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John Huntsman

Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. (born March 26, 1960) is an American politician, businessman and diplomat who served as the 16th Governor of Utah from 2005 to 2009 and as United States Ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011. He has served in the administrations of four U.S.

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don’t tell John we ate each other out every single night of the huntsman tour? 😳
Are you talking about Trump's Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman who signe…
Fun fact: trump cabinet member John huntsman signed off on the uranium o…
What she said was nine agencies and two republican governor…
Derper doesn’t realize Obama crushed Putin and Russia with Magn…
Oh yes, please investigate uranium one! It…
Thurlow huntsman arrested after allegedly illegally killing this fox during Boxing Day hunt. Yet if found guilty he will…
I say it’s more about wanting to know&thinking critically. Not sure you do! No…
I want the Republicans to keep pushing HARD for the Uranium One investigation. John Huntsma…
Not exactly dirt poor. If you want a SBA you have to have something. But…
You have to be joking. How about John Huntsman or Ben McAdams. You give an award to someone that you think…
I pick up on tidbits. Gov John Huntsman (now Trumps Russian ambassador) signed off on the Uranium One d…
I don't think so. Would be nice, though. I'm more likely to believe that they will sacrifice one of their o…
ONLY Republican I could only imagine myself voting for is John Huntsman. A great man- - - Huntsman C…
When are you going to fire JOHN HUNTSMAN for signing off on deal ? . I mean REALLY u s…
You wanna talk about John Huntsman? You know the guy fr Utah that signed off on Uranium d…
Oh Tucker -- you have become such a stooge. You know none of this is true, but you keep pil…
You realized John Huntsman approved the deal?
John Huntsman was one of the 9 who approved the uranium deals... now he is Trump's ambassador lapdog in Russia ... Pay-for-p…
We need to hear more about the letter John Huntsman sent out in 2010 offering land for sale in Utah that is mineral…
Note ti nuts documents with Trump's Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman signing off on the Ura…
John Huntsman signed off on the Uranium One Deal! trump's RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR!
2. John Huntsman other daughter is Abby Huntsman, w/Fox News. How inbred is all this govt officials/news media nepotism?
has the best words!. Some of 45's Lightweight recipient's . Megan Kelly, John Huntsman, Don…
It is all a matter of getting a break . John Huntsman/ Mary Kay have good lookin' kids
stay away.from Palin. Look at John Huntsman,
Pres Elect Donald Trump should consider John Huntsman for Secretary of State.
John Huntsman on TV sucking up for a job in the Trump administration. No No No. This guy is a disaster. Very dangerous. Tied to Mittens.
John Huntsman as Secretary of State would certainly make me breathe easier
that's what happens when you team with John. You get a big head
I agree with that. The media has a LOT to answer for regarding the past few presidential races. Look at John Huntsman ...
if it has to be REPUBLICANS there are some more great minds out there, AMB, JOHN HUNTSMAN, GEN,ODIERNO, .GEN,
Are you still a Republican? Serious question. I haven't felt at home since they threw out John Huntsman, but it's worse now.
I can't sleep because a ridiculous celebrity is president-elect. John Huntsman knew what's up.
had someone like say, John Huntsman, John Kasich, or Lindsay Graham get elected.
Mitt Romney and John Huntsman and John McCain are all looking pretty good right now.
I hope John Huntsman stays out of politics. He pulled a quick one on Mitt, along Harry Reid.
John Huntsman would be fantastic right about now
If it were Mitt Romney or John Huntsman, or even Jeb Bush, I'd be super OK right now. This is different.
Just so we're clear, I'm still pining for the candidacy of John Huntsman eight years ago...
he's over 50, they'd call him John down the Huntsman.
Oh. Sure. And I might this year had it been, say, John Huntsman vs. Clinton. Not as sharp a difference there.
Well I have ALWAYS admired Jon Huntsman, and John McCain IS an American hero, despite what we may have read :)
To correct Downer, there were 7 not 4 Republican candidates in 2012. John Huntsman even won delegates. 4 remained by February.
funny how Kasich ended up the Good Guy this cycle like John Huntsman last time. Both are still 🚮
A photo of a giant huntsman spider is blowing the collective minds of people on the Internet.
John Huntsman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Mia Love could make an impact by endorsing Gary Johnson
Donald on the heelies Hillary on the hoverboards, rolling down fifth avenue while debating street food. John Huntsman wins the presidency
Huntsman John Holliday at the final meet of the season
*** John Huntsman? Every time I think I find a Republican I would vote for, they open their *** mouth.
. and finally. Former Australia support team member John found this in his B&B today in Margeret River.
More along the lines of John Kasich, Jon Huntsman jr. etc.
In 2012,team Obama admitted that they secretly prayed that the Republicans don't nominate John Huntsman. Now they are hoping it isnt Kasich
I think that is Abby Huntsman, daughter of former presidential candidate John
Here is an advertisement for The John Huntsman Business Building Addition open house where for months we have...
Even though this article is from July of 2015, this is why I have liked from the start.
I know! John Huntsman Senior hates his guts. They want him gone. Going to be interesting to see if they succeed.
He voted for assualt weapons ban. But, yes, he's a conservative compared with Trump.
That's Abby Huntsman, John Huntsman's daughter. I laughed when I saw it.
.John Kasich should have led America 3-4 weeks into it. Now he's blaming the press coverage. 2012 Huntsman memories.
But candidates can use this bias to find voters, e.g. Kasich donning the cloak of "moderate" (see
I'd stay home. Or else write in John Huntsman or some other Rockefeller Republican.
Has anybody asked where the *** John Huntsman is this presidential election cycle? That guy was awesome in 08.
there is John Huntsman on the Republican side. Joe Biden won't run. After that I am too ill informed to say
I think right about now is when that John Kasich / Jon Huntsman -- "2 Jo(h)ns 4 America" -- ticket really gains traction.
John Huntsman = moderate. is the primary driving force that will end any moderate's chance to be a part of modern gop
Kasich using John Weaver, of McCain 2000 and Huntsman 2012 fame, as his campaign strategist helps explain it.
John Kasich always seemed to be an empty suit to me, much like Jon Huntsman in 2012.
That's John Huntsman's daughter Abby-- she's a solid commentator- one of the few R's I like
I like John Kasich. Wish to *** someone would slap John Weaver and let him sound less like Jon Huntsman.
Jon Huntsman did the same thing as Kasich yet dropped out after NH.Silver doesnt count. Kasich continuing the vanity
who is more annoying:. A. Gilbert Godfried. B. John Huntsman. C. Pee Wee Herman. D. John Kasich
Kasich hasn't been vetted. He is weaker than John McCain. You're asking for a beat down if you think Jon Huntsman Jr is the answer
i'd agree. Shame he couldn't get in the race early on. On the other side, i'd have been willing to give john huntsman a look.
[Wildly flashes my custom John Huntsman signal] SOS. CQD.
I want them out of my affairs & life Dagmar, Hajia, Keilar, Claiborne, Huntsman, Oliver John, Hormuzi, Diaz, Deyhim, Nazi,Limbaugh , Romney
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John McCain and Jon Huntsman should run a third party establishment ticket
But a zealot like Cruz is equally unacceptable. . Where's John Huntsman when you need him.
Kasich is most moderate left, but wasn't when primaries started
Trump is the 2016 "Well Lubricated Weathervane" Where is John Huntsman when U need him
This picture is not even of Henry McMaster, this is John Huntsman former Gov. of Utah. Wacko!
Is this a picture of John Huntsman ?
Could it be that John Huntsman humiliated the GOP & why they're mad?
Remember when we all dismissed John Kasich as the 2016 version of Jon Huntsman? Yeah, that was shortsighted.
.How can John Weaver not understand 18 yrs of the committee is a HUGE selling point? He did a much better job with Huntsman. Sad
like John Huntsman before him, the only Republican I would vote for. He seems like a stand up guy.
you were magnificent in your camel hair jacket! It's easy to forget who John Huntsman is, tho I try ; )
In 1994 Kasich didn’t have John Weaver advising him to do the same things that didn’t work for Jon Huntsman in …
Dad-"quick! Turn it on to Fox and Friends!". Me-*wakes up in a rush thinking something happened only to watch John Huntsman making tacos* 😑
Is there a less sensical segment on FOX & Pals than when John Huntsman shows up to cook something?
John Huntsman, familiarize yourself with that name.
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John Kasich taps former advisors to John McCain and Jon Huntsman. What could possibly go wrong?!?!
I think Joe Lieberman and John Huntsman have a proposal / coalition to move us forward too! Not sure of its name!
I've asked the John Kasich campaign to DM me or call me 53 times since Oct 19, 2015 when I knew the NH would be less than Huntsman 17%.
John Kasich and Jon Huntsman are two different people.
Problems with China, again, will be cited as the reason John Huntsman enters the GOP race for the White House.
Huntsman would be lucky to reach John Anderson heights.
And where is John Huntsman when his country clearly needs him? Missing his mind and heart, both sorely missing w this crew.
Because he has chosen the "John Huntsman" path, the path that makes all the other people running on the GOP ticket into narrow
is John Kasich the Jon Huntsman of this election? Does he have a chance?
Jon Huntsman Jr is WAY more conservative than John Kasich.
John Kasich is John Huntsman of 2016 Election. Democrats like him. Republicans should realize that's their key to swing votes.
Don't laugh at your opponent, . You sound like John Huntsman when you o that.
Would love to see POTUS nominate Republican governor John Huntsman, a moderate, reasonable nonpartisan choice the GOP Senate should confirm.
my favourite 2012 moment was John Huntsman awkwardly joking about contraception.
*The young huntsman nods, eyes hidden by a White Fang mask* Good, we..need plenty of bodies right now, not corpses.
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I've been thinking about how John Huntsman said "looks like third place is a ticket to ride" every day since election season started.
. *looks at type of car*. Surely that should be a ... Mini huntsman?!. (Hope it cleared out of there)
I was having such a good day until the giant huntsman dropped out from the sun visor. Car will stay there forever.
Fwiw same was true of Huntsman, John Weaver's last long-shot guy. Ran as the moderate in the race, proposed taking the top rate to ... 23!
The Kasich Neo-John Huntsman dog don't hunt in SC.
John Kasich is this year's John Huntsman. Both got 17% in New Hampshire. Remember John Huntsman? Neither do most folks.
is this year's John Huntsman. He doesn't have the money or staff to ride out whatever bump he'll get from NH.
How much does coming in 2nd in NH matter? Ask Ron Paul, in 2012. How much does coming in 3rd matter? Ask John Huntsman,
,Mr. Bloomberg I am a lifelong independent voter. If you decide to run for president would you consider John Huntsman as VP.
McCain, Huntsman, and now Kasich. We've been there before.
When John Huntsman won third place and 16% of the NH vote in 2012 (40,000 votes), he dropped out 6 days later...
Putting things into perspective, Kasich received a smaller percentage of the vote in New Hampshire than President John Huntsman did in 2012
Jon Huntsman's, whoops, I mean John Kasich's path to winning the nomination following ~16% in NH
Kasich actually did a point worse in NH than John Weaver's last project, Jon Huntsman. Context is everything.
For anyone on the left who thinks Kasich might be acceptable.
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John Kasich has no where to go. . CC .
Kasich has no where to go after the and Jon Huntsman experience in 2012 proves it.
I might go to at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman in Spring, TX - May 15
A little perspective? It is being noted that John Huntsman got 17% in New Hampshire 4 years ago.
It is 3rd place you know who finished 3rd in 2012 John Huntsman who had 16% Cruz has 12%.All you guys forget th…
John Kasich right now has 7,300 fewer votes than Jon Huntsman got in New Hampshire four years ago.
Huntsman performed well in secured big SC paper endorsement; then dropped out 5 days before
Huntsman even used the same political talent that Kasich has.
Huntsman got media momentum after received big SC endorsement, then dropped out 5 days before http…
How Real is the Huntsman Surge? via JohnCassidy John Kasich is this years version of Jon Huntsman.
tizzy and Liam are both on and I think John said hit him up when tizzy is on
Honestly.can I just get a John Huntsman surprise Independent candidacy run for the Presidency?!?! NONE of these crops impress me much.
Thanks buddy, I think we are going to play with John 😬
I wish John Huntsman would jump in. Or Mayor Bloomberg. Or anyone with an inkling about what it means to be a leader. Nikki Haley? One day.
"And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl proved the strongest man at last. The huntsman he can't hunt the fox...
John Huntsman.really? Yes when the chips are down and the town is LOST it is time to flash the dork signal and get H man.
Four years ago I would have seriously considered voting for Jon Huntsman. Today I look at John Kasich and say "terrifies me the least."
See there, you don't know a thing about me. I actually like John Huntsman. Did you know that too?
Fancy winning a Huntsman Knife Night? head over to
John Kasich is the Jon Huntsman of this election.
Kasich, the John Huntsman of the 2016 race.
Does anyone else wish John Huntsman was still around? These guys kinda make me miss that guy.
I am a democrat that would vote for John Huntsman over all the candidates on both sides
why is John Huntsman allowing Utah Basketball to make a mockery of his legacy??
A early to for his keeping the John Huntsman flame alive
She's already the new Republican for liberals to concern troll with i.e. Jon Huntsman, John Kasich. She's finished.
Every four years there's a Republican running that I could vote for. Last time it was Huntsman. Today it's John...
- My choices (but they won’t run). . D - John Kerry,. R - Jon Huntsman. Both are very smart, respected, sensible and experienced.
when John drives away with calleigh standing outside of the car...
John Huntsman Jr.: Six presidential candidates sign "Problem Solver Pledge". Trump is one. Great!
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John is 2015's Jon Huntsman-- a competent governor who is totally bombing with the base GOP voters.
Hey..John Huntsman Jr..wants to reach across aisle when in 2017..we need 2 jam some up dem's *** & take country back. Screw him!
so trump is a part of JOHN HUNTSMAN JR's "no labels" group? doesn't that scream PROGRESSIVE??? or is it just me?...
John Huntsman and Joe Lieberman? One is universally ignored, the other universally despised.
Heard John Huntsman from say, "I'll support the nominee of my party." Can't wrap my head around that.
If rightwing nutjob *** Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman lead then it is worthless.
What's up w/ Jon Huntsman's skin - has it always been that color or has he been using John Boehner's tanning bed?
I'm holding out for a deadlocked Republican Convention, where John Huntsman comes riding in to sweep the nomination.
"Does Kasich actually believe the Republican electorate has been searching for a louder, angrier John Huntsman?"
Congrats for trying in UK to get beyond tribal loyalties. In US, someone like John Huntsman would be a great ally
A good read by Milbank. John Kasich may want to be 2016's John McCain. But might be its Jon Huntsman.
Please watch John Huntsman, co found, of on Morning Joe on
no... The dude has teamed with sloss boss, phizz and john and eliminated FaZe Black from champs
Your best bet is to call on John Huntsman
I haven't seen this much concern for the from since John Huntsman dropped out.
Given the Speaker of the House chaos, is it time for a moderate third party? Where's John Huntsman?
John Huntsman tried to *warn* you. And, as usual you (House GOP) brushed him off. What just happened is the start..
Kasich has backing of Joy Behar AND Dana Milbank? With friends like that... | Is John Kasich too reasonable to win?
Is John Kasich too reasonable to win?
When it comes to GOP candidate John Kasich, wonders, is he too reasonable to win?
Is John Kasich too reasonable to win? - Chicago Tribune by via
If isn't conservative enough for your party, your party isn't big enough. Just sayin'
Great words from Gov Presidential Candidate Q&A. Terrible headline from Chi Tribune
Opinion: thinks may be the Jon Huntsman of 2016
Milbank: John Kasich may be the Jon Huntsman of 2016
Before he worked at Huntsman, Rasband sold suits at Dillard. He sold a suit to John Huntsman. JH was so impressed he told R…
One can only hope. And PS...John Huntsman would be such a fantastic POTUS.
“What is the point of you, John Kasich? | RedState year's Jon Huntsman, Jr?"
so I just received an email from a John Huntsman Sr. Is this real?
I love this man. John Huntsman Sr speaks earnestly without being rude or condescending. If trump was anything like...
- did an exaggerated Chinese accent playing John Huntsman on during the 2012 GOP primary debate sketches.
John Huntsman unbelievably promising but mystifyingly underselling LP?
why don't you have john huntsman on your program anymore? We used 2 C him on UR program all the time!
Too bad john huntsman isn't running for president, either as republican or a democrat
gets the ultimate shame when John Huntsman asks if he's a Yale guy and Ryan says no and hangs his head 😂
Its more frustration with the other 15 stupids, including the 2 doctors .. John Huntsman was an honest man i thought
Emily Blunt & husband John Krasinski hit the health club… after divulging they're both 'crushing' on her Huntsman…
I don't focus on her since she's the most irrelevant republican since Jon Huntsman.
That was John Huntsman. He really made me nervous b/c he was intelligent, well spoken, business and government experience
Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski hit the gym... after revealing they're both 'crushing' on her Huntsman ...
John Huntsman, who was my choice of the best presidential candidates for the republicans 4 years ago was asked...
interview with John Huntsman didn't go way you thought did it? He supported many of ideas
John Huntsman is smart, but BORING and did not win any primaries when running for President. Watch out for !
John Huntsman on CNN.taking on Trump and China.he is an expert. Oh, yeah, repubs hate that.
tried to become just that, JOHN HUNTSMAN would have been a great PRESIDENT ,but REPUBLICANS turned on him, now the REPUBLICANS
Bernie. But, any democrat. The last republican that talked sensibly was John huntsman. Talking sense was his kiss of death.
John Kasich is the '16 version of Jon Huntsman
And had such angst when having to choose between Mitt & John Huntsman..
that's why Jon huntsman and John Kasich are so screwed, sad, but at least they have us Trump
Republicans reject moderates like John Huntsman. ...haven't you noticed?
John Kasich Huntsman. At least this way the first name is spelled correctly on campaign materials..
Beck listened to Harry Reid's pal John Huntsman & dog piled on Romney. Now he is doing the same to Trump. How about we hold fire & listen?
Tomorrow Kasich will be the 16th republican to enter the 2016 race for the white house.where is John Huntsman these days
Except the GOP candidates are awful. No John Huntsman
Source confirms former McCain/Huntsman strategist John Weaver to work for Kasich ahead of possible 2016 run
John Huntsman is a perfectly good GOP candidate, but he's not looney enough on EVERY issue for the nomination.
Couldn't agree more By the way, John Huntsman, Not Kock who built cancer centers.
mentioned John Huntsman Sr. in his interview. That would be a good interview. Look up "Barefoot to Billionaire"
Will Jeb Bush be the John Huntsman of this election season?
We wish John Warren, trainer to HM The Queen’s horses and loyal Huntsman customer, the best of luck at Ascot today!
John Huntsman Sr is the richest man in Utah with a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars. Fun fact of the day.
Nobody tell this guy about John Huntsman.
Oh, then. Medicaid John FTW on the Huntsman vote.
John huntsman. But that's it. It's a bigger reason as to why we'll have president Clinton then people realize
John Huntsman's role in this evening's performance will be played by...
Funny story now that we know John Huntsman Sr was Reid's (lying) source that Mitt didn't pay his taxes .
John Huntsman. But that's all I've got for you aside from Colin Powell.
2. John Huntsman has such an amazing legacy.
Look into John Huntsman. He won't run again but I would have a decision to make if he was the nominee.
When the R's have to resort to JBush, it shows the awful array of candidates. What's John huntsman up to?
Which university will have Papa John's founder John Schnatter speaking at its Commencement?
IN MEMORIAM was at my events @ twice. Died last week had had bowel cancer. Organiser of scam
Meet John Huntsman Jr. You conservatives ought to have nominated him. He now owns all the red states.
"How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the …
John Huntsman has literally no chance but I would love to see him debate Hillary on foreign policy.
Spotted: John Huntsman in the Capitol. Asked what he is doing here he said "Stirring things up."
The cuddly huntsman spider.not . These things can jump like rabbits?
Lost count how many times they tried making John Huntsman viable. . He's a name ONLY in liberal newsrooms.
John Huntsman is too intelligent classy moral and 2 much of a gentleman for the GOP I can't understand y he doesn't join Dems
Former Gov. John Huntsman is a decent sensible man! Too bad he's in the wrong party!
Watching John Huntsman on The Cycle. Very smart guy from the other party. No wonder the GOP didn't nominate him
reporter compares current CNN reporter who worked for Obama to Huntsman why would it matter? John Huntsman was ambassador to China
B) even if he was, why would it matter? John Huntsman was nominated by Obama as ambassador to China too
See John Huntsman and Mitt Romney ties to big oil and lobby firms like Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff--see Jeb Bush list of policy team
John Huntsman is one Republican I would consider voting for. (Probably wouldn't actually do it, but I'd consider it.)
Try one of these:. Snow White and the Huntsman, Oblivion, Contact, Van Helsing, War of the Worlds, John Q, or Jack Reacher.
Jeb Bush's Comm Director worked for John McCain’s campaign in 2008 and Huntsman in 2012.
a 2012 voter: John Huntsman was why he used to vote Rep, and Rick Santorum why he could never vote Rep again
to be clear - Rand Paul is Olive Garden and John Huntsman is White Castle?
Former Utah Governor John Huntsman will not primary - via
Breast Cancer Awareness
OMG WSJ: "Mr. Miller previously served as a spokesman... for the presidential campaigns of John Huntsman." JOHN. JOHN!
Jeb Bush hires a communications guy who worked on John McCain and Jon Huntsman’s campaigns. So clearly, he picks winners to work for.
Post-Iowa hey day, Florida is siren song for from Orlando with John Huntsman to Miami with
This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. - 1 John 3:11
ahh, John Huntsman. "I claim to believe in science but I refuse to adopt any policies that represent that belief."
Glenn Beck said he will be campaigning for Mike Lee...what John Huntsman senior said about Mike Lee was reprehensible!
Jeb may have gotten the date wrong on his speech website, but at least he didn't get his own name wrong like protege Jon "John" Huntsman
I wonder what happened to John huntsman
definitely have to Condemn the hatred and intolerance within the PARTY or suffer even worst, AMB,John Huntsman was the
I'd like John huntsman to be nominated but I'd also like to win the lottery without playing.
John Huntsman. Who got less than 1% in Iowa so who cares? He doesn't represent his party lol.
Any day now, John Huntsman will throw his hat in the ring.
Jane has sent in this stunning shot of Huntsman John Henry leading The Meath Foxhounds - pic by Jonathan Shackleton
Photo: A Huntsman with His Horse and Hounds - John Emms - Date unknown
I'd like to see John Huntsman get a fair shake this time, but with Scott Walker likely running, that's out of the question.
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I quite liked John Huntsman fro, last time - thought he was moderate enough, and had good experience. Primaries are brutal though
John Huntsman is about the only Republican lately who I would consider voting for.
Why can't y'all put money behind John Huntsman, at least?
John Huntsman, Rand Paul or any moderate republican. We saw last election that extremism in our own party was why we lost.
John Huntsman... I had to look it up. Politically driven speech from someone irrelevant to us. I too am jealous of new grads
I understand and respect that ,neither will I ,they don't even know AMB JOHN HUNTSMAN was the DEMOCRATIC PARTY worst
IF its not JOHN HUNTSMAN they have nobody and they already know this is not their time .
John Huntsman and now Katie Couric. Love ya, , but I don't get it.
Jeb must be following the John Huntsman plan to win the GOP nomination
John Wilkoski shares this photo of Huntsman, Ivan Dowling (Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds) escaping from two...
.. 2 sell the country similar notions about John McCain in 2007-08, Mitt Romney in 2011-12, and to some extent even Jon Huntsman."
Huckabee/Huntsman 2016. The ticket that had the whole party excited. “John Huntsman”. *whole Democratic Party
John Huntsman Sr. Should not speak against as long as his liberal son John Huntsman jr is a political disaster.
NT Cumbria welcome John Weller new huntsman of Ullswater hunt after he's caught digging out & vows to hunt illegally http…
Great time at the huntsman center tonight! Few classless people booed Chris Hill . Other than that a great night for the
Headed to the huntsman center tonight to watch my boy go to work against .
New post: ". Glamorous, Instagram-loving daughter of former presidential candidate John Huntsman 'exploring her ...
U all need John Huntsman.he's way better than's D thing, his dad's a billionaire so he doesn't need 2 kiss butt.
If U want me 2 choose 4 U all, D GOP has D best candidate in John Huntsman. If E.W. doesn't run, I would vote 4 him. But GOP won't.
I see the only decent candidate they had last time, John Huntsman, is not on this list.
time! Follow +RT for your chance to win a ★ Huntsman Knife | Crimson Web. Winner chosen in 24 hours. http:/…
Friday Night Arm Candy: I call him my little Huntsman sometimes… (at John & Gina's "Crib") [pic] —
Met with John Huntsman from the UTC here today.
I am Indep. and LOVE John Huntsman ...wish he would have run.HE has a good SOUL.
John Huntsman just cleared on his company--Citigroup could ask him and his Mormon Pals to indemnify derivatives by selling profit share.
" ...Watching dreams unfold is one of the greatest joys of leadership'~John M Huntsman
Ex-governor of Utah, John Huntsman is an underrated public servant and he's got some great American views regardless of part…
The man behind the name: a profile of John M. Huntsman, Sr.: via
Jeb Bush is a moderate democrat and John Huntsman is an greasy snake oil salesman.
I feel the democrats have lost their way. I like some Repubs like John Huntsman and I have some conservative ideas
John Huntsman Sr. is against the Tea Party because they aren't corporate-stooge Rino's like Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham. He wants MORE money!
Former Gov John Huntsman was on MSNBC The Cycle, talking about China. A thoughtful Republican, rare as snakes teeth.
Check out this story about the incredibly charitable billionaire John Huntsman Sr.
Can't name one I'd be willing to vote for other than maybe John Huntsman or Colin Powell.
Joe Lieberman just agreed to Co Chair "NO LABELS" with John Huntsman! What's "No Labels"? It's people coming...
My dad is dying of liver cancer... He has been given two months to live- John Henry Rich III - Austin Vets Hospital
Democratic Candidates Spent At Least $700K To Fly In Clintons ? the only person who can possibly beat Hilary Clinton is John Huntsman!
I bet Glenn is speaking of John Huntsman Sr.!! I feel it. I know it.
REPUBLICANS dropped the ball the DEMOCRATS solely and only fear was JOHN HUNTSMAN getting nominated and he would
REPUBLICANS lost their last hope with JOHN HUNTSMAN of whom I believe is a very smart
Washington Times: John Huntsman Sr: The Tea Party has 'captivated & ruined' the GOP. Only Jeb or his son can save us. Bleah.
If John Huntsman is the republican nominee and Hillary is the democratic nominee, I'm voting for Huntsman.
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