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John Humphries

John Henry Humphries (-) was a Major League Baseball player who played for the New York Gothams and the Washington Nationals.

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Big interview with Chancellor Hammond on with John Humphries not once asking 'where is the money coming from t…
You’ll need to speak to John Humphries - he needs to note evidence
Heard John humphries ask on today if the white farmers would be going back to Zimbawe cos they wer…
How dare John Humphries taking £700,000 pa public funds suggest white farmers are needed to save Zimba…
Think John Humphries asked him this morning on Today, which you obviously never list…
I'm John Humphries and today my special guest on The Elephant in the Room Show is Benito Musselini. Benito, how di…
Can anyone in the office explain why John Humphries on has just read out in full an extremist hard right…
Please can we have you asking these questions of Philip Hammond on and not John Humphries mak…
Saw John Humphries on a painting show once. He can’t paint. And he got very narky…
John Humphries talking about water divining might just drive me back to bed until the end of time.
John Humphries on - “Is there anyone we can blame?” There is our culture summed up in six words
John Humphries: "Does water divining work? Some say yes, some of us say no." When fake editorial 'balance' goes wrong.
Although in fairness John Humphries sneers at absolutely everything
Ok sometimes is a bit boring but sometimes so is John Humphries
All true. But I basically agree with John Humphries on Thought For The Day…
Thought for the Day. Why is John Humphries paid so much?
John Humphries hates Thought for the Day? I'd never have guessed.
Deeply boring? John Humphries lack of impartiality when interviewing, or assuming superior knowledge…
Oh come on. John Humphries europhobia is palpable
When will be apologising for saying “John [Humphries] goes way past groping”?
Setting up a small business in an island community presents opportunities and challenges. See more at...
So much respect for the programme. Great interview with Sarah Montague & John Humphries
Given the global nature of money and finance John Humphries is correct. People can move their mon…
Scottish Islands Explorer: Business Opportunities Shetland - a place for small businesses to prosper? Look into it.
Did John Humphries just state categorically that ‘all the evidence’ shows tax take goes down when taxes are raised?…
"I don't entirely agree that Mr Humphries (John Inman's character) was a 'very negative' portrayal of a *** man."
Well you can count on being silent about it especially if John "…
.John Humphries laughed as did audience. Of course always one rule for politicians and one for everyone else. Ev…
Michael Gove trivialised violence against women for cheap laughs, and we won’t forgive him so quickly
Three privileged white men - John Humphries, Neil Kinnock and Michael Gove using sexual assault as a punchline. Seriou…
So bad was the quality of interviewing. John Humphries emphasised that it was not him that was interviewing Nicola Sturgeon on…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Here's a chance to take in a considered view of property in the Northern Isles and to view a 144-acre farm with a...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Sufficient on Stronsay? Take an overall view and a specific look at Orkney property.
So John Humphries on R4 was right Theresa May makes clowns fascist icons
John Humphries struggles with reading the questions, doesn't he? Worse than Paxman.
John Humphries & Nick Robinson both deny rumours of being future Tory press campaigners as they already do a similar job on
Scottish Islands Explorer: Powering to Record New world record set by tidal turbines in Pentland Firth.
Ahem John Humphries! Shropshire's summer was quite good on average, for once :). Not everyone lives in London + South East.
Prof Kear talks on the Today Programme with John Humphries.
Maybe John Humphries should consider retiring. He is less an analytical interviewer and more a caricature of himsel…
- excellent John Humphries - vogue is completely sexist!! Never portrays real women -Well done comfy shoes are very powerful too
John Humphries called Theresa May a 'fashion icon' on the radio this morning. Brexit and food banks are going to be big hits…
Really cannot understand Kirsty Wark paid so uch less than John Humphries. Talent, breadth, intellect poles apart.
John Humphries is a *** He could have chosen his words a little more carefully
Can't wait for a John Stones defensive error that lets Lookman in for a debut goal in the last few minutes
If you feel a little washed up on a Sunday morning, spare a thought for flotsam and jetsam. See them in the...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Scottish Islands Explorer: Washed Up Flotsam and jetsam feature around all coasts and the Hebrides attract some.
I thought cap on executive pay was introduced by John Humphries - and when pressed, Jeremy Corbyn agreed as part of package?
Just tuned into Did someone accidentally dial John Humphries' patronising setting up to 11?
"This story must be fake. On R4 this morning Benn told John Humphries that the committee's decision…" — Plantmanb
shame that your "colleague" (?) John Humphries at works so hard to promote the Downing St case
So heartwarming to hear John Humphries on this morning working so *** behalf of to deflect attention
Did John Humphries mention this in his aggressive interview on ?
Did John Humphries get out of bed the wrong way? GPs are no longer playing golf all afternoon. They are at breaking point.
John Humphries setting new personal best for interrupting & talking over interviewees. Time for new presenter
have switched to Sounds of the 60s to avoid John Humphries hectoring about GPs. Mine is open 08.00 - 18.00 + emergency cover
John Humphries so aggressive this morning re:GP's. He Didn't seem to know the facts of the report being discussed. Just rude!
Well they are on but John Humphries is somewhat lacking in reasoning skills.
john humphries will you let your man speak and stop interupting him! Thank you!
Just yelled at the radio. John Humphries doing his 'terrier' thing with a GP trying to give a proper answer, not just yes or no!
So John Humphries, Mr Hunt gets ages to put points across but GP rep never gets 2 finish a sentence. Not big & not clever
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I'm going to stop listening to The Today Programme if John Humphries carries on being so belligerent.
Yet again,John Humphries appears to be in the pay of Jeremy Hunt;PLEASE stop dancing to the Govt's tune+blaming Drs.Do your job!
.John Humphries to GP: 'What I'm asking you to agree to..'. That's not your job - it's to listen first then question
John Humphries there acting as bullying Tory mouthpiece. Disgraceful.
John Humphries on asking Hilary Benn if his Commons x party comm weren't just remainers trying to keep us in EU. Sounded like it
This is the time for fire and fine displays in Shetland. The first events have taken place in Scalloway. Join...
Ha... All the best tomorrow mate. A few of the lads from Saints play for me at Warrington Town.. Brad Smart, John Humphries
State superintendent candidate John Humphries in favor of converting public schools to charters via
Introducing the new Mardi Gras Mask Collection from John Humphries Designs! Shop now >
After BBC John Humphries said Trump's Washington right now would be 'fun'. BBC's US corrspd Jon Sopel is also looking fwd to '4yrs of fun'.
Donald Trump's mother was born and grew up on the Isle of Lewis. This connection will be featured on Sunday's...
Scottish Islands Explorer: The Lewis Connection An aspect of Donald Trump's family background to be sung on Sunday.
- Stan Humphries was the Chargers Super Bowl QB! Mason said he thought it was John Freeze!!!
It has John Cleese, Barry Humphries and Bea Arthur. Is that surreal/silly enough?
John Humphries article today, Day BBC almost fell? No, the day it lost its objectivity and became politicised.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Lighthouses certainly take a pounding in winter weather. You can look into one here, at...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Withstanding Storms When winter weather comes, consider the construction of lighthouses.
Stated as fact "There are simply too many 'foreigners' allowed to come here" john humphries
"There are simply too many foreigners allowed to come here" john humphries
John Humphries there on R4 casually laughing at the idea that railways could be nationalised & then saying strikes are outd…
. Listening to John Humphries look back 30 years - a reminder of the value of courage with curiosity and care. Inspired
The brilliant John Humphries - he takes no notice of spin doctors and focusses on the truth
i would love John Humphries on the Today programme to get hold of him for an interview
John Humphries you are a disgrace. Jeremy Hunt having the easiest ride of his life on
If only Jeremy Hunt had been given as hard a time y/day by John Humphries as Jeremy Corbyn has been on Hunt is…
The North Coast 500 is a remarkable High Road with fine views of the Highlands & Islands. Gear up through...
I am talking about the Today Programme interview with John Humphries not the Kuensberg interview
With respect YOU should never be the news. John Humphries has done 30 years - I know that he started when we moved here
'Is there anything Jeremy Corbyn could learn from Donald Trump...?' asks John Humphries. No, don't go there 😳
Scottish Islands Explorer: Island Views Taken the NC500 yet? Then there's a treat in store with a High Road circuit.
Politicians, the public and the media: 30 years of change - a view from John Humphries
John Humphries clearly doesn't like digital radio. I find it totally reliable.
Congratulations to John Humphries on 30 yr anniversary interviewing politicians. Truly exceptional interviewer.. The very best.
If ever you needed expose of journalist who thinks he is bigger than news it's this review by John Humphries of his last 30 y…
Spend a little of any spare weekend time enjoying the website of Mo Thomson Photography. You will be transported.
Here's a man whose working week seems endless, caused by a loop of employment opportunities. See things in triple...
Scottish Islands Explorer: They Stand Out Look at the aerial, drone and digital techniques which bring places alive.
hi carol do you know any if these .nicky watts Ricky humphries Phil eaton Darren Rogers Andy Lloyd John Williams all from
Love grammatical pedantry. You, me and John Humphries
I was FEWMIN on 's behalf at John humphries ignorant assertion that dave is a boy's name.
Loving listening to John Humphries learning about earthworms on for a story which is essentially 'we found a massive worm'.
John Humphries just said 'the majority of the UK voted for Breakfast' on
Scottish Islands Explorer: End of the Week Feeling? Does Bill have that end-of-week feel as his work is endless?
"The majority of the people of this country voted for breakfast," says John Humphries. That much, at least, is true.
"Democracy means the will of the people," says John Humphries in a country that doesn't even have proportional representation.
Did john Humphries just say the will of the people was to vote for breakfast?
Does John Humphries really think that passing on faith is indoctrination?
Recent voucher-convert John Humphries has been busy spending his days writing pieces for Right Wisconsin,...
There are some absolute creatures strolling around the John Radcliffe tonight.
Shame John Humphries didn't ask about the potential financial benefits of stopping short sentences...
assume John Humphries is having one too
The itchiness sometimes associated with Harris tweed is eliminated in a new extra-fine range - the 'Premium' -...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Extra-fine 'Premium' Fancy a softer tweed with an extra-fine feel, then go 'Premium'?
One minute you're listening to John Humphries on the radio, the next your sat next to him. (Kinda cool).
Anyone would think you had lost confidence in John Humphries, but surely not...?
More crucially, John Humphries did not even ask the obvious question.
John Humphries actually begging him to be leader...awful interview no questions on his views/policies at all just party gossip
Arron Banks getting a very easy ride by John Humphries on Says Farage could come back again as leader - no challenge from Humphries
remarkable! UKIP's biggest donor having to correct John Humphries on the fact that we haven't actually left the EU yet.
Yesterday's entry, about island depopulation, had a comparable effect on viewing numbers with a distinct decline!...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Some Banking Numbers Nice work if you can get it ... or not if prone to air-sickness!
The regenerated estate on St John's Hill brings 528 homes of mixed tenure to replace 351
John Wetzel, not D.J. Humphries, is next at left tackle for Cardinals
The Schools Hebridean Society of the second part of the 20th Century drew nearly 2400 visitors here on Sunday;...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Depopulation Forecast The number of people living in the Western Isles forecast to fall.
Lest we forget. Thank you Dr. Jill Humphries for sharing this essay by John...
Here are some numbers that provide pleasure. Yesterday there were some 2027 visitors to this page. The 2000th...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Moving to Muck Some people move to islands; yesterday 921 people came to read about them.
Humphries got Charles Johnson & Kony Ealy looking like prime John Abraham.
Winston eludes the sack and fires a dart to Adam Humphries for a 17-yard gain to the 16. offense driving...
give me sproles and Nelson. If John brown and/or Michael Floyd play I may consider humphries in a PPR but I like jj
For the past 2000 consecutive days, this blog has appeared. Today it features an organisation that lasted for 29...
you predicted 1-1. Come on john how can you say never in doubt
Making it look simple 🙌. Andy Murray swept past John Isner to reach the semi-finals in Vienna. Report ➡️
A craftsman applied skills vigorously and rigorously some 1300 years ago and the product has been thoroughly...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Pictish and Rare These markings are well worth considering - some 1300 years later.
stacked at RB (zeke, ware, cmike, howard) but WR is thin. need to play 3: moncrief, pryor, humphries, d.adams or john brown?
this week ppr, Humphries, j Howard, John Brown, Robert Woods, Jj Nelson, which one in flex?
Clemmy Burton-Hill on Radio 4, John Humphries on Radio 2, everyone's going down a notch
This is from your aftershocks the Gettysburg ep, do you not think this looks like John humphries from the ram inn…
you like John Brown with the hammy or Michael Thomas or maybe Adam Humphries with a juicy matchup?
Fascinating evening with Bishop Richard Harries and John Humphries in discussion, at the launch of +Richard's new...
The Islands Book Trust will be holding events in Lewis and North Uist in first part of November. See what's going...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Launch and Talk Note the dates for Island Book Trust events - on Lewis and North Uist.
Thank goodness John Humphries isn't in the studio with all this talk of 'budgie smugglers' on 😳🙊🐧
Humphries, Wynyard expected to play vs. Clarion via
Taking up a post on Muck is one thing; having a view towards Eigg is another. The former is explained at...
Every now and then every blackhouse requires a re-thatching and here's a well-known one at Arnol in need of such...
Here's a catch - an albino haddock - rated at about 100 million to one against landing such a rare find. Take it...
Saw a rec of Friday Night is Music Night with the insanely good & John Humphries (On Tuesday!). Tunes from TV history - brilliant!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Isaac Humphries (sore knee) said he was 100 percent and practiced Wednesday, according to Calipari.
Humphries and Wynyard both in practice
any crueller than being forced to listen to John Humphries?
Which would be despite John Humphries...surely the pasture beckons?
The primary school on the Isle of Muck needs a headteacher and, so far, recent efforts to acquire one have been...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Getting A Head No someone special and suitable for this assignment on the Isle of Muck?
There's a disturbing article by Mark Cocker in the current New Statesman on the futures for some breeds of birds.
Scottish Islands Explorer: Puffin to Nothing? Read an interesting in-depth article on bird numbers by Mark Cocker.
on behalf of the U.K., sorry about John Humphries.
From the MBA bothies on Jura to the Gatliff hostel on South Uist. You are invited to an event at the latter to...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Howmore at 50 Herbert Gatliff set up his second hostel 50 years ago. It still attracts.
Lie in, tea, R4. Rarely listen to anymore. John Humphries is a patronising *** who thinks he's so much cleverer than anyone else
John Humphries describing preventative medicine as 'blackmail' on 😠
Great performance from this morning in the face of John Humphries' 1950s views.
Anyone else hear John Humphries' casual homophobia in the radio 4 interview just now?
well done to Deborah Gold impressively held her own against John Humphries, no mention of women though
John Humphries learn to distinguish between HIV and AIDS. You do not catch AIDS
Loved John humphries' thinly veiled 'f*** off' to previous guest there on ! 😀
Yes, radio is free. I wonder were the money comes from to pay John Humphries his six figure salary.
and why does Krishnan Guru-Murthy behave like a pound-shop John Humphries but without the political insight or charm?
The only case John Humphries seems to be able to think of against children's homes making profits is 'ideological'. I can think of others...
thought a fella of your intellectual standing would listen to John Humphries on radio4, beating up polititions?
Jura has much to offer, particularly when the 3i - interesting, illustrated and informative - blog by Mark & Deb...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Jura by Blog Take a close look at what Jura offers through a blog by Mark & Deb.
It's rich to hear TodayShow John Humphries talk about 'how rich pensioners are getting' on when his Beeb pension gold-plated.
Yesterday's blog at attracted a record 1624 visitors. Will today's item have even more...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Five Beds Fancy owning a guest-house with a bunkhouse on the west coast of Lewis? Here!
Exactly. Former Chargers QB Stan Humphries retired after 4th concussion, said family/health first
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A couple of spots of rain 🤔 wondering if John Humphries uses the word disingenuous at least once a day
that is your evidence??? I am sure he would be interviewed by John humphries
He's too scared of being interviewed by John Humphries. Smith isn't.
Sharing a joke with John Humphries and saying 'Hi' to Norman Lamont as he's getting a coffee. Not the usual way to start a Saturday morning.
The name of Jessie Saxby may not be well-known today, but she was a prolific Shetland writer who lived from 1842...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Literary Connections Here's the former property of a late and prolific Shetland writer.
Dagan you are assuming you're the right one. John Humphries had a Dagon Lonsdayle on last week.
Not that, the John Humphries radio interview in which (like your colleague) you portray yourself as a martyr.
Do take a look at the map and then at the properties through...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Home on the Holms So near and yet so far - a pair of islands for sale off Stromness.
John Humphries the out of touch uncle as he stumbled through interview with on honour based violence
Will someone introduce John Humphries to the concept of 'mansplaining'? Yesterday's interview on Beatrix Potter and now this...
Vintage photo of Portrait of John Read. - D. Humphries
John Humphries and need to know that the website gives fastest not cheapest routes. See Padd'ton to H'Row
The way John Humphries grilled a National Rail spokeswoman on Radio 4 this a.m., I think he was still channeling Mark E Smith's malevolence.
Even if nothing else happens this week, we still got to hear John Humphries say 'How I Wrote Elastic Man' on the telly.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
From Today, today. John Humphries taking rail representative to task over ticket prices. A good listen.
John Humphries really can't get over Beatrix Potter made important scientific contribution 'and a woman' - repeats 7 times
John Humphries should never again use the phrase 'teenie weenie'. It's disconcerting 👍🏻
"We've had VR on the wireless for years. Just shut your eyes and use your imagination." I ❤️ John Humphries!
There are an increasing number of idyllic parts of Shetland - Fetlar and Sandness, for example - where 3G...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Broadband for More Consider taking your business to remoter parts of Shetland.
John Humphries 'interview' / interrogation on rail fares had better make a podcast. The Lady had Better be for Turning
John Humphries sounding like a very frustrated rail traveller this morning on
John Humphries tearing apart rail spokesperson on in a most satisfying manner right now
Enjoying John Humphries with the train lady
Kind of feeling that John Humphries has been buying expensive rail tickets recently
John Humphries on in full Beast Mode right now!
I got really excited on Saturday 8.20 when was interviewed by John Humphries on Radio4 about :)
John Humphries gets it on the today show - callers to HMRC aren not customers because they don't have a choice of service provider.
plenty of rain at Waterloo John Humphries!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Go back into the past again and consider the cycle race (or ride) to be be held in the Isle of Lewis on Saturday...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Tour de Tweed Some will be hoping for cool weather for riding bikes in Harris Tweed.
This morning on John Humphries' idiotic belligerence: telling Christianity not to turn the other cheek
John Humphries sounds like the only madman here, against a measured response by Roman Catholic contributors
he beat John Humphries this year and quite rightly so
-did John Humphries have to be quite so abrasive with man & woman both trying to promote more equality of access to Bristol Uni.?.
Awful interview by John Humphries re: universities not taking more poor kids. No talk of fees & weak school support for aspiration
What poor children need is a return of the grammar school system that John Humphries benefited from.
The ways of reaching St Kilda has become easier with an increase in services and the provision of faster craft.
Scottish Islands Explorer: They're Off! Reaching St Kilda has become somewhat easier, but not when racing others.
john humphries is like a dog with a bone. Love him.
John Humphries was at his brilliant best on cutting through the jargon of academics re how few poor people reach university.
I like John Humphries, but he's off on a mad rant about access to university for poor children that is making a mess of his interview.
I woke to hear the end of a brief interview on with John Humphries.
John Humphries gave Ed Milliband an why so for John Mann
Even John Humphries couldn't muster enthusiasm to question turncoat he's finished His CLP must be disappointed
John Mann talking authentic Nottinghamshire jibberish on R4, Humphries so astounded at his wham didn't even bother attacking him
Ed Miliband rightly emphasises that 95% of Labour MPs back but John Humphries desperate to stoke up John Mann non-story
When that desired image becomes really elusive, it may be time to access Fotosearch and start tracking. Here's an...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Tracking Down For exploring the islands or searching for images, here's a good source.
another example of John Humphries bias shining through. Allowed Bill Cash free reign instead of usual inquisition. Bias much?
Lt. John Faine is about to talk to our live on FOX19 NOW.
.fired a 66 today in the LGA Amateur and leads by 2 shots over & John Humphries. Story:
John Humphries shares his affection for the extraordinary Gordon Gregory - and being called Gordon 4 years
would you want to run the risk of getting publicly annoyed with John Humphries if he messes up a question though?
When fire and water strike, the elimination of materials is inevitable. When on North Rona it's particularly...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Relentless There are certainly destructive ways of fire, water and wind - on North Rona.
When it's time for tea and treats, can this be beaten - just a short journey away on the Ulva Ferry crossing?...
Scottish Islands Explorer: The Boathouse on Ulva Here is bliss - just a short crossing away on the Ulva Ferry.
'There's no such thing as a job for life' says John Humphries to a laid-off steel worker. Unless you're John Humphies at the BBC
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
.John Humphries does not know how to interview ordinary people. He rarely, if ever, meets them.
John Humphries interview ,working man from Tyne Side,reminded me that Europe gave no help to us during Falklands war !!
John Humphries on said EU refused to put anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel. Wasn't it UK Tory govt which opposed that move?
Scottish Islands Explorer: Longevity off Lewis A shag may have set one record; visitors here were an all-time low.
Totally agree, couldn't understand why John Humphries was so abrupt, not needed
So refreshing to hear an articulate, ex-steelworker telling John Humphries the realities of life on Teesside
Take a look at this islet in Scapa Flow. Does it resemble a barrel of butter? It's more like a pat of the...
Scottish Islands Explorer: The Name Game Place-names can originate from ownership, appearance or even transactions.
Professor Baker interview on with John Humphries could be packaged up and sold as comedy reprise of 'Two Johns.'
Why is John Humphries dropping his t's. Is it because he is talking about youf registration? Calm down John.
There will be opportunities to find out more about the life and times of Hamish Henderson. One way is through...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Hamish Henderson There will be opportunities to see, on film, his life and times.
.John Eric Humphries et al. wrote about returns to education
What a lovely evening! How gorgeous to celebrate John's b/day with Gemma Humphries Jackie McDonald Natasha Blyth...
The former Free Church on Grimsay will open for a new lease of life in under three weeks time. See what's...
Hamilton Collection
Scottish Islands Explorer: New Life for Old Church The Grimsay community will soon have a new base for events.
I'd love to see John Humphries read questions on Pokemon
Wanting to hear about two of Sanday's wrecks? Then move fast to the Orkney island for today's talk or click on...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Wrecks Recalled Sanday is an island where ships could find themselves stranded and left.
The under-construction projects on the Ardfin Estate are bringing workers and revenue to Jura. See what's going...
back on form with the brilliant John Humphries. Personally, I'd like to see Andrew Neil as a presenter.
John Humphries is trending among SNP activists who perhaps don't realise it's spelt Humphrys
If you're going to complain at John Humphrys, at LEAST spell his name correctly! John Humphrys. Not John Humphries. Not difficult
I remember John Humphries saying on the problem with wind power was that it's not windy enough in Britain. Does he still think so?
I listen to a much more mature John Humphries often on Radio 4, but going back 40 years is quite a surprise!
Kezia got a very very easy ride from John Humphries this morning
John Humphries on R4 Today this morning didn't sound 100% impartial IMHO.
The numbers today? The 180 residents of Sleat, Skye, will be having a £1.9 million community hub opening next...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Site at Sleat There's a new community hub coming for the 180 residents of Sleat, Skye.
suffering Sean already Alarm's last station is Radio 4 Waking up to John bleeding Humphries puts me in foul mood Gotta get up
I know that, why doesn't John Humphries? I'm not suggesting it's in any way connected with Alan Yentob btw.
John Humphries’ tribute to Terry Wogan was very moving this morning.
We are really sorry to learn of passing of supporter John Humphries - our thoughts are with John's friends & family
you must read newspaper today. All about john humphries and the ancient ram inn.
I missed this live, but what a wonderful set of clips, and a beautiful tribute to Terry Wogan from John Humphries.
Refreshing to hear John Humphries not playing along with the pathetic naming of storms
What draws a crowd? Over 850 people looked on Friday at the old RAF station to be transformed; over 250 were...
John Humphries suggesting donors should have checked the finances of and that trustees shouldn't be blamed. Wonder why?
Gaelic hymns have wide appeal despite their words being unknown to many. Why not try a selection from Skye?...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Make Sunday Special Hymns, even with words unknown, have wide appeal. Try some in Gaelic.
I was very proud of fixing John Humphries with a steely glare as I said "or tax woman" on !
Wind speeds vary as does the reporting of them. Storm Gertrude produced some gusts over a hundred, just as...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Hitting the Hundreds Here's looking at Storm Gertrude and taking in some wind speeds.
Six days ago over 750 people logged on, while on each of the last three days the numbers have failed to hit a...
Scottish Islands Explorer: Cold War to Storm Force There's to be an official opening on an exposed headland today.
Should you really be getting a grown-up surgery prize for that little tonsils op? Says John Humphries
Two different kinds of read featured: a fine autobiographical study about addiction and recovery plus the digital...
Scottish Islands Explorer: The Outrun Do take a look at this book and at our digital edition. Two good reads.
My friend and fellow geriatrician Prof Tom Downes on today programme at 713 with John Humphries talking acute care for older people
Dreaming of Here's in Dieppe, France '76 by John Timbers from
"I shut the door on child abuse memory" tells speaking John Humphries on
Someone get a statement from Kris Humphries about this beef during his lunch break at Long John Silver's.
Shag, marry, push off a cliff: John Humphries, Jon Snow (off channel 4 news), Jeremy Paxman?
Yea Kanye taking it a bit to far cause if this the case Ray j, Reggie bush, kris humphries, nick cannon etc own yo kids 😂😂
no. I have no idea why he would say that about KK. Kris Humphries, Gabriel Audrey, john mayer, michael copon miles austin etc
I'll have a team registered tomorrow. Claudia Sanzoni Sarah Richardson John Mainwaring Shaun Humphries Mark...
Bit disappointed to hear John Humphries going on about 'proper' book awards, ie not children's. was great though
John Humphries has just asked the question that I wanted to address as my PhD
The brightness of the Up Helly Aa events in Shetland is a reflection, in its way, of the increasing hours of...
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