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John Henson

John Morris Henson (born July 11, 1967) is an American comedian, talk show host, and actor.

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I just woke up ... Time for Jon Horst to earn his paycheck and work out a John Henson deal
What do you think about Jabari Parker/Khris Middleton, John Henson, and pick for DJ?
One change in Bucks (already resting) lineup: John Henson starts in place of Mirza Teletovic.
had no idea John Henson was that high up there on Bucks all time blocks list: Currently 6th (478). Kareem at 5th (495).
Lol. Clown show. Tommy dee John Henson and Knicks dude as relevant
Jason Terry and John Henson starting second half - no Thon and no Rashad from starting unit.
Son Kyrie crossed John Henson into a whole new dimension
Trade Okafor for John Henson, I want to watch heads explode.
Sources say that MIL is also active in other trade talks involving both John Henson and Greg Monroe after they acquire t…
At my weekly waiver-wire watch is now up, starring John Henson & Patrick Beverley:
Which Center is the odd man out for the Plumlee, Greg Monroe, or John Henson? ~
Is there any statistical justification based on this season for the Bucks starting Miles Plumlee or John Henson over Greg Monroe?
John Henson will return to the starting lineup for Sunday's game against the Magic, sending Miles Plumlee back to the bench.
In what has been big man musical chairs lately John Henson will start over Miles Plumlee for the Bucks.
Lineup note: John Henson will start ahead of Miles Plumlee on Sunday.
C-PF Miles Plumlee started Friday's game at C, PF John Henson to bench, DNP-CD. C-PF Greg Monroe was 1st man off bench, played 19 min
Coach Kidd: Miles Plumlee will return to the starting lineup tonight with John Henson available off the bench http…
John Henson has always been my favorite big (Center) for UNC. Tony Bradley is quickly climbing that list.
Andre Drummond Putback Dunk over John Henson. Watch the game highlights at -->>
I liked a video Bucks Win on John Henson Buzzer Beater!
I see your kazoo & raise you hipster parents soothing their child w/a harmonica on a plane.
On a plane with a woman whose cough sounds like a 6 year old playing the kazoo.
John Henson tips it in at the buzzer to secure a W for
Pistons center Andre Drummond, front, is fouled by Milwaukee’s John Henson in the second quarter…
NBA Scores: Did Cleveland Cavaliers remain unbeatable? John Henson saves the day for…
how do u feel bout needing a shot blocker, i though Conley went to rim w no problem cept when Rose blocked his shot
made a huge mistake sending home. Def just gave Ann the win.
great show tonight! These tickets were valid in 49 states, sorry Tennessee!
yes I know, poor Hillary. It's a little more than emails. It's national security and lies. Kinda important.
Crazy game winning shot by John Henson! 😮
John Henson had somewhere to be tonight... wasn't feeling OT
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
By far my favorite play from last night - no one can guard this
Play of the Day - John Henson - With the clock winding down in the game, John Henson gets the putback layup to ...
My favorite part of the John Henson game winner was the moment before teammates arrived as he's smiling on the court
John Henson with the game winning tip-in! .
Andre Drummond just put John Henson on a poster!
Andre just boo boo'd on John Henson lol.
John Henson, tips in the shot at the buzzer, GAME OVER! 🚨🚨🚨
These two already have a good chemistry in 2 man game. Still would like to see Melo at 4 and Noah at 5 alignments.
John Henson gets a putback lay-in for the NBA's first game winning buzzer beater this year!
A few ACC college reunions on the Kohl Center floor. Harrison Barnes talking with John Henson as are Malcolm Brogden and Justin Anderson.
The will have a solid young slept on team. The Greek Freak, Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe, John Henson & now Thon Maker.
He likes Robin Lopez better than say John Henson
Rather have Gorgui Dieng than Okafor. Not for the 3 pick just in general. *** might even take a John Henson over Okafor
If we can have patience with Rashad Vaughn, Damien Inglis, JOB, and John Henson, we should also trust in those two men.
John Henson is like, the best center in the NBA... 1 night out of 3 months each season:
if I'm Jason Kidd first move I make is I get ownership on board with TRADING JOHN HENSON. LOL
Thad really just said Mariel look like John Henson. I'm done
I bet most of could avg more rebounds than John Henson
“UNC will lose to Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 anyway!” —they gotta advance first 👀☝️
I haven't woken up with this much disbelief from an NBA basketball game since Matt Barnes and John Henson had postgame smoothies together.
John Henson got a lot of money and not a lot of minutes. Not a question, just an observation.
hey put som Respek on ur PusC n then come put dat PusC on me, bro
If John Henson never had to move more than 5 feet from the basket, he'd still only be like the 9th best center in the NBA. Lol.
I just don't care about John Henson anymore. Doesn't win anymore or lose anymore games for you.
you should be ashamed. Conducting a battle of wits with a nitwit
I miss so bad. Wish it would come back
Weird. Why is a Bucks player going after Isola?
I didn't know who John Henson was before today but I support every thing he's does from now on
S a D Frank New York hates u whether the Knicks are good or bad.
everyone does. You are the biggest joke of the entire NY "media". I use that term loosely.
.sent me a grammatical correction of his insult. Please keep embarrassing yourself while I eat dinner.
Now is getting the classic isola DM's... isola has lost before it even starts
Yes, a real statistician. This is the kind of insight that makes your work so compelling.
What a day. The day the people spoke. we thank you for speaking out, You'll be remembered
I know you write biased coverage about the Knicks.
.is the of sports writers, selling fear to small minded people. It's 1 note fiction forfeiting all credibility.
Is 'dream walking' is a coping fantasy that helps John deal with the imminent loss of his wife? 'Walk with me'
U cannot be serious, another honorary waste. I will spend that day thinking about difficulties that John Henson endured 2.
And also Jim Henson as Rowlf the Dog singing with John Denver and of courtse as Kermit singing his own song! Od course!
John Henson Is An Elite Rim Protector: John Henson is often lauded for his shot-blocking abilitie...
.writes that is among the NBA's very best at protecting the rim: http…
lol ay don't forget he looked at John Henson the same exact way and still tried to chase him down in his locker room.
I can't believe I have the blender as someone famous!
No, it's for the *** who pretend to know the difference.
There should be a Congressional investigation
16 settings?!?! Can anyone tell the difference? "I asked for purée and I got frappe. Send it back. This is GARBAGE!"
There was a puppet on Mr Rogers neighborhood named "I no wanna " same as Aloha !!!
I never noticed how bad the Hornets interior defense was too. They need to trade for John Henson or something.
Grizzlies Matt Barnes suspended for motioning toward John Henson
John Henson, Joel Berry II and Tony Bradley all came from Florida. Kevin Knox could be better than all 3
"I DON'T WANT TO" is my daughter's version of aloha. It's surprisingly versatile.
Hey, - thought of you just now: DNFWRF, now and forever!
You guys probably more than me but I can see him as a John Henson/Tristan Thompson type player.
prom planning pro John Michael Henson ladies and gentlemen
Looking Def Stats: John Henson is a interesting Case. His Def stat % are great. Just didnt get the playing time.
Zizic is probably going to be draft-and-stashed for about a year but I kinda picture his potential being a better facilitating John Henson
Gobert is 2nd only behind John Henson in rim protection %. Where tf is Whiteside? Lmao
Jim Henson and John Stone must be rolling in their graves. Moving Sesame Street to HBO is one of the greediest acts ever.
yes John Henson I will pay more whatever it takes please
what he does can be found in a $10 million player. He's John Henson and you don't max Henson.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Happy birthday to my bro Slopes aka oscar proud aka john henson jr…
Henson pops to the SS to end the inning. . End of four at John Cropp Stadium. . Missouri 2, Kentucky 2
appalled at how fast I'll put myself in an unenforceable position: "Okay, then no cookies for a month!" Ah, crap.
In related news, I'm moving to Sweden.
Amazing how quickly my style of parenting goes from "love and patience" to "oh, you think I'm playing? Try me. TRY ME AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!"
Hey John, my son Jack (8) is obsessed with Wipeout USA...this was his favourite bath EVER!!
John Henson shuts up Bulls fans in Milwaukee with a tip-dunk
Sorry to read that, buddy. Sending thoughts your way.
Lol, the way they celebrated the victory of the winners ""good night, and big balls" . John Henson and John Anderson"
isn't this the second one you've lost this year???!!! I would die.
I could loan you one of our bunnies or ducks.
I feel his warmth & kindness. Don't tread on the dread of the end.
sweet George. May there be all the triple berry cake you can eat in doggie heaven. Always love.
sorry to hear, man. He was a good boy.
an angel returns home. He was loved and he knew it. Take comfort in knowing he knew.
What a beauty. Lucky man to have known him.
Certified therapy dog, best friend, big brother...and a very, very good boy. . Goodnight George. It's been an honor.
.Look on the (very) bright (due to flames) side - they aren't interested in burning you.
VIDEO: John Henson, Khris Middleton admit Bucks weren't in 'best' shape to begin training camp... via
so sir. I do what the petitions and court orders tell me I should. For the greater good.
My children would rather be burned at the stake than pose for a picture.
VIDEO: admit werent in best shape to begin t...
Henson, Middleton admit weren't in best shape to begin training camp.
So many basketball players have been coming to Jamba Juice lately. John Henson , Greg Monroe , & now Khris Middleton 👅👅
As far as my lazy brain is concerned Jim Henson & John Denver are more or less the same person.
Or sit in reverse while they light their cigarette and read the receipt, and comb their hair.
Michael Carter Williams, John Henson and Rashad Vaughn would disagree. All NBA Millionaires and MY Clientele. HRC/2016
lol gotta be annoyed with UNC too..Roy Williams keeps doing it. Brice Johnson, John Henson, Ed Davis..
Grizzlies' Matt Barnes has been suspended 1 game w/o pay for attempting to enter Bucks’ locker room & verbally challen…
NBA didn't buy Matt Barnes' story, suspended him for game against Clippers for following John Henson and "verbally challengi…
NBA announces one-game suspension for Memphis' Matt Barnes for trying to enter Milwaukee locker room and "verbally chall…
NBA suspends Matt Barnes one game for his incident involving Milwaukee Bucks PF John Henson htt…
Report: Matt Barnes suspended 1 game for trying to fight John Henson in Bucks locker room
Matt Barnes gets one-game ban for 'verbally challenging' John Henson - ESPN
John Henson gets ejected for taunting Matt Barnes, then Barnes chases after him in the tunnel 😳
John Henson and his baby face actin all tough 😂😂😂
Watch Matt Barnes lose his mind and chase John Henson into the locker room
WATCH: Grizzlies' Matt Barnes followed Bucks' John Henson into the tunnel after Henson was ejected for taunting.
Also, that block was sick. Meanwhile Meyers Leonard *** John Henson. Smh
Matt Barnes chases John Henson down tunnel after both get ejected:
WATCH: Matt Barnes follows John Henson into tunnel after Henson taunts him and gets ejected
was gonna call Ryan Hollins a poor man's John Henson... But it seems to be the other way around
I hope John Henson is running away in a white Ford Bronco
John Henson has no idea what he's got himself into.
Matt Barnes chased John Henson in the tunnel 😭
John Henson got ejected for taunting Matt Barnes, Barnes left the game & chased him into the tunnel LMFAO
Matt Barnes will probably try to find John Henson's house so he can find him just like dfish
Anyone that likes sports at all must watch what John Henson did to Matt Barnes tonight
Blocking Matt Barnes' shot, running into the tunnel, and getting chased by him isn't always the answer for John Henson, bu…
John Henson and Matt Barnes been going at it for the last few minutes. Both just got ejected. Barnes went straight for the…
John Henson turned the 4th quarter into WWE and I LOVE IT
Double technicals on John Henson and Matt Barnes. This quarter was lit.
John Henson with a monster block with 5.5 seconds left and the Bucks up 10 and he preens deep into the crowd before being tossed. OMG.
Flagrant-1 on John Henson and a technical on John Henson. So there we go.
John Henson with an unintentional-looking hard foul on Lance Stephenson. Lance got up looking for blood. Refs discussing it.
John Henson getting some run in the first half out of the timeout. Was unhappy with only getting garbage time minutes on Tuesday.
John Henson puts back a Tyler Ennis miss on his first trip to the offensive end of the floor after missing 20 games w/ lower back injury.
John Henson making his return. In the game with 5:45 left.
Only drama left is if/when we see John Henson for the first time after missing 20 games. Jason Kidd said pregame he would get minutes.
John Henson will be back in uniform and will get some minutes tonight for the vs. the Raptors.
Roy says Brandon Ingram's length is similar to John Henson's or Sam Perkins.
His length is John Henson kind of length, Sam Perkins kind of length - Roy on Brandon Ingram.
Mr Griffin The Land can use John Henson,maybe Ben Mcclemore,especially Trevor Ariza,Rudy Gobert,Norris Cole,what are you all
We need more than Rashad Vaughn Vazquez and John Henson high waist short wearin *** off the bench
John Henson on Chipotle: 'I actually like it more now because the lines aren't as long.'.
WATCH: Hawks' Paul Millsap posterizes John Henson: The Milwaukee Bucks won the game but they defin...
Bucks' John Henson recovers quickly from gaffe: Milwaukee Bucks center John Henson got dunked on i...
Paul Millsap just destroyed John Henson's life with this dunk .
Jabari Parker knew John Henson shouldn't have challenged Paul Millsap at the rim!
WATCH: Paul Millsap posterizes John Henson with one-handed slam
Another look at Paul Millsap destroying John Henson (via
Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers on "NBA player John Henson tried to buy a Rolex at a jewelry store and they called …
You know who I want coaching John Henson? Ben Wallace.
Johnson (39) and Paige (27) are the first Tar Heel teammates to score 25+ since Tyler Zeller (32) and John Henson (28) …
Michael Carter-Williams finds John Henson stuffs in the
Henson Stuffs It Michael Carter-Williams finds John Henson who stuffs in the dunk.
Coach Kidd says Miles Plumlee will get the start tonight at Center with Moose out and John Henson will come off the bench.
Well done tyreke Evans, jrue holiday and fuqing John Henson. Dunno how you guys managed to suck this much in 1 night.
(VIDEO) Larry Nance Jr dunks on John Henson, Greg Monroe is wondering "who is this guy":
John Henson will start in place of Monroe vs. Lakers tonight.
John Henson saves the W with the BIG block at the buzzer!!
Beginning as Communicate Soup in 1991, the show featured hosts Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks & Aisha Tyler…
It was originally called Talk Soup and was hosted by Hal Sparks, Aisha Tyler, and John Henson for years
Bucks with a big lineup: MCW, Khris Middleton, Giannis, John Henson, Greg Monroe.
Also he should ask John Henson how being rich and black worked for him trying to go buy jewelry.
his name is John Henson not Drew fyi
Drew Henson does not play for the Bucks. John Henson does, Drew was a QB and NYYankees pitcher
forgive me. I was actually talking about Strickland, McDonald, Larry Drew, William Graves & the other great wing, John Henson.
Not that it's a funny situation, but it is SORT of amazing to imagine *** in Whitefish Bay cowering at the sight of John Henson
911 calls released in John Henson racial profiling via / Milw County is 27% black, Whitefish Bay 2%.
John Henson went to shop at a jewelry store. Employees locked the door and called the cops https:…
Store owner apologizes to Bucks' John Henson for refusing service ,Just apologize, no need for the "Red Tahoe" Lie.
Steve Hess' dunk in the 2010 NIT is still the most disrespectful thing ever done to John Henson
[] Bucks’ John Henson cries foul after being subjected to racial profiling at jewelry store
Bucks' John Henson says 'discriminatory' jewelry store locked him out and called the cops via
Bucks' John Henson alleges that he was racially profiled at a jewelry store in Milwaukee https:…
Press release from Whitefish Bay Police Department on John Henson incident at jewelry store:
if you would welcome John Henson into your jewelry store with open arms.
John Henson wanted to go jewelry shopping but they pretended to be closed & called the cops
NBA player John Henson accuses jewelry store of racial discrimination in Instagram post:
New details have emerged in John Henson's incident with a Milwaukee area jewelry store:
Bucks' John Henson said he experienced racial discrimination shopping for a watch today:
Bucks' John Henson says he was racially profiled at jewelry shop:
Hosting Laugh Factory Hollywood 10p show 2nite.. great show Hotzy, John Henson, D'lia and the gang..thanks for coming out!
John Henson and the have reportedly agreed on a four-year, $44M extension.
John Henson has agreed to a 4 year, $45 million extension with Milwaukee. (h/t ESPN)
Markkanen has a little Brice Johnson/John Henson in him. Very active in the paint like Johnson, aggressive around the basket. Runs floor.
John Henson is as fast as Khris Middleton in 2K. I'm 98% certain I'd spend ten hours on the rosters before even playing one second of a game
Going forward, who would you rather have on your team? Gorgui Dieng or John Henson?
Enjoyed this conversation between Michael Carter-Willi, John Henson and Khris Middleton 🏀
The John Henson will make a visit to the Fear the Deer Barn in Appleton this weekend:
Have you ever thought of showing The Storyteller again? John Hurt & Jim Henson are superb. Be great for those that missed it in 90's!!
The Milwaukee Bucks “Own the Future” statewide tour will return to Appleton this week with forward John Henson.
Good morning "Success is the result of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" have a great Tuesday
Last night I slept like the dead, or a baby.I slept like a dead baby.
could you make a stop at Lakeland college in Sheboygan while you're here?!
John Henson, Iman Shumpert and now Jimmy Butler who I'm about to rebound for I'm building quite the resume for who I rebound for
Steve Robinson once asked me not to interview a pre-committed John Henson before a game at the Smith Center. First I ever knew of a rule.
Pumped to have coming to Sheboygan to fish with the Boys & Girls Club on Sunday! So awesome!
If you find the pic of her chowing box, repost it. So I can apologize too.
Milwaukee Bucks' John Henson will be at the Appleton East vs. West football game Friday:
my 6 yo is starting to get interested in the bucks. Hoping we can make it Friday in Fdl.
Yo Fond du Lac, Appleton, Green Bay, Plymouth & Sheboygan...we can't wait to visit with this weekend!
would like to thank , & was that the room that you were enjoying lunch with? Cool Cats!
It's great they apologized to Vanessa Williams over the nude photo scandal. . (googles Vanessa Williams nude photos)
has a pair in a lovely Sherbert hue. I wonder if he might let us all write funny notes on them. That'd be cool
Bucks big man John Henson informs fan they were hanging out with his impostor
That should have read John Hammond, not John Henson! Let's try this again!
Can we pleaasseee get the NC pro am back popping next year?
Yeah I can't really complain about John Hammond. His last 6 draft picks - Parker, Giannis, Henson, Tobias, Sanders, and Jennings
Bid on this poster signed by , John Anderson and me! 6 days left!!
John Henson reportedly to play in UK-UNC Alumni game Sunday. It will not be his first time in Rupp Arena.
John Henson: Latest Contract News, Rumors, Speculation on Bucks Center: Before the draft, it looked increasing...
. Max, trade for or waive:. Jerryd Bayless, OJ Mayo, John Henson
I saw John Henson get buried on the bench and I immediately thought of Ed Davis.
I think John Henson, OJ Mayo, a 2018 1st round pick, & Mallory Edens' 1st born son is more than fair for
Report: The Milwaukee Bucks are looking to trade Michael Carter-Williams and John Henson to move up in the draft. (Via
Would anyone care if John Henson hit his head? Jared Dudley? Bayless?
With Ilyasova traded, John Henson is now the longest tenured member of the He’s 24 years old.
Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson, Damien Inglis, Jabari Parker, Bob Dandridge and Vin Baker are all scheduled to attend!
trade 6, JT, and Ray for Lawson. Stauskas for John Henson. Collison for Terrence Jones. Sign Afflalo, CJ Watson and Casspi
6th pick, JT, Ray for Lawson. Collison for Terrence Jones. Stauskas for John Henson. Sign Afflalo and CJ Watson.
Davis, Beal, Lillard, Drummond. Could probably add John Henson to that list
Lol that is the dumbest argument I've ever heard. John Henson, Brice Johnson & Hubert gained tons of muscle at UNC.
John Henson when asked if Mike Dunleavy got some cheap shots in: "Those Dukies, man..."
Jared Dudley and John Henson in for Ersan Ilyasova and Zaza Pachulia. Both subs have played big roles, especially in Game 4.
right above studs like Anderson Varajeo and Cole Aldridge. Almost up to John Henson level though...
VIDEO: John Henson running over Aaron Brooks then standing over him led to a skirmish, 4 techs h…
I still believe Kendall Marshall/Harrison Barnes/John Henson could have won the title of Kendall's hand didn't get broken.
I just picked up Ray McCallum for my fantasy team as an option to sub in for injured Monta Ellis - so Wes Johnson, John Henson or McCallum
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Recommendation by :John Henson has now logged double d...
John Henson gets called for foul away from ball. Picks up technical after he appeared to have a clean blocked shot. lead 32-30.
Dear this video is for you. We love you & will miss you dearly. . RIP John Henson …
If the Bucks had Monta Ellis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, John Henson, and Brandon Knight as their starting 5, that would be 🔥🔥🔥
MCW's No-look Pass Michael Carter-Williams dishes the no-look pass to John Henson for the dunk.
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