." - John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten. Ugh.
John Lydon on Jools Holland. What has pop music come to?
Is it just me or does John Lydon look more like a Mark Williams character every time I see him?
Has anyone ever seen John Lydon and David Starkey in the same room? Just asking
John Lydon is looking more like Jim Davidson every day
John Lydon has dressed up as Tom Wait's Renfield from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Good shout John.
John Lydon of was featured on Listen:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"You can still see the residue of where Pete Shelley tossed off John Lydon."
Public Image Limited, ABC, gig review: John Lydon\'s vocals still as sharp as a can op
John Lydon says was 'banned' by BBC for speaking out about Savile via Is that going to b…
*** is Simon Le Bon doing on this thing about John Lydon?. PAH!
John Lydon on the telly and the best contributors Piers Morgan can get are Ian Wright, Simon Le Bon and Richard bleeding Branson. Christ.
John Lydon says he was banned from BBC radio for being right about Jimmy Savile sex abuse
John Lydon says he is still bitter over a BBC ban in 1977 over remarks about Jimmy Savile
John Lydon 'I'd like to kill Jimmy Savile' [1978]. Interview with John Lydon (BBC Radio 1, Rock on, Oct. 28 1978)
John Lydon says he was 'banned from BBC' over comments he made about Jimmy Savile in 1978
John Lydon: I was banned from BBC in 1978 for speaking out about Jimmy Savile
John Lydon claims he received BBC ban after issuing Jimmy Savile warning | via
It's a shame John Lydon has decided to go on Piers Morgans lifestories. I feel he doesn't need to demean himself or his profile.
John Lydon will appear on Piers Morgan's Life Stories this Friday, Sep 25th on ITV, 9-10pm.
Former Sex Pistols lead singer John Lydon says his life felt "pointless and aimless" until he joined the band that changed…
John Lydon now an American citizen. I feel quite sad about this to the chief
Update your maps at Navteq
My favorite sports commentator of all time is Who else quotes John Lydon? May the road rise with you.
* I was referring to the "preaching" of Rev. John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. :-).
“My wife says my hairstyle makes me look like a *** turnip” – John Lydon
John Lydon has been such an important attribute whilst I was growing up.
"Russell Brand revolution is idiotic" - John Lydon
"Through PiL I learnt to analyse myself and tear down the walls I had perfected as self-defence" - John Lydon
John Lydon, family man with a punk attitude, burnishes his Public Image :: Los Angeles Times:
For the cynics who doubt John Lydon's deserved place in the music hierarchy watch PiL live. What a band. What a front man! Manc gig great!
"Just because people think politically different to you doesn't mean they're inhuman" - John Lydon
"I'd rather give up my ears than my eyes, which might sound unusual for a musician" - John Lydon
I had no idea that John Lydon had another band
"The whole ideology of punk developed into something selfish disastrous and small-minded" - John Lydon
"Life is hard but there are people determined to make it harder for me" - John Lydon
John Lydon has just made wearing glasses 👓 cool
Just been informed of this: John Lydon vs Judge Judy
Piers Morgan's Life Stories with John Lydon, the world's gone mad...
"I will not be treated as proper. Tea?" (John Lydon, Public Image: Polite Host remix)
That'd be the 2nd of the four horsemen. When John Rotten-Lydon reps BP, prepare to be lifted out of your clothes into the heavens.
Lookin forward to seeing the legend tonight that is John Lydon with his band at Manchester.
Public Image Ltd at Glasgow’s O2 ABC: John Lydon and co. play a headline show in Glasgow as part of their UK t...
John Lydon photographed by Kate Simon at Hellshire Beach in Kingston, Jamaica, February 1978.
* The should pay attention to Rev. John Lydon's preaching. . .
"To Me the Queen is a German Tourist, with a Greek Boyfriend." - :John Lydon
In recent times I wonder whether John Lydon would decline a hug from a Late-40s fan.
Fascinating to discover that John Lydon has installed a toilet and is a bit of a DIY god
John Lydon best front man of all time
In the NME I learnt: BigBangTheory is the best; James Gray doesn't exist; John Lydon has n… [link removed]
WATCH: The Making of PiL's 'What the World Needs Now' - Go Inside the Studio Sessions With John Lydon and Band
Artist Graham Humphreys gifts a blu of LOST SOUL to John Lydon in London the other day.
Tomorrow! John Lydon will be signing copies of What The World Needs Now… at Rough Trade East, Wednesday 9th at 7pm. .
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten talking about Jimmy Savile in 1978...creepy
Come to think of it if John Lydon, Mark E Smith and Morrissey were on an deserted island reality TV show I would watch the *** outta it
The fact they are in hall of fame and New York Dolls aren't makes the whole thing a scam... Just like John Lydon said
John Lydon on the Tom Snyder Show 1980- Part 1 via
John Lydon of Public Image Limited: Why I plan to grow old disgracefully
And a Calvin Harris remix with John Lydon on harmonies would top the charts
i dig brand, but i agree with johnny on this one. : John Lydon: 'Russell Brand's revolution is idiotic'
Once a Punk,always a Punk.John Lydon alias Johnny Rotten from d Sex Pistols goes on tour again with his new band Pil.
Photo: kevinwayne: John Lydon aka “Johnny Rotten” The king is gone but he’s not forgotten Is this the story...
John Lydon on PIL, drinking with Todd Rundgren, and singing for Edie Brickell: JL: Yeah, it was great to join ...
John Lydon describes Sid Vicious as "dumb as a brush," but in an affectionate way.
John Lydon's Public Image Ltd return with confrontational new track 'Double Trouble'
John Lydon: 'One Direction can really sing, fair play to them'
SEX PISTOLS' John Lydon on One Direction: 'They can really sing'.
Sex Pistols' John Lydon on One Direction: "They can really sing"
John Lydon & Keith Levene on set of “Public Image” video shoot, photo by Dennis Morris, 1978
Hear John Lydon Rant About Plumbing on New Public Image Ltd. Song: "Give me a row right now," John Lydon sings...
Today in 1977,Paul Cook and John Lydon were knifed outside ,a London pub,unprovoked,because of their new record.
PHOTO: PIL John Lydon, left, and Keith Levene in the United States, photograph Ebet Roberts, 1981 |
Hopefully, somewhere, John Lydon, Steve Jones, Paul Cook (& maybe Glen Matlock) are laughing all the way to the bank
.recalls John Lydon's verdict on the NME: "not new, not musical and not particularly express."
is the john Lydon impersonation on Maureen intentional?
- Swear there is someone at work keeps reminding me of john lydon. Then I get this song rattling...
PIL's John Lydon Official in Q&A at The 100 Club in London on 26th April 2015...
John Lydon question and answer at The 100 Club, April 26th 2015.
Now I just started "Anger is an Energy" by John Lydon aka Rotten and I'm all "Yes!"
As John Lydon famously asked "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?".
Former Sex Pistols Lead Singer John Lydon on his tough childhood Fox Business Video
okay, not an easy act to follow, but here's a few who might fancy lead vocals. Damien barber, john jones, john lydon (more)
Would love to hear World Destruction by Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon - proper lively that :)
John Lydon had it right all those years ago.
"Stained glass windows keep the cold outside while the hypocrites. hide inside" - John Lydon
John lydon said he didn't know who he is either though, up to people if want to live in belief or not init
John Lydon is such a weird creature.
Well of course! Somewhere on YouTube is a clip of menace to society John Lydon denouncing national treasure Savile. Odd eh?
John Lydon and Fred Durst are recording an album called The Flowers of Bromance. .
P.S. The John Lydon autobiography Anger is an Energy is really good.
said the great man that is John Lydon.
PRAYERS played me an amazing cover of The pet shop boys classic West End Girls. Chicano John Lydon quality to his voice is great. Awesome
I'm starting to think John Lydon was right about Russell Brand
"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated". John Lydon
interesting Ennio Morricone score for this bleak little oddity w/ John Lydon and Harvey Keitel
John Lydon boosts his Public Image with new album (Reuters) - As bad boy lead singer of the anarchic, trail-blazi
John lydon the punk ballet... I'm already writing the script
Amused to find a reference to the inability to outflank at the Battle of Agincourt in John Lydon's autobiography 'Anger is an Energy'.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
“God save the queen. She ain’t no human being. There is no future. In England’s dreaming”. — John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”), the Sex Pistols
Former Sex Pistol John Lydon pops off on loving, living, and having been Rotten via
I liked a video John Lydon on Ozzy, Courtney, Neil, Axl
"Ah hah hah, ever had a feeling you've been cheated?"- John Lydon. This should be the message voters should be hearing in U.S.
Watch our top-rated exclusive John Lydon interviews. Subscribe to our You Tube channel &
My feature in and former frontman on & being
I like the sex pistols but John Lydon is such a poser
Photo: John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten of the photographed at in for...
OMG, I love PIL too. They were so ahead of their time. John Lydon is a god as far as I'm concerned.
Anger is an Energy: Our feature chat with John (on Sex and more):
Have a look at this brilliant interview with John Lydon. 29 Sept
Also congrats to C Jacob Terao for his 2nd team nomination and Kyle Lydon, Alec Morino, John Ostrander, and Patrick Bowers for HM.
Subscribe to our You Tube channel & enjoy exclusive John Lydon interviews.
After recently finishing one great (John Lydon) and another very good (Jimmy White) autobiographies, I am now reading 'The Cameron Delusion'
John Lydon unable to sit comfortably - PiLe
Hmm Dogg off to bed with John Lydon.I'll give him da bird and he can tell me about da ***
: John Lydon first , Joe Strummer second and Ian Curtis third.
Photo: adamac: Pre Sex Pistols John Lydon, John Ritchie ( Sid Vicious ).  Off on the right seems to be...
Photoset: John Lydon  ➙ Hair appreciation  I have no words Johnny would just not care or twist it into a...
This was before John Lydon fell in love with his current girlfriend and sold out on just about everything he believed.
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