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John Legend

John Roger Stephens (born December 28, 1978), better known by his stage name John Legend, is an American singer-songwriter and actor.

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You know things are bad when you see and trending on Google and the first thing you thought was "No,…
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting a second child, and announced it in the most precious video…
Chrissy Teigen announces second baby with John Legend | Showbiz
Everything Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have said about their IVF journey:
Their daughter, Luna Legend, announced the news on Chrissy's Instagram.
Congratulations are in order! John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting their second baby! The couple a…
I may never have kids but Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have & that's enough to bring me peace
I need me a John Legend. He be letting Chrissy wild out & does nothing but support her. Love it.
Happy National Ag Day! We always knew farmers were the best but now they get their very own day of recognition. Pictured…
Congratulations are in order! Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with her second child with John Legend.
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Skip the AMAs For a Sweet Date Night With the Lakers
Hours later and I’m still so happy for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.
Don’t John Legend and Chrissy make it seem like they had some bomb *** sex making this 2nd baby😂 naw fr, I love them💪🏾
Chrissy Teigen reveals she's expecting second child with husband John Legend
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend are expecting a second child. More on:
Chrissy Teigen is pregnant and expecting her second child with John Legend!
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen expecting their second child
Really hoping Chrissy Teigen and John Legend name baby no. 2 "Stella.". Luna and Stella. Moon and Stars. Perfect little astro…
Chrissy Teigen is expecting baby no. 2 with John Legend. Congratulations to the couple!
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expanding their family.
Me when I found out that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were having a second baby
all Chrissy Teigen and John Legend do is love each other and eat good food and play with Luna and puppies and that’s the dr…
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are having another baby. This has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I’m so happy 😭❤️
Oh, baby. Congrats to Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend! They announced they are having their second baby.
The battle for the last spot in the finals is on! "Happy Christmas" by John Legend takes on "The 12 Pains of Christ…
I liked a video Finding Your Roots S01E09 John Legend and Wanda Sykes
Oh I thought of another one. John Legend is from my hometown. He has funded so much here including venue…
John Legend is a chronic liar!. "My head's under water but am breathing fine". What rubbish is that?. I tried...
Kana how does my playlist switch up from John Legend to Dr Malinga 🙄
John Daly is legit on my flight...Legend 🏌
John Legend: Get 30% off when you purchase 2 or more tickets for JHB and DBN.
Breast Cancer Awareness
We're almost at 100 views. Please continue to view this cover and subscribe. All of my by John Legend via
We've acquired rights to "Jodeci Freestyle" as recorded by Drake, featuring J. Cole. Read the full details:
That must mean I can end up with a John Legend (or common? lol)! fair trade. I'll take it.
john wright what a legend. That is a great piece mate
All Of Me by John Legend on listen now and win!
I hope V will meet John Legend and learn him his name and Jungkook aka Justin Seagull will meet Justin Bieber and shake h…
Everyone knows she deserved that Oscar. John Legend’s song did not come close to being a masterpiece like hers.
Catch & me on eonline at last night's National Equal Justice Awards Dinner.
Lebron James is a legend in the making . John Wall will never beat him
John Legend on raising kids in a world filled with gender stereotypes
Former Chelsea captain John Terry has now kept 224 clean sheets in English football. 👏. No other player has more than 200!…
Always great to see my man and NBA legend John Lucas. Here at Rockets at Hawks game
I honestly can’t get over the fact that John Legend and went to my high school, if only that was 4 years earlier 😭😭😭
We're a day late (and we don't do this often): Happy 91st Birthday to football coaching legend John Gagliardi…
The Legend of John Marston continues in Red Dead Redemption right here:
domain names
the legend himself, john-michael thomas peterson, will be making an appearance at Lorraine’s tonight.
Nice article about John L. Sullivan, mentions the importance of the Gazette in his legend:
This just might hurt a little. Love hurts sometimes when you do it right. Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain. Pleasure…
Am I the only one who prefers Céline Dione & Peabo Bryson's version of Beauty and the Beast than Ariana Grande & John Legend's???
I mean, would I watch a movie where John Legend machine-gunned Ryan Gosling while they were both dancing? Yeah…
Chrissy Teigen just hit a home run in her latest John Legend roast.
New post (Raise your hand if all of you still can’t get enough of all of John Legend. ...) has been published on…
John Legend was at Roush Stadium in Kettering, OH tonight... ... . . .. .
Kirk Whalum and John Legend should get townhouses in Randpark ridge , surely
On this day in 1998 John Terry made his debut for . Captain Leader Legend!. What a journey it was! You're missed…
Watch Chrissy Teigen totally lose it as Beyoncé joins Channing Tatum to 'Run
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend paint their white $14M Beverly Hills home BLACK
John Legend’s music makes you feel like you found love after divorce
Who was John Sorell? Newsroom legend's legacy of abuse revealed:
[kucingpipus] sings All of Me by John Legend, what an incredible voice on StarMaker!. StarMaker, 40,000,000+ music...
I'm not a wizards fan and I don't even like john wall 😂😂when I defend someone don't mean I like them
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen casually at the fairmont game
What should the song be: Al Green, Ed Sheran, John legend or drowning pool ?
I liked a video John Legend - Penthouse Floor ft. Chance the Rapper
Would you rather box John Legend or interfere Busy Philipps
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen supporting Springfield despite the downpour tonight.
Apparently my dad met John Legend tonight at Cheddars in Centerville.
[Author: entertainment-news] . SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) — Singer-songwriter John Legend has returned to his...
📷 inwonderlandiam: Chrissy Teigan is a savage and John Legend be playin too much. 😂
John Legend sighting. Gonna be a lit weekend in Ol' Columbus Town.
John Legend and family at Fairmont, Springfield HS football game
wife and baby girl at Kettering Fairmont vs. Springfield football game
John Legend takes in a football game in his Ohio hometown
He is a legend in his own mind? LOVE you Ms. Lake u and John r the Best. God bless y…
The spectacular house that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have put on sale in Hollywood
Nubian Lee is to Bobi Wine like John Legend is to Kanye.
My favorite part of this is John Legend saying "so proud!"
Now Playing: Darkness and Light by John Legend ft. Brittany Howard Listen Now on
Listening to Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend, on my Echo!
John Legend - Penthouse Floor ft. Chance the Rapper via
23 years since he was whacked and I still listen to John. Legend. (John Lennon, not John Legend, jus…
Listening to darkness and light album by John Legend and I can't help but think of bae. Woo ngiyam'thanda umuntu Wa…
Yes I am a big fan of The Beetle. Phil McCarthy, John Legend, George Foreman, and their pet dog Bingo. I love The Monkees.
Jimmy challenges Jamie to a game of random musical impressions, such as John Legend singing the
Oh it was quite the mix: Dashboard Confessional, Brian McKnight, NSYNC, BSB, John Mayer, John Legend, Da…
Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Vedder, John Legend and more musicians knelt in solidarity with https:…
Al Greene feat. John Legend is like listening to the smoothest chocolate caramel fountain on earth.
John Legend took to the Echo Arena stage, & Sean Bradbury was on hand to enjoy a night of soulful melodies:
The Howard University Gospel Choir sing Glory by John Legend. Awesome! Thankful for being here. Rise up your voice!…
If you ever feel bad about yourself just know that I thought Pharrell Williams and John Legend were the same person for the longest time
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Omm, one of my coworkers looks like a mix btw Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana and she can have all of me no John Legend ya heard
Can't wait to see John Legend's show on Black Wall Street. More people need to know about this bit of black history and…
June 21, 2011 - Bruno Mars attends the Sade & John Legend concert after party at SL in New York City.
Cannot wait for date night this Friday... Dinner, John Legend and drinks with 💕🍸🎤
the John Legend version of 'Homecoming' >>>>>>> the Chris Martin version
"All of Me - John Legend" is a tender piano power ballad. It was inspired by his then-fiancée, now wife, model Chri…
John Legend seeks 'fat' actors to play Trump supporters. I wonder if he called Michael Moore.
But man Ye had Cudi,Sean,John Legend. That's a helluva track record
"My brand is John Legend. Please destroy my brand.. for "love" sake"
Fair play to John Motson. That's some career
A legend in the world of sport. Best wishes John if you do retire! You will be sadly missed in that commentary box…
We are deeply saddened by the passing on of KC Legend, John 'Shoes' Moshoeu. Our condolences to his family & friends. Lala ngoxolo
"Legend has consistently spoken out about feminism and the problematic nature of strict gender roles."
New post (John Legend Now Says Fat Trump Supporters Are Connected to His Music, But ...) has been published on -
Starbucks is blasting a love song by john legend im soft😭
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I added a video to a playlist All of Me (Female Key - Karaoke Demo) John Legend
This is what a moron looks like, here you go. No more John Legend music for me. It's not political either, I just don't…
What an amazing initiative by great role model, :
John Legend broke up with Chrissy Teigen, does true love even exist??
Chrissy Teigen shut John Legend down when he tried to break up with her.
I do this with John Legend second album
John Legend, hateful lies show your hate & rage. You have ruined your music because of an ugly soul.
You try to Break up With me and i will say No. Chrissy Teigen did it and 11 years later she's still married to John…
"In the blink of an eye, just a whisper of smoke... you could lose everything, the truth is you never know." ~John Legend
Chrissy Teigen refusing to be dumped by John Legend is my new aesthetic.
John Legend, they are ILLEGAL INVADERS!Anyone illegal from another country has NO U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, HEY…
I added a video to a playlist John Legend - You & I (Nobody In The World) HQ with Lyrics
Watching a john legend concert and entering a country where there are jobs cause back home…
legend I Live in Bay Area CA and I can tell you school districts spend more money on Dreamers…
Not only is Tank still fine, he a woke intelligent R&B legend. . We stan gworls
I still think that John Legend sounds like Trey Songz in "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)"
John Motson to end his 50 year career with Listened to Motty as a child, as a player, as a colleague. A legend…
John Legend once tried to break up with Chrissy Teigen, and she just said no …
John Legend and his wife Chrissy are so petty together...I love it 😂
John Legend tried to break up with Chrissy Teigen - but she had the perfect response
If you carved a face into a bar of shea butter soap and wished for it to turn into a real boy, it would become John Legend.
How petty and low. John Legend seeks 'out of shape' actors to play Trump supporters. via
Chad would've been so disappointed in Lawrence's old Daniel Caesar-John Legend-Brian McKnight feeling *** tonight! ***
John Legend is ugly. Inside and out.
Like I'm gonna lose you - Meghan Trainor ft John Legend. Don't ever play that song in front of me
This will end in greater harmony and understanding between America's political factions, I'm sure.
John Legend casting fat actors to play Trump supporters…
Always best when these alt left celebrity types like "John Legend" expose themselves as hate filled…
John Legend posts casting call for Trump supporters - -
Boycott John Legend hit him in his pocketbook PS he's good but he's no good when he pulls s*** like this
John Woolaston played his first seniors game for Gunnedah in 2003. On Saturday, he will finally play in his first...
What would u expect from someone who actually changed his name to "Legend"? good grief what a *** .
the last chorus to Love Me Now is the sound of John Legend transforming into the Sun
John Legend searching for actors for Trump supporter roles in music video
John legend and his wife make me puke
John Legend: ‘Trump is an embarrassment to the country’. Amen brother.
John Legend seeking fat Americans to play Trump supporters in a music video
John Legend music video needs ‘out of shape’ Americans to play Trump supporters, report says
Very sad that John Legend has joined up with his hater wife in their prejudice towards Trump supporters! ht…
Why do people listen to John Legend? Isn't he just some subpar musician who married a model?
.music video needs 'out of shape' Americans to play Trump supporters, report says
No doubt over 100 million President Trump supporters will make John Legend a legend of the past now. Even Pelosi re…
."Trump is an embarrassment to the country.". Whose country? Obama is an embarrassment to MY country. https:…
John Legend Wants 'Out of Shape' Trump Supporters for Music Vid via Good, he never read The Art of War.
Who the *** is John Legend anyway?? Now you are going to call 62 million people out…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
i want John Legend to sit on my face.
John Legend seeks "preferably out of shape" actors to play Trump supporters in music video https:/…
John Legend Wants Fat 'Out of Shape' Trump Supporters for Music Vid. I'm a real one, old OK, but not overweight.
John Legend needs 'out of shape' to play Trump supporters, report says…
Singer John Legend's casting call for "Trump supporters" will make you never want to buy his music again
John legend. Come on now 😂 im tryna shed so many tears when walk down the aisle
Awesome! A mixture of John Legend and Seal sound.
"Encouraging creativity, individuality" is helping rethink what it means to be a man.
Director John Llewellyn Moxey, legend at his craft, enough said.
john legend watch out. Vic is so good
Atleast NRL wouldnt have to pay for bubles backup dancers. Hed bring his own
A fan asked Guanlin to sing All of Me by John Legend and he really did just sing "All of me". This kid 😂
Haunt legend John Waite is here for the big announcements
How John Key came to speak to Donald Trump for the very first time legend on the new order of power…
she bagged john legend w that"LMFAOOO" body ... got a marriage nd a whole kid. u don't always gotta get plastic surgery…
*listening to john legend*. Me: *wants to cry*. Me to me: the face mask you applied 5 minutes ago will crack. Me: U right. Me to me: i gotchu
Y'all keep posting these pics of Chrissy like John legend doesn't know he married an asian with no *** lol
what if Flight Reacts get First Legend next year 😂
You can add ‘being a supportive partner’ to the long list of things John Legend is great at.
Honestly John Legend has enough cake for the 2 of them 💀
You & I by John Legend makes me want to fall in love
i want to be so important to someone that they write John Legend songs about me.
John Legend speaks candidly about marriage to Chrissy Teigen - NY Daily News
Why does this baby look more like John Legend than John Legend himself?
See pics of and enjoying their yacht vacation to the fullest! (v…
May not be a popular opinion 2day but Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson > Ariana Grande/John Legend.
John Legend in Durban Moses Mabhida 2015 backstage, was working for the sound equipment maintenance crew.
John Legend comes to South Africa way more than Thabo Mbeki during his presidency🤔
it's been a min and I'm rusty but Love Me Now - John Legend
Can't be my lover by John Legend feat. Buju Banton
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"Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith, John Legend in Guest Pastor John Legend BURYING Sam on his song
Review: Dan Wilson revisits his hits for Adele, John Legend.. Related Articles:
on BlackBerry Jazz Radio Hard Times by John Legend ft. Black Thought and the Roots
This baby looks more like John Legend than John Legend looks like John Legend
John Legend and Tika Sumpter collaborate on "Black Wall Street" project.
Black Wall Street’ Being Brought to Life by John Legend and Tika Sumpter via
I think u may be thinking abt Bronzville, which is a podcast. John Legend & Tika Sumpter are doing Bla…
That Calvin Harris album got a feature with everyone, including a song with Snoop, John Legend, and Takeoff on one track together.
Ready to rock Cardiff? John Legend at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on Sep 19!
Green Light by John Legend has been stuck in my head all day. Instantly takes me back to freshman year nostalgic
has your hookup with a pair of tickets to see John Legend at Foxwoods Resort Casino coming up in 5...
I’m really trynna find a boo so we can be on some John Legend & Chrissy Teigen type behavior. But MFs keep playing with m…
Can I come next time?. Being a celebrity power couple like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen must be a lot of work. …
I added a video to a playlist FREE "Hold me" Instrumental (Sam Smith x Beyonce x John Legend type
john Legend live is still in my bucket list.
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So sad to hear about John Noakes,he was a childhood legend. RIP John xxx
What an incredible night last night with the legend pete st john and paul harrington winn…
Admit it, John Cena is a living Legend.
I'm a Cardiff fan .. your a jack... but a Welsh football legend... all the best for the future john 💪🏻👏🏻
How old are you? . " Somewhere between 6 months and John Legend. "
American Legend John William Finn portrayed in drawing from 1943 by McClelland Barclay includes a brief interview.
Oh jeez. I revealed my celeb crush on John Legend? Forgot about that. . Well, who DOESN'T have eyes for him?
can anyone tell me where I can Dowland the DJ Ivan Santana remix of Beauty and the Beast by Ariana Grande & John Legend please
Congrats to the on first win of series with British Lions. Really enjoyed being on podcast
We've already established all Babies look like John Legend
LEGEND: with a 35-yard screamer just 34 minutes into his second debut! 😎🚀🔥.
Leading by example again! legend Steven Gerrard does not mess about there. The skipper seals England's 3-1 win
Mm nah they both look like John Legend
Check out a song from jazz guitar legend upcoming live record:
Fan theory: John Wick is a legend in assassin circles because he was the first to discover the concept of headshots.
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Diaby is such a legend. Especially for kicking John Terry in the face
John Legend, Sam Smith, and more celebs react to 'Formation'
The legend of John Barleycorn is a metaphor for the cycle of life and death:...
show me by John Legend is one of the greatest songs ever crafted and performed. don't @ me.
Uri Geller’s legend about John Lennon and the "alien egg": fact or fiction? via
Great to hear that raw passion. John Meyler is a legend.
John Legend and Alicia Keys should have a piano battle
2p Topinfo San! in NOW is cheap. Google George Langdon of MUN at St.John's where I studied i…
My friend, i dont know if in Nigeria you know what the name John Ogu means to people in Beer Sheva. He is…
I don't wanna brag but I'll be the best you ever had - Tonight, John legend
Wall Street legend John Mack ushers in as a new asset class. .
OH has Lebron James. OH has Dave Chappelle . OH has John Legend . OH has Halle Berry. OH has Kid Cudi. OH has MGK. OH has Katt…
🎵 I want you to love me now🎵 - John Legend ❤ @ Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver, British Columbia
Few things are better than this precious gem right here.. Two Legends: Mariah Carey & John Legend singing "With You I'm Born Ag…
I think the reason all these babies look like John Legend might be that John Legend looks like a baby
Matthew Kennedy and his talented coach Elizabeth Hollett Shackett after his amazing skate to All of Me by John Legend! htt…
you know John Ridley wrote 12 Years a Slave, not John Singleton, or John Legend or John Amos.
Hanging out with Unique Ernest, John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen with my superwomen Kamali M. Williams and Deborah...
Real question here: is John Legend's "All of Me" just a rip-off of Ludovico Einaudi's "Nuvole Bianche"?
I don't know who's gonna kiss you when I'm gone — listening to John Legend - Love Me Now
Selfie with the legend that is (panache!) on Kryptos who had just finished 3rd at 5…
Your silly.I am no legend but I get it.John Willie, Irving Klaw, those are the real legends, I'm just a silly…
Jaeyoon-i! how is it feel to breathe the same air as John Legend? :p
Bruh did I just peep john legend and common in here
Love Me Now by John Legend is my favourite song...
The man, the myth, the legend. Watch now on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD & Digital HD. https:…
Chrissy Tiegen look like she uses a strap on John Legend too
It's not very often you meet an absolute legend... Here is me with John Altman He wrote Always Look On…
I salute you john💗💯.ur deserve more love for everything u did for us last 5yr.. im in tears 😭😭so proud of u😘 ❤😍…
what's with the emoji tho ㅎㅎㅎ it's gooOd. i could breathe the same air with Justin Bieber and John Legend now. i'm proud
Have you heard ‘09/2016...dvsid’ by user421193692 on THANKS FOR LISTING MY SONG WITH JOHN LEGEND!!!
John Legend: Singer, songwriter, spelling bee champ | no one cares what wimpy *** looking legend does ?
I think I'll start saying John Legend as my favorite artist.
Ugh they changed P.D.A by john legend on my Spotify playlist and I wanted to rip my ears off
Big Papi is forever cemented as a Red Sox legend.
It's not. You're a Jhene Aiko parody page, that's John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.
except most things by John Legend...or Daley..or Melanie Fiona...or Elle Varner..or Ella Eyre...or, yeah I'll just stop. I have a problem.
- Olivia Wilde, Tina Fey, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Liu Wen pose on Tony carpet.
Listening to John Legend at The Fox. Incredible in concert
I'm at The Fabulous Fox - for John Legend in Saint Louis, MO w/
With overwhelming demand, rock legend returns to headline an extended engagement this Sept., Oct. and January.
.Orlando Bloom & more stars are heading into the See all the red carpet arrivals
What is creativity? Learn from Sir John Hegarty, advertising legend & founder of , Tue 11 AM with
Sign up for John Legend price alerts. You'll be notified when prices go down
Various reports claiming that legend John Terry could join Aston Villa this summer... Where would finish if they signed him?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Would you like to see Swansea City sign John Terry?
Chrissy Teigen Wants Trump to Pay Her Medical Bills Is John Legend still an ambassador?
Just looking for a man who will let me be the Chrissy Teigen to his John Legend
John Legend is one award away from being an EGOT. . At 38. I'm shook 🔥
John Legend is just an away from an
Congratulations to on his Tony win! couldn't contain her excitement: https…
I love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend so much don't touch me
Not John Legend tugging on Barbra Streisand's wig tho. Issa mild day.
V: I'll take a pic with John Legend sunbaenim. RM: Let him know the three words: Kim.Tae.Hyung. V: Alright, Kim! hmm. I rlly l…
Chelsea legend John Terry holds talks with Aston Villa despite Bournemouth and Swansea
.is now an Emmy Away from EGOT status!
John Legend won a Tony Award. He only needs an Emmy to complete the EGOT & join the 12 people in HISTORY to achieve this. htt…
Get details & find tickets for John Legend at Rochester at Eventful -
John Legend played the piano on Lauryn Hill's "Everything is Everything"
John Legend has won a Grammy, Oscar and now a Tony Award. He is only an Emmy away to achieve an EGOT, only 12 people hav…
Kanye West - Blame Game. Has to be one of his best songs. John Legend makes the song 10x better
BuzzFeed John Legend almost EGOTed and Chrissy Teigen couldn't be more proud.
Josh is sitting with his manager. He looks amazing!! He was hugging John Legend and Chrissy. In theater-TONYS…
"Rainbow Connection" by John Legend, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Qu... via
John Deere is an absolute legend. Her collections emulate the breathtaking colors found in nature: olive green, dandelion ye…
So after this game as my man John Legend would say..."let's get lifteed"
I told her it was John Legend and she didn't know who that was because well, she's old
Legend says that if you say better ingredients better pizza 3 times Papa John will literally kiss u on the mouth
My performance of Like I'm Gonna Lose You on lol just a lil something for fun
A man to whom we owe so much... Happy birthday to legend Ian St John! 🎉
BREAKING NEWS: Premier League club have won the race to sign John Terry. So unexpected! https:/…
UND hockey legends recently lost: John Noah, Gordon Christian and now Ben Cherski
Love having on the U of M campus!! Elite artists come to elite institutions! John Legend Rowing The Boat!!
I wanna be as fun as chrissy teigan and john legend 😭💗
[ENG] translation of Kwon Hyeop's instagram post! He said he'll sing a John Legend song next. Comments by Hoolim, Seonglee,… featured in NBC s Science of Love
John Legend and his 100 % plastic UGLY wife, are so disgusting, with NO talent. Dumb Snowflakes!!
is a living legend. Hear his famous film scores on this new CD.
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter threw out the first pitch at a baseball game and it's too cute to handle…
Untucked jersey Kyrie Irving is scarier than gang sign John Wall
There's this song with John legend that will make semen fire out the tip off like a face off only play them in retro-matches.
Lmao I remember I thought john legend was white 🤣
Our camps are LEGENDARY. We were joined by legend John McDonnell & his grandnieces during one of our fir…
Leave Zaza in the game please and give him the gren light *John Legend voice*
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are actual goals in every way
Laurence fishburne referring to john wick as "the man, the myth, the legend" is the greatest moment in cinema
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