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John L. Smith

John L. Smith (born November 15, 1948) is an American college football coach, and the head coach of the University of Arkansas.

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The common link or relation is Bannon. Smith claimed to work with Bannon & Conway. Christianson reported on Brietbart in…
That will teach them. So you kept your tickets when John L Smith was the coach?
Lived through Bobby Williams and John L. Smith. Coach D’s teams show up to every big game(win or lose). Build a statue.
If that’s the case John L Smith should have won coach of the year for telling the media to smile 😀
Is he going John L Smith, or just a big whiner?
Oh wow 😮 I wasn’t expecting this. Thank you to the for tonights 2017 Young Democrat of the Year! And the works…
I remember John L Smith. Bielema gets a break for the first year…
This game reminds me of John L Smith
Reliving the John L Smith era on homecoming feels *right* 🤤
Disgusted by our football program. Worst I’ve ever seen it, including John L Smith year.. bye bye
Haven't felt like this since the John L Smith days
Which one is the 2nd worse loss because ULM was John L Smith year
Right? I mean, I think even John L. Smith could’ve gotten his *** warm enough to beat CC.
My wife just said”this is John L Smith bad”. I love when his name gets brought up.
Can we get John L. Smith back please?
I miss John L. least his pressers were funny in a cringy sort of way.
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The advantage of the John L. Smith era is that there was an end to the misery in sight.
Laura we need your help Please ! It’s a joke he’s ripping the heart out of Razorback football as much as John L Smith
I could almost accept it if we were a 10 win team every year, just getting a surprise shot. But THIS,…
Hog fans: "John L. Smith is the WORST coach we've ever had!". Bret Beliema: "Hold my beer..."
WORST ARKANSAS TEAM IN DECADES. NO John L Smith ERa was not this bad.
I was wondering earlier when this became a John L. Smith team.
Progressively worse each year, now worse than the John L Smith year...✌🏻🐗
This year makes the John L Smith year look like Petrino’s Sugar Bowl team. This is a coach in year 5. Year 5! Worst Arkansas team I’ve seen.
This team has to be worse than John L Smith’s team
This year is in a race with John L. Smith for the worst Arkansas team ever.
Were you around when John L Smith was coaching?
But according to our media it was because of bad calls and a bad break on a long pass ,and don't forge…
The stands ON HOMECOMING should be a good testament to how Hog fans are feeling. We are embarrassed.…
who's calling this game John L Smith? 🐖
John L. Smith gets called the worst coach in recent memory w/ a record of 4-8 (2-6 conf) with a team that fell in his lap. 1/2
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Today's release includes a lot of the oppo the FBI was gathering on Martin Luther King Jr.
All this talk of fighting bots but you're putting them in your promoted moments
Jemele Hill so we can talk about her days covering John L. Smith
Lamar Smith to retire from Congress. Hey Texas, we have a job opening for a Democrat to fill. ht…
Sorry, Papa John. Pizza Hut owner Yum Brands: "We're not seeing any impact" of NFL player protests on pizza sales https:/…
Indeed, it used to be us, until the early 1900s. Perfect climate for it.
Les Miles was the Nick Saban of words. . Butch Jones is the John L. Smith of words. .
Thank you, John L. Smith for this great review!
I mean, the football team would have 5 national titles if not for motorcycles, blonde girls, and John L. Smith.
Drew Stanton will always be one of my favorite football players. Always made the John L Smith teams worth watching. He's all heart
Dang shame what John L Smith did during those years
a worse loss in my opinion. Got taken to the woodshed by John L Smith
Was ranked number 1 when John L Smith got smoked 52-0 with BA's first ever start?
Do you know which Las Vegan hit the most home runs in this year? does
The latest from on education savings accounts & Las Vegans in baseball:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm a because I gave John L Smith a snickers and he turned into Coach B!
Finicum expressed regret for lack of support for Shoshone sisters beat by BLM:
And just a young man in college and do you remember John L Smith years? We'll rebound.
John L. Smith's halftime interview during the Alabama game is also worth watching 😂 poor guy
John L Smith he will tell you to smile
every coach that leaves Louisville fails. John L Smith Petrino and now Strong
You forgot one. To lose to ULM under John L Smith.
how quickly they forget the John L Smith era!
Proud to call John L. Smith a friend. He stood his ground when millionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson bought...
📷 ashagreijoy: YA LIT MEME: ten series or books ➝ the vampire diaries by l.j. smith
I expected more from John L Smith team.
In other news, the Spartans seem to be reminiscing their years with John L. Smith. *sniffles*. Yeah, I'm heartbroken.
Yes, it's John L. Smith level of ineptitude when out of a timeout you spend 30 seconds arguing about who needs to be on the field.
Am I watching a John L. Smith MSU team?! No discipline, stupid mistakes. Can't continue like this.
Nor do I. It really reminded me of The John L Smith years at times. Nobody on the same page and bad penalties
Freaky Friday, Michigan St. edition: John L. Smith and Mark Dantonio switch bodies. John L. has been coaching MSU last two weeks
It's like The Ghost of John L Smith was on the sidelines
when did we rehire John L Smith, because I've been convulsing with flashbacks for about 45min now.
Could have sworn that Bobby Williams and John L Smith, both were terminated as coaches. SMDH Indiana beat MSU, ***
Was John L Smith on the sideline tonight? What just happened?
Did I miss something? Is it the Bobby Williams through John L Smith era again? Really? Indiana of all teams, pathetic QB play.
you didn't realize John L Smith is coaching MSU tonight?
One of the worst MSU losses I have seen since John L. Smith was coach. Going to be a very, very long season.
Last time MSU lost to Indiana, John L. Smith was fired 4 days later.
The kids are playing their tails off and Jerry is screwing it up. ~ John L. Smith
John L. Smith, a longtime columnist, recently was barred from writing about Mr. Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate…
Lovely. "columnist John L. Smith resigned after management banned him from writing about Adelson or Steve Wynn"
Barred from writing about Adelson, R-J columnist John L. Smith resigns. v/
Howie and Matt Willinger have a ton of guests on the backside--Bobby Petrino, John L. Smith, Jeff Brohm, and...
John L. Smith and Bobby Petrino on backside at Churchill Downs this morning.
Coach Petrino and former head coach John L. Smith on the backside
Journalist John L. Smith resigns when oligarch Adelson buys the paper in which he writes & whacks on a gag order
fair play to John L. Smith. He's got 🏐🏀⚽️ and a mind of his own.
The Moyer Rule for silencing journalists: Las Vegas columnist John L. Smith resigned from the Las Vegas Review…
John L. Smith is a NV journalism legend. Silenced by Adelson, he went out like a badass today.
Hoops easier to rebuild than football but John L. Smith leaving Weber after 2 months killed that program/recruiting for 3 years.
Just as John L. Smith ruined Weber State football for three years, Chris Bear has selfishly wrecked UNLV basketball.
ICYMI: John L. Smith back on the Bluegrass gridiron (with VIDEO)
Kermit Davis says he’s “best friends” with John L. Smith. I did not know that.
And I do apologize for my oversight. As penance, I'm going to read John L. Smith's Wikipedia page.
This is their FIFTH vehicle that they've purchased at John L. Smith!!! Thank you for being such loyal customers...
"I'll vote for John L. Smith before I vote for Bernie Sanders"- wise words from .
This 3/4 inch, hammered and folded brass cuff bracelet was hand-made by John L. Smith. It can be…
We need to see an action movie with Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, Idris Alba and Zoe Saldana
LV Rev-Jrnl: Something for nothing in Vegas gets parked: They're messing with the Vegas R...
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Las Vegas Review - Something for nothing in Vegas gets parked
vegasnewsnow "Something for nothing in Vegas gets parked
Something for nothing in Vegas gets parked
LVRJ: Something for nothing in Vegas gets parked
Ambulances better not be late under new deal - Las Vegas Review-Journal (blog) |
Troubling questions surround impoverished area in
King dream a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes via
A state knowingly allowed a community of mostly poor & black citizens to drink lead for a year. That just happened.
Howard Hughes wouldn't be happy with MLK Day
King dream a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes
Will be 5mos tmrw since killed has NOT released tests that take only 2wks to run. h…
5 MONTHS. These ofcs already being sued 4 fabricating evid in prior case. h…
5 MONTHS. STILL waiting on print/DNA tests that take only 2wks to run, htt…
Father of explains details of the case and how the STLPD still hasn't released forensics on the case.
King celebration becomes a rallying cry for St. Louis to come together for change
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
King's dream was a nightmare for bigoted Howard Hughes
Martin Luther King's dream was a nightmare to this Las Vegas icon
Troubling questions surround impoverished area in Las Vegas via
vegasnewsnow "King dream a nightmare for bigoted Hughes
King dream a nightmare for bigoted Hughes
LVRJ: King dream a nightmare for bigoted Hughes
Troubling questions surround impoverished area in Las Vegas
-Why JR Smith look like the best player on the team today? Games like these are the reason why I just can't be a...
MLK knew that the eradication of poverty was one of the world's most pressing needs...we must continue his work.
I'm live streaming right now:: MLK JR COMMUNITY RALLY & MARCH (St.Louis). (
Ferguson residents, if you fail to show up and speak out, you can't complain later. https…
Lawsuit puts spotlight on veterans' care
care questioned after hospital patients suffered heatstroke and a breakout of Legionnaires’ disease
Lawsuit puts spotlight on veterans' care via -va fail McDonald's drank the kool aid & still does
-Powerful words from Mrs. Smith. Also an amazing way to stand behind and support her husband. People of color, we...
It's about to get worse. Former Arkansas head coach John L. Smith is in line to coach special teams.
There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular...
And the has been a HUGE disappointment in St. Louis too.
does this too. If the homicide is "justified" or shooter is a police ofc, case is not in STL homicide stats. http…
A teenage girl was at her friend's home in North when she was fatally shot yesterday afternoon
STL Metro PD have killed another person. This is their first of 2016.
I suppose this is our national holiday celebrating the forced end of American apartheid.
White supremacy is when 62 mostly white men control more resources than half the world's (mostly brown) population.
It looks like Dolan was literally asleep
Only 11 of the world's 1,826 billionaires are black. Economic racism.
None of the 200 wealthiest people in America are black.
Lawsuit puts spotlight on veterans' care via
So, that would include disabled immigrants who may not be able to learn to speak English,
*** car alarm had been going off for an hour now across the street at John L. Smith and i can't sleep because of it. No one can turn it off
The Kentucky State AD says he has no comment on the Football Scoop report that KSU has hired John L. Smith
I know my buddies (and w/e followers I have) will enjoy this: John L. Smith hired at KY State.
Kentucky State has hired John L. Smith, according to Football Scoop via
I'm not counting Robbie Caldwell and John L. Smith (emergency contingencies) or Joker Phillips (coach in waiting situation).
Heartbreaker. . Eligibility question for though: Do we have to count Brandon Allen's one year under John L. Smith? |
Just had some John L. Smith flashbacks with that four-WR diamond formation in Cincinnati
Harbaugh gonna have Dantonio looking like the incompetent John L. Smith the next decade
Jim Caldwell going with the reverse John L. Smith?
Key for Ark vs UT this weekend is the hogs getting their first conference road win since 2012 (John L. Smith era)
Now that I think about it complimented attire tonight. He joins & John L. Smith in agreement
Under the legendary John L. Smith at that
Add in Bobby Williams and John L. Smith to that and you've got a deal
I watched several of their games this year, and he's atrocious. He reminds me of John L. Smith a little bit.
won as many games in October 2012 under John L. Smith as it has under Bret Bielema in 2013, 2014 and 2015 comb…
BREAKING: John L. Smith coaches entire game in his mind at Baskin-Robbins, loses
Arkansas beats Toledo by 90 and John L. Smith "smiles".
BREAKING: Judge declares mistrial in case of Ala. police officer charged with slamming older Indian man to ground.
Rick Perry uses a Christian message to appeal for a different tone in the debate on immigration
If I've read this right, NYPD publicly implicated a guy they knew was innocent just to say this wasn't about race.
Had that same officer been afraid for his life, as a result of Blake defending himself from that tackle, James Blake be…
Paramedics in STL recommended ER for black man. Jailers refused. Man went into coma. Police lied about being suicide
John L. Smith on tomorrow's football home opener: "We've got the cannon back, and we want to wear it out."
Ben Carson says "i don't know" when asked if he agreed that blacks are policed differently in Well DOJ knows.
Ben Carson's rhetoric has changed , now saying Really ,Ben!
Not only was tennis star James Blake innocent, so was the other black man NYPD said he looked like
Africans never created a global industrialized slave trade acting as imperialist tyrants with a racial and cultural agenda.
to God but not to our government, police, or the majority of white people, who are racist or complicit.
There will be. Waiting for our protest family member to let us know what she needs. Keep you posted ❤️
County spokesman: Hearing on has been called for 10 am.
September 11th is for families left alone to pick up the pieces. Whether in Chile or NY/DC, it's a mom holding up a fadin…
A "driving tour??" Way to avoid reality and cont your ill-informed narrative. He needs a welcome.
some guy completely unaffiliated with the protest groups who you've never heard of posted ranting video on FB
We have great legal representation, but he must be pd. Will you help?.
✊Just in case you wanna get your protest on👊. Eagle Council Schedule Released via
Had been trying for over 6mos to find out if had survived alleged suicide attempt in jail. htt…
There have been a string of suspicious "suicides" in the Pine Lawn jail spanning almost a decade.
Also sounds a lot like John L Smith when he left.
Las Vegas Review - Superhero 5K had simple beginnings - Mild-mannered Mark Grenier says he's no hero, far from it,...
"Don't stand in the street. Don't stand on the sidewalk. Don't speak. Don't breathe"
Mind you, when we say that American police killed 823 people this year, it doesn't include or ANYONE who die…
Im aware of good work being done. It's also obvious there is corruption and brutality that escapes accountability.
gotta go green. I fell in love with John L. Smith's insanity
Head of Michigan chapter of CAIR, Walid, cites a 2000 federal law protecting the right to build houses of worship.
Is the Religious Freedom crowd gonna speak out about the What time is holding a r…
Its sad that even inthe country we were born and raised in we have to fight to practice our religion,thisis injustice
Muslims getting boood after leaving the council meeting where they denied a proposal for a http:/…   10% Off
So is free to discriminate against *** couples but Muslims in Sterling Heights, Michigan can't build a mosque? T…
About 150 have shut down intersection at vigil for
Extraction: I saw intent. Intent to delay, to torture/inflict pain/ suffocate and lack of responsibility of possible de…
come out and ride with your local PD and see what great work they do.
Joshua Goldberg from in confessed to pressure cooker bomb plot targeting http:…
BREAKING: 20-year-old Joshua Goldberg of Orange Park arrested in plan to bomb 9/11 memorial in Kansas City, Missouri.
How much longer will this harmless medicine be used to justify the evils of the prison-industrial complex?
This sounds like something Charles Dickens exposed.awful, horrible and barbaric. Are we ashamed yet???
and family and friends deserves Justice
Of 708 police killings where race is identified, 215 were black. At 12% of US population, black people are 30% of those killed…
Police officer who reported chief for allegedly being "openly racist" gets death threats
Please, if you have a relative who is mentally ill & in need of help, call a medical professional. DO NOT call the police.…
I respect police who do good works. But there is a big lack of accountability when it comes to officers who brutalize.
This is how it sounds when people say "jus sayin
If you aren't watching the video, read piece.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
is owned by the community. Your feedback is critical. See how we've implemented your thoughts:
It's easier to speak up in some industries than others, but it's not easy or unilaterally safe in any of them. Or even effec…
my last word- don't want to keep goin bck&frth, it's counter productive. We need to hold Police & OURSELVES accountable.
We all hve our convictions bout 1 thng or another &this mkes USA GREAT! No quarrels w/u, jst feel many probs dnt get = attn
Not sure bout the exact crime stats in Mo. but here in Baltimore, crime spanning all races is undeniably all-too-real.
Part 3 of what you need to know about
Because if ALL lives truly mattered, they'd be outraged by this, right? I swear I hate these hypocrites & phon…
"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." . Nah. . If you're not outraged, you think *you're* safe.
that's an odd thing to say.I'm talking about reforming police & holding specific officers accountable when they brutalize.
how bulk of the police force are corrupt?- no. Corruption is EVERYWHERE. I don't condemn others 4 the actions of 1
Struggling to breath a natural instinct for the Living now constitutes as Resisting Arrest- I'm tryna process that
how the *** are you asking a mentally ill woman who has been tortured, tazed, with a BAG OVER HER HEAD if she understand…
Follow for description of torture and death. Can't watch the horror but I'm listening so I c…
and then there are all the police who get caught selling drugs and guns. Police accountability helps both problems.
ok what are your facts? I've got some: police fatalities are at a 20 year low, police killing ppl at a 25 year high.
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real for who? Do you like facts or agendas? Citizen brutality is also VERYREAL.. & way more prevalent.
if you feel that way protest for those causes. Many ppl do but it's not covered by MSM. Police brutality is very real.
Will u protect my family from the kids indiscriminately taking lives over petty cash & drugs
good try. Do you think the absolute disregard for life among Bmore Residents makes Police feel safe when confronting us?
Also, is John L. Smith still at Fort Lewis? Because I've got former Drake Coach Ash on the sideline of Montana St on ch 0681
Opener between and a matchup of Rob Ash & John L. Smith, who have 385 combined coaching Ws
John L. Smith's teams did this every play.
ICYMI I made a quiz to see if you can name the coaches who've been handed an L by John L. Smith and Houston Dale Nutt http:…
Let me just say, the efforts to discredit protestors & to destroy the movement are intensifying. And we've got to remain strong.
This is what the car looked like after striking the young boy in Hampden. No words from http…
Why is in allowing police to shut down their livestream during a SWAT standoff?.
The rich really are like you and me. They just don't do as much jail time. -John L. Smith . More:.
Former congressional candidate arrested4 plotting a massacre in community in htt…
Article and links within are good display of cold concepts v. lived experience in US racial/gender understanding.
6 months since Tamir Rice died, cop who killed him still not questioned
Aiyana Jones. Killed by an officer on the Detroit police force in a botched raid. Aiyana was 7 years old
When a policemen's life comes to be worth more than the citizens he's paid to protect, he's no longer a policemen. Or usefu…
I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole. ~Malcolm X
The liberation of black people benefits humanity as a whole...WE are here for it. NOW let's get free!
Hearing Talk: STL cops are preparing for decision, whatever that means. What should we do to protest for Myer…
The start-up generation. Anything is possible. This is life and death. Too important to get caught up on opinions of the estab…
Don't wait for an organization to tell you what needs to happen to transform policing. Crowdsource the solutions.
Don't wait for a law to make officer disciplinary records public. Hack it. Create an app to report it yourself. Make that data…
Wheres the policy that dismantles police unions?
An officer's unconscious bias can be deadly. So why are biased officers: . 1 - not tested for these biases. 2 - deployed to blac…
I think you hit on it. Big foundations DO NOT fund innovation; too busy preserving status quo bc that's where t…
We've applied for years for funding to end/reform these munis and it was crickets. Nobody cared until ppl were…
Pocahontas: How can there be so much that you don't know? You don't know... John Smith es Jon Snow. John Smith es rubio. Moraleja: R+J=L
I apologize for being rude. Jesus would tell you go forth and sin no more. Hard to do. Politicians need to straighten up.
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…
Not only are black people presumed guilty. We are presumed worthy of EXECUTION until proven otherwise.
You should follow the 3 women who started - Alicia Garza - Patrisse Cullors - Opal T…
Cops were calling death suicide before they got him down from that tree, just like the good ol days.
Imagine the board meeting that committed to undermine with Wha…
We cannot, nor should we be required to be accepting of a system that does not truly treat us equally as human beings!
To be clear this isn't about "giving back," as they say in the corporate world. It's supporting police during
Workhouse. "Seven corrections officers fired after allegedly beating inmate in retaliation".
"Homer G. Phillips medical records pulled from storage in search for missing babies". .
*SEVEN* corrections officers fired for excessive force from jail protesters have been targeting!
I care for this movement in a real way. I've met the most Amazing souls and it has helped me in my growth.
It's been 6 months since Tamir Rice died, and the cop who killed him still hasn't been questioned vi…
Huge victory for and all who are working to shut down the "Work House".
Christie spent $82,000 in taxpayer money on concessions at NFL games
Using the hashtag let's celebrate our beautiful Black children-post photos or wish Aiyana Sweet Dreams h…
Another day, another hashtag. Even if this was just an accident, I'm tired of seeing police involvement in deaths.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Even the FBI had privacy concerns about license plate readers – its legal team temporarily halted purchases in 2012
Tell Congress: vote no on short-term reauthorization of Sec. 215 of the Patriot Act—even 1 more day is 1 too many.
People literally looking at you like a paycheck.
Las Vegas Review - A tribute to the late B.B. King - A King walked among us for decades, and we took him for grant...
They charged the family money to house his body
Alabama bought lethal injection drugs on black market, feds seized them, report says O_O
BREAKING: 7 corrections officers fired for allegedly beating inmate. Live report on News 4 now. (Sen…
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Seems like good governing-->MO GOP threatens the most vulnerable to exact political revenge.
This App sends police recordings straight to the ACLU, even if COPS steal your phone. http…
"San Francisco police under fire for racist texts". Systemic, huh? Ya don't say.
What I know to be true is that the backbone of democracy is not, cannot be, state violence.
sign me up with Les Miles, John L Smith and Duffy Daugherty.
Sgt. James Brown survived two tours in Iraq only to die in an El Paso jail. He was just 26. http:/…
Yikes - 10-yr-old gassed by US police at rally against police violence says: ‘At least I got Maced, not shot’
For Baltimore resident $45 worth of drugs resulted in a 20 year prison sentence:
Shot by a 51 y/o security guard IN FRONT OF HIS OWN home, while in HIS OWN car, the health insurance company is now denying …
Shot by a wannabe cop in Tulsa, is now fighting to survive. Every system has abandoned his family.
That's like asking if all politicians are bad. Generally the system is far more harmful & longer lasting
re: Rothstein's NPR interview. Covenant from a house my GF just bought.
What are John L. Smith's whereabouts? Is he more likely to haunt Mich St or Arkansas?
Here's an Allan Hirschorn item written by colleague John L. Smith when Allan retired via
I bet doesn't know that former Arkansas coach John L. Smith was the defensive coordinator at the U of Nevada years ago.
Why do Brady Hoke, Ron Zook, John L. Smith, and Ron Turner have more B1G Coach of the Year awards than Urban Meyer?
Brady Hoke was the "John L. Smith" of the new era of College Football...
If Hoke was u-m's Bobby Williams, & RichRod was their John L. Smith, will Harbaugh be their Nick Saban?
“I’d rather have my daughter date Tony Spilotro than an FBI agent.” --Oscar B. Goodman. Of Rats and Men by John L. Smith (Las Vegas)
Jeff Long is really just an *** but I mean it's not surprising, he hired Bobby Petrino and John L. Smith at Arkansas.
Many continue to dislike John L. Smith for the way he left Louisville for Michigan State. What can't be denied is the wealth of coaching talent his staffs had during his time here. Congrats to Jim McElwain on being named head coach of the Florida Gators.
John L. Smith has more B1G COY awards than John Cooper, Jim Tressel & Urban Meyer combined. So does Ron Zook. So does Brady Hoke.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
we need this forced rivalry as much as we John L. Smith back as our head Coach!!
John L. Smith settles in at Division II school
Former coach John L. Smith's players still think he's crazy. Now it's just at a Division II school
And we all remember the strategy of John L. Smith to keep warm...
PM RT: John L. Smith loves a good adventure. Naturally, he signed up to coach a D2 with limited resources --
Sports Illustrated profiles the new life of John L. Smith
Remember John L. Smith? spent a weekend with Smith, now the coach of the Fort Lewis Skyhawks
John L. Smith tweaks his SEC approach at D-II Fort Lewis. (Sounds very unlike when I covered the Skyhawks in 2009.)
Just talked to John L. Smith. My thoughts go out to as he deals with his injury. Guy played like a warrior all y…
Pretty incredible offensive numbers for MSU today - 662 total yards. John L. Smith only bested that total two times.
Yep. If that were the case then your top 5 coaches would be Ron Zook, John Blake, Mike Shula, Paul Hackett and John L. Smith.
That 16 game SEC losing streak has to be graded on a curve since some of those losses came with John L. Smith as their coach
I've just learned that John L. Smith is in charge of the game clock at War Memorial Stadium today in Little Rock
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