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John Hay

John Milton Hay (October 8, 1838 – July 1, 1905) was an American statesman, diplomat, author, journalist, and private secretary and assistant to Abraham Lincoln.

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Guys, my Chem prof is so extra. She made a timeline of John Lloyd and Sarah's ill-fated love story 😂😂. Hay 💔 http…
hey John how are things going with you just wanted to say hay
Now Playing Hay' Hay' ft with by on
"Walking puts me on the right level with all I have been missing in our world." . - American John Hay (1915 -…
Hay John. Who was driving car? Freedom applies to both sides. Bet a Demwits or ppl pd by Soros not always white ppl
Wing fest was awesome, just like last year. We missed John Hay Cigars this year!!need to get The Original Pocono Pub!!
Oh IT IS, we've made a hay den with far…
Hay I absolutely love John Green's intro to crash course world history... 😂😂😂
Tom, this one is a case of trusting what we know. There is no doubt what's gonna happen. Mak…
12/8/1867 Beautiful day. I intend to cut the half my hay tomorrow, by John McKay the celebrated shoemaker of 6 Mile Brook.
Coach Tshepo preparing the boys for the second half. Tigers are up 4-0 at half in their scrimmage against John Hay.
ICYMI:. sharp in scrimmage shutout of John Hay, writes
Same here John. Grew up on a farm in Suffolk. Fine on arable land. Really only equines (sweet tooth) prob. unless hay/silage...
sharp in scrimmage shutout of John Hay, writes
St. John: alfalfa/brome, 1000 big round Very good hay from the Turtle Mountains in Rolette County, ND. Price is ($)
Got the John Deere out as it's hay making time! .
Football teams first scrimmage tomorrow at 5:30 against John Hay @ Lamuth. Come out and support 💯
After a week of grey skies+incessant rain here, we've caught a glimpse of the sun peaking through the clouds. Hurra…
One of the photos taken today in 1863 by Alexander Gardner. Remained in John Hay's family until 2 years ago.
We will honor Michael during Week 2 Match up with John Hay. Prayers to his family and John Hay community...
Hay Jacob love your game jest wondering if I can get a sound clip of paradigms ringtone when John calls couldn't find online
Thoughtful session at Hay with and commander John Sutherland
Emin's right. Most artists not professional. They're driven by personal compulsion. Yet market rewards art behavior. https:…
Hay Mark, you and John Barrowman should get together and make your own TV show, it would be awesome!😍😍
John was the most romantic man I ever encountered. He said you have to water your love every day
(Just stumbled across this Gaiman interview, and that quote made me smile.) .
'It's very clear': hay disappeared into a dreamland of her own | John Crace hetps://
"Australia can still count on America." Full text of John McCain's speech tonight to
Imagine Ara Galang playing there, showcasing her superb talent, making everyone proud of her. ☹ hay soon!!!
Hay John I don't see Russia running are airliners into buildings or shooting people in the U.S,
A Baguio City judge has dropped the criminal cases against businessman Robert John Sobrepeña and other top...
Website Builder 728x90
Camp John Hay developers cleared of malversation charges
It doesn't get more American than this: John Deere, mowing hay, and Toby Keith.
Not the first time she has rained on our freshly cut hay
hay John McCain, to quote BathHouseBerry; "the 80's called, and they want their policies back"
But incredible story! One of my ancestors had been butler to Lord John Hay but ended up dying of syphilis in Brookwood Asylum.
Hay John why are your Vietnam 🇻🇳 POW records LOCKED & Sealed🔒? Why did Nixion give you a presidential pardon ? Just…
You are WORTH it! - Hay House Radio host Psychic Medium John Holland
John Noakes climbs Nelsons column, in a Parka, Flares and trainers with no safety kit RIP John.
CAP faced liquidity problems because Sobrepeña used its money to fund his MRT and Camp John Hay projects.
John Deere trailer with hay bale sitting drunk bachelors/bachelorettes swerving all over Charlotte…
Ballhawks State team will play John Hay at 1p.m and following the first game. Windy Ridge Park in Garfield Heights
People of Gorton are more embarrassed by John Hay than Myra Hindley after that
The and teamed up to provide certified athletic trainers to CMSD's John Hay & Rhodes High Schools.…
was rueben patterson the last one he went to Cincinnati from John Hay think mid to late 90's
Chris Robertson, joins John Hay, president in celebrating
Craving for that raisin bread and brewed coffee at Camp John Hay in Baguio.
Haynes Service & Repair Manual: Harley-Davidson Sportser, '70 to '10 by John Hay
Owen Jones is terrified John Hay's on the Red Wine
I liked a video from John Hay Victory Huddle
All the way from Fulham hat to grow up to Bart Simpson image to DEAD, all the best to John Hay bouncing round his room. And more
John Hay took the filter thing to another level last night check his media
Hay Brad my dad john maki says hi and so do I jarrett Maki his son
Exactly , putting bales of hay at immovable objects and garden walls doesn't save a human at 180mph
Cam john hay for 2 days with Salazars :)
Never seen a punter drop off a bale of hay at a stable
CAP, Fil-Estate, Camp John Hay & MRT... Sobrepeña's back! Second chance to steal from the people...
.Not just of the MRT but of every big business fiasco that one could think about
Family bonding! Thank you lord! 🙏🏻 (@ Camp John Hay in Baguio City, Benguet)
screenplay idea: John Hay stars as Fetty Wap in the 'Munich Chronicles', replacing 1738 with 1958.
On today's episode of CJH morning run @ Camp John Hay
I've listened to so much John Mayer this week I think the lyrics to Gravity might start appearing on my skin like in the 5th Harry Potter
Hay John if you are around answere me back.
John Hay keeps posting this and I have lost iy
hay man, where's Wes Clark, and John and And...oh Dave got a haircut!.
The longest and first time drive to Baguio in my life. (@ Camp John Hay in Baguio City, Benguet)
John Hay students are so petty gone say " What parking-lot?"
Comet baseball defeats John Hay advances to District Tournament next Wednesday at Hudson vs the Explorers. Congrats an…
The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.
Tonight at 7pm: Mark Zwonitzer & his new book The Statesman and the Storyteller: John Hay, Mark Twain, and the Rise of American Imperialism!
When asked to visit Edwin Stanton, John Hay said he would rather tour a smallpox hospital. Crossing the River.
And this is what I got from working on a Saturday... @ Camp John Hay
Think l'm going to that John hay and east tech game
Hay Idk why but it happened all quick. I named my dummy in the demo Sir John Trompeta and I asked him "Do you know why you are here?" OMG 😂😂
John Hay has been hanging about Exeter again
"There are occasions when you can hear the mysterious language of the Earth..." -John Hay
Sin fracaso no hay logro. John Maxwell
.Baguio's weather and city lights made me do it.😁 @ Manor Hotel Camp John Hay
Really debating on if I should stay at John Hay or transfer 🤔🤔
Done watching Dear John. Hay why so perfect Channing?
John was a little too keen for the fresh hay.
At Brown, my grad school alma mater > First public exhibit of slavery shackles at the John Hay Library
Wishing a very happy birthday to former winger John Ayris - 63 today!
enjoying the cold breeze at Camp John Hay @ Starbucks, Camp John Hay
Dukha in John Hay Part 4 with the main❤💕
Your concern for our Naddie is really...hay, thank you James! 💕 She's okay, don't worry.
WHAT A SIGHT!. Burrumbuttock Hay Runners heading into Ilfracombe Qld, with semis of hay. pic John Taylor
John Gray reviewing 'Anti Education', five essays by Nietzsche A bit too optimistic about mass culture?:
It's Friday! Take your pets out for some fresh air 🍃. Photo via @ Camp John Hay
Lord give me light, please guide and help me! @ Le Monet Hotel Camp John Hay
Bet that smell like John Deer and Hay stacks
The evils if tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resist it. -- John Hay
2016s gonna be the year John Hay unblocks me. I can taste it in my spit
Get a copy of celebrated naturalist John Hay's classic "The Way to the Salt Marsh" for just $5 ~
Lots of talk at the about John Hay's "The Deciders" notes late Ahmad …
if you see your High school 🏤 . Brush . Euclid. Shaw. Heights. Glenville . John Hay . School of Arts. Kennedy. Adams . Shaker. MLK. Gi…
NAACP is out at the Empowerment Summit @ John Hay!
Visit John Hay Cigars at this weekend. Learn their history HERE,
Hay dock races 1st day of the prem better back john o'shea horse first race for luck
I have been following John Edward for years and now Hay House is getting into the act. They must be short of...
@ Camp John Hay looking for a place to eat 😋
Informations about MR Andrew John Hay - for more information click here
Not taking responsibility4 wrong medical statements in the name of angels = predator. .
Stuck here doing selfies because of me and my stupid dress 😡👗 @ Camp John Hay-Tree Top Adventure
Why are women underrepresented in science? BASW14+15 eds Ashley Hay w
Today's inductee w/ Amb John Hay "Jock" Whitney who was a financier of Hitchcock's 1940 "Rebecca", IMDB ranked all time film
Looks like vote could move Glenville, John Hay, East Tech down to D3 in football; John Marshall to D2; Whitney Youn…
hay Brandon do you realize that we are Yankee fans you dumb ***
I used to hate going to John Hay because we stayyyeeed going back early af. I used to be so salty
When you don't got school Monday because you don't go to John Hay 😊
1/2 Guys, I'm at the John Hay Library until the end of August. Should you have any special Lovecraftian
It is such a pleasure to work at the John Hay Library. The staff is so friendly and helpful that you feel like at home! Thanks
John Hay act like *** don't have lives outside of school 😒 that blows me
Best food I've eaten in a long time at St John's Place in Hay on Wye @ St John's Place Restaurant Hay…
John Hay Cigars returns to the this weekend for
hay Paige I'm John and my dream is to be in the WWE and I was born blind with two eyes but I can see out of my right eye.
I want to be here regularly but remember John Heywood's Proverb "Make Hay While the sun shines.
Anderson notes it's especially fitting Powers inducted in same year as John Hay Whitney; both rode and trained for Greentree.
Hollingsworth on John Hay Whitney: As close to royalty as American racing ever had.
John Hay Whitney inducted into HOF. His grandson is accepting.
Peter di Bonaventura, grandson of John Hay Whitney, now accepting for that second Pillars of the Turf inductee
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Making hay after the sun has set on legacy outsourcing… meet John Haworth
"On summer day that shone here, When we were all alone here" the poetry of John Hay (blog)
Pillars of the Turf inductees are john hay Whitney and Alfred G. Vanderbilt
Henry Adams on John Hay ... pictures from the Hay summer home, The Fells (2 of 2) (blog)
More on John Hay by Henry Adams and a photo of The Fells (2 of 2) (blog)
NATION'S NEWS!: Baguio toys with option to take over John Hay: What happens if the summer capit... (frominquirer)
I can just imagine the Baguio Country Club and John Hay as one large island. Skin diving at MInes View!
Call center agent jumps out of taxi in John Hay | Herald Express
Archangel Gabriel stands ominously over the grave of John Hay, former secretary to President Abraham Lincoln and President McKinley at Lake…
Happy Easter! Miss Easter in John Hay in the old green and white cottages. Papa M would hide big pastel candy Easter eggs …
This is a pic of John Hay. He was my Grandmother's Great Uncle. He signed it to Arthur Hay, My Great Grandfather.
Spent Valentines at Camp John Hay with with these lovely people. ❤
Tough loss in overtime by the John Hay boys team to Ella Flagg Young. Great game though.
Mind the Gap : The Education of a Nature Writer by John Hay (2004, Hardcover)
Game at 530 @ Garfield Heights against John Hay! Only about a 35 minute drive, so come support us as we look to improve to 8-0!!
Good Luck to Bwick Basketball at Garfield Hts today at 5:45 vs John Hay in Play by Play Scholastic Hoops Classic. Big Blue!!!
HENRY ADAMS , in a letter to John Hay, October 1895. "The Jewish question is really the most serious of our problems."
John Hay. Friend of and employee for Lincoln and my Grandmother's Great Uncle.
On this day in 1775, the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, establishes a Committee of Secret Correspondence. The committee's goal was to provide European nations with a Patriot interpretation of events in Britain's North American colonies, in the hope of soliciting aid for the American war effort. The committee, consisting of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison, John Dickinson, John Hay and Robert Morris, instructed Silas Deane to meet with French Foreign Minister Charles Gravier, Count de Vergennes, to stress America's need for military stores and assure the French that the colonies were moving toward "total separation" from Great Britain. Covert French aid began filtering into the colonies soon after the outbreak of hostilities in 1775. Deane, a Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, left for France on the secret mission on March 3, 1776.
John Hay (1838–1905) was an American statesman and official whose career in government stretched over almost half a century. After graduation from Brown University in 1858, Hay read law in his uncle's office in Springfield, Illinois, adjacent to that of Abraham Lincoln. Hay worked for Lincoln's successful presidential campaign, and became his assistant private secretary at the White House. Through the years of the American Civil War, Hay was close to Lincoln, and stood by his deathbed after the President was shot at Ford's Theatre. In 1897, President William McKinley, for whom he had been a major backer, made him Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The following year, Hay became United States Secretary of State. He served almost seven years, under McKinley, and after his assassination, under Theodore Roosevelt. Hay was responsible for the Open Door Policy in China, and negotiated the Hay–Pauncefote Treaty (1901) with the UK, as well as the Hay–Herrán Treaty (1903) with Colombia, and the Hay–Bunau-V ...
John Hay done turned into St. Martin with them uniforms and academic changes lol
hay john it's Lauren follow me back 😊😊 xxx
Hora Agency Sales kick-off...and it's raining cats and dogs (@ The Manor, Camp John Hay)
Land beside a motorway.. That explains the new John Deere and hay turner!!!
Meth is FDA approved to treat ADHD, obesity, and hay fever.
I actually think mak and john might be my favorite couple ever (second to only me and jake, of course)
praying one of my friends asks me to prom this year so I can bring NY Fashion to John Hay lol
Explore the forest.Breathe wild air.Enjoy the natural world.🌲🌾🌺💋 @ Camp John Hay Baguio City
🐸☕ haven't seen you sense like St. John's 😳 but we should deffinatly talk more
*This happens every time 😂*. Person: What high school did you go to? . Me: John Hay. Person: Ouuu so you must be SMARTTT…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tomorrow is a big day for the girls who tried out for cheerleading @ john hay. y'all don't understand 😂
John Carey hopes the hay market will help compensate for massive crop losses.:
CCC vs john hay this week my alumni first home game ! get money !
Hay Payton Manning what would you do if the BRONCOS cancelled your HEALTH INSURANCE? Would you continue to play THEY DO AT PaPa John's PIZZA
mh nyc !! Aysh bt John legend's all of me , hay NO
and other adventurous activities to do at Camp John Hay... [pic] >
I love listening to a thick Aussie twang talking "expertly" on all things The Arc de triumph! The Champs Alyse Hay
Pasay court clears John Hay developer in P1-B estafa raps
Life just gets better and better with you, crazy husby. 💙 @ Camp John Hay
BCDA warns of depletion of water in John Hay: MANILA – The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) i...
In one of john le carre's novels there is mention of CIA using Hay Adams hotel for ops. So what is it between CIA and luxury hotels ?
There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, & one of the most important is faith. -John…
F/O Balfour Richard John Hay (21), from Te Ahora, New Zealand. Killed in action on 27 July 1944.
150 years ago today, Lincoln sends his secretary John Hay to Florida to help with reconstruction of loyal state government.
“1) where you going to school next year?”. JOHN HAY 💚💛😝
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I miss this random VLOGing and neighborhood walk with my sister well I miss John Hay in…
Yes, my badgers/foxes spoilt! Get food, plenty water, hay for bedding, and shelter n cosseted! 💖💖💖
None of my john hay squad is coming that's sad because I went to all of theirs..
It be too much stress with all that work at John hay😐😤 but I'm ready for it💪 sophomore year shouldn't be as hard as freshman year
yes had a bit of that while hay making a few years back . Felt lousy for days . Plenty of fluids required.
And another extract from the hay making piece, only the middle part missing! And that said John is that!
Hay John i saw u in 12 Rounds, The Marine and in Fred u were really good u should do more movies
take me back to last night with John 😭
such bantz. Very good. Engraved money. Can't tell if john hay or john o'groats
Jazz is this :) John Legend feat. Jennifer Nettles and Hunter Hay…:
Happy Anniversary to my favorite 6'5" best friend John Hayes & his lovely bride of 19 years Peggie Hayes !
"The only fluid I would give John Terry is I'd *** on him in a burns ward, if I had AIDS." I cannot cope
They obviously just cut that grass in the last day or 2. Hay well baled and rolled and the John Deere in being washed off!
Inhabitants of Carrowmore megalithic tombs emerge after 6,000 years to make hay.
Getting ready to do wardrobe duties for Sir Elton John but full of hay fever.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chilling at John Hay just to drink coffee and make fun of people walking by 😂 What can I say, I've got a sassy tito and tita
Well I might as well as hit the hay. 😴😴
Hay John, when will you back to WWE.
John Hay began his career with A Lincoln and ended it with T Roosevelt and the ladies loved his moustache.
Read John Hay's great research and post on Joey Votto's career as a hitter. Interesting stuff.
"John Inverdale is in full flow on BBC Two with Today at Wimbledon" How many times he has to catch hay fever 2 b removed by bbc?
John 13:7 is my whole situation right now.
We're literally at John Deere and they don't have anything to move a bale of hay. They're trying to use a forklift. Wut.
Aww soz, hope you fill better soon. No voice hay, ever cloud. ;)
six+ hay fever tablets a day means I don't suffer to much. However I don't recommend taking that many.
James Buchanan's Advice to Abraham Lincoln - deadpresidents: John Hay was one of America’s great diplomats.
I think the Guardian has worked out it can make hay from the hair-splitting self-interrogation that women so often internalise!
Has Joey Votto changed the way he hits over the course of his career? Check out John Hay's post
Constant concern that I shall unwittingly reveal true colours when on hay fever tablets (like John Inverdale)
Hay John I didn't have me specks on thought it wis Jeremy Kyle LOL just kidding John my HERO !
On this Day 23rd June 1798, John Hay, a prominent Wexford Rebel Leader, is executed in Wexford Town.
Nahaboo says former coach John Bastian "had lost the dressing room." He says club will finish in the top two under Andy Hay.
Nahaboo says John Bastian lost the dressing room before he was replaced by Andy Hay and the squad are getting there
You can write Hay-soos but that wasn't the name. Like Yahya for example English say John and there's no J in Hebrew.
Why is BBC Scotland so bad? Graham Spiers doing current affairs on Saturday, John Beattie doing Crossfire. These are sp…
"Turning the hay to dry in the sun this morning St.John's Chapel http…
Cozy cozy room here at The Forest Lodge in Camp John Hay
New Interview: John Turnbull talks to the great Colin Hay.
Think it's finally time to hit the hay
I just realized all the *** that dont like me go to John Hay lol
John Hay will not be at our after prom they we're invited but they having there's some where down town..
I'm On my way to Toledo see y'all tomorrow I don't want to miss john hay line up
Excited to have a date with my mum on Sunday. I want to surprise her. But... I don't have any idea where to find the best place/restaurant here in Baguio. Any suggestion? (Except John Hay)
“lmao you funny OG. There's nothing to "know"” yea yea yea OG I hear you lil john hay 😂💯
Heard from my friend John Hayes from Mothers Finest last night . Seeing him at the Birchmere this Sunday. Thanks Mo !
jogging with liligirl with 5 rounds!. starting @ Camp John Hay and ended at Baguio Country Club... :D
John hay can bite me I'm wearing flip flops and my bandana
Take the walk and enjoy the natural beauty of Baguio City's Countryside. It's a great mighty feeling to feel the wind and smell the pine trees... In Camp John Hay Grounds.
"True luck consists not in holding the best of the cards at the table; luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home." John Hay
The best pizza I ever had is at Shakey’s – Camp John Hay, Baguio.
On Russia: "Dealing with a government with whom mendacity is a science is an extremely difficult matter." --John Hay, 1903.
Anyone smell repeat? I think John Hay is cooking something up! Too bad Once I'm hot, it gets tough to cool me down!!
"Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success" .John Hays Hammond.
GREENS FALL TO HAY. By JOHN GRAY. LEETON goes into its first club bye yet to get a win on the board after falling...
I've started calling Mr.Hay, John. This is a sign I'm spending too much time around him.
you look familiar I thought you went to John Hay.
Logistics team picture at Starbucks Camp John Hay. Photo c/o our beloved Pastor Doy.
Eric John Hayes made me do a double take as I opened my package and saw first a common Goblin instead of a super rare! Gobby was on the other side!! Thank you kindly for the extras!
Hay John is there a meet and greet on the 16th?
Deers are corny and TMI is corny is should be banned from John Hay
isn't the only adventure activity at Camp John Hay... >
My dear nephew John Thomas Hay has died:may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed,through the mercy of God, rest in peace.Amen
Character is the real foundation for all worthwhile success. - John Hays Hammond
John hay ain't never been the same 😩😒
Incident analysis needs to move from digging through a haystack to find the needle, to ripping the hay away - John McDonald at
might have to unfollow most people from John Hay when I graduate.
"This is a provincially sanctioned monopoly, don't forget," John Hay- President, OCB
I don't talk to no one from John hay 🙅🙅
swear nobody skips school more than John Hay kids.
Theses are just cool as Michael John Hayes :-)
All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt. All the Great...
Hurray! Got an exclusive invite from Studio 84 for the launch of its outlet at Technohub, Camp John Hay! :3
John Hay, MBE, recently retired senior lecturer in Deaf Studies at the University of Wolverhampton will lead us on a guided walk through the Deaf history of Edinburgh. This talk will be given in British Sign Language without any voiceover to English. This has been requested by some regular Edsign at…
Pleasant Grove Historical Society Notable Burials in Grove Hill Cemetery in Dallas, Texas Stephen John Hay In 1907, Stephen John Hay became the first mayor of Dallas under the commission form of city government, a precursor to the mayor-council form. Born in 1864, Hay was a banker and businessman. Hay initiated the White Rock Reservoir Plan to increase and preserve the city's water supply. Hay's second and last term ended in 1911. In 1916, he died from meningitis at age 51. Stephen J. Hay is interred in the oldest section of Grove Hill Memorial Park, along with his wife, Mary, and their three children. Arnold Joseph "Groovey Joe" Poovey Was a musician, songwriter, disc jockey and Dallas personality. Poovey first gained recognition in 1957 with the release of his rockabilly single, "Move Around." In the 1960s, Poovey focused on country music, and wrote songs for country stars such as Jimmy Patton and George Jones. In 1980, Poovey returned to rockabilly and toured Europe under the name, "Texas" Joe Poovey. ...
I still have to do the Eco trail at Camp John Hay. I still have to see the Turquoise, Citrine Canary Flycatchers together with the Siberian Rubythroat.Crossing my fingers!Tinggay Cinco
A big thank you to John Hayes- a remarkable friend, the Merlin wordsmith, a big-brained and big-hearted person. And he's a walking miracle- wait, no, he's a softball-playing, tai chi miracle!
if you see you're school. Cle Hts . Euclid . Shaw . Glenville . John Hay . Collinwood . Shaker Hts . Garfield Hts . John Adams . V…
I jotted down the titles of books I had read by February 1968, some may pertain even to the previous summer. There were 36 books on the list. Ones I remember (at least impressions of) include Modern Sex Techniques by Robert Street, The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm (I may have re-read that one, an important book for me), Generation of Vipers by Philip Wylie, Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky, Sex, Love and the Person by Peter A. Bertocci, Aerobics by Kenneth H. Cooper, Sense Relaxation by Bernard Gunther, The Phenomenon of Man by Teilhard de Chardin, How to Read a Book: the Art of Getting a Liberal Education by Mortimer J. Adler, The Wildflowers of California by Mary Elizabeth Parsons (written in 1897; I went back to it often), The Halls of Yearning by Don Robertson and Marion Steele, In Defense of Nature by John Hay, The Forest and the Sea by Marston Bates, Garden Design Illustrated by John A. Grant and Carol L. Grant (one of my lifetime favorites), Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, ...
The Bear That Talks Like a Man Conflict with Russia neither began nor ended with the Cold War. By Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, Declarations, 4/17/14 On Russia and Ukraine we are experiencing things incrementally and coming to terms with the fact that we have entered a new era. Vladimir Putin has ended the post-Cold War settlement and is redrawing borders. It is childish and obtuse to see his moves and understand them as anything but what they are, the beginning of a time that will sorely try the United States. We have to get busy figuring out how to deal with it, both day to day and in the long term. In rough connection to that, two books. One reminds us that Moscow was making diplomats' heads explode long before the Cold War. The second is from a futurist who notes history not only is surprising, it can move at quite a clip once it takes one of its turns. "All the Great Prizes" is John Taliaferro's insightful, smartly observed biography of John Hay, whose fabled career took him from 22-year-old pri ...
I am so thankful for the gift of TODAY-April 10, I am 49 and I have many reasons to be happy- Breakfast at John Hay, Pancake House with Family, and then surprise Lunch from our church leaders and saints... Oh! makes me cry ..tears of Joy!
A Surprising Union Advance in Florida February 19, 1864 (Friday) President Lincoln had come up with the idea that if ten percent of a rebellious state’s population would again turn loyal to the Union, they could form a state government and begin the process of reconstruction. It was small, but it was a start. States such as Arkansas and Louisiana had already begun, and Florida was seen, like North Carolina, to be fertile ground for such wranglings. Earlier in the month, the President sent his personal secretary, John Hay to northern Florida with the hope of collecting enough loyal bodies to lay the groundwork. Hay was accompanied by General Quincy Gillmore, who we last left in September, outside the fortifications of Charleston, South Carolina. Gillmore helmed the Department of the South, which included both Charleston and Florida. In addition to Hay and Gillmore, a division of infantry, 5,500-strong, was dispatched from South Carlina, landing in Jacksonville on Florida’s eastern shore. They were comm ...
Lincoln's Boys shared the following link and had this to say about it: A great piece in the Kansas City Star! If you're local, join us next week for a discussion. Zeitz‘s “Lincoln’s Boys: John Hay, John Nicolay, and the War for Lincoln’s Image,” tells the story of the president’s two young White House secretaries, who c...
Senate playoffs start tomorrow John Hay vs East Tech and Glenville vs John Adams the games are at East Tech everybody be…
I heard this quote on "Saving Private Ryan" yesterday. Did some research on it and really liked it and just wanted to share it. I wonder how the current occupant of the Oval Office would react to a similar situation? In the fall of 1864, Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew wrote to President Lincoln asking him to express condolences to Mrs. Lydia Bixby, a widow who was believed to have lost five sons during the Civil War. Lincoln's letter to her was printed by the Boston Evening Transcript. Later it was revealed that only two of Mrs. Bixby's five sons died in battle (Charles and Oliver). One deserted the army, one was honorably discharged, and another deserted or died a prisoner of war. The authorship of the letter has been debated by scholars, some of whom believe it was written instead by John Hay, one of Lincoln's White House secretaries. The original letter was either destroyed by the newspaper editor after publication or by Mrs. Bixby, who may have been a Confederate sympathizer and disliked Presid ...
Congrats to Randy Sanders of Morristown TN. First and last BCS Championships. John Hay, Meadowview, Morristown East and Univ of Tennessee alum, just like yours truly.
Olivia Poole leads Shaker Heights' girls basketball team to 58-23 win over John Hay
Historians also believe that it was more likely written by Lincoln's assistant private secretary, John Hay.
On Sunday, August 9, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, along with his secretary John Hay, visited photographer Alexander Gardner’s new Washington, D.C. studio at 7th and D Street, above Shephard and Riley’s Bookstore. It was there that Lincoln, who according to Hay was in good spirits, sat for Gardner for the fourth time, producing a number of new likenesses. For more portraits of Lincoln by Alexander Gardner:
Our soon-to-be look tomorrow at CAP John Hay for Mr. and Mrs. Vergara's 50th anniversary. :)) Cool.…
Attending my Strategic Business Economics Program class at the John Hay Manor Hotel, Baguio City
Do u have final on Norwalk vs Cleveland John Hay. Trying to find that score. If could let know when have chance be greatful
John Hay is losing on the road in Norwalk tonight 36-22.
Norwalk leads Cleveland John Hay 36-22 in the third quarter.
22 28 norwalk haftime.let's go John hay!
Norwalk leads Cleveland John Hay 20-14 with 7:20 left in the half.
Norwalk leads Cleveland John Hay 20-6 in the second quarter.
Norwalk leads Cleveland John Hay 13-6 in the second quarter.
“what’s on your reading list of late Tommie?” John Hay bio. Then the WW2 trilogy. See George Will
DOJ shelves 50 of 52 Malversation of Public Funds cases vs officials of Camp John Hay Development Corporation
Lmao man John Hay have to have the funniest looking kids.
The Mansion to Wright Park, Mines View Park then Manor Hotel and Camp John Hay and Burnham Park, could say it went just fine!
im goin to John Hay homecoming , and probably CSA
im the best football player to come out of John Hay
The best Deal in Baguio, The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay sits on a sprawling area within the camp-
Just gotta stay focused on who we play each week... Not thinking about anyone besides John Hay right now.
Will go to Camp John Hay with blocmates later woohoo
A notice informing the public of the termination of lease agreement between the Bases Conversion and Development...
John Hay...but, hey, my native country got its independence and a *** of a Guv General in Leonardo Wood...
"Friends are the sunshine of life. John Hay"
We're super thankful to our 2013 Event Sponsors! Kunda Bev, Lights4Rent, John Hay Cigar...
Had such a fun day with blocmates at Camp John Hay. Talagang nagpaulan kami for the sake of the photoshoot.
John Hay can suck my diz-ni-ee-ze! How bout that for that summer reading.
have a good day friends- Friends are the sunshine of life. John Hay
Evils of R rarelyseen but by he who resists it–John Hay(1872)Im victim of bureacracy now
I miss John hay and the people I went to school with
Follow your passion and it will always lead you to you purpose... John Hay HS Football Team…
Do you wanna go wit any boys from John Hay ? — No, I don't. I wouldn't either. I'm going to keep my mind on my s...
I think I'm just gonna go back to John hay .. I don't feel like transferring
Deleted everybody numbers from john hay out my phone except a few ✔✔✔
I thought Highschool was gone be like College, Especially John Hay. Its Like a Big *** Elementary School Fr.
Lol man John Hay got other schools fooled. Hay weak fareal, especially the dudes they squares fareal
John Hay is literally 3 different schools.
Riding home. Mommy talking mess and I pass my old school. John Hay alumni.
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