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John Kruk

John Martin Kruk (born February 9, 1961 in Charleston, West Virginia) is a former Major League Baseball player and current baseball analyst for ESPN.

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Cecil Fielder certainly was slow, but for purposes of this game, it has to be someone slow…
John Kruk: 'I love the way they battled tonight'
John Kruk is speechless trying to discuss the post-game. You and me both,
John Kruk has been absolutely great in the booth.
Ben Davis, John Kruk, and Mike Schmidt make me want to be a pirates fan
John kruk makes phillies games great he tells it like it is
When I worked at Shriners Hospital. A celebrity would come in every once in a while. John Kruk came in one time...
If we had known it was going to mean years of John Kruk, we'd have never complained.
When Schilling got fired and John Kruk quit and Jess Mendoza was hired.
So much complaining for Jess Mendoza when we used to have to listen to John Kruk and Curt Schilling
Of all people how does John kruk not know what an IPA is?
"I like grapefruit. I'm a big fruit guy". -John Kruk
Watching the Phils fees on MLB. John Kruk sounds like he is sitting next to me on the sofa just making regular-guy analysis.
Nope. As John Kruk once famously said, "I'm a ballplayer, not an athlete."
csnphilly​.com >> John Kruk: 'I don't think Odubel's gonna get moved up anywhere'
csnphilly​.com >> John Kruk: 'It's been really special to watch' Aaron Nola pitch lately
Mets have a great booth prob best in all of baseball. I have always been a fan of john…
The Larry David of the broadcast team. Love U John! Waiting for the Kruk and L.A. buddy movie.
"Lady, I'm not an athlete. I'm a professional baseball player." -John Kruk
also picked up some Reading Phils SGAs Cole Hamels bobble and John Kruk gnome
Fat players. John Kruk. Tony Gwynn. David Ortiz. The weight isn't the only issue. Fat Pablo was good with SF.
Ask John Kruk to be on your show when you get back from vacation.. He's easy going like Bill Lee.
Hunterz, Yes heard the Comedy good show enjoy break.. John is a Cousin he's USA and that's fine. John Kruk is old fashioned.
John Kruk on 2nd inning: 'They went away from what was working'
csnphilly​.com >> John Kruk: Aaron Altherr is 'without a doubt the best offensive player'
Kruk: "It's unbelievable. It's not a skinny piece of Farmer John's either. You could use it for a rubber ... on the mound."
Phillies announcing team of John Kruk & Tom McCarthy are having a discussion about the throwbacks not having zippers.
John kruk understands asking if Chris wheeler got nothing but hate mail
do you think John kruk should manage the Phillies
Most comparable to John Kruk would be the Philly Phanatic?
24 years ago, the John Kruk wanted nothing to do with Randy Johnson. 😂
how about Larry Anderson and John Kruk announcing golf
Actually...John Kruk is Trump's illegitimate son. They have some resemblance.
I love talking about doing beers with John Kruk. We would get along well.
I bought this in the Jack Murphy Stadium fan store before a game May, 1987! Pod' John Kruk b…
My wife told me I'm not as disgusting to her as I used to be. John Kruk
1-1 in the 8th, scorcher... was more fun when there wasn't something on the line and guys could cut loose. See John Kruk
That was so funny!!! Probably the best moment since the John Kruk/Randy Johnson exchange several SEVERAL years ago
He was the second. The first one was John Kruk.
"He looks like a guy who went to fantasy camp and decided to stay" - Don Sutton on John Kruk
? I love basketball but it's not like Manu is John Kruk. He's an incredibly athletic 6 and a half feet.
This day in history: Marvell Wynne, Tony Gwynn & John Kruk started the '87 home opener with 3 straight HRs 👉
There is a bright spot to come out of this game... can we all agree that John Kruk is a million times better than M…
"One Nut Gone" is also the title of a group memoir from Lance Armstrong, John Kruk, and Louie Aguiar
Julio Franco and Thomas were a dynamic combo in the middle of the '94 lineup. John Kruk was a poor replacement for Franco.
I do understand his mom hit a bunch of HR's and is John Kruk
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I can legit get from Jagr to John Kruk in 6 steps.
Wake up, America. Christmas is under attack by secular liberals and their *John Kruk*.
I was pulling of the John Kruk mullet flawlessly.
I agree 100%. I remember reading John Kruk's autobiography and he said playing at Fulton county and the chop was so intimidating
Too many managers manage by what the postgame press conference is going ...
Report: John Kruk in talks with CSN to join Phillies' broadcast team
I hated baseball. I really didn't like baseball at all until someone de...
When John Kruk traded numbers for a case of beer He became my Hero:)
has current allegations against him that he groped Billy the Marlin back in '08. John Kruk videotaped all!
Sources: Kruk to join CSN broadcast booth
this is not John Kruk, its actually Barr's mom
John Kruk set to join CSN's Phillies broadcasts in 2017. Kruk will be 1 of 5 broadcasters covering the team.
John Kruk to join Phillies TV broadcasts: PHILADELPHIA — John Kruk, the former Phillies player who parlayed his……
When I first came in the league, I thought Jack Clark and Steve Garvey ...
People in West Virginia do have cars. We have indoor plumbing. We even use ...
Excellent get by to get Hear he'll be avail to DH during inter league games? nice pic btw
BREAKING: reports that John Kruk will be joining the Phillies broadcast team in 2017!
John Kruk to join the Phillies broadcast in 2017. Thought he did a great job there in 2003.
John Kruk has agreed to join CSN broadcast team, sources said. He has been talking with CSN for at least a month. They met…
Received a voicemail from Richie Ashburn's daughter, Karen. Wanted to say how happy she was to hear John Kruk news. Nice seal of approval.
John Kruk is joining the Phillies' broadcast booth for next season, a source confirms to
Oh please God let the bring in John Kruk on their tv team
I wish John Kruk and Doug Glanville were the announcers
I want John Kruk to be the Phillies announcer in the worst way
I wish John Kruk did the phillies home broadcasts
Today, I zoom in on John Kruk, as he returns to Philadelphia. There's never an off-season on my website!
Former Phillie John Kruk will join the Phillies’ TV broadcast in 2017
CSN deal with John Kruk is imminent. The popular former Phillies player will replace Matt Stairs (new hitting coach) in…
to when John Kruk played in Reading on a rehab assignment with the He was our hitting…
BREAKING: John Kruk to join TV broadcast team -
👌 John Kruk to join the Phillies broadcast team
John Kruk’s first stop after ESPN is with the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast team.
So excited to have the Kruk back in Philly!!! Welcome home John.
John Kruk joining Phillies' broadcast booth in 2017
John Kruk to join the Phillies broadcast team
to join the Phillies broadcast team
John Kruk agrees to role as Phillies TV broadcaster
Sources: joining Phillies broadcast booth in 2017
Great news for those not listening to Phillies broadcasts MT John Kruk's deal to join Phillies broadcast team is imminent.
John Kruk will join the Phillies TV broadcast team on CSNPhilly in 2017
We have John Kruk, Mr. Steroids himself; and Peter Gammons, Red Sox *** licker extraordinaire on Baseball Tonight right n…
coom lookin like a compressed, more happy John Kruk
Karl get John Kruk down that Hill. I know guys older than thin that did it
"Got hits John Kruk with the hand eye"
Oddly, Keyser, WV, with under 6000 people, claims both Leo Mazzone and John Kruk.
See? Even ESPN's John Kruk is pumped for it!
John Kruk is hilarious on the broadcast
John Kruk is wondering how he got hooked up with these Bozos. Pay attention to the game.
Yes I think this will be a good game to watch! At least I can listen to John Kruk!!!
John Kruk making the play in the booth!
Go here for post game report from BG East and to hear from ESPN's John Kruk and Karl Ravech!.
John Kruk looks so miserable commentating the Little League World Series, of course if I weighed 500lb's I would be miserable too.
Who doesn't love John Kruk calling the Little League World Series.
[bases-clearing triple in LLWS] That may be his biggest hit of this series ~ John Kruk
Thanks ESPN for letting John Kruk commentate little league. Wonder what Dallas Braden is doing on his day off.
Would love to see Big John Kruk sled the hill on a cardboard box. Might need a refrigerator box, but cool!
tell John Kruk there no worries to down the hill
We'll hear from ESPN's Karl Ravech & John Kruk on tonight's game tonight on at 5 & 6.
It still boggles my mind that John Kruk played Major League Baseball
Kudos to for the custom made John Kruk jawn!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
john Kruk and Tony Delk in a neck off?
John Kruk and Randy Ready to Phillies for Chris James in 1989
Can someone tell John Kruk that when I said he was a *** I mean a fan of Lil Dicky, and not an actual *** so he unblocks me.
...I think John Kruk just blocked me for using the word ***
John Kruk officially bout to become a ***
If John Kruk tells us one more time how Canada is going to get its hacks in, I am going to scream.
Just found out Ken Griffey Jr. never struck out one time in high school. And John Kruk started his high school career going 32-32. Wow
Jeez John Kruk is insufferable Change in commentary next year ?
Chris Berman and John Kruk to call the most exciting player in MLB history https:
I love john kruk. Middle school kids sports should not be televised. I also have only one ball!
John Kruk compared a kid resorting to offspeed pitches after 2 fastballs for balls to Americans wanting their news faster...I'm speechless
John Kruk commentating this little league game is really something.
Little League baseball seems a little bit advanced for John Kruk. Please, ESPN, take him off your telecasts.
ESPN's John Kruk on Spencer Newman: "So far he's the best hitter in the tournament".
Can't stand listening to Adnan Virk & Dallas Braden on ESPN. Almost as bad as listening to John Kruk
Yep! And then Julio Franco was replaced by the husks of John Kruk and Chris Sabo.
Baseball Tonight 8pm et 5pm pt with Adnan Virk, Aaron Boone, John Kruk and Jim Bowden join us ESPN
Got hits, John Kruk with the hand eye
"Gotta lotta hits John Kruk with the hand eye"
"Randy Johnson strikes out a nervous John Kruk"
Disappointed to report that John Kruk was not driving this truck.
When your mom won't turn the AC on 😫😒
Got hits, got John kruk with the hand eye
John Kruk has no sense of humour--I loved the French toast in the Renaissance joke!
John Kruk and Tim Kurkjian say that while Ichiro is an accomplished player, his total amount of h... - can't combine
guys, ask John kruk what's worse than a contusion!
John Kruk strikes me as someone who'd be proud to have the nickname The Dutch Oven.
In the words of John Kruk, playing golf is like being a DH in the American League.
yeah, John Kruk (left) has grown a nice pair since he retired
John Kruk just put Noah in top 5 pitchers he would use in the playoffs. You didn't even him have over degrom lol.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
FOX Sports Radio's Mike North can't stand John Kruk.Probably the ugliest stance at home plate.Looks like a hermit of turtle.😆
John Kruk can close down a buffet when he's hungry -Someone who knows baseball
John Kruk feigning boy scout. ESPN is very, very sad. Not because of Kruk because it is ..icky best word for ESPN I could conjure. Icky.
"John Kruk can be equal to Roenick when he gets retarded" - Marty.B on
yeah cuz John Kruk is a very reliable source
"[Hanley Ramírez] can be equal to Ortiz when he gets hot." - John Kruk on BBTN
I know sometimes he make ball go far. I feel like in 10 years he will be compared to John Kruk.
I like Rick Sutcliffe but this fake John Kruk guy is awful.
I got hits John Kruk with the hand eye 🤔
Are we dropping that song next week baberz
I'm like John Kruk with the hand eye
John Kruk and Tim Kurkjian analyze if the Giants should add Ryan Braun to their ailing lineup wit... - via App
Got hits John Kruk with the hand eye
your avi and name is a disgrace to John Kruk
Got hits John kruk with tha hand eye
Got hits John Kruk with the hand eye!
kane should get bonus points for naming John Kruk, he played for the Philadelphia Phillies
Got hits, John Kruk with the hand eye ⚾️ . LD snapped on Westwood.
Next to Kruk, John Miller looks the colour of an Oompa Loompa
Over or under 500 times John Kruk has talked about his at bat against Randy Johnson
"[Max Scherzer] had all of his pitches working from the time he left the bullpen." - John Kruk on BBTN
I hope Shields pulls a John Kruk and retires before the game even ends.
Jessica Mendoza is horrible. I'd rather listen to John Kruk tbh.
Can they get John Kruk back on the WCWS? Scarborough broadcast team is good but Smith/Mendoza commentate the game like viewers are ***
John Kruk out, Jessica Mendoza, Aaron Boone in on ESPN's “Sunday Night Baseball” -…
If you're complaining about Jessica Mendoza but never said a peep about John Kruk all those years, I know all I need to…
I completely disagree with this, Joe Morgan, John Kruk, Tim McCarver. She's much better than a lot of men.
So, in the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball booth, is it now okay if John Kruk spits, and scratches his balls in front of Jessica Mendoza?
No chance that mini John Kruk kid ESPN just showed can be eligible for the Little League World Series. He's got fie…
even John Kruk said on ESPN yesterday that Duda "needs to have a better year." That's just an extremely lazy analysis
Panda could go with what John Kruk once said - I'm not an athlete. I'm a ballplayer.
Last night I had a dream I went to Toronto and met Tim Kirkjian and John Kruk and it was incredible
found typed out Chris Berman nicknames I made mid80's John "I'm not a" Kruk
Pufflesmash(11 kruk yeti gunslinger) was fried to death by Outpost Leader John on Sunwall Outpost 3.
Steph got crossed after celebrating 👀
One of the best at-bats in All Star history. Randy Johnson vs John Kruk. The lack of effort is comical.
he is a professional, but not an athlete.don't need to be to play baseball.ask John Kruk.
also Tony Gwynn, Pete Rose, John Kruk. Those guys packed on the pounds when they played.
Try to make it to camp Thursday if you're in area. SportsCenter will be at camp. Karl Ravech, Eduardo Perez, John …
Lucky number 55th: here's to you, John Kruk!
Dontrelle Willis' fastball is slower than John Kruk's arteries after a *** double-dip Fat Tuesday birthday.
my favorite non power 1B was John Kruk.grace was the 1B version of Tony Gwynn who was my fave.
One of the funniest vines to this day
*** look like Belgique from Phineas and Ferb
gotta give John Kruk props cause back in 2013 I think it was and I quote "They're building a monster there in Chicago"
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bucket list addition: Having a beer someday with Tom Hackett and John Kruk
I want a box, but I'd hate spending $60 on a John Kruk auto.
cut it off, feed it to the sirens. John Kruk says.
My profile pic is John Kruk. I'd root for John Kruk no matter the sport
People keep RTng the John Kruk of astrophysics into my TL
is John Kruk around there somewhere? He's gotta be on any perennial list.
This is the day I realize John Kruk played for Chicago
Mariano Struck out John Kruk, Robin Ventura and Frank Thomas that day
I would like to see John Kruk and Harold Reynolds in the same room. Especially so if that room were in an Antarctic remote post, no way out.
John said "I can't compliment her because she dresses like me 🙄😂"
He said she looks like Ernie lmfaoo
Pro Shop close today 😬. Looks like I am doing the John Kruk and bowling with 1 ball tonight 🎳. Good craftsman doesn't blame his tools.
Brett Bielema is starting to look like John Kruk.
I'd rather have a trashcan who knows baseball in the booth than John Smoltz, Cal Ripken, Harold Reynolds or John Kruk
if Bartolo Colon, Babe Ruth and John Kruk can participate in it it's not a sport
have you seen Bartolo Colon and John Kruk play?
if Bartolo Colon and John Kruk can make millions playing it, it's not a sport but again just my opinion
John Kruk has HIGH praise for SS Carlos Correa on pregame coverage.
I'm really enjoying John Kruk on the radio broadcast of this game.
Do people enjoy listening to John Kruk call a ballgame?
useless sound of the day? John Kruk: their pen don't have 95 mph stuff. But they PITCH! They just pitch! "
I don't really like the whole "the announcers hate us" thing but John Kruk sure seems to be pulling for KC on the radio broadcast.
Again john kruk has to be the biggest *** defending his buddy chase utley because he's a nice guy and would not intentionally hurt anyone
Lucky me I get to listen to John kruk on the radio
John kruk is talking about Utley he said "I don't see where he rolled"
Listening to the Royals on ESPNRadio. Really enjoy John Kruk's insights. Let's Go ROYALS!!!
Well, that, and throwing over John Kruk's head.
I don't get what everyone likes so much about Ron Darling, He puts me to sleep. John Kruk is better and thats something
Reynolds makes John Kruk sound like Howard Cosell. With so many talented BBL TV people in the US how does this guy pass thru?
Jessica Mendoza criticized for being a woman, but she's good at her job. Harold Reynolds, John Kruk, and Joe Buck are AWFUL a…
Harold Reynolds isn't good in the booth, but neither is Joe Simpson, or John Kruk, or Matt Stairs, or Jerry Remy, etc etc etc
I hate John kruk too. How do these *** get jobs?
My second guess for anything that sounds stupid is John Kruk. :D. Tons of people all over the world play baseball. DUH.
he is honestly the worst he makes John Kruk look good and that's saying something
Who is a worse announcer Harold Reynods or John Kruk?
Could you imagine if Harold Reynolds, Joe Buck, and John Kruk all announced the same game?
Ppl that see that pic may not know its Chris Farley. John Kruk was never in that good of shape.
"He needs to have his head in the center of his body." - John Kruk
"Dad when a baseball hits me is it going to hurt?" "Yes son but get use to it now because when you get hurts more" John Kruk
Nobody is more confused by a sac bunt than John Kruk.
Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit in the making. "John Kruk here for Playtex Ex-Jock!".
Maybe in his next at - bat vs Keuchel Hosmer can pull a John Kruk and put his batting helmet on backwards. Couldn't hurt
Why does ESPN radio have a several-minute time delay? Which shocking revelations might John Kruk unleash on the world?
looked like John Kruk against Randy Johnson. He is better off to just stand there and not swing then look so bad
... John Kruk is about as helpful as Dom Brown.
“"You never win a game without scoring" - John Kruk. Straight out of the Trent Dilfer bible” your boy ***
It's a function of the people around him. John Kruk tries to be better for The Smart Lady than he was for Schilling.
I always wanted to look like an athlete when I reached my 50's. Now I look like John Kruk.
Put this under John Kruk's great line: "I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player."
Ron Darling &Cal Ripkin are starting to remind me of Curt Schilling & John Kruk, and not in a good way.
Michael cuddyer reminds me of John kruk playing left field. While carrying Ryan klesko.
Gary the janitor and John Kruk may very well have been the same person.
Getting pulled is to John Lackey what throwing to first is to Jon Lester
my sister: some of these ballplayers are kinda chunky. me: look up John Kruk.
John kruk is on espn. Darling and cal Ripken are doing the game on tbs
John Kruk loves to carry a big, thick handle.
John Kruk sounds like someone asked him to comment on this baseball game immediately after waking him from a horrible nights sleep
to quote John Kruk... "I'm not an athlete, I'm a ball player"
John Kruk: "I bet Houston probably has guys on their bench with 15 HR.". Ever heard of looking at a stat sheet?
John Kruk would be proud of Prince Fielder.
domain names
Every time the have scored a run John Kruk has stated how the Astros are fine with it. Even now w/game tied...
They now join the company of Curt Schilling and John Kruk
I think John Kruk was in a similar situation.
After hearing Curt Schilling and John Kruk, I can safely say that Buck and McCarver were alright
ESPN called they want you two to replace John Kruk and Dan Schulman on Sunday Night Baseball
John S may be an Astros killer on the mound, but very objective in the booth. I had to shut Kruk off after 3rd. Thanks !!
lmfao exactly how the episode of sportscenter would be with John Kruk
I have to listen to John Kruk talk about Bryce Harper and lack of hustle on the radio because reasons 👍
Enjoying hearing the moon-sized John Kruk calling out Bryce Harper's hustle on the radio.
we need more Jessica Mendoza's and less Harold Reynolds' and John Kruk's.
John Kruk has always been hilarious. And Smoltz is sharp. I used to like Hershizer too.
I guess John Kruk went to Pierre McGuire's Broadcasting School. "You've never won a game without scoring". Thanks for that, Kruk
ESPN would bring in Vin Scully and the ghosts of Red Barber and Mel Allen to this booth, and still give John Kruk airtime.
"Living and dying on every pitch. That's what the postseason is all about.". -John Kruk.
John Kruk and Jessica Mendoza. Guess I'm watching the game on mute and listening to Lloyd Banks radio
I hate the Subway Series. Syndegaard gets shelled. Uribae breaks collarbone. Harvey with the early exit. John Kruk makes my ears bleed.
Perhaps the most impressive part of Harvey coming out is that no one is talking about how obnoxious John Kruk is to listen to
Had a great day on the course today in NY with Marty Lyons & John Kruk. ⛳️⚾️🏈 Now off to Orlando to…
that would be Jessica Mendoza? Have no idea where she came from John Kruk is another one ain't they
I wish Jessica Mendoza would have replaced John Kruk.
Jessica Mendoza is familiar with the term ding dongs even though she did not play on the Phillies with John Kruk.
Yeah, because that's exactly what John Kruk brings to the table
Neil deGrasse Tyson is the John Kruk of astrophysics.
"They don't usually." John Kruk on whether or not lose. Smartest thing he's ever said.
cool, now just get rid of John Kruk and I'll start watching again
Jessica Mendoza's debut on Sunday Night Baseball was great. No wonder ESPN is keeping her on.
Congratulations to on joining Sunday Night Baseball for the rest of the season. Well deserved!
"Nope, sorry. You're way too knowledgeable about baseball. Bring John Kruk or Harold Reynolds in here"
If John Kruk could just give some off the cuff views on abortion rights then will really be in business.
You suck at calling games. John Kruk likes you because he wants to get laid.
yet John Kruk is still employed somehow
Thank I hope finds a large enough muzzle to fit John Kruk!
Now, how do we get rid of John Kruk?
Curt Schilling done with ESPN Baseball commentary for now. All we need is a John Kruk flub and we're golden!
What do these people have in common - Tupac , Lance Armstrong , Tom Green , Arnold , Hitler , Napoleon , John Kruk and myself ?
Is that John Kruk in his old Padres ball cap?
No Curt Schilling on Sunday Night Baseball meant it was time to shine for Jessica Mendoza.
Jessica Mendoza shines on 'Sunday Night Baseball,' says:
Guess so. The other extreme of Schilling making John Kruk fat jokes!
Meatloaf is the most confusing pop star in history. It's kind of like when you looked at John Kruk and found out he was a singles hitter.
totally forgot about john kruk. He is terrible. TERRIBLE
"Without Bryce Harper, that makes them {Nationals} the Philadelphia Phillies.". -John Kruk, the most clueless man to ever work for ESPN.
ha. Reminded me of Randy Johnson throwing behind John kruk in the Allstar game.
Speaking of a guy who would love Mo Vaughn Nachos, here's John Kruk.
Seriously you guys need a dumb John Kruk type in the booth to talk about how dumb he is? I'm your man. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Didn't know the homey was John Kruk should've knew through RBI…
she look like she'd go on a dinner date with John Kruk to Golden Corral.
Is there a new Mendoza line in baseball?
I don't usually dig jock-caster John Kruk, but I love what he says here about MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza.
Hardball Talk - - John Kruk is a fan of Jessica Mendoza
Why Stanford grad on 'Sunday Night Baseball' is awesome: (via
John Kruk is a fan of Jessica Mendoza
John Kruk suggests we take Curt Schilling with “a grain of salt”
So impressed by in the Sunday Night Baseball booth! Amazing article chronicling her debut:
Jessica Mendoza's performance shows 'Sunday Night Baseball' and America at their greatest via
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