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John Lewis

John Robert Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1987 and is the dean of the Georgia congressional delegation.

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Feel like the only British person who thinks the John Lewis advert hype is so overrated every single year
Xmas Number 1 will be a sparse ukulele cover of Lee Marvin's Wand'rin' Star, by Michael Gove as it's on the John Lewis advert
I checked online and couldn't find White Genocide on the John Lewis site anywhere. They must have s…
Buster the Boxer urges John Lewis, M&S and Waitrose to stop buying ads in Daily Express & Daily Mail via
After you watch the John Lewis ad, watch this from
Why are all John Lewis customers white. If this isn't a Poe you a serious 🤡
Unfortunately the John Lewis ads have just become a cliche of themselves. Besides how sad it is an *advert* has bec…
Sorry to be a party pooper, dears, but I really couldn't give a monkeys about the ruddy John Lewis ad
I imagine lawyers representing Maurice Sendak's estate will be in touch with John Lewis pretty soon regarding that Christmas advert.
Is it just me who thinks people care too much about the John Lewis advert 🙄
This. This should've been the new John Lewis advert...
Just watched the John Lewis ad but have to say it wasn’t my favourite! I’m not sure I get the storyline?! 🙈😂 I feel like it lac…
Just saw a big John Lewis van heading up to Crouch End. Must be delivering Guy Garvey’s Cash for the Christmas Ad
As a Beatles fan, I hated what John Lewis allowed for covers for Real Love (solo John Lennon, but st…
Everyone gets excited by the John Lewis advert, but realistically, who has the money to shop there?
Michelle Fowler basically works in John Lewis... yet still buys clothes from the market. Proper
5 years since THAT John Lewis advert!?! Wow!! And she's going from strength to strength! We're so proud of our girl
Are you that excited for the John Lewis ad that you woke up at 4am?
Watch John Lewis' Christmas ads tugging at the heartstrings over the years
I know it's not important but... I can't get over Louis C.K. having a publicist named Lewis Kay. Does Lewis Kay eve…
John Lewis is more of a patriot than anyone you or I have ever met (unless you're my dad and you've met Nelson Mand…
The star of the John Lewis 2017 Christmas advert has been revealed a day early!.
has offered 2019 recruit Paul Edwards from Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco
I loves me a Christmas Ad, just waiting for John Lewis to make me cry, smile and maybe even learn a new song in the process
Christmas advert 2017 song: What's the song? Who is it by?
John Lewis is getting ready for the John Lewis advert
: John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 song: What’s the song? Who is it by?
Monstrously good deals now on at your local & a chance to win a £250 John Lewis voucher
are you familiar with John Lewis, US Rep from GA? Early Civil Rights leader. Helped organize the March o…
Moz The Monster: Everything you need to know about John Lewis' 2017 Christmas advert via
John Lewis advert: The secrets behind how its latest Christmas offering was made via
Let's just hope John Lewis have an animal in their advert so everyone can stop getting their knickers in a twist 😂😂…
What would your adults only hideaway look like? Tell me for your chance to £250 John Lewis voucher courtesy of
I do believe Rep John Lewis would disagree with you
One more and this will be the greatest pre-Christmas thread ever. John Lewis 2013.
Monty the penguin: John Lewis unveils new Christmas ad - video
Who sings the song in the John Lewis Christmas advert? What are the lyrics? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know... 🎄🎶.
Hang on *** . SECOND YEAR IN A ROW THAT JOHN LEWIS USE BLACK FAMILY. Blacks are just 5% of the UK. John Lewis is pa…
The John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 is here – and the world is a less scary place thanks to Moz The Monster . ...
John Lewis is going to have a snoring, farting window to celebrate their Christmas advert .
John Lewis unveils its Christmas advert as Moz, the monster comes out from under the bed
St Nicholaus Day is less than a month away, and this looks to be the stealthy John Lewis acct, with a preview of th…
Love looking at all the Xmas adverts on tv and going ‘yeah but it’s not John Lewis is it’
The M&S Christmas ad has Paddington Bear! Unless John Lewis have got Gemma Collins I don't care.
As Trump attacks John Lewis, here’s how freedom riders broke the chains of segregation
😀Patrick Freyne: Move over, John Lewis. This year’s best Christmas ads
Can’t wait for the John Lewis xmas advert
They didn't blow the budget for sure. John Lewis spent more in coffee for the crew on their Xmas a…
just raided John Lewis for Xmas decs and I’m so happy
Lost my mum is Harvey Nics and now John Lewis 🙃🙃🙃🙃
So - the first Xmas milestone of 2017 . next is the trauma of the John Lewis ad.
give me that xmas tv like I'm a celebrity and the John Lewis advert and those stupidly over the top soap specials and da queen's *** speech
have made a John Lewis style Xmas Ad. So wants you to sell your area of W Yorks this morning.
John Lewis xmas advert will be out soon. I reckon they'll do something about some lonely old person who's partner died and he gets a pet.
Ok that’s Halloween over get the John Lewis xmas advert on ma tele the noo
65/ There was a big Boots, WH Smith, and also Robert Sayle (a John Lewis partner before being rebranded).
John Lewis, Angela Davis, bell hooks—at times I am overcome by how lucky I am to share my time on this planet with them
John Lewis is obviously one of the Congressman receiving Alzheimers medication from the DC pharmacy.
I don’t recognize John Lewis as an actual Congressman.
Earth to John Lewis, come in, come in please ? Ground control has lost touch…
John Lewis is ignorant no business being a congressman. Blind with liberalism. How do such losers win elections being a Racist ***
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I haven’t even managed to get to the new John Lewis yet!
Great to see employee wellbeing at John Lewis reflecting the partnership culture
How my Neon Pink Star from does travel!! Another meeting today with John Lewis…
John Lewis broadband is brilliant. Changed from BT and never looked back.
I don’t think John Lewis are the company they used to be at all
All I can think about wae Pedro getting sacked is how much crockery and housing appliances he bought in John Lewis, poor guy
We got any statues of George Atzerodt, John Surratt, Mary Surratt, David Herold, Lewis Powell out there?
John Lewis on the Civil Rights Movement: "I truly think and believe women were discriminated against.”
At John Lewis, Oxford Street we have 'The Residence' on the 3rd Floor metamorphosing into Christmas Market.
Own complaint to John Lewis Customer services. Apparently I was the third customer today this had…
John Lewis's March trilogy is a powerful must-read account of the Civil Rights Movement. It's…
"Of our country’s long march toward civil rights, John Lewis said, “Our struggle is a struggle to redeem the soul...
What product did Prince George trigger a 447% sales uplift? Loads of insightful gems in the John Lewis retail repor…
What does John Lewis' search for a brand experience manager mean for retail?
True - we have Green River Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. I like John Lewis' civil rights march trilogy. Old schoo…
Cheltenham has its say on the new John Lewis - higher rents, a power shift and shopper influx? We asked shoppers...…
hi Chef we saw you at John Lewis & you suggested tofu for the barley. If we were to use a vegetable i…
John Lewis says it won’t be drawn into a price war this Christmas
Have you ever heard John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee or hank Johnson speak? Apparently not.
To be fair John Lewis would also probably be calling Martin Luther King an Uncle Tom in this day & age.
Bernie is no John Lewis and he's no Martin Luther King
John Lewis: "The families of victims deserve more than Republicans' empty words and moments of silence."
John Lewis: I would kneel with NFL players during the national anthem
How is John Lewis a con artist Dinesh is the definition of fake news
Correction. John Lewis is a fraud. He survives only by his association with Dr. King. No legislation from him while…
John Lewis: Families of Las Vegas victims deserve more than GOP's empty words and moments of silence h…
Elijah Cummings is an American hero. People like him, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Joe Kennedy, Kamala Harris give me hop…
Everyone needs to hear this speech Rep. John Lewis just gave on guns (via
Quality! 50% off selected women's fashion at John Lewis!
I now know l have retired, in John Lewis, Exeter having a coffee and we are the youngest in the room!!
John Lewis just gave the speech about guns America needs to hear right now
Rep. John Lewis on gun control: We must organize
John Lewis: "How many more bodies" do Republican need before they wake up?
Use your Waitrose / John Lewis partnership card for Q-jump & FREE entry before 11pm every night this weekend 🎉
"How many more must die? What is your blood price?" -Rep. John Lewis, demanding action on gun violence this morning.
The LK Bennett Amana dress is much less at John Lewis, $276; it's $425 online at LK Bennett. Limited sizes at both.…
Rep. John Lewis on gun control: “How many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this Congress?”
John Lewis £20 voucher offer: is it worth going for? .
TOMORROW: John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi, Gabby Giffords planning to gather on House steps to push for legislation to fight gun violen…
Why was Fairhead appointed to BBC? To gag them on HSBC. Why was Mark Price appointed to C4. To gag them on John Lewis (HSB…
"Reclaimed" utility companies could be run on "partnership" (like John Lewis) or co-op basis to encourage worker engagement!
Applied for a John Lewis partnership card , when it came the spend limit was so low it was a joke
The day that John Lewis murders Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley for a Christmas ad, will be the day I quit the planet for good.
I donated a ton of money to elect Jon Ossoff and got represented by John Lewis! Oh. Also I moved…
People are bashing John Lewis servers for not being able to cope with the horde wanting a SNES but surely some of this falls on Nintendo?
Like that Ben Thomas of John Lewis partnership gets the idea - follow the materials.
And most of the illustrious heroes of the Civil Rights Movement too, like John Lewis, Shirley Chisholm, Fanny Lou H…
John Lewis and Trading Standards working in partnership, via
When eyecare is not my priority. Rough sleepers tonight outside John Lewis department store Oxford Street ,London
Danny Lyon, 1962. John Lewis & others demonstrate at the Cairo IL pool, which did not allow blacks.
John Lewis shares photo of him kneeling during Civil Rights-era protest in support of NFL players kneeling
Fancy sleeping with John Lewis? Here's how to win an amazing night at the Oxford Street store...
What represents freedom and liberty are men and women fighting for it. John Lewis. Diane Na…
If someone could take me to the John Lewis in Oxford Street to get excited for Christmas that would be fab😍
flipping brilliant service in Oxford Street's John Lewis' Clinique today from Jennifer!! Love ❤️ her!!!
Full Christmas shop (with selfie booth) now open at John Lewis, Oxford Street. Too soon!?
On the 1st day of autumn John Lewis in Oxford Street opens its Christmas…
EXCLUSIVE: John Lewis unveils its new Christmas Market in the Oxford Street store:
John Lewis's new "Eat Like the Queen" range is expected to be a great success..
Some tentative books going on the list:. 1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. 2. Maus by Art Spiegelman. 3. The March - John Lewis
Little Giant Ladders
I'm planning my Halloween decorations already having seen some cool stuff at John Lewis on Oxford Street yesterday 😊
Don't forget to snap up your tickets for our Trend Talk at John Lewis, Oxford Street before they sell out!…
Any one fancy sleeping the night at a John Lewis? Unusual brand extension, but could work! via
John Lewis profits halve as chairman warns over Brexit uncertainty | The Guardian
Wrote this. Thank you for being brave enough to publish.
Pretty much the same with me. I was wondering if it was anygood. My Sibling says it makes london look like a "John Lewis Advert"
John Lewis is the model British firm, says So can Brexiteers please explain why it's suffering?
John Lewis Group chairman calls for "serious parliamentary debate" on devastating effect of Brexit on the economy. https:…
Those John Lewis figures don't bode well for corporation tax receipts. Other taxes will be going up in the budget. Good old…
John Lewis group profits collapse by more than 50%.
Jemele Hill☑️. Barack Obama☑️. Loretta Lynch☑️. John Lewis☑️. Susan Rice☑️. Trump has attacked more black people than Nazis…
John Lewis doesn’t have a Brexit problem. It has a Waitrose problem
James Dyson dismisses John Lewis boss' concern of Brexit uncertainty damaging the economy, saying "uncertainty is an opport…
I've still not heard back from John Lewis and it's been almost six hours. I need this package by Saturday as it's a gift...
John Lewis has been able to ride recessions unscathed. Its boss should be listened to. Best company f…
John Lewis profits tank as consumers feel the pinch
Fingers point to Brexit as profits at John Lewis collapse
John Lewis chairman warns on Brexit as profits chopped in half
What about the children who said they were transgender – and then changed their minds? - The…
John Lewis tends to sell to people earning pounds. Their sales haven't been boosted by the plummeting pound
Can’t wait for Christmas. Crying at the John Lewis advert and eating my body wait in mini cheddars🎄
John Lewis did very well out of Brits. Soon forgets. Bye Bye enjoy EU. We will miss you but you will soon be replaced.
John Lewis boss calls for a "serious parliamentary debate" on Brexit, saying uncertainty is damaging the economy h…
Bank of England hints at November interest rate rise, sending pound to one-year high - live - The Guardian
being great for the economy, Brexit is "hitting the economy", says remoaning *** John Lewis boss .
Another great project secured for us all at TCFC
Pound hits $1.34, a one-year high, as Bank of England hints that rate rise is coming. Details & reaction ->
No Super Bowl Reporting Left Behind. .on the Falcons new era, with help from John Lewis, Migos, etc:
you've heard fanatic Dyson. now here's the truth
When you refuse to speak at the NAACP convention and mock John Lewis and your base applauds you for it, yo…
Certainly given the John Lewis clientele that must have alienated many. I sincerely hope they can find a decent new CEO,…
The economy is tanking just bc of sentiment about leaving, it will be much worse when we actually leave.
...And Toyota have said the same over their investment plans!. "Cannons to the right, cannons to the left; into the..
"F1 is like a game of chess" 🤔. Care to explain, Lewis Hamilton...
Rare to see in the press: Account of a girl who desisted from trans identification, and much more. MUST READ.
The John Lewis Partnership blame higher costs and "dampened customer demand" for a 53% fall in half-year profits
If John Lewis customers were feeling the pain of Brexit, you'd expect them to keep eating but cut back on new shoes. https:/…
James Dyson says UK will thrive outside EU as we know we will so what do the BBC add as a rider - John Lewis say brexi…
Brexit is hitting economy, says John Lewis boss in scathing attack
Yes! Last time i was at John Lewis in York it was a hotel chocolat. Great to see you are there now 😀
Unbelievably Lord Green of HSBC was made Trade Minister. Now Lord Price of John Lewis (is Trade Minister. FCA…
Tory Luke Stubbs won’t be shopping in John Lewis again over gender neutral row - looks more like a Poundland regula…
If United Colours of Benetton couldn't destroy race, John Lewis can't destroy the gender binary
UK department store John Lewis removes 'boys' and 'girls' labels from children's clothes via
John Lewis. A cooperative business, owned by its employees. No distracting annoying music, or in-store radio. Gender-neutral kids dept. ✔️
‘Can we call it John Lewis anymore or does it have to be Joan Lewis’ -
David is this a really confusing double bluff reverse John Lewis trolling reference? Men's and women's jeans already exist
John Lewis sweetie u are doing amazing
If was Regan North Korea wouldn't be here or or Clingtons or John Lewis and its Gender Bender Boss
Will probably write up my thoughts on John Lewis doing a genderless range of clothing for kids soon. So look forward/despair to that.
John Lewis goes gender bender encouraging boys to be girls and girls to be boys
That's disappointing Jenna. Are you able to return to your local John Lewis shop? - Gina
Disrupting - John Lewis Home Solutions app to allow customers to book approved tradesmen
Saw loads of systems like this in John Lewis today. Me: "Nah, I'll use the wall switches, they've worked for 50+ years"
John Lewis Partnership Credit Card: interest rate and balance transfer fee will rise from October - …
The only thing that could eclipse Lewis Hamilton's poem is if Elton John releases an anniversary techno remix of Candle In The Wind.
John Lewis to sell plumbers online.
Honestly, it’s one of a very small group of things that makes me feel remotely Christmassy. This, John Lewis/Waitrose, Chris Rea.
2016 saw vicious attacks on Dolores Huerta, John Lewis, Gloria Steinem, and from people who haven't spent 5…
Getting school uniform ready with John Lewis on
A department store is celebrating Star Wars with a replica of the famous Cantina.
Getting school uniform ready with John Lewis
Please contact your local John Lewis shop who will be happy to look into this for you: - Gina
Congrats to John Lewis from our HVAC group who was named Employee of the Month! Help us nominate our next winner at https:/…
"We are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him. We answer to the American people." ~John McCain re: Trump
Today's purchases:. - jumper from M&S. - baking tin and knife sharpener from John Lewis. - dentures . - room in a retirement home
John McCain: It’s time Congress returns to regular order, we are not [Trump's] subordinates, we don't answer to him. h…
ELLE Decoration is hosting a Trend Talk for A/W17 at John Lewis Oxford Street on 28 September! Tickets here
If you return them to your local John Lewis shop, a Partner will be happy to assist further & offer advice - Gina
As most of you know, we've worked with John Lewis to create their autism friendly shoe fitting service. Good to...
Hi Nicolas, sorry for the delay. Can you confirm which John Lewis shop you visited, so feedback can be provided? - Gina
I bought an ASUS VivoBook from John Lewis for exactly the same reason! £200 with a year of Microsof…
I just pre-ordered from Looking forward to total self-actualization. Bring on the whi…
Forget Coca Cola, forget John Lewis, forget Mad Men. Here's all the times Bovril proved they were the greatest advertising gen…
Very interesting use of John Lewis brand strength .
Terminal 2 outside John Lewis. Been there easily 20mins.
quarterback Thad Lewis (7) is sacked by defensive tackle John Hughes (68)…
Force Friday II: How one company hopes to change the face of drone technology – with the help of Star Wars
can you buy John Lewis gift cards in Waitrose?
SHOW YOUR PRIDE: to celebrate community pride with fun, food and fireworks on Labor Day weekend
I'm really excited for the John Lewis Christmas advert
John Lewis will start selling plumbers and builders -
Hi John Lewis! We'd love to talk to you about a fundraising opportunity for your new store in Oxford!
Rates and fees increased on John Lewis and Waitrose credit cards
John Lewis to sell plumbers and builders ~ BBC News
Shopping online at Sainsbury's, M&S, Argos, John Lewis? Do it via GoRaise to keep the Hampstead Village Voice going.
John Lewis to sell approved plumbers and builders for its services to shoppers
The should replace Confederate statues with statues of Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, Dr. King, John Lewis & othe…
DNC and CBC are obstructionists Elijah Cummings and John Lewis are pathetic scum bags keep yo faux civil rights u losers
Pence invokes civil rights icon John Lewis to defend monuments to white supremacy via
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
People to Know: John Lewis, East Valley Partnership: The Town of Gilbert’s former mayor never seriously ... -
CBS This Morning replayed "Note to Self" by the library's Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis. It's...
Curious about what makes ZarkoPerfume fragrances so unique? Pop into your local Space NK or John Lewis to find out: ht…
John Lewis needs to keep his mouth shut. He's always trying to stir up trouble.
What's disgusting its okay for NAACP, John Lewis & President Obama to praise Robert Byrd, but for Hillary Clinton shes a ra…
We are looking for a Beauty Consultant to join the Elizabeth Arden counter in John Lewis, Reading. Apply here:…
Better Lives still available...fill out our crossword to be in with a chance of winning a £50 John Lewis Voucher!…
Andrew Young, Bill Cosby. Barack Obama. John Lewis. . I have told you all for YEARS now about not being able to trust t…
Thank you 4 the interview w/Denise VanLeer re Cong John Lewis being honored 9/15 in Cleveland. Our lead Sponsor is
Shoppers will soon be able to sleep at John Lewis to try out beds
John Lewis is planning to let shoppers spend the night in a fancy apartment to test out its mattresses
Our Doc in a Day winner will have their work shown across + receive £200 John Lewis vouchers: Enter…
That guy just doesn't like Lewis so he is doing everything to make out he is rubbish when we know he isn't.
Well, this could have been awkward. Under stairs areas can be tricky spaces, but not so with our fitted cabinetry. http…
Can confirm. Banged head off underside of escalator today in John Lewis cos I wasn't paying attention. Wa…
Finally made it to John lewis. Thanks to all
Should problem-solving skills be part of everyones job remit? John Vary, Innovation Manager at John Lewis, thinks so htt…
I once paid for shopping (baby goods) in John Lewis and left. Leaving baby in car seat on flo…
It's walking together with John Lewis...years ago…
GOP senator: Trump risks losing his "moral authority" as president
Problem! We don't have a local shop. All my purchases from John Lewis are made online. None of your fridg…
We've gone with icandy, also John Lewis do a free service where you can go in and they'll go through everything with you xx
Accidentally just purchased a fortune's worth of products. I was poor before entering John Lewis. I'm even poorer now. Oops
GOP senator: Trump should sit down with civil rights leaders before talking about race
Jerry Lewis with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the Jerry Lewis telethon, 1972.
For sure that's true. People who do not see that are crazy. Without Lewis, F1 wouldn't b…
Wonder what the John Lewis Christmas advert is gunna be this year
I'd be right there if only I weren't in Charleston, SC! I will be going to see your boy John Lewis this week though!
I have 47" John Lewis branded LG. Easy to use, DLNA audio excellent, no vids on the DNLA server though…
[WATCH] Civil rights icon, rep. John Lewis' pearls of wisdom on how we move forward from here.
Yes! Love this idea. Sign up Jesse jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Corrine Brown, John Lewis and Cory Booker…
Artist Olivier Jamin is exhibiting his work at John Lewis, and will have tour on 23/09/2017
In 1578 Oxford's Westgate led to paradise. Now it'll lead to John Lewis'.
Omg a fox is on our trampoline. Please mr fox reinact the John Lewis advert
Still waiting for John Lewis, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris or the other Black politicians to bring LEGISLATION to PUNIS…
Funny, I don't remember MLK & John Lewis marching through the pre-civil rights South with Tiki Torches.
Welwyn Garden City is quite sweet. I think it had a John Lewis! X
boss Darren Pearce rules out poaching John Lewis from city centre. Exclusive story by
Our very own Shady spent time with veterinary dentist and oral surgeon, Dr. John Lewis, after breaking his right...
Two more organisations moving to the International Quarter at Stratford, just west of John Lewis.
Some do, some don't. Henry Waxman deserves our respect and appreciation. John Lewis is a hero. Jesse Helms was a mo…
Spent my morning with John Lewis, Andrew Ayadin, & Nate Powell. Perfection only marred by 1 Bernie bro.
The Eisner for Best Reality-Based Work goes to March Book Three by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell! ht…
Jamie and John Lewis like and Clark graduated Crowley Highschool 1985
Sharing these pics with my oldest son brought back memories. Me with Jesse Jackson, Melba Moore, Hon. John Lewis &…
I suggest she gets expert input from Reps. John Lewis and Eleanor Holmes Norton to ask them if "neutrality" is a go…
John Lewis is a freaking joke. What the *** has in done in all his time in congress? Nothing is the answe…
"The man in White House today knows nothing about the Civil Rights Movement and people who gave their lives."--John Lewis
Laura Mercier is in Fenwick, and John Lewis and debenhams and house of Fraser. I got my sacha buttercup abroad
Is this action across the John Lewis partnership stores. I sincerely hope not. Hotel choc…
We have so many heroes we can support! Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, 4…
Brilliant!. Boring bit: John Lewis said same but I replaced 2nd person with a wooden wine box as prop for frame > hunky dory.
Hi Morrisons, I bought a John Lewis gift card from you and paid at self scan, now worrying it won't have been activated??!! 🙈
pls cosponsor HR676, Medicare for All, as did Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson in Jan 2017. Thnks for protecting us GA's
Rep. John Lewis pens searing letter to his younger self...and it's epic
Rep. John Lewis, in 2015 with the First Family, marking the 50th Anniversary of the Marches from Selma to Montgomery
Rep. John Lewis wasn't for sale, so improvised
Rep. John Lewis is here to show his ❤️❤️ for Debbie Wasserman Schultz
🚨In addition to Conyers & Lujan, Michael Collins, chief of staff to Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), is also under review
Lol...I think it's John Lewis right now. At least, we're supposed to treat him like a holy relic these days.
John Lewis tells his younger self -- "so full of passion" -- about his "mission to help redeem the soul of America"
Not really. I'm into Brandon Sanderson, C.S. Lewis, John C. Wright. Oh, you ought to check out Somew…
John Lewis had better relations with the police in the 1960s than Clarke has with his own deputies
Today, in 1804, John Collins and Hugh Hall of the Lewis and Clark Expedition were found guilty by a court-martial f…
What John Lewis has become saddens me greatly. I admire the activism of his early years & lament…
I miss Lennox Lewis. He actually was a gentleman
God bless you, Rep. John Lewis for taking one (really many) for Americans. You are a true American hero.
Honored to be in the photo round-up with Katherine Paterson, Angie Thomas, John Lewis, Travis Jonk…
I liked a video Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - Read by John Gielgud - 1989
These Duquesne players have some serious bulking up to do
"The same library that rejected him would invite him back for a book signing – and present him with a library card" http…
"If it wasn't for John Lewis I wouldn't be sitting in a table like this." --on ht…
WATCH: What John Lewis, one of the most prominent leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, would tell his younger self.
Note to Self: Georgia Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis - CBS News
I'm just giving you a heads up on what may be the new Hot-Spot!!!
I love this series Note to Self on CBS This Morning. I have hope in humanity because of this man's life and...
Finishing off the March trilogy by John Lewis and Andrew Ayden, with art by Nate Powell: .
Event honors one of Albuquerque's most famous former residents - July 27 at . Event info:
Rep John Lewis was willing to get in trouble 2 make every life count. So were Lincoln and Jefferson. Are U?.
We asked to write a note to his younger self. Here's what he told us. 🖊️ (WATCH:
Been about ten years — since working in Dallas — that I wrote a full-fledged review about barbecue. Felt good.
I got to open for my hero John Lewis last night at the rally.
In The Bey's Garden by John Frederick Lewis, oil on panel 1865.
John Wall has the most ridiculous high school mixtape of all-time👀
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