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John Lewis

John Robert Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1987 and is the dean of the Georgia congressional delegation.

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4. Will Street's election based on his 'John Lewis' approach be recognised by central gov & lead to the promised devolution revolution?
Conservative Andy Street, who used to run John Lewis, has won the West Midlands mayoral race.
Random Andy Street story: when John Lewis messed up our curtain order, he contacted my wife personally to apologise. Impressive.
Oliver Bonas, John Lewis and Artisanti: The best natural accessories for your home
and follow us for a chance to £25 worth of John Lewis vouchers in this month’s T&C's
Also got to meet another inspiring vegan John Lewis aka the at It's…
Lewis Shand and John Randolph secret altruism audiences will be considered onlookers with new support.
Actual leaders like Auntie Maxine and John Lewis I will follow them✊🏾
Scotland is very sorry we let Trump's mother leave. If she'd stayed in Lewis Donald John would just be another…
I know Alveda King gets tired of John Lewis taking…
Received advice from Civil Rights icon Congressman John Lewis. I'll never forget this. Thank you for everything sir! (ft.…
I believe you mean "neolib corporate manwhore John Lewis"
John Lewis has a long history of standing up to bullies.
I heard he wrote MLK's speeches.That it was him by MLK's side, not John Lewis! /sarcasm (Would not…
Todd McShay on the Cowboys: "I thought their best value pick was Jourdan Lewis. I think Lewis is the best slot cover corner…
Rima John-Lewis I looking over the videos from BVC. Kartel still reigns supreme. . Most dancehall seggy hype was Kartel...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it." --Rep Joh…
bill collection agencies are calling taxpayers about overdue debts, but Rep John Lewis wants to stop that
And in the city not to happy with the badger in the John Lewis advert
I talked to a great gun-owning mom about rallying with John Lewis against the NRA
Visited SRG Apparels in Tirupur which manufactures for world renowned brands incl. Ralph Lauren, Mothercare, Next, Mini Bo…
🙄🙄🙄John Lewis to protest Trump at NRA convention: report
On May 11, Honorable John Lewis, U.S. Rep of 5th Congressional District of GA, talks re: need for civic engagement https:/…
Tories on cusp of taking North from Labour, says ex-John Lewis boss who means busin...…
This is wonderful. Kim Jong-May awkward and incredulous as journalist asks question | John Crace
Rep. John Lewis rallies with gun-owning mom against the NRA and Trump
MLK, Medgar Evers, John Lewis were just asking for it, provocatively marching among racists, aggressive…
The wide-shot restaurant scene drew of where John Lewis met Malcolm X in March: Book Three is just superb.
Great night last night w/HISD Emerging Leaders, co-authors John Lewis and Andrew Aydin and illustrator Nate Powell was amazing
did the book March about John Lewis,…
very special day. I had chance to hear John Lewis speak at with Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell n…
More than 50 years since the March on Selma, Rep. John Lewis is still committed to Civil Rights. We’re talking now……
John Lewis during our MARCH talk this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came out!
Waters & John Lewis are racist leaders propelli…
Yep, John Lewis is just mad cause MLK liked BS better. 😒
MARCH: John Lewis joins co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell to bring the lessons of history to vivid life.
The Spring event is now on at Discover the collection at Fenwick, John Lewis and Debenhams.
You know, Bernie could just trust John Lewis, who is Ossoff's biggest backer.
If you're looking for a good read I suggest the March x John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Naye Powell. Good read 10/10
John Lewis supports Jon Ossoff for Congress. Can I get an Amen? Vote Tomorrow April 18th
Eight key points that are shaping omnichannel retailing today
Also I can't knit so I mean buy from John Lewis
Track John JC Lewis on Bandsintown for local concert alerts!
Acumen not noted at John Lewis given major strategic restructuring, plunging profits and hundreds of jobs lost sinc…
John Lewis Chair for Civil Rights and Social Justice achieves full funding.
I Think John Lewis Account has been hacked just had a 2nd Account request from him Attention Jim Mcghee,Kenny Forman.Tom Mcgregor
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Okay, does that include John Lewis Home stores?
Palosi is wealthy $202M she can give away her wealth!. Nancy Pelosi-U.S. Rep. John Lewis join to end child poverty
This would be wonderful ! Love John Lewis. Thank you for the chance
I have a £50 John Lewis voucher burning a hole in my pocket... Google Home... :o Anyone have it?? Worth it??
John Lewis voucher codes and sales: Get up to 50% off branded fashion in the retailer's latest 'Price Match' deals…
Our High Streets are the lifeblood of the local economy. I will use 30 years of experience in retail to help them.
Has John Lewis outsourced its Customer service activities?. Doesn't live up to the core JL values,needs a rethink
John Lewis, the man, was born in Shepton Mallet. If Andy finds himself this way, the high street could certainly be…
John Lewis Brand Promise refers to products not service, delivery after sales service,frequently below par
Gaining power changes people . Look at john Lewis & many members of the black caucus. Grass root movements…
No, I am in the 5th. Congressman John Lewis is my guy in Congress.
Had never heard of until today but instantly signed up to the new John Lewis spot?
Retail Tech Startups! Take a look at JLAB - the Startup Programme from John Lewis Partnership
Free cup of coffee and a cake delivers Customer loyalty, making up for lousy after sales service,John Lewis thinks it does
Want to be part of something extraordinary? See the benefits of being a John Lewis Partner:
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Hey John Lewis, why not photo op in front of a sign that says End Child Poverty in Georgia? You know the people you…
Tony, been into john Lewis & guess what, their new ones come cheaper than the knackered 2 year old e…
Fashion Show at John Lewis Solihull 11th May Enjoy canapes & a glass of fizz before the show
Ex-John Lewis boss pledges to boost city's high streets
Not sure where the new replacement Thistle Hotel is in Edinburgh after it was demolished here over a yr ago to make…
Helping with the legendary John Lewis and in support of Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke. Fun intervi…
Hey & if you didn't know WE ARE SEEING JOHN MAYER THIS WEEK!!!😍
New extension to John Lewis, Edinburgh, where Thistle Hotel used to be.
Everyone team has done amazing job getting back to winning! Congrats Lewis for the win! Confident my res…
Congressman to speak at UCLA April 10. GA seats sold out; student tix still available from https:…
Zeta Global hires its first chief revenue officer as it eyes an IPO via
Read about ACID LA great result in a lookalike case between and John Lewis! .
It appears John Lewis is cutting after sales service quality to deliver their any price match?
hello, I bought some foundation from John Lewis that I need to return, can I do it at a Waitrose store?
Can price matching and the cost of quality customer service deliver margins at John Lewis
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just found more info on these men: Kenny Dorham, John Lewis, Max Roach…
NEVER FORGET the press conference when John Lewis and the Black Caucus slandered Bernie's Civil Rights re…
I want that John Lewis ad kinda love
It's way past time for the two bastions of moral integrity, John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, to weigh in and announc…
"I oppose this bill with every breath and every bone in my body.". Rep. John Lewis took Congress to church about why it must
on John Lewis of Modern Jazz Quartet: "He’d say, 'If you start off too loud, you can’t converse.'”
Scott points out that comic books can also discuss very serious topics such as John Lewis' series, The March.
"People who are ahead of their time pay a price." John Lewis, Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell on the graphic novel March…
I've lost my wallet either inside SJP or on route to John Lewis car park. Brown Timberland with all my stuff in. Please…
Hi Scott the services should departs from Ber Street, outside John Lewis.
It's funny I swore my bank said that they would stop me getting my princess leia statue from John Lewis. I'm so overdrawn.
Getting word from John Lewis' office that the Feds will cover the costs of temp I-85 repairs while GDOT and the...
Check out a Lewis Nash-led ensemble paying tribute to John Lewis on our radio show! >>
Leonard Davis (left) with Andrew Ward and Peter Quillin, will fight John Lewis, on April 8th at the Richmond Memori…
Free screening of "Get in the Way: The Journey of John Lewis" is set for 6 pm, Friday, at the Davis Theatre for the…
Thank you for your courage & passion protecting Americans from injustice,Rep.John Lewis
John Lewis delivery geezers discussing our Laura Ashley wallpaper: "It's not bad as it goes this wallpaper. Nice but not too womanly". 🙄
John Lewis tore into the GOP's as only he could:
John Tavares earned two assists and netted the shootout winner as the moved into the second Eastern Conference Wil…
This is what compassion sounds like. Thank you John Lewis!!
So many lessons on resilience and resistance to learn from our elders John Lewis and Maxine Waters. So many.
"I will fight every day, every hour, every minute and every second..." . ~ John Lewis, American Hero.
If you're gonna watch one person on the GOP health care plan, watch John Lewis
Health care is a right. It is not a privilege reserved for a wealthy few. -Rep. John Lewis
And the church said Amen! What a blessing to have a lion in congress! is
Rep. John Lewis on GOP health care bill: "I will fight any bill that turns the clock back to a darker time"
Thank you John Lewis. You remind me of Martin Luther King, Jr.
John Lewis's speech on the healthcare bill should be required viewing.
Rep. John Lewis: I oppose health care replacement with "every bone in my body."
In a world of Donald Trumps, be a John Lewis.
Nancy Pelosi, Joe Kennedy III, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Adam Schiff, the millions of Americans that called/faxed/…
John Lewis and Adam Schaffer are true Heroes for the American People
John Lewis is one amazing and courageous human being. I stand behind him all the way.
I want to clone John Lewis, Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu and have them elected to congress
Cummings is right up there with John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff...
We had bought a licence card at John Lewis the email implied that we were going to be charged £70 after the first month
Maxine Waters, John Lewis, and Al Sharpton. are a few of the reasons liberals. don't let us watch Amos & Andy on tele…
Here's Jeff Sessions and John Lewis together in 2015 at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Right now, Lewis is testifying against Se…
John Lewis, Nina Simone, and Barbara Jordan were born on this day. Malcolm X died on this day. It's a *** of a day.
I think her list would be more: Laura Ashley £2000, John Lewis £1000, Soft Play entry £50,000...
I want to lead the Tories back into urban Britain with John Lewis conservatism
John Lewis ,Brent Cross today ,with our good friend Susannah
I just clipped this Buy McLaggan Smith Alphabet Mug | John Lewis from to
Lunch counter where John Lewis & others were arrested will now be part of a soul food eatery & music venue.
John Lewis on Steve King: “Rep. King’s statement is bigoted and racist ... must be condemned.”
All purpose parts banner
Rep. John Lewis calls out the Nazi ideals expressed by Republican Steve King.
Spent 25 minutes trying to buy a TV in John Lewis. In the end I gave up.
Photo op with Kareem Cook, CEO of Naturade and John Lewis, the Badass Vegan. Excellent hosts!
Rep. John Lewis wins National Book Award 60 years after he was barred from entering a library
This week research firm YouGov revealed that M&S was the lead brand among women in the UK, followed by John Lewis,…
John Lewis bonus cut to lowest level since 1950s & I keep getting letters & newspapers telling me former MD & would be mayor has Midas touch
Lifelong buddy Dan Kildee, our Rep from Flint, sitting in w/ John Lewis & Dems. "It's our proudest day" he texted me
John Lewis bonus slashed to 6% of salary - Pedestrians walk past a John Lewis store on Oxford Stree...
Steve Wright of John Lewis talking about their journey at the data summit hosted by…
John Lewis, Pret and the 30 biggest private companies MPs want ... Pret a Manger ♥♥♥♥
Party safe this year! St John's services are available at the park, with police on site 📷 Tony Lewis
Man will this guy eat a *** already ⚡️ “Rep. John Lewis' remarks about Trump continue to flare tensions”.
Top story: John Lewis ticked off over Apple Watch | News | The Times & The Sund… see more
...John L. Lewis and Franklin Roosevelt. Lost him in 2008..huh. He would be so ashamed of the whole Democratic Party.
I might go to at John T. Floore Country Store i...
I just took a gig working for a Dem candidate to replace Tom Price. Jon Osoff, endorsed by John Lewis. GA D…
5. Notable Civil Rights leaders who've never witnessed him make concerted or individual attempts to help?.
John Lewis doesn't represent our values
John Lewis does not represent my values or those of conservative Georgians...
Mary Cecil Speakers' Series kickoff at with John Lewis from
The same way John Lewis was a victim of brutal racism and is very much alive and in power his opressors are too
Not even. She is a complete scab. John Lewis/Richard Trumka level betrayal of where she came from.
The Lawgivers of Ancient Greece:. My review of "Early Greek Lawgivers," by John David Lewis...
John Lewis & marchers on Edmund Pettus Bridge before he was beaten by Alabama trooper, Selma, today 1965: https:/…
Jon doesn't represent what Georgia is. John Lewis is a disgrace and his endorsement sealed your future! NO JON! https:…
52 years ago today, about 600 people marched from Selma to Montgomery led by John Lewis and Hosea Williams for voting…
I called John Lewis out on selling gendered kids stuff; they said parents want it. Cycle continues...
I will never forget your courage against bigotry! Thank you Representative, John Lewis
you can't tell me John Lewis doesn't look like Nate Parker in this photo.
Civil Rights hero John Lewis is giving a step-by-step retelling of the march, 52 years ago today, on his timeline. Requi…
Hi Emma, if you contact your nearest John Lewis shop, our Community Liaison Co-ordinator will be happy to discuss ~ Annette
OTD in 1965, state troopers & a sheriff's posse broke up a march by Civil Rights demonstrators in Selma, Ala. John Lewis is…
mentored by John Lewis and Rep Hank Johnson He's leading field but not by enough to avoid a runoff
John Lewis is beaten by Alabama trooper during voting rights march at Selma on Bloody Sunday, tomorrow 1965: https…
Broadway star Jennifer Holliday weighs in on beef between Trump and Rep. John Lewis
Andy Street: 'John Lewis is successful partly because of its model' | Business | The Guardian
John Lewis retired from Sep/2014 but paid $210,000 by SD44 in year ended Mar 2016. Appointed acting Vancouver superintendent Oct 2016.
Hear discussions from about Maya Angelou, John Lewis, and activism on our latest podcast:
Derek McGarry won the £50 John Lewis voucher in the recent bigDL prize draw. Download the app & spin the…
John Lewis fires starting gun on universal order tracking
"Interesting," Rep. John Lewis said about President Trump's speech he watched from his home "but I’ve seen and heard bette…
John Lewis has added that £200 PS4 deal in case you missed it at Argos. PS4 with Horizon and an extra controller -…
That's why John Lewis,. Cory Booker and the. Deceased Coretta Scott King. Wife of Dr. Martin Luther King. Documented their mistrust. In him
John Lewis was inspired by the 1958 comic book Martin Luther King & the Montgomery Story. Now he is inspiring with…
Trump: "The time for trivial fights is behind us." Good news for Meryl, Alec, Miss Universe, Khizr Khan, John Lewis, Schwa…
John Lewis looks like me when a Steelers fan plops down and starts waiving a Terrible Towel at Paul Brown Stadium.
John Lewis is crawling toward an exit...
So lucky to have John Lewis staff Sarah Starbuck who volunteered with the support of her manager Judith Hunter. Sar…
You must understand racism better than MLK's widow, or John Lewis. Impressive!
started reading "March: Book Two" by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell -
Proof Commissioner Hunter was not wrong about John Lewis
Hi, yeah, John Lewis' entire constituency would like their pay in cash, we don't wanna set up deposit.
The Civil Rights icon turned Georgia congressman, John Lewis, has coordinated with artist Nate Powell and writer...
Atlanta Mayor Reed sent threatening letter to boss of Gwinnett commish who called John Lewis a 'racist pig.'
SUPPORT now!!! SO that's 100,000 US people a year that won't die. Introduced 01/24/2017 by U.S.
On this day Nina Simone, Barbara Jordan & John Lewis were born & Malcolm X was assassinated Day of
Come to the Austin Library for a discussion of March, the graphic memoir by Congressman John Lewis, and more.…
Thought about it throughout today, and I think that John Lineker vs. Derrick Lewis is the fight that should be made next.
I love me some John Lewis but I have to disagree with him on this one. He will alienate moderate Dems, which…
Top story: John Lewis expects to cut nearly 800 jobs | Business | The Guardian see more
Update your maps at Navteq
Join us on 3/5, 3/12, & 3/19 for discussions about each volume of John Lewis' "March," a…
John Tavares goes 5-hole on Shea Weber as the win 3-0. Greiss the SO. Beau's 1st period goal is the game winner. http…
This is very pretty and free flowing exactly like a day in Paris with no plans. John Lewis - Afternoon in Paris 
John Lewis is back on top! His 1:48.41 is the second fastest time in history and the 14th fastest time in the…
John Lewis Get in the Way is on right now. Watch and learn.
Donald Trump PRAYS with Martin Luther King's son to 'heal the nation'
Rep. John Lewis on why he supports Keith Ellison for DNC Chair: "He's an organizer. He was born to organize."
John Lewis to cut hundreds of jobs as it battens down for retail turbulence
People are fuming over Donald Trump's comments about John Lewis
John Lewis teaching how to get a quick fast profitable start towards a debt free life with the…
In the announcement from John Lewis I detect, in their restaurants, a lowering of standards.
43-40 favor of over entering final q. Jada Lewis with 14. Kierra Henry and with 10.
US Representative John Lewis, March. Autobiographical story telling of his work as an activist and fighter for equality.…
John Lewis's March has been an important book for us this year.…
John Lewis expects to cut nearly 800 jobs - the guardian featured in NBC s Science of Love
it is a noble thought to think one can save African savages. USG has failed since 1865. And john Lewis destroyed Selma
Congressman John Lewis: “We should unite behind Jon and send a clear message that Donald Trump doesn’t represent our values.” h…
New respect for google maps and it's 'just cut through John Lewis, mate' attitude
John motherfreaking SteinBECK and Lewis Milestone baby 🤙🏼🤙🏼 i'm going to fly home just for the night 2 watch it with u
Stir up trouble to right wrongs, Rep. John Lewis tells UW crowd
Racist John Lewis IS the He keeps his mouth shut about his black *** being kicked in Selma by DEMOCRATS,not Repu…
John Lewis not only played key role in but also in fight against HIV/AIDS.
Sign of the times? John Lewis cuts hundreds of jobs amid online shift
John Lewis expects to cut nearly 800 jobs
John Lewis expects to cut nearly 800 jobs.
amen! Get Al Sharpton, John Lewis and Maxine Waters! We pay our taxes and by God, so should they! Plus interest!
John Lewis fought for Civil Rights. Donald Trump wanted to see the Central Park Five executed.
Rose Mitchell, Black Resource Center Librarian tells us about a favorite book: March by John Lewis
Signed copy of March, thank you Congressman John Lewis, writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate…
Rep. John Lewis explains why he's endorsing Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC chair: "We need his leadership"
Finished reading 'March' by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell tonight. Great books. Highly recommend to any and all.
Co-authors of March Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell with John Lewis sharing path to getting March published. Wonderful!
*Trump at the National Museum Of African American History And Culture Reporter: Did you check out John Lewis'…
Mike Pence is a smooth-talking bigot and a puppet and he wants John Lewis to change?
John Lewis is not immune from criticism. He disrespects the President-elect, he receives disrespect. New sheriff in town.
The Real Estate Group would like to warmly welcome John Lewis to the Chesapeake office. John is a seasoned agent... https:/…
You see Mr. Gibbs, I am so proud of men like, John Lewis, Benjamin Banneker, Charles Brooks, Otis Boykin
.NEVER go against Elijah Cummings or John Lewis. Just. Don't. Do. It. via
Chuck Todd sat and let John Lewis say Trump was not a legitimately elected president unchallenged. Grab a violin .
my Congressman John Lewis and Hank Johnson speak for me.
Black 'heros' like John Lewis, who met the Clintons at Civil Rights marches 😂😂😂
John Lewis create apartment of the future, on Oxford Street
Max Baucus in Helena today to back John Lewis for DOA.
Yes they have showroom in Westfield. Intended to make it more John Lewis and less Arthur Daley
MORE HAPPY THAN NOT by Adam Silvera and MARCH: BOOK ONE - the John Lewis graphic novel!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
It's still Black History Month. Who are you thinking of today? Fred Shuttlesworth? Diane Nash? John Lewis?
REMEMBER - John Lewis: Trump is not a 'legitimate' president
A post from the archives. this Christmas with a little help from John Lewis
Notice that the GOP has gone after two Civil Rights icons in the last month: . 1) John Lewis . 2) Coretta Scott King . T…
Yep, 4 days til the social event of the year.The Joe Wright Birthday Bash at John Lewis's joint, Granddaddys...
which Trump, Donald, and I really doubt lvanka is interested in a interracial liaison with Tiger Woods or John Lewis or Isaiah Cummings.
Most of our Civil Rights leaders stories cross over in a very Avengers-like way. MLK, Bayard, John Lewis, Diane Nash, Fannie Lou Hammer etc.
One of the best things about Christmas is seeing the John Lewis advert for the first time🙂
I love Elizabeth Warren so much. She should run with Congressman John Lewis as VP in 2020.
Documentaries celebrating peaceful protestors John Lewis and Alice Paul are coming soon to PBS…
In Malaysia, there's Petronas' festive season ads;. In the UK, there're Christmas ads (esp. John Lewis);. In the US, there're Super Bowl ads
But as long as we have people like John Lewis & Elizabeth Warren in our corner, We will protect our Constitution!
Rep. John Lewis (GA-D) says Patriots win is illegitimate. Will not be attending Lombardi Trophy ceremony. Launches hash…
Finally, an ad that rivals the feels of the John Lewis' Christmas adverts.
Explaining to Mike Pence who Lady Gaga is > Explaining to John Lewis who Rob Schneider is
We don't get the adverts in the UK but I assume it's like John Lewis at Christmas but on PCP.
weirder than the Falcons... because like, will John Lewis join? Do any even show up? DOES HBO MAKE AN EMERGENCY HARD KNOCKS???
New Dogs Trust tv ad, got me like John Lewis at Christmas!
We got to meet this sweet dog yesterday when Veterinary Dentist and Oral Surgeon, John Lewis, examined her. Read... http…
Going to watch the "Super Bowl" at Henry's (UWS). Should be interesting to see where the cheers go. Mine will go to John Lewis!
John Lewis is trialling shopping deliveries straight to your car
Trump attacks John Lewis for his speech but wants Milo's speech protected. He's clearly got "favorites" . White fascist sup…
Like a bad SAT analogy: John Lewis is to Civil Rights as Jeff Sessions is to white supremacy
In the UK they can't wait for the Christmas ads. I swear it makes or breaks the whole season. John Lewis's ads particularly.
We get it every Christmas now: the John Lewis christmas advert has become a major event. Miserable situation.
I'm not jealous about not being in it but here's a bit of background info on the cast of the John Lewis advert -
hello you! I got it for Christmas but I have just checked and it has John Lewis on its bottom!
According to ads running in DC area, Jeff Sessions is a Civil Rights icon on par with John Lewis.
.It's like a new ice age is covering the world dear. John Lewis won't have a Christmas advert next.
Rep. John Lewis (the moron on the left) is testifying AGAINST Sen Jeff Sessions for Atty General. Lewis is the dumbest bacon in…
Little Giant Ladders
🤔 redirects to Jason Lewis (MN-R), who's been in office a month, rather than John Lewis, who's served since 1987.
A neighbor of Mark Twain. Good to have a friend named John Lewis.
Off the top of my head - Wolf, Casey, Velasquez, Warren, Booker, Nadler, Inslee, McAuliffe, John Lewis
Book Review: 'March Book One' By John Lewis, Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell : NPR. Do you have this series?
Rep. John Lewis waits it out at the Atl airport as the feds continue to detain at least one green card-holder returning…
Rep. John Lewis after an immigration official declined to say how many are being detained: "Why don't we just sit down a…
I am dangerously close to asking John Lewis to marry me.
Think about what John Lewis has lived through. And then remember that this dark hour was caused solely by a deliberate act…
FYI the March trilogy set by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin is back in stock on Amazon. Encourage your local comic shops to get it too.
Rev. Raphael Warnock of Ebenezer Baptist Church: "..anyone who suggests John Lewis is all talk, needs a basic lesson in Ame…
March, Book Three by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, illustrated by Nate Powell, won the Walter Dean Myers Award.…
MARCH by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell just won 4 more awards:
Reading more of John Lewis pioneering Civil Rights activism in March volume 2:
Today, won the Walter Dean Myers Award for “March: Book Three” for Outstanding Children’s Literature. https…
In which it's the moment to go high. The Threat of Moral Authority via
In case Trump ever decides to read a book, maybe he can start with John Lewis's trilogy. It's a graphic novel so...
Even Heroes Should Be Held Accountable John Lewis is the worst kind of race baiter, race hater and so divisive!
Results of John Lewis race-baiting. They see the Klan every where its not.
I'm old enough to remember when John Lewis' unevidenced claim he was spat on by a Tea Partier was enough to condemn the…
If Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be rejected by Obama, Hillary, John Lewis and the DNC!
Rep. John Lewis, who calls Trump illegitimate, is a property-tax dodger
"Autocratic power requires the degradation of moral authority"
John Lewis just walked through Terminal 2 at DCA followed by what can only be called a rolling tidal wave of standing ovati…
Especially is CNN or Cory Booker or John Lewis post it
"The reward for playing is playing Jazz" John Lewis • •
for smacking down 'Civil Rights icon' John Lewis. You have no idea how much I enjoyed that
Congratulations on a record of 4 awards for “March: Book Three.”
WATCH: The absolute best response I've heard to the John Lewis controversy by
Fun fact: John Lewis doesn't have to pay people to clap for him
Cheering crowds chanting "Yes we can" swarmed Rep. John Lewis at DC airport
Yeah, not to mention members of Dem party in Congress, like John Lewis, et al John Kerry, Tim Geithner.…
He didn't attack John Lewis get over yourself John Lewis…
The Falcons winning out and rejecting Trump's offer to come to the WH (after the John Lewis comments) would almost make this palatable.
John Lewis at women's march: "We have a moral obligation to fight"
My girl Jessica met John Lewis today!!! I bet the earth trembled with amazingness overload when they shook hands. 🙌🏾
Rand Paul: I respect John Lewis, but "we shouldn't ignore that people are partisan"
Today made me know that, as advises? We're not alone. At 58 I marched for my 1st time with Rep. John Lewis in my head and heart.
63,000+ in Proud to be part of it. John Lewis spoke to the masses before we marched. This is truly...
"We have a moral obligation to fight, so never ever lose hope." --John Lewis
It was really Trump who marched with MLK not that loser John Lewis. Period.
: money the the january 22 2017, 12: 01am, the times john Lew
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