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John Jay College

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a senior college of the City University of New York in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and is the only liberal arts college with a Criminal Justice and forensic focus in the United States.

Criminal Justice New York City

Today I'll be announcing our lawsuit against President Trump to @ 2:15 pm at John Jay College on 59th stree…
We're John Jay College students studying abroad in Ubud and we heard you were in town. We would love to hear from you!
Manhattan Community Board Leadership Series 2017 at 524 W 59th St. (@ John Jay College of Criminal Justice) on
John Jay College has confirmed their attendance at our College Exposure Showcase on June 11,…
David Shapiro, former FBI special agent/teaches at the John Jay College"The case may be si…
"On Wednesday, May 31, my friend Jose Antonio Vargas received an honorary degree from the John Jay College of...
Reminder to myself this morning... @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Applications are now open for the at John Jay College:
Pomeranian out for a walk @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
ICYMI on - Richard Ocejo, at determined if low-status jobs are
John “Jay” Ellison, associate dean at University, has been appointed Dean of Students in
Day 2 of LTNT EVENT SITTERS at John Jay College. I'm blessed to have a GREAT staff...that can represent Lil Tux N...
That's a wrap for the second day of We'll back at John Jay College for the final day of the conference tomorrow at 10am ✊🏽
A professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice said it's unfair that the arrest of a worker means t…
So many great speakers at this weekend's Left Forum. Christian Parenti & Richard Wolff to name just two! John Jay C…
How do I choose? — attending Left Forum Conference 2017 - The Resistance at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Come join me and members of to discuss at at John Jay College, NYC, tomorrow, Sat June 3rd at 10am
Airing on - Richard Ocejo, at determines if low-status jobs are
I graduated from Grad school at John Jay College this passed Wednesday!
I am on 2 panels. Please come! link for one flyer for the other John Jay College 89…
Just heard this on found it interesting: Are Low Status Jobs Cool?
Catch me this Saturday in NYC, speaking on two important panels at John Jay College, CUNY:
Read what students have to say about John Jay College's Seeing Rape– Play Review
Join Between The Lines at our panel on the movement: Sun, June 4, John Jay College, NYC
Lyft costs too much! Use Lyft, $50 credit for new users Code to enter: ZOOT >> John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Allied Universal and John Jay College to Host "Plan to Live" Seminar to Educate the Healthcare Community on How to…
The 2017 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, Educating for Justice Gala, honoring Anna Deveare Smith and...
Today's news: former Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason will take the helm at John Jay College in New York. Will mi…
It's official! Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason is the next President of John Jay College.
The EcoCinema Cafe at John Jay College starts on 4/24. The event takes place in the Student Dining Hall which...
McDougall's "Royal *** : Sara McDougall, John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New… https:/…
Perform at John Jay College in New York 😫 trust me you'll enjoy there, that's my dream school
Cheer on the Women's Basketball Team as they take on John Jay College on 11/18 at 7:30PM in the Bradley Center!
started taking an advanced certificate in terrorism studies at John Jay College
Men's Basketball opening night game will be next Tuesday, 11/15. They play John Jay College at 7PM in Packer Hall. Whose going?
CJ expert Ann Jacobs of John Jay College calls for the 44,000 documented consequences of a criminal record to be addressed.
Excellent article by Eugene O’Donnell, professor in Police Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Congratulations to my cousin/sister I never had. I'm immensely proud of you🎓🎓 @ John Jay College…
I did two years at Brooklyn Tech and retired with 30 years. Teaching at John Jay and Touro College.
Today my mother graduated from her masters program at John Jay College. I cannot believe that…
Thanks to John Jay College & Gail Garfield 4 such an amazing day! So delighted to join the class of 2016!
John Jay College class of 2016- Bachelors of Arts in Criminology with a minor in Sociology🎓
I guess I graduated today yo. @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Congrats to my brother he's graduating from Jay John College today ! I'm proud of you…
Among the more than 3,400 students to graduate from John Jay College was a trailblazer who already has made history:
Congrats to my cousin for graduating from John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Me and the grads of John Jay College. Well done!!
I was told by the President of John Jay college to take a selfie for graduation.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice personalizes the on-stage moment for each graduate using MarchingOrder's...
"It's graduation day at John Jay college" idgaf fam 90% of them *** gon be cops anyway
Today: My sister Ondri graduates w/ her Bachelors degree in psychology from John Jay College. Tomorrow: My...
Paid my deposit and officially registered for John Jay College of Criminal Justice. NYC I'm coming for ya.
Proud to be at the John Jay College Commencement working as a Marshal with .
Today, my oldest brother graduated John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I'm so proud of him.
Congratulations to all the John Jay college Veterans !. Hm
John Jay college of Criminal Justice! In the cityy
The meeting with John Cohen that sparked Jake Mangum's historic freshman season
John Jay College of Criminal Justice I'm ready for ya 💙💙💙
John Cohen looking for more after Mississippi State's taste of the College World Series in 2013.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice at 11h Ave & 58th St, NYC, hosted
Last night, "Rebel Memory Legacies of State Terrorism in Latin America" at John Jay College. A great and...
Little Giant Ladders
my fav is a guy who sleeps outside of John Jay. Pants down in his *** with an empty bottle of Georgi. He made my college yrs
The college known as 'the poor man's Harvard' is facing severe budgetary issues: CUNY John Jay College of Cri...
Please join me in supporting LeftForum2016 (May 20th-22nd, 2016 at John Jay College). Donate now!
Join us for our performance in Manhattan at John Jay College next weekend! Reserve your ticket today now!...
"This June the Forensic Training Academy is hosting Summer Training at John Jay College, June 13-17th..." Read more:
TOMORROW! Join us at John Jay College for the Rainbow Book Fair with gabby rivera Debra Hyde Donna Minkowitz &...
The Red Hoom Youth Court is at John Jay College tonight for a college panel, tour and chance to meet students!
So proud to be honoring Lin Manuel at John Jay College gala May 28.
Can I get some likes? @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
*** quota for today: filled. @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
lil babies at our music concert last night💗 @ John Jay College of…
You walking to class across from John Jay College - m4m (Midtown West)
Interested in graduate studies at CUNY? Attend the CUNY Graduate Studies Fair, 11/2, John Jay College
So have white people. A study at John Jay College found that police are more likely to shoot whites in similar situations.
waiting on word from John Jay College cause one day I will be as cool as
Community Service Council staff and member's from John Jay College of Criminal Justice posing in front of our...
Jay College student Angy Rivera tells her story of being an undocumented immigrant in new PBS film
Mediocrity at its finest @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
"This was premeditated crime." Referee's attorney in John Jay HS case speaks publicly for first time. VIDEO:
Lacrosse Insider: Manhattan College, new coach gain ground in commitments; John Jay (NY), Sachem...
Recruiting with our friends from Austin PD , @ John Jay college today.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice being honored at
Congratulations to John Jay College for 50 years of educating Criminal Justice professionals. Proud…
A pleasure celebrating 50 years of John Jay College with President Travis @ JohnJay
Stop by the ANY booth at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Career Fair today! See you there!
Jeff Butts, John Jay College: if we have the research showing confinement isn't a cure, why do we send kids to these facilities?
We asked class @ John Jay College to define HAPPINESS in 1 word. Answers: surprising, hilarious, vulgar, love, lust, poetry
Working late hours for our jjay community @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
John Jay college of Criminal Justice. It sounds ghetto I know
-You'll meet boys in college. -I go to ivy tech and my class is literally at John Jay tonight. 😂
Fantastic interview with by our film team at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
We have an immediate opening for a GA (hourly wage) position in career services at John Jay College. PM me for more information!
It's Monday, it's time for John Jay College Men's team, to get back on it's grind. Last week was…
Jay Wright with a very deserved spot on this list!
John Jay College Black Students Union now has an Instagram. Don't forget to support them on Wednesday…
Russell had over 50 starts in college pro style offenses. John 0. Johnny doesn't even get picked as.
Applied and transcripts sent to john jay college 💃
David Kennedy of the John Jay College talks to council about focused deterrence and
John Jay College of Criminal Justice wished me a happy birthday before my own dad.
Like the look of the new College Scorecard. - low cost, higher than average earnings.
Someone mentioned John Jay College and the name Snowball. Thought of SVU and Mariska. *** it.
A John Jay HS coach allegedly encouraged the players to hit ref for missed calls. This story gets worse.
John Calipari is now a Hall of Famer. Here’s why the narrative on him is all wrong.
I was sitting in a class that started 8 AM at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.. then running downtown, cuz of family...
Flipping the Switch. Major veterans event/services at John Jay College this week!
Jeffrey Butts is director of the Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and the lead
ICYMI: awarded with its Presidential Award of Excellence in Engineering:
President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice says Rikers should be eliminated!
. presents IDEAS2's Presidential Award to team Owen Steel
Jeremy Travis vic of Coercion Internal Affairs Lying in police reports as well want Special Prosecutors my case
Jerome Elam 3 hrs · In a 2008 study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, of those who were sexually...
speaks today at John Jay College about transition-aged youth in the justice system.
Meeting with the president of John Jay College with VIPD Com. Delroy Richards. Building options for our officers
Catchin' some rays at John Jay's. @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
I got to be the John Jay Mascot today!!! 🐶 @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
v cool. lots of teenage kids i work with in NYC want to go into that. John Jay College.
*** UNH knows how to break out dance sessions in the cafeteria...It'd be super cool to go here, but John Jay College is where it's at! 😎
Guest Speaker Joanna Callen, speaks about her application process to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY, USA
Gov. Cuomo, AG Schneiderman join families at announcement of to investigate police killings:
It's a good thing I wore a John Jay college shirt because the conductor on the metro north was an alumni and gave me a free ride
All purpose parts banner
Gov. Cuomo appoints attorney general as special prosecutor:
We need a permanent special prosecutor not one for a year!. Cuomo appoints attorney general as special prosecutor: http…
John A. Newman, & his research assistant Jay Harvey (of Cumb.) will be at Allegany College on July 18 at 7:00 p.m. Newman has new JFK book.
"April study by John Jay College found that 18% of summonses between 2003 and 2013 were dismissed due to legal insufficiency.…
Watch at 2:30 p.m.: Gov. Cuomo appears at John Jay College:
aware of or perhaps not even enough conversation,” said Ann Jacobs, director of the Prisoner Reentry Project at John Jay College of Criminal
She just got a Civil Justice award from John Jay College for being an advocate for survivors & helping them!
Note: This paper was presented at the Left Forum held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice which is part of the…
CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Vets GSA and Drexel Hamilton to offer free seminar to help New York...
Soc of Law class skyping with Federal Judge John Antoon! @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Same to you Laila, & your whole family. From your American friends at John Jay & Hunter College. Peace
John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Cool building in NY, I was here for a conf. Liked the school. Looked …
“I knew college would pay off for ya... "History always has a way of repeating itself"” John Jay 🙌🙌
Then Seth Greenberg pointed out that's not what college hoops is for. To which Jay Williams said "IT IS IF YOU'RE JOHN CALIPARI!"
My life would have been complete if I could've been able to apply to John Jay College of Criminal Justice & was accepted but I was too late
STUDIES FIND INHERENT BIAS. Still, social psychologists from Stanford and Yale universities and John Jay College...
Will Smith/Russell Simmons/PDiddy/Jay Z/Daymond John did NOT graduate college and r some of the most successful people in the world.
"According to research from social psychologists at Stanford, Yale, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice,...
Patiently waiting to hear from John Jay college of cj
A little Pregame breakfast spread before today's game at Montclair State. @ John Jay College of…
Congrats for being accepted to John Jay College of Criminal Justice! 😄👍💕
Jules Kroll reads a proclamation from mayor on our new John Jay College statue
You're support can help bring transformation to students at John Jay College. Visit and partner with the work I'm doing on campus. Video by...
Please Sign to Support Divestment Resolution, and to Defend Students for Justice in Palestine at John Jay College https…
@ John Jay College of Criminal Justice to share how blood donations help save my life
Ten Reform Suggestions First, increase transparency. In 2008, the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates approved a resolution urging federal, state and local governments to establish independent oversight bodies to regularly monitor and report publicly on conditions in correctional facilities. It’s a good idea and every state should establish such bodies. Transparency recognizes that prisons and jails deprive our neighbors of their liberty in our name. As citizens, all of us must take an interest in the condition of our prisons and jails or nothing will change. We bear responsibility for them and we must remain vigilant daily about their operation. And bearing witness both to the best and the worst that occurs balances the representations in the media with the truth about imprisonment. It is our civic duty. If our prisons and jails are hellish, it is because we allow them to be. Additionally, we can further transparency if, as we close prisons we first close those furthest from the communities ...
Is this a great design or an another overuse of lawn?. Image: Architecture Honor Award Winner: John Jay College...
John Jay college of Criminal Justice in Manhattan 😊
some cunys like ccny, queens college, John Jay and then sju, pace or Adelphi
NYPD Band jamming at the John Jay College for the Manhattan and LGBT Community Appreciation event
Great turnout @ Community Appreciation Dinner this evening at John Jay College to honor our continued partnership!
seems like Martin Horn from John Jay College had the best reason why this is happening among many jails.
Why not John Jay College, VA claims Largest milvet pop in NY State and is considered the most Veteran Friendly as well.
I shoulda stayed in brooklyn for college and went to john jay or liu smt.
I graduated from Farmingdale State College & I'll soon be graduating from John Jay College of Criminal Justice this December,just wait on it
John Jay College’s Students for Justice in Palestine’s Open Letter to President Jeremy Travis
This past Friday maxbanda ripping the stage at John Jay College!! Shoutout to yalaa_flow and the rest…
John Jay Rises to in ‘Best for Vets’ College Rankings Step up your game,
Hopefully the next big girl job I receive will be at a law firm in the city while attending john jay college of Criminal Justice 💬
Help Amanda go to New York, NY to tour John Jay College | Other - YouCaring
I wanna be in college already lmao John Jay is the movement foreal! 📚
John Jay College leaving their mark on the Library of Congress .
come to john jay college in new york. we love Logic
Gave my dad the remote and he's switching between The Golf Channel, College Football, a John Waybe movie, and The History Channel.
Lil Jay and the John Jay College Military and Veteran Students take D.C.
Also, good luck to my baby brother on his first offical game, against john jay college !!! Turnt turnt 💁
Setting the tone at John Jay College @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Thank u John Jay College for wishing me a happy bday before Monika Zinn has!
What did you think about the this past Monday at John Jay College?
my school > yours @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Almost showtime iamlyrikalace and I - John Jay College
John Jay College of Criminal Justice rings the opening bell. .
my cousin is officially a John Jay College student ❤️ can't wait to start my senior year together cuzo…
✊👊 (Today's a hashtag kinda day...) @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Conference at John Jay College and CUNY. November 13-14. Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England...
New York City This evening At John Jay College, I will be spinning Live for my brother iamlyrikalace…
Tony Cummings, Counsel, to deliver CLE Lecture at John Jay College on 11/15 for Marino Legal Academy on corp law.
yes, good luck with your studies at John Jay College. I went to Queens Coll-CUNY and liked the school. Enjoy John Jay College.
. Ann Jacobs, Prisoner Reentry Institute, John Jay College. Dorsey Nunn, All of Us or None. Richard Price, "the wire"
We're partnering with and on The American Justice Summit 2014. Nov. 10 at John Jay College:
Rosann Santos-Elliott from John Jay College in NYC and founder of
Camera temp may be cold, but this crew is HOT! @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
David Kennedy, professor at John Jay College, speaks in Rutland about drug market intervention efforts
All alone to my thoughts over deception detection 😴 @ John Jay College of Criminal…
I was able to go to John Jay college and have a panel discussion thats crazy! So humbled seriously !
I'm visiting john jay college in november i am so excited
Hey just met you today at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was great having you there, hope you come back, follow me!!
John Jay College student Raymond Fuller shares his video of the historic People's Climate March last month
From the Die In Vigil by John Jay College SJP yesterday. Zionism is terrorism and nothing less. We call for all...
Active FN members will be speaking in the coming months as a part of the Sex Work Initiative. Check it out!
John Groce talks about Illinois' improved depth on the perimeter, Leron Black, and much more. A Q & A
CEO honored w/the dedication of the Alan Siegel Writing Center at
Die-In at John Jay College by SJP. Victims of police brutality in the US and military occupation colonialism in Gaza!
From Ferguson to Palestine! End the occupation NOW! John Jay College Students For Justice in Palestine!
Thank you MBJ Food Services at John Jay College for supporting the Myrna Bain Scholarship since Day 1!
Tomorrow, will be joining us at John Jay College on October 9 for a Meet & Greet. Don’t miss it!
GERALD W. LYNCH THEATER at John Jay College presents We Are the Music performed by Chloe…
GERALD W. LYNCH THEATER presents We Are the Music, a free performance by Chloe Arnold's
Check out articles on the new John Jay College Athletics Staff
High school seniors and parents, don't forget about C3-College-Career-Connect from 4:30-7:30 tonight at John Jay...
I have enrolled my daughter Sahara Victoria Montas in John Jay College of Criminal Justice Children Services where she will be in a
My aunt is really passionate about me going to John Jay Criminal Justice College
The Staff is complete! See our amazing Assistant Coaches or read about them on
In review: John Jay Center for Learning will host C3 College-Career-Connect from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.
Starting to watch The Following season 2 and realized it was all filmed at john jay college, so happy rn
En route back to Philly with lots of new resources, ideas and connections, thanks to John Jay College's symposium.
At the Deans List Meet and Greet... If yall tryna network with some DOPE talent.. If you aint doin ishh Pull up at John Jay College its free
On October 17th, will release the findings of John Jay College's evaluation of the SBCC project. RSVP here:
This Saturday there will be a pretty interesting event in the city. A lot of speakers will be present, try to come.
Last class of the day.. 📚 @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Meet us tonight here at John Jay college for the Deans list tour .
My dad loves me second thing my dad is a lawyer he went to John Jay College what college you went to learn how to spell.
Meet your favorite Haitian NYC Blogger this Thursday @ John Jay College for a Meet & Greet!!
will be @ John Jay College this Thursday 6:30-9pm for a Meet & Greet!
What cha doing tonight? On your way home from work, school etc, stop by John Jay College to meet and…
The man whose interviews I bookmarked in college to re-read for inspiration moves to Fast Retailing: via
Heh, John Jay left W+K? I still clearly remember the horrendous interview I had with him right after college.
"Meet & Greet" at John Jay College today. Come thru! I'll be signing autographs, taking…
Cover story: "Upscaling Downtown": Richard E. Ocejo is assistant professor of sociology at John Jay College of...
Tonight if your in the Area please make your way to John Jay College for the meet and greet of…
John Jay College of Criminal Justice students: Stop by the America Needs You table at today's Job & Internship...
theres a boston market across from john jay my college experience about to be a LITUATION
I've met him in person, at near my colleg…
I've met him in person, at near my college (John Jay)
I been good mman enjoyin college. hows john jay
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Need a change? How about enrolling in college! Check out John Jay Center for Learning's new opportunities
John Jay College of Criminal Justice.. Those are American flags- My school lost 67 students/staff in the attacks
The photographer's photos from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Golf Outing
"the gangs all here" - Spongebob/ 😭😭😭 @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
In 90 mins: Join John Jay College of Criminal Justice's Carl Wong at 5 Best Practices for IT:
Special Welcome to our Fall Intern in NYC: Jokairys Caceres from John Jay College of Criminal Justice! Jokairys...
Do You Really Want to Be a Neuroscientist?: A few months ago thousands of college students swarmed the gymnasium of John Jay College ...
Last class of the day.. Literature! . ☕️📚🎥 @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
"Alcohol has been the answer to all my problems ever since I came to college." - John Jay College
Ryder Bohlander, a two-time AA at is the new HC at Manhattanville College.
Bad hair/ looking day for me lmfao 😂😂😂 @ John Jay College of Criminal Justice
I regret not going to John Jay College every single day. 😐
Everything is finally sent out for applying to the University at Albany and John Jay College. Pure excitement😍
When it comes to college I will not settle, it's either john jay college of Criminal Justice, Philadelphia university or something greater
John Oliver returned to "Last Week Tonight" and ripped the for-profit industry American colleges have become:
When I listen to reggae in school I start thinking I want to start a soca club at John Jay College lol💃
Join & John Jay College of Criminal Justice prof Carl Wong at Five Best Practices for IT:
John Jay College Honor's 9/11 with 4000 plus flag representing all who lost their lives
For you New Yorkers: an event at John Jay college on children with incarcerated parents, September 23.
Walking toward John Jay College to conduct a workshop, I looked to my left and recognized that room. Those blue...
Even though I'm not at COCAL and I promised myself I would be, I realize now that every adjunct or precarious faculty member is there at the college where my dad, Rev. John Snow, taught all those years ago, when he was a chaplain at Princeton University because he knew the John Jay College of Criminal Justice was a better place to learn and also to teach.
From Glenn E. Martin , a leading NYS/NYC voice for prison reform; w/ a nationally known organization.Honored to know him. = The Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is seeking a full-time Special Projects Coordinator. The scope of responsibility includes research on various reentry issues, development of program proposals, and management of special projects. This person will have major fundraising and communications responsibilities, including prospect research, writing proposals, and writing reports that feature PRI projects. The Special Projects Coordinator will provide support to projects within the PRI’s portfolio as well as directly manage some special projects of PRI. The salary range is $45,000 to $55,000. (Other jobs from Dollar stores, to vets info; plus writing grants on-line, etc...below)
Ready to speak about NWU at the COCAL Conference of adjunct faculty — at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
I seen some of the prettiest females getting ran through like a *** in college and high school and became mature...
Just arrived at John Jay College. Getting ready to play some jazz for the COCAL Conference Reception…
John Jay is a Criminal Justice college in Brooklyn.
"'encouraging individuals 2b more adversarial when dealing with police' said John Jay College Prof Eugene O’Donnell
Came home to letters from John Jay!📨📃 never thought I'd be this excited about college!😭
John Cena | Springfield College (John was a Division III All-American center on the college football team.
at one John jay college was pushing for college degrees for nypd. they don't live in the places they terrorize
We are providing training in wireless DMX to Local One's technicians Tuesday, August 5th at John Jay College in...
Sept 4th, 8:15am-2pm: John Jay College will host the release & findings of "The Growth of ...
Advanced degree in "Terrorism Studies" From John Jay College. Bet they have a Division One monkey bars squad... |
John Jay really does not look like a college at all lol
I hope John Jay College of Criminal Justice comes out unscathed here
News - DOGHOUSE Gets New Look This Summer - The John Jay College Gymnasium, also known as the DOGHOUSE, just under...
Been @ John Jay for 2.5 years now. I'm going through the classes but idk if I'm "having the college experience." Yknow?
At Reception for Angela Davis, ICON for Human Civil Rights, Peace and Justice, at John Jay College prior to...
My son Gotharts Billy Levenberg graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a degree in Forensic Psychology and gender studies Landed his first job as a Zombie. Shows you whats available in the job market , and my daughter Rebecca Allison will work as a Zombie also apparently she has talent for this as she scared the manager of the place and landed the name Crazy *** Zombie But they are employed and off my payroll. Yea !!!
Bro/Sis is proud to announce that these BHSS alumnae members have graduated from different colleges/ universities and we celebrate their accomplishments. Marsha Jean-Charles (far left) has graduated from Columbia University with her Master’s Degree in African-American Studies, Zora Howard (second from left) graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature, Beatriz Ryan (second from right), received her Master's Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from Hunter College, and Jessica Delossantos received her Master’s in Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. We are so proud of you! Continue to pursue your dreams, and keep pushing forward. The journey will not be easy but use the lesson learned from Bro/Sis, your family members, your mentors, and teachers as your guide. Congratulations again to these young women of distinction!
at John Jay College in NY speaks about "Venezuela's commitment is with life".
So proud of my niece. Graduated from John Jay College with a Psychologist Degree
John Jay College graduate of 2014. When I first started college at John Jay, I knew nothing about college life, but little by little I started to familiarize myself with the college system. I started with little knowledge and support, so I pushed and deprived myself of a lot of things I wanted to enjoy. I deprived myself for my education and career. I faced many obstacles that almost made me take a break from school but I was determined and passionate to graduate on time. Sometimes I took up to 12 credits in the summer and up to 18 credits in a regular semester. I had to work hard to get to this point. My commuting time was approximately 3-4 hours a day. I was able to pass over the obstacles and made it to this point. I am proud of myself and I'm sure my family and friends are too. May 28th, 2014 is the day i accomplished my goal and now I am a John Jay College graduate. I am also the first person in my family to graduate from college. I did it, and every single one of you can do it as well. I thank Alla ...
I remember walking into John Jay as a freshman, not knowing anyone and immediately regretting my decision to attend what looked to me like an old high school. Back then, we used to hang out in the North Hall or Westport cafeteria since there was nowhere else to go. I was there for the opening of the New Building and the Jay Walk and have seen my college finally begin to create an actual campus atmosphere. I have had my high and low points, but here I am today an official alumnus of John Jay College. It may have taken a little longer then expected, but I am proud of my accomplishments. Not only do I leave John Jay with a degree, but I also leave with new friends and a second family. I have created relationships that will last a lifetime and established the biggest and best chapter of my fraternity at this school. John Jay has become a second home to me for five years, and I will never forget it. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way and never doubted me. Congratulations to the Class of 2014, WE ...
Congratulations to my sister Everdean on her accomplishment with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and minor law from John Jay College.mama and the rest of us are so proud of you, and I know daddy is smiling down on you. Congrats again sis.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
We had a wonderful day in NYC seeing Michael graduate (summa *** laude) from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I am very proud of you, Michael!
Wherever I go, I go with all my heart. However, today, I did not have to bring mines because my family were the ones who made me the happiest man on this world. Thanks to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, now I can see the line clear and guess who's ready for a federal job ;-) Yeap that's me!
God is good all the time ... A Young black man graduating from college is rare ... Only if u knew where I came from and where I was headed to now being an alumni for John Jay College of Criminal Justice ... Not only that I Just graduated and I now I start my first day at work tomorrow what a blessing 🎓🙏 ...
Outside of the Javits Center, big sister graduated from John Jay College for Criminal Justice. Mom is in the middle.
Yesterday I got a return visit by a very special young lady, Nina Lake. Nina who graduated college today, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, came back and made my millennium. I had Nina in my biology class way back in 2004. To say that it was a roller coaster ride is an understatement. Nina truly believed if it weren't for the fact that I had her to act as my surrogate mother in more than one sense of the word, I would not have been able to make it through not one single school day without her "direction". I had "Phyl" on speed dial(inside joke). However, as much of a character as she was, I still knew she was bright, precocious, and above all had an incredible soul. As I've stated on more than one occasion, my heart is warmed to see my former 'yentas' experience success in their post High School endeavors...Nina love, here's to you were and will always be one of my special children...onward and you girlfriend.
Congratulations to John Jay College of Criminal Justice seniors and Brooklyn College Master's candidates -- you did it! Enjoy graduation day,
The 11th COCAL Conference (Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor) will take place at John Jay College in New York City. Plenaries, forums and workshops will deal with probl
Come support "Hoops for Heroes" this Thursday at John Jay College in NYC. Several college coaches in attendance headlined…
For the past four years, we have had bad and good times together. We fought and made up, and we swore not to stay together yet never ended our relationship. YOU were always there for me. YOU pushed me to improve my English when I was insecure about my accent. YOU held my hand when I cried and threw textbooks at the wall. YOU taught me not to give up even when I did not sleep three days in a row. YOU forced me to develop skills, find strengths I didn't know I had, and to believe in myself. YOU made me who I am today: confident and determined. And for all this, I am thankful. I loved you from day one and I love you still, but . now is the time for us to break up. Although we will go separate ways, you will always be in my heart because you were my first love. I LOVE you, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and I always will.
Well, today our daughter Jasmyn Dominique Smith Graduates by walking the stage at Dutchess Community College with honors .She is presently a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice working on her BA and excelling well...Her dad and I just want to let her know we are so proud and love her very much. We appreciate the young woman you have evolved into and all the hard work & determination you have shown. I know it was hard following our rules and you wanted a best friend many times instead of a Mother...But I thank God, for being your Mother instead of a best friend. So now we prepare the bridge of friendship as you have matured into Adulthood discovering together deeper understanding that can be comprehended by us both.Continue with God first and the teachings he instilled in us to instill in you.With God you got this.Love God, honor your parents, love your family and everything will fall in place...Know that you have a blessed you!
Direct Democracy within the Internet at Left Forum panel I organized and curated at major leftwing gathering in U.S. investigating potential and limits of enhancing democracy through Internet at John Jay College, CUNY in New York City.
Overdue catch up with Cid Wilson and Gustavo Rivera at the Voto Latino Reception in John Jay College, CUNY
Congratulations to Our RTMA Seniors! Although not all of our seniors have received notice of their admissions decision yet, our senior class has already been accepted to an impressive list of colleges (see below). We wish them well on making their final decision. College night for juniors is coming up on May 19th. American University Baruch College (CUNY) Binghamton University (SUNY) Brooklyn College (CUNY) The College of New Jersey The College of Staten Island (CUNY) George Washington University Hunter College (CUNY) John Jay College (CUNY) Lander College for Men Queen's College Rutgers University The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) The University of Michigan The University of Southern California (USC) Yeshiva University and Yeshiva University Honors
The Dominican Students Association of John Jay College along with former John Jay Student…
ethically speaking... (@ John Jay College of Criminal Justice) on
A conversation about police reform w/ City College of New York w/ Jeremy Travis of John Jay College and Alex Vitale of Brookl…
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