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John Landis

John David Landis (born August 3, 1950) is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer.

Rick Baker David Cronenberg John Carpenter Max Landis Animal House Michael Jackson John Belushi Eddie Murphy Trading Places Vic Morrow Dan Aykroyd David Naughton Kentucky Fried Movie Joe Dante Tony Scott Martin Brest Blues Brothers

This would be a fun style of movie to do today - I think John Landis did a spoof of this kind of thing years ago.
Y'all, just remember John Landis wrote American Werewolf at 19.
just heard on a podcast that Bobcat Goldthwait emailed John Landis to see if he (Landis) was in Patterson Bigfoot costume!
John Landis, Rick Baker and Bob Burns talk "Island of Lost Souls" via
Kentucky Fried Movie, the anthology directed by John Landis and written by the same trio who wrote Airplane! and Po…
Meeting director John Landis at the 40th anniversary screening of Kentucky Fried Movie
FAIL!.Vic Morrow's stand-in rehearsing w/John Landis directing. Unfortunately Morrow decided to do own stunts in shot
Pop quiz: Martin Brest, Tony Scott, and John Landis all have what in common?
Burke and Hare: It would be interesting to do a double bill of this and I Sell the Dead. John Landis is still making movies? Lovely!
Today in 1983 MTV Premieres the short film "Thriller" directed by John Landis and co-starring by Ola…
Unsurprising signees: Woody Allen and John Landis. They're all about wrecking kids.
John Landis didn't get away with killing Vic Morrow so Ruggero Deodato must know justice!
About to visit the slaughtered lamb in John Landis's American Werewolf In London Stay clear of the mores
Q&A for at with guest John Landis! Terrifying Iranian horror film. See it!
Director and star of UNDER THE SHADOW. Convo with Simon Barrett and John Landis.
Heading to for Under the Shadow, after which I moderate its Q&A w/John Landis. Will I mess this up and embarrass myself? Come see!
Rick Baker, David Naughton & John Landis on the set of 'An American Werewolf in London'
Happy birthday to film director, John Landis!
An American Werewolf in London (1981) by Olly Moss. Happy birthday to John Landis.
I like John Landis, but I hate it when he calls MJ 'nutty'! 😡 He has said it in a handful of interviews about Michael! 😤
Rick Baker works on James Naughton for John Landis' 1981 film, An American Werewolf in London (1981). movies
A throwback for with John Landis and the wolf Tom restored for old pal Bob Burns http…
Apropos of almost* nothing: John Landis, John Carpenter & David Cronenberg in an amazing TV interview from 1982: http…
I kinda just realized how impeccable John Landis' mustache & beard are
John Landis should have cast his son in the Twilight Zone movie instead of those Chinese kids
"You're going to change...". John Landis, Rick Baker, An American Werewolf in London
A fun *** TRACY fact: Before Beatty decided to direct it himself, John Landis, Walter Hill & even Martin Scorsese were considered to do so.
I love all the movies by director John Hughes. I also love John Landis's mo...
She was greatly attached to both Aunt Sarah and Mary, but stood rather in awe of John Landis, who had never spoken a cross word to her in t…
…but since then has mostly been a failure. And lots of good artists fail a lot, but not all artists call John Landis “dad”. ;-)
Max Landis. Hollywood screenwriter. Son of John Landis. Wrote one successful movie followed by 3 huge bombs.
Max Landis does a pretty good job of summing up why we have issues with John Cena these days.
Road Haulage Blues; Cox Haulage Volvo pays tribute to the John Landis classic
Oh! He's John Landis' son? I see. Maybe the nepotism argument has some weight then.
That's Max, btw. I guess though I could be a hacky writer too if my dad was John Landis.
John landis hasn't been relevant for over 20 years that name will only get you so far.
But John Landis wrote a good relationship which is really what the film's about. - Read full quote @
Guess we're talking about Max Landis, son of John Landis...
John Landis from The Phantom of the Opera stars in Grey's Anatomy about a grave Body artist named Joie
Aykroyd said he asked Landis & John Hughes to direct. Both interested, but both said he should do it. They were humouring you D
"Adjacent LA welcomes back director John Landis" by on
especially since john landis hadn't made a movie in decades when Max came on scene
He's John Landis' son. He already had a foot in the door
Nepotism & family connections get you in the door but they don't keep you in. No one gave him 3 mil for being John Landis' son.
you're right, I'll figure out how to pop myself out of John Landis's wife
who ISNT in ? This is like, the lost John Landis movie !!! gross, funny and historic-ish !!!
I can watch this John landis film over and over
I grew up thinking of snow as a luxury you visit. . -- John Landis
I mean, I'm sure being the son of John Landis helps
Ah John Landis IS his father! Wow, talk about having an inside track, lord have mercy!
Late to the party but the epic podcast interview with John Landis with added Zero Effect references from is awesome
Hold the fricken phone! Max Landis, the son of John Landis did this film? Oh *** yeah. That alone is awesome!
Material comes all kinds of ways, and it's never a question of a lack of ma...
Rick Baker, Hideous Monster, and John Landis on set of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON
Hey, not a patreon but just watched the episode feat. Max Landis and wanted to congratulate. Best show ever! Kudos
Are they going to review every John Landis movie? you know, to turn the knife in their friend's back a little harder.
A John Landis opening sequence is poetry in motion.
Watch 'Fear on Film,' a talk with David Cronenberg, John Landis, and John Carpenter:
I'm not positive Scott starts. He's not moving Max Landis or John Konchar out of the lineup. I am positive of that.
Do you ever wonder if Jennifer Jason Leigh accidentally auditioned for a John Landis or Steven Spielberg film how awkward that must be?
WHAT! HoneyBee will be at the Silver Scream Fest with Legendary Dir John Landis, & more! AH!
...u not only mickey-slipped and gang-raped but also...sold out Animal House creator and director John Landis TO HIS FACE
my all time favourite film is American werewolf in London-met John Landis once-only time I've ever geeked out:)
My favorite photo of Landis - I'd love to go back in time and rummage through that office!
Baseball's Bans and Blacklists: the sad story from 1865 to today. Bans pre-Landis, copious.
Joe Dante?! Love it! When are you going to get John Landis?
your dad worked with on the Great Sketch Experiment. But what is the GSB and why did the mighty John Landis work it?
Papa John making an appearance on the field was the best part of the game hands down can't stop laughing
Big Breakfast and Big Dog vs The Manning Family w/Papa John? Landis and myself will be ringside and yes, there WILL be pizza.
You think John Landis is tired of taking pictures with strangers?…
But what's interesting is now - and not only in horror, but across the boar...
Eddie Murphy + John Landis. Please make it happen again,
Incredibly, Max Landis has actually made more 3s (91) individually this season than a couple of teams.
Saturday Movie Matinee: An American Werewolf in London (Full Film). The John Landis classic, with makeup by Rick...
I have seen Hellzapoppin. Crazy movie. John Landis always raves about it.
John Landis Home Alone: "How much for the Cheese? I want to buy your pizza. The crust, the sauce. Sell me your pizza!
also met John Landis at a film and comic con-shook his hand and geeked out:)
TIL the mason jar was invested in SJ by John Landis Mason. Thanks for the fun fact
.Max Landis, IPFW, set the school record for points in a game (44) and 3's in a game (11). Part 2 http…
.Max Landis, IPFW, with 44 points tonight. 11 3's (91 this season, 2nd in NCAA). Part 1
P.S. That same 9-year-old is immortal, unchanging, and has also posed as "Leonard Maltin" and "John Landis."
IPFW now leads 80-58. Max Landis with 36, John Konchar closing in on possible triple-double.
Fort Wayne guard Max Landis (this week's league Player of the Week) averages 17.8 points, and John Konchar leads league in rebounding (8.8)
.University names successor to departing president John Hennessy via
If John Landis can make this classic makes me wonder if will soon follow his footsteps...
aw . thanks for rt'ing my meme. really proud of john landis Really liked it!. eager to share with everyone
Hot Singles in my area refuse to discuss The Cinema of John Landis.
The legendary John Landis and I at the Director's Cut premiere last night!
Me and with the director of Animal House, Blues Brothers, Trading Places and Thriller. JOHN LANDIS https:…
"Terrific comedic presentation mixed with a John Landis style execution of the monster made UNCAGED an unexpected treat." -
John Landis made some seriously good movies
Order Miche Bag Online!
Found this little gem on Amazon. Obvious precursor to Amazon Women on the Moon. John Landis had satire down pat.
That is natural. John Kerry is a man of peace. You too seem like a super decent human being.
W/ the great John Landis last night's scrng of Director's Cut
blah, not my style of movie. I'm not big on the recent style of comedy movies. Mel Brooks, John Landis, Harold Ramis
Michael Jackson and John Landis behind the scenes of Thriller.
watching the rest of Tales of Halloween and seeing my idol Adam. I love too. And John Landis and Adrienne B.
A Bird in the John Landis Worth Two in the Bush
Is "Thriller" the second best movie John Landis made?
So this guy has only seen one horror film in his life? Thanks for your infinite wisdom, John Landis' troll son!
What was John Landis doing behind Barack Obama during his gun control speech?
John Landis, who gets mentioned, is a friend of mine in Hollywood. He did the Blues Bros and Animal House films.
If I could go back in time I'd give John Landis a rocket assisted kick in the nuts to keep this atrocity from ever happening.
John Landis will be at A horror legend. I'm going to ask if he remembers taking this picture.
I think John Landis wrote part of the script.
Interesting & worth the read: The Ten Most Important Developments in Syria in 2015 via
which director will have a George Miller type of comeback? My pick will be Richard Donner and John Landis.
"While shooting Thriller, Michael surprised me w/ a visit from Jackie Kennedy" - John Landis
Michael Jackson, John Landis and Rick Baker on the set of the most iconic short film ever, 'Thriller' in 1983.
John Landis on Glengarry Glen Ross, if you havent seen it yet, watch this and go see, PUT. THAT. COFFEE. DOWN.
I liked a video from John Landis on GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS
Reminder that Jack Webb was John Landis's first choice to play Dean Wormer.
At a Q&A tonight John Landis dropped that Disney are finally going to re-release the theatrical cuts of the original S…
Animal House's John Landis & Me - A chance meeting with the Thriller director pays off. -
John Landis is coming.. To America. Speaking in person about his imaginative Eddie Murphy flick at park!
Rumor: Original films to be released by Disney on Blu-ray, says John Landis:
Blues Brothers 2000 - John Landis: Eighteen years after the Brothers' origi...
John Landis has an amazing talent for horror, I'm just hoping this one keeps the humor in check.
My affection for John Landis' early creations got me through Blues Brothers 2000 once, but it's just not enough to make me tolerate his son.
can someone who knows John Landis show him my David Naughton waxing himself gif :D maybe?!
Hmmm. She's no Jennifer Connelly, but I do like her. Not so sure about the writer though. Oh for that John Landis version..
If it was John Landis's idea to get Vincent Price to do the voiceover, the man deserves...well, the world and everything that's in it.
"I've done every job there is to do on a set except makeup.Wait a minute, I've done Happy Birthday to John Landis.
TWILIGHT ZONE:THE MOVIE with segments directed by Joe Dante,John Landis and Steven Spielberg was released OTD in 1983 http:/…
Having Fun with an American Werewolf: Rick Baker, David Naughton, and John Landis on the set of "An American W...
Max Landis, son of John Landis and screenwriter of Chronicle, has shared a 436 page screenplay that he wrote a...
Beverly Hills Cop 2 is easily the best of the series. Number 3 is good in places but lost its edge. John Landis was the wrong choice.
For example, Mike hooked me up with John Landis on AWIL, I hooked him up for Halloween, Alice Cooper, etc
hi John. Hey, where is Jimmy Landis? Haven't seen him in a couple events.
John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Carrie Fisher on the set of "The Blues Brothers" Dir. J. Landis 1980
I liked a video from Why do people boo John Cena? [Max Landis Rebuttle]
I correct Max on a few points and provide a counter argument on why Wrestling Fans boo John Cena. Max Landis...
Max Landis made a video discussing why wrestling fans boo John Cena, I made a counter video discussing why this...
This will be in but he isn't John Landis and John Landis isn't playing him. Can you guess who it is?
have you seen Landis' video to Scott Snyder about why people boo John Cena? Its pretty decent.
Directed by John Landis ("Animal House") , starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, based on characters they originated on SNL.
Max Landis released another video about wrestling. He's becoming one of my favorites
Have any of you seen "Into The Night"? It feels like John Landis' preemptive doubling down of that which "After Hours" parodies.
It's definitely the best use of Western Airlines in a 1985 movie, handily defeating John Landis' "Into The Night".
If the gender is male the wife and I are using the name Max. I just think it's cool, plus John Landis and Mel Brooks dig it.
I don't want to talk to you if:. 1) you're interested in the daily lives of Kardashians. 2) you have no idea who John Landis is
Love it!! Trade ya: John Landis told me Frank called him at home and John's young daughter talked to Miss Piggy for an hour
This by Josh Landis is a tough read. . Long and complex, but this full of facts and links. Comments thread is...
I'd still like a doco on the never-made John Landis/Andy Kaufman film "The Tony Clifton Story". Also; Jerry Lewis' The Day The Clown Cried
Congratulations and good luck to UConn Redshirt Soph and 2012 Judge grad John Landis for qualifying for this...
You filmed that in Toronto, I met the entire cast, Christopher Lee and John Landis. That was done 20 years ago.
this saints sketch is funniest thing I've seen since John Landis. "Food zombies!"
Fear On Film: John Landis, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg talk on a Cable access show in the 80s.
I wonder when John Landis will release MJ's Thriller short film in 3D?! 💭💭
Check out this treat from the early 80s: *** Garris, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter & John Landis. ht…
Amazing show at last week. The quote, "See you next Wednesday" from "Thriller" and all John Landis flix!
The early 1980s Fear on Film - *** Garris talks to John Landis, David Cronenberg, and John Carpenter.
SpeedeNews TTAC At The Movies: “Slasher” - Movie director John Landis is probably best known for his 1978 comedy c...
See Coming To America tonight and check out our interview with John Landis at
As a person who identifies racially as Jewish, the fact that her father is film director John Landis.
Watching Burke & Hare & I hafta say John Landis would be perfect to finally realise Terry Pratchett's work on the big screen.
its also funny as *** in certain parts, John Landis.bless that man
We belatedly celebrate Orson Welles’ 100th birthday this week on TFH. Here’s John Landis on CITIZEN KANE!
Interview with 3 great horror directors in their absolute prime: John Landis, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg:
It sometimes makes me sad that John Landis is the one who directed AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.
In an alternate universe, John Landis' SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY and Steven Soderbergh's CLOWNS CAN'T SLEEP is the greatest double bill ever.
What happened to John Landis's career? He was still making good movies after that whole Vic Morrow debacle.
I was there last year and it was a big to do! Then John Landis came out! It was insanely cool!
John Landis' coke dealer in the late 70s/early 80s should've been given the Congressional Medal of Honor.
.with director John Landis and Mayweather and Buffett @ Las Vegas/Omaha
Peter Landis beats Dallastown's John Schmitt 6-3, 6-1 to advance to Monday's D-3 semifinals back at HRC. Wraps up Y-A singles season.
AAA quarters: of d. John Schmitt of 6-3, 6-1. Updated brackets:
vs today meeting. Produced by Genius Brands directed by John Landis!
Max Landis is still the worst mistake that John Landis ever made
Hollywood director John Landis made the Mayweather-Buffett video?
Movie Director John Landis is in the house!
But first, some callouts, starting with John Landis, who helped with the movie shown to shareholders.
Buffett just gave a big shout-out to John Landis for putting together Mayweather video. He touts Trading Places in particular. Awesome.
BTW, Buffett-Mayweather skit was directed by John Landis, director of “Coming to America,” “Trading Places” and other comedy classics
Buffett begins by thanking John Landis. He points to fact he made "Trading Places" -- clearly, one of Buffett's fave films.
Hollywood biggie John Landis directed the brilliant mock Buffett-Mayweather fight scene in the Berkshire movie.
I got to talk pro wrestling with John Landis 😍 (very briefly)
John Landis to resurrect Thriller in 3-D, maybe as a video game via
John Landis makes a great Max Landis impression. ("I don't care, uh")
Me with John and Deborah Landis, who directed this year's Berkshire movie.among 1 billion other things!
Speaking of AWWIL & Simon Pegg, has anyone seen Burke & Hare directed by John Landis?
First night in Omaha and I just had dinner with Susie Buffet and director John Landis...A photo would have been good!
Fascinating, invaluable interview with John Landis, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg on 'fear on film':
Here's a verse that can comfort you during finals week: John 11:35 Jesus Wept
The peaks and troughs of having a dad such as John Landis must have been mental. I'd read that book.
Oh yes. I went to Ray's house with John Landis. Met him a few times. Amazing man.
This film's producer once approached John Landis 2 direct it (who turned it down after reading the script) -
Why I love living in London:. You can drink in a pub called The Slaughtered Lamb that has a signed photo of John Landis on the wall.
Photoset: Transformation scene courtesy of Rick Baker in An American Werewolf in London | John Landis |...
John Landis. The Blues Brothers. Maybe not a great movie, but a cult movie, and to me, the no 1 feel
2 of many things I will remember from on the decline of celery-chopping jobs and John Landis's pickle-slicer joke
6/6/80 Movie ticket stub from test screening of THE Blues Brothers where and I got to meet John Landis.
John Landis directed. Did not know that
The ending to DON'T LOOK NOW was ruined for me by John Landis during a VH1 horror special years ago.
Patricia (right) and John Gross, along with Pat’s mother, Rose Landis, live together at Charlestown h…
John Landis, a wonderful director who did Animal House and Michael Jackson's Thriller.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Only-at-GC moment just watched this guy, legendary John Landis, tell hilarious movie-making stories
Late night at John Landis reminiscing about drag queens, gorillas, & Michael Jackson
ALSO! It's not just me banging on: there are interviews with 80s greats: Molly Ringwald, Matthew Broderick, John Landis, Ivan Reitman, etc
Rick Baker transforming Michael Jackson, holding a snake, into the WereCat for John Landis' THRILLER
the permits were for director John Landis, makeup artist Rick Baker, and actors David Naughton and Griffin Dunne.
John Landis was the state trooper driving the second car that chases the Bluesmobile through the shopping mall.
According to John Landis, John Belushi sprained his back falling down the stairs in the desk from the Penguin's office.
The 'woman on the cutting-room floor' (Shirley Levine) in the credits is 'John Landis'' mother.
It was intended to be a two-part film. John Landis spent three weeks paring the script down.
Cc: I remember John Landis saying today's horror movies were like shampoo commercials. Deliver Us is an exception.
I ship Michael and John Landis too lol!
Photo: John Landis, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi jamming with Ray Charles during a break on the set of The...
Wrestling Isn't Wrestling: A cool parody video about Triple H and wrestling as told by the son of …
Photo: John Landis, visiting Disney World with Michael, 1984.. After Thriller we went to Disney World and I...
Indeed. The blame mostly fell on John Landis who Speilberg severed ties with following the accident. It was a game changer.
Triple H slain at last by the son of John Landis Great parody!
Just watched Kentucky Fried Movie on one of the eleventy billion movie channels I get. Early John Landis effort. Hadn't seen it in years.
yet another reason to hate John Landis! 😒
One of the greatest comedies ever made, featuring a slew of amazing guests, THE Blues Brothers!
JOHN LANDIS ARTWORK ALERT: We have a WINNER! A beautiful soul has thrown us into the 19k mark snapping up this prize!
I watched the entire video hoping for something related to John Landis. Other than you.
What a great behind the scenes look at video for 'Black or White' directed by John Landis.
John Landis and Eddie Murphy on the set of 1998's "Coming to America."
Here is JOHN LANDIS with the signed artwork - one of which will be going to the backer who takes us to the 17k mark…
4 of 5 stars to Monsters in the Movies by John Landis
now if only John Landis likes (i always tell people it's perf marriage of AM WW & Bef Sunrise)
With director John Landis on the set of Oscar,
Head over to streaming, watch Landis present the trailer to Dawn of the Dead and do Squirm
You see this? John Landis's kid made it and its awesome. Wrestling Isn't Wrestling:
March 2006 Lisa Landis and her husband John came up to visit while I was living in NYC.
Ever wonder, “what if TFH Guru John Landis' THE Blues Brothers was a children's storybook?” Wonder no more:
god, I feel so old now that there are people who don't know who john landis is :|
Before long, people will ask if John Landis got his gig directing '¡Three Amigos!' because he's father.
A big ongoing problem with identifying me as John Landis' son is that a lot of people these days don't know who John Landis is. Why bother?
The person that gets us to £17K will WIN ARTWORK SIGNED BY JOHN LANDIS! Head to :
NEWSFLASH! The backer to take us to the 17k mark will get artwork signed by the one and only JOHN LANDIS!
son of John Landis. made Chronicle. big wrestling fan
Serkis. But John Landis directed it. Apparently it stinks.
Director John Landis includes the phrase 'See you next Wednesday' in most of his films. It was the title of a script he wrote as a teen.
Trailer Tuesday: SCHLOCK! (1973): SCHLOCK (1973) written and directed by John Landis. This is one ...
So my brain won. I'm out of bed and now watching Three Amigos. All cheer for John Landis please. An utter legend.
Maybe if you're good, I'll share with you the story of the time I saw John Landis on a bus!
I made a movie with Eddie Murphy..he starred.. I extra''ed.. Trading Places (true) .. and John Landis is a great guy too! ...
Anytime they drop a John Landis trailers from *** video ima watch it 8 times
they shouldn't have asked John Landis to film it
Remember when John Landis was the guy who directed and not the guy who cameoed in a
Wait a minute. the guy with the beard John Landis?!
John Landis and Tim Burton were extra puppeteers (Landis did Grover) at the end of The Muppet Movie. what
John Landis from Violet Tendencies stars in Saw films about an unmotivated Steel fixer named Heidie
There are no original ideas. It is never about the idea, it is about the execution of the idea. ~John Landis
I can't wait until John Landis releases Thriller in 3D!!! That's going to be another EPIC wave of…
Daily reminder that John landis is a murderer
Here's Landis's side of working with Murphy (among other things)
"John Landis has more of a chance of working with Vic Morrow again than me."
prolly something by Ed sheeran or John Mayer but idk
something by Ed sheran or john Mayer
I told my mom she was a fake John Mayer fan and she got mad at me😂 She was like "No I am not? I have his first two albums …
I can't be the only one who enjoys watching COPS can I? lol My dad John Smith watched EVERY episode I swear when...
John Landis introduces 2001: A Space Odyssey and talks a little bit about Kubrick and filmmaking at the BFI in Lond…
Re-watching The Stand yesterday reminded me of John Landis' small but undeniable part.
is a 1973 low-budget comedy horror film, written, directed by and starring filmmaker John Landis.
This is what you get, if you let John Landis introduce 2001, feel almost sorry for the interviewer
John Landis's SCHLOCK, with Landis & Rick Baker contributing to special features. This is my dream.
We're thrilled to bring in John Landis for a special presentation of The Blues Brothers at Did you...
John Landis to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to make-up legend at
John Landis, please make a prequel to about East Proctor. Much appreciated.
Coming to America had an all black cast, but Eddie Murphy played a white man and it was directed by John Landis. I know it sounds silly.
I just hope Brett Ratner goes the Martin Brest & Tony Scott route for the reboot and not John Landis as was embarrassing awful
Joe Dante and John Landis are set to appear in TALES OF HALLOWEEN from Neil Marshall, Darren Bousman, and more!
Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen want Roman Polanski back on the streets. Jewel, not so much... The two Oscar winners, along with Pedro Almodóvar, John Landis, Jonathan Demme, David Lynch and more than 100 filmmakers, actors and industry types, have signed a petition objecting to the fugitive director's arrest and demanding his release from a Swiss jail. Authorities in Zurich took the 76-year-old Polanski into custody Saturday at the behest of Los Angeles prosecutors, who want him brought to justice for a 1978 statutory rape conviction. The fact Polanski's been on the lam for drugging and then having sex with a 13-year-old girl didn't seem to faze his fellow filmmakers, who are peeved that the Academy Award winner behind Chinatown, Rosemary's Baby and The Pianist was picked up while he was on his way to accept a lifetime achievement award from the Zurich International Film Festival. "It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary filmm ...
Short Film: Jane LA. I really like this short, done by Max Landis, John Landis’ son. Jane, who’s maybe a little...
"Directed by John Landis". Now things make slightly more sense.
Q&A with director John Landis and a producer of Resident Evil at Halloween Horror Nights 23
I liked a video from John Landis on FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE
John Landis directs a group of children in The Blues Brothers, 1980.
Remember when things seem bleak, like you're spiraling, it could be worse. You could be acting in a John Landis film with a helicopter stunt
A6) Let's reboot the series. Directed by John Landis, starring Anton Yelchin, Miles Teller and a load of krites
Watching the great Monster By Moonlight DVD doc for Wolf Man movies hosted by the Gr8 John Landis. Awo
schtick of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, director John Landis seemingly threw every harebrained stunt he could imagine--and millions of
John Landis has made more great, re-watchable movies than Martin Scorsese.
Grupo de fotografias: moonbeam-levels: what happens when you back sass john landis? 
Director in over 5 hour interview for visual history w/
"Footnotes on the SSNP—Comments from Nouhad Samaan, Head of SSNP in Homs," by John Eibner
Who wants to play John Landis or Gerry Adams.
Guest curator John Landis contributed more than just An American Werewolf in London display
John Landis is reviving Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video as a 3-D release.
"Not only n horror but across the board - the studios basically only make B pictures with A budgets." - John Landis
John landis is making Thriller into a 3D blu ray. So rad, you guys. Can't wait to get it
As a John Landis fan, I never got around to seeing The Stupids.
Trading Places, excellent film and story! One of John Landis best!
34 years ago today, traded Doyle Alexander to the for John Montefusco and Craig Landis. Braves lost this trade.
Secret Service agent, Paul Landis, lifts John F. Kennedy, Jr., into the air on the South Lawn of the White House,...
That John Landis font, is that Barkerville, Times Roman, or something custom?
omg yes.he's saying to john landis "you so dirty". While filming the panther dance!? Michael plz.
There is a movie on TV from John Landis!!! And one of the guys in it looks like but 20y older 😳👏
wanted to meet John Landis today for dinner. He couldn't make it this week and said "Can we rearrange? See you next Wednesday?"
I always thought John Landis went from brilliant to awful very abruptly
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