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John Lackey

John Derran Lackey (born October 23, 1978) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Knew John Lackey was a positive influence in the clubhouse.
You'll never know unless you ask - any chance a buddy & I can join you in John Lackey's suite for the…
I’m really not looking fastball down the stairs screaming “JOHN LACKEY, BABY!
Upside: With Conyers out, Putin has one less Kremlin lackey in Congress. Let's keep it up.
Do you think the Nats will look at Lance Lynn, Jaime Garcia, or John Lackey for depth/fifth starter?
Justin Turner's walkoff homerun off John Lackey is even better with Titanic Music 😂😂😂
On the Decision to Reserve Wade Davis and Instead Roll with John Lackey in the 9th Inning https…
Non-zero chance that’s the last pitch John Lackey will ever throw.
Demoted starter John Lackey blows it for Cubs’ bullpen
Maddon: playoff game tied in the ninth, we should try to win. Also Maddon: John Lackey can get us to extras
Couple thoughts on the days events. 1. You don't bring John Lackey in like that, Theo needs to hire a in game manager cuz Joe is drunk
FLASHBACK: John Lackey gives up a 2-run home run to Paul Konerko in Game 3 of the 2005 ALCS.
When John Lackey throws you a fastball DIRECTLY down the middle of the plate
Seriously. John Lackey pitched today in a tie game in the NLCS
That ball left the ballpark quicker than John Lackey leaving a wife with cancer.
In Joe Maddon's defense, John Lackey only gave up 36 home runs during the regular season.
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Justin Turner hit a Walkoff 3 run dinger off John Lackey and defeat the Cubs 4-1 😳🔥.
Yeah I wouldn’t wanna be within 50 feet of John Lackey right now
Why would you EVER pitch John Lackey in that situation? Did you learn nothing from the AL Wild Card last year?
Last time John Lackey pitched two games in a row he did it as teammates with Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg.
Playing the role of Ubaldo Jiminez will be John Lackey.
John Lackey is a wild pitch machine. Yasiel Puig is crazy (and locked in) af.
manager Joe Maddon said the team is leaning toward starting either Jose Quintana or John Lackey in Game 1 of the NLCS.
Jose Quintana of John Lackey? Cubs still weighing Game 1 options via
While it's Jose Quintana or John Lackey for Game 1 of the NLCS, may be in line to start Jon Lester in Game 2.
Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, still mum on tomorrow's game one starter. Did say that John Lackey and Jose Quintana are the front-runners.
Either Jose Quintana or John Lackey will start NLCS Game 1 for the but Joe Maddon doesn't have a choice yet.
Not long enough to have determined a Game 1 starter. Jose Quintana and John Lackey “are primarily in the running.”
Jose Quintana and John Lackey are candidates to start NLCS Game 1 on Saturday .
Cubs release NLDS roster and yes, John Lackey is on it along with anothe..
John Lackey makes the postseason roster. The biggest surprise is Hector Rondon is out and Justin Wilson is in.
Cub roster- It was Justin Wilson and John Lackey over Hector Rondon. Avila over Rivera difficult decision.
JUST IN: John Lackey in bullpen, Hector Rondon out as Cubs set playoff roster h…
Cubs: John Lackey, Justin Wilson make NLDS roster, Hector Rondon left off for total of 11 pitchers (ESPN)
bs NLDS roster is set. 11 pitchers including John Lackey. Rondon, Grimm out. Leonys Martin on.
include John Lackey, Leonys Martin on NLDS roster and leave Hector Rondon off of it
I wish someone would have told this to John Lackey before the year started
2015 for cards is in relief John Lackey
Another fun one. John Lackey looks like the actor Silas Weir Mitchell
Cubs rotation set, but they hold off announcing plans for John Lackey
John Lackey in pen? Max Scherzer in doubt? Playoff pitching questions persist via
It's kind of like John Lackey is every team's starter.
John Lackey coming full circle with his relief role in post season plans. 1/
It did surprise me into making a noise of alarm, much like John Lackey does to his victims.
The John Lackey of the insect world.
John Lackey is an angry elf right now
My WCW is the talented and gorgeous even if she loves John Lackey
Get you a woman that is as devoted to you as Hus is with John Lackey.
Find someone who defends you the way Husnaa defends John Lackey.
Just a reminder that I love John Lackey.
TBS is going to need to have a camera on John Lackey whenever a Cubs starting pitcher struggles during the NLDS.
Two years ago John Lackey started G1 of the NLDS and shutdown the Cubs. The Cards have 0 postseason wins since.
Anyone playing the Cubs. Bryce Harper is the league's 2nd biggest tool behind Joh…
Hendricks, Lester, Q, and Jake The Snake. John Lackey better be a long reliever, but whatever you do WALK DANIEL MURPHY.
Unfortunately, I don't see a role for John Lackey this postseason other than long reliever
There's a small part of me that hopes John Lackey and Edwin Jackson face off in a winner take all game 5.
I could see John Lackey starting or relieving, he had a GREAT 2nd half of the season. Chris Bosio
This is what America is all about. 🇺🇸
This secretly obtained footage shows people, TOP PEOPLE, getting John Lackey ready to dance with the Cubs bullpen during t…
would send his pitching coach out to remove John Lackey from the game.
Aaron Judge really needs to get an appointment with John Lackey's tooth guy
How plan to rebuild after a season that had fans looking like John Lackey Via
welcome! A hot dog is not a sandwich and doesn’t have ketchup on it, and don’t feed John Lackey after midnight
John lackey was 23 when he lead the angels in 2002...whats your point??
CC can have all the wins he wants, he's not Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay. In fact he's not even Josh Beckett, Jon Lester or John Lackey.
Guess the wanted John Lackey to start the AL wild card game tonight.
BREAKING! More John Lackey bullpen dancing footage was just discovered from Sunday's game
If it's a close game and Chicago Cubs pitcher John Lackey thinks he still has enough to win it, he'll let the...
ICYMI: If this is Lackey's last season, want him to get one more piece of jewelry via .R.O. Sala...
Any team that John Lackey plays for is hateable.
I'd say your fav is problematic but you're already John Lackey's number one fan.
EXCLUSIVE! I have obtained video of John Lackey dancing in the bullpen following Albert Almora's home run in the 9th
John Lackey flips out on umpire, gets tossed along with catcher Wilson Contreras ?
I don't believe it. If Jake is at the end of the playoff rotation, then we'll know he…
"I'm always one more out closer to the beer." - John Lackey
John Lackey pitches to division title, and toasted by Jon Lester, as they prepare for final rodeo together.
Last one: John Lackey 30th start tonight. 9th time he's reached 30. Durability in our game way underrated. Dude has been inc…
If history has taught us anything, it's that John Lackey is going to hit a home run off Andrew Miller in game 7 of the…
Congrats to the cubs,especially John Lackey,on his possible last regular season game. Always love watching…
Here is Jon Lester toasting John Lackey during the celebration:
Jon Lester hints that John Lackey will retire after season
Jon Lester gave speech for John Lackey, who may have pitched last regular-season game of career: "He didn't come here for a…
Jon Lester on Cubs' 2nd half turnaround, John Lackey
John Lackey with the greatest interview of all time. 😂
This looks like an old, aging Almora clinging to the end of his career but its somehow really a you…
Jon Lester has spent nearly seven years with John Lackey, says he's one of the greatest teammates he's ever had, winning…
The give John Lackey emotional sendoff as if he's retiring after season. Lackey declined to address
Cubs clinch NL Central for 2nd year in a row - Addison Russell hit a three-run homer and John Lackey pitched six ...
On a scale of 1 to John Lackey. How drunk are you getting tonight?
JOHN LACKEY DIDN'T COME HERE FOR A HAIRCUT. He came for a big bottle of Crown Royal.
And 3. Team suggestions for to cover, which currently include John Lackey, MLB um…
If that was his final career start, John Lackey made sure it was a beauty, writes
John Lackey preps for potential final ride with gem in Cubs clincher
Jon Lester honoring John Lackey and dropping an F Bomb 😂😂😂.
"As a teammate, as a man, he’s family to me. You don’t have many guys like that in this game.". - Jon Lester on…
John Lackey is the toast of the locker room!
John Lackey and Jon Lester need to return to form in order for the to repeat. However, I think age…
Hey Found an old pic of John Lackey in his pre-hobo eating days pretending to be Jim Deshaies
Here is how pitcher John Lackey got ejected.
John Lackey just lost his mind after being denied a strike three call and then surrendering a RBI single to Cardinals P Carlos…
Cubs bullpen excels after John Lackey ejection in 8-2 victory over Cardinals, by
[Chicago Tribune] - Kris Bryant on ejections of Willson Contreras, John Lackey: 'It ultimately helped us'
Good Lord! Even I can see pitch was a strike and I'm half blind. Stevie Wonder agreed with me. John Lackey.
Horrible call by the ump leads to a John Lackey ejection after next pitch is an RBI (via r/baseball)
Cubs bullpen excels after John Lackey ejection in victory over Cardinals
"He threw me out of the game because he knew messed up.". - John Lackey on the umpire
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All *** breaking loose on HP ump Jordan Baker as Willson Contreras and John Lackey have been kicked out
Who didn't see a hit from Carlos Martinez coming on that next pitch... and that John Lackey would lose it?
Is there a Professional athlete that has a bigger case of the red *** more than John Lackey?
LOL John Lackey and this argument. It was a strike, but come on you gave up a hit to the pitcher
John Lackey is the worst. Philip Rivers of baseball.
Pitch No. 5 is the pitch, called a ball by the umpire, that caused John Lackey to absolutely lose his mind.
God bless red *** John Lackey and god bless Wrigley Field on a warm Friday afternoon. (🔓 for an hour).
After reviewing the John Lackey meltdown, it's obvious should not have been ejected from the ballgame.
John Lackey has been ejected from today's game. Willson Contreras has been ejected from today's game.
Lackey, Contreras ejected after disputed call
Column: Cubs survive immature outburst from John Lackey — again via
John Lackey has priceless comment about his ejection
My Friday night: looking for angry John Lackey and Willson Contreras pictures.
Did John Lackey have any regrets in getting ejected in eventual crucial win? . Umm, no...…
John Lackey thought he had strike 3, but didn't get the call and he got really upset 😳.
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John Lackey is definitely eating more than 4.2 Children right now.
We've all been John Lackey and we've all been the ump.
Pitch 5 was called a ball. Pitch 6 was lined for an RBI single. John Lackey and Willson Contreras just unleashed on the home…
Loved John Lackey's outburst against that ump earlier today, but I wish he'd run to first as fast as he did to contest the call...
I've seen John Lackey act worse over less.much ado about nothing if you ask me.
Cubs pitcher John Lackey discusses his ejection in the 8-2 win over the Cardinals. . More: https:/…
Say what you will, John Lackey tirade might have been 'spark' Cubs needed
John Lackey on getting kicked out: "He missed the pitch...cost me a big league win. Those don't grow on trees."
⚡️ “John Lackey, Willson Contreras go ballistic over missed strike”.
Could you imagine if John Lackey had a game winning OT goal called back on an extremely close offside call?
Video: John Lackey and Willson Contreras ejected after ump misses strike down the middle!
Another look at the pitch that led to John Lackey and Willson Contreras's ejection. Pitch No. 5 was called a ball. https:…
The sequence of the John Lackey meltdown after a horrible call. Along with Contreras getting thrown out as well.
and can't pull a selfish stunt like that again. Blog: htt…
The best part about this picture is it looks like John Lackey is mid-square dance
Kyle Hendrick, John Lackey and Ian Happ and Wade Davis get passing grades -- all others F for the series.
Brian Duensing in to pitch for Cubs. John Lackey's line: 7 IP, 2 R, 4 H, 2 BB, 9 SO and a partridge in a pear tree.
Pitcher A, of course, is Jon Lester and B is John Lackey. Very interesting to look at how similar a lot of their numbers are.
John Lackey is Silas Weir Mitchell (haywire, prison break)
Can we just appreciate that John Lackey hasn’t lost a start since the end of June lol
Lackey may want to go deeper into games, but Maddon is keeping him fresh and the vet is delivering w/ a nasty slider
John Lackey speaks after his win Friday night against .
Bryant, Lackey, Baez add drama, excitement to Cubs' win
John Lackey has friends in low places, but he's helping Cubs stay in first place, writes:
Cubs get contributions throughout lineup in 8-3 win over Diamondbacks
Raise your hand if you guessed John Lackey was going to be the second half ace
John Lackey On Fire 🔥gives a great performance on point with 5 Wins and bringing the Good Stuff ⚡🌟💙
So who wants to talk about how well John Lackey has pitched lately?
John Lackey hitting is amusing, he swings it like he has a battle axe going at a redwood
How did John Lackey get to Omaha so fast?
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Since July 1st the are 6-0 in games started by John Lackey. In comparison they are 14-14 in games started by everybody…
John Lackey on his outing in Cubs 8-3 win over Diamondbacks
The Cubs beat the Diamondbacks 8-3 as John Lackey is 5-0 since the all star break. He gave up two home runs but... https:/…
John Lackey is actually a convict that escaped from prison named Haywire. He shouldn't be allowed to pitch any longer
John Lackey on his outing in Cubs' 8-3 win over Diamondbacks
Cubs' John Lackey wins fifth straight, frustrated by s..
Cubs' John Lackey wins fifth straight, frustrated by sh..
D-backs can't solve Lackey, lose for 5th time in 6 games PHOENIX — John Lackey won his fifth stra...…
No Willson, No Problem! win as Schwarber and Avila homers back another decent start by John Lackey. Record is…
Lackey wins 5th straight, Cubs beat Diamondbacks 8-3 - John Lackey won his fifth straight and the Chicago Cubs ...
Heath Hembree - if John Lackey and Kenny Powers had a kid.
Hawk is about to meet John Lackey in the parking lot
Kenta Maeda and John Lackey posted very similar stats today, except for, ya know, the hit batters and wild pitches.
Sit down, Joe Maddon. John Lackey hit FOUR guys. You have no right to argue.
John Lackey hit four batters and fought a teammate in the dugout. He still understands the objective of baseball, yes?
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came in and preserved a win for John Lackey as he struck out 2 of 3 batters to get out of a jam in 6th…
I disagree with much of what John McCain says, however in the midst of all his problems, he returned to DC & casted the rig…
Just heard the Hawk Harrelson meltdown from today on John Lackey. Lolololololol.
Endearing? John Lackey? Endearing? Those two really don't belong in the same sentence.
The Hawk talking about how John Lackey should be hit. How professional. Stay classy, White Sox. 👏🏼
I thought he was gonna go down and kill John Lackey lmao
SCENARIO: John Lackey will be DFA'd, but you have to be the one to break the news to him. How do you do it?
John Lackey is a pretty horrid way to represent and organization if we're being honest about it.
Only when it's John Lackey. That Cardinals spy tried to sabotage Game 4.
John Lackey filed for divorce while his wife underwent cancer treatments. But, you do you, Julie.
I respect you a ton. I do not respect John Lackey's tough guy antics. Not since he was with the Angels.
Royals make it seven straight - John Lackey (7-9) became the first major leaguer to hit four batters in two yea...
Guy left his wife who had cancer. John Lackey: Great guy.
John Lackey eats children and leaves his wife after her cancer diagnosis. My goodness.
Columnist doesn't believe John Lackey threw at Sox batters — he can barely hit the catcher's mitt…
Little Giant Ladders
Did John Lackey and Anthony Rizzo confront eachother in dugout?
Good news: Heading to Miller Park to see the & on Sunday! Bad news: It's Zack Davies (blanked the Nats) vs. John Lackey. :(
| John Lackey is sticking in Cubs' rotation… | ♥ Fantasy Sport…
How in the world did John Lackey hit 4 batters and not get ejected??? 3 were in one inning!
When you're not the biggest John Lackey fan but then you see how mad he makes White Sox fans.
Is it just me, or does Lackey sound like a less-hoarse version of John Fox?
I feel like John Lackey doesn't vaccinate his kids
John Lackey and his horse teeth needs to go to ***
A new game: Did John Lackey hit you on purpose?
Once an ace, John Lackey is now a 5th starter -- worst job on the roster. He won today but it was complicated.
John Lackey on hitting four White Sox batters: I wasnt trying to hit anyone
I'm starting to love John Lackey, in part because of how mad he makes Sox fans.
The Chicago White Sox are incredibly dumb if they think John Lackey was throwing at them. He's just old and should be DF…
John Lackey is first pitcher to hit four batters in a game since 1957.
Wasn't watching at the time. Anyone else hear of/see this?
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Source tells me John Lackey is here specifically for a haircut and a haircut alone. Definitely not here to pitch well.
Just in case no one sent this reminder out today. Pitcher John Lackey Divorcing Wife Battling Cancer, | Fox News
John Lackey is sticking in Cubs' rotation -- despite the four hit batters via App
The Hawk making a pretty bold statement about John Lackey. Horrible way to represent your organization.
John Lackey strands the bases loaded in the top of the 5th.
Just another Cubs-Sox game as Anthony Rizzo, John Lackey jaw in dugout via
Didn't get a sense think John Lackey was intentionally hitting them. But, as one player said "four times is four ti…
John Lackey wasn't trying to hit anything other than the catcher's mitt
The good news is that the Cubs face James Shields, the White Sox version of John Lackey, tomorrow.
Joe Maddon says the aren’t discussing the idea of moving John Lackey to the bullpen: “We’re not there yet.”
Can't believe John lackey on this list mind blown
It makes me so happy to see John Lackey on this list.
For the record I'm sad that John lackey is pitching
Lackey had one start to prove he belongs IMHO.  If not and relief is unacceptable (also proving he's not a team...
That's only in his last outing. He looked pretty good both starts before that.
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It was like facing John Lackey three days in a row
John Lackey: Expected to stick in rotation -
For your troubles, I'll trade you a John Lackey
I pitched one online with john lackey too! It may be his year for one unbelievable game 😂😂
Q looked so comfortable out there today like he has been with the Cubs all season. John Lacking Lackey should be concerned
If I was John Lackey I might be a little nervous about my spot in the starting rotation.
csnchicago​.com >> Will John Lackey be pitching for his job in new-look Cubs rotation?
Exactly. Carl Crawford, John Lackey, Pablo Sandoval, David Price. I'm not a genius but I could see that those were bad signings.
That means 2 of Eddie Butler, John Lackey, Mike Montgomery, or Brett Anderson will be in the rotatio…
John Lackey knows how to pitch and has had a lot of success in the majors. Eddie Butler's career is a dumpster fire.
John Lackey gets the start this afternoon... he still leads majors in HR allowed (24). Odds are that number will be 26 after today.
John Lackey to Draymond Green to Rick Renteria: A week of curious behavior.
With home runs flying, John Lackey on pace to make the wrong kind of history -
John Lackey has become the face of Cubs' frustration, writes
John Lackey has become face of Cubs' frustration
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As rotation goes, they go: Struggling starters are the biggest factor in lukewarm record, by
my Buster Posey and John Lackey for his Roberto Osuna and Chris Owings? 10 team 5x5 category league
John Lackey is on pace to give up 49 HRs this season in 33 starts (193.1 IP).
Taking John Lackey's place in the rotation.
But John Lackey will be remembered as one of the pictures who helped end a 108 year World Series drought
It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. "The need to address John Lackey in the rotation, he's just not getting the job done."
So when I wrote this 80 weeks ago I said Cubs should sign John Lackey for at least a 1-year deal.
Cubs starter John Lackey on loss to the Mets: "It's on me" via
Great news for John lackey this morning after post-game precautionary medical exam.
Cubs are on the verge of releasing John Lackey and eating his remaining contract. He's a terrible pitcher and a cancer on this team.
Please, Theo, don't make us watch John Lackey anymore
As a Cubs fan, I'm done with John Lackey and I needed to write about it.
How long till we give the boot to John Lackey?
Honestly curious. Is there a person out there who likes John Lackey?
Please, Theo Epstein, don't make me watch John Lackey pitch again. RosenBlog:
.starts now. The NBA season is over, Spiegs lost a bet, and John Lackey is my least favorite Cub.
Mets hit 3 homers off John Lackey as Cubs' starting pitching woes continue via
Mets hit 3 homers off John Lackey as Cubs’ starting woes continue
.loves listening to John Lackey talk. But don't make him watch Lackey pitch again, Theo Epstein…
This team has gone in eight months from World Series winners to absolutely unwatchable. John Lackey = batting practice pit…
John Lackey, (NL25 Game Score vs NYM (3-9-1). Lackey now owns the most GmSc losses in the NL.
Right but only if you don't ask John Lackey
Per have trailed in 50 of their 63 games this year.
Kyle Schwarber pitch hit for John Lackey. Lackey has a higher batting average than Schwarber by 25 points.
John Lackey's too old to pitch, his fiercest fans are people just dont hate him and they kinda agree
them: 911 what is your emergency?. me: John Lackey is pitching. them: SAY NO MORE
Here is my opinion on the Cubs' draft picks:. Get John Lackey off of my team.
According to Elias Sports the Cubs have now trailed first in a record 35 straight John Lackey starts. (I made this up b…
Hembree looks like a mix between John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Jason Varitek. Like it's insane.
Dexter Fowler just crushed John Lackey's pitch out of Cook County.
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Cardinals Video: Dexter Fowler takes John Lackey deep for solo homer in first at-bat in return to Wrigley Field (E…
Dexter Fowler homered off of John Lackey and the Cubs still won and this really is the best possible outcome.
Dexter Fowler dingers off of John Lackey on the second pitch of the game. I love it.
John Lackey is starting to become the real life Chet Steadman only more surly.
Lackey dominates, defense lets down in Game 2
John Lackey accomplishes rare feat at Coors Field
MLB Capsules: John Lackey fans 10 as Chicago Cubs get doublheader split with Colorado Rockies - The……
Coors Field no house of horrors for Lackey
Rip my perfect with John Lackey in the 8th inning
John Lackey dominant as Cubs bounce back for blowout win in Game 2 vs. Rockies -
Watch Joe Maddon talk about pitcher John Lackey's performance in the Cubs 8-1 win over...
I have 10 strikeouts with John Lackey through 4 innings 😂
John Lackey just hammered a standup double into the left field corner, tying Pablo Sandoval in doubles this season with…
John Lackey, the losing streak stopper
Lackey locks down Rockies at Coors: John Lackey allowed four hits over seven scoreless…
Freeland has pitched very well since that awful second inning. But Rox bats are silent against Handsome John Lackey
John Lackey, not the stopper we deserved, but the stopper we needed.
I cannot get over of the greatest starts ever in Coors Field was by 40-year old John Lackey! LMAO
John Lackey is the oldest Cubs starting pitcher since 1893 to throw 7 scoreless innings with at least 10 strikeouts. . (…
John Lackey got a hit tonight. It makes you think...
A reporter asked John Lackey about his hitting prowess after he singled home a run with the bases loaded on...
I'm reading that John Lackey quote in my head about Lester owing him money in his voice and it's really funny
Cubs' John Lackey earns a win and save via
get back on track behind Lackey's 10-K outing. Recap:
John Lackey treats himself to a 1-0 lead with an RBI single in the 2nd!
Cubs' John Lackey earns a win and save
John Lackey comes up big for with 10 Ks over 7 scoreless to cool red-hot Rox.
Jake Arrieta pitched really bad and John Lackey is pitching...good. Am I alternate universe or something?
Maikel Franco takes John Lackey deep on the first pitch of the fourth inning and this game is tied, 2-2.
Maikel Franco just hit a HOME RUN off John Lackey!.
John Lackey strikes out Maikel Franco swinging stranding Oduber Herrera on 2nd to end the top of the 1st with no score
Jackie Bradley Jr. grounds out, first baseman Anthony Rizzo to pitcher John Lackey.
Marty Brennaman: "Bronso Arroyo will face John Lackey in a battle of...(LONG PAUSE)...veterans." You know he almost said "old farts."
I was thinking Lester too but it could be our old friend John Lackey.
My sis was at the bar with John Lackey and Jon Lester the other night and my cousins gf met Lip Gallagher ... ya ok get me out of Iowa
Was in the same bar as John Lester and John Lackey last night! They waved at me through the window when we left 💙❤️
I am standing an arms length away from Jon Lester and John Lackey at the bar and this is the best night of my whole life
[Chicago Tribune] - Cubs pitcher John Lackey on the World Series rings and ceremony
John Lackey got his jewelry, but he’s not going anywhere…yet. on the rings, David Ross and more: https…
Well-earned W for big John Lackey, who shrugged off Ben Zobrist's defensive incompetence.
Jon Lester and John Lackey play catch at spring training via
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