John Lennon & Double Fantasy

John Winston Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) was an English musician and singer-songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as one of the founding members of The Beatles, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music. Double Fantasy is an album released by John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, in 1980. Though initially poorly received, the album is notable for its association with Lennon's murder three weeks after its release, whereupon it became a worldwide commercial success, and went on to win the 1981 Album of the Year at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards. 5.0/5

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"Double Fantasy" album signed by John Lennon for Mark Chapman up for sale for $1.5M
Double Fantasy LP John Lennon autographed for his killer goes on sale for £1.2million - I hope no one pays for it
The “Double Fantasy” album that John Lennon signed for his killer is up for sale again
John Lennon signing his assassin Mark David Chapman's copy of "Double Fantasy" asking "is this all you want" Chapman smiled…
John Lennon signing a copy of "Double Fantasy" for Mark David Chapman, who would murder him only 5 hours later, 1980
On this day in music history in 1980 : John Lennon releases Double Fantasy.
On this day in 1980, John Lennon released his Double Fantasy album. 6 years after last album & just 3 weeks before h…
35 years ago today, John Lennon & Yoko Ono released Double Fantasy. It was, everyone thought, a new beginning.
35 yrs ago John Lennon started recording what Mark Chapman ensured would be his final album Double Fantasy
Double Fantasy: Rarely seen photos of and John Lennon
"Woman" is a single by John Lennon from his 1980 album Double Fantasy. Written by Lennon: it is an ode to his wife Yoko Ono, which is introduced by Lennon wh...
"If there was one thing John Lennon, who was born on Oct. 9, 1940, was known for throughout his life, it was his extreme honesty. Even as far back as the early days, in the Beatlemania era interviews, then much later in the Rolling Stone interview, where he was brutally so, and even in the Playboy magazine interview in 1980 to promote “Double Fantasy,” Lennon always told it like it was. And he did so even to the point where it got him in trouble at times – as it did with the infamous Maureen Cleave London Evening Standard “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus” interview." AXS ENTERTAINMENT
Song of the Day:. I'm Losing You. John Lennon 1980. The best track from Double Fantasy.
LOL used the term "Double Fantasy" to talk about the double play. Nice homage to John Lennon.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono filmed a video to promote his new album, Double Fantasy, in the City of New York, November 26, 1980. Filming began in Central Park, ...
One of only eight John Lennon autographed "Double Fantasy" LPs known to exist. This copy was signed for Hit Factory staffer "Karen" (The LP was released November 17th 1980, only 21 days prior to his December 8th passing) :( ~ Beatlemaniacal Collection
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RULES: In your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't take too long on this list - just a few minutes. These don't have to be great records, or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 or more of your friends, including me so I can see your list - 1. Jackson Browne - "Running On Empty" 2. The Beatles - "Revolver" 3. Jimmy Buffett - "A1A" 4. John Lennon - "Double Fantasy" 5. The Allman Brothers - "Brothers & Sisters" 6. The Beach Boys - "Pet Sounds" 7. New York Philharmonic (Leonard Bernstein, Conductor) - "Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue / An American In Paris" 8. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - *** The Torpedoes" 9. The Police - "Zenyatta Mondatta" 10. The Cars - "The Cars" 11. Billy Joel - "The Stranger" 12. The Big Chill - "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
Very Excited to soon listen to "Double Fantasy," the last album recorded by John Lennon in 1980, before he was murdered in his New York neighborhood. I am as excited or more to hear Yoko Ono on this album also! I will also be exploring other releases from her. I have been so refreshed and inspired by Yoko Ono as an artist and as a human being. She and John created this album, and she has just this year performed it at 2013 NY Meltdown arts festival with the Plastic Ono Band in a contemporary instrumentation/presentation. WAR IS OVER IS OVER john&yoko - "attica state" "luck of irish" and other songs powerful activist music/art/expression they were so excellent together her taste in art was like his, which was not satisfied by only the pop format and polished politeness and political correctness. he wanted reactions and imagination art that affects thinking and ideas and challenges to elevate consciousness and Yoko Ono nurtured and empowered that part of his nature because that is what she is also - and tog ...
TODAY IN BEATLES HISTORY: 33 years ago today, 11/17/80 John & Yoko's Double Fantasy was released. DOUBLE FANTASY is such a great and refreshing work by JOHN LENNON!
Thnx again to my family, friends, lovers & haters, spirit animals, Mase, Don Draper, Gus Fring, Kerry Washington, Ken Griffey Jr., Marion Cotillard, Allen Iverson, the ghost of Will Smith, StarFox, not Nicholas Cage, not Tyler Perry, track on John Lennon's Double Fantasy album and Morgan Freeman's voice for the Bday wishes, child support & Love from above. Very glad to have turned 14 yrs old for the second time. Happy Holidays!XO- ᖇᗩᑎᗪᘔ ᗯ. ᖴEᒪTEᑎ ᒍᖇ.
Funny stuff regarding John Lennon! Taken from "MixClassic tracks": From the beginning, the Double Fantasy sessions were kept secret. “If word got out, the project was over,” Douglas says. Though it’s hard to imagine today, Douglas says that Lennon was insecure about his singing voice and songwriting abilities after a five-year absence from the studio, and he wanted to keep the project under wraps until he was certain it was viable for release. Douglas was flown by seaplane to meet secretly with Ono, who handed him a bag of cassette tape demo recordings from Lennon, as well as some 5-inch reels of her own songs. “John’s demos were really primitive,” Douglas explains. “He would record himself playing and singing onto one Panasonic cassette boom box while [assistant] Fred Seaman was banging on a pot or something. Then he’d place that machine next to another Panasonic, and sing or play a harmony while the second machine was recording the first plus his vocal, allowing him to double-track himse ...
ON THIS DAY IN ROCK 'N' ROLL HISTORY! It’s Elvis Presley Day in Tupelo, Presley’s birthplace. He performs at the Mississippi-Alabama Dairy Show (where he sang at age 10) and donates $10,000 to the Elvis Presley Youth Foundation. 1956 1960's Moving from Rock 'n' Roll to Hard Rock, the Kinks unleash "You Really Got Me." 1964 Roy Orbison has his last of the '60s with the pulsating "Oh, Pretty Woman." Van Halen covers the song in the ‘70s. They have a hit but not a chart topper. 1964 Rolling Stone guitarist Brian Jones is fined for marijuana possession. 1968 The Beatles issue one of their best albums, “Abbey Road,” in the U.K. It's known for George Harrison's "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun." There's also John Lennon's "Come Together" and the famous "B-side" medley. 1969 1970's Free`s "Fire And Water" LP with their signature song "All Right Now" enters the charts. 1970 John Lennon releases "Walls And Bridges." It`s his last album of original material until "Double Fantasy" six years later. T ...
Stopped in to Goodwill early this morning and scored big in the music section! Someone marked some of the CD's 99 cents instead of $1.99 but they let me buy them at 99 cents anyway. But the exciting thing is what CD's that i got that were mis-marked! Get this...2 CD set-Pink Floyd 'The Wall', 2 CD set-'Woodstock-original soundtrack', 2 CD set-'Chicago Transit Authority', 2 CD set-'The Beatles-Love', 2 CD set-'Eagles Live', 2 CD set-'Dan Fogelberg-The Innocent Age', 2 CD set-'Dan Fogelberg Live', 'Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers', 'Boston- Third Stage', 'Joe Cocker Live', 'Chicago II', 'Eagles-Eagles', 'Earth, Wind & Fire-Gratitude', Paul Mccartney-Unplugged', 'John Lennon & Yoko Ono-Double Fantasy', 'Eric Clapton-From the Cradle', 'Bad Company-Holy Water', Elton John & Leann Rimes-Written in the Stars'. All of the for only $18.00!
Patrick Carney This week in Rock n' Roll History (1980) - John Lennon signs a new record deal with Geffen Records as he prepares to release Double Fantasy, his first album of new material in six years. Geffen Records was started by David Geffen in 1980; its first release was the last album by John Lennon, “Double Fantasy.” It was distributed by Warner Bros. Records until 1991, when David Geffen sold the label to MCA Records. David Lawrence Geffen (born February 21, 1943) is an American business magnate, producer and philanthropist. Geffen is noted for creating Asylum Records in 1970, Geffen Records in 1980, and DGC Records in 1990. Geffen was also one of the three founders of DreamWorks SKG in 1994. The December 1980 release of John Lennon's album Double Fantasy seems an impressive feat for a new label, but at the time Lennon stated that Geffen was the only one with enough confidence in him to agree to a deal without hearing the record first. Yoko Ono, Lennon's wife and partner, stated that Geffen was ...
Anyone happen to have one of these lying around? John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (Geffen US Album, 1980) Note: Autographed by Lennon five hours before Mark David Chapman assassinated him. Value: $525,000
John Lennon once sang on his final album, Double Fantasy, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." So don't let life pass you by and plan your path take action and be a champion.
I was thinking "I waited five years for this piece of crap?". "Walls and Bridges" was awesome.Half of the songs on Double Fantasy are Yoko songs and they all sound like somebody is torturing a dolphin.As for John's songs I thought "Watching The Wheels" was great and "I'm Losing You" is merely O.K.Everything else was filler.Overall,this album is just horrible.I was hoping for "Mind Games" or "Walls and Bridges" part two.Instead I got Mike and Carol Brady sing "Sometime In New York City" with Carol Brady on acid.That's what I thought back then in Nov. 1980.I was disappointed.I always loved John Lennon but "Double Fantasy" had very little edge.It was John Lennon lite, further watered down with Yoko's horrible songs.
Book of Secret Messages in the Church by Pastor Jan Voerman Page 11 to 13 3. Backmasking In December, 1980, John Lennon, a well-known pop star, was shot to death. A number of weeks before this tragedy happened, his album Double Fantasy was for sale in popular music shops. The song, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, from that album, sung by Lennon's wife, Yoko Ono, has a sinister backmasked 19 message: “We shot John Lennon.” How is it possible that this message was added to the song? Clearly it was not from Yoko Ono. She definitely did not know that her husband would be shot a number of weeks later. She did not in any way invent the message. While she was singing she did not pronounce such terrible words about her husband. There is only one clear answer: The message must have had another origin. The backward-spoken secret message was not from any human being; nor was it a heavenly message. Thus there remains only one acceptable explanation, which in principle is also clearly confirmed. A demon spirit must have spoken ...
"(Just Like) Starting Over" is a song written and performed by John Lennon for his album, Double Fantasy. The...
'I Don't Wanna Face It' written and performed by John Lennon from the album 'Milk And Honey' (Released 1984) Recorded in 1980 during the Double Fantasy sessi...
2011 Copy of Double Fantasy signed by John Lennon just hours before he was shot in New York City sold at auction in London for £23,750.
Jay is a Master of Mastering and was the Remix Engineer on John Lennon & Yoko Ono's precious 'Double Fantasy Stripped Down' album in 2010 ♥
Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon on December 8,1980. He's been doing time since. He was only 25 then. There are some similarities between him and Lennon. One was having a wife who is about five years older than he. Christina Aguilara was born a week later. I bought Lennon's '45 "Just Like(Starting Over) oblivious of his death the next month when I turned 12. Back then, I knew of Wings and "Silly Love Songs" and that's it. I had no idea that Paul Mccartney and Lennon had been in a group. I don't know a thing about Ringo Starr and George Harrison to this day. I think that I learned of the murder by '84 when I saw his first born Julian on Bandstand. I only have two songs of John's and none of his sons'. Sean---the youngest and with Yoko Ono---sings too. I hadn't heard his stuff other than the mess he and his mother sang on The View a few months ago. Yoko did the B sides of John's stuff. Yuck. Apparently, her chances of singing well is the title of that album from which it comes: "Double Fantasy". Lennon ...
I was at Matt Umanov Guitars on Bleeker Street yesterday to have a crack on my old Martin looked at, and after the repairman took it upstairs for a quick look, Matt himself came down to tell me more history on my guitar than I had yet known. It turns out that the man who rebuilt it in 1970 to accommodate high tension strings was none other than the designer and builder of the legendary and enigmatic "Sardonyx" guitar of which only 15 were made. The Sardonyx was the principal instrument used by John Lennon to record his last album, Double Fantasy. He loved it so much that it was mounted above the headboard of his bed at the Dakota so that he could always reach it when he had an idea. We spoke for awhile and discovered many more shared friends and stories that crossed paths with my guitar. It is amazing to experience first hand the ways in which music brings people together... the world certainly is a very small place.
"We would sit and talk and talk and talk and he would say, 'Listen this is about a 40 year old man whose finally found some peace in his life. This is not about the rebel rocker John Lennon. This is about what my life is about now.'" - Jack Douglas, MOS Interview re Double Fantasy
TIL: Mark Chapman's signed copy of John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" was auctioned off in 2003 for (at the time) $525,000
As I was coming home from work tonight I was listening to the Eagle. At one point they played "Revolution" by the Beatles. I cranked it up for that one. Then they followed it up by mentioning how the hometown boys, Cheap Trick, backed up John Lennon on his 1980 album Double Fantasy, and then played "I Want You to Want Me" from Live at Bodukhan. It was a great ride home!
The last album I did before Double Fantasy was Rock 'N' Roll, with a cover picture of me in Hamburg in a leather jacket. At the end of making that record, I was finishing up a track that Phil Spector had made me sing called Just Because, which I really didn't know - all the rest I'd done as a teenager, so I knew them backward - and I couldn't get the hang of it. At the end of that record - I was mixing it just next door to this very studio - I started spieling and saying, 'And so we say farewell from the Record Plant,' and a little thing in the back of my mind said, 'Are you really saying farewell?' I hadn't thought of it then. I was still separated from Yoko and still hadn't had the baby, but somewhere in the back was a voice that was saying, 'Are you saying farewell to the whole game?' It just flashed by like that - like a premonition. I didn't think of it until a few years later, when I realized that I had actually stopped recording. John Lennon, 1980
ARM Music News-John Lennon‘s 1980 album Double Fantasy that he signed for Mark David Chapman hrs be4 he was killed by Chapman, is auctioned!
We interrupt your social media browsing session to announce your daily, Today in History. December 8th, 1980...New York City. Five hours after shaking hands and receiving an autograph on a copy of Double Fantasy...Mark David Chapman returned to the spot, called out "Mr. Lennon?" got down into a combat stance and shot John Lennon four times in the back. Killing John...and an attempted murder on music, he created a tragedy, but he failed miserably at taking away Mr. Lennon from the world.
At around 10:50 pm on 8 December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment in The Dakota, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building. Lennon was taken to the emergency room of the nearby Roosevelt Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm. Earlier that evening, Lennon had autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman. ...I did not find out until the next morning. We didn't have 24hr. news channels in those days, and it was getting late, and it was school night and I was twelve years old. The next morning I was awakened by my phone ringing. It was my Uncle Henry crying. "They shot Lennon!" was all he said over and over. That was thirty-two years ago and I still can hear him saying it. It turns out it wasn't a "they" it was a "he"--Mark David Chapman (assassins always have three names). The weird thing is that the death of John Lennon had a huge effect on my as a twelve year old boy. I grew up listening to the Beatles, but someho ...
Double Fantasy by John Lennon is such a top album
1970 - Elton John recorded a show in New York City which was later released as his 11-17-70 album. 1974 - ABBA began their first tour of Europe. It was also their first tour outside of Sweden. 1980 - John Lennon's album "Double Fantasy" was released.
Most valuable record of all time is priced at 850,000 dollars. That album is the John Lennon/ Yoko Ono "Double Fantasy" ...why zo valued? Mark David Chapman caught John Lennon and had him sign it. Five hours later that same fan shot and killed John Lennon. Second most valued album? The Beatles "white album" issue number 05...the first copy issued to a non Beatles memeber.
The LP, Double Fantasy, was John's musical love letter to Yoko & Sean; love it & love John Lennon always.
John Lennon signing "Double Fantasy" for Mark David Chapman, the man who killed Lennon approx 6 hrs later.
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John Lennon's Island Story is told through a new book, CD and a special tribute concert this Friday! htt ...
Today in music history...1980, The mixing of the forthcoming John and Yoko album Double Fantasy moved from the Hit Factory in New York City to Record Plant East. During this session, John Lennon gave one of last ever interviews to Lisa Robinson from 97-FM in Buffalo.
Happy Spartan Football Saturday. Stop in before the crowds come just got some great vinyl yesterday some really hard to find stuff!! Sublime Picture discs, original import pressings of Giles Giles and Fripp, George Harrison - All Things Must Pass, Santana- Lotus, John Lennon-IMagine ( UK press, ), Sealed copy of John Lennon's Double Fantasy, Orig press of The Clash - London Calling, Iggy and The Stooges- Raw Power, 2Pac- Greatest Hits ( 4lp orig . 1998) and all of the awesome Pink Floyd lps from yesterday too!
waking after John Lennon tribute concert at equestrian arena at botanical gardens. He came to Bermuda in 1980 with writer's block, and left with Double Fantasy. 27 performers last night, highlighted by Maxi Priest.
I want the Double Fantasy album John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman.
A concert featuring Bermuda & International artists will be held in the SHOW RING of the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. All artists will sing John Lennon songs off the Bermuda Tribute CD. The evening is all about a tribute to the great music of John Lennon.
Dave played this song from John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1980 album Double Fantasy at a tribute to Lennon's death on 12.8.05 on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.
Rick talks about his guitars and the 1980 Double Fantasy session with John Lennon. Rick's Picks Exhibit at the Burpee Museum in Rockford. Video by Ron Faiola
August 5 1980 - John Lennon records songs for his Double Fantasy album, such as "Woman"
Today in Music History Aug 4 1975 Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and his wife are injured when Plants car slides off the road in greece Plant Broke his ankle and elbow and had to cancell the upcoming North American tour 1980 John Lennon starts work on his final album [Double Fantasy] in New York City hes only alive for 4 more months Happy Birthday to trumpet master Louis Armstrong 1901 he would have been 111 today Happy Birthday to Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera 1969
"They tell me you're good, just don't play too many notes." John Lennon to bass player on 'Double Fantasy'
Out of all the Beatles, John Lennon had the most interesting -- and frustrating -- solo career. Lennon was capable of inspired, brutally honest confessional songwriting and melodic songcraft; he also had a tendency to rest on his laurels, churning out straight-ahead rock & roll without much care. But the extremes, both in his music and his life, were what made him fascinating. Where Paul Mccartney was content to be a rock star, Lennon dabbled in everything from revolutionary politics to the television talk-show circuit during the early '70s. After releasing a pair of acclaimed albums, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Imagine, in the early '70s, Lennon sunk into an infamous "lost weekend" where his musical output was decidedly uneven and his public behavior was often embarrassing. Halfway through the decade, he sobered up and retired from performing to become a house-husband and father. In 1980, he launched a comeback with his wife Yoko Ono, releasing the duet album Double Fantasy that fall. Just as his ca ...
George Marino, an engineer who mastered such classic albums as Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions, John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy and Guns N’ Roses' Appetite for Destruction, died Monday after a yearlong bout with lung cancer. His age was not immediately available. A three-time Grammy winner, Ma...
I've been watching "John Lennon in NYC" on PBS American Masters. Excellent documentary! I switched it off after they got through the release of Double Fantasy. A very Happy Time. I know what's coming next and didn't want to see it. (I'm kind of sappy like that.)
[John] Beautiful Boy - John Lennon I believe this is off Double Fantasy and a sure tribute to his son Sean. One of my …
Team Adam singing " Instant Karma" I've always loved John Lennon.never could listen to his music after he died in 1980, especially the " Double Fantasy " album
"Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him" is a Yoko Ono song from the 1980 Double Fantasy album with John Lennon. The version released as a single, and on the 19...
John wrote this song for his second son Sean in 1980.. Possibly wrote with most of Double Fantasy & Milk And Honey in his 2 month holiday in Bermuda in June ...
Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy: The murder of John Lennon on December 8,...
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