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John Hughes

John Wilden Hughes, Jr. (February 18, 1950 – August 6, 2009) was an American film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Steven Spielberg Uncle Buck Anthony Michael Hall Mike Epps Paul Hartley John Carpenter Stephen King Raith Rovers Day Off Ferris Bueller Jackie McNamara Brendan Rodgers Wes Craven Breakfast Club Stuart McCall John Candy Michael Jackson

We can only hope john Morton uses him early and often rather then late in the season
This guy is straight out of a John Hughes film. Classic one-liner.
Hey! Yeah I checked it again yesterday and it still happened. I'll try to do a screen cap today 👍🏼Thanks!
So the John Hughes presence was definitely felt?
No info sadly but good to see actual 1950s NHS new build. If you come across a John Hughes re Welsh hospitals can you let me know?
Spider-Man: Homecoming review: the web-slinger's gizmo-heavy John Hughes homage is too cobwebby for comfort
I hate it. I hate having to go along with everything my friends say. 🎞 The Breakfast Club, 1985, John Hughes
is a fun high school superhero saga: spot-on for older kids (and John Hughes fans).
You will probs like Spiderman then, a John Hughes film
Harry Maguire Michael Keane John Terry Nathan Ake all gone!! defenders Waitin for a Rabbit out of a hat I presume...
John Hughes, Dan Akroyd and John Candy. How have I never heard of this?!
Me too. And I'm wondering if I could pair it with Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John. Or Langston Hughes. Or Petina Gappah.
did Baby Driver draw any inspiration from John Hughes?
Hi, John! Haven't heard back from you. Does the issue still persist?
Directed by zombie John Hughes as that's assuredly going to raise him from the dead. 😜
im obsessed bc someone said i look like i could be the protagonist in a John Hughes movie 🤤😍💕
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THANK YOU META! John Hughes is an 80s God. Film favoritmu apa?
Soon we'll be playing Vincent Parker, Gescom, Ocoeur, Single Cell Orchestra, John Hughes, Normal Postion, Soehngen, and more fine, fine IDM
I am being thematic. This is also John Hughes, to me; and riding my scooter in the rain >> via
USA's 80s is the best era like we could enjoy John Hughes' films and listen to Hall & Oates also dance with disco ball
On this months episode of OST with he pays tribute to John Hughes with an incredible mix.
Also, just because a movie takes place in high school doesn't make it a John Hughes homage. Stop saying this. (Bow bow, chick chicka chicka)
An extra steak from Park Heights I took home tonight. Not a better steak in town!...
The Federal Courts, Politics, and the Rule of Law by John C. Hughes
I wrote tonight’s an ‘80s love letter to John Carpenter and (no joke) John Hughes. Directed by
I wouldn't compare it to John Hughes because those movies are actually invested in how teens relate.
It's like a John Hughes movie got dropped into the Marvel Universe
I loved how had a John Hughes feel to it and the fact that the cast was so diverse just made me happy all over
- the comic book movie I didn't know I wanted till I saw it. John Hughes with dash of BIRDMAN makes for loads of fun
Inspiration and guidance courtesy John Hughes' talk "Testing the hard stuff and staying sane"
Meredith Salinger with Patton Oswalt is a grown up John Hughes film come to life.
John Hughes meets the MCU in this crowd pleasing Return to form for the Web Head. My https:…
Take a moment. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it." -John Hughes
If they get high school & teens as accurately as The Spectacular Now or a John Hughes film, I'll truly be amazed.
Dude, are you a character from a John Hughes movie? You can be a nerd and athletic.
TONIGHT at Bringing back the 80s & 90s with the Best of John Hughes Movies!
I have a reporter colleague who tried to send a freedom-of-info request, but actually sent a quote from a John Hughes movie.
Nb. Neither Amazing Spider-mans, and I suspect Homecoming, will have those John Hughes elements
Let's try that again, lol. This speaks to my ambivalence about John Hughes fims in general. .
One of the best movies of all Jog=hn Candy and Steve Martin. Director John Hughes was a great director.
...siblings from abuse and living his life as a hero back when Richard Morgan thought we were in a John Hughes movie.
John Hughes made this wacky classic in the 80's and it will forever live as one of the best of…
Said before that guys likes Charlie, John Hughes,Willie O'Neil,Joe McBride & John Fallon should have…
Like all modern teens, my friends & I gather each week to watch John Hughes movies and dance to 80s pop. (We were all b…
how does John Hughes get away with being a sneering, snivelling Tory?Every time he interviews Labour politician, bla…
17. Lucas is one of the best 80s teen dramedies that has NOTHING to do with John Hughes. It's Corey Haim's best performanc…
Say hello to league 1 and get it right up John Hughes. Also delighted for Jim Goodwin & everyone
It's almost 4am and I'm really mad at John Hughes castings of Anthony Michael Hall.
John Hughes is a a great man and an even better manager.
John Hughes won't be taking the Raith Rovers team talk on Saturday... the kitman will.
You are a living, breathing John Hughes movie. 😂
John Hughes' points per game at Raith Rovers (0.92) is worse than Ian McCall's Ayr United (0.94) in the Championship.
John Hughes was a genius, Joel Schumacher not so much. Sorry to disagree!
John Hughes with Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheedy on the set of the Breakfast Club.
Raith boss John Hughes demanding players hit the heights once more
My mom didn't believe me that Ben Stein is an actor and was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off... she clearly needs to brush up on her John Hughes
During the opening credits of this film there is a brief still of the late John Hughes and his family on vacation.
"Carol singers" cards & Lloyd Dobler = most romantic gestures for those of us raised on John Hughes.
'It's the lifeblood of the club'. John Hughes vows to give youth a chance as he hunts 'new Ryan Christie'.
I genuinely believe that John Hughes directed both of our lives, so don't worry - one day your John Cusack will come.
John Hughes and Guy Pagano doing Hughes and Pagano things down the stretch in Staten Island. Nothing unusual.
we rep John Hughes and the blues brothers. Svengoolie is probably the local tv icon.
John Hughes must have seen a million head shots like this.
My Chicagoan roots thank you for your devotion to John Hughes.
John Hughes was open to that rehearsal. This can only happen if the director and/or the writer are open to that. Judd Nelson
as it's John Hughes birthday! Dream Academy, Edge of Forever from Ferris Beuller's Day Off.
Watched Mary Stuart Masterson was terrific in it!. Still think John Hughes movies don't quite get there tho.
John Hughes: My Inverness team would give Brendan Rodgers' Celtic a game
John Hughes in at Raith Rovers till the end of the campaign. Won't be long till they return to picking up all "shree" points
I have great memories of John Hughes. Equalising against Rangers (now defunct). Then warmly shaking Richard Gough by the throat
"Mark Warburton is fantastic for Scottish football", says John Hughes
Jason Birch, Kevin Braid, Jeff Ditchfield, Neil Deakin, Yusef Ghani, John Hughes, David Gough, the cesspit of the U.K canna world!! Cowards!
John Hughes movie fest, stars coming to suburb this summer
"If Philip Roth had written a screenplay for a film directed by John Hughes, Red Oaks would have been the result."
Probably not what John Hughes was looking for, but when I watch Home Alone I always think 'I could rob houses better than that.'
Whenever HOME ALONE is on I think about John Hughes being legendary as the dirtiest National Lampoon writer.
John Hughes will play against Thistle reserves tonight, while Jimmy Johnstone has recovered from the knock sustained v Motherwell last week.
it really does seems like any John Hughes films combined with any kids spy agents movies.
My life is like a movie directed by John Hughes but he dies in the middle of it and Alfred Hitchcock takes over
I'm a huge fan of John Hughes and can say that 'Planes, Trains and...
What did that make John Hughes' shame in SIXTEEN CANDLES? I will not type the name. You know him. Which was he?
Dig on Tim Cohen's first single 'John Hughes' from his debut solo LP due in Jan via
Bout to start back writing screenplays and stay focused so I can become the next Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, John Hughes etc 📍💸
is a good Thanksgiving movie to watch from 1991.Written by the late John Hughes w/Ed O'Neill, Ethan Randall (Embry) Jobeth Williams.
RMS students participated in a Choir Clinic with Ripon College Professor, Dr. John Hughes to perform their music at…
This all started because Some Kind of Wonderful (the best John Hughes film, don't @ me) was so cheap.
Maybe it depends on the quality of the reference. Peter Watkins versus John Hughes. Albert Brooks versus Jeff Dunham. See?
Seriously good fun for John Hughes and 80s Hollywood teen comedy fans in Ashima Chibber's 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' (Ch4…
Half the time. Fast Times I felt got it right, despite generation/cultural differences. John Hughes stuff felt like fantasies.
Different noises are coming out of their camp all the time. Unlikely now my guess would be Darren Way or John Hughes.
We're on the Walter Smith, John Hughes, John Collins and Bobby Williamson bandwagons.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
John Hughes meets in The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love! It's perfect and you should read it now. Our review:
listen up real quick, I'm turning sixteen this monday and if jake ryan didn't show up to my house then I'm suing dead John Hughes
NFLPA cap space for NE dropped $300,882 today, likely due to John Hughes contract and/or Anthony Johnson being paid a higher PSQ salary...
Here's a quick montage of some of my shots for The Biggest Story! Head to my site to watch…
Podcast: I talked about Breakfast Club & my ongoing John Hughes worship w/ my pals @
Welp, it's about time I posted some new work and launched an Instagram account for said wo…
The sad thing the young ones will never know the spike lee hughes brothers john singleton era
Finally put some new work up on the site! I had a blast animating/working w/ for The Biggest Story…
My teenage years weren't like John Hughes said they'd be.
Now this is encouraging. John Judis, 1 of best of old TNR crew, returns for what I believe may be his first piece p…
"Just once, I want my life to be like an '80s movie. But no. No. John Hughes did not direct my life." – A Mentira
Sean gets on better w John than I do 😂
This song is like a John Hughes movie everytime
John Hughes and Kiru Singh have put on a stormer here. Five round scrap. Decision looking to go in Hughes favour.
Aw, I just googled 'But John Hughes Said...' and found a playlist of the same title, also by you, obvs. It is GREAT! xx
john Hughes throwing bombs at Kiru Singh
Our next title is on the line as John Hughes takes on Kiru Singh for the Amateur Bantamweight title , Results in...
Gym music is supposed to be hardcore and pump you up; mine sounds more like the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie
I could see him as a lit professor, CIA analyst,depressed artist,or an Andrew McCarthy emo in a John Hughes,or any James Spader par
📺pays homage tonight to the 1985 John Hughes film 'The Breakfast Club'
The friends that don't belong to social media often have said on a rainy day that a rain day is for John Hughes movies.
St. Elmo's Fire (1985):. Great movie with a great cast and one of my absolute favorite 80s movies specially for not…
So it's been all downhill for Inverness CT since I slaughtered them for appointing Richie Foran. Did the same with John Hughes.
ah it's amazing! The great work of John Hughes intact, and no problem!:)
Don't forget we're still expecting that John Hughes piece from you ;) Proud to have you on our team ❤️❤️
Announce John Hughes as our new manager please!
Neat episode with the creator of Fountain John Hughes
You're arguing with John Hughes, not me
Advertising was fairly simple work, and I really just wanted a job where I could sit and writ
The Breakfast Club (1985) dir. John Hughes . "We're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it."
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Kevin Smith very much took over the baton from John Hughes during the 90s, but who has it now? I'm in my 40s, I wouldn't know.
Great talk on and with and on the podcast:
You don't want to miss winning tix to THE Breakfast Club, the classic John Hughes film
16 Candles was kind of disappointing. Not bad, but for a John Hughes movie with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, I expected better.
it's really good. It reminds me of The Goonies. Also has Wes Craven & John Hughes vibes
just remembered John Hughes and I were from the same sending parish, St Margaret's Whalley Range. Not seen him in over a decade
Oriel l-r Peter Mandelson, Kevin Eldon as Rolf from the Muppets, Bad Posh Kid from a John Hughes movie, a virgin.
Change it back to give John Hughes writing credit and I'm cool with it.
John Hughes's lovenote to sick days & summer fun =All in our pod on
Look at that, is the highest rated movie in the comedy section on my Netflix. You beat John Hughes & Bill Murray!!!
is Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, John Hughes, and Stephen King all in one but better.
"It's like Steven Spielberg and Wes Craven had a baby but John Hughes had to be the surrogate mom" - Zachary Levi explaining
It's sorta like if Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, John Hughes, Stephen King, & Christopher Pike had a really
how did you get the title of my John Hughes/ Steven Universe fic
I want my life to be like a Wes Anderson and John Hughes movie smashed into one, so full of angst but aesthetically pleasing with good music
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sad to hear about Garry Marshall. Before John Hughes came along I think Marshall defined my childhood...watching...
I'd watch a John Hughes film if it was about Jennifer & Joel Grey doing daddy & daughter stuff around NYC.
A piece on John Hughes that made me feel intellectual and writerly jealousy, by at
In the years since I worked with John Hughes, there were many years wh...
We watched the John Hughes movie The Great Outdoors. It still holds up with Dan Ackroyd and John Candy. I miss these kinds of storytelling.
John Hughes wrote seat of the pants letting his surprise him. Stephen King is right.
Today is the second anniversary of the death of John Hughes, Dean of Jesus, Cambridge. Pray for him and ask for his praye…
It's like his whole life is method acting a John Hughes villain.
John Hughes is one of the best directors to ever live. No one can do movies like him. No one knows the teenage heart and m…
Wow. I reckon we should get one of our sponsors cars John Hughes up to the ice rink and do a lap 😆
Ghostbusters from the Edge (1990) starring Michael Richards, Milo O'Shea, Billy Zane and Keith Coogan (dir. John Hughes)
'TV Review: If you go in with perilously low expectations, Mike Epps' take on the John Hughes classic…
TV review of Mike Epps' take on the John Hughes classic
John Hughes has won more trophies than Brendan Rodgers
kinda surprised John Hughes never did anything with that, a Big Chill with Ducky and Long Duck Dong
can John Hughes or Richard Curtis please direct my life
I'm a John Hughes fan,although Bret Easton Ellis intrigues me.Have any of you read the book American Psycho ? Great read,just graphic.
Hibernian legend Jackie McNamara wants John Hughes to return to Easter Road - but fears he and Rod Petrie cou...
Stay Tuned: 'Uncle Buck' is a funny update on the John Hughes' film
All have been sent to our traders to be priced up now. Jackie McNamara and John Hughes are already on site.
New Hibernian manager, do you have odds for Craig Brown, Jackie McNamara, Paul Hartley, John Hughes and Jimmy Calderwood please?
both John Hughes and Paul Hartley good shouts to replace Stubbs
I have a feeling this boy will appear on one day! WATCH: Inverness boy tries to replace ICT's John Hughes
Tommy Wright, John Hughes, Neil Lennon, Ian Murray, Ian Cathro and Stuart McCall will all be mentioned. None are inspiring.
John Hughes will be mentioned a lot I'm sure
I have seen Stuart McCall thrown about along with John Hughes and McLeish :)
John Hughes films were intriguing to me because I got to see how the high school hierarchy worked within a White school setting...
Noah Baumbach movies are just glorified John Hughes movies 🚮🚮🚮🚮
can you bring back the economy, Duran Duran & John Hughes too?
You can never go wrong with a little John Hughes
HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED. Why do you write like history has it's eyes on you?!
"How do you write like you're running out of time"
Growing up in a town of 950 people John Hughes' films were sort of a reference for larger high schools!
At least three of the drinks on this menu are named for John Hughes movies. Another is called "Stay Gold, Pony Boy." I like this place.
It's Monday.get downtown to Park Heights for dinner!
no Jonny Snow and the Dragon Queen are going to roll off into the sunset like a *** John Hughes flick.
HAPPY 30TH Ferris Bueller another John Hughes classic.Great cast and crew.It's still fun to watch all these years.
For this Blue Moon, Try SOME KIND OF BLUE MOON - a smart mix of the Wolfman and a 1980s John Hughes movie.
John Hughes ruined my life. Like, in a good way.
you look like you came out of a John Hughes movie and I love it
I love John Hughes films so much bcos not only are they hilarious but they're so through provoking
John Hughes was here! Hallowed ground. Ferris picks Sloan up from school.
Remember that time John Cross thought Mark Hughes was our top managerial target? He literally makes it up as he goes along.
with John Hughes leaving caley he must be in with a shout 😜
that just made me cringe so bad I almost dislocated my spine
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John Hughes' movies will always have some of the best soundtracks
John Hughes to step in as United manager imo
yo so those sets finished super early, think you should get out here and play John Hughes in my honour thnx
You can talk about Michael Jackson all you want, but John Hughes was t...
John 'yogi' Hughes new Hibs boss. Gotta b taking some trophies next season :)
I would've looked at the 1984 draft, when Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis and John Stockton all went after ALFRERICK HUGHES
my brother's name is John Hughes which makes the whole thing very awkward for me
you should make your tea parties have themes of John Hughes or 80's movies
In my head Molly Ringwald is my mum and Micheal J Fox is my dad and John Hughes is my grandad whilst Robin Wright is my grandma.
winner n°3 as chosen by attendees: Cork, Ireland by John Hughes (10/12)
what can I say, I'm thrilled! enjoy this supercut video of John Hughes' iconic '80s via /
A Day in the Life of a Teenager in a John Hughes Movie from the 1980’s:
Also one where the main character hates John Hughes films, please!
The only John Hughes film I can remember mentioning was Ferris Bueller's Day Off when I offered my favorite movie of all time.
Ohm, and @ HowLive what was the John Hughes film you mentioned at the beginning, and the context? (I'm also a film nut...) 1/2
+all the preaching of it being John Hughes-esque, hopefully minus the casual racism of those 80s films
The video that matches the soundtrack to the 80s.
thought someone was throwing rocks at my window n i was in my own John Hughes movie. nope just june bugs flying into the…
Relive the teenage glory of the John Hughes universe in this supercut of his iconic '80s films. via…
What's your favorite John Hughes movie of all time? .
Idea: Two zombies find love after being barricaded in the same Bed Bath & Beyond for decades. Think post-apocalyptic John Hug…
John Hughes may have been my favorite.
LVG leaving Man United. Surely paving the way for the greatest manager in the country. John Hughes.
Music Geeks: Can you identify the song at 1:50 on this supercut, please?via
A day in the life at John Hughes High School
Obsessed with " A Change of Heart " if John Hughes was still alive & makin comin of age classics this would deffo be on the soundtrack
On May 6, John Hughes and Lauren Kroeger obtained Summary Judgment for a Lake County employer in a suit for wrongful discharge
Horton calls his 5T an undertackle and the 5T is John Hughes
In honor of Ferris Fest, at a separate event I asked Jim Belushi about John Hughes. (They worked…
Head over to the John Hughes theater in Lake Forest and say hello! Check out some neat memorabilia while you're...
The story of John Hughes's unmade live-action Peanuts for some reason reminds me of the animated Garfield movie Jim Davis pitched for years.
Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile, you could miss it. John Hughes -...
Very sad to see John Hughes leave Inverness, but he had to go. Now that Hughes is departing, the board can re-sign David Raven.
The Bears have Mr Warburton, while the Tims go for John Hughes. That's like Hugh Keevins, trying to take on TurdsonNews.
Seriously y'all, Sym-Bionic Titan is pretty much literally Genndy Tartakovsky seeing Pacific Rim and thinking "What if John Hughes made it?"
Charles Grodin is Carles on the AHA's review of Beethoven 2nd. Also did you know John Hughes co-wrote that script???
Kevin Smith's Yoga Posers is scratching my John Hughes itch. Looking forward to it.
Nobody of course has a scooby who the new gaffer will be, but IF it's Keane then might as well get John Hughes in as Nos 2
I heard Spider-Man is going to be like a teen comedy like the old 80 John Hughes films which will be a interesting take.
yes John Hughes, 80s movies, he forever lives on! Love that guy!! FYI
5 of 5 stars to John Hughes by Kirk Honeycutt
ICT boss John Hughes:. "I see light at the end of the tunnel for Ritchie Foran. If he gets a pre-season in him he's got a part to play."
watching Uncle Buck made me realize how many girls in John Hughes movies I once had crushes on.
STVNorth sport at 6 - Mixu, John Hughes, Jonny Hayes, Jim McIntyre & Callum Davidson + one of the best black ball pots you'll see
John Hughes is solid and Xavier Cooper was a 3rd rounder last year. I don't see the point.
ICYMI: The Rise of the Industry: An Interview with John Hughes, CEO of Honeycomb Worldwide Inc.
John Hughes had such a timeless perception when captivating an average teenagers life. Legend.
who u take from lambert coyle or John Hughes
Sources, wee tip, in the know... Moyes, Keane, Rodgers.. . You just know we will end up wae John Hughes or Paul Hartley!
Pray for the soul of Charles Patrick John Coghlan 1st Premier # by kate hughes
Congratulations to captain Lee Wallace who won the John Greig Special Achievement Award
VIDEO: Interviews: Hughes & Clark: Managers John Hughes and Lee Clark speak to BBC Scotland after Inverness Ca...
Great pic of CEO Peter Sandiford CEO Dan Hughes and John Baylin! https:…
looks like a modern reboot of a John Hughes character.
Most problems can be solved with iced coffee and a John Hughes film.
Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Best Day Off Ever as Ferris Bueller’S Day Off Returns to Cinemas for Two...
echoes of Ian Hamilton, John Riley in this stunning first collection of the late David Hughes' work-
Makay just not good enough for me tho. Brendan Rodgers or if they want to go down the cheaper route John Hughes
Aw, love a John Hughes story on a Sunday afternoon :)
I like John Hughes! I was just too young when I saw FBDO. Like 12.
Hey John Hughes thanks for the follow!
If a grown assed man that weeps during John Hughes movies is your thing.. I'm so totally your guy.
My '80s John Hughes persona is Jake: What’s yours? Take the quiz via
Will John Hughes try and hold out for a draw now?
Can't wait to spend the majority of next Saturday drunkenly hurtling obscenities at John Hughes.
John Hughes looks like he's on eccies the way he's chewing his gum so violently
Hi Rod, John Hughes here. Isn't that the same model that JFK Jr. lost control in?
If John Hughes didn't deserve the bullet before kick off (which he did) going behind to a player with that abortion of a haircut seals it.
"It’s like a lost John Hughes movie with Irish brogues..." We must see this!
"Elation and Heartbreak: United Edges Everton in F.A. Cup" by ROB HUGHES via NYT
Everton should move for Mark Hughes as manager,think it would be a good fit.
Almost any Inverness game this season under John Hughes.
When can my life turn into a John Hughes movie?
Don't know if I have it in me to make the arduous 1.5 minute trek to the pub only for John Hughes to ruin another one of my weekends...
Is it time for John Hughes to move on from Ict?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Inverness boss John Hughes: We need to look after ourselves -
I want John Hughes to direct my life
I think you can tell a lot about someone by what John Hughes movie is their favorite.
Finish the night with a John Hughes film
Duckie, Bender, Jake or Claire: Which John Hughes character are you?
I love all the movies by director John Hughes. I also love John Landis's mo...
Was hoping would join for John Henry!
A sad clown dancing to a John Hughes soundtrack? keeps getting better. Check out their new song here:
is like watching a John Hughes musical. Loved every minute of it. My favorite film of 2016 so far
This gets funnier every time I watch it 😂.
So um yeah here's the Wagon... It's basically done, just needs stain
Tables of rough spruce, for the pub
"I love John Hughes... But how racist was 16 candles?!" Agreed
So sad my Rays are in the AL East basement. 😭
The Orioles are a force to be reckoned with as of now
As soon as John Kasich is hit with negative ads, he will drop like a rock in the polls against Crooked Hillary Clinton…
Kyle Ryan sounds like the name of a character in a 1980's John Hughes movie
Wait till John Hughes is sitting guffawing inanely in the managers seat, then we will have wished we went for moyes😂😂
so many bought into the "new Simeone/Klopp" myth (with book) their board peddled. John Hughes would've done more than he did 😂🙈
Music for John Hughes movies. at Shrine in LA. 6,500 teenagers singing every word.
they really are taking this teenage Peter Parker to heart. And all on the heels that the director it to feel "John Hughes"
Caley Jags boss John Hughes out to stop 'legend' Billy Mckay at Dundee United
Question who created Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary answer Farrelly Brothers is wrong as John Hughes created D&D
I would trust Pete Doctor to remake anything. He is the one person I would trust to make a John Hughes film.
What's it like working with Howard Deutch and John Hughes in Some Kind of Wonderful with Lea Thompson?
John Hughes: We must win next three games
Inverness Caledonian Thistle are 'struggling' to add players says manager John Hughes:
Only The Lonely - Just great. John Hughes movies are awesome and to me Candy does no wrong.
How come no one told me Uncle Buck is an awesome movie? John Candy/John Hughes are so wonderful.
Also, today would've been the 66th birthday of John Hughes (died in 2009).
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
feeling v grateful for these amazing John Hughes movies today 💞
I just found out that they're remaking Uncle Buck with Mike Epps. They're remaking John Hughes. I'm so upset! Argh!
Yesterday was the anniversary. John Hughes is one of the all time greats. Has inspired me so much as a story teller.
Ouch, lol. What's your favorite John Hughes film?
Maybe Hughes should throw a player or two under the bus until one needs Tommy John surgery? Can't do worse...
hey do you guys like the movie The Breakfast Club or other John Hughes movies?
Did anyone else know that John Hughes died in 2009? I'm 7 years late on being sad
the thing I was most deeply struck by when I met Stephanie Weirich, SPJ, & John Hughes was their kindness.
My life goal is to be an extra in a John Hughes movie from the '80s so it's safe to say that my dreams won't come true
But no... John Hughes did not direct my life. 😩
John Hughes hosts Breakfast with the at Columbus Intermediate School
I wish I could get paid to listen to Fall Out Boy all day and watch John Hughes films.
Finished the the flat rack too, bur guess what, no flats...
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