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John Lloyd

John Lloyd (born 27 August 1954, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England) is a former professional tennis player and current television commentator.

John Lloyd Cruz Andrew Castle Sarah Geronimo John Lloyd Young Bea Alonzo Angel Locsin Douglas Adams Joshua Garcia Noel Fielding Ross Noble Susie Dent Jersey Boys Jennylyn Mercado Alden Richards Vice Ganda

John Lloyd, Bea, Joshua, and Julia in a movie directed by Inang Olive Lamasan, PLEASE!
John Lloyd in the making talaga huhu galing!!!
"I cant be jealous. Ive never been jealous.. NGAYON LANG.". Louder John Lloyd, louder!!! ☹️
As do I. Same with Lloyd Jones. Might be a long few days John!
and yes i would say josh has that same vibe cos im a John Lloyd trash lmao they def have potential ♥
thanks Lloyd. Which one are you talking about though?!
On the 2,175,755th day, God created John Lloyd.
Meet my fluppiest cousin 👦, Rovic named after John Lloyd's character in Tabing Ilog 😊😄
I liked a video Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Coockie Commercial UNCUT
John Lloyd's character in Just the Three of Us reminds me so much of someone 🤔
Nasubraan ug paminaw bisrock john lloyd you need to pause and reflect for 5 minutes
In this world…only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring the kind of racial and ethnic harmony that we were made to enjoy. ~ John Piper
Department for Energy and Climate Change talks next month Four-part series filmed over the world John Lloyd celebrates her twentieth year in
I seriously thought John Lloyd's surname was Lloyd
"The extent of Christ’s reign reaches to the smallest and biggest enemy of his glory. It will be defeated." John Piper
now on air. Listen live at 11 as John Lloyd from joins me to go through the papers https…
star, Broadcaster & John Lloyd talks to in support of ☕️http…
Zach Merrett the 22nd to have 30 disp & 4 goals in a game. 4th youngest (Matthew Lloyd, John Ellis, Andrew Wilson).
John Lloyd: 'Donald Trump gave me career advice'
Dear ABS-CBN, a project for John Lloyd Cruz and Maja Salvador please? Can you imagine what kind of dynamics they can offer th…
We so take Trump's discourtesy for granted that we're not surprised when, in AZ, he fails to wish John McCain well in his…
Just watched John Lloyd being pitched a show by a flyerer as "a cross between Blackadder and Milton Jones".
Guys, my Chem prof is so extra. She made a timeline of John Lloyd and Sarah's ill-fated love story 😂😂. Hay 💔 http…
Alden Richards' fans hold block screening for John Lloyd - Sarah G. movie
John Lloyd gives Paolo Ballesteros a hug after his speech as Gawad Urian Best Actor; view:
John Lloyd congratulating Christian after he won Best Supporting Actor!
John Lloyd on working again with Sarah: I love doing movies with Sarah. I always look forward working with her.
Did Sarah G, John Lloyd fall in love with each other?
The band may well be playing sloop John b Lloyd but the folk in the crowd ain't
As John Lloyd says, QI is a show about interesting people having a nice time learning stuff. Sandi fa…
Aww..Only good words from John Lloyd Cruz. 😘. . July 26 na po👇💜
Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz arrive at the | via h…
John Lloyd: I was blown away by her (Sarah) talent talaga
All i can say is, ASHLLOYD IS MAGICAL. There's always a special connection between Sarah and John Lloyd. .
Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz here at the ♥
. John Lloyd on Sarah: "It's impossible to make a movie wto feeling something for each other." |
What made John Lloyd & Sarah say yes to doing another movie?.
Official trailer of 'Finally Found Someone' is out!
Did a little experiment with the treatment on my John Lloyd-Sarah story tonight on TVPatrol. So happy with the outcome.
Never Forget when Jose Fernandez came back from Tommy John Surgery and crushed a dinger 👀🔥.
Sarah Geronimo admits special connection with John Lloyd Cruz
Did John Lloyd Cruz open up his feelings for Sarah Geronimo? WATCH HERE:
Sarah on working again with John Lloyd: Ang dami namin napapasaya, so why not?.
Sarah: Just observing him from afar …. John Lloyd: Pareho puro tayo from afar ha. Kaloka, Lloydie.
Finally, after four years, we'll get to see John Lloyd and Sarah again on the big screen! https…
"John Lloyd can be a director, he's creative and artistic." -Direk Theodore Boborol
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
John Lloyd Cruz admits timing is an issue between him and Sarah Geronimo.
John Lloyd reveals quality of Sarah that "adds more beauty to her personality." Read: ht…
Beautiful interview of John Lloyd and Sarah by tonight on Thanks, Emj!💖
7 John Lloyd 16 Chris Evert. It is cheating 😁 but good luck!
Arjo Atayde is prolly be the best actor we have today. He reminds me so much of John Lloyd back in the days .
Andrew Castle and John Lloyd are the worst commentators
Who would win in their prime John Lloyd or Andrew Castle?
who would win in their prime: Andrew Castle or John Lloyd?
worst thing about grass court season starting, listening to tennis dinosaurs John Lloyd and Andrew Castle talking pish for 3 weeks
for a bit of fun please compare John Lloyd and Andrew Castle record at Queens?
Dimitrov currently playing tennis at Queens - biggest fans , no not the girls , Andrew Castle & John Lloyd!!
Kathryn and Daniel are super thankful for the praise and support they've gotten from John Lloyd, Angel and Piolo
Malamang. The biggest and greatest actors were present in the Pilot episode, Angel Locsin and John Lloyd.
cant wait for John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin in La luna sangre
Angelica Panganiban teased about ex-boyfriend John Lloyd at read:
😲 Cindy for Echo and Tin. Ciara for John Lloyd and Bea or Kaye Abad.
Ehy VDSers! . Today we met John Lloyd, journalist of the Financial Times who spoke about "Journalism in the...
Ellen plays a quick 'first word' game on John Lloyd, Baste + more SEE REVELATION HERE:
Wow! Thank you! It's nice to know you're loving it. Dagdagan mo pa, baka dumating si John Lloyd! ;)
What are the media doing to our politics? opinion by John Lloyd htt…
Laugh yourself silly on Friday in the company of & John Lloyd!
John Wall just won the game for the Wizards
LOOK: Is Angelica Panganiban giving a hint that she’s back with John Lloyd…
John Lloyd and Bea is my favorite love team. Then came. Watched and I fell for them!
Co-CEOs John Lloyd & Robert Garrett talk about how all team members are the brand. "We are the Brand!"
Well, hello there Dear Future Husband, John Lloyd Cruz and your Dear Future Wife, Sarah Geronimo. 😉 *Kaway*
I found this picture of John Lennon for some reason and I can't stop laughing at it
Ellen Adarna dating John Lloyd? Read more! Hit LIKE if you want this to be true.
She reunited with John Lloyd Cruz in the romantic comedy film Unofficially Yours in 2012 AngelLocsin TheRealDARNA
Coco, John Lloyd, Piolo, Daniel , Enrique, Zanjoe, James, Echo to Joshua Garcia? So much love thank you! 💚🙈.
Wow,great.Well Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo are humorous,Rampage Jackson is bit mad.For non-MMA John Lloyd?
In TV terms, Paul Merton & Harry Shearer on HIGNFY, and John Lloyd, after a recording of I still owe him a…
I just want one more Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa movie. Also, 10 more John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo movies.
Great article based on John Lloyd's book "Journalism in an Age of Terror" in the over the weekend https:…
Trump trade approach to China could lead to a crash in the global financial markets—that would be just the beginning. h…
Watch John McCain's reaction when asked about Trump's comments that US "should have kept the oil" and maybe will "have ano…
This shows how the famous climbing scenes in Harold Lloyd's Safety Last! were filmed using a roof-top set. Pretty inge…
Going to this on Saturday. "And that's the story of how handsome I am" -- Jon Hamm
17:00 Australian Open Tennis: Sue Barker introduces highlights, with commentary by Andrew Castle and John Lloyd.
I'd never bought the idea that you don't lose money by underestimatin...
John Lloyd Cruz-Kim Chiu movie team up please .They make a refreshing combination.Romcom or drama puede sila basta good story.
Secrets and lies: intelligence and the media in the Trump era; by John Lloyd (via
. reveals he's waiting for final details of his movie with Coco Mar…
This interview I did with Trek president is a good conversation starter today, I think.
Sombilla, mother of slain SAF cop PO3 John Lloyd Sombilla, said death of son worse than EJK (via
go to art gallery exhibit openings too because F O O D! ALSo you never know if JOHN LLOYD and PAPA IAN are arou…
Based off of John Lloyd, what if to some animals humans are invisible? Or what if everything in technically invisible?
Sarah Geronimo reveals who asked her to do reunion movie with John Lloyd Cruz; read: htt…
This!!! And is there a john lloyd sticker pack that i dont know about??? 😂
Happy Birthday to writer/director W.D. Richter, here directing Christopher Lloyd as John Bigboote on the set of BUCKAROO B…
*** Chi Minh worked as a kitchen porter at the Drayton Court Hotel in West Ealing.
Oh my god Paulo you don't have to be John Lloyd
All the models to the floor right now 🐐
I added a video to a playlist John Lloyd Cruz Ex Girlfriends with Rumored girlfriend Bea
I added a video to a playlist Netizens reacts to John Lloyd Cruz and Ex Girlfriend Ciara Sotto's
Also on our team of advocates is Tony Award winner John Lloyd Young (Frankie from Jersey Boys).…
you watching that therapy thing with Danielle Lloyd lol
John Lloyd Young testifying before legislators about the importance of arts in schools. Photo:
Happy bonding here with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo cto
John Lloyd head of Public Service Commission, Larry Marshall head of CSIRO
From columnist John Lloyd: How Europe’s left lost the working class.
Vice Ganda to work with John Lloyd Cruz in new movie?.
Really interesting listening to the fantastic John Lloyd (Blackadder/QI/ect...) speak about production this evening at
I have company this evening, but all I want to do is curl up and read Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
John Lloyd funny & Quite Interesting on his impressive career in comedy & how unplanned much of it was. Creativity…
Situation comedy is a misnomer, says John Lloyd, talking about - the comedy comes from the characters
Television is a surprisingly conservative medium, says John Lloyd, reflecting on the creation & impact of Not the 9 o Clock News
Douglas Adams almost gave up on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - then sacked his friend John Lloyd as produce…
John Lloyd on creating everything in the world can be interesting if looked at long enough & from the right angle. It was a tough sell
Fun dialogue & characters - Cozy Mysteries with Eve Lloyd, magnet for murder & mayhem
Awesome start to the John Lloyd conversation with the RTS
Blackadder was Fawlty Towers in tights, says John Lloyd - tall, thin angry boss and small stupid servant
"Comedy is sex and death and poo." says John Lloyd - recalling begging Fluck & Law to let him produce Spitting Image.
Z! the next John Lloyd ka nga! be humble and give your best in every role you take!
My mother died of cystic fibrosis before I knew her. I was two ye...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
John Lloyd Cruz and Erich Gonzales for mature drama teleserye please. Both have undeniable acting prowes…
Joshua Garcia is the next John Lloyd Cruz. He is good in • No wonder why gives him big p…
This year's most amazing facts, as revealed by producer John Lloyd of &
Very excited to hear my dear friend Bridget St. John sing tonight in honour of Leonard Cohen. I also am looking...
Update: . Kapamilya Caravan in Bacolod City with Bea, Julia, Joshua and John Lloyd at Gaisano Grand Mall | Dec. 10, 2016 | 4:00 pm
BREAKING: Trump taps retired four-star Gen. John Kelly to head Homeland Security, according to people close to transition.
Winners team of mixed competition organised by Ladies Section were Lesley Lloyd, Shirley Preston, John Preston and…
Sir Elton John made a joke of the incident by calling the singer 'Sir' James Blunt on a placecard
JUST IN: Vice Ganda feels blessed w/ 250M in 5days & revealed that his next project might be with John Lloyd Cruz. "Nag-usap…
Gov. John Kasich statement on the recent news about the upcoming Electoral College meeting:
You can't predict anything. How can you be certain about anything when eve...
Vice talks about possible movie projects with John Lloyd Cruz, Daniel Padilla. WATCH HERE:
Let's support John Lloyd Tejano for on Dec. 4, 2016 at Kia Theater. 💖
Comedy writer and QI producer John Lloyd will talk about his life in comedy in The Spark, TODAY, 7:30-9:30 PM…
On radiohhh_com BLUE "My Eyes Adored You" by John Lloyd Young from 'Jersey Boys: Jersey Boys: Music from the Motion Picture'
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Blogged: John Lloyd gets 2 best actor noms from Gawad Urian
The public must decide what it is willing to accept, writes John Lloyd in new
In honour of QI creator John Lloyd on the show we want to see your ‘quite interesting’ pics. Send them in with an interesting fact about it.
JOHN Sadler has assessed Saturday’s 2200m Ballarat Cup as a “look and see” assignment for former Lloyd Williams…
Michaelia Cash and John Lloyd needed a win, they copped a belting via
Sharon wants to work with Coco, John Lloyd, Daniel, Liza and Jadine
John Lloyd, co-founder of offers an important perspective on leaks and
During 'Jersey Boys,' I discovered one of the most rewarding ways to ...
John Henry Lloyd is the man I gave the credit to for polishing my ski...
Flight is boarding Helen Knott,. Where are you? — travelling to Abbots Langley from Terminal 4 - John F. Kennedy...
John Lloyd & Bob Garrett named to 2016 list for "135 Nonprofit Hospital & Health System CEOs to Know.
You can analyse a joke and say it's funny because this guy thought this...
The Women's Water Polo team takes to entirely new depths!
Joining us this Sunday Rhod Gilbert, creator of QI, John Lloyd + live music by
Oh what a feeling indeed! has always had a car to fit your needs. Photo by John Lloyd:…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Today in Wales is the feast of the Six Welsh Martyrs, Ss Richard Gwyn, John Jones, Philip Evans, John Lloyd, David Lewis…
Maybe the universe is a giant practical joke and we don't know the punchl...
Some lady tipped me because she said I look like John Lloyd Young from the Jersey Boys 😂😂😂
John Lloyd Cruz is on a Western Union ad. This is on every other poster on this whole platform. Naks naman. Syempre…
aye John. Your papped next to Lloyd from now on
Smelly cat, Smelly Cat,. What are they feeding you?. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,. It's not your fault!
A midcentury-modern home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright is on the market:
Here's what I need to win FREE pizza: Cubs Win by 4!
The day after the sesh is always so unproductive
1st team hooker Lloyd Davies with 2nd team captain John Dickinson
Joshua in GGV looks like a love child of Alden Richards and John Lloyd💕❤
So this is Woodhenge, just around the corner from Stonehenge. Actually several concentric circles of concrete boll…
Joshua Garcia is the second John Lloyd Cruz for me 😂😍
Bea and John Lloyd really do have an unquestionable chemistry. 💕
Hands down. John lloyd and Bea you guys are literally bomb. ✋
discovered 'QI: The Third Book of General Ignorance' by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson, download free ebook (first 10%)
Well here's quite the discussion starter, "Wrath is the other half of grace." - Lloyd John Ogilvie, commentary on C…
Congratulations, John Lloyd, Direk Erik, and to the entire team!!!
Daniel, John Lloyd, LizQuen + more win big at 6th EdukCircle Awards SEE PHOTOS HERE:
3 of 5 stars to The Book Of General Ignorance by John Lloyd
It's a book by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, and is a dictionary of things there aren't words for yet.
"Sometimes the Lord rides out the storm with us and other times He calms the restless sea around us." Lloyd John Ogilvie
AD 1843. John Lloyd Stephens illustrated book of his journeys through Yucatan.
Round 2 of our weekend tonight! Dust yourself off from last night and join us for Lloyd Thomas at 8pm! https:…
From 3W/7L under John Lloyd to 14W/2L with Leon Smith. I mean lbr if you're losing and feeling low who are you gonna prefer to pick you up?
John Lloyd you could at least pretend to not hate Andy. Just for 5 seconds
So if anyone can find my lip sync video on YouTube I did to "Want you back" by Cher Lloyd I'll give you ten dollars 😇😉
John Lloyd has just told us he doesn't own a house. Really?
John Lloyd 'doesn't own a house'? Stuck in that pokey flatshare with his *** uni mates, dishes piled up
On the tennis coverage, John Lloyd just said 'get the w' as in short for win. Thing is, w has three syllables, win has one. Just say win.
Final change, Danny Lloyd goes off to a huge round of applause as John Marsden comes on...
Commentary from John Lloyd excellent - Inverdale's input as useless as ever
I like the way John Lloyd lets Inverdale witter away and just interjects occasionally with a tennis technique comment
same thoughts. Most of their movies this year didn't earn that much except John Lloyd's and Barcelona
JOBYNA RALSTON & HAROLD LLOYD sit in John Aasen’s lap 1923 He was 8’ 4" and played the giant in 'Why Worry?'
why have John Inverdale commentating as he knows nothing about tennis?? John Lloyd an ex player...put on please!
Numquam minus solus quam *** solus. --Cicero . (One is never less alone than when alone.). (From _Etidorhpa_ by John Uri Lloyd)
It's out! Head n' shoulders TVC with Angel Locsin & John Lloyd Cruz. Here's the link :
Home Sweety Home is not just ''lang''. John Lloyd and Toni are one of the stars of this generations.
[Mom watching a Filipino film]. Belle Daza to John Lloyd: I'm just the girl you chose to let go. Mom: *shouts* Relate ka ba, Jade?. Me: ?
John Lloyd is so dilusional about Murray.
Still can't believe John was trying to get Charlie to say 'john' last night, he's not even 2 months old yet 😭 'say John' ffs😂
Looking forward to hearing John Lloyd, Hilary Lindsay plus winners of Awards for success
Polygraph panic: CIA Director John Brennan recalls admitting he voted for a communist
John Lloyd shows of new look SEE PHOTOS HERE:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
bute sana kung si John Lloyd ka, but you're not even John Lloyd Cruz to start with.
Lesson Learned: Media should decline covering deceptive Trump events. CNN: 'We got played again' by Trump
On page 200 of 282 of The Book Of General Ignorance, by John Lloyd
Ang Babaeng Humayo ('16 Lav Diaz): John Lloyd Cruz, in drag, singing and dancing with Charo Santos-Concio. What more do you…
Wow ang wafu ni John Lloyd oh! I bet this is his new look for his upcoming movie. Hula ko Lang! 😂😂
Joshua is the young John Lloyd we never knew we were looking for 😊👍🏼. . https:…
How can growth be possible, if she was once broken by him 💩?. GROWTH is possible w/ the likes of Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd not w/ a LAOS star
Question: 🙋. What if magka alden and Dingdong Movie mala John Lloyd and Luis sa in my life? 🤔🤔🤔.
John Lloyd Cruz: "Not everything is about you, John Lloyd.": via
09:00 The Museum of Curiosity: John Lloyd and Noel Fielding with Ross Noble, Dr Mike Shanahan and Susie Dent.
I voted for John Lloyd Cruz in as Popular Movie Performance. Your turn/? Vote for the Push Awards 2016 now!
Look Lloyd, JKwon and John Cena only made 1 studio album & those are hip hop legends. ain't obligated to make a sophomore album
John Lloyd as first Southeast Asian Star Awardee , KathNiel as Vietnam's face of the Year Award.
.caught up with John Richards, Jeff Lloyd and Gerry Ryan on
TWBA: What has changed in John Lloyd and Bea?
TWBA: Bea and John Lloyd reveal they helped fill-in Popoy and Basha's "h...
The first movie with no John Lloyd with Bea. My heart did ache with this. However, it was good.
I love John Lloyd and like Sarah but NO to AshLIoyd. JADINE ON TEEN VOGUE.
I am honored to have John Lloyd called the Black Honus Wagner. Its a privilege to have been compared to him ~ Wagner
Racing Ahead on air now, John Richards with the latest on The 🏆 Winner, evergreen jockey Jeff Lloyd and special in studio guest Gerry Ryan🏇
Rand Paul has summarized my approach to the primary election this year. . I will be voting for John Brunner. . 1)...
AUDIO: John Lloyd's BBC Museum of Curiosity with (30 mins) -
John McCain slams Donald Trump's comment on parents
cos you're john lloyd and I'm your bea, remember?
so John Lloyd, u never fail to make me cry & feel kiliiigs over ur films I hate u
A dose of John Lloyd on a Monday makes everything extra okay 🖒😃
Throwback to when my acc was all about John Lloyd Young
Who is this Karl Evans that John Lloyd is talking about? Only Jamie Baker can pronounce Kyle's name!
Torchwood - Broken: another excellent story. Kudos to John Barrowman and Gareth David Lloyd.
Fock what you say but John Lloyd Cruz will be my forev crush!!!
Hamilton Collection
WATCH: What would you do if John Lloyd Cruz suddenly held your hand? | via PUSH©
So apparently, that John Lloyd video is part of an ad campaign.
JOHN LLOYD: If she had lost another final here, especially on grass, more players would believe she was vulnerable and that they could
Probably Lloyd in 'Say Anything' is the closest to me - or to who I was at the time. It was ...
Yow guys! This is the face of . Fullname:John Lloyd Arvin Lagua Bajolo . Lives:Besided JolibeeVelez CDO
Even John Lloyd & Angel Locsin have ninja moves! Be prepared, they might be coming for you next! 😊. https:…
Here it is! John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in “Ambon”!. WATCH HERE:
Probably the first John Lloyd movie that I hate. The formula and excessive drama is just too much. I'm hoping I...
Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz movies are the reruns I will never get tired to watch. Tatak na ng "One More Chance" at "Sec…
People might hate me for this but I see John Lloyd Cruz as the Philippines' version of Leonardo di Caprio
I just realized! Are we going against a John Lloyd and Piolo movie? ...okay lang naman, di ba?
Tagalog movies all day long which means John Lloyd Cruz all day long.
John Calvin releases 5 point theological statement! (Number 3 will make some of you angry for a very long time!)
Having spent a great deal of time with John Kasich, my sense is that he usually does exactly what he says he is gonna do
I spoke Spanish when I was three, and then Maltese. I love dictionaries. I like foreigners. M...
Update your maps at Navteq
John Lloyd on Douglas Adams' words of wisdom -
He once wore the shirt (thanks to John Lloyd) & Wolves visited his tennis club. Congrats htt…
Cheers. Who would you recommend if not Agri Lloyd?
John Lloyd YoungJersey Boys STAR.. tommyfaragher back stage after the show inYork City..…
"All of life is used by the Lord to make us more like Himself." Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie. God's Best for My Life (February 26).
win big in Swiss, New York film festivals
Yes! Thanks Member John Lloyd Young 'would hope fans would take a moment to reflect and respect' https:…
JOHN LLOYD: Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe would never say it but each of them would love to put one over the other when their respective
John Lloyd is such a brilliant man. With a real talent for attracting and/ or employing other brilliants
I love it when my friends tag me at anything John Lloyd related. 😂 Love u all ❤️
You can't share your frustration over women being harassed during commute and then suddenly swoon over John Lloyd doing the same in public.
That's why my baby thesis is about John Lloyd 󾌴
Here is some history abt Uncle Lloydie and Oscar winning dir, John G Avildsen thank to
John Lloyd Cruz, first choice to win Star Asia READ HERE:
John Lloyd! QI and Blackadder, this should be amazing. Call 01865 333623 to grab one.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
My appearance at Live is niw rescheduled to the 19th. I'll be on with John Lloyd and Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. :D
COCKTALES | foils attempt to market 'John Lloyd' shoes
So John Lloyd got a cake with macarons on it... I'm so jealous rn
John Lloyd loves the table centerpiece at his birthday dinner
Erich and John Lloyd in an indie film 🙏make it happen.
M: are you John Lloyd? . J: sometimes... Yeah . M: are you shopping bath bombs? . J: *nods* For myself. .
*watching Pinoy Family Feud w ma* . host: " Give me movies of John Lloyd Cruz " . me: *screams like heck & flips the table*"THAT…
Yes yes. Another Filipino movie. A Second Chance. Hope its good. 😁 Starring Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. 😍
Watch the romantic comedy hit movie: "Just the 3 of Us" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado thru:...
Ever wonder why the exes of John Lloyd Cruz are so friendly to Maine? 😍😍😍 Angelica & Shaina 😍
In grade school,you know someone is lowkey jejemon when they have those notebooks w/ pics of celebs like John Lloyd Cru…
6. Honor Thy Father. John Lloyd Cruz like you've never seen before. Paints a picture of the skeletons that churches ke…
Jo N Cherry, with the eyes of Derek Ramsay and lips of Dingdong Dantes, you look like John Lloyd Cruz!
I love seeing this.. John Lloyd Cruz and armi millare of up dharma down..
Rockin a bitin na pantalon like John Lloyd Cruz. Pero feelings like Angelica P.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
There was this girl who ran into John Lloyd Cruz in Lush . ATEGIRL YOU ALREADY
Charo Santos-Concio talks about her new movie with John Lloyd Cruz
John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado starrer, Just the 3 of Us, holds Highest-Grossing Star Cinema movie of 2016,...
Choose to be Great with Great Taste Coffee and John Lloyd Cruz
The unexpected team-up of Box Office King John Lloyd Cruz and Back-to-Back MMFF Best Actress…
I was performing for John Lloyd Cruz's birthday last night and there was this guy in the side…
Hats off to John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Clap.clap.clap.clap.clap.clap
Voted for BATB Family for the 5 Most Influential Celebrity + John Lloyd Cruz for EdukCircle…
Kimmy's next project should be with Papa P. or John Lloyd Cruz 😏😏
When I hear you talk about your positive vision of the GOP-the only candidate that shares your vision is Joh…
John Lloyd Cruz and his journey to his likely Best Actor win on Tuesday.
Yes I had a look at my photos from last year and it was around half 10, Superb atmosphere there..
Did I just hear that bullying is good? Bullying works? . As an anti bullying campaigner I call John Lloyd out. ***
John Lloyd has proved today he should never be allowed near a commentary box again! Just wanted to tape his mouth shut!!!
Dear God someone should have told John Lloyd about the Aegon colour scheme.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A question, if I may? What's the likely time on Wednesday of the burning of the Phoenix at the Stone Circle? Ta!
really enjoyed listening to you and John Lloyd on commentary made a fantastic match even better
and John Lloyd 😂😩 actually I've warmed to AC a little over the years
John Lloyd and Andrew Castle remind me of the two old guys in The Muppets when something makes them both laugh. Good guys
can we please ask John Lloyd to be more pro ! It is getting really boring now listening to him!
totally agree. Can John Lloyd be pro for once!!
John Lloyd's sense of geography is worse than mine - there's a huge distance between Bournemouth and Cumberland
and John Lloyd's commentary actually makes me hate tennis. Can you just be unbiased for once?
"That's Kevin Spacey there," says John Lloyd cheerfully as Kevin Spacey, wearing cap & dark glasses, ducks low in the crowd
Friend: i'll go ahead. Me: Biogesic, friend. biogesic-paracetamol-john lloyd-ingat
Get it right up you you English *** commentators we have Andy Murray you have useless *** like John Lloyd and Cliff.
Well Done John Lloyd! Backed Murray to break Raonic at least once today and he did!
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