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John Kerry

John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, the 10th most senior United States Senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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The point is loyal to WHO? John Kerry & Ted Kennedy were his best buddies, I suspect he…
So have Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Mike Barnacle, Doris Kerns Goodwin to name just a few. liars, sick twiste…
Wanted: US District Attorneys!. 1 for Hillary . 1 for Clinton Foundation . 1 for Joe Biden. 1 for John Kerry. 1 for Tarmack B…
Joe won the election anyway without the support of his colleague's Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Hi…
John Kerry and Bernie Sanders.. they do not represent the same things. He's closer to a Kennedy, to…
President Jack Kennedy, First Lady Jackie Kennedy and John Kerry (back left in white) sailing off the coast of Massach…
Ashton Carter is the to John Kerry. Announcement just made in Miami, Florida where both Carter and Kerry are on tour
Joe Biden, John Kerry, McCain & Victoria Nuland all met with neo nazis in Kiev o…
Im not sure of your point? Clinton didnt serve in Vietnam. John Kerry thou…
Remember that John Kerry, Hanoi Jane and other Democrats undermined the process of winning the war. And impeded release of our POWS.
*** John Kerry he and his wife need more money
Pretty sad that even John Kerry was tougher on Israel as SoS than Sanders, Warren, et al. ever will be
Absolutely true. I don't remember anyone saying John Kerry or Al Gore had to "take responsibility"
John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, and Susan Rice were also in that photo with Obama honoring Castro and Che
Bill Mahr thinks Hillary Clinton should go away because she had her chance. Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, John Kas..
Just an FYI - Susan Rice is brilliant. She was an advisor to John Kerry in 2004, & has a distinguished foreign serv…
Robb Stark was the stiff John Kerry to Cersei's belligerent Dubya
Here's my turn at this. Which one have I not met?. 1. David Ortiz. 2. Paul McCartney. 3. Huey Lewis. 4. John Kerry...
So B. Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and the rest of the Democrat lackeys all knowingly lied to the publ…
This makes me think of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz. Not sure why. Just that the people who rule us are not like us.
I would say John Kerry loves America the way OJ loved Nicole Brown Simpson
Between . John Kerry . Anita Dunn. I'm actually starting to believe the reptilian alien thing. . What's with the lip licking thin…
How about your ineptitude to cover Susan Rice, Barack Obama, John Kerry, ie, "We got all the chemical weapon…
John Kerry brokered a deal with Russia to rid Syria of its WMD--the same way Bill Clinton brokered a deal with N.Korea to g…
Pizza Gate Creep id trust John Kerry, Scott Pelley, and even The Clintons over you. You're a joke and a fraud.
This is the way to meet the main personalities of US. General Raheel with John Kerry. Upright, confident, at ease. . Ordinary…
Here's the real Russian collusion: John Kerry stated in 2014 "We got 100% of the chemical... by…
"unsafe and unprofessional"-John Kerry: "under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shoot-down". Turkey…
Sept 9, 2013 John Kerry gives Syria a week to hand over chemical weapons or face attack
"Compare and contrast with John Kerry who was virtually on the move the entire time. Kerry, smart, fit, experien..."
I am old enough to remember conservatives mocking John Kerry for comments like this
he might as well have left John Kerry as secretary
... and John Kerry testified on the Vietnam War... and lied. Sorry... not buying your narrative. TheMister knows to…
And ended up in a fist fight with John Kerry and his entourage. As in the former US secretary of state. Not my grandad. It was... Yea. 2/2
John Kerry, Madeleine Albright + national security experts agree, new Order is harmful for security + prejudicial
Who's day is it? Elise or Glock? Elise attacking John Kerry, Tiff, Spree, Donna, Dee, etc while her daughter is right there listening.
Heinz... company owned by John Kerry's wife... I have avoided this ketchup for years...
Additionally, Butler and 15 other counties surprisingly had a losing Democratic Supreme Court nominee receive more votes than John Kerry.
How about John Kerry's Russian ties? Russian Dressing contains ketchup. Ketchup is made by Heinz. John Kerry is mar…
PolticsNewz: John Kerry, former secretary of state, writing memoir
Does anyone really believe that John Kerry served his nation well. We find personal wealth was by far as much...
By this point four years ago, John Kerry had done at least seven interviews and taken questions in public at least nine times.…
Jesus Christ that is some sight. I hope doesn't call himself a man. disparaged John Kerry for…
It will be titled "why the long face?" the story of John Thurston Howell Kerry III
during election, but we all thought he would lose. John Kerry, Al Gore, Hilary all serious deserving people. W. y Trump not up to it
a book no one is asking for except John Kerry
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A word to the wise – no one will read John Kerry's autobiography.
2/2 US ambassador John Kerry stated the US could not 'stand in the way of a resolution'
John Kerry, former secretary of state, writing memoir. Read more:
John Kerry will publish a memoir with Simon & Schuster.
The book will cover his life from childhood through his recent time as secretary of state.
Democrats, John Kerry is worth about $1 billion, a rich white man. What would he know about the common man being prepared to die?.
Former US Secretary of State is publishing his memoir with S&S:
I urge all my followers to give this a read.
She's a *** nightmare. The President is the Commander in Chief, NOT any general.
John Kerry, former secretary of state, writing memoir -
John Kerry to publish memoir with spanning childhood, Vietnam, Senate, presidential campaign and Secretary of State years...
Heitz $ not enough? Title How I hate America disptaches from Vietnam to the State Dept by John Kerry forward by ISIS
John Kerry, former secretary of state, writing memoir
US Secretary of State John Kerry travels to Paris this week for talks with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas on peace…
John Kerry gets job in Carnegie Foundation after its head Bill Burns makes rounds raising funds from wealthy Iranians in U…
don't forget John Kerry's coloring book is coming out
John Kerry, former secretary of state, writing memoir via
. Sad to see your SmartMade brand advertises to people who are willing liars. Just like Teresa Heinz's guy John Kerry!
We use Hunt's Ketchup at our home! I don't want John Kerry's family to get any of my money! Hunt's ketchup tastes b…
John Kerry after getting a purple heart for a scratch he got on his *** while no enemy engagement threw his medals back
He would puke if he knew John Kerry owns Heinz
That and the weird random people going to visit all in the last few not have. Russian Pope. Buzz Aldrin. John Kerry.
The confession of the criminal John Kerry [Voltaire Network]
Condiments are safe places... just ask John Kerry... Heinz fortune is over $1.2 M... "Safe places" absolutely & real cozy too.
John Kerry... former SecState should be outraged!! NYT using Heinz ketchup in a "smear" campaign.. yuk..ooohhh.. ackkk
Hope he doesn't like Heinz that would benefit John Kerry
Why does General Mattis want the female John Kerry at a top Pentagon post?
George Bush , His father , Bill & Hillary Clinton , John Kerry , George Soros , Henry Kissenger , are all members of the Bilderberg Society
John Kerry meets with French presidential hopeful
thehill: John Kerry meets with French presidential hopeful
What did Kerry's parting shot on Middle East mean?. Aaron David Miller writes that John Kerry's last-ditch effor
the despicable regime welcomed John Kerry to meet with FARC terrorists perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
Mark, ask Howie Carr about John Kerry. He was a great one to do the "do know who I am!" At charity events, would just walk in
Peter Peckarsky looks like John Kerry and Ray Romano had a baby.
Al Gore, Cynthia McKinney and John Kerry are all prime examples of winners. You won't find a single sore loser in that jolly little group!
Is it possible for John Kerry to be less relevant than he is at this point in time? Should've stayed a commie senator!
If true it explains why he sides with Liberals like Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) & John Kerry. Traitors.
The "Songbird of Hanoi", John Kerry, Jane Fonda, TRAITORS who will never be forgiven!
is sort of like the love-child of Harry Reid, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi
John Kerry is a most illustrious past Secretary of State and US Senator.
Irony in that during the Viet Nam war, the media covered Jane Fonda and John Kerry as heroes as McCain was in Hanoi Hilton
Senator Songbird John McCain is a Traitor just like Hanoi Jane, John Kerry, and OBAMA! Oh yeah don't forget Clinton!
Tupically RINO, the Songbird of Hanoi. No better than John Kerry or Jane Fonda!~
The "Songbird" of Hanoi is no better than Jane Fonda, or John Kerry. Traitors all.
Koskinen's arrogance rivals that of John Kerry. Elitists personified.
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Oh BTW Vietnam is the war in which John McCain, John Kerry, Bob Kerrey, Al Gore and many other pat…
John Kerry successor and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will today make his diplomatic debut at a G20 gathering in…
John McCain is becoming more like John Kerry which should not be the case for a GOP Senator.
we need to investigate Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, & Obama & his administration! There is you & Harry Reed too.
how about John Kerry went to Vietnam as private citizen Obama while candidate in primaries. Ted Kennedy An retired Senator
u dont know jack about what has been done by many before him, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry
John Kerry at bilderberg 2012 as senator!! Agaisnt Logan Act! Arrest
"Donald Trump has about the same popular support as losing candidates Michael Dukakis (1988) and John Kerry (2004)"
John Kerry was really good friends with Anton Lavey; the satanist. I wouldn't trust him.
Reminds me of John Kerry and his brief fund raising interlude with the satanist, Anton LaVey
Oh my god! John Kerry is the reincarnation of Josef Mengele!!! Only Donald Trump can save us!
you are absolutely right. And, John Kerry's daughter is married to an Iranian connected to their government.
Elizabeth Warren is like the female version of John Kerry, except in a swift-boat canoe.
Mitt Romney is the worst Massachusetts politician ever next to John Kerry
John Kerry is a billionaire also. Did you complain when he collected his Sec of State sala…
Hamilton Collection
*Secretary of State*. Madeline Albright . Colin Powell. Condoleezza Rice. Hillary Rodham Clinton . John Kerry . and last but…
Obama, Hillary, Sen McCain, John Kerry etc all work for George Soros to dismantle the U.S. fo…
I added a video to a playlist AHMIR helps raise money for cancer and Sen. John Kerry honored!
They should enjoy it while it's here, 'cuz even Sen. John Kerry says he doesn't think "45" will make it to 2 years.
look up Operation Paperclip and Operation Highjump, Antarctica. Ask why John Kerry and Patriarch Ki…
Good Job President Trump & administration Too bad there's nothing that can be done to Barry Sotero & John Kerry fo…
Buzz Aldrin, Secr. John Kerry, Sen. John McCain all share this in common:. vilified by crackpots outside the "mainstream" of American "media"
Yeah, not to mention members of Dem party in Congress, like John Lewis, et al John Kerry, Tim Geithner.…
the first Google hit I see says "Sen. John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry agree to divest nearly 100 holdings..."
didn't Bill Clinton and John McCain and John Kerry all hang out in Russia?
As a Vietnam Veteran I firmly believe Jane Fonda along with John Kerry are despised by all who wear or have worn the uniform.
and Queen Elizabeth and Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey and John Kerry and Princess Kate and Rockefeller and Rothschild a…
John Kerry and his dog join historic
John Kerry spent his first day as a private citizen after 34 years at the
John Kerry and his dog join historic .
John Kerry just did a walk through of the Women's March crowd, with his dog
When you wake up tomorrow know this;. Loretta Lynch is not AG. John Kerry is not SoS. Ash Carter is not President.
John Kerry leaves the State Department warning of challenges to the press and fact-gathering
John Kerry leaves the State Department with a warning of the challenges to come
John Kerry made a surprise appearance in the State Department briefing room with a special guest: his dog Ben
The confession of the criminal John Kerry: Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
John Kerry: Just one of many many crypto jews who betray their host nation and open the gates to the enemy.
Donald Trump made LAUGHING STOCK at Davos by John Kerry in spiteful side swipe
Following Obama's presser, John Kerry is upset that no one wants to ask any Qs of him. Just like Rick Moranis at the end of "Ghostbusters".
The confession of the criminal John Kerry, by Thierry Meyssan
John Kerry also urged Europe to “believe in itself”, and remember that European integration was driven by the need…”
John Kerry: It was "inappropriate" for President-elect Trump to "be stepping in to the politics of other countries."
John Kerry finds former Viet Cong soldier who once tried to kill him via
John Kerry visits site where he killed a
Remarkable. John Kerry meets w ex-Viet Cong fighter. Kerry had killed his friend & got Silver Star for his actions.
John Kerry meets man who knew Viet Cong soldier he killed
John Kerry visits site where he killed a soldier.
John Kerry meets comrade of Viet Cong soldier he shot dead
John Kerry our government and CNN are lying pos.
Remember when "swift boated" John Kerry attacking his war record and heroism? Now they support Treason & Putin.
How far we've come: 48 years later, John Kerry grasps hands with Vietcong guerrilla who ambushed him
John Kerry apologizes for decades of discrimination- a small step towards equality. .
. 70 is a key number here in this Peace Conference. It's the 70th anniversary, 70 countries, John Kerry spoke for 70 mins.
Perfect antidote to what is being said of John Kerry's visit to Vietnam: What John Kerry Really Did in Vietnam |
Enjoy you tinfoil hat ! Make sure John Kerry and Obama's bud Putin doesn't get you !
New: Kerry at site where he killed soldier for more
Someday I hope we'll have these experiences in Iraq & Afghanistan, like et al in Vietnam
Kerry at site where he killed soldier - RSS Channel - Intl Homepage - News
“Brilliant minds trained at MIT are behind some of the most transformative innovations in history.” —
MT John Kerry a hard truth for you I must remind you... 'You're Fired!'
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When John Kerry wakes up and realizes the Palestinian State is a figment of his imagination, maybe he will rethink his thinking
Kerry at site where he killed soldier via [CNN Int.]
Kerry at site where he killed soldier CNN
John Kerry’s mouth may be shut permanently after this video came out… -
Why is John Kerry at a 72 nation summit this weekend? Deciding Israel's future without Israel. joins FBN7p
CNN Top Stories : Kerry at site where he killed soldier
CNN: Kerry at site where he killed soldier
ICYMI, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at MIT and urged action on climate change via
John Kerry arrives at Middle East Peace conference in Paris
Huge Network | Kerry at site where he killed soldier
Kerry at site where he killed soldier via
BBC News - John Kerry finds Vietnam War site where he killed a man
Sec. Kerry returns to Vietnam on final official trip, makes peace with man who tried to kill him
Kerry at site where he killed soldier
John Kerry visits war site in Vietnam where he killed soldier -
Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and Bowe Bergdahl could all be viewed as traitors. And Obama supports them all?
Best thing about becoming president is no more John Kerry.
Sen. Cruz:. History will record Barack Obama and John Kerry as relentless enemies of Israel. https…
AXIS OF CHUMPS: Samantha Power, John Kerry & Barack Hussein Obama cover themselves & the USA with shame at UN on day o…
John Kerry visits Vietnam on his last trip as secretary of state with an eye on the deep water port in Cam Ranh Bay:
John Kerry was officially endorsed by *** Gephardt, and Kerry said, '...
Tillerson is sharp. He makes John Kerry look like a J.V. player.
Sharp Man, John Kerry is a Buffoon and Complete *** in comparison, this is an embarrassment the Russia focus no Islam
Tillerson is a very sharp no nonsense individual. Compare him to what falls out of John Kerry's head. Or Hillary& her retarded reset button.
Wow: John Kerry apologizes for State Department’s history of LGBTQ discrimination
Alperovic is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council along with Angela Merkel, John Kerry, Ben Bernanke and Jeff Bezos
History will record and the world will note that Barack Obama and John Kerry are relentless enemies of Israel:
Rabbi Rick Jacobs, head of the URJ, commenting on the UN Security Council resolution on Israel and John Kerry's...
Leaked recording of John Kerry private meeting with anti-Assad Syrian representatives at UN in Sept, removed by CNN
Am I the only one who consistently forgets John Kerry is secretary of state? It's like Rory's new bf in the gilmore girls revival.
--John Kerry: You can be Jews or Democrats, but not both. --Kinda Like His Party's Motto: You can be Liberals or Ameri…
Meanwhile, John Kerry's Friends 👉. Normalization with Israel Leads to the Spread of AIDS - Hamas Boycott Conference.
.on John Kerry's speech: "A speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-Israel resolution passed at the U.N…
The damage caused by Obama's and Kerry’s delusions harms the Pals the most, then the US.
John Kerry 'it's another brick in the war' opinion pg illustration
John Kerry needs to fback off to the irrelevance that he has always been.
Did John Kerry forget about all the Jews who were massacred and expelled from the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem?
Who cares what John Kerry says or the UN Palestinians need to be told the truth. ISREAL won the land by War 4God.
Theresa May’s attack on John Kerry over Israel is extraordinary | Azriel Bermant
Theresa May attacks John Kerry’s Israel speech in bid to please Trump team
Ted Cruz: History will record President Obama, John Kerry as ‘relentless enemies’ of Israel – TheBlaze
A fine candidate for poster boy for Democrat duplicity.
PM Netanyahu just DESTROYED John Kerry in this powerful speech via
Following John Kerry's 'historic' speech we need a diplomacy of resistance
"For a long time, Israelis... believed that repressing the problem would make it go away."
If you are Jewish and supporting Barack Obama and John Kerry, well, you would have made a fine helper at Auschwitz.
UK govt makes unprecedented attack on Kerry speech. Have they realised error in treacherously supporting UNSCR 2334? ht…
"Israel can either be Jewish or democratic it cannot be both," John Kerry said of the nation that is a Jewish democracy.
John Kerry's practiced betrayal of friends - Washington Times
Bibi: Israel doesn't need lectures from Kerry by via
Israelis now face a fateful choice as hope for a two-state solution fades | Dahlia Scheindlin
Quite right! Lickspittle May a disgrace. Party before country her sole motivation. She MUST go!
John Kerry kissed his political career goodbye; and lest we forget, his speech is recorded for infinity.
John Kerry is a triplet, separated at birth from Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Ed.
- John Kerry, like puke on a sidewalk, isn't worth mentioning other than saying: "Eeewh, gross!".
Britain dismisses John Kerry as a fool. You have got to love the British.
Bob Kerrey, a prior senator from NE, was a Seal. John Kerry was just a swift boat operator.
John Kerry turned on the US in 73 and now turns on Israel in 2016! Fake medals to throw at Nixon!
Disgusting! He was a traitor then. He is a traitor now. . John Kerry
Reminded this morning I used to call John Kerry the "Poodle". He acts French, and he's a rich woman's pet with a bad hairc…
John Kerry thinks he's the new lead in the next Presidential election. Hey Clutch Cargo - You loose
happy new year. I think John Kerry is looking for his swift boat
Less than half hour into John Kerry's speech, Israeli TV cut to other programming. Condescending lectures don't rate w…
Eww, gross. No wonder John Kerry hates the Jewish people and sides with terrorists.
Information about the not so swift veterans attacking John Kerry.
John Kerry proves that the Swift Boating was right on Target. He will go down faster than Monica Lewinsky.
John Kerry needs to be swift boated out of public life!
eww, gross...VIDEO: John Kerry sticks his tongue out dozens of times during anti-Israel speech http:/...
‘Kerry is almost as dishonest as is CNN’: It’s John Kerry vs. Benjamin Netanyahu in dueling speeches
Did Netanyahu forget we just gave Israelis $38 billion? John Kerry is right. STOP
Hours after John Kerry speech, Israel launches criminal probe into Benjamin Netanyahu:
John Kerry keeps sticking his tongue out. Gross!
look at John Kerry. Our Troops in danger during the Obama administration and he thought he was…
correction, 2005, as he also defended Swift Boat Vets defamation of John Kerry war record. Now he lectures
John Kerry on Mideast peace: Nearing a point of no return
All purpose parts banner
John Kerry and the UN negotiating peace between Israel and Palestinians:
Is it just me or does John Kerry look a little like Rocky Dennis?
Chris Jansing sides with racist Netanyahu rejecting TRUTH of SOS John Kerry that Israel can't be based on apartheid and still be a democracy
Menachem Begin has a few choice words for John Kerry.
Menachem Begin has a message for John Kerry.
With just 23 days left, John Kerry tries to deliver “hard truths” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fires back at John Kerry, slamming the UNSC vote https:/…
John Kerry just delivered the sharpest attack on Israeli settlements of any top US official
John Kerry is a good man, sitting across from this craven daft old crone for us
John Kerry may have lost the presidency, but he proved today that he's . the prohibitive frontrunner for Useless Loony-Left…
John Kerry also known as Lurch, biggest disgrace ever 4 Sec of State, also the dumbest one. He forgot his swastika armband when he spoke
John Kerry defends U.S. policy toward Israel, house flipping makes a comeback and more top stories:
Kerry lectured Israel on what it can or can not be?. Israel would not exist if Moshe Dayan or Ariel Sharon were a John Kerry.
John Kerry just compared Palestinian education of their children to KILL & HATE Israelis with Israeli education!
How can John Kerry discuss Israel without mentioning Obama's outrageous & disgusting Yet he did exactly this.
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‘Go F yourself’: Human pustule John Kerry appalls with this remark on Israel
John Kerry advised Palestinian diplomats on how to write a resolution condemning settlements
John Kerry's not god not boss even in his own fantasy" sike ward hello !
."I must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of John Kerry."
John Kerry and his ISIS army been chopping off head killing woman and children threw the Middle East ravishing the country like Gangues kahn
Elliott Abrams' calmly devastating analysis of John Kerry's hapless and harmful speech.
I've been there as Canadian ambassador. Pity that the UNSC Resolution did not reflect John Kerry's principles
John Kerry said we need a "borderless world.” Wonderful! After Iran got that lopsided nuke deal negotiated by Kerry he…
I was wrong. NOW, "Obama's BETRAYAL of Israel is complete.". John Kerry just extinguished any hope for a peaceful solution i…
HE should have listened 2 them all of it against Israel . John Kerry urged to cancel Mideast peace speech via
Hey Greg an you play 'I am Just a Gigolo' by David Lee Roth, when ever you talk about John Kerry? Seems appropriate. lmao
It's a shame that 2016 didn't take more people like "Michael Moore" & "John Kerry" instead of Carrie Fisher, Prince, David Bowie, etc...
Fmr. Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, David Rubin: "John Kerry is either a very confused man or a dishonest man."
Every time John Kerry walks into a room they should play the David lee Roth song "I am just a Gigolo" .
Here's a rundown of the worst lies John Kerry just told.
"John Kerry just delivered the most outrageous speech of any top American official in modern times."
ICYMI: John Kerry just gave one of the most anti-Israel speeches of all time.
John Kerry is proving to Israel and the western world that electing Trump was the right move for freedom all over the wo…
Real warrior destroys John Kerry - let's world know Israeli policy will not ever be made by Jew haters.…
clue John Kerry. It will never happen to Gomer Pyle
I didn't think Obama could have a worse SecState than Hillary Clinton but John Kerry blew her out.
Here's John Kerry being manufactured at the *** Factory:
John Kerry says two state solution only way to achieve just and lasting peace between Israelis, Palestinians.
John Kerry says in one state solution Israel can be Jewish or democratic but not both. Moron! Can't wait for *** obama admin to be gone.
"A two state solution is the only way to achieve peace" - John Kerry
John Kerry was disloyal to America during the Vietnam War. Which is why he's been the perfect Secretary of State for Barack…
I wish John Kerry had spoken these truths about Israel undermining chances of a peaceful 2-state solution early on, not at…
John Kerry, the Sec of State who has overseen destruction in the is lecturing us on Israeli relations. He'll be i…
Elections matter…. Sellout politician voted to confirm John Kerry at State and Samantha Power at the U.N.…
John Kerry said the U.S. cannot “allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our eyes.’’
"Jewish or Democratic" – John Kerry absolutely spot on. An apartheid state is not democratic.
John Kerry rebuked Israel over its settlements, saying the U.S. couldn't allow "a 2-state solution to be destroyed"
I better take another look at John Kerry & re-evalute; I thought Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State, they now sha…
John Kerry warns Israel: Two-state solution is 'now in jeopardy'
John Kerry parrots talking point any future state must be ethnically cleansed of all but 1million arabs live in
John Kerry: "If Israel goes down the one-state path, it will never have true peace with the Arab world"
Also worth noting that John Kerry is a great American and was a great Secretary of State. He'll be missed.
John Kerry has now come up with a plan for peace in the Middle East, with about 20 days left as Secretary of State. Wha…
Here's what Palestinians think about Palestinian Authority that John Kerry wants to make the basis of future state
What is evident here is that is far more qualified to be Sec of State than John Kerry.
The US has officially made their stance when it comes to Israel and a 2 state solution with John Kerry's words. htt…
John Kerry's speech was a Hail Mary pass to try to save the "two state" solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.
John Kerry reiterates importance of two-state peace solution for Israel and Palestine
"The two state solution is now in serious jeopardy," John Kerry said in scathing remarks about Israel-Palestine. https:/…
Hi. I'm John Kerry. I stood by as 500,000 Syrians were killed. Now let me tell Israel what to do, because I am a moral midg…
What's up with John Kerry's tie knot? It looks like a 5th grader made his tie.
When did John Kerry start looking like Clutch Cargo?
Why does John Kerry keep licking his bottom lip, like Al Pacino in Devils Advocate?
Democrats should condemn the actions of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Kerry & Barack Obama.
John Kerry is to international relations what Jim Carey is to movies .
John Kerry hitting it out the park on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He's nailing it.
This speech by John Kerry is not helpful. Dead man whistling in the park. Trump will overturn the damage Obama has done.
Wow what a speech from John Kerry ! But as an Israeli Jew I cannot agree with him, Jewish blood in the sand gives Israel the right to expand
Do you think John Kerry's remarks. tomorrow morning, will be influenced because of his Iranian son-in-law, Brian...
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