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John Hagee

John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is an American founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic megachurch with more than 19,000 active members.

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John Hagee. You have been hacked. You and all of your business partners. You are vile false prophets. Lets all see the proof. Ok?
John Hagee. You have a personal computer server at home. So Jesus allows you to *** to 3 year old baby girls? Interesting
John Hagee. I want to play a game. I love it. You probably won't
John Hagee. Heaven is on earth. *** is on earth. The Lake of Fire is earths core. Let's see if Jesus saves you from *** Ok?
John Hagee. We are about to discover if your lies have a penalty. Lets see if your confessions to Jesus save you from the wrath of God.
Faith is not believing that God will do what you want. Faith is believing that God will do what is right. - Pastor John Hagee
'To be a Christian is to be merciful. To be merciful is to have d companion of Christ towards sin and suffering' - John Hagee (paraphrased)
A church without mercy is a tree without its fruits, a well without water. Christianity without mercy is just another cult. John Hagee Today
God may not get us out of a situation as fast as we would like, but He always gives us the strength to get through it.-John Hagee
Perhaps a better question is: Why is Pastor John Hagee speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition?
John Hagee Net Worth: John Hagee who’s the American creator along with senior pastor of the Cornerstone Church...
John Hagee claims Jesus not Messiah wow this will get my pentecostal friends stirred up. Interesting none the less.
This is truly such a difficult book to understand. I've listened to John Hagee explain it but my preacher uncle says he's off?lol
"The fact is, America must have a sudden and complete change if we are going to survive as a nation."
the twilight zone of John Hagee that hurts another the Palestinians other wise I could care less of Hagee
Sermons of Pastor John Hagee Ministries 2016 - The Four Horses of the ... ...
Update your maps at Navteq
"many Christian scholars are convinced" = "my John Hagee book club members are CERTAIN"
Let's not forget the founder of Pastor John Hagee said this exact same thing. Christian Zionists hate Jews.
I grew up on Myles Munroe, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, E.V Hill, Carlton Pearson (until he started with "Inclusion). Whoa! I'm old
Where is John Hagee, Mike Murdock, Pat Robertson and some of the other big name pastors. Why are they not...
John Hagee's breathtaking biblical tour of the three heavens takes you inside the timeless clash between...
Patience is not the ability to wait. Waiting is a fact of life. Patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. ~ John Hagee
Take charge of urself or somebody else will. . - John Hagee
If there was ever a period in time when I wanted John Hagee’s Rapture prophecies to actually be true, now would be it.
: Yes ... I am following Pastor John Hagee.. Great man of God. ❤️🎉
Video: Anti *** Pastor John Hagee says vote the Bible on Super Tuesday cc:
If you will insist on watching John Hagee...
This evening, I'm having dinner with James Robison and John Hagee. This will be interesting. Me? I'm just gonna act invisible and listen!
I liked a video from Antichrist John Hagee tells (Jesus is not the Christ)
The Best here : The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee (Hardc…
Cruz just shouted out Pastor John Hagee, who's apparently in the house for Cruz's San Antonio rally, which is near Corne…
Amen! You're 100% correct Pastor John Hagee! From your mouth to God's Ears. Oh Israel the Apple of God's eyes.
John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland this. Even if you are not a fan, read it.
John Hagee is another one who said the same thing. Endorsed McCain.
Please contact me about how to give to your orphanage ,Pastor John Hagee sent me to you
being married is like creating mashed potatoes. -Pastor John Hagee.
Why Christians Support Israel -Pastor John Hagee, CUFI via std wit Israel it will be cursed (Genesi 12;3)
Watch out John Hagee and Joel Osteen, Jesus condemns you:
Seriously though, this guy told me I was too good of a dad to be an effective pastor, now he's sharing John Hagee's blessing over children
I listen to Pastor John Hagee on YouTube all the time❗ A great teaching Pastor & Scholar❗
John Hagee is a pharisee bought and paid for.
Ps John hagee is a fraudulent individual. Please avoid him. Report him. I have.
The prophetic is personal and is available to you, your children, and your grandchildren today.~ John Hagee
It's not what you believe that makes your great; it's what you obey. for obedience is better than sacrifice~ John Hagee
I heard a message threw John hagee and his message was , that people thats in adultery , and all fornicationers...
The man who walks with God always reaches his destination.-John Hagee
Accompanied of course by Benny Hinn and John Hagee close by. Revolting.
I think John Hagee had a lot to do w the evangelical-Israel love affair we see today.
"Happy are those whose self-centered lives have been crushed and reshaped by the Master's hand to be full of mercy." - John Hagee
Who just gave a nice donation to Rev. John Hagee's Sanctuary of Hope for Unwed Mothers? Not Rafael Eduardo Cruz!
ur uniformed. Stop listening to John Hagee.
I added a video to a playlist "Galatians 4" John Hagee & Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Exposed as FRAUDS!
John Hagee, James Dobson & Richard Land were among the Religious Right leaders who met with Ted Cruz in TX this week ht…
In 2008, McCain was endorsed by John Hagee until it came out that Hagee promoted the idea that the holocaust was...
Thank U Pastor . John Hagee for sharing the word of God. With all of us! Praise God Almighty! !
John Hagee is the pastor of Cornerstone Church a "megachurch" in San Antonio Texas
On page 156 of 320 of The Three Heavens, by John Hagee
Heard John Hagee say you can't have victory without being in a battle and can't have victory without defeating something. That's powerful.
John Hagee "Faith Under Fire" December 03, 2015: God is with us always! We are brought to it and He brings us throu
New post: Ted Cruz Appears at Evangelical-Backed Political Event with John Hagee and David Barton
Church with Pastor John Hagee was nice today
Enjoying the message on Fear and dream by John Hagee on the Faith Channel.
John Hagee - Jesus is Coming Soon' ask him in to your life ask for forgiveness of sins from your heart
John Hagee is only one of a parade of Zionist terrorist settler supporters. No televangelist/mega church can say no
From Daniel to Doomsday by John Hagee The Countdown Has Begun Hardback w/jacket
I live in the city that has John Hagee and the Cornerstone mega Church. :/
This is Harold. He's been with Pastor John Hagee for 43 years…
1) & vigilance against anti-semitism constant. Just read this about John Hagee
That's because John Hagee & other people at the CUFI are too busy saying lies & deceiving people.
Love is not what you say, love is what you do. john hagee
"The Church isn't here to see who we can reject, but who we can restore." - Pastor John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Galatians 1:10. "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men?...
"Hitler would cross the street to avoid John Hagee" - Gordon Duff editor of
"It's not what others say about you that defines who you are;it is what GOD says about you."-Pastor John Hagee
I got scammed by a fake John Hagee. I called MoneyGram & cancel my giving. They cancelled & I got my money back.
“God will require a life for every child killed in every abortion clinic in America.” -- John Hagee
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Netanyahu ally Hagee: Hitler was a *** Jew like the Antichrist
"To see evil and not call it evil, is evil." -John Hagee
God loves ALL of us, or he loves NONE of us-John Hagee
Psalm 23 - Devotion by Pastor John Hagee . "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down...
John Hagee, 'How to 'Stand' Strong in Every Season of Life' Part 1 -
Murder threats from Montrose Police dept. Via Microwaves and torture from tower system.John Hagee Ministries Aware!
I'm watching a John Hagee sermon and he just called the bible a "happy book about happy people". I wonder if he's read it.
I liked a video from John Hagee Exposed
It's better to give love and be hurt than to refuse to give love. To refuse to give love poisons your soul.- John Hagee
Hey I agree! "Friends of the IDF" & like John Hagee MUST loose their Tax-exempt Status htt…
I don't have the credibility of John Hagee, but I predict the Messiah will return on January 16, 2016.
"Love is not what you say, it's what you do" -John Hagee
"You can choose to have the best of times in the worst of days." -John Hagee
Wont work, it did not in the past when John Hagee said "vote the Bible"
"Today, people want their sins explained, not forgiven" John Hagee
Pastor calls for jail term for women who call God's name during sex Dr. John Hagee, the founder
Jack Van Impe is getting some great mileage out of recent foreign policy developments on this week's show. Move over, John Hagee.
can't thank you enough Pastor John Hagee and the Christians for Israel institution for your tremendous support
Dual-Covenant: Back Door for the Jews (Part 1) - John Hagee's Apostasy. This sermon was preached on 11/27/11 at...
cont. 2,go to Christian bookstore counter cult section,Ed Decker, John Ankerberg,John Hagee, Pat Robertson,have books on this
I'm sure John Hagee has that somewhere on one of his charts.
Has John Hagee wrote a book on this yet???.
Pastor John Hagee . God has carved out a divine destiny for each and every one of us. Have you ever asked Him to...
If you missed any of messages about the "Four Horsemen of the find links here:
Eligibility Requirement for Receiving the Promises of God. by John Hagee . The Promises Of God Belong Only To Those...
John Hagee 2015, Master your Money - The 12 Steps to Financial Freedom -- Part 2 ...
"I look forward to the day when I can call the and get a recording that says, 'Sorry, this number has been disconnected.'" ~ John Hagee
"When you plant your seed in the Kingdom of God, the Lord will multiply it far better than Wall Street." - John Hagee
Today, you will not be the victim, you will be the victor! Christ is Lord in your situation (Pastor John Hagee).
“The one who give you vision...will give you the strength to get through the trial” (Pastor John Hagee).
“Live with confidence, knowing that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day because of God's grace” (Pastor John Hagee)!
God doesn't care how many things you own as long as those things do not own you... (Pr John Hagee).
I called John Hagee's ministry to validate this account. They verified this is fake.
maybe Christians are bored with God? Maybe they enjoy John Hagee's doomsday apocalyptic theology more than Biblical Truth?
Psalm 32:8 - Devotion by Pastor John Hagee . Psalm 32:8—I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou...
yes he is .. and . Obama is also anti-messianics = anti-christian
You should stop listening to John Hagee!
"People aren't looking for a Pharisee, bible thumping hate monger. They're looking for God's love." -John Hagee. Hypo…
Here's something fishy. John Hagee sits in a big chair and looks out among the congregation while his son spews hate m…
Yeah, I've noticed it's even possible to be a pro-Israel anti-Semite, eg Nixon, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and John Hagee.
John McCain's endorsement by the anti-Catholic, anti- Semitic Pastor John Hagee
John Hagee always talking about the world ending
"Falling down doesn't make you a failure staying down makes you a failure" - John hagee
hey Jamie Pastor John Hagee just took a shot at you on the TBN world network say u said pres.obam is your Lord n savior
Romans 5:10 - Devotion by Pastor John Hagee . . Romans 5:10—For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to...
someone tried to scam me posing as Pastor John Hagee. Wanted me to send $ to Wash, DC to Maleeka McCoy 4 throne room Orphanage
Shalom, you forgot Jack Van Impe. Also Perry Stone, John Hagee, Bill Salus.That would be a out of this world Prophetic show.
Ask Pastor John Hagee if he is Jewish and ***
Your lack of forgiveness burns the bridge that you must one day cross yourself. -- John Hagee.
If you won't go to God's house on the first day of the week, how can u expect Him to come to your house the other days. (John…
Pastor ministry is sharing his sermon series "The 4 of the More:
ThankU for "John Hagee Today!" We need to Hear more! Demon Possessed youth in Classrooms!
has been preaching a 4-part series on "The Four Horsemen of the See Part 1 here:
3rd of the indicates severe famine over all the earth. Learn more:
The interpretations of are changing based on current world events! It's fascinating! More:
There is so much more that I learned from here. I hope you will take the time to watch
For more fascinating info, sermon on the 4th of the
When we are truly confident and secure, the opinion of others cannot control us. Pastor John Hagee
As fulfillment of these draws nearer, pieces come into view that we could not see before:
I liked a video John Hagee's 75th Birthday - Grandkids Sing for Pastor
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Dr john hagee sop senses u...and more
is the King of kings and Lord of lords, crowned with many crowns who wins the final battle! Learn more:
The in could also be interpreted as symbolizing Discover more here:
The interpretations of these change as world events take place and the world changes. More:
I thought the rider of the in Rev 6:2 was b/c he was crowned & won battles. I was wrong! More:
Shalom.I think if you brought Jonathan Cahn,Mark Biltz,Jack Van Impe, and John Hagee on your show it would be out of this world.
But this is the same network where John Hagee bashes Obama almost weekly and pastors got together to pray for...
Someone needs to check on John Hagee and Jack Van Impe.
When it comes to end times I would rather listen to John the apostle than to John Hagee. Just sayin!
What's with John Hagee? Why does he sound so angry all the time. And so focused on something he can do nothing about?
Four Blood Moons : Something Is about to Change by John Hagee (2013, CD,... [link removed]
John Hagee Ministries. We continue to pray for America and the nations of the world. May God arise and may his...
Either way the world is ending so we should all get a share of John Hagee's massive fortune!
Webcam video from September 25, 2015 09:36 PM (UTC) Shane's message of love to John Hagee: via
and hopefully John Hagee will be quiet come Monday.
John Hagee 2015, The Four Horses of the Apocalypse: The White Horse - S... via
.Can you explain how exactly John Hagee and Mike Huckabee are equipped to train professional mental health counselors?
John Hagee 2015 - 'Prophecy of the Seven Feasts The Prophecy of Taberna... via
We’re just a few days away from the slow-motion warning that God has reportedly been sending us for the last y...
John Hagee, Pat Robertson and Westboro Baptist Church can stand to take some pointers on how to be good Christian leaders from Pope Francis.
.if John Hagee is wrong, are we allowed to stone him Tuesday?
Is it just me or does John Hagee look like what they’d make someone up to look like on SNL to play Rush Limbaugh?
My thoughts on the Blood Moon Theory put forth by John Hagee, Mark Biltz, among others. Spoiler alert, it's rubbish.
John Hagee Sermons 2015, 'Prophecy for Tomorrow The Church of Jesus Christ has been Raptured' Part -
Tell that to John Hagee. THIS IS THE END, he'll tell you. THE END.
The Blood Moon Prophecy is a hypothesis proposed by some Christian ministers, such as John Hagee and Mark Biltz,...
Super blood moon, last until 2033, will be visible Sunday and John Hagee is pumped
the moon tells John Hagee to bomb Iran
Super blood moon,the last until 2033, will be visible Sunday; John Hagee is pumped
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Numbers 6:27—So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will...
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Love going to his church. It's just right down the road from me. John Hagee always has a great message evry sunday
Webcam video from September 25, 2015 01:47 PM (UTC) Shane talks about Grace to John Hagee: via
Pastor John Hagee says there wont be another supermoon eclipse until...EVER
John Hagee 2015 | "Prophecy of the Seven Feasts: Prophecy of Firstfruits" | John Hagee Today 2015 -
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : What do you think of the 4 blood moons prophecy?: Televangelist John Hagee predicts by this…
"John Hagee, a Christian pastor who has written a book on the Tetrad called 'Four Blood Moons: ..." via
Iran nuke deal signals the day 'when God turns His back on America'—John Hagee: Pastor...
I listened to John Hagee's preaching on the " Four Blood Moons " and I was just thinkn about RAPTURE
April 2014 -October 2015: A tetrad of lunar eclipses (or blood moons) will signal the start of the end times, per Pastor John Hagee.
Anyone ever wonder what stocks Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee own?. and seems like a sell short scheme.
Christians have a group called Christians United For Israel led by blowhard Pastor John Hagee but AIPAC is mainly Jewish
Mr Bakker please watch the sermon series about The Four Horses of the Apolcalypse by my Pastor John Hagee on YouTube. Rev 6
The only Minister that I know that's preaching the truth on TV consistently would be possibly John Hagee and Jack Van Impe
Do you need John Hagee to tell you Jesus Christ is coming soon? or Jack Van Impe?
When I see in great men like Benny Hinn , John Hagee , Creflo Dollar , David Oyedepo just to mention a few.
Check out this cool app from John Hagee Ministries and watch Ivan Parker-8pm Thursday's.
thank you Pastor John Hagee for standing up for the officer
It's true, and his end of the world parties are awesome. This will be his 47th since John Hagee got the Internet.
John Hagee and eight reasons America may not survive until 2017
"Struggle is the proof that you have not been conquered." +John Hagee Ministries.
John Hagee Bold Satanic Hand Signs . (link in description box for vid with sound) 2014. Why is John Hagee making...
John Hagee and his trolls need to see this, I'm blocked.
Payer chain Pastor John Hagee urges us to pray for our police officers well under the gun in under fire always it...
I always get goosebumps when John Hagee speaks.
"John Kerry, would you please park your jet and let God take care of Israel's business?" 󾌴. -Pastor John Hagee
Be encouraged, “sometimes u have to surrender the life you pictured, in order to have the life GOD has planned for you”.- Pastor John Hagee
lol I agreed with the FACT that zionists are a cabal - just ask John Hagee - your biggest supporter!
US Zionist Pastor John Hagee " God will destroy America if it supports "
Just finished reading "The Three Heavens" by John Hagee. It sheds a lot of light on what is going on in the...
Four Blood Moons by John Hagee also a good read. Bless! 😊†
I like the way John Hagee preaches 😌I need to read some of his books! 😁
In Listening to a John Hagee sermon that I will share when I finish hearing it. It's on target so far. I beleive...
VERSATILE hagee Mr.john your NO god profits see BIG mistake MEGA CHURCH U HOPE I find U FAVOR to many AGAINST your LYINgod?
I wonder how many people have all their money to John Hagee?
That quote by the new Israeli ambassador to the UN sounds like some BS that John Hagee would say.
Pastor John Hagee told CNN news that “There’s a sense in the world that things are changing and God is trying to communicate with us.
John Hagee's "blood moon" claims has some Christians expecting the end of the world
Hagee should be seen as a false prophet by Christians.
I live in san antonio and been to the corner stone church many times. I love john hagee. The iran deal is no good!!
Fantastic book by Pastor John Hagee "The Three Heavens" helps to understand why we face the continual battles of evil
CNN Investigates Blood Moon, John Hagee and End Times: As the moon shines red for the fourth time since April ...
I'm thinking John Hagee was right about the Four Blood Moons. Glad I started preparing myself last year. Not 100% ready but at least aware.
Four Blood Moons is now available for FREE on NETFLIX. It features John Hagee, Mark Biltz, Dinesh D'Souza, Dennis...
The coming of the Four Blood Moons - John Hagee via
I liked a video 'The Four Blood Moons' by John Hagee
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Megachurch Pastor John Hagee says he believes the OT prophet Isaiah "saw this 'Nuclear Deal' and wrote 28:14-19..."
Which one is Senator Bob Menendez, which one is megachurch Pastor John Hagee? You decide!
women who call God’s name during sex should be jailed: senior pastor, Dr. John Hagee
Pray that God will open the doors you can't open and close the doors that need to be closed (John Hagee)
This is the day the Lord has made , let us rejoice & glad in it ! Rejoice by choice 'John Hagee' Great teacher
Common sense in America is not dying its dead! John Hagee
♛ John Hagee today ★The God of All Hope The Door of Hope|John Hagee - Jul 19, 2015 -
John Hagee uses the verses below to argue that the end of the world would take place this year. . Acts 2:19-20...
♛ The Power of the Prophetic Blessing Born to be Blessed|John Hagee - Dec 3, 2014 -
♛ John Hagee today ★The Lords Prayer For Thine is the Kingdom Conclusion|John Hagee - Mar 3, 2015 -
nah. John Hagee says something is happening in september, so.
John Hagee, "The Triumph of the Cross: The Power of the BLOOD" ( Full HD ) Aug (4 -11), 2015 -
John Hagee warns that "God will allow terrorists to attack the United States" because of the Iran nuclear deal:
is John Hagee not one of the types we see in apartheid movies with in one hand the bible shouting that black people are less?!
Pastor John Hagee arrives to offer support to Jewish community targeted by vandals
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4 John Hagee is playing u like a fiddle.So is Jeffress fr Dallas Look up Schofield Bible +
Yall should look into Preterist eschatology. Far more interesting than Scofield and John Hagee. Solid stuff
Note: John Hagee, author of the "documentary" Four Blood Moons. So, he's invested in not knowing about eclipses.
I don't know, John Hagee at says we should be worried.
Religious devil Pastor John Hagee missed it:. Sarah Palin is the anti-Christ
I just saved you $1000 you don't have to buy John Hagee or Jack Van Impe tapes
"The Prince of Peace is here to break every yoke and chain of bondage in your life!" -Pastor John Hagee. Watch John Hagee on TCT!...
is ruled by .an who is in cahoots w John Hagee and HIS ~ REPORT IT .~ NOW
they really do.They are Racist - evangelicals especially are raw Zionists led by Pastor John Hagee.
"In the darkest & deepest valley you can sing the sweetest song because the God of the valley is the God of the mountain.". John Hagee
Great conversation with great Men of God! a Dr. Dollar, John Hagee, Andrew Wommack! …
John Hagee Sermons 2015, Triumphant in the Day of Trouble Part 2 -
John Hagee is on point this morning!
John Hagee says US doesn't bring fight to extremists because we are BROKE But if that's true why would we give 150bill to Iran
John Hagee's Response to Supreme Court Marriage Ruling via 9 attorneys ruling America, that's what we have
watch John Hagee's Blood Moons: time to fly!!
' God will have to judge America or he is going to apologise to Sodom & Gommorah 'Pastor John Hagee
Could John Hagee's "Countdown to Jerusalem" be a prophetic warning? I can't say only God knows and time will tell. But Jews&Christians PRAY.
I read John Hagee's book "Countdown to Jerusalem" and could this US-Iran nuclear deal bring us closer to a real "Countdown to Jerusalem.
Too bad there are not enough Pastors like Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Perry Stone and Jim Bakker speaking up.
First stop on my month long Journey of ministry is San Antonio, Texas! John Hagee Ministries excited to minister to the youth this week!
Pastor John Hagee has Predicted the End of America on Dec. 13 - 2015? WA... via
John Hagee!!! God bless you abundantly...Keeping preaching the Word of God as you have done.
Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Dave Ramsey, this would be a good time to show that Christian love I've heard so much about.
Every Christian needs to see John Hagee's the Four Blood Moons sermon series. I can't express enough how important it is to watch.
I would I agree with Pastor John Hagee, Franklin Graham an the Prophet the Jewish rabbi , Jack Van Impe Tim...
watch John Hagee all the time, but Texas is a very religious state there are dozens of ministers. keep in touch bye
this conspiracy coincides with John Hagee's last blood moon on sept28
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Luke 8:27-—And when He stepped out on the land, there met Him a certain man...
Wonder how john hagee is taking this same sex legalisation.
John Hagee - Homosexuality, Alternative or Abomination - via
Hagee what sayth you about the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage?
There are two appointments you will keep. One is your going to die. Heres a statistic that you need to remember 1 out of 1 dies. ~John Hagee
"The fundamental principle of Christianity is to be what God is, and he is light." -John Hagee. Don't miss an episode of John Hagee! Get...
Shalom Perry,love watching you. Are you doing any more Prophecy with Jonathan Cahn , John Hagee, and Mark Biltz? Bless you
Maybe John Hagee will continue on his path of gluttony till he 'splodes.
Looking forward to US Supreme Court reactions from John Hagee, Pat Robertson & other Christian pastors who preach love & tolerance.
John Hagee has been right about all of this for years. God uses him in an incredible way.
Does Lindsey Graham have a pastor problem John Hagee ?
Follow God's lead. He will never direct you wrong. (John Hagee)
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 12:22-28—Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind,...
Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to John Hagee for reporting false story...
"We have to start by clearing something up," said Goldberg. "Yesterday we said that there was a pastor that said...
"Happiness does not depend on the type of house a person lives in; it depends on the type of person who lives in the house." ~John Hagee
Whoopi Goldberg apologises to John Hagee for reporting falsely. Finally, someone in the media prepared to admit...
Pastor John Hagee blamed the outbreak. on President . position on Israel.
What are the Four Blood Moons and their meaning? Find out as Mark Biltz and John Hagee explains the prophetic...
JACOBS: Okay, I need ideas for New Day. DYLAN: Turn them into militants funded by John Hagee. TRUTH: *dances*
John Hagee: women who take God's name in vain during sex should go to prison
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Dwight Thompson hosts John Hagee, Dr. Jack Graham, David Barton, Ron Luce and Del Way in Dalla…
it's a non denominational church in San Antonio Texas called cornerstone. The head pastor is John Hagee.
I wonder what John Hagee and other Christian Zionist pastors have to say about this and other blasphemous acts of vandalism.
John Hagee is a Christian the worst kind ,part of the rapture cult if you get my drift
John Hagee and Jack Van Impe have surely creamed their panties.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Genesis 1:16—And God made two lights; the greater light to rule the day and the...
awesome teaching by John Hagee on The Three Heavens:Demons on "Keep keeping Jesus on the airwaves
.Who will stand up against the virulent anti-Semitism of leader and Netanyahu ally John Hagee? .
Just ministered to a friend who has gone to John Hagee's church for 20 years. He couldn't give me a clear Gospel presentation.So sad in my❤️
Joyce and I in the office of Pastor John Hagee 2007
What happened was, the Israel Government bought John Hagee a Gulfstream jet so he could take flights there
Four Blood Moons Study Companion --> reviews the companion book to this series:
Find out whether or not recommends the Four Blood Moons bible study series:
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