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John Kasich

John Richard Kasich (born May 13, 1952) is the 69th and current Governor of Ohio.

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John Kasich and John McCain - the most annoying Republicans ever.
When I see John Kasich trending & liberals defending him.. It just confirms that he's a one of them! They can have him, Mc…
I literally have no qualms with John Kasich. But confirm to me your non-Trump liteness, are you OK with Charlie Bak…
Republicans are calling in governors like Scott Walker and John Kasich to help with the Obamacare repeal bill.
John Kasich: What the White House says matters "not just in America, but all over the world” https…
Jake, John Kasich is irrelevant. I grew up in Ohio. Have relatives there. People dont like him much.
Advocates for access to public records fear a plan by Gov. John Kasich shields details about Ohio's drug epidemic.
First on CNN: John Kasich starts a new political chapter
Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham & John McCain funded by to stop Trump + much more
Book News Update: Ohio Gov. John Kasich takes on 'fake news' in new book
John Kasich: Reject false prophets. Protect our allies. again - the 1 R I would have have voted for
Is headed for recession, or are we "restoring fiscal well-being" like the nation? Depends on Guv's audience..…
JohnKasich: For our states to succeed, America needs to exhibit courage as a global leader. . Read my op-ed in Tim…
Gov.Kasich's words should appeal to freedom loving Americans.John Kasich: Reject false prophets. Protect our allies.
Thank you, Much respect. John Kasich: Reject false prophets. Protect our allies.
"Without a shared commitment to freedom, how can we expect it to survive?"
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Gov. with the TIME op-ed: "Reject false prophets. Protect our allies." Support NATO, punish Russians
calls for Putin sanctions and standing firm with Ukraine and The Baltics
"Our nation is safer when freedom, democracy and the rule of law are embraced around the world." -
This is the guy Trump wanted doing all the governing for him.
Kasich calls for additional sanctions on Putin, Russia & support for The Baltics, Ukraine and other allies.
: Reject false prophets. Protect our allies, punish Putin!
.: Reject false prophets. Protect our allies.
Great news for solar jobs in Gov. John Kasich has vetoed the renewable energy freeze.
John Kasich getting ready 2 spend 15 Million rigging roads so he can put drivers out of jobs TIME 2 Go KASICH
2016 has six hours left and I find myself puzzling yet again over exactly what John Kasich was thinking.
Mr Sexton, what do you think of that poopoo head, Evan McMuffin? He really grates on my last nerve. Is he John Kasich' son?
John Kasich vetoed bad legislation that would have continued a freeze on clean energy in Ohio. Audubon statement: https:…
Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, John Cain, Lyndsey Graham all mentioned as recipients of Clinton/S…
. Eric, I think that helps to explain why centerist candidates like John Kasich and Jim Webb did so poorly in 2016.
Ohio voters may be getting more than they bargained for or should I say less? Seems Republicans really have a...
If you don't think it will get bad under Trump, just remember that John Kasich was considered the moderate Republican ;-)…
Kasich quietly signs law blocking local govts from raising min wage via The party of the working class?
Another attack from ALEC and friends.
Time for John "I Shut Down Planned Parenthood in Ohio" Kasich to take his victory lap as the true *** Republican woman…
John Kasich has quietly signed a measure blocking local Ohio Governments from raising the minimum wage
Colorado secretary of state has referred elector Micheal Baca -- who cast his vote for John Kasich -- to AG for potential…
"Now, I join with millions of evangelicals and Catholics in condemning Gov. John Kasich's veto of the bill. This...
Gov. John Kasich on the passing of Dr. Henry Heimlich:
The phrase of the morning is “their perfumed prince candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich.”
John Kasich signed a ban on abortion in Ohio after 20 weeks, with almost no exceptions - Vox
this under the boys. –TW Great State Treasurer John Kasich of TMZ, at 2p/10p ET . Check your local…
RINO John Kasich: Another SELLOUT. Took $$$ from low can you go
How the fight against abortion will be fought for the next 2-4 years can be shaped by one man: ..
I like John Kasich but I don't think he should have signed abortion ban. Let people do what they want with their free will and conscience
Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoes "heartbeat" bill but signs a bill outlawing abortions in the state after 20 weeks.
John Kasich's capitulation on life underscores why conservatives lose policy fights
I took the state of Ohio from an $8 billion hole and a 350,000 job loss ...
John Kasich is a liberal we know that that's why he'll be voted out next vote that people hate him after what he did
Ohio Gov. John Kasich should veto bill that freezes alternative energy standards: editorial
Ohio became the 18th state to ban abortion at 20 weeks, after Gov. John Kasich signed the bill into law.
John Kasich suggests he might tap into state Rainy Day Fund: Ohio Politics Roundup: John Kasich may have his sights…
.at office: I'd pledge allegiance to John Kasich. For 8 years.on that and other elector scenarios:
Dear John Kasich and Oklahoma,. You've failed your own citizens today. If you don't want abortions, don't get them. Sign…
We always forget that "moderate" means "anti-abortion extremist." Thanks for the reminder, John Kasich!
Two great political insiders to follow are John Kasich strategist & Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff
Lovett: N.Y.’s GOP primary will matter for first time in years as John Kasich eyes
Question: Why do liberals like killing babies so much? Answer: Because they're mostly Satanic scum. RE: John Kasich signs…
John Kasich makes a compromise on abortion restrictions in Ohio. reports: https:…
Why did John Kasich do this? It won't, and shouldn't, hold up in court.
I've said before that John Kasich was the most qualified person in the GOP POTUS field, but don't pretend he's a Bill Weld moderate.
Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) became a member of the pro-life movement in 1995. Wants to overturn Roe v Wade. "John Kasich"
Gov. John Kasich can help slam the Electoral College door on Donald Trump: Claude Goldenberg (Opinion)
Will you please cast your vote for John Kasich if you won't vote 4 HRC on Dec 19 please? Thanks.
Abortion rights advocate to drop 18-foot banner off James Hospital parking garage calling for John Kasich to veto on all Ohio abortion bans
Gov. John Kasich statement on the recent news about the upcoming Electoral College meeting:
Trump takes a shot at both John Kasich and Evan McMullin, who he calls “that guy from Utah I never heard of” 😂
Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, John Kasich can go take a hike, and get off government welfare!
Last thing I want to see is John Kasich's face on TV again. Apparently I'm an Anti-Trump grudge holder.
Gov. John Kasich: Ohio State campus attack 'took a piece out of everybody'
Kellyanne Conway tells CNBC the president-elect has also taken calls from former rivals Jeb Bush and John Kasich.
Stanley Druckenmiller rips into Chris Christie as he endorses John Kasich
John Kasich should have won the primaries and Bernie Sanders.. There were/are the two most honesty worthy candidates that were in play
John Kasich voted for ... John McCain . John Kasich voted for the end of his own political life!
John Kasich: "If you don't like what somebody is doing, pray for them"
Appreciate you sharing your heart didn't know you were a brother in Christ. But John Kasich tho?? 😃
domain names
Who do you think you are kidding, John Kasich? The people have not spoken. Vote riggers have spoken, for NWO rulers.
To reaffirm my stance on the president elect- I am a John Kasich supporter, and I'm much more liberal on social issues. Trump >Hillary tho.
Ernie shocked me by saying John Kasich that's who I would've like to see in!
I'm sorry, but John Kasich is also a highly problematic candidate. Ernie doesn't get a pat on the back for that
But you could've gone for the "happy warrior," John Kasich--he was the last standing Republican in the GOP primary.
John Kasich has evolved into a self-unaware bozo!
Under John Kasich in Ohio he's created a black market. They pay no taxes and get better drug prices.
John Kasich should resign from politics and never be heard from again.
This is on point. And makes me love him even more! AND I LIKED JOHN KASICH TOO!!
So when is John Kasich getting deported?
Here you go NBA fans, Ernie Johnson cast a protest vote for John Kasich of all people 🙄 WHITE PRIVILEGE AT IT'S FIN…
because a likeable sports commentator delivered a commentary: "Oh it's good" - no, it's very bad. John Kasich!!!???
LMFAO man I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at the Ernie clip "I wrote in. John Kasich".
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: I said my prayers today for "the success of Donald Trump"
Among other things I disagreed with, Ernie Johnson voting John Kasich didn't mesh with his need to "be a better man"
Update your maps at Navteq
This is milquetoast nonsense, full of rhetorical flourish, signifying nothing. John Kasich? There is nothing classy about him
60 million people weren't going to write in John Kasich's name. John Kasich didn't need to hit 5% to get federal funding.
Like, that's the thing. Regardless of how you feel about John Kasich as a prospective nominee for president, it was a non-vote.
John Kasich should change his name to Mr. Irrelevant. His actions were selfish, destructive and ignorant. He helped Hillaary.
. Anybody care what Kasich has to say?. Guy wrote in John McCain??!!...
It's at this moment where if a republican won, I would have wished so hard it'd be John Kasich.
" I wrote in John Kasich" Thank you Ernie for opening the door for a Trumpian America...
Can we stop praising Ernie Johnson for this?! He wrote in John Kasich FFS.
I told y'all john kasich was the right choice but what happens? Y'all Hype trump and honestly idk why. Since when d…
...they would have nominated John Kasich, or Ted Cruz, or switched parties to vote for Bernie Sanders.
I was with Erine for about 11 seconds until he said John Kasich. Then I had to go.
Kasich always struck me as a sincere person and a kindred sort of misanthrope. Wish him well, hope he has a future.
John Kasich went back on his word and that's one of the worst things a man can do.
Proof John Kasich is working for George Soros to stop Trump
Saying you wrote in John Kasich is the same thing as saying you didn't vote. Point blank. I like and respect Ernie a whole lot, but come on.
Regardless, John Kasich blew his chance at VP, and Mike Pence lucked out with Trump, thanks to Paul Manafort.
You were right. I thought I could follow John Kasich's example and Lee/Graham/others, but I was wrong.
Back story on & George Soros and his surrogates giving John Kasich’s campaign $700,000
Sniveling Cowards and NeverTrumpers Mitt Romney and John Kasich Reach out to Trump
VIDEO: 'Inside the NBA' crew talks politics; EJ wrote in John Kasich
Let's all try voting for normal people like John Kasich and Jim Webb next time, and not let the psychos in the headlines influence us.
had someone like say, John Huntsman, John Kasich, or Lindsay Graham get elected.
I never want to hear again from John Kasich, Weekly Standard, National Review, Erick Erickson, Ben Ferguson, Mark Levin, Steve Deace, Bush,
Frank underwood. Mitt Romney . John Kasich. Paul Ryan . People I would rather see in the White House than the one who's about to end up there
We could've had Joe Biden or John Kasich or Martin O'Malley or Marco Rubio... but no, we decided to nominate pop culture.
.fiery message to fellow GOP's Jeb Bush and John Kasich: "shame on you... you signed a pledge!"
Donald Trump's false claim that John Kasich 'helped' Lehman Brothers 'destroy the world economy'
Rick Santorum scolds John Kasich for not voting for Donald Trump: "You signed a pledge"
The difference between Ted Cruz and John Kasich is that Cruz said to vote your conscience. Kasich actually did.
If a Bernie Sanders ran against a John Kasich, he wouldn't fair as well in the general election as he did in the primary
She is awful but the Republicans could only muster a carnival barker in opposition. John Kasich was the choice for me.
John Kasich: Tell Ohio Gov. John Kasich to recall 37 state troopers from North Dakota! - Sign the Pet... via
John Kasich took $202,700 from George Soros from another puppet of George Soros sav…
John Weaver FAILED in 2000 & 2008 with John McCain! Failed in 2012 with Jon Huntsman. Was 1-38 with John Kasich!
John Kasich, Jeb Bush and other college educated Whites won't VOTE for the Ignoramus Trump!
John Kasich stands by pledge not to vote for Trump - USA TODAY
John Kasich,Jeb Bush two babies !! take their toys and go home , Karma never close to presidential period
I figured it out: the 2016 election is an elaborate scary story for Halloween. November 1st we'll have John Kasich vs. Be…
More than likely John Kasich voted for himself. You can't believe anything he says. No honor among him or the Bush family.
That's because John Kasich is as crooked as Killary!!!
Call John Kasich's office at (614) 466-3555 to demand that Ohio pull out. Shameful and !!!…
Ohio Governor John Kasich just announced he is writing in John McCain for President. Will he write-in Palin, too?
Good for John Kasich! Trump is a racist sexual predator. We all know it. Real GOP not voting for Trump in Ohio.
Jeez-o-man this is exciting news for the employees who think John Kasich cares about anything but John Kasich.…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted today – he wrote in Sen John McCain's name.
Kasich voted today by absentee ballot, writing in the name of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) instead of the GOP nominee. ht…
John Kasich voted for John McCain via absentee.He took the Republican pledge to support the nominee. John Kasich is a *** liar.
John Kasich voted today...for John McCain. talked w/Kasich spox, who says Kasich went straight-ticket down re…
should read "John kasich puts final nail in his coffin"
will never vote for John Kasich. Gutless, spineless Coward.
I wrote today on PolitiStick that there's no such thing as a wasted vote. I was wrong ==>> via
Proof that Kasich had lost his mind…he thinks it's 2008 & votes for John McCain.
Republican John Kasich is a man of his word.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted today – and not for the GOP presidential nominee. The former GOP hopeful wrote in Sen John McCain
Former GOP presidential nominee John Kasich publicly snubs Trump with write-in vote for John McCain, spokesman says.
John Kasich follows through on vow not to vote for Donald Trump, writes in John McCain instead…
John Kasich is a traitor,and it doesn't surprise me that he would vote for that traitor John McCain,traitors of a feath…
John Kasich traitor of the worst kind that gives his word then says "My word doesn't mean much because…
John Kasich writes in John McCain for president instead of voting for Donald Trump
I am a very politically active Ohioan and I LOATHE john kasich! Snake in the grass-cares only about himself.
The only Republican that will ever talk to Kasich will be John McCain. Enjoy Johnny.
Good for John Kasich. A man of his word indeed.
John Kasich decided to write in John McCain for President. Repubs can't unite on the simple concept of defeating HRC.…
Very disappointing that we would win this election easily if people like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mike Lee, John Kasich would vote Trump!
Gov. John Kasich is everywhere: What's that mean for 2020? – Dayton Daily News
I don't understand why all he good candidates like John Kasich, Gary Johnson, Rubio or Cruz lost. 🤔
John Kasich knows that is a blatant LIE - This election is RIGGED like every election - He's a foolish *** -
The late Bob Bennett handed Ohio to Obama - Matt Borges, Jon Husted and John Kasich want to hand it to Hillary.STOP THE MADNESS!
Long ago in the primary season, John Kasich estimated the value of free Fox News airtime to be over $2B.Far more now
John Kasich bans Wells Fargo from lucrative Ohio deals: Wells Fargo was hit by a seri...
When you find yourself on the same side as Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Glenn Beck, George Will, Bill Kristol, ….
Friendly reminder that this could have been John Kasich vs Bernie Sanders but you all wanted ratings instead of a presid…
That's John Kasich in eyeglasses y'all can't tell me any different
But they were still crazy wacko lunatics except for John Kasich. Same thing happened 4 years ego with Jon Huntsman.
John Kasich. Jon Huntsman. Rick Santorum, on all but social issues. Mitt Romney, practically!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
John Kasich on Trump: I told you so | AP Photo
Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says it's time for John Kasich to get on the Donald Trump train
Yep, at least THREE GOP governors knowingly let towns be poisoned. Rick Snyder, John Kasich, and Pat McCrory.
John Kasich has transformed from semi-respected Governor to a national joke. Twitchy grump.
WASHINGTON Ohio's Republican governor, John Kasich, took over the White House briefing lectern on Friday to...
This is why John Kasich is still the governor of Ohio and not the GOP nominee.
John Kasich's dad jokes make my dad's dad jokes sound like regular person jokes.
Dear Republicans, you could've had John Kasich. But you just had to get your Mr. apocalypse nominated is evil https:/…
Tough work to be a worse man than Scott Walker, a worse man than John Kasich, a worse man than Rick Snyder, a worse man than Bruce Rauner
Another "Christian" being judgy. Gov. John Kasich on actor Daniel Radcliffe: 'What the *** is wrong with him?'
John Kasich if you are going spend last 2 years of your term as Ohio Governor campaigning for GOP nomination POTUS 2020. RESIGN
John Kasich bashes Harry Potter: Ohio Governor thinks it’s “weird” that Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist: With ...
Since I am a write in candidate, if I had a choice of vice presidential picks. I would choose the governor of Ohio, John Kasich.
Anticipating a Trump defeat, GOP governor John Kasich is laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential race.
John Kasich and Gary Johnson look like they would sacrifice their firstborn sons to Moloch if they were accused of raci…
Katlyn Marin was found guilty of murdering her 3-year-old daughter, Brielle Gage, and John Kasich was back in NH...
Shame on you Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Mitt Romney for exacting your revenge against Donald Trump. Your just desert will be the
John Kasich is still John Kasich is to politics what Jimmy Swagart was to religion
Kelly File ? has Glenn Beck on again Said we had choices ya like John Kasich got money from Soros or Ted Cruse gave HIM 8 MIL Crazy guy
Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz & John Kasich were right about Donald Trump...He's a liar, cheat & swindler...HRC is much better.
Imagine having Angela Merkel & John Kasich sitting next to you in a restaurant? https:…
I'm watching tv & noticing that John Kasich is literally ***
Kasich: A man of character remaining true to himself. If he or Rubio were the GOP nominee, they'd be unstoppable. .
John Kasich confirms to NYT report that Trump Jr. called one of his aides to put a feeler out for VP:
John Kasich doesn't think Donald Trump can win Ohio
Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich: It will be 'really, really difficult' for Trump to win Ohio
Kasich: "Bizarre" Trump declined to endorse Republican members of Congress - on
Thank you, for your interviews of my candidate, John Kasich!
Tried to entice Ohio Gov. John Kasich to be his VP candidate saying he’d let him control domestic and foreign policy https:…
Look THIS NEVER HAPPENED, that I can tell you! John may be misremembering the time I offered to let him use my bidet.http…
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Kasich: Trump Jr. called aide to float VP offer
John Kasich repudiates Donald Trump, says campaign contacted his office about VP slot
John Kasich confirms the Trump campaign reached out about vice presidency:
He repudiates Why not repudiate Trump & the OH He's in it
So John Kasich confirmed one of his aides was contacted by Donald Trump Jr. about Kasich being VP.
John Kasich: "I was astounded" by the Republican platform language on Ukraine
I may disagree with some of his politics, but at least is sane, rational, and principled.
NYT reported Trump offered Kasich VP. Trump spokesman & son denied it. Kasich just confirmed it's TRUE. ht…
John Kasich confirms the report that the Trump camp floated a veep offer
Claim: Donald Trump Jr. offered Kasich most powerful VP role in history in charge of all domestic & foreign policy!.
Kasich: Trump campaign contacted me about VP job via
John Kasich is a good Man an a *** good Governor I like good guys I'm 1 an ur not Joe u suck truth so do Trump
Arizona's Jeff Flake and Ohio's John Kasich have doubts Donald Trump can win their battleground states
John Kasich jokes w/ CNN, "I'm running foreign policy in Ohio. You've got to remember, you know, we've got Michigan on our b…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he has no idea how he'll vote come November because he doesn't support Trump or Clinton.
In my day a Pledge was a promise. Doesn't look like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Nelson and John Kasich and others feel the same way. Poor losers!!
I believe that generic R is John Kasich, he would be good for 2020 Election.
CMV: John Kasich was selfish in rejecting Donald Trump's offer to be Vice President.
how every Republican should feel about not nominating John Kasich
John Kasich to Big 12: Let UC in via /r/CFB
he should be criticized but only R in article was John Kasich. doesn't count
Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) is against Trump's nasty attack on a dead veteran. Seems that no others in GOP have a soul.
Republicans - from John Kasich to Meghan McCain - slam Trump's comments about Muslim soldier
Trump fundamentally distorts what the Republican Party stands for, says John Kasich (R) gov of Ohio. . Watch this:
John Kasich won Manhattan in the R primary. Just a reminder.
People mentioned favorably at DNC and not at RNC: John Kasich, Mitt Romney, John McCain
Tim Kaine seems a little like the Democrats’ version of John Kasich:
John Kasich and Tim Kaine are friends but also rivals when it's time to pick the best social studies teacher at Lincoln High.
Ohio guv, John Kasich (R) beats (D) supporters to the punch on the truest satire of the campaign season
Trump insulted John Kasich like he does everybody, then arrogantly asked him to be VP, but Kasich stayed ht…
And how many Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Gary Johnson supporters did we see last week?
Gary Johnson is the John Kasich of the General election
John Kasich's message to Trump is basically, "be more like Hillary."
My birthday is in 1 hour and 16 minutes and I'm hoping my birthday present is this RNC being a joke and John Kasich is actually the nominee
John Kasich started running for president one year ago today and I'm just like
News from Cinc Inquirer: "Donald Trump feud with John Kasich loses him staff in Ohio"
now runs a close second to John Kasich on the annoyance chart. . Self-promoting ***
I never asked John Kasich to be my VP. I asked him to tell Ted Cruz to tell Chris Christie to bring me lunch without eatin…
you are a dishonorable man! You are a loser! You can stand with John Kasich but Not Marco Rubio. He is a patriot. You Cruz r not!
John Kasich: Not supporting Trump is "a matter of conscience for me"
Pence: I didn't think I'd be standing here tonight. Trump: Yeah, me neither, but John Kasich wouldn't accept my offer.
John Kasich and Ted Cruz are done. Acting like children because AMERICANS r sick of the establishment? We made our decision...
Good ole lying Cuban Rafeal Ted Cruz. May he RIP with John Kasich
John Kasich refused to speak at the RNC to protest being banned.
Huckabee: In John Kasich's case, this is a case of honesty and integrity. If you cannot keep a pledge, Thank God you didn't…
What Team Trump was prepared to offer John Kasich via
John Kasich's name will never pass my lips again except to say one last time Kasich IS A LOSER & YOU R A WINNER MR. TRUMP!
John Kasich is a lying *** bag. He signed a pledge. He has no honor.
Gingrich: Kasich 'being silly' for skipping convention | Getty
I liked 'John Kasich Demands More Immig...' in the RedFlag ⚑ App
John Kasich Governor of Ohio is Garbage for not endorsing
Thank you for continuing to stand on & NOT attending
Few convention snubs are quite as awkward and obvious as Ohio Gov. John Kasich's
So asked Kasich to run the country as VP while he sells steaks and bankrupts casinos. Big surprise.
Egos are universal in politics. But Trump - and others - put their country first. Not so John Kasich.
John Kasich sticking to his guns, not endorsing Trump & not attending Republican National Convention. Music to my ears. Ohi…
How incredibly short-sighted & self-absorbed for John Kasich not to attend the RNC. What did he accomplish by skipping?…
Tomorrow John Kasich is going to jump on stage during Trump's speech and say "Ima let you finish Donald, but."
No need for John Kasich to be there. Nor the Bushes. Dinosaurs of yesterday who have nothing to contribute to our new…
No-shows: Bushes, Mitt Romney, John McCain, GOP governor of Ohio Kasich, Cruz speech" vote your conscience". This is not your father's GOP!
And now the point is correctly made that John Kasich handled the convention the correct way if he wasn't going to endorse.
If a mans word is no good, the man is no good. Ted Cruz. John Kasich.
Trump son denies trying to lure Kasich to be unusually powerful VP: “What am I, a meathead?"
Ted Cruz joins such GOP luminaries as Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Mitt Romney in wanting to see Donald Trump crash and bu…
Cruz has a rough future, for not endorsing Trump, also John Kasich for not even showing up to the convention
John Kasich calls the choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton a "vexing situation":
Ted Cruz,John Kasich you made Trump even biger than he already was!
Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush will forever go down as the guys who did NOT honor a personal pledge... THESE men ha…
John Kasich isn't at the RNC because he's *still* holding out for a longshot nomination
John Kasich was never asked by me to be V.P. Just arrived in Cleveland - will be a great two days!
John Kasich shows he has a conscience in the face of bigotry and party mob rule. I salute him. Decency!!
JUST IN: Donald Trump says he never asked John Kasich to be his VP
Donald Trump basically offered John Kasich the presidency
First GOP convention in 40 years without a member of the Bush family. Gov. of Ohio, John Kasich, also staying away.
I only have one word to say to Ohio Gov, John Kasich... . Wa!!! Just a sore loser.
All purpose parts banner
Trump has an Ohio problem named John Kasich via
by going after Hillary and not wasting time on *** ants like John Kasich or Mitt Romney!
Ohio's GOP delegates will spend Tues during convention week with John Kasich, who won't attend the convention
Ohio Governor John Kasich, hoping you consider restarting your campaign. Your supporters are ready for a repeat performance 2016
Cruz only met with Trump on Thursday after a sit-down with Reince at Capital Grille on Wednesday, per http…
0 = The number of times Ohio Governor John Kasich will appear at the Republican National Convention.
How the GOP is courting John Kasich - How… - WinnCountyNews
For Godsake, the only politician this cycle that kept his/her word was John Kasich. That's absurd. Every other one buckled.
From 1 to 10 how would you rate John Kasich? And Gary Johnson?
John Kasich a man of principle did not endorse Donald Trump. Neither did Bush, or anyone else.. But Bernie folded
John, who cares about Kasich's endorsement??? Truly??? Who cares about Ted Cruz's endorsement??? Truly???
H5. .of says is disengaged from Should Kasich quit? :?
So John Kasich has betrayed the people's choice for republican candidate. Kick him OUT with all the other traitors who did not honor pledge
Ohio needs to be ashamed of their Wacko Governor John Kasich refusing to attend his party's convention.
GOP delegate issues a call to 'Dump Trump in Cleveland' Please John Kasich offer your services in Cleveland
Yes. .has criticized GOP for ‘lack of ideas’. Should he be the party flag bearer? Vote! :>
By contrast, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush have yet to endorse Trump (though Cruz will speak at convention) http…
How the GOP is courting John Kasich don't fold! Integrity!
Kasich keeping delegates to himself. Why would John Kasich try to change winner Donald Trump?
Props to John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for not selling out (to Trump) I wish I could say the same for Bernie
Four out of the last five Republican nominees are skipping the upcoming GOP convention, along with a number of...
.came on and lit up the Trap!. . also, David Frum. . John Kasich. . And Douthat.
She could. Put her up against a different Republican, like John Kasich and he'd destroy her.
Just a thought: Where is that full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump by Ted Cruz? Or John Kasich?
John Kasich won't endorse Trump, still thinks he can change him
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