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John Harwood

John Harwood (born 1956) is an American journalist who is the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and a writer for The New York Times.

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Agree w/you & John Harwood on Navy Seal Ryan Owens not Hewitt
You can thank John Harwood at for making
Who cares what John Harwood says or reports? Harwood is the embodiment of fake news.
Fox Business is eating your lunch!! Maybe having a paid political hack DNC poodle like John Harwood turns people off.
john harwood, the Hillary boot licker lol
And when they tolerate super dishonest people like John Harwood that's what happens.
. I have not moved Dan Nathan over to the John Harwood camp . He is a clown
John Harwood hard to listen to. Bias too large to actually report the news
Trumps agenda is in trouble across the board. — John Harwood, Halftime Report
New video from John Harwood, showing the OP4 shed and shunting at Horsted Keynes.
is a conspiracy by CNBC and the disgraced John Harwood.
John Harwood CNBC is a FRAUD, cheated in election, don't listen to anything he says or reports! FAKE NEWS
Stop giving john harwood air time. It's embarrassing.
I warned you about john harwood, done watching your channel, he is a partisan hack
Daughter of a globalist, Mika like Anderson Cooper, John Harwood, are in MSM to parrot parents globalist ideas!
uh, no. as evidenced by Candy Crowley, Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddaz, and John Harwood, and ot…
where is the equal time to Dan Nathan's anti- trump rants, why is John Harwood still employed at CNBC?
Dan Rather, Brian Williams, John Harwood, Donna Brazile - nah, the media's not dishonest!
Glenn Thrush, John Harwood, George Stephanopoulos and scores of the rest of you strenuously beg to differ.
"Fox News for NBC News". Brian Williams : liar. John Harwood: DNC shill. The queen of fake news joins the fake news netwo…
:"The media needs to do its job, ... as promoters and voices of the DNC [like Donna Brazile, Martha Raddatz and John Harwood].
it's so easy to troll John Harwood. Between him & Andrea Mitchell, they should have their own show...on comedy cent…
John Harwood quotes the President-elect who calls the UN "a club for people to get together, talk and have a good t…
Trump debate moderator, CNBC's John Harwood, colluded with Clinton campaign on questions for interview
"Clinton campaign had the media in their corner...we see CNBC's John Harwood offering Clinton's staff...advice." https:…
Why? Did it bother John Harwood and Lester Holt, the two left handed lying script readers.
John Harwood caught lying! Propagandists in our media are waging extremely dishonest jihad on Trump
John Harwood failed to mention 43 of 44 WA GOP delegates are Cruz supporters who will vote for on 1 or 2nd ballot !
"Momentum for Pacific Trade Deal Sapped in Election Year" by JOHN HARWOOD via NYT
Trump, Clinton trail as Wisconsin voters head to polls: CNBC's John Harwood takes a look at what's at st...
Just turned on to watch stocks...John Harwood, political hack yuck! Then Arianna Huffington! OMG. Over to Fox Business!
April 16/17th, hear John Corigliano's, Red Violin Caprices for solo violin @ the Harwood Museum of art for
Rubio did in the John Harwood debacle. He called them a super pac for democrats. Not too far off the mark.
The Grade 9 Rugby team defeated Pine Ridge 15-5!  Trys by Ben, Jackson and John.  Man of the Match was Jack!  
I added a video to a playlist Donald Trump Nails Impression of CNBC Moderator John Harwood | US News
Yep. Harwood, Oliver and Gawn also in the gun at this stage.
John Harwood: Obama on Trump nuclear statements: "doesn't know much about foreign policy, nuclear policy, Korean p…
Has John Harwood stopped all pretense of being a serious journalist? My God!
3 of 5 stars to The Seance by John Harwood
"In an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, he said that he didn’t think a top rate of 90 percent would be too high."
50+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media by Great ideas and examples!
thanks for sharing John Harwood, have a great Wednesday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Serious question. Does John Harwood mean to be a straight down the middle journalist? Or is it his job to lean left?
John Terry and Kurt Zouma have been most reliable pairing at the back for Chelsea... so, how will they fare withou..
John Harwood of just showed how little he knows - talking about contraception being allowed to prevent spread of zika - say what?
Cnbc and John Harwood totally biased and lack credibility. We grow weary of your snark and open disrespect.
All purpose parts banner
John Harwood...right there says it all...doesnot like Trump
Harwood turnovers down the stretch coupled with some key free throw work by MSJ boys has Mounties up 67-54 w/ 1:07 remaining now
Barry Shark now knocks down a couple of foul shots and MSJ'S lead over Harwood boys goes to 62-54 w/ 1:15 remaining
MSJ leads Harwood boys 58-47 with 3:39 remaining. Harwood really hasn't been able to get deficit lower than 9
Protivansky has hit final bucket of each quarter so far. This time his layup gives MSJ 49-39 lead over Harwood heading to 4th
Lucas Baron leads No. 9 Harwood at half with 12 points. Jelani Williams leads No. 8 MSJ with nine.
No. 8 MSJ boys lead No. 9 Harwood 34-26 at the half. Harwood taking advantage of some lazy passes to climb back in it
Harwood's Lucas Baron comes up with a steal and then lays it in and the Highlanders now trail MSJ boys 29-19 w/ 3:00 left in half
Two foul shots from Harwood's Liam Harper breaks an 11-0 run by MSJ. Mounties up 25-12
MSJ off to a strong start here. Basket down low from Shane Protivansky has MSJ boys up 20-8 over Harwood after 1st Q
Jack Whitaker completes a rare four-point play and has MSJ boys out in front of Harwood 16-8 in 1st 1:45 left in qrtr
John Harwood was that woosie that asked DJT the comic book question. His career is headed down.
Getting ready for some early Division II boys action at McDonough Gym as No. 8 MSJ welcomes No. 9 Harwood.
Why is John Harwood still employed by CNBC???
Battle over Antonin Scalia's replacement: CNBC's John Harwood reports on...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Loretta Lynch would be DOA as a SCOTUS nominee. John Harwood must know very little about politics to think she would be hard to oppose.
"A Warning on the Federal Reserve’s Limits" by JOHN HARWOOD via NYT The New York Times
John Harwood of CNBC is nuts if he thinks any Republican swill support a SCOTUS nominee of Obama, after how Obama treats them.
and so we have analysis from the always objective John Harwood...sheesh
Former Everton manager David Moyes was 'markedly and unequivocally wrong' about fee paid for John Stones, insist B..
John Harwood . there is no doubt Hillary's approach better fits the world we now live in; Bernie's...
My names not even JH that's my brand name, my names Joe John Lawrence-Harwood lol... people get it confused
There is a reason why John Harwood is not liked by many people. This is A reason why.
Other than John Harwood, is there a more punchable face in the elite media than John Meacham?. "..and Jefferson's butler's aunt"-- *PUNCH*
Even if they spend £100million, Chelsea won't find another John Terry
John Dickerson is just another John Harwood. Will we NEVER learn.
John Harwood got ripped for doing that.
John Dickerson currently bucking to make GOP watchers completely forget about John Harwood's moderating for CNBC last year.
Exactly. He is the show, not Kelly. She is John Harwood in heels. Little difference.
John Harwood lies about Rubio's tax plan and still works for CNBC & New York Times? Talk about comic …
New name for CNBC is Don't C CNBC. John Harwood is a liar and a deutchbag. Shill for Obama administration. Left wing nut job. Deutchbag.
was "butthurt" tonight when Ted Cruz called the liberal media out. John Harwood is a flack for the DNC.
Megyn Kelly has John Harwood dead-to-rights on his Rubio lie. . BRUTAL and GLORIOUS
Well said Ted Cruz on John Harwood's continued and insulting Qs to you and American Future Voters
The big winner tonight was who perfectly predicted tonight's CNBC debacle, courtesy of John Harwood
John Harwood's rectum tangibly puckered on TV when Ted Cruz laid into him for the idiotic questions asked in the Debate tonight.
Cruz offered to treat John Harwood to an edible. Did you catch that part?
I don't think John Harwood knew what hit him. He never saw that Cruz missile coming.
Christie to John Harwood: "Do you want to answer or do you want me to answer?" Audience roars.
.slaps down Democrat hack moderator John Harwood ("Even in New Jersey, what you're doing is considered rude"
Ted Cruz just suggested he'd buy John Harwood pot brownies
John Harwood confronts Trump: 'Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?'
John Harwood of CNBC will be asking the questions at the Next (R) Debate. On The Daily Show he asked Trever Noah...
Thank you & John Harwood for reminding me that after the *** there are more groups who would want to get married.
Anyone watching right now? Love this guy. With CNBC's John Harwood.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
We can't wait to watch moderate the - but first he's got a bit more prep to do ...
NEWS: Harwood : Stolen Toy - A replica John Deere Jeep has been reported stolen in Hamilton Township .
Trevor Noah helps John Harwood prep to question Trump in Wednesday's debate.
John Harwood showed an "I love Soweto" sticker and was actually proud of it. What?! Problematic
We watched 13 hours of the so you didn't have to. View last night's show: http…
Where is Tonette? Or has she kicked your *** out after the stupid things you said to John Harwood?
10 questions with Scott Walker: Scott Walker talks to CNBC's John Harwood about…
This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. John 15:12 This is Christianity.
John Harwood's video with the at East Grinstead and H-class at Kingscote yesterday.
John Harwood's video with the S15 at East grinstead and H-class at Kingscote yesterday.
"Outsiders Stir Politics, but Often Fail to Win or Govern Well" by JOHN HARWOOD via NYT
PC John Harwood of - killed in a collision at Charnock Richard on this day in 1979 whilst on a motorcycle course
An inaugural symposium with Hank Paulson, NBC's John Harwood, and the Atlantic's Steve Clemons. I'm honored!
Oh BTW... attacked Ana Marie Cox for questioning Bernie Sanders about her hair. John Harwood from the NYT attacked ME for it! LOL!!
Joe,forget Andrew,it's old hack liberal John Harwood you should work on.I mute when he comes on.Biased.
Yea, the benefits are so awesome no one knows about it. . Zeke Emmanuel & John Harwood are lying w/ the president.
Three years ago, Rick Perry's infamous “Oops” moment dashed the Texas Governor's hopes for the White House. Now he may launch another presidential campaign. John Harwood travels to Austin to find out:
Last night's interview with John Harwood, Gwen's son was a true pleasure, he reads her poems so beautifully (top link
John Harwood: Only significance of Gruber 'flapdoodle' is it makes mad people madder
John Timko at Harwood Ford has challenged ALL the dealerships in Brooks to walk and pledge for the cause!!
Clearwater asks for another term with Mayor John Harwood. MORE:
thanks for following my cousin John Harwood! He grew up on Drummond in Bethesda.
Sat in Oldham then to St Helens then Great Harwood to Stoke then home for the weekend!! . Predictions on what time I finish?
Oh Lee Harwood’s THE ORCHID BOAT What John Yau writes in this homage is very true
I do wish.The loss is stressing me. Read it several times. Liked showing to folks that wanted to know what I was doing
Check the dryer, might be with that other sock you can't find.
my Dolce diet book has come up missing.Been looking for it for 2 days. Last time I had it in hand was last week at work.
Be careful. Grass fed beef fat tends to render out faster than conventional beef. So over cook and it will dry out.
Good grill it on the medium heat of the grill, turning occasionally to get the cooked surface you want.Therm it 110 degrees
never bought or cooked one before. Had to place a special order to get one. Not a bad price for grass fed $10.99 lb.
Cook one side, flip push the thickest part of the meat, it should feel like you are pressing into your cheek.
Wow, many variables. How hot is the grill, how thick is the cut, etc.
John J Harwood will shortly point out everyone who doesn't know what is on their website in Congress word for word.
Keep "On Point" with guest host John Harwood and he discusses how the Halbig case could gut Obamacare, Judaism...
your loving some of this john! David millers book is meant to be a good one if your after something else to read.
Hope they don't give you John Harwood or Jerrod Bernstein...Kelly Evans, Kudlow and Cramer are very cool.
Watching the John Lewis Christmas advert without you really isn't the same 😔 I might dress Ollie & Binky up as pengiuns 😂
John Harwood's GHOST WRITER, a late entry by our pal in the truly-scary-story sweepstakes, turns out to be as advertised.
I kind of like CNBC too when John Harwood & Jarrod Bernstein aren't there. I use the remote when they come on.
Cody Harwood ran all over Cent Cath on Sat:
St. John's Prep's Cody Harwood had a big day against Central Catholic Saturday. Read about it here:
St. John's Harwood just keeps on running - Daily Item: Daily ItemSt. Joh...
John Bunky Jr Harwood is our 1100th like! Congratulations! John, please message us your mailing address so we...
John Harwood on Wedge Issues Then and Now: Democrats Seize on Social Issues as Values Wedge Cuts Their Way
My second day of the John Harwood 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - 3 positive things' List. 1. I'm Still Alive. 2. I'm not John Harwood 3. Er...that's it. That's me done. Next. My three nominations to take up the baton on how great life is are Rolf Harris, Tulisa Contostavlos and Max Clifford.
On page 46 of 328 of The Seance, by John Harwood
Good morning everyone! Happy Friday to you! We made it! Joining us for the last show of the week, we have: Donny Deutsch, Harold Ford Jr., Jon Meacham, Sri Jegarajah, Mike Allen, Seth Davis, John Harwood, David Gregory, John Heilemann, Rep. David Jolly, Hooman Majd, Ben Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Arianna Huffington, Charles Best, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
We have a great Washington Week show for you tonight: "What Will 2014 Bring In Washington?" Talking to John Harwood tonight: Alexis Simendinger, Amy Walter, Doyle McManus, and Jeff Zeleny.
The New York Times is on fire today! An amazing investigative piece on a sham Florida investigation of a domestic violence killing by a sheriff's deputy (the extent to which good ol' boy authorities insisted the woman's death was suicide, against all evidence); a John Harwood piece on the reluctance by President Obama to use the word 'redistribution' in describing health care act; accord on Iran halting nuke program; feature on Spike Lee, who has a new film, Oldboy; and Maureen Dowd is back with a column on gender equity. It's all there to provide some framework to understanding a complex world.
More Of Obama’s Massive Lies October 11, 2013 by Chip Wood UPI There have been so many lies flooding out of Washington lately that’s it’s hard to keep up with them all, much less rebut them. But let’s tackle as many as we can today. And let’s start with a lulu that took place last week, when Barack Obama was interviewed on CNBC. John Harwood asked him about the appropriateness of some of the recent Presidential rhetoric. In his reply, Obama said, “I think it’s fair to say that during the course of my Presidency I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party, and have purposely kept my rhetoric down.” Can you believe it? The most divisive, vitriolic, partisan President we’ve had in years claims that he has “bent over backwards” to work with Republicans and that he’s actually “kept my rhetoric down.” Calling your opponents extortionists, arsonists, extremists and other choice epithets is apparently Obama’s idea of keeping his rhetoric down. After hearing his ludic ...
John Harwood posts story w/sources saying WH will pick Summers same time he was scheduling intvw w/ Jack Lew this am
Is Larry Summers a lock to replace Bernanke as Fed chairman?: My CNBC colleague John Harwood says the bane of ...
John Harwood has become simply a mouthpiece for the administration's policies. Never challenges
I'm going to go out on a limb and say John Harwood is not a Republican
So has all the Leftists on today.Jack Lew, John Harwood, and coming up...Mark Zandi.
Larry Summers set to get the nod as Federal Reserve Chief ? So says John Harwood .Emerging market rout ove...
Jack Lew being interviewed by an adoring admirer of Leftist policies, John Harwood
$NUGT $GC_F CNBC’s John Harwood that Larry Summers will likely be named chairman of the Federal Reserve in few weeks - SELL DOLLARS BUY GOLD
Really want to read THIS book after reading THAT review“Book review: The Asylum, By John Harwood
I might have stayed up 'til OMGa.m. reading a new-to-me author last night.If you like a gothic flavored historical mystery,try John Harwood.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
And then she discovered John Harwood and went bankrupt. THE END.
Yes, but John Harwood is still blaming George Bush!
Todd Park, a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, spoke to John Harwood about how the government is using data and the “lean start-up” model.
 New Fiction "The Asylum" by John Harwood - After waking up in a small asylum in England with no memory of the past several weeks, Georgia Ferrars learns that her family believes she is an imposter in this gothic thriller. "Blood Orange" by Karen Keskinen - Santa Barbara private investigator Jaymie Zarlin has built her fledgling agency on finding missing people.  Still struggling with the death of her troubled brother, who died in police custody, Jaymie is determined to help others in similar situations find their way home.  Homicides are not in her repertoire. "The Boy Who Said No" buy Patti Sheehy - As a boy Frank Medero's grandgather teaches him to fish, to navigate the seas, and to think for himself - much needed skills under the new Castro regime.  When Frank is drafted into the army, he is soon promoted to the Special Forces, where he is privy to top military secrets.  But young Frank has no sympathy for Fidel.  He thirsts for freedom and longs to join his girlfriend, who has left Cuba for Ame ...
COMPLIMENTS OF POEMHUNTER.COM Biography of Gwen Harwood Gwen Harwood AO, née Gwendoline Nessie Foster, was an Australian poet and librettist. Gwen Harwood is regarded as one of Australia's finest poets, publishing over 420 works, including 386 poems and 13 librettos. She won numerous poetry awards and prizes. Her work is commonly studied in schools and university courses. Gwen Harwood is the mother of the author John Harwood. Life She was born in Taringa, Queensland and brought up in Brisbane. She attended Brisbane Girls Grammar School and was an organist at All Saints Church when she was young. She completed a music teacher's diploma, and also worked as a typist at the War Damage Commission from 1942. Early in her life, she developed an interest in literature, philosophy and music. She moved to Tasmania after her marriage to linguist William Harwood in September 1945. Here she developed her lifelong interest in the work of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein "which informs her entire opus". Her father playe ...
The former Republican presidential candidate and ambassador to China spoke with John Harwood about the U.S.-China meeting, the future of the Republican Party and the 2016 presidential race.
John Harwood sat down with the chairmen of the House and Senate tax-writing committees, Representative Dave Camp, Republican of Michigan, and Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, who suddenly find themselves at the center of action in Washington.
is it just me, or does John Harwood look and sound like Michael Shannon? (guy from Boardwalk empire)
Video on President Obama expounded on the economic consequences of no agreement on government spending cuts and revenue increases at a shipyard in Newport News, Va. CNBC's John Harwood offers insight.
Kristen Welker,John Harwood, Bob Woodward & all you frauds in news media are lying to protect Republicans.The sequester is their fault
GRASSFIRE ALERT Under President Obama, gas prices have been anything but stable. Over the past 34 days alone, prices have soared more than 13 percent to a national average of $3.77 per gallon, according to AAA. Already forced to deal with higher taxes and smaller paychecks, grassroots patriots are angry and frustrated over the state of our nation's energy policies. Yet, Mr. Obama has made it clear that he's eager to wean American consumers from oil to advance his “green energy” agenda. Sitting back and doing nothing, while gas prices skyrocket, may be part of his grand scheme. Who can forget the President's response when CNBC’s John Harwood asked him if high gas prices would provide an “incentive so that we do shift to alternative means of energy?” Obama answered, “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.” In other words, raise prices slowly -- but clearly, raise them. Instead of taking action to dramatically expand American energy production, Obama has resisted new offshore ...
Feb. 14: CNBC’s John Harwood talks about the ongoing fight over Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense
I will admitted to being bummed out by Kathryn's hospitalization (and nobody told me the details, treating me like I'm a baby), so I had to run wild in the park this afternoon. I plunged into Spring Creek this afternoon and buried two new Frisbees in the bottom of the creek. Who could have known that John Harwood was wearing his wading boots? Truly, it was quite a scene. Luckily, I still got a great meal at supper time. I truly believe that this is a great life. I learned today that there are videos of me even before I came to Aberdeen Lane. People say that I was very cute, but who can tell?
CNBC’s John Harwood explains whether Jack Lew will face an easy road to becoming the next Treasury Secretary.
Time for the David Gregory, Alex Wagner, John Harwood, Chuck Todd crew to go back to sucking on Obama's rock hard ethics. Phone it in team!
Looking in my mum's old sewing box - everything 'mercerised'. Probably by Great Harwood John himself. So reassuring.
Top story: John Harwood, Ben White: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Going Badly - Busines… see more
OMG but John Harwood is a tool. via
John 15: 18-27 is probably 1 of my fav things said! It gives me such comfort when Im being teased 4 my beliefs
JOHN HARWOOD IS a freakn Slurp, enough wiv BS all in d name of news!
Negotiations on Fiscal Cliff not going too well….
Two Reporters Say The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Are Going Very Badly: Today is the day that Har...
According To Two Reporters, The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Are Going Very Badly: Two of the top reporters coverin...
Three car accidents within one mile of each other on Route 2 South between Southern High School and Owensville Rd. Thanks to Amber Jacobs for the tip. (john)
Editor's Picks - Petraeus Probe May Have Begun With Emails from Broadwell to Woman: CNBC's John Harwood has more on how an FBI invest...
Video: Petraeus probe may have begun with emails from Broadwell to woman: CNBC's John Harwood has more on how an...
Everybody gone be too turnt up @ Saturday 2635 s. Harwood dallas Texas! ! ( Ladies Free till 1O ) (no id)
President Playing the Veto Card: CNBC's John Harwood reports the White House says that President Obama...
[video] Reacting to President Obama & Boehner: [at CNBC] - CNBC's John Harwood and Eamon Javers react to Preside...
According to John Harwood - best speech he's ever heard (he didn't really, but may well have) such a consistent apologist for Obama
Tyler just got it right and John Harwood got it wrong. to what the man said
John Lewis have done it again. Another beautiful Christmas tv ad.
Tissues at the ready heres the new john lewis christmas advert! John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey
yeah I know I heard from someone else it was in john shields
Jess I can't believe you fingered a cat in John Shields
I wonder how John Harwood gets Obama's butt prints off of his face before he gives a report on CNBC...
CNBC on Mute, and John Harwood's smug mug makes me want to vomit.
President Obama Wins 303 Electoral Votes: CNBC's John Harwood reports the result of the election in al...
The top political savants for the 2012 elections: NYT's Nate Silver and CNBC's John Harwood
Romney Calls Obama to Concede: CNBC's John Harwood looks at the polls on the right and left and how...
Please , Please remove John Harwood , he is so blatantly slanted & I always thought media were to be non partisan.
John Terry, Simon many weren't convicted despite being blatantly guilty? Even if they made court, they'd get off.
Sorry Maria, can't watch CNBC'e election coverage, John Harwood is like Chris Matthews over Obama! LOL
Path to 270: The race is to 270 electoral votes, so CNBC's John Harwood takes a look at the electoral map.
What Happens If We Get a Tie?: CNBC's John Harwood has a breakdown of the electoral map leading into tonight's p...
Hamilton Collection
According to CNBC's John Harwood Obama just needs to win Nevada, Wisconsin and Ohio to effectively shut out Romney in the Electoral College!
I hate John Harwood. He must be from Pittsburgh!
ill watch only if John Harwood has been dispatched to Europe for the day.he's way too partisan
[video] Romney vs. Obama: Best Pro-Growth Plan?: [at CNBC] - CNBC's John Harwood has the latest details on the e...
Hear ya! Well win tho! ;) “John Harwood is the worst. whole programming of CNBC - bias now is incredible!”
it's John harwood on cnbc - he's supposed to be a reporter but is clearly biased for the Ds. Eamon Javers is objective tho...
Time to Get Short US Stocks?: CNBC's John Harwood breaks down the latest poll numbers, and the FMHR crew reveal ...
Please inform John Harwood that Obama is going to lose this election--by a bunch!
Obama & Romney Locked in Virtual Tie: CNBC's John Harwood reports the latest details on what the polls...
Watching Obama shills on disgusts me.Roger Altman, Steven Rattner, John Harwood.that ilk.
Candidates Make Final Push Before Election: CNBC's John Harwood reports on the latest polls, as Presid...
John Harwood has VA going for BHO, never mind the senate. Is it over?
John Harwood political reporter NBC/CNBC is so disgusting and arrogant with his election predictions oh of course Obama will win
John Harwood is on.. MUTE ON.. Waiting on Jack to set things straight.
I love Dear John. I can recite every word to it. Enjoy it for me too please :)
With my buddies Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood at CNBC election rehearsal...
Your take on John Harwood of CNBC - I'm thinking of moving to FoxBusiness after hearing the way they cater to Harwood and Kerry
"House will stay Republican" (John Harwood) and Sam Stein nods in agreement - Democratic Underground they are wrong!
Video on CNBC’s John Harwood, The Hill’s Karen Finney and Time Magazine’s Michael Scherer debate what the candidates and their surrogates in the spin room afterwards need to communicate during tonight’s first 2012 Presidential Debate and why Team Romney can’t depend on help from Sean Hann...
I wish someone in Denver would tackle John Harwood of CNBC right now. Maybe one of the upscale single suburban white women he talks about.
Ready, Set.Debate!: CNBC's John Harwood reveals the results of the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal ...
Video on CNBC’s John Harwood, Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page and The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox discuss the new Politico report detailing dysfunction and infighting in Mitt Romney’s campaign. then debate why the newly “reset" Romney campaign looks the same as the old Romney campaign.
Video on Friction mounts as Israel asks that U.S. give Iran an ultimatum; a tricky position for Obama, whose foreign policy has been lauded. NBC's Andrea Mitchell and CNBC's John Harwood report.
Morning everyone! Well, this is it. Convention time wraps up. We're live in Charlotte for the last day before we head back to our home in 30 Rock. Here's who we have joining us this morning: Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Sam Stein, Mike Allen, Ed Rendell, Jeff Greenfield, Beau Biden, State Rep. Bakari Sellers, Van Jones, Chuck Todd, Charlie Cook, Jonathan Capehart, Kamala Harris, Gov. Martin O’Malley, John Harwood. Have a great weekend everyone!
It's convention time for the democrats, reports CNBC's John Harwood; and former Alabama Democratic Congressman Artur Davis, discusses his support for the Republican campaign, and why he decided to convert. CNBC Contributor Howard Dean, weighs in.
"This is a gift from God for the Democratic ticket" - CNBC's John Harwood on MSNBC's excellent balanced "Now with Alex Wagner" moments ago. You know what may be a Message from God for the Republican Ticket? An "Act of God" Hurricane bearing down on the host city of the Republican Convention, Tampa, that may stop the convention. God to Republicans: "I think Akin is an *** too. And your platform *** "
Tonight's guests include: John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC and political writer for The New York Times Richard Muller, professor of physics at University of California, Berkeley, founder of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project and self-professed lon …
janewells John Harwood substituting for Gwen Ifill moderated PBS Washington Week last night - did a
The June jobs report was “very disappointing” for the Obama administration and to people looking for work, according to CNBC’s John Harwood. The 80,000 job gains was 20,000 short of expectations, and the unemployment rate was unchanged.Moody’s economist Mark Zandi, who has often found a bright s...
In the broadest sense paranormal is to normal what supernatural is to natural: it’s the realm of what goes on outside the world we know. That’s a pretty big canvas, ranging from ghost stories (like the work of Australian author John Harwood, who wrote The Séance and The Ghost Writer) to Gothic (such...
Video on CNBC’s John Harwood, Politico’s Joe Williams and author Catherine Crier dig into Bob Schieffer vs. Mitt Romney on tax cuts, and Ann Romney’s jab – or non-jab – at the Obama’s on the number of vacations a First Family should have.
Romney on defense over tax cuts, vacations: Video on CNBC's John Harwood, Politico's Joe Wi...
Video on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir talks to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, CNBC’s John Harwood, and MSNBC contributor John Harwood about the first stages of the presidential horserace, and Mitt Romney’s failure to confront a woman who accused the President of treason.
Chris Brady on portfolios - Some cool Learning Technology images: Chris Brady on portfolios Image by John Harwood...
Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power: Prizewinning journalists John Harwood and Gerald F. Seib show how...
More from Gwen Ifill and the panel on this week's election surprises in not only Delaware but also New York and New Hampshire, the continuing debate over whether the Bush era tax cuts should expire and the Obama Administration's initiative to help small business passes the Senate. Joining her this week are: Jeanne Cummings of Politico, John Dickerson of Slate Magazine & CBS News, and John Harwood of CNBC & The New York Times.
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