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John Hamm

John Frederick Hamm, (born April 8, 1938) is a Canadian physician and politician and was the 25th Premier of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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I'm really drawn to John Hamm. Not even in a sexual way, he just seems like a very calming and comforting presence.
John Hamm elevates the role of Don Draper so much.
John Hamm? 🤔 Oh wow...yeah, that def. would have worked!
Waynesville has a surprising amount of sex offenders
Also literally as I sent my response, an H&R block commercial with John Hamm started
If you're looking for a job dm me, we're hiring at the theater.
Black Mirror is wild bc they made John Hamm staring at an egg genuinely horrifying
Screw John Hamm. TurboTax over H&R Block any day of the week and THRICE on Sundays.
Loved . was so good in it. Also John Hamm. Will be one of those films I will go ba…
John Hamm looks like he always has coffee breath.
John Hamm in Black Mirror makes me feel like Don Draper is giving me dating advice
Anybody ever tell you that you look like John Hamm?
Pls keep me in ur thoughts, am on day 3 of having to pretend I'm Straight. Last night I had to convincingly seem li…
Only just managed to sit down and watch in Hong Kong... and John Hamm are perfect together. Funniest one yet 😂 😂
NIsh Kumar is not played by John Hamm.
| NEWS | August 1, 2011, John Carlson participated in the 4th Annual. Mia Hamm and Nomar
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panel: Devin Nunes facing obstruction indictment for using his House intel position to derail Mueller. Watergate wh…
JK Rowling, Oprah, KFC, John Hamm... the list goes on. We can't all be Taylor Swifts.
Is there enough make up that can make John Hamm look like Bill?
Not really an age thing, it's a classic. It's the charmingly named product called hair grease. Like…
That John Hamm is one handsome devil. Even I blush at him. He a good lookin man, baby girl.
Out and in. And I've only watched the John Hamm one.
I'll watch anything John Hamm stars in.
Favorite Black Mirror so far is the one with John Hamm... because JOHN HAMM 😍
Ok Black Mirror. Uhh, Crocodile is something else. Some Cormac Mccarthy stuff right there. And wow, Black Museum. B…
I don't care about Rick Blaine or John McClain or Chief Brody or half the schmoes in my favorite films. But I LOVE to watch them strive.
Overall is definitely my favorite, plus I love John Hamm. But I still gotta peep season 4
How much money are they paying John Hamm for these H&R Block commercials? How dreadful.
Rest is important! And that’s a good choice. White Christmas is a solid John Hamm vehicle but that…
Who needs a picture of themselves when you can be John Hamm laughing at an egg. God I wish I had his hair
OK, so I'm a bit behind on but regarding replacing Affleck for Batm…
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All I gotta say is John Hamm better be in this too 😍 SO excited for this selection for Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
Yeah if they're sticking with the older Batman, John Hamm is my pi…
3/ FIRE AND FURY ends the illusion that Trump cared about those he claimed to care about during the campaign. You can say…
John Hamm was a great old school villain. Man just didn’t die. 7/10 movie.
White Christmas deserves number one cuz it’s trippy and John Hamm is 👅
Made CA a leader in green energy, our fastest growing job sector. Gave the nation a model to end gerrymandering. Historic infras…
Have you seen the Christmas episode with John Hamm Colin?
White Christmas is my favorite just because of John Hamm.
The screenwriters who have inspired me:. Nora Ephron . . Kevin Williamson. Christopher Nolan. Paul Dini. Sa…
John hamm and you would be in the episode, or John hamm would be in the episode and you?
I too had a dream I was shagging Michael and John Hamm, just not at the same time...
Now John Hamm does odd commercials in US!
Watching Mad Men a second time just for John Hamm 😻😻😻
had a phat dream that I was in a polygamous relationship with my boyfriend and also john hamm
Bye bye John Hamm. Welcome Chris Martin. Who’s the next one? 😹🍿
PageSix says that John Hamm and Dakota Johnson are seeing each other. .
Austin keeps making John Hamm puns and I'm done
Check out an excerpt of Boba Fett story You can even listen to John Hamm's narration. https…
The great John Ramm and the great John Hamm are as different as from each other as a banana is from the great Larry Lamb.
Listen, if a John Hamm batman and Brian Cranston joker doesn't excite you, then idk what will.
Timothy Spall as Kant. John Hamm as Locke. Pete Postlethwaite as Dewey. Ian McKellen as Russell.
Ok I went and saw Baby Driver again yesterday with Jamie Fox and Kevin Spacey and John Hamm and…
I saw a man today that looked like a blend of John Hamm & Prince Erik from The Little Mermaid. Needless to say he was gorgeous lol 😌
Hi, Can I ask about Eiza's role in the film? Is her role as big as John Hamm?
Today I dramatically left a group chat after my sister mistook a photo of John Hamm for Sean Astin
It's nice to see John Hamm working again but H&R Block? Why nots Hamm's From the Land of Sky Blue Watwres?
the playbill lists John Hamm and John Slattery as the understudies.
John Hamm! He was in the minions movie. Jared Padelecki maintains his edge fifteen years on.
just seen a really young John Hamm on Gilmore Girls.. bloody *** not even attractive as a young man
check out two amazing amateur fighters Chris McMillan and John Hamm...
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This better be John Hamm in front of me.
John Hamm is a unique choice doesn't seem like a gifted scientist but I like your choice it's original
Loved 'Sheppey'. Fabulous production featuring a brilliant performance by John Hamm and great support from a superb cast.
Where all the dangerous people and John Hamm are red? Yeah, lemme know that hack please.
Opening night for 7th/8th grade play. Very impressive. Nathaniel Doty is the next John Hamm. Incredibly talented kid.
finally found that third person for yours and John Hamm' s threesome? :P
Donald Trump isn't Hitler, Mussolini, or even Putin. He’s Trump; but that, in itself, presents a real danger.
It's a "mad" world.queen of the office. . John Hamm. Mad Men! Wax museum. . Naturally I thought…
Saw John Hamm, I think he followed me to Toronto. I don't mind. My life is complete.
Well, he may not actually be an 80s era Saxophone figure. Turns out it is John Hamm doing Saxophone Reenactment. Sacrè Blue!
John Hamm actually ... its in the article
thanks for making me think of the John Hamm episode of 30 Rock
Black Mirror with John Hamm? Mm. Yes. More. Up with this sort of thing.
Excerpted from various wiki links: Kevin John Cramer (born January 21, 1961) is an American politician who has...
I liked Nosedive, Be Right Back, the one with John Hamm.
A photo realistic John Hamm walks across hot coals, he's surrounded by horse heads and scissors. He wears only a watch. DEATH STRANDING
What did that make John Hughes' shame in SIXTEEN CANDLES? I will not type the name. You know him. Which was he?
You only have to remember that John Hamm is an actor and you should be all set!
nytimesarts: John Early is back with “Showgasm.” (And yes, so is Hamm Samwich.) A guide to comedy in NYC: …
The rumoured lead for the TV show is insulting. Black Bolt deserves better! Black Bolt deserves John Hamm!
If you are a rich guy having such trouble finding a partner you've signed up for this I'm guessing you don't look like John Hamm
John Judis on what's amiss in the heart of Trump country
I should have known you'd have seen the series... Paul Rudd AND John Hamm ✨. WHAS the film is very very good too 😊
have you seen the one with John Hamm yet?
John Hamm on Gilmore Girls how did I miss this???
John Hamm not just known for his good looks.
my fan cast is john Hamm, think he'd be a great dent
also the Christmas one with John Hamm ?
I'll take him and you can have John Hamm.
As an almost lawyer I have real problems with the John Hamm episode.
John Hamm perpetually plays a guy who's ripped away from Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute.
I love a good john hamm morning greeting
John Hamm Jr... classy and well informed individual.
John Hamm Jr. says:. Me: I'm not a racist. Inner me: Let it show. Let it show. Let it show.
watch the episode in season 3 with John Hamm. Best episode
Wish my 5 o'clock stubble made me look like John Hamm does.
This is the UPS guy I had a crush on since before I met my husband. Looks like John Hamm meets Mike Rowe. Like, that's not cheating right? 😂
I hope John Hamm plays me so he has to wear Cubs gear.
Wo, young John Hamm in Gilmore Girls (introduced through some excellent barwingmanning).
So much class! (And a pair of killer shoes). John Hamm. gqaustralia's man of the year. Happy…
John Hamm Life Size Cutout. buy now . $34.97. This Stand up Cut Out is a must for any fan! All our ...…
It was amazing. Does any episode beat the one with John Hamm in it though? Sci Fi Brilliance
Finally got Sundays free. Gonna go h.a.m. on some brunch.John Hamm
WH returning to Mad Men era? That sounds great John Hamm would be great for a cabinet position.Very top shelf
He'd have been my favourite, John Hamm looks a lot like Negan in the face and Ray Stevenson is just awesome
Hamilton Collection
Don Draper, handsome as always, sorry John Hamm pala. Isla Fischer funny as well.
Kevin Bacon, Sean Bean, Hallie Berry, John Hamm, that would be handy for next weeks' shop thanks
Don Draper! Don Draper! Don Draper! The dapper John Hamm graces the stage at
Maybe if we took some good shots we wouldn't be getting out *** kicked by the bench
Is John Hamm involved in your six man tag match to save the Human Fish? No? Then your talk show is BS! All hail
Watch me beat up John Hamm w/ for So much fun to take part of this.
Jon Hamm returns to TV to wrestle and
if you think the Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals.
CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT: . I would let John Hamm make out with me.
WATCH Matthew and hilarious failed audition http…
WATCH Matthew and hilarious failed audition
thanks so much to former Premier John Hamm & our Leader of the Opposition for speaking to us today about political engagement!
WATCH Matthew and hilarious failed auditions htt…
WATCH Matthew and hilarious failed auditions
Former Premier of NS John Hamm speaks to Canadian history about the importance of civic engagement. Thanks Dr. Hamm
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
oh Hollywood is "freaking" about Box office numbers? Make a live action Buzz Lightyear movie staring John Hamm. there. that should fix it.
John Hamm would go well in that cast on the same side as Oscar Issac imo
omg Joe Buck hangs out with John Hamm? How do I nuzzle my way into this friendship.
95% chance Bryan wrote this just to talk to Paul Rudd and John Hamm (it's good. Read it)
My bartender looks like John Hamm. It's not him, I confirmed, but it's absolutely uncanny.
I didn't know that. What about John Hamm as Bond!
Oooo. I didn't know. The Black Mirror Christmas episode with John Hamm was brutally wonderful.
tj I'm trying to get the attention of John hamm. That's who rob lie field wants as cable. I'm gunna try for him
Oh great. Here come all the those Warriors fans who can't tell you who Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin are.
Well if the Cavs hung in there last year without Kyrie and Love then we're looking good this year
Another thing I love. Those pictures of John Hamm online. You know which ones I mean, don't pretend you don't.
John Hamm shops at Franklin Gelson's. Colin Farrell goes to Lassens on Hillhurst. I didn't see anyone else of note in ur hood
John Hamm is the funniest and talented actor I swear.
John Hamm should stop trying to be funny, it just doesn't work imo
I am the probably the last person in the world hip to "Jon Hamm's John Ham" thank you
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What the heck did they do to John Hamm in ??!! Cannot unsee! Well its a show Tina fey made.. So yeah..
I'm like the John Hamm of discount fruit.
LAFC to set up a girls academy? That appears to be in the plans via
LAFC girls academy: "important piece of our future plans"
LAFC's John Thorrington: Girls academy "important piece of our future plans"
"Q. and A. With Ellie Kemper: Talking Kimmy Schmidt, Jon Hamm and Tarantulas" by KATHRYN SHATTUCK via NYT
Class all around - it was great to hear reminisce about John Hamm & George Moody
What is John Hamm doing these days then?? Will be hard to shake off that strong character
“And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”. 1 John 4:21
Only started watching Mad Men (I know, *** right?) and I've already fallen in love with John Hamm.
Dream list for a Kingdom Come movie... Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill for Batman and The Joker.. John Hamm for...
Why did I just find out what John Roberts face looks like? He's a funny John Hamm look alike, slay.
Woken up by a headache and ended up browsing thru this tumblr account named John Hamm's Wang.
And yet, no one asks George Clooney, James Woods, Christopher Walken, John Hamm to justify not having kids.
no and that *** and will tell you get a Wahlburgers in St. Louis. Do it for John Hamm, John Goodman, Kevin Kline, Joe Buck
"Scandal" does damage control when John Hamm's wife finds out about the Enchanted Forest.
John Elway led the a Yankees single a team in all offensive stats during summer of 83'. He was also drafted 6 spot before Tony Gywnn.
will be the first Star Wars movie not scored by John Williams:
he was rumoured for ages along with John Hamm nothing ever confirmed I don't think
Thank you . "new resource for fresh, organic veggies & fruit! ...pic of the owners John and Rob!"
its got john hamm in it and its VERY good
that's cool! Baby steps! John Hamm became a star late and with baby steps 😉
Also, he got a John Hamm haircut. Also good for him!
John, I just followed you. Follow me back. Nice steak. . Hmm here looks like rain hamm. This is Nino by the way
John Hamm had a theory as to why we like minions. They look like pills. Xanax
.talks about his love for John Hamm & childbirth. . Oh, and S2:
Man can't wait for with the cameos of John Hamm, Kevin Bacon and Meat Loaf
been thinking about this since I posted it. I would watch a show where John Krasinski and Jon Hamm play lovers all day.
That's from Paper Swordsmen by John Hamm. One of the better books on the history of martial arts.
So John Henson blocks Matt Barnes, taunts in his face. Both get ejected, Barnes chases after Henson...SERIOUSLY.
I would actually pay attention to politics if John Hamm was prez.
John Candy embarrasses John Hamm, 131-11, and moves on w/the Jamaican bobsled team to take on Friday Night Lights or SpaceJam
“I’m a member of a team, I rely on it, I defer to it, sacrifice for it. The team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.…
I wonder if Donald Trump would let me spray paint John 3:16 in Spanish on the *** side of the wall. hamm
Three. John Hamm. Funny story bout john Hamm and me on a train with a drunk *** guy. Long story, I'm ranting.
Apparently Jamie Foxx, John Hamm and Kevin Spacey are filming a movie next to my job
Saturday Night Live treats us to some failed celebrity auditions for Star Wars
the crazy thing is that the first time I watched that ep is that he was NO ONE to me, and the 5th time he's JOHN HAMM.
I want John Hamm to cook me roast potatoes
Dear John Hamm, if you do in fact live at NBC, you are more than welcome to live in my bed.
I demand an explanation as to why John Hamm pops up in every comedy show. I'm not complaining cause 😍. John... Do you live at NBC studios?
I think I love John Oliver nearly as much as Deborah loves Jon Hamm
Bed before 11, and cake shakes from heaven, likes on my Instagram and shirtless John Hamm, these are a few of my favorite things.
for a voice for the bracket you should get John Hamm. What's he been doing since Mad Men?
you should have gone with John Hamm.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Carrier "manager" John Hamm is consistently delivering on time.
Actor Jon Hamm in 1988 in his football gear at John Burroughs School via /r/
John Hamm came to ourafter party with , and
John Hamm was also mentioned by a number of folk. Could see that working.
I dreamed about John Hamm so now my life is complete 👌🏼
..that the makers of and John Hamm had intended to suggest that my theory was what had happened but wanted the viewer to choose...
you are John Hamm in the Christmas episode of Black Mirror
Sometimes I think John Hamm is sexy, but then I think about the faces he made in the bridesmaids and he's ruined
John Hamm and his attributes agree.
John Hamm ,really? How can anyone find this man attractive?
UGH, I know. It sold out at SF Sketchfest in five seconds. Guest John Hamm.:/
More importantly, happy birthday John Hamm. I'm still just as attracted to you as I was when I was just a lowly 8th grader with braces ☝🏼️
Did you know best actor winner John Hamm does a mean Aussie accent? Check it out on tonight. https…
Do your soul a favor, watch on Netflix. Just watched John Early and Kate Berlant's episodes and WOW! https:/…
When you invite John D Rockefeller over for thanksgiving
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Police officers saw Rakeem Jones get punched and did not go after John McGraw, the man who assaulted Jones.
Jake Tapper is the John Hamm of cable news
“Ha, yeah. Wow. Now that I’ve seen it I agree completely.” - Bradford on if Peterson looks like an aging John Hamm.
Thanks Sam. Gray & gloomy here. Rainbow Row is the perfect pick-me-up (besides John Hamm & Gerard ofc)
she does date Sudekis, Matt Damon, John Hamm and James Marsden tho so they're having it both ways
I just woke up from a dream that was about taking a selfie with John Hamm & 👍🏻
I love Greg. Paul F. Tompkins, John Hamm, Janet Varney, Todd Glass. You are right, no bad ones.
Call me John Hamm cause I'm going in
Awww! Jenna Fischer reveals the secret to her chemistry with John Krasinski on The Office:
Only names I recognize from the CareerBuilder Pro-am are John Hamm and Robbie Gould. Lot of people w/ famous last names and "III's"
Interesting Palm Springs pro-am partner for Franki. John Hamm. Could it be Don Draper? (Jon Hamm). We will see!
No one watched First Day Camp w. Jon Hamm and John Slattery.. That looked jokey too
John Hamm might work - honestly I'm just happy we're at the point where it's plausible to dream-cast the part of... https:…
still powering through the episodes, now on ep 40 and missing Jun-Pei and Darkblade. How was there NOT a John Hamm-hands joke..
Idk what "A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories" is about, but it had John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe and that's enough for me.
For a second you looked liked John Hamm
not everyone from St Louis is extremely racist. John Goodman, Jon Hamm, Dan O'Bannon, Vincent Price, and Nelly aren't racist
"saw John Hamm at the Vancouver Olympics. He was eating pizza." -Dan. "Great story, Dan." - Jay 😂😂
I sure hope John Hamm had a nice day.
Did you know? . John Hamm does not actually live in modern day. Movies/TV are only able to contact him across time.
Where's John Thomas when you need him???
Pederson looks like a combination of John Hamm from Mad Men and Taylor Hicks the former American Idol winner.
Doug Pederson looks like John Hamm's older brother
White Christmas is WAY too high I don't care how big John Hamm's *** is.
Is it just me or does my uncle (on the right) look just like Don Draper aka John Hamm
Not going to lie though, John Hamm is a handsome guy! 👌🏽
Aw John Hamm is talking to Lorelai about about David Bowie. :(
Holy crap John Hamm is on this episode of Gilmore Girls.
Can't believe the eagles hired John Hamm
I have officially climbed aboard the Mad Men bandwagon. John Hamm is the man.
Hammilton - a musical about the life and times of John Hamm
note to self: CV cover letters with either Jon Hamm or John Mullaney scent are acceptable to Jill.
It's a pretty dark drama show. John Hamm was in an episode.
John Hamm blew up later but he's on tv so maybe that's different.
When your ex fancies John Hamm and you know nothing was really your fault. . Oh it was daddy issues all along! ( slaps head)
If they ever make a film about the Earl Of Sandwich they should cast BRIE Larson and John HAMM
Jan17.2009. 7 years ago today,. Conor McGregor attended UFC 93 in Dublin, Ireland. & decided to become a UFC Fighter h…
the one with Emma Stone was up John HAMM (Season 36?)
Probably gonna start Black Mirror soon. It's like Twilight Zone but modern. John Hamm and Hayley Atwell were in it too.
Even after watching Ip Man immediately prior, John Hamm and 's Wet Hot American Summer fight scene is gloriously intense.
I just woke up from a dream where John Hamm, Mindy Kaling, and I were being chased by the twins from the Shining
Dude! Are you John Krasinski and Jon Hamm's love child?!?!
this is a great picture of you and a great picture of you as performed by John Hamm
This is what a baby spider monkey looks like
word, well enjoy. There is also a Christmas special on YouTube with John Hamm, and yes he goes Don Draper in it-crazy
All purpose parts banner
Miss when he was out there hawking Jon Hamm's John Ham
Watch Mad Men, John Hamm starred in it 😏 (the reverend in Kimmy Schmidt)
Is John Hamm gonna be Alec Baldwin in 10 yrs?
The main character's voice in Fallout 4 sounds a lot like John Hamm
John Hamm and also John Hamms mental face and hair.
man, high key i heard 30 is the new 20, it's wild; John Hamm same thing but he was 30-31.
I haven't seen Mad Men but I heard a lot of good things everybody tells me about John Hamm and January Jones characters
So happy to hear John Hamm and Maura Tierney and Kate Winslet have won Golden Globes. 👏
Rob Lowe. Aziz Ansari. Jason Schwartzman. Andy Samberg. John Hamm. People I've seen on the Golden Globes who have been on Parks
2016 with Mad Men's Don Draper! Kicking off the New Year strong with John Hamm! by b…
Me I was happy in 1917 when I was Elijah Wood. - John Hamm
Toast of London returns with Brian Blessed and John Hamm entering the awful actor's life
John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe in one show?? Is this real life 😍
fitting it's John Hamm a fan enjoying the Cubs being swept.
John Hamm I don't really want to have kids but I'm willing to negotiate
Dear John Hamm can we date and then you pay my student loans off?
Business idea: Pumpkin Spiced pictures of John Hamm. Comes in a rose-gold frame.
Daniel Radcliffe/John Hamm make amazing young/older versions of each other, and there was a pleasing amount of medical gore.
I'm taking notes on Sucker Punch for the podcast and it just turned into an all-caps mess when I discovered John Hamm is in it.
Wouldn't Jon Hamm be awesome as Bond? I bet would agree too! Make it a serious/John le Carre-style
why not he's a real celebrity like John Hamm for STL? No clue who that chick they listed is
I passed John Hamm on the street and almost choked on my gum. The end.
Thanks to I've got John Prine's Dear Abby in my head so: singing, the cats are yowling & the neighbors are banging on the wall.
Jon Hamm in his football gear during his senior year at the John Burroughs School, 1989.
If really is getting the Fantastic Four back please cast John Hamm as Reed Richards!
PS this guy was the John Hamm guy so... Guys.
John Hamm is gonna be on SpongeBob as "Don Grouper" 👍😂
I know john Hamm is great, I know that they get drunk at work, I know that the set design is impeccable, but you must resist
I found a show with both John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe. Goodbye world.
John Hamm is a cards fan. Prolly a better pick than Karlie Kloss.
The Texas pitcher looks like evil John Hamm.
PIO for ATF John Hamm says all tenants accounted for, but bldg had problems with homeless people, reason for cadaver dogs
*repeats under breath as I fall asleep*. Michael Fassbender is not John Hamm
"Hi, I'm John Hamm's voice and you just bought a Mercedes Benz without thinking about it."
Dexter got elected by invoking John Hamm's name more than Tommy Douglas. Maybe Mulcair should try that in NS.
I know I'm late, but...John Hamm. . aka Don Draper
At least john hamm just showed up in Gilmore Girls i sorta cant breathe but yknow
Good thing doesn't run for acting cuz John Hamm would be out of work.
No matter what just happened, don't ever forget; Jon Hamm > john cusack
John hamm. Matt bomer. I agree with Tom Hardy.
Final DVD of MadMen arrives next week - rewatching part 1 series 7 - John Hamm at his dramatic best
Movie idea: A sequel to Being John Malkovich, with Jon Hamm instead.
cast John Hamm as love interest. Done.
and finally being caressed whilst enjoying a sponge bath from (in your case) john hamm and me? Why if it isnt the miranda kerr
So John Hamm just turned up in 30 Rock and this box set just got even better 😍
John Hamm is the most handsome dork on the planet
Congratulations to McNairy Central golfers John Hunter Powers & Emily Hamm on and advancing to the individual state tourn…
Does John Hamm know how good he looks?
John Hamm with a brief but stirring performance as Keli McGreggor
The amount of times I randomly think to myself Jon Hamm's john ham is just disturbing
Ohlendorf looks a lot like John Hamm.
Everybody already has in mind who they want for the next suave dude to play Mr. Bond. John Hamm is my top pick. Time for a new Bond.
Cardinals have John Hamm, Nelly and Sammy Hagar, Cubs have Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray and Bartman
I'm on season 3 but I've got to say, the little girl in in Mad Men looks spot on like she could be John Hamm's daughter. Great casting.
Wave John Hamm in the air like you just don't care.
John Hamm was in my dream. I was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, and he was pouring me a Diet Sprite. It was perfect.
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