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John Hartson

John Hartson (born 5 April 1975) is a Welsh former professional footballer who played as a striker from 1992 until 2008 notably in the Scottish Premier League for Celtic and the Premier League for Arsenal and West Ham United.

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John Hartson on Wenger: "He will walk away with his head held high because he's been great for Arsenal."
I did an interview with to preview v in the Would love a read/rt
News: Arsene Wenger must re-think his transfer policy fo... via
Arsene Wenger must re-think his transfer policy for Arsenal to compete again, says…
John Hartson: This is why Arsenal will not make offer for 26-year-old superstar
Arsene Wenger MUST sign world class players this summer if he stays on as boss, says former Gunners strike…
Why are all the old ex-Arsenal players so scared to criticise Wenger ? John Hartson just been on to do same 🤔
HITC: John Hartson has a solution for Rangers’ problems, gives transfer advice...
one of the best Celtic performances in my lifetime...What a goal from John Hartson ⚽🍀
John Hartson suggests players may have mocked Pedro Caixinha after strange quote
hello pal you not fancie the sportsman's dinner John hartson Friday 7th April
OTD: 14 years ago, Celtic defeated Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield thanks to goals from John Hartson and Alan Thompson.
Two terrific Celtic goals that night: a piledriver from John Hartson and a free-kick under the wall from Alan Thompson. We were well beaten!
'I feel a bit outnumbered!' - Proud Welshman John Hartson is named International Personality of the Year
🗓️ in 2003: Alan Thompson and John Hartson sealed the Hoops a semi-final spot in the UEFA Cup. http…
John Hartson: "I feel Arsene Wenger will walk away this season, irrespective of whether they finish in the top 4 or win the F…
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guys I've got an evening with John Hartson and Chris Sutton at Pavilion theatre glgw 15th May.. could we get them on show?
The Doors!. A more psychedelic Mellow Yellow by Donovan. John Hartson needs to forget about Beyonce and listen some proper tunes!
Someone at explain to me why you cannot find anybody better than John Hartson. Or Robbie Savage. Or Ian Wright..
A club's fans who wrote vile comments about John Hartson, Stilian Petrov and Jimmy Johnstone are demanding other fans show respect?
Slaven Bilic has turned down offers from Rio Ferdinand and John Hartson about becoming coaches at West Ham.
Someone like John Hartson who wanted Oli Burke to go to Burnley or Palace over Leipzig shouldn't be paid for his opinion
but it's not just him John Hartson too has no understanding of European football when he made comments about Burke
John Hartson wasnt the 1st Welsh player to hit Bobby Gould.
LOL when John Hartson and Chris Sutton go bankrupt again when they get their tax bill.
You mean to say you've never heard of the famous actors Neil Lennon, John Hartson, Martin O'Neill or Chris Sutton? htt…
Here's Wright, Piers Morgan, Martin Keown, Amy Lawrence (what a voice!) and John Hartson talking about Wenger
Penalty all day Thomas. Howard Webb backed up John Hartson. Dallas by name and nature 👊
I imagine John Hartson was being very sarchastic there. "My game today is Sunderland West Brom, so I'm hoping it's a classic".
John Hartson with the most optimistic comment ever ''I'm covering Sunderland vs West Brom so I am hoping it will be a classic''
John Hartson was never going to get his leg that high!
Thought there were two John Hartson's on the TV, turns out one of them was Kenny Cunningham!
John Hartson: "The man that Arsenal have to thank for the point tonight is Edinson Cavani."
John Hartson talking about Diego Costa & control etc here's Hartson in control, kicking a team mate in training https:…
You can always tell John Hartson. You just can't tell him anything. Worse than Chris Waddle, who has the excuse of being Makem
John Hartson watches the Champions league final here last night
'Only a fool would compare Oliver Burke to Gareth Bale' says John Hartson
MPS has blocked more people than Stan Collymore and John Hartson combined. Joke of a politician.
Best I can do is John Hartson, Martin Kemp and one of Negen's crew from The Walking Dead. Jealous of Jamaal following you lol
John Hartson is a former pro player, pro coach & a pro pundit & cannot see what position Griffiths is actually playing. 🙈
Wales at Euro 2016: Our journey is not over yet - John Hartson
true one's know the hurt of speedy and giggs with big John Hartson up top
Sat in a bar with shearer, savage Saunders and John Hartson
Hey bet Dean Saunders and John Hartson are jumping higher than you tonight
John Hartson and dean Saunders are loving this tournament. Definitive example of high demand and low supply.
Arsenal transfer news: Gunners need defender in John Terry mould says John Hartson...
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I hope the lads stay together John Hartson's words are true! if some go ok as lost Esteban Cambiasso last year
John Hartson also believes he can fly.
Champions Leicester's team will stay together next season to "do something special", says Former Wales striker John Hartson.
John Hartson just said Artur Boruc is world class.
bloody John Hartson did the same to me. Despicable conduct.
Can't believe John Hartson still follows me on this 🙈
my favourite would be lee Lawrence = John hartson...
Factually incorrect as well. John Hartson kicked Eyal Berkovic in the head, not Yossi Benayoun.
Well done First to find John HARTSON in our Arsenal
Labour member mixes up Israeli soccer players, erroneously claiming John Hartson kicked Benayoun and not Berkovic
John Hartson's headkick on Eyal Berkovic has to be included on this list!
Do you have to keep dragging up these horrors from the past, most of us had forgotten about John Hartson.
Amidst tirade, Labour cllr. says John Hartson kicked Yossi Benayoun and not Eyal Berkovic
Is Labour doing enough to distance itself from John Hartson?
John Hartson kicked Eyel Berkovic not Yossi Benayoun. Anti Semitic and thick. Even his insults don't make sense
The Cllr guy gets Benayoun mixed up with Eyal Berkovic too because he thinks Yossi was kicked in the head by Fat John Hartson.
Yes so I hear. John Hartson/Chris Sutton etc Even big Pistol Pete ;) As well as Stevie bhoy Thompson
When Sutton or Hartson are next on radio fone in's ask them did they go bankrupt to void paying ;)
John Hartson defo one of the nicest men in football absolute gentleman met him a few times
delighted to have been invited back to this event in Scotland next year, alongside John Hartson
John Hartson is about as much Arsenal as I am Welsh
Mate. John Hartson is considered a great football mind in Wales. Shambles
Love John Hartson well said big man
HT at St James' Park. . 0-0 Half-time analysis from John Hartson & Kenny Cunningham next on Setanta 1!
Olivier Giroud is the worst striker to ever lead the Arsenal line. Worse than Francis Jeffers even, even John Hartson
stokes more of a John Hartson and root Francis Jeffers!
Another excellent John Hartson column today Why Alan Stubbs should be next Celtic manager.
BBC pundits Jermaine Jenas, Pat Nevin, John Hartson and Chris Sutton all believe West Ham will claim the final UCL spot this season!
Match of the Day pundits John Hartson, Jermaine Jenas, Chris Sutton and Pat Nevin have backed West Ham to finish in a champions league place
Chris Sutton and John Hartson are just full of pish😂
does 7 arrest make it officially a riot ? Didn't quite make the back pages I don't think. . Might ask John hartson 👍
Great photo of Swansea boy and big swans fan John Hartson
I just have visions of a pissup with John Hartson, Gordon Strachan and Packie Bonner.
John hartson and mark Lawrence embarrassed themselves on Sunday night. Benteke a penalty ? Learn the game guys ! Cheating !
And John Hartson wants him as next Celtic manager
John hartson just said pelanty on motd2.
I guess you played more games than Jamie Carragher, Gary Lineker, John Hartson. All 3 are embarrassment 2 football?
He'll need to keep working hard because he's the type who's got a bit of an *** on him. (John Hartson on Scott McDonald)
Of course they do Steve but when John Hartson [hates diving], Henry etc say it was a pen…hmmm
And congratulations to John Hartson! Winner of tix to see Garth Brooks in Ottawa!
Carragher, Henry, John Hartson, Mark Lawrenson and now former referees Graham Poll and Howard Webb all say penalty. Why's there a debate?
hw much did he cost aswell a heard John Hartson say less than half a million is that true ifso wot a bargain has to be. P.O.Y.
John Hartson,Lineker,Mark Lawro,Carra all Pro footballers said it was a pen. Cross pro erm erm said it wasn't
John Hartson thought it was a 'Pelanty' and that's good enough for me thanks
john Hartson and lawrenson did on motd2 last night
Hartson is a closet Red. No contact, if there was any, it wouldn't stun a moth
as did Thierry Henry and John Hartson on their respective programmes
John Hartson on Van Gaal: 'He talks in complete riddles and says a lot without actually saying anything'. Spot on.
Watched MOTD. And if john hartson says it a pen then it was a pen. End of
where's John hartson when you need him.
John Hartson loves to say pelanty instead of penalty.
never a penalty but as john Hartson would say there was contact. At least make and female refs are equally as bad
John Hartson isn't half putting emphasis on his welsh accent, brutal to listen to
A there something 'wrong' with John Hartson?
Big fan of MOTD's analysis of the penalty. Shout out to John Hartson.
What's the point having poor old John Hartson & Mark Lawrenson on 'the mark chapman show' aka
..John Hartson saying it how it is on MOTD..on Van Gaal..'He talks a lot without actually saying anything'..well said
Listen to John Hartson after his criticism of Moses last year...
was John Hartson a diver? Lawro? Diving should be removed but it can be contentious
John Hartson says a penalty yet called Moses a cheat when there was contact.
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That slot on John Hartson's head is where Mark Lawrenson puts 50p in to wake him up every 15 minutes.
I'll be nice and say that even though John Hartson talks some drivel,at least he's still around with us to talk it, Which didn't look likely
John Hartson - ''Try playing for West Ham when things are going bad'' 😂😂😂
I know you shouldn't judge people on looks but that John Hartson's an ugly ***
just seen that, they have had an absolute nightmare. John Hartson needs a word with himself.
Usually like John Hartson but defending Mata's first card as 'taking one for the team' is ridiculous. It's unsportsmanlike conduct so yellow
The beauty of Sky+ is that you can fast forward when John Hartson opens his mouth on
I can understand why Lawrenson hates us but didn't have John Hartson down as an ABU too.
John Hartson on Still can't believe he blocked me over this. Used to dish out pile drivers every week he did
Did Mark Chapman and John Hartson double team Lawro's wife or something? Bloke's well bitter
John Hartson should be on MOTD every week. Accent. 😍😍😍
Mark Lawrenson is an absolute bellend, talks rubbish. Wish John Hartson would ping him!
John Hartson is without doubt one of the worst pundits I've ever seen or heard on the BBC. How on earth does he get on He's terrible.
Big John Hartson is a big fan of the big lads.
John Hartson diagnosed the same day as me and given all clear near same time 👍🏻👍🏻
Andy Walker, John Hartson and Chris Sutton are so knowledgeable why aren't they managers. Look at Gary Nevile good pundit but ?
John Cross: Cech is still better than Courtois: Mark Chapman is joined by John Hartson, Neil Warnock and the D...
No matter how long it takes, John Hartson says Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins will appoint the right manager…
Weekend Preview: George Riley is joined by John Hartson, Jason Roberts and The Times’ Rory S...
John Hartson calling Javier Hernandez "Chikorita" is an all time great radio moment
John Hartson and Mark Sampson adding a bit of spice to an FA Cup replay on a Tuesday night.
John Hartson and Mark Sampson should be given five year bans from sport.
John Hartson grabbing the balls next to Mark Sampson. I had a wee next to him on Friday night!
John Hartson and Mark Sampson will be making the draw. And here we go...
Former Wales and Arsenal striker John Hartson and Mark Sampson England womens manager to do draw
It's on Mark Sampson and John Hartson now. Your dreams, their balls.
Not long to go... the third round draw is coming up shortly. Mark Sampson and John Hartson will make the draw in Cardiff.
The draw is being done by Mark Sampson and John Hartson. In the rehearsal, County got Mark Hughes' Stoke City at Rodney Parade.
Chris Sutton, John Hartson and Stiliyan Petrov on BT Sport talking about Celtic, there's 3 players a wish were playing!!
John Hartson missing a penalty in the last minute of a cup final because he didn't have an EBT
Forced to listen to very biased BBC commentary today. Alan 'Kop' Green and John 'it was a shame Liverpool couldn't hang on' Hartson. Dear me
John Hartson sounds unbiased👍This shouldn't be noteworthy but where L'pool are concerned it's rare. A draw please.
John Hartson he's got a massive *** seen it for real when he played football wish I had a picture of his ***
"What happened to clean sheets?" asks John Hartson, despite the fact that in Liverpool's last league game they... kept a clean sheet.
John Hartson BBC: "not a team in the world that can press like this for 90 minutes. They need goals to show for all that effort ultimately."
Top commentary from John Hartson on "it's always helpful when you score first..." You can't teach that piercing insight
John Hartson seems to be the only man on earth who "can't believe" Villa sacked Tim Sherwood
Whats John Hartson all about with these stupid videos?
met this bloke I said are you John Hartson? He said I am mate & we shook hands.
bestone: Football Focus presenter Dan Walker is joined by Jermaine Jenas and John Hartson to look ahead to Sun...
have a watch. The one with John hartson is the best lol pre match and the reaction, how John didn't drop the nut on him 🙈
Does John Hartson still reckon Chelsea will finish top 4?
John Hartson (who I admire) referred to Diago Costa as a warrior, Really?? real warriors and heroes!
Am I playing too much Saw John Hartson on Football Focus and thought it was ...! 🎮
Fought hard to forget that 'incident' when John Hartson played (brilliantly) for
Big thanks to my mate John Hartson for having my back on Football Focus today see you soon for a pint you sexy ginger jack ***
I like the way John Hartson says ridiculous. "Re *** a-lus"
Jamie Carragher and John Hartson predicts West Ham for a top 6 finish, not as optimistic, I reckon 7th/8th.
John Hartson (the man who booted Eyal Berkovic in the head) says he likes the way Diego Costa plays.
John hartson must look at his league appearances with disgust at it sitting on 399 should make 1 more just to get it to 400
was there too mate - John Hartson suspended & Marcus Bent chipped Lama. That game sticks out massively!
Rob Earnshaw and John Hartson scored in a 2-2 draw in 2003 in the first meeting between Wales & Bosnia…
John Hartson on ultra hd is absolutely awful. Please never subject us to him again. *** are you thinking
Just met John hartson .. You watching the rugby tomorrow ... No we have won the final !!
looks like a good Christmas Event with John Hartson
he comes across a real nice fella. had john hartson on our channel, he was a top fella. It must be the era
We are excited to announce we will be performing at the John Hartson Foundation ball 2015!! . This will be an...
Plus: Scoring against the most countries; fans supporting rivals (2); and did John Hartson really once steal a sheep? Send your questions a…
Just the start. Sutton, Hartson, Larsson and Hateley (he punched me but he didnt deserve THIS). Predictable.
According to Andy Farrell an England player couldn't tell the difference between a ball and a players head , didn't John Hartson do similar
I may look like Phil Collins, but Dave's going to end up looking like John Hartson - Google him if you don't know him.
Just heard the result.well done Wales, the likes of Ryan Giggs, John Hartson, Ian Rush et al must be proud of their footballers
Are the chariots still sweet? Lol. Go on John Hartson's country 😜
At this stage I think we might see John Hartson coming on at full back for Wales.
SIR John Hartson is what I dub thee. Irons legend is what he is.
Is there a worse summariser than John Hartson? He adds no value whatsoever, the BBC just pay him to state the bleeding obvious.
'Man Utd cruised to the top of the table.' Well said John Hartson.
Christ on a bike ... listening to John Hartson you'd think had just wiped out Barca and Bayern with 5 men! It's Sunderland FFS!!!
"Man Utd are cruising to the top of the Premier League" says John Hartson. lead Sunderland 2-0
Do your research John Hartson! Darmian's been playing at left back for a lot of the past year!
Manchester United and John Hartson in the same afternoon. What unbridled joy!
John Hartson on dressing room rammies at Arsenal and Celtic.
I swap you mate I have Tom hardy you can have John hartson of to see him tonight.hope your well mate
A Charity Day for The John Hartson Foundation Being held in Paddy Malarkys Bar New St Paisley from 2pm on sunday 27th sept
Evening guys hope you've all had a good Friday of to see John hartson tonight at sportsmanship dinner should be a few hotties about
4 weeks until our 5th Birthday Ball at There is still time to join for a great night!
it's lovely here today I'm working tomorrow probs have hangover to as going to sportsmanship dinner to see John hartson tonigh
Former Wales striker John Hartson on what has taken Chris Colemans team to the brink of qualifying for Euro 2016.
Had a fab night with Chris Sutton john hartson two cracking guys who spoke from the heart well in guys
Can't wait to see perform at JHF ball. Ticket details here
Watch John Hartson and The Call Centre's Nev battle it out in a bacon bap eating challenge
Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool reign defended with injuries and player sales blamed
Former Arsenal striker defends under-fire Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers: John Hartson has leapt to the def...
An evening wi Chris Sutton n (in aid of The Beatson Cancer Charity) at Dalziel Park tonight:
John Hartson n Chris Sutton have come to skate Deila
John Hartson is excelling himself with the amount of rubbish he's spewing now
John Hartson: 'Kris Commons must play more for
John Hartson: 'Kris Commons must play more for Celtic'
John Hartson says Kris Commons is in Ronny Deila’s blind spot
John Hartson asking what Jazz Richards offers going into the final stages of the game. Must've missed him setting up a late winner vs Cyprus
All purpose parts banner
Chris Sutton and John Hartson will join Darrell Currie pitchside in Malmö tonight. Chris then on gantry with me. Paul Dempsey reporting.
John Hartson tussling with Franco Baresi at Highbury in the first leg of the Super cup final Vs Milan.
John Hartson suggests Dejan Lovren was a very clever man earlier this week
The same John Hartson that 2x12 =36 and that Brendan Rogers is Everton manager
Martin McGuinness and ex-Celtic footballer John Hartson pay tribute to Derry GAA and Ballinderry forward Aaron Devlin
John Hartson reacts after a poor challenge from Eyal Berkovic whilst training at
bust ups ? who remembers John Hartson booting Eyal Berkovic in the head while training for west
A remorseful John Hartson has said that instead of volleying Eyal Berkovic in the head , he "Should of laid him off to Paul Kitson"
Gary Cornish is the lovechild of George Groves and John Hartson.
Howdy hargi, you don't have by chance a good hi res pic of the panel that John Hartson is on ?
As far as sporting bust ups go Eyal Berkovic and John Hartson on the training ground was a big one.
Celtic should forget fiasco over Nadir Ciftci - John Hartson...
John Hartson says this Swansea forward's fate is a 'terrible shame'...
“Norwich City are now selling XL shirts John Hartson signing imminent.
Sponsors Charity Event with Guest Speaker Ex Footballer John Hartson: Tickets and Flyers have all now been...
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John Hartson in whopper mode today, saying United never gave Moyes enough funds. What a moron.
Have you booked your tickets yet for very first ladies lunch on 6th September 2015 at more info@
BREAKING: John Hartson has BOOTED Eyal Berkovic in training. HUGE Bust-up at West Ham ht…
Remember when John Hartson volleyed Berkovics head? If you look closely he clearly plays the ball.
Maybe get some counter opinions from ex-United players? Sick of Sutton, Hartson etc.
and go bum john Hartson and Julian *** if you love them so much
John hartson and Martin kemp follow me 😀
the rest is history is a understatement big man🍀God bless John Hartson💚
Wales used to wear Kappa in the early 2000s, was always v tight on John Hartson! I admit to owning a few.
John Hartson says selling captain Ashley Williams to would be a big blow
harsh. Look up John Hartson and Eyal Berkovic and see what that "Celtic legend" did
Had a dream last night I was playing 5 a side with Robbie Savage, Kevin Nolan, Freddy Flintoff and John Hartson
Tomorrow Morning on the show 8.40am . Celtic Legend and Cancer survivor John Hartson
Stuart Broad is the worst number 9 to play in Wales since John Hartson.
John Hartson Foundation have booked their ladies lunch with us on 6th September. Have you booked your tickets...
It never harmed John Hartson or Joe Ledey's international career playing in Scotland. Strange Adam never mentioned this before
Chronicle Live: Adam Matthews' Sunderland move will boost his chances with Wales, says John Hartson
[Daily Mail] - John Hartson in line to replace Teddy Sheringham as West Ham forwards coach
Apparently John Hartson was at the One Direction gig when the Champions League final was on. Nonce.
John Hartson coming out of retirement for one last pop at the title...
you tout yourself more than John Hartson does for managers jobs!
Doing mexican waves with John Hartson at the One Direction show.
Thought I was watching John Hartson the day score for the Sons versus the Plough. Turns out it was just wee fat Chucky bro 👏
John Hartson has just gone down in my ranks, watching one direction over the champions league final
Me & John Hartson at a sports dinner in GLasgow. John gave a great speech on the power of his mindset .
you should get a job writing articles with John Hartson 😂😂
As an appetiser to let's again enjoy Big John Hartson nail the Football Quote of the Season.
I was sat next to John Hartson on the train and he's coming to the concert tonight as well!!- M
Arsenal legend John Hartson says that The Gunners need to sign this man to win the title... via
At a night with all in aid of the John Hartson Foundation
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Great night at the boxing got a win and met john hartson 😁👌🏻
Arsene Wenger will cost Arsenal the title if he doesn't sign this...
ICYMI... Time for Arsenal to use winger as a striker, urges John Hartson...
Don Hutchison reacts to Milner's Liverpool move, has message for ...:
John Hartson: 'Arsenal must seal Higuain transfer to win the Premier League; He’s the kind of big name player.'
Exclusive - Arsenal must 'shock the world' and bid for Gareth Bale, says John Hartson
Ex-Gunner: I don't know what long term plan is for Arsenal midfielder
John Hartson: I don't know what the long term plan is for Francis Coquelin
can John Hartson enlighten us what a pelanty is ?
John Hartson v Roy Kean in a fight - Tasty!!!
John Hartson sounded a bit excited down the phone!!!
John Hartson on talk sport trying to tell me Suarez has struggled. 25 goals 19 assists lol
They've got an absolute bundance of midfield talent (© John Hartson)
[News] Former Arsenal striker John Hartson believes that his old club should sign goalkeeper Petr Cech from Chelsea.
John Hartson: What impressed me most about Arsenal last night
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
What did you make of Arsenal's performance against Hull?
who with?? John Hartson was in the a Premier Lounge. He wanted his picture taken with me!
Met John Hartson tonight,the story he told was inspirational and makes you realise health is the most important thing
As if John Hartson is in Hastings pub tho
Here here John Hartson. Truly hope all goes well
John Hartson in talking sense shocker.
This month's BIG interview is with none other than former Hammer John Hartson, and he holds nothing back!
An eventful tour,Weymouth the boys met John Hartson no trophys but great weekend thanks Nick Payne Brian Harding ..
John Hartson' goal against Liverpool in the Europa league quarter final 👀
"If only I’d got them looked at earlier, things would've been so different." John Hartson on his cancer battle:
John Hartson: 'Kicking West Ham teammate was worst thing I ever did' - HITC
John Hartson full of praise for Swansea City boss Garry Monk
Has John Hartson congratulated Ronny & the bhoys yet? Can't ask him becos he's blocked me! 😱
The does great work to raise funds for cancer related organisations. John Hartson tells us all about it:
Ex-Celtic star John Hartson blasts clueless boss Ronny Deila: You are the laughing stock of Scottish football
Marvin Emnes just won that pelanty for Swansea, John Hartson has told 5 Live listeners. It's catching.
John Hartson says he 'was a drinker, a s*er and a gambler' before his...
John Hartson is on Talksport this morning, the man musn't sleep!!
John Hartson Foundation Golf Day 2014. Less than three weeks to this years event
John Hartson public speaking has made me re-evaluate me look in life - class
When the welsh woman speaks I just think of John Hartson. Sorry hen.
Only striker I've ever got close to in my footballing career is John Hartson
John Hartson: Theo Walcott should stay loyal to Arsenal, reject ...
interesting idea, exploring the concept of a one-club player with the well-travelled John Hartson.
Great to hear Big John Hartson great Luton player
Great to hear John Hartson on a Luton Legend!
Tomorrow has potential to be decent, supping with John Hartson on my birthday
John Hartson on 5Live: 'Wales are running amok here. Running an absolute mok'
John Hartson: Theo Walcott should REJECT Liverpool and remain LOYAL to Arsenal [ad_1]. Former Arsenal striker Joh
Honorary mentions to John Hartson and Marlon Harewood - I was only a year old when Trev retired :-)
“Big John Hartson and Eyal Berkovic 17 years on! Berkovic looks . Slim!
Seventeen years after THAT kick... Hartson and Berkovic bump into each other in Israel
get John hartson give the man a chance its about time to get the club back on track
A REMINDER:. John Hartson ( ) smashed home for Wales in a 4-0 win at home to Azerbaijan in 2003.
Classic from John Hartson - "Wales running amok here, running an absolute mok"
John Hartson: "When Gareth Bale is in that form, he is unplayable."
John Hartson: "The way Bale is being treated by their fans is wrong. They don't want to force him out of Spain." http:/…
Former Wales striker John Hartson has warned Real Madrid they can't afford to force Gareth Bale out.
John Hartson: "Bale is vitally important to Wales, and he's loved and he's appreciated."
John Hartson: "Wales have had great players, such as Giggs, Rush and Hughes, iconic players. Bale is that and more." ht…
If anyone is a neighbour of Chris Sutton or John Hartson can they check that their milk & papers are not left on the doo…
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