John Kerry & Herman Munster

John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, the 10th most senior United States Senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Herman Munster, 5th Earl of Shroudshire, is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Fred Gwynne. 5.0/5

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John Kerry looks like a cross between Learch & Herman Munster. Other world leaders see him & prolly think Huh?
What is John Kerry going in with a Geiger counter? Herman Munster. No offense to you Herman..
John Kerry looks like Herman Munster. No offence intended to Fred Gwynne.
John Kerry is like Herman Munster but infinitely dumber and not at all sweet and lovable.
John Kerry finally realizes facelift makes him look like Herman Munster! Skull and Bones DOUCHBAG!!!
Does anyone think John Kerry looks like Herman Munster?
John Kerry has 'no plans to run' for office after current role via You'll always be Herman Munster to me.
And PS, does anyone else see Herman Munster in John Kerry?
Not to be unkind, but after all the "work," John Kerry doesn't even need makeup to play Herman Munster.
Has Putin thinks I don't listen to wimps, put a man on the phone, and I don't mean that Herman Munster lookalike John Kerry, he's a joke to!
HERMAN MUNSTER*John Kerry to Visit Kiev Tuesday for Meetings with Ukranian Gov’t: U.S Official
John Kerry looks like a Herman Munster doll that's been left out in the sun for too long.
John Kerry was scarier when he played Herman Munster on TV . . .
John Kerry's looks. His face looks more like Herman Munster than it ever did.
Politics aside, John Kerry, speaking right now on CNN, looks like Fred Gwynne. I keep expecting him to burst out in a Herman Munster laugh.
John Kerry resembles HERMAN MUNSTER with that HUGE head... lolol...
Could you tell John Kerry that he bears more than a passing resemblance to Herman Munster please?
WOW John Kerry aka Herman Munster flexes his pea brain muscle he's tired
Why are we giving money and weapons to people who hate us and think we are infidels? Check out the lies John Kerry had to certify to release the money. (Reuters) – Secretary of State John Kerry quietly acted last month to give Egypt $1.3...
why haven't we heard from Herman Munster, I mean John Kerry about Benghazi, he wants us to move on???
Still would've chosen Herman Munster to play John Kerry in the new Spielberg movie,but I guess since Grandpa w/playin Schumer, it w too much
John Kerry is the only person I have seen who looks exactly like Herman Munster.
I'm sorry...but everytime I look at John Kerry, I see Herman Munster...😳
John Kerry reminds me of Herman Munster, only without Herman's personality or charm.
What is wrong with John Kerry's face? He reminds me of Herman Munster with a bad facelift.
Is it me or does John Kerry look like Herman Munster?
If I was going by appearance it looks like Obama have been surrounding himself with fictional characters. Characters I have found 1) Chewbacca (Michelle) 2) Herman Munster(John Kerry) 3) Granpa Munster(George Soros) 4) Lando Calrissian (Eric Holder) 5) Jar Jar Binks (Joe Biden) Just to be fair the Republicans have their share of fictional characters 1) Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan) 2) another Herman Munster (Mitt Romney) 3) Princess Lea (Sarah Palin)
Another mind wondering thought for you; A couple years ago my dad was living with my wife and I and he was unable to see the news ticker at the bottom of my TV so we bought a High definition TV and it is really wonderful (40" screen I think). But as I was watching FOX NEWS just now I was subjected to an interview of John Kerry and suddenly HIGH DEF. wasn't so wonderful! He actually looked like he had a mortician do his makeup! Just saying. :)
Ok. Our new secretary of ketchup John Kerry really needs to wipe the corners of his mouth before he goes on tv...and what is it with his color. He looks like a skinny Herman Munster
Well my fellow Americans today our Secretary of State and Herman Munster look alike, John Kerry promises Muslim Brotherhood run Egyptian Government $200 Million Dollars in Aide. This is completely Insane! We have millions out of work in this country and we are throwing money at Governments who hate us. How can a country that owes Trillions be giving out Billions? The Inmates Ladies and Gentlemen are running the Asylum.
I vote for Herman Munster!! “John Kerry: "In America U have the right 2 B stupid & I'm living proof."”
John Kerry: In America you have the right to be stupid
Why do we never see Herman Munster and John Kerry in the same room?
I'm sorry...but John Kerry would of done a better job being Herman on "The Munsters".
John Kerry says Americans 'have a right to be stupid' --speak for yourself, Herman Munster via
Herman Munster, err, John Kerry is an *** How embarrassing for our once proud USA. Terrorists must be laughing! Still.
Is it just me or does John Kerry look very much like Herman Munster...?
Obama thought the only way to scare the commies into Détente was send Herman Munster (JFK) John Kerry as a Transgender Secretary!
John Kerry, who came a few thousand Ohio voters short of being Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces: You know, education, if you make the most of it, if
I thought my picture of John Kerry and Herman Munster was good, but this is even better.
God help us...John Kerry is "evaluating" actions in Syria...Herman Munster is on the move.
Herman Munster is looking more and more like John Kerry every day.
Isn't crazy how much Herman Munster looks like John Kerry!!!
Anyone else think John Kerry looks like a dumb Herman Munster???
Is is just me, or do you think that John Kerry looks like Herman Munster?
Come to think of it, John Kerry does bear a striking resemblance to Herman Munster; though I doubt I'm the first to make that observation.
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Hillary Clinton, who history will remember as being a "meh" Secretary of State, is gone...long live Herman Munster...err...John Kerry!
John Kerry confirmed by Senate as Sec of State Cousin Herman Munster begins huge celebration
Don't get me wrong. John Kerry is a handsome man, just in a very "Herman Munster" kind of way.
Herman Munster. That is all I can think of when I look at John Kerry.
- John Kerry separated at birth from Herman Munster (an old tv character):
John Kerry, Traitor, Jane Fonda Supporter & Hero of North Viet Nam.was confirmed as Ambassador or rather Secretary of State.gimmeabreak.Herman Munster is now going to be representin' all of us.
John Kerry named as Sec. Of State. ?!?! Just scraping the bottom now.
WOHO! It looks like John Kerry will be our next Secretary of State. Why am I so excited? I like drawing Herman Munster.
Can't believe that Herman Munster, aka. John Kerry is taking over for Hillary
John Kerry said, and I quote, " We need to have a talk about having a talk" And this is gonna be our sec. of State?
I am liking the get tough approach I am seeing out of Senator Rand Paul the past 2 days. Watch as grills Herman Munster, oops I mean "Hanoi" John Kerry during his conformation hearing. `T RAND PAUL 2016
John evader and hypocrite. THIS is the clown Barack Hussein Obama wants as Secretary of State?
During his confirmation hearing as Secretary of State in Washington D.C., John Kerry said that without talks with the Palestinians, the window of opportunity may close.
John Kerry looks even more Herman Munster-ish today
God I really dislike Herman Munster. ..aka John Kerry. ..who for all you Romney bashers is immensely more wealthy than mitt but I am moving off point.I liked the speech before the committee today Mr Kerry. ..nice job..I have to give it to sounded almost.uh...whats the word...uh.oh yes.Republican. nice job.
If this honky were any stiffer he'd be a corpse. How in the *** does a dolt like John Kerry get this far?
John Kerry to replace Hillary. One looks like chipped beef with glasses and the other is Herman Munster without the neck bolts. America is so lucky to have them!
A day after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified on Libya, Sen. John Kerry, President Obama's nominee to replace her, comes before a Senate committee for confirmation hearing.
is John Kerry a direct descendant of Herman Munster?
Wonder, just me? Do you think senetor John Kerry lookd like Herman Munster, without makeup?
New reason to hate patriots: John Kerry is in the owner sweet! Bo!
And why does it sound wrong when I read a newspiece that states "Barney Frank wishes to fill John Kerry's seat" ?
John Kerry (aka Herman Munster) ===> IS A WORT ON THE BUTT OF HUMANITY why wouldn't barry want him 4 sec of state??
Obama picked John Kerry for Sec of State? Oh Darn! I wanted HERMAN MUNSTER.
WOW! Herman Munster is replacing Spot. Source: Obama chooses John Kerry as Secretary of State - Chicago Sun-Times
Just want to say onething...John Kerry as head of our defense dept., you got to be kidding...the coward of the swift boat investigation and alias "Herman Munster" Wow!!!
bet she does...especially sitting next 2 Herman Munster...aka John Kerry...
John Kerry reminds me of Fred Gwynne. Not sure what's more frightening, his resemblance to Herman Munster, or possible Defense Secretary.
I believe John Kerry is the son of LURCH or HERMAN MUNSTER!
ha! Soory. John Kerry always reminds me of Herman Munster on ambien, i.e. Frankenstein momster-ish
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It's strongly tipped that John Kerry (aka Herman Munster) will be filling the Secretary of State role.
John Kerry looks like he has had Plastic surgery on his face, I mean why bother with that MUG unless your TRYING to look like Herman Munster
This is not a political comment. It is an observation. I have no desire to change anybody's vote. If my comments change your views, good luck with the decisions in your life that actually matter. Maybe I am the first to notice.maybe to care.or comment? Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan looks just like Eddie Munster! There. I put it out there. However, in an attempt to be fair, John Kerry had a striking resemblance to Herman Munster. WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT AMERICAN POLITICS??!!! Check the Aztec calendar.
More like Herman Munster. Its funny, he has so much on common with John Kerry yet the Republican's bashed him and embrace Romney
Good call bringing John Kerry in to dump on Mitt, where did they dig up Herman Munster what a dolt!!
“John Kerry said he's scared to death if Romney were to become POTUS. Lol!!”> And we all thought Herman Munster was dead...
I can't help but think of Herman Munster when I see John Kerry.
Poppycock. We all know John Kerry is a fine actor. I'll never forget his portrayal of Herman Munster, back in the day.
Can't wait to hear what ma gurls on The View will say about the debate! In other news, John Kerry still looks like Herman Munster.
“Love this show too! John Kerry was Awesome as Herman Munster!! ;)
Obama picked John Kerry as his debate sparring partner. You can't pick Herman Munster, you just can't.
I can see John Kerry jumping up and down like Herman Munster crying like a baby!!! (You gotta be old like me to see it!)
The treasonous, cowardly John Kerry condemns the absolutely correct reaction of the U.S. Patriot Mitt Romney to the barbaric murder of Americans by vile Muslim terrorists? - I mentally spit on that Herman Munster Look-Alike! - He, Commie-Bama, and their despicable, "Let's boo God" Democraptic ilk MUST ALL GO!
John Kerry has an odd resemblance to Herman Munster.
Man that John Kerry is a Herman Munster kind of way...
Wow, Herman Munster is on TV. Wait sorry to get your hopes up, it's just John Kerry!
Why is Herman Munster addressing the DNC? My bad that's that loser John Kerry. Turncoat Crist says the Republicans are beholding to billionaires and then they bring the husband of the Heinz ketchup fortune to speak next. Lol. Yea he's not rich. What a joke. Stop the class warfare. It's so hypocritical.
Notice how we never see John Kerry and Herman Munster in the same room together?
John Kerry is still a better looking Herman Munster...
I thought John Kerry was moonlighting as Herman Munster?
I always thought John Kerry was the consummate Herman Munster, but Mitt fits the bill quite well too.
In 2004 we had a presidential candidate (John Kerry) who looked like Herman Munster. Now its 2012 and we have a VP candidate (Paul Ryan) who looks like Eddie Munster. Yeah, Ummm What's up with that?
You know I've always thought that Brad Garrett or John Kerry would've made a good Herman Munster ! Huh huh huh huh huh huh ! I love doing that ! Huh uh huh huh huh huh huh !
I liked John Kerry in a Herman Munster way.
Gee, kind of look like Sen. John Kerry..
So Romney is 'too rich' to be president? That wasn't the Dem narrative with Herman Munster aka John Kerry in 04
Mitt Romney has the curb side appeal of a rotten fruit stand. The man reminds me of John Kerry. Kerry, a two time Purple Heart winner, couldn't even beat the buffoon, George W. Bush, in 2004. I don't want to get into whether or not Bush dodged the draft, I want to get into how disappointing Kerry was as a candidate. He looked like Herman Munster for God's sake! Now we have Mitt Romney. The same rotten fruit as John Kerry. Bush won because no one wanted Kerry in office. NO ONE WANTS Mitt Romney IN OFFICE!!! He will destroy this country, strip it down, and sell it off to the highest bidder. Just like he did to hundreds of companies with Bane Capitol. The man is a crook and a charlatan. Just like Obama. They are both supported by Goldman Sachs. It's time for the nation to step up and support a man who isn't a crook. Vote for Ron Paul in today's primaries. I'm talking to YOU New York, PA, Connecticut, RI, and Delaware. Restore the Constitution!
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