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John Lackey

John Derran Lackey (born October 23, 1978) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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John Lackey On Fire 🔥gives a great performance on point with 5 Wins and bringing the Good Stuff ⚡🌟💙
So who wants to talk about how well John Lackey has pitched lately?
John Lackey hitting is amusing, he swings it like he has a battle axe going at a redwood
How did John Lackey get to Omaha so fast?
Since July 1st the are 6-0 in games started by John Lackey. In comparison they are 14-14 in games started by everybody…
John Lackey on his outing in Cubs 8-3 win over Diamondbacks
The Cubs beat the Diamondbacks 8-3 as John Lackey is 5-0 since the all star break. He gave up two home runs but... https:/…
John Lackey is actually a convict that escaped from prison named Haywire. He shouldn't be allowed to pitch any longer
John Lackey on his outing in Cubs' 8-3 win over Diamondbacks
Cubs' John Lackey wins fifth straight, frustrated by s..
Cubs' John Lackey wins fifth straight, frustrated by sh..
D-backs can't solve Lackey, lose for 5th time in 6 games PHOENIX — John Lackey won his fifth stra...…
No Willson, No Problem! win as Schwarber and Avila homers back another decent start by John Lackey. Record is…
Lackey wins 5th straight, Cubs beat Diamondbacks 8-3 - John Lackey won his fifth straight and the Chicago Cubs ...
Heath Hembree - if John Lackey and Kenny Powers had a kid.
Hawk is about to meet John Lackey in the parking lot
Kenta Maeda and John Lackey posted very similar stats today, except for, ya know, the hit batters and wild pitches.
Sit down, Joe Maddon. John Lackey hit FOUR guys. You have no right to argue.
John Lackey hit four batters and fought a teammate in the dugout. He still understands the objective of baseball, yes?
came in and preserved a win for John Lackey as he struck out 2 of 3 batters to get out of a jam in 6th…
I disagree with much of what John McCain says, however in the midst of all his problems, he returned to DC & casted the rig…
Just heard the Hawk Harrelson meltdown from today on John Lackey. Lolololololol.
Endearing? John Lackey? Endearing? Those two really don't belong in the same sentence.
The Hawk talking about how John Lackey should be hit. How professional. Stay classy, White Sox. 👏🏼
I thought he was gonna go down and kill John Lackey lmao
SCENARIO: John Lackey will be DFA'd, but you have to be the one to break the news to him. How do you do it?
John Lackey is a pretty horrid way to represent and organization if we're being honest about it.
Only when it's John Lackey. That Cardinals spy tried to sabotage Game 4.
John Lackey filed for divorce while his wife underwent cancer treatments. But, you do you, Julie.
I respect you a ton. I do not respect John Lackey's tough guy antics. Not since he was with the Angels.
Royals make it seven straight - John Lackey (7-9) became the first major leaguer to hit four batters in two yea...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guy left his wife who had cancer. John Lackey: Great guy.
John Lackey eats children and leaves his wife after her cancer diagnosis. My goodness.
Columnist doesn't believe John Lackey threw at Sox batters — he can barely hit the catcher's mitt…
Did John Lackey and Anthony Rizzo confront eachother in dugout?
Good news: Heading to Miller Park to see the & on Sunday! Bad news: It's Zack Davies (blanked the Nats) vs. John Lackey. :(
| John Lackey is sticking in Cubs' rotation… | ♥ Fantasy Sport…
How in the world did John Lackey hit 4 batters and not get ejected??? 3 were in one inning!
When you're not the biggest John Lackey fan but then you see how mad he makes White Sox fans.
Is it just me, or does Lackey sound like a less-hoarse version of John Fox?
I feel like John Lackey doesn't vaccinate his kids
John Lackey and his horse teeth needs to go to ***
A new game: Did John Lackey hit you on purpose?
Once an ace, John Lackey is now a 5th starter -- worst job on the roster. He won today but it was complicated.
John Lackey on hitting four White Sox batters: I wasnt trying to hit anyone
I'm starting to love John Lackey, in part because of how mad he makes Sox fans.
The Chicago White Sox are incredibly dumb if they think John Lackey was throwing at them. He's just old and should be DF…
John Lackey is first pitcher to hit four batters in a game since 1957.
Wasn't watching at the time. Anyone else hear of/see this?
Source tells me John Lackey is here specifically for a haircut and a haircut alone. Definitely not here to pitch well.
Just in case no one sent this reminder out today. Pitcher John Lackey Divorcing Wife Battling Cancer, | Fox News
John Lackey is sticking in Cubs' rotation -- despite the four hit batters via App
The Hawk making a pretty bold statement about John Lackey. Horrible way to represent your organization.
John Lackey strands the bases loaded in the top of the 5th.
Just another Cubs-Sox game as Anthony Rizzo, John Lackey jaw in dugout via
Didn't get a sense think John Lackey was intentionally hitting them. But, as one player said "four times is four ti…
John Lackey wasn't trying to hit anything other than the catcher's mitt
The good news is that the Cubs face James Shields, the White Sox version of John Lackey, tomorrow.
Joe Maddon says the aren’t discussing the idea of moving John Lackey to the bullpen: “We’re not there yet.”
Can't believe John lackey on this list mind blown
It makes me so happy to see John Lackey on this list.
For the record I'm sad that John lackey is pitching
Lackey had one start to prove he belongs IMHO.  If not and relief is unacceptable (also proving he's not a team...
That's only in his last outing. He looked pretty good both starts before that.
It was like facing John Lackey three days in a row
John Lackey: Expected to stick in rotation -
For your troubles, I'll trade you a John Lackey
I pitched one online with john lackey too! It may be his year for one unbelievable game 😂😂
Q looked so comfortable out there today like he has been with the Cubs all season. John Lacking Lackey should be concerned
If I was John Lackey I might be a little nervous about my spot in the starting rotation.
csnchicago​.com >> Will John Lackey be pitching for his job in new-look Cubs rotation?
Exactly. Carl Crawford, John Lackey, Pablo Sandoval, David Price. I'm not a genius but I could see that those were bad signings.
That means 2 of Eddie Butler, John Lackey, Mike Montgomery, or Brett Anderson will be in the rotatio…
John Lackey knows how to pitch and has had a lot of success in the majors. Eddie Butler's career is a dumpster fire.
John Lackey gets the start this afternoon... he still leads majors in HR allowed (24). Odds are that number will be 26 after today.
John Lackey to Draymond Green to Rick Renteria: A week of curious behavior.
Update your maps at Navteq
With home runs flying, John Lackey on pace to make the wrong kind of history -
John Lackey has become the face of Cubs' frustration, writes
John Lackey has become face of Cubs' frustration
As rotation goes, they go: Struggling starters are the biggest factor in lukewarm record, by
my Buster Posey and John Lackey for his Roberto Osuna and Chris Owings? 10 team 5x5 category league
John Lackey is on pace to give up 49 HRs this season in 33 starts (193.1 IP).
Taking John Lackey's place in the rotation.
But John Lackey will be remembered as one of the pictures who helped end a 108 year World Series drought
It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. "The need to address John Lackey in the rotation, he's just not getting the job done."
So when I wrote this 80 weeks ago I said Cubs should sign John Lackey for at least a 1-year deal.
Cubs starter John Lackey on loss to the Mets: "It's on me" via
Great news for John lackey this morning after post-game precautionary medical exam.
Cubs are on the verge of releasing John Lackey and eating his remaining contract. He's a terrible pitcher and a cancer on this team.
Please, Theo, don't make us watch John Lackey anymore
As a Cubs fan, I'm done with John Lackey and I needed to write about it.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
How long till we give the boot to John Lackey?
Honestly curious. Is there a person out there who likes John Lackey?
Please, Theo Epstein, don't make me watch John Lackey pitch again. RosenBlog:
.starts now. The NBA season is over, Spiegs lost a bet, and John Lackey is my least favorite Cub.
Mets hit 3 homers off John Lackey as Cubs' starting pitching woes continue via
Mets hit 3 homers off John Lackey as Cubs’ starting woes continue
.loves listening to John Lackey talk. But don't make him watch Lackey pitch again, Theo Epstein
This team has gone in eight months from World Series winners to absolutely unwatchable. John Lackey = batting practice pit…
John Lackey, (NL25 Game Score vs NYM (3-9-1). Lackey now owns the most GmSc losses in the NL.
Right but only if you don't ask John Lackey
Per have trailed in 50 of their 63 games this year.
Kyle Schwarber pitch hit for John Lackey. Lackey has a higher batting average than Schwarber by 25 points.
John Lackey's too old to pitch, his fiercest fans are people just dont hate him and they kinda agree
them: 911 what is your emergency?. me: John Lackey is pitching. them: SAY NO MORE
Here is my opinion on the Cubs' draft picks:. Get John Lackey off of my team.
According to Elias Sports the Cubs have now trailed first in a record 35 straight John Lackey starts. (I made this up b…
Hembree looks like a mix between John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Jason Varitek. Like it's insane.
Dexter Fowler just crushed John Lackey's pitch out of Cook County.
Cardinals Video: Dexter Fowler takes John Lackey deep for solo homer in first at-bat in return to Wrigley Field (E…
Dexter Fowler homered off of John Lackey and the Cubs still won and this really is the best possible outcome.
Dexter Fowler dingers off of John Lackey on the second pitch of the game. I love it.
John Lackey is starting to become the real life Chet Steadman only more surly.
Lackey dominates, defense lets down in Game 2
John Lackey accomplishes rare feat at Coors Field
MLB Capsules: John Lackey fans 10 as Chicago Cubs get doublheader split with Colorado Rockies - The……
Coors Field no house of horrors for Lackey
Rip my perfect with John Lackey in the 8th inning
John Lackey dominant as Cubs bounce back for blowout win in Game 2 vs. Rockies -
Watch Joe Maddon talk about pitcher John Lackey's performance in the Cubs 8-1 win over...
I have 10 strikeouts with John Lackey through 4 innings 😂
John Lackey just hammered a standup double into the left field corner, tying Pablo Sandoval in doubles this season with…
John Lackey, the losing streak stopper
Lackey locks down Rockies at Coors: John Lackey allowed four hits over seven scoreless…
Freeland has pitched very well since that awful second inning. But Rox bats are silent against Handsome John Lackey
John Lackey, not the stopper we deserved, but the stopper we needed.
I cannot get over of the greatest starts ever in Coors Field was by 40-year old John Lackey! LMAO
John Lackey is the oldest Cubs starting pitcher since 1893 to throw 7 scoreless innings with at least 10 strikeouts. . (…
John Lackey got a hit tonight. It makes you think...
A reporter asked John Lackey about his hitting prowess after he singled home a run with the bases loaded on...
I'm reading that John Lackey quote in my head about Lester owing him money in his voice and it's really funny
Cubs' John Lackey earns a win and save via
get back on track behind Lackey's 10-K outing. Recap:
John Lackey treats himself to a 1-0 lead with an RBI single in the 2nd!
Cubs' John Lackey earns a win and save
John Lackey comes up big for with 10 Ks over 7 scoreless to cool red-hot Rox.
Jake Arrieta pitched really bad and John Lackey is pitching...good. Am I alternate universe or something?
Maikel Franco takes John Lackey deep on the first pitch of the fourth inning and this game is tied, 2-2.
Maikel Franco just hit a HOME RUN off John Lackey!.
John Lackey strikes out Maikel Franco swinging stranding Oduber Herrera on 2nd to end the top of the 1st with no score
Jackie Bradley Jr. grounds out, first baseman Anthony Rizzo to pitcher John Lackey.
Marty Brennaman: "Bronso Arroyo will face John Lackey in a battle of...(LONG PAUSE)...veterans." You know he almost said "old farts."
I was thinking Lester too but it could be our old friend John Lackey.
My sis was at the bar with John Lackey and Jon Lester the other night and my cousins gf met Lip Gallagher ... ya ok get me out of Iowa
Was in the same bar as John Lester and John Lackey last night! They waved at me through the window when we left 💙❤️
I am standing an arms length away from Jon Lester and John Lackey at the bar and this is the best night of my whole life
[Chicago Tribune] - Cubs pitcher John Lackey on the World Series rings and ceremony
John Lackey got his jewelry, but he’s not going anywhere…yet. on the rings, David Ross and more: https…
Well-earned W for big John Lackey, who shrugged off Ben Zobrist's defensive incompetence.
Jon Lester and John Lackey play catch at spring training via
Hard to find two nicer guys than John Lackey and Jon Lester. The Chicago Cubs nation is being represented well.
John Lackey put on the "big boy'' traveling pants today. He and Jon Lester played tournament golf in Orlando, yet made it to Cub Convention.
opening ceremonies finally getting started. Delay waiting on Jon Lester & John Lackey to arrive from golf tourney in Orlando
Cubs fans! Jon Lester & John Lackey added to the Diamond Resorts Invitational! Use code FLLEAGUE for 30% off!…
love to remeber famous young Cubs Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist, and John Lackey.
That's a very elementary way of looking at it. Did Brayan Pena replace John Lackey?
This photo printed on aluminum will look abslutely stunning on any warbird enthusiast's wall!...
I thought this was John Lackey at first
I got called a neoliberal lackey when I noted I put no credence in Cornel West since he attacked John Lewis & Obama.
Ed Orgeron's has a weird voices sounds like a mix of John Lackey and an alligator
Nothing says Christmas more than a smiling, sweaty John Lackey.
Can i be reincarnated as chrissy and john's daughter please
Happy birthday love ya have a great day 💙
At we have hundreds of photos for sale that make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts!...
NLDS, game 4. John Lackey wasn't on his game and I started having flashbacks to the 2015 series vs the Mets.
John Lackey and me at the 50th anniversary of the great program. John was instrumental! $100m yr -…
I've never seen John Lackey and Silas Weir Mitchell in the same picture. How about you ?
Good work. John Lackey never leaves evidence either.
we got a Grade A John Lackey on our hands
John Lackey is at the Cowboys game 👀👀👀👀
I think I love John Lackey even more now
So grateful my boys from 2013 who were part of breaking 108 year curse John Lackey! Thankful for the amazing fun ride!
I share a birthday with John Lackey, if it can be confirmed he was born and not spawned out of the depths of ***
$15,689 and 6 days to go! Let's get behind this project and get it funded! Visit
This thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the feral cats and John Lackey that are keeping the rat population in check.
Who can eat more during Thanksgiving? Kevin Millar or John Lackey?
Who eats more on Thanksgiving: You, Chris Rose, Sean Casey, John Lackey, or sneaky eater Paul Severino?
Let's see what John Lackey thinks about the Golden Knights
The fb realtor ad trying to sell me John Lackey Ft.Worth home.My budget currently consist of buying a frozen turkey.No 2mill homes right now
just shouted out your incredible John Lackey photoshop work on WGN
Hugs and a haircut for John Lackey.
You know how special this Cubs team was? They make me like John Lackey. JOHN LACKEY.
Prediction: Trump will be fought by every tactic of Dems still taking orders from Soros & Lackey Obama! He'll still win!…
You'd think there would be a line out the hangar door if you had an opening for volunteers to fly a TBM, right?...
Now that he got the jewelry, wonder if John Lackey ever got that haircut.
If there is ever a story about John Lackey acting really weird the headline should be "John Wacky"
Cubs juggle rotation in advance of John Lackey's possible return...
free-agent spending $272 million last winter Jason Heyward Ben Zobrist & John Lackey means they wont be spending much this off-season
now they have to deal with the curse that John lackey put on them when he left.
Chet Steadman on Rookie of the Year is actually John Lackey
he just gotta do what John lackey did man. That's all.
The landscape company for my neighborhood is here doing the final leaf pickup of the year. They have a huge pile...
If Jason Heyward saves just one drifter from being maniacally devoured by John Lackey, isn't $184M worth it?
Don't miss John Lackey's "Neuroseason" City Gallery is a featured location for Gallery Hop on Fri…
John Lackey looks like he's just got off the phone with the mechanic, and his truck's not gonna be ready until Wednesd…
John Lackey, stop breathing through your mouth you're making everyone feel weird!   10% Off
John Lackey wins unlikable face hands down. I'm all in with his mug.
Tonight is the final of the season! Stop in to see their latest exhibit featuring Lexington's o…
John Lackey falls by about 100 votes to Samantha Burford in Madison County School Board race.
They bought a championship! John Lackey, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, no way the Reds can afford ALL of them!
John Lackey is the 4th pitcher in history to win w/ 3 franchises. He joins Bullet Joe Bush; Jack Morris; & Dave Stewart.
It was on to St. Louis. We were nervous after John Lackey out pitched Jon Lester in Game One. Wow, I ate a lot of n…
All this World Series did for me was make me miss Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller,John Lackey, Mike Napoli
Congrats to Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & John Lackey on winning the with the
Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jake Arrieta, and Aroldis Chapman will all be available tonight.
I think it's time for Jon Lester & John Lackey to bring back the chicken and beer days, to get these bats going. Bill Murray can serve them.
I only know that Jon Lester and John Lackey are different people since I realized Lackey looks like Phil Mickelson
John Lackey looks like the neighbor who borrowed your leaf blower three months ago and never returned it.
Anyone besides me who mixes up John Lackey and Jon Lester?
John Lackey and Kris Bryant picked a bad year to dress up as infielding Jon Lester for Halloween.
I legit forgot John Lackey and Jon Lester weren't the same person before seeing Lackey tonight.
Hamilton Collection
Great game. And in Game 4, John Lackey Vs. Corey Kluber, with Kluber on 3 days rest.
What's the deal with John Lackey's teeth? Eerily white...
Game three take away: John Lackey really white teeth
Has John Lackey ever closed his mouth?
John Lackey looks he is always in rush hour traffic
John Lackey looks like he gives really toothy ***
John Lackey always has the same expression on his face as the kid that Helga punched in the face all the time on Hey Arnold
Rooting for the Cubs here, because I like it when the Series is tied and I won't be able to root for John Lackey tomorrow.
Serious question: can John Lackey close his mouth all the way?
John Lackey's face makes it easier to root against the Cubs. Look at him often.
Does John Lackey ever close his mouth? (No)
John Lackey looks like he has fake teeth
John Lackey has the most perfect set of teeth I've ever seen *** tho
John Lackey has the fakest teeth I've ever seen lmao
LMAO You have a washed up John Lackey trying to keep your hopes alive tomorrow man
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Jesus I have to root for John Lackey tomorrow?? Sorry Cubs this may not be your year
Tomorrow night the will face a must win against Corey Kluber. John Lackey has yet to win this and has a 5.63 ERA
Remember when they played Kluber and could barely even foul pitches off? Well that's who's facing John Lackey tomo…
Hey guys, Corey Kluber is throwing against John Lackey tomorrow. Digest that.
Ummm this is John Lackey in like 10 years.
John Lackey's teeth are so white they're yelling at Pedro Strop to fix his hat.
they just showed John lackey's teeth for 3 seconds and I am now legally blind.
John Lackey is like 'you think I'm only a mouth breather when I am pitching? Think again'
Is John Lackey the baseball version of Gary Busey?
John lackey looks like the airplane pilot in the movie The Rundown😂😂
John Lackey could easily be a good Buzz Lightyear for Halloween
Does John Lackey have more teeth than most people?
I've said this before but John lackey's horse teeth has gotta go
I really thought he was gonna make a John Lackey reference
John Lackey vs. Corey Kluber tomorrow, though, so everything should turn out fine!
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Talked to about 10 "Cubs fans" on campus this week and none of them have ever heard of John Lackey 🙄😂
4 starter Lackey used to postseason pressure
you might be prettier than John Lackey, but that's it bro
Game 4 starter Lackey used to postseason pressure
Breaking: Cubs scratch John Lackey from Game 4 start, Joe Maddon to give the ball to Mr. T.
14 years ago yesterday Game 4 probable starter John Lackey was the winning pitcher in the Angels game 7 win vs. Giants
John Lackey, Jon Lester, and David Ross won the 2013 with the Red Sox along with Mike Napoli.
David Ross was drafted by Dodgers and played for Yakima in 1998, John Lackey played for Boise in 1999 as an Angel.
Lot of Red Sox connections in this matchup. Jon Lester, John Lackey, and David Ross played with Mike Napoli on 2013 WS title team
Why does John Lackey's teeth look like white chiclets???
John Lackey has made more career starts (21) than has had birthdays (20 years, 68 days). htt…
And we have a veteran pitching tomorrow who's been in this situation many times. It'll be John Lackey's 22nd career postseason start.
Really? With John Lackey? And an offense that scored as many runs as you and I did in two games? I'll take your odds.
John lackey going for the Cubs tomorrow geez if be nervous if this was 12 years ago 😂
Nah. We're relying on John Lackey and a non-existent offense to bail us out.
The cubs are 1-6 in the last 2 years in the NLCS. Tomorrow the weight of an entire fan base rests on the shoulders of. John Lackey.
ossible, right?! But no a 2-1 deficit with John Lackey on the mound, that'll totally work out fine, everything's fine EVERYTHING IS FINE
Have no fear, John Lackey will even it up tomorrow.
Be a big boy tomorrow, John Lackey. You didn't come here for a haircut after all.
Dodgers win 6-0. Please join us tomorrow night at 7:08 CT for Game 4. John Lackey will start vs Julio Urias
37-year-old John Lackey should out-pitch 20-year-old Julio Urias tomorrow. But I thought the Cubs had the edge tonight, too
2-1 Cubs got John lackey throwing tomorrow LMFAO he's gonna get ROCKED
Remembering that time John Lackey surprised everyone on trivia night. We want the ___. Give up the ___. We need the _…
Why does John Lackey look like the mentally unstable guy from prison break?
John lackey is the guy who can turn a series around. Just saying
John Lackey feels like a guaranteed loss and going against Clayton Kershaw again feels like a guaranteed loss.
After all of this, it's on John Lackey. Here we go
tomorrow is a must win for the We got "BIG BOY GAMES" John Lackey going!! We are screwed!!
Hopefully lackey comes to pitch tomorrow
*recalls getting shut out by John Lackey in game 1 of the 2015 NLDS*. Ahhh we'll be ok.
Awful feeling to be relying on John Lackey to save our bacon in MUST WIN game.What a nightmare this has become! Next year is our year!
We have the playoff horse John Lackey going tomorrow and then Lester the molester game five. No sweat!
Strangely I have a good feeling about John Lackey tomorrow night. And I feel like our bats will wake up. Call me crazy, but we will win gm4
Lackey's pedigree meets Urias' promise in Game 4
If you recall the '98 you'll know exactly what I mean when I say John Lackey needs to have an El Duque night tomorrow.
John Lackey is going to have to be the stopper for the Cubs tomorrow 😂
When you remember John Lackey is pitching tomorrow and most likely Kershaw Game 5
When you're staring down the barrel of a 2-1 deficit and somehow JOHN LACKEY is your Game 4 starter.
at least we have John Lackey going tomorrow! . .
honestly I don't feel too bad. Get to turn it around tomorrow with Lackey. Bats can't and won't stay silent all Series.
It's up to John Lackey to keep us alive tomorrow. Just the guy we need tossing the ball.
This series rests on the shoulders of John Lackey. Nothing would make me happier than a full meltdown tomorrow. More likely he throws a gem.
Kenley Jansen. Game over. See you tomorrow night John Lackey.
John Lackey wears it better, for sure.
N they have John lackey going tomorrow lol what is this 2011...they could be down 3-1 quiiick. What arre they doing
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John Lackey pitching tomorrow & Angel Hernandez will be the HP umpire. That has the potential to be very entertaining.
I mean, John Lackey is older. He's also p good.
Former RHP John Lackey will call on his extensive postseason experience for the Cubs tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a must win game. Kershaw Thursday is deadly even with Lester going as well. John Lackey should go home now and get some sleep.
I said imagine the thought of John Lackey having to save you from being down 3-1. Lackey goes in Game 4.
Old hand Lackey vs. young gun Urias in Game 4 of NLCS: Nearing his 38th birthday, John Lackey starts Game 4 of the…
No offense (literally) but I don't like our chances tomorrow with Lackey
in deep trouble if they don't rally tonight. Imagine the thought of John Lackey saving you from down 3-1?!?!
Don't know why Cubs fans are so stressed when John Leviticus Lackey is starting tomorrow for the auto-win.
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