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John Hinckley Jr

John Warnock Hinckley, Jr., (born May 29, 1955) attempted to assassinate U.S.

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she wants 2 act like its no big deal but John Hinckley Jr. shot pres Reagan 2 impress Jodi Foster over less.Words DO matter
. I imagine it's similar to how Jodie Foster feels about John Hinckley jr.
John Hinckley, Jr. shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster. When celebrities use social to threaten our country, people lik…
Love yourself like you were both John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster at the same time. Do your best to impress yourself!!
How convenient that 'John Hinckley Jr' is released at the same time as Trump is heading for president. Put that man back in jail for life!
If I assassinate trump do you think John Hinckley Jr. will notice me?
Judge: Decision to free John Hinckley Jr. has drawn less "blowback" than expected
How much has the Brady law really changed prevention in the United States?
John Hinckley Jr. Episode is so good! I don't have any good ideas to give but I look fwd to the Halloween bonus ep!
if Hillary is elected there is a ray of hope.
John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley, Jr. – we need you ready for Trump, just in case
What Hail Mary could pull before Election Day?. Tell John Hinckley Jr that is finger-banging Jodie Foster?.
do you have that article handy on John Hinckley Jr. and his lunch with I think, Neil Bush. did you send me that a while back?
I am talking bug Pence's bugs and have a plant on him. Who did John Hinckley Jr. have lunch with the day b4 he tried to kill Reagan? A Bush!
i think John Hinckley Jr is the only man who's obsessed with Jodie Foster... & he was found innocent of attempted murder by insanity plea.
For God's sake, where is the Czech John Hinckley Jr. perhaps in love with Aneta Langerová, when the nation needs him?
. star talks with about playing Nancy Reagan --> http…
John hinckley Jr. was released this September. He was the the man who shot Ronald Reagan. 😳
Chaos ensues after John Hinckley, Jr. fires six shots at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. on March 30, 1981.…
John Hinckley, Jr. attempts to assassinate the president. Our final chapter in Fatal Fans is now available.
"I still think about Jodie...someone needs to save in Taxi Driver" - John Hinckley, Jr.
Why did John Hinckley, Jr. try to assassinate President Reagan? Find out TONIGHT 9/8c on Details:
. star talks with about playing Nancy Reagan -->…
Reagan would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr to be released
Here's what happened to the key figures in the years following John Hinckley Jr.'s assassination attempt on Reagan.
I hear John Hinckley Jr. is a big fan of this one
"I'll look at it at the time" john hinckley jr where are u! Jodie Foster will be ur girlfriend if u kill Donald Trump I swear!
remember what John Hinckley Jr tried to do to Reagan?
Someone get John Hinckley Jr. a quarter so he can make up his mind.
Hillary should give her debate guest ticket to John Hinckley Jr. and tell him Trump rated Jodie Foster a 6½
Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE revisits the historic Washington Hilton by way of the Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
From : Who's been spotted in Jo Ann Hinckley's neighborhood? UhOh, Jodie Jodie Jodie. Are you trying to hook up with John Jr. ?
Watched Killing Reagan documentary on NatGeo Channel. *** ! John Hinckley Jr was one coo coo kachoo!!!
Does anybody know if John Hinckley, Jr. ever collected royalties for his lyrical contributions to Devo's 'I Desire'?
I found some strange connections between Ted Bundy and his pen-pals John Hinckley Jr and David Berkowitz, Satanism,…
John Hinckley Jr freed, Tried to kill Pres Reagan in 1981. Learn about the attempt:
John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, was released from a psychiatric hospital.
PHOTOS: John Hinckley Jr., man who shot Pres. Reagan in 1981, released from mental hospital:
John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Reagan in 1981, released from a psychiatric hospital. via
Both, Leonard Peltier and Oscar López Rivera should be free. But they decided to liberate John Hinckley Jr.
John Hinckley Jr. was released 35 yrs after trying to kill the Prez but legions of black & brown folk r still locked up…
John Hinckley Jr., Reagan shooter, released from hospital
John Hinckley Jr should be recognised as America's greatest hero
John Hinckley Jr, Reagan's would-be assassin, released after 35 years.
John Hinckley Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan, freed from mental hospital - DR. ABLOW: Mental...
More than 35 years after shooting Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Jr. to be released from Washington mental hospital   10% Off
John Hinckley Jr., man who shot Ronald Reagan, released more than 30 years later.
John Hinckley Jr., who shot Reagan, was released from prison today. He'll be shocked to learn UK hasn't won at Florida…
John Hinckley Jr. released from psychiatric hospital
Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. is freed after 35 years -
John Hinckley Jr. leaves DC mental hospital for Virginia
One condition of John Hinckley Jr.'s freedom: Not allowed to contact Jodie Foster — who he was obsessed with.
Would-be Reagan assassin released from psychiatric hospital: Would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr.
John Hinckley Jr. released from mental hospital after more than 30 years
NEW: John Hinckley Jr., man who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan, released from DC mental hospital
The first stop for John Hinckley Jr. is a Hillary Rally to see if he can get a job with her campaign.
John Hinckley Jr. has officially been released from mental hospital. He will have to volunteer or do part-time work.
John Jr. released from DC mental hospital
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. released from hospital
Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin freed: reports: Would-be US presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr is relea...
John Hinckley Jr. family had familial connections to the Bush family when George H.W. Bush was Ronald Reagan's veep.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
John Hinckley Jr. released from DC mental hospital
I kinda want John Hinckley Jr. to come out as anti-Hillary just to see Hannity struggle with it
LATEST: John Hinckley Jr. will live full-time in Virginia starting Sept. 10, lawyer says
John Hinckley Jr. released from DC mental hospital
John Hinckley Jr., attempted Reagan assassin, has been freed after 35 years
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. released from hospital.
When i heard that John Hinckley Jr. was finally released from a mental hospital my first thought was, Jodie Fosters gonn…
John Hinckley Jr. The man who tried to assassinate Reagan got let out of the loony bin.
John Hinckley Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan, arrives at mother's Virginia home. Read More:
Interesting read about John Hinckley Jr.'s life then and now:
John Hinckley Jr, who tried to kill US President Ronald Reagan, is freed after 35 years in a psychiatric hospital. https:/…
Reagan's would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr to leave psychiatric hospital
John Hinckley Jr. to begin living full-time in Virginia Sept. 10
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. to be released Sept. 10 🔓
How is John Hinckley jr out of jail?
No secret why John Hinckley jr. was released that he poses no threat to society further reinforces my CV complaint in u.s. Supreme Court, et
John Hinckley Jr. has to get a job, upon his release. He's boiled it down to either Starbucks or Subway. Wait, is Target not hiring?
Discovery not kidding you 1 bit Commanders & Chiefs they're a John Hinckley jr still a threat as was Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, et.
Stating Hillary Clinton is as John Hinckley jr but she's still a threat & civil rights of violator + 1st lady's a recruiter released @ Gitmo
"John Warnock Hinckley Jr. was born on May 29, 1955 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and moved with his wealthy family to Dallas, Texas."
Jodie Foster movies are always slightly menacing and creepy. Pretty sure its because John Hinckley Jr. Was obsessed with her. But then not.
John Hinckley jr set free by esteemed, there is a God. CV Barrage packs still troubling nuisance's involved in my Civil Rights violations.
Almost 100% that John Hinckley Jr. came to the pool two days ago and I literally had no idea and I spoke to him. what is my life
Extreme vetting his next campaign manager: John Hinckley Jr.
John Hinckley Jr. is being released from prison today. Too bad he doesn't have the one thing that impresses Jodie Foster.…
Leonard Peltier has been in prison longer than would be Presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr…
Real disgust Democrats support of Hillary & become Judas Iscariot w/ John Hinckley jr set free the same + still a threat
John Hinckley jr. Set free as occultists in fowl its done & finished for supporting Hillary as Judas Iscariots so stop treading on me, et.
Right & John Hinckley jr. just going 2 ask Pres Reagan 4 intro 2 Jodi Foster when his .22 pistol accidentally fired!
John Hinckley Jr. released from prison the same year Donald Trump is running for President. There may be a bright side he…
Judge grants John Hinckley Jr. his freedom decades after Reagan assassination attempt
John Hinckley Jr. Boss released John Hinckley jr for support of Hillary by Barack Democratic Party shoot yourselves
John Hinckley Jr. . shot President Reagan & three others were shot and wounded. motivation the film Taxi Driver.
John Hinckley Jr. spotted after being released from loony bin via
John Hinckley Jr.: shooter now free decades after assassination attempt - TomoNews
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. should be released from psychiatric hospital, judge rules
Now that John Hinckley Jr is free and living with his mom do you wanna help me get him his own Twitch channel
John Hinckley Jr.'s upcoming release raises?'s. Yea like if he knew her sexual preference would he havestill done it
John Hinckley, Jr. and the attempted assassination of President Reagan | Fox News via
If we're using Reagan analogies this is much more like what John Hinckley Jr. did.
Attempted presidential assassin and former Texas Tech student John Hinckley Jr. is being released:
The decision to release John Hinckley Jr. after he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan is outrageous.
with Raymond Top News Item - John Hinckley Jr. set to be released - C… see more
Wonder if Obama had anything to do with the release of John Hinckley Jr. 😒
What to Know About John Hinckley Jr.: John Hinckley Jr., the man who on March 30, 1981, attempted to assassin...
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. to be released
John Hinckley Jr. to be freed. Want... so... badly... to make Jodie Foster/Trump joke. Better taste prevails.
Ronald Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. will be released from psychiatric hospital: via
I can't believe they're letting John Hinckley Jr out. What if he tries to shoot Reagan again?
John Hinckley Jr., failed Ronald Reagan assassin, to be freed – NY Daily News
Well at least John Hinckley Jr will be out in time to assassinate President Trump
John Hinckley Jr to be released and to live in Williamsburg, Va! This wasn't about politics it was about his obsession with Jodie Foster!
John Hinckley Jr. set to be released
John Hinckley Jr., do I have a job for you!
Now that John Hinckley Jr. is free it's time to strike while the iron's hot and write my screenplay for Uber Driver
A judge rules to allow John Hinckley Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan, to live full-time in Williamsburg, VA https:/…
Ronald Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. can leave hospital to live in Virginia
Is release justice? I'm not so sure. He shot a sitting president and effectively murdered his press secretary.
John Hinckley Jr. and Slender Man are both trending which can only mean one terrifying thing: They've joined forces.
John Hinckley Jr., man who shot Reagan, to be released
Ronald Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. to be Released from Mental Hospital via
Reagan's former AG Ed Meese: 'We can just hope that the judge is correct concerning the future danger of this man.''
Judge says John Hinckley Jr., 61, who shot Reagan in 1981, can live outside mental hospital
I just finished eading Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly. And now news that John Hinckley, Jr. will be released...
weird to think that John Hinckley, Jr. is getting out. I work at that Hilton all the time, go through the entrance where it happened.
Jodie Foster on hearing John Hinckley Jr is getting released
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. released to home stay
Judge: Reagan shooter John W. Hinckley Jr. to be released after 35 years -
If they let John Hinckley Jr. out of prison, how long till Mark David Chapman goes free? Crazy, crazy world!
John Hinckley Jr., who shot Reagan 35 years ago, freed from mental hospital to speak at Why the *** ..
John Hinckley Jr., who fired a bullet into Ronald Reagan's chest in 1981, was freed today by a judge.
When John Hinckley Jr. gets out, I hope someone breaks the news about Jodie Foster to him very gently.
John Hinckley to be freed from psychiatric hospital 35 years after Reagan assassination attempt - Washington Post https:/…
Judge rules that John Hinckley Jr. is ready to live in the community.
.says John Hinckley Jr. should not have been freed.
1981: Reagan waves to onlookers moments before an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr.
President Reagan's shooter, John Hinckley Jr., granted full-time release from St. Elizabeth's Hospital in...
John Hinckley Jr. to be freed 35 years after trying to assassinate President Ronald Reagan
Reagan shooter to be freed: NBC News Pete Williams reports that John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assa...
2/2 after all, 36 years ago John Hinckley Jr shot a US president to impress Jodie Foster after seeing Taxi Driver.
...yes they do. John Hinckley Jr or any serial killer.
Saying the John Hinckley Jr. shooting had "nothing to do with Jodie Foster" is also incorrect.
35 years ago, John Hinckley Jr. shot Ronald Reagan. Here’s how he lives now:
(sarcasm) Political correctness? Is that what it was called following John Hinckley Jr's 1981 attempted assisnation of Pres. Reagan?
probably another John Hinckley Jr or a copycat. But him shooting himself won't add up
2/2 Look up John Hinckley Jr. It's one of the only reasons we have the few gun laws we do.
"What if I told you.. John Hinckley Jr got weapons from Police.."
I still remember March 31, 1981, when a deeply disturbed John Hinckley Jr. ...
30th March 1981 (35 years). President Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest outside a hotel by John Hinckley Jr.
I wonder if anyone's told John Hinckley Jr that Jodie Foster is *** featured in NBC s Science of Love
Violence apologist and Trump supporter Jeffery Lord on comparing to John Hinckley Jr and Reagan's shoo…
Our collective subconscious processing ("group think"), and someone out there is as deluded like John Hinckley Jr.
President Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinckley Jr. in 1981. See the article:
John Hinckley Jr. may become the first person to shoot a president and walk free via
Judge may let John Hinckley Jr walk free.
On March 30, 1981, Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest outside Washington, D.C. by John Hinckley Jr.
All in your mind. You are as much a fan as John Hinckley Jr was a fan of Jodie Foster. Stop stalking me.
Just looking for the John Hinckley Jr. to my Jodie Foster
Mark, is there any relationship between John Hinckley Jr. & the Hinckley Institute, where Romney spoke from today? Subliminal?
So what you're saying is that Trump is a tulpa of Reagan brought into existence by John Hinckley Jr?
Is the Hinckley Institute affiliated with John Hinckley Jr., or just named in his honor?
When I see 'Hinckley,' I think John Hinckley Jr. Just saying.
Assuming Hinckley Institute is a think-tank founded by John Hinckley Jr? Seems fitting
Shot by John Hinckley Jr in a bizarre attempt to impress Yootha Joyce :-(
I want to win because I believe in love, and John Hinckley, Jr. deserves a second chance at winning Jodie Foster's heart.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
When you think it's harmless to distribute videos of clearly disturbed people, remember Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley Jr.
Another great endorsement who's next John Hinckley Jr
Very sad you're looking for another John Hinckley, Jr. to put an end to a leader that fights the status quo for America.
Would assassinating me really be the only way to impress Jodi Foster?? Not cool John Hinckley Jr.
On the Monday before this aired, John Hinckley Jr tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan:
Jonathan Stewart has a lot of attempts but not much to show for it like John Hinckley Jr at a Ronald Reagan costume contest
According to the History Channel, John Hinckley Jr, man who attempted to assassinate Reagan, was "just a lonely guy trying to meet a girl."
As long as we are making ridiculous predictions: my prediction is: when that hapoens then a John Hinckley Jr. will emerge!
Following someone too long without being followed back... makes me feel more and more like John Hinckley Jr...
March 30, 1981: John Hinckley Jr. attempts to assassinate President Ronald Reagan - he escapes with a punctured lung
Who the *** wrote the lyrics for Sonia's You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You... John Hinckley Jr?
People talk about the like it's a get-out-of-jail-free card, but John Hinckley, Jr., is still under treatment.
getting a bit John Hinckley Jr now Matthew
There’s something of the John Hinckley Jr. about Martin...
Where's John Hinckley Jr. when you need him?
I tell one of my old high school teachers im John Hinckley Jr in Assassins. Her reaction "Oh my God Matt you are a maniac" 😂😂
"I liked Bernie Sanders but his fans ruin him for me" . makes sense. I liked Taxi Driver but John Hinckley Jr ruined it for me
Hello Mr. Harris I'm playing John Hinckley Jr. In my colleges mainstage production of Assasins! Any advice on the show?
wow. Pammy you make John Hinckley Jr. Seem like a guy who's got it all together
Remember when American-born John Hinckley, Jr. tried to assassinate the patron saint of the
John Hinckley, Jr. wasn't a criminal until he fired that first shot. Why can't you understand that?
Dear America: Terrorists can be white, and they can be American. Cf, Hinckley jr, John; McVeigh, Timothy; Nichols, Terry.
Crim Law Lesson of the Day: John Hinckley, Jr. comes to Williamsburg, VA all the time to visit his mother. Oh dear.
Lets wait and see. It could be the way John Hinckley Jr. was motivated by Martin Scorsese
. He wanted to become famous & now he is. Reminds me of John Hinckley, Jr.
Is today that crazy British holiday where they celebrate a failed terrorist plot? We should make John Hinckley Jr masks? Or Richard Reid...
It's got a beautiful love duet between John Hinckley jr and Squeaky.
like John Hinckley Jr. with Jodie Foster and he ended up trying to kill Ronald Reagan?
reveals how tried to contact John Hinckley, Jr., his attempted assassin, to offer his forgiveness.
I hate how the CFP is obsessed with the SEC as much as John Hinckley Jr was obsessed with Jodie Foster
was architect of SDI. John Hinckley Jr. was friend of family, and tried to kill Reagan.
And how many bullets did the Secret Service put into John Hinckley Jr? Oh yea, he's white.
Oh dear, looks like we may have a John Hinckley Jr. all over again... ;)
[DBWI] What if Reagan had survived the shooting by John Hinckley Jr.?
Is your legislator in the pocket of the gun manufacturers? The merchants of death? Do they resist returning to post John Hinckley Jr era law
This is about to a repeat of John Hinckley Jr., Jodie Foster and Ronald Reagan.if you know what I mean
Where is John Hinckley Jr. Jr When you need him
Late government lawyer Roger Adelman, who unsuccessfully prosecuted John W. Hinckley, Jr. for shooting
Mr. Adelman’s unsuccessful prosecution of John W. Hinckley Jr. in the shooting of President R...
John Hinckley Jr who shot Ronald Reagan in 1981 is about to be partially released from confinement after testimony from gov't psychiatrists
. Hi, I'm John Hinckley, Jr. and I'd like to see Jodie Foster on the one hundred dollar bill.
Scott Hinckley, brother of John Hinckley Jr,was to have dined at the home of Neil Bush,
Really wish John Hinckley, Jr., had better aim.
Why did John Hinckley Jr. have to go and ruin being a huge fan of Jodie Foster for the rest of us
John Warnock Hinckley, Jr, if you guys haven't read about him you should
Yep, Lee Harvey Oswald-esque. I'm googling coach who will look like James Earl Ray and O-lineman/John Hinckley Jr.
I just googled John Hinckley Jr. three times in a row
. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. What gets me is, why did John Hinckley Jr. use a 22. instead of a 45.?
Assassination Jokes. Big hit w/ Conservatives. You'd think they'd make John Hinckley Jr a national hero.
→limo when John Hinckley, Jr. made his attempt.
John Hinckley Jr. tries to 'fit in,' applied for job at Starbucks via
So, John Hinckley Jr. just walking down the street in Williamsburg, Virginia today 😳😳 🚶🏃💃
Milla Jovovich as Leeloo makes me understand why John Hinckley Jr. did something so brash to impress an actress.
I mean who WOULDNT want to spend an hour alone with John Hinckley Jr., or Sirhan Sirhan?
At the time he died, Farnsworth held 300 U.S. and foreign patents. roosevelt he.
Why John Hinckley, Jr. Almost Assassinated ReaganThe contrast behind the myth and re
Imagine if Jody Foster and John Hinckley jr had a child? He would look like Elton John
Man who shot President Reagan wants to "fit in," be "a good citizen": court docs
John Hinckley Jr has been barred for years from talking to the media, but documents made available this week contain rare snippets of his
john Hinckley Jr. , the man that shot Reagan...U C Hastert is using the same lawyer that shot Reagan & Hastert want sjohn out nowFAST
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm sure if John Hinckley Jr. gets a job at there'll be a lot more espresso shots served
John Hinckley, Jr. wants a "normal" life, he applied for jobs at and Subway.
John Hinckley Jr. applied for jobs at Starbucks and Subway. The first step in getting back into Jodie Foster's good graces is to get a job.
John Hinckley Jr. wants to ‘fit in,’ applies to jobs at Subway and Starbucks
Nice try but nobody normal works at any of those places
this *** gets to roam free while Chelsea Manning is locked up...up is down
John Hinckley Jr. wants to ‘fit in,’ seeks fast-food jobs He's almost an American hero!
Hinckley Jr’ seeks fast-food jobs I will NEVER eat at Subway or anyplace that hires John Hinckley.It would be un-American.
John W. Hinckley, Jr., was born May 29, 1955, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I had no idea! Did you?
2BC...its not normal2HIRE a lawyer from a HIGH profile case like john Hinckley Jr' the lawyer will be working double time
Word is that dennis is already pulling some strings to have john Hinckley Jr released Sooner, so his lawyer can start his case
BUT dennis hired the same lawyer that is currently working on releasing 'john Hinckley Jr'...that is the guy that shot reagan
I'm gonna get a Mocha Latte and tell him my name is Jodie. "John Hinckley Jr. applied for job at Starbucks"
John Hinckley Jr. tries to ‘fit in,’ practical for pursuit during Starbucks: WASHINGTON — The male who shot… ◄
I'll have a grande Pike's in a venti cup, can I have for $400 Alex.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
John Hinckley Jr. shot the President. Look at his life now.
Psychiatrist warns about releasing John Hinckley Jr. to live with his mother:
They would defend the Son of Sam, Mark David Chapman, and John Hinckley Jr. keeping their guns
babe getting tip: if you're trying to date older women, change your online dating pic to either John Hinckley Jr. or Bernie Goetz
Remember when the Greatest American Hero had to change his last name from Hinckley to something else after John Hinckley Jr.was in the news? remynde me o' a younger, more deranged John Hinckley Jr.,..tis a yes from me..'
"If God wanted Sodomites dead, he would have given John Hinckley Jr. better aim. Sodom’s sin was not…" — Kuni Leml
John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Reagan, may soon go free via
Unworthy of Your Love is just fueling my ridiculous John Hinckley Jr. fascination
John Hinckley Jr is sane and should be released, according to his doctors: via
John Hinckley Jr tried to assassinate back in '81 and now he's up for freedom. via
Did you know that they're considering releasing John Hinckley Jr? via
Like, on a scale from 1-John Hinckley Jr., how weird would it be if I just, like, went for a walk in the parking lot where players parked?
and a now picture. Left picture: me as John Hinckley Jr in production of…
You said on your 60's trivia quiz that John Hinckley Jr isn't alive but recently & correctly reported he's alive.
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Lawyers argue over freedom for attempted assassin John Hinckley Jr.
Taxi Driver inspired John Hinckley Jr. to shoot President Regan because of his obsession with Jodie Foster. Lol
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