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John Hagee

John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is an American founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic megachurch with more than 19,000 active members.

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Hi John Hagee when is the four blood Moon movie coming out.
I liked a video John Hagee and eight reasons America may not survive until 2017
John Hagee, traitor to Christian's, traitor to his country!
Please bring back John Hagee rather listen to him than Andre Roebert will not say what I think of him
If the world is ending this year like John Hagee says it is, I'm going on an all Taco Bell & Little Caesar's diet. Zebra…
"John Hagee the Heretic from *** this guy has anti Zionism stuff too. he's nuts tho
"Glenn Beck for Faith Czar?" f/u: "Do you consider him a brother in Christ?" bonus f/u: "John Hagee for Amb. to Israel?"
You need to read more and educate yourself other than FoxNews and John Hagee your pastor
John Hagee’s Ministry Responds to ‘Four Blood Moons’ Allegations: Megachurch Pastor John Hagee is not the “dis...
Hagee walks back blood-moons 'discovery': WASHINGTON – A spokesman for mega-Pastor John Hagee insists in a let...
Don't forget will be ministering @ Pastor John Hagee's church this morning. If you are in the area, come out!
The fraudulent Pastor John Hagee will most likely do a whole sermon about this, lol
WND has issued a demand letter to San Antonio mega-Pastor John Hagee.
New: John Hagee confuses 9/11 with the shooting of Ronald Reagan
the rest if you have never heard John Hagee you should
he needs prayer and help bad John Hagee if you know him is going on June 19-20 if we get him there the holy sprit will do
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. Like John Hagee says, God never intended for it to be Bob and Bruce. He intended for it to be Bob and Mary.
You "Christians" that are running around supporting abortion, you are not. Abortion is murder in the first degree. - John Hagee
This does not surprise me! John Hagee just said the other day, poor people deserve to starve!
So after watching this: . I've come to the conclusion that John Hagee is a flipping...
George W. Bush John Hagee Ministries Isaiah 13:19 Babylon, the most glorious of kingdoms, the flower of Chaldean...
"When something is 'out of control', it is merely out of your control, Not God's". (Pastor John Hagee)
Liam Matthews Do You Believe? and John Hagee Ministries join us on Wednesday's show 2-4 CT.
can check out google on Jewish holidays and 4 blood moons! or John Hagee's book on 4 blood moons! Fascinating!! Be blessed!
that vile anti Semitism from John Hagee is one of those clips that somehow gets worse every time you suffer through watching it
Where there is no Fear of God, there is no Knowledge. Facts is not Knowledge, the Fear of and Love for God is Knowledge. ~ John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 5:7—Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Part Two—...
Don't wait for God to do something, you better call upon him before you receive that something. ~ John Hagee
You don't give God what's left, You give God what's right. That's your first fruit. ~ John Hagee
If Satan was not afraid to challenge Jesus Christ, he will never be afraid to challenge you. ~ John Hagee on Deliver Us From the Evil One
If You are not looking for the coming of Christ, You are not going when he comes. ~ John Hagee
I know you don't believe me go see John Hagee and your life will be changed.not gust spiritually but monetarily, interactions
John Hagee it theMinistries prophecy conference you want proof go will leave crying like a Baby
Four Blood Moons :Something Is About To Change written by JOHN HAGEE speak about ISRAEL /JERUSALEM & its future
...or John Hagee. I can't remember the exact title & author right now. Just asking you out of curiosity.
He is Jewish, I heard him speak once in one of Pastor John Hagee's Sermon.I'm a strong fan of him&Israel...
Friday's solar eclipse will be the beginning of the end of the world, say Christian pastors - John Hagee
TCP members come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, but a good many of us used to share in the...
You have to love what religion does!
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Saintly or Snaky—Part two. Matthew 23:27—Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees,...
The decline of religion in the US is in part, I think, due to these nutcase extremist christian...
. Benjamin Netanyahu and his American ally John Hagee's "half-breed Jews"
When we are powerful we are mighty in the spirit. You will never conquer or change when you refuse to confront. John Hagee
Mercy requires that we learn to love others, to value their welfare more than our own! -John Hagee
Isn't CUFI John Hagee's group? I have a hard time connecting CUFI with avoiding war with Iran.
"My mother said trouble that drives you to Jesus is a priceless treasure." - John Hagee
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Pastor John Hagee is something else!! :)
NET WORTH:$5 MILLION-Getting rich off the sweat of another person -must be nice
John Hagee says Netanyahu's speech to Congress was God's warning to America to support Israel or face judgment:
.This is a man YOU chose to honor. What a disgrace you are.
I see, so Hagee, have you read your OWN Bible?. Deuteronomy 21:20 King James Version (KJV). And they shall say...
...oh yeah ...following the words of Jesus.
love how you're asking for money Pat Robertson involved? John Hagee? Other Zionist?
Folks in DC need a Sermon from John Hagee, everyday
mommadona: Let's look, at 2 people who own .SpeakerBoehner & John Hagee & Sheldon Adelson …
And Israel isn't perfect. I'm not some John Hagee/Pat Robertson clone on the issue.
Pastor John Hagee, guest of Adelsons and Netanyahu blamed Katrina on New Orleans plan to have a *** rally.
So you're okay with John "Hitler was sent by God" Hagee? I guess anyone who hates Palestine is your ally, even monsters.
If u didn't know about him already:John Hagee&his church wrote bout/visited WH multiple times under Bush2+friend Cruz
John hagee should lay off the John hoagies
.you might remember what this crackpot John Hagee said in 2008
Pastor John The world experienced a Churchill moment with Prime Minister speech today.
Here's why End Times Pastor John Hagee was at Capitol Hill to hear
so your members of Christians United for Israel, you listen to the heretical teachings of John Hagee then?
they have no problem dancing around with John Hagee while he fills their pockets and laughing behind his back. Crazy world.
Hagee (friends with Netanyahu) thinks 2/3 of Jews will die in the Rapture he prays for, the rest will accept Jesus.
John Hagee tells Glenn Beck that Obama is NOT the Antichrist
Didn't wake up today thinking I'd interview Pat Boone and John Hagee but that's just how things work out.
Eli Weisel who's thrown in with EndTimer John Hagee.
One of Bibi's GONGOs was funded by Rev. John Hagee, who believes Hitler was performing God's will.
For an encore, Boehner can invite Pastor John Hagee to speak to Congress about America's responsibility to help initiat…
Just ran into Rabbi Shmuley talking to John Hagee, standing next to Joe Lieberman.
. U & sandra don't like El Torito for sunday brunch???. U & sandra likes Joel Osteen, John Hagee, and. Joyce Meyer???
Sen. McCain courted John Hagee in '08, & Billy Graham, "advisor" to several Presidents, spewed such filth. Try again.
Joel Osteen misleading you, TD Jakes deceiving you, Joyce Myer, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, and Creflo Dollar
Factoid: As boy in Canada Star Trek aired in syndication Sun mornings. Right b4 at 9am, my 1st intro to John Hagee Ministries. Today
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Wow! I just won this for free, John Hagee Ministries eternity has no end 100,000,000 a.d.
And john hagee, who "Hates Catholics", franklin UGH graham too, Billy Graham Anti-Semite
here too Joe Olsteen John Hagee Charles Stanley. All great messages I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday😄🙌
John Hagee had a good message this morning about this very thing live on Again at 11:00 CST
"No demon in *** can touch a Child of God, purchased at Calvary's Cross. "Pastor John Hagee
technically we are in the space age, morally we are in the stone age . - John Hagee.
This is the 'leader' of CUFI, Christians United for Israel, in the US, John Hagee:
"Clay doesn't think. Clay responds to the molding of the Potter." John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 5:4—Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Even...
"Since my money is God's money, every spending decision I make is a spiritual decision." ~ John Hagee
Franklin Graham & John Hagee are pillars of the church---been holding it up for years.
John Hagee is head of Christians United for Israel. Major US congressmen, Benjamin Netanyahu, and others have spoken at his…
Amazing that the pastor who said God sent Hitler to be a "hunter" of Jews is now accusing Obama of anti-Semitism http:…
Hi Megyn! Please take 2mins to listen to this video from John Hagee.
LEADERS FOR SALVATION: John Hagee invites us to salvation.
going to church tomorrow if the road is clear JESUS bless u watch john hagee 263 daystar 9:am tomorrow eastern jvi 7:am abc Stanley 216 ion
Beating Jews to death in order to convert them is tactic John Hagee should study.
We are in a supernatural battle. Put on the full armor of God & get in it!. - John Hagee
I want American foreign policy made by the President. The GOP wants it made by Bibi Netanyahu and Pastor John Hagee.
"God's opinion is the only one that matters. Stop letting others dictate who you were created to be!" - Pastor John Hagee
Love is NOT what you say...IT IS WHAT YOU DO — watching John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Philippians 4:4—Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!...
Cornerstone John Hagee 2015, Prophecy for Tomorrow The Church of Jesus Christ has been Raptured
see if you look at this Map, Gog Magog, they are all in Turkey. Not China, not Russia like John Hagee claims.
Mmmm hm. But taking money from John Hagee is patriotic. Gotcha.
John Hagee "I'm not trying to convert the Jewish people to the faith.. In fact, trying to convert Jews is a "waste of time."
John Hagee "I believe every Jewish person who lives in the light of the Torah..has a relationship with God and will come to
# rodsword ... John Hagee , good day to you , ( think I'll mAke it ? :-)
Just landed in San Antonio, TX! Excited to be here at Cornerstone under Pastor John Hagee for their winter youth retreat! Let's worship!!!
Decided to do some research & watch a John Hagee sermon. Scary stuff.
John Hagee invites us to salvation.
This Sunday Pastor John Hagee will begin the second Volume of "The Three Heavens" series! Be sure to watch!
Do I want to watch the 700 Club, John Hagee, or a faith-based exercise show?
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . John 14:27—Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Circumstances control...
Bri: Daddy, don't you think that John Hagee is a false teacher?. From the mouths of babes...
I liked a video John Hagee Today, 'Prophecy for Tomorrow The Antichrist is Here' - Jan 11, 2015
There's a new movie based on book, "Four Blood Moons." Will you see it?
John Hagee--->"There is that one relationship, everyone of us must be willing to walk away from so we can perfectly please God "
And I went on a short tour of John Hagee's facility. There isn't a single cross on the property. Weird.
Why are people still listening to that crackpot, John Hagee, anyway? He's been saying the world will end since Yitzhak Rabin was shot.
Perhaps our president has been getting his information about the Crusades from John Hagee. . I was up in the...
I love it when people can quote things that Joyce Meyers, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Jack Van Impe or any other...
AUGH. A trailer for Four Blood Moons, which will feature David Barton, D'Souza and John Hagee. I can't even.
So delusional. I never knew that Netanyahu was Israel and Israel was Netanyahu. So the opposition Labor Party...
Televangelist John Hagee Ministries thinks God is so angry with Obama that he will soon destroy America
U.S. right wing hater monger claims England lost its Empire because of anti-semitism. . via
It must be a very frightening world these people live in, what with a vengeful god ready to kill at any moment.
John Hagee wants to have Benjamin Netanyahu's babies
How do we know it isn't Al Cohol in the guise of God? RT
I was just thinking, Hagee is long overdue for a other expose, his last one was 2008 cc
John Hagee warns that President Obama's treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu will cause God to destroy America:
A Top10 Christian book 2014 -any wonder the Church is in the TRASH...Four Blood Moons: by John Hagee via
It is all encouraging words that uplift your mind. When you all the ministries of Jesus Christ. Like Creflo, Joseph Prince, Td jakes, Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Stanley, Bill Prankard and Billy Arnquq. So on...
"America is at the Crossroads with Israel and it's not going to determine whether Israel survives or not...but it will determine whether America survives." ~ Brother John Hagee ~ *LIVE* from CUFI Leadership Conference, San Antonio
Check out the official trailer for Four Blood Moons. Based on the The New York Times best selling book by Pastor John Hagee.
IT IS GOD THAT WILL GATHER THE TRUE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL .AND NOT MAN.Man is trying to gather Israel (esau-edom) and plant them in Israel.. these people are not real Israelites they are in fact GENTILES..NOT ISRAEL...this is not opinion this is FACT...WHERE THE REAL BIBLE STUDENTS AT? John Hagee and or any other ILLUMINATI PREACHER CAN NOT BRING THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL BACK TO ISRAEL WHEN IT WAS NEVER A GENTILE LAND IN THE FIRST PLACE.there is a history of a people who have been lied to about their TRUE identity, they were told by the gentiles that they are Africans, because of the Atlantic slave trade.. All you leaders need to present these truths to the whole body because this is not a racial issue, but a true history lesson for the people of the book. Wake up Israel for the night is far spent and the morning is on the horizon . Israel is apple of His Eye.his firstborn...The SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD IS OPENING THE HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL RIGHT THERE IN THAT BIBLE YOU GOT SITTNG INN FRO ...
"It's not a question if Israel will survive, it's will America survive." John Hagee
Happy Monday! Love these words of wisdom from John Hagee Ministries!
Where's John Hagee when you need him?
Zionist FAKE Christian Pastor John Hagee getting $ to fool masses 4 the Zionist. 2 of his 4 houses
On page 21 of 257 of Four Blood Moons, by John Hagee
Four Blood Moons by John Hagee: 750,000 in print, now a feature docudrama coming March 23.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Hebrews 11:6—But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that...
I got the book by john hagee. Four Blood Moons good book. god is showing us the signs
John Hagee is such a fool! The day America turns its back on Israel we will gain of respect from the world again
Love is not what you say: Love is what you do❤️ ~~John Hagee~~
The John Hagee Ministries. Surely reciting the words of "the lord." Or is that the devil he believes in? $
Visited Cornerstone church in San Antonio today. Blessed by the preaching on John Hagee
Ugh John Hagee is a false preacher. Mom's watching her TV segments again cause it's "SUNday"
"... Things are changing and God is trying to communicate with us in a supernatural way."
Rationalization of your sin is Satan's answer to repentance. Pastor John Hagee
"There is no such thing as a casual blood covenant" -John Hagee
We see the miracle of balaam's donkey everyday in Washington. -John hagee. Good one!
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Ephesians 6:16—Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be...
What you are willing to walk away from will determine what God can bring to you - John Hagee
These are the dangerous distortions of faith everyone should condemning not cynically exploiting.
Here is another sun-day preacher denying Christ as messiah.
isn't that literally a red heifer? Somebody better call John Hagee or the guys.
Another man who stands up 4 R values & country is Pastor John Hagee he doesn't back down from anyone.
"John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar—ORU’s board was a who’s who of televangelists."
watching John Hagee yesterday talking about the 4 blood moons. as far back in the bible and as far as man can see in the future there have been 3 other times this has happened. we are on the 4 and last one with only 2 blood moons left march and September. GOD is sending a signal to us to get ready something big is about to happen. we all know that there is not very much prophecy of the bible left to be fulfilled.
Every disciple is a Christian. But not every Christian is a disciple. You can be in the Church, but not in Christ. The Church is a building. "In CHRIST" is a RELATIONSHIP. -John Hagee-
I am hearing reports that John Hagee has sold out to the Pope along with Kenneth Copeland , Joel Olsteen...??? say it ain't so...I can't believe Hagee caved in
the enemy of my brother is my enemy..thinking back I should have known John McCain was no good when he publicly repudiated John Hagee..for expressing his Christian views of life and history and there is more at a later date...
I was watching John Hagee preaching on the tube before Church this morning . He is on top of End Time Prophesy and he doesn't hold back from telling it like it is . Folks it appears that 36 states are favoring '' same sex '' marriage . I know some may be tired of hearing me talk about this but i can't help but keep on warning people of the wrath of God that will be upon our land if something isn't done and soon . God had what they called '' Watchmen '' on the wall in the Old Testament to warn people of their sinful ways . This isn't something new folks . We need a '' wakening '' in leadership in our Country starting with our President , Congress , Senate and all and any others that can make things happen in our way of living . Some people that will '' demand '' that we turn back to God as our standard of living in America . Most have forgotten that our Constitution was founded on the Bible . We have let '' ungodly '' people make a change in our land and we haven't tried to stop them ! We haven't done ...
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 5:20—Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the...
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Romans 4:17-20. …God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which...
They're followers of John Hagee, Benny Hinn etc. all these people have been shunned by the church.
I start every morning with Joyce, followed by Creflo, then John Hagee and last but not least Joseph Prince. Thanks TBN
Covenant is the key to achieving your divine destiny on this earth. Pastor John Hagee
A good rule of thumb: Find out what John Hagee thinks of a book. If he opposes it, read it.
John Hagee & the Four Blood Moons - Pt 2: Date and Theme of Revelation: via
The meeting that put John Hagee, TD Jakes, Sam Rodrgiuez and Tony Perkins in the same room
John Hagee is the comedy bit.the UK is not like the US, not so right the music though..
Unwavering support of Israel militarily or in any other aspect. Think John Hagee.
I added a video to a playlist 4 Blood Moons by John Hagee
Love is not a license to change or control your partner - John Hagee no.2
I added a video to a playlist Pastor John Hagee. Sermon on Rapture.
John Hagee Today 2015, Sin, Sex and Self Control …: Take a listen. God's way is the most satisfying. X the worlds way
Quick, call John Hagee or maybe can get William Tapley on the line?!
You think that they would have allowed John Hagee three minutes with an open mic addressing students?
Watching and recording :The Reconciled Church at 830 on Daystar. Features TD Jakes, my home pastor Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr., John Hagee+
“The Reconciled Church” Event to Air Tonight on Daystar; John Hagee, A.R. Bernard, Jack Graham and Others to...
How some are so blind, this Website is accusing these men of hate when all they do is teach The word of God.
KKK can be a pastor of a church…NOW & Then…John Hagee is most likely NOT…but what he said about Jewish People was Crazy? OK Crazy Hagee
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ummm.just because I said I would be willing to vote for either Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush if either one of them turns out to be the Republican nominee for President, does not mean that I think that either of those individuals constitutes our ideal Presidential candidate. If it were up to me, I could think of several people whom i would rather see in the White House, such as Allen West, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, the adorable Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Abraham, Abraham Lincoln, Ann Regan, Arthur Balfour, Barry Goldwater, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bobby Kennedy, Brynnan Twilley, Calvin Coolidge, Charlton Heston, Chuck Norris, Clarence Thomas, George Washington, Gilligan, the Skipper too, John Adams, George Eliot, Jackie Robinson, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, John Milton, Jon Voight, Kate Middleton, Karen Carpenter, Kelly Horowitz, King David, Leanne Suttles, Leo Tolstoy, Lucy Straw, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Menachem Begin, Moses, Pat Boone, Pat Robertson, Pope John ...
The popular prophecy teachers below are taking away from the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 22:18-19) by sowing the deception the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him on the Day of the Lord must take place BEFORE the Man of Sin is revealed. (Rev. 13:3-7, Mat. 24:15, 30-31) “The Rapture could happen today!” Tim LaHaye “The Church will never face the Beast!” Perry Stone “The rapture is imminent!” David Jeremiah “Believers will be caught up before the Antichrist!” John Hagee “His coming could take place at any second.” Charles Stanley “The Bride is take before the Man of Sin!” John MacArthur “The rapture is so close!” Grant Jefferies “We are Kings Kids; the Beast won’t see us!” T.D. Jakes “There no events left to be fulfilled, let’s be looking up!” Jack Van Impe I respectfully and lovingly submit, the lie the resurrection can take place at any moment, portrayed in the popular Left Behind books, is a doctrine of demons being sown by deceiv ...
The fact that most people don't believe God's coming back, is a good indicator He's almost here.-John Hagee.
Just arriving back from a mini vacation in Colonial Williamsburg Va.who is teaching on TBN channel ...Pastor John Hagee .the same scenarios Pastor Karen spoke (taught ) Sunday Jan 4th..awesome confirmation !
I'm watching John Hagee Ministries very important for us to pay attention to what this man has to say about the world today if you have a chance I would suggest listening and paying attention Channel 17 Church channel god bless all of you and have a blessed day
Blood Moons Bill Salus, John Hagee ,David Reagan, Gary Stearman Was recorded sometime around November 2013 ,its really good!!
John Hagee: A Profile in Pathological Christian Activism. the founder of Christians United for Israel.
John Hagee explains salvation to us.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Acts 1:8—But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon...
"If you're not looking for the coming of Christ, then you're not going when He comes." ~ John Hagee
just like how John Hagee knew that the 9/11 Hijackers were reciting the Quran before crashing into the towers.
Confirmation like a mug...John Hagee just preached about Abominations in the Bible
Everybody needs to listen to John Hagee.
have I said that I love John Hagee Ministries ??
Highly suggest reading, Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change, by John Hagee !
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Yeah I think John Hagee might be one of the few that's telling America to repent
Listen to John Hagee..he says it all the time!!!
John Hagee - Sin, Sex and Self Control: The Secrets of Self Control, Jan...: via
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . 1 Thessalonians 5:8—But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the...
"To get something you have never had, you must do something you have never done," John Hagee
Trouble is not a sign that God doesn't love. Trouble is a sign that you are a card-carrying member of the human race. -John Hagee
Let it be reminded that Christian United 4 Israel established & led by antisemite-messianic Pastor John Hagee
The world really is ending soon. I just know you'll buy anything about end times -- John Hagee
The Blood of the Cross Sermon by Pastor John Hagee: via
FAITH: John Hagee explains salvation to us.
Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world
John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying For War in the Name of Jesus
Christians United for Israel hits 2 million: … organization was founded by Pastor John Hagee in … ...
people like John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson for sure!!!
If you cannot deal with what's controlling you; what's controlling you will deal with you! - John Hagee.
Thank you for the follow back. John Hagee called my book Holy Spirit inspired information." Knowing the Terror of the LORD"
I've read bad things about John Hagee. I don't follow him. I forget the details.
I'm watching Cornerstone With John Hagee on my Hopper. great show
... James Dobson, Jimmy Swaggart, John Hagee, Kirk Cameron, Benny Hinn...I think you see where I'm going with this here.
"Malevolent Muslims"? So all Christians were crusaders & all Jewish are Zionists, in you logic, Ben. By-the-way, John Hagee, big
Pastor John Hagee. The triumph of the cross -
The vital Christian arouses opposition because he is a standing rebuke to the selfishness and sin of those around him. - John Hagee
We are indeed the light of the world--but only if our switch is turned on. - Pastor John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . 3 John 1:2—Beloved I wish above all else that you prosper and be in good...
"Who wants to be politically correct when you can read the Bible and be right.". ~ Pastor John Hagee
Lepracy of the soul: When you lose the sense of right and wrong... John Hagee
a lion cannot harm you...a shadow cannot hurt you..fear not" (Pastor John Hagee) "Yea, though I walk through
John Hagee Denies as the Messiah: you seen this? I don't think it can get crazier than this.
I am reading a book titled "Four Blood Moons" by John Hagee. About how sun moon and planets tie in with bible prophesy. All biblically based
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 10:33—If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father.
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Bear in mind that his name is 'Pastor' John Hagee. Does a REAL pastor hate like this? In as much as you have done...
"There is no limit to what you can do when you let God walk into your life" Pastor John Hagee
So according to Pastor John Hagee, Jesus Christ is coming back anytime between now and September 2015.
Happiness is when you sit upstairs and you hear thirteen of your grandchildren shouting your name at the same time - John Hagee
What do authors Mary Ellis, Ann Shorey, Julie Lessman, Steven James, John Hagee, and Dean Koontz have in common?…
How you act when you are in a place where nobody knows you is who you truly are. - John Hagee
...Through Jesus Christ there is peace, forgiveness and total healing!" - John Hagee
God does not promise smooth sailing but he does promise a safe landing. ~John Hagee
I'm watching John Hagee Today on my Hopper. great show
Pastor John Hagee,Founder Of National CUFI:. "We will not be defeated and discouraged.We are the worst nightmares! Victory will be ours!"
I love listening to John Hagee in the Morning 🙏
Just finished listening to Pastor John Hagee on Awesome Man of God. He preaches the Gospel fiercely. .
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Revelation 21:8—But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and...
At the end of the millennium (1000 years) the inhabitants of earth will be killed by fire from heaven. (Rev 20:7-9) There are no more humans alive. This is why physical death and Hades are cast into the lake of fire at the great white throne judgment (Rev. 20:11-15) This proves for the Lamb of God and His bride to rule over the nations, their rule must come at the beginning of the 1000 years not at the end. Yet, such reveled prophecy teachers as Jack Van Impe, Grant Jefferies, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, John Hagee, Chuck Missler, David Regan, David Jeremiah, all falsely teach the Bride returns twice from heaven, once at Armageddon (Rev 19:11-21) and again after the millennium ends! (Rev 21:9-10) I ask you, how can the Bride of Christ descend from heaven twice? And if the Bride descends inside a new heaven to a new earth at the end of the millennium, like most prophecy teachers falsely teach, then that would mean the Bride would remain heaven separated from her Groom for the entire 1000 years. Saints, after ...
I really enjoy and trust Pastor John Hagee Ministries
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TO ALL MY FRIENDS... My prayer for you is that God may give you a man/woman whose love is honest, strong, mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish but remember John Hagee says “those who created yesterday's pain are not responsible for tomorrow's potentials. Be fully incharge of yourself as God directs you... as God directs you...
John Hagee just brought out a Good Point! Quote : "Christmas is not a pagan Holiday .. It's CHRISTmas! Martin Luther read the scripture ," JESUS is the LIGHT of the WORLD" so he put LIGHTS on the CHRISTmas tree. So Thank you Atheist for sharing the LIGHT of the WORLD!" JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON MERRY CHRISTmas EVERYBODY ! Gotta Love John Hagee!
The daily application of God's Word through praise, proclamation, and prayer is the direct pathway to success and prosperity. JOHN HAGEE in LIFE'S CHALLENGES YOUR OPPORTUNITIES
Better make this a good Xmas, because if John Hagee is right*, the end of the world is coming in 2015... *he isn't
Pastor John Hagee has Predicted the End of Americ…:
Every act of obedience shortens the distance to the miracle God is bringing you to - Joseph's journey / John hagee
Favour is when God gets someone else to do the work, and you get the benefit - Joseph's journey/ John Hagee
God will not give you something great except you get desperate for His best - Joseph's Journey/John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Proverbs 18:21—Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that...
"Light and darkness cannot occupy the same territory."//John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee is a prophetic man of God I'd listen to him
A Prayer for me and you this Christmas Season, from Pastor John Hagee - CUFI (Christians United for Israel).
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Psalm 109:1-2—Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise; For the mouth of the...
Are You Ready to Proclaim the Rev. Mark H. Creech, Pastor John Hagee and Dr. Robert Jeffress are Cracka!!! More…
2014 Apr - 2015 Sep,Mark Biltz in 2008 and John Hagee claim that four "blood moons" in 2014 and 2015.The end of the world? Hoax or Not?
Like an once told me before. Committing is so much more too. That doesn't maen it's right
Or John Hagee. The guy always reminds me of Chuckie.
let's not forget Christian Zionists like john hagee. However, I see your point👌
Release & receive the over your child Thanku
God Monday morning. Beginning our day with a work out and John Hagee Ministries.
When trouble grows, your character don't know how strong you are till you've been in a battle. John Hagee
"Embrace the fact that God is on your side." ~ John Hagee.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . James 3:5-6—Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things.
That King o' the Jew *** slob John Hagee is the SCUM OF THE EARTH.
You can freeze together, as the Church of the Frozen Chosen; or you can melt together with the fire of the Holy Spirit. - John Hagee
"In the heart of every man lurks a sense of inner wrongness and a conscience that will not be silenced." [John Hagee]
I use 2 believe John Hagee. I know now the Lord has opened my eyes. That you and GOD Bless you Anita.
john hagee who is allah part 1. More
Please do not be fooled by false preachers like Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, and Joel Osteen. Go back to your Bibles
I love John Hagee wat a preacher he is.has a way of making one love the word of God
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So blessed to be in my home church today, Cornerstone Church led by my great Pastors John Hagee and…
I am amazed at the number of people I know who are not familiar with Neil deGrasse Tyson. It's obvious they do not watch programs on cable TV dealing with science, the cosmos, evolution and the origin of the universe. One friend in his 60s recently asked me, seeing Tyson on my TV screen, if he used to star in Sanford & Son. I kid you not! No wonder rightwing Christian fundamentalist preachers like John Hagee and Pat Robertson have such a stronghold over the masses, especially here in the South.
I see many people on Fb who claim to believe the Message of the Cross is the exclusive message that God works in however by their promotion of other false preachers prove they don't really believe its the only Message one needs for living for God. Many preachers are saying things that seem right but only to deceive. Here's some of them you need to examine more closely, Sid Roth, Mother Teresa, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyers, Rod Parsley, Perry Stone, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Andrew Womack, Arnold Murray, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, Rodney Howard Browne, Kim Clement, and many more. The Bible warns us. Ephesians 5:6-11 KJV Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving ...
Remember, it is God's presence in your life that matters...not the presents under the tree. For God so loved the world that He gave (John 3:16)... That is the single greatest gift any of us can receive...the gift of Salvation. Many of you might be feeling down and depressed this time of year because of circumstances in your life that are beyond your control. I want you to know that God sees. And He knows your pain. He carried your sorrow to the Cross long before you existed, so that today He could be your burden bearer. No matter what you are facing, take it to the Cross and leave it there. New beginnings start the day you allow Christ to come in and take over. And His mercies are renewed each and every day. Don't beat yourself up about yesterday, about what you didn't accomplish. Focus on the bright tomorrow and the complete victory that is yours in Jesus' mighty name! Quote from John Hagee.
HOW DO YOU INTRODUCE YOUR SELF! : [If you want a picture of a successful life as heaven measures it and God views it, don’t look for it in the glaring lights on Broadway. Don’t look for it in Washington, D.C., or in the United Nations. Instead, listen--for the sound of water splashing in a basin while God Incarnate, with a humility that made angels hold their breath, sponges the grime from the feet of His undeserving disciples in the upper room.] John Hagee. “’He who is greatest among you shall be your servant,’” Jesus said. (Matt. 23:11) [This statement shows true power, and this is absolute success in life. What do you think of when you hear the word “servant”? Do you see someone who is pathetic, without will or purpose? Someone who is bent over, crushed in spirit and lacking in self-esteem? Someone who is weary and soiled, wearing ragged, wrinkled clothes? Contrast your image with the definition of some of Christ’s devoted followers. For instance, how did the apostle Paul, the man who ...
Check out the movie trailer for Four Blood Moons - The Movie! This docu-drama was directed by Academy Award-winning director, Kieth Merrill. Produced by Rick Eldridge (The Ultimate Gift). Based on the New York Times Best-Selling book by John Hagee.
In Christ… What if… Men and women of Courage… In Christ… It’s such a wonderful joy to be in Christ. To know for a fact that you are in Christ, the body of the saved according to the scriptures. Knowing that, as long as you walk in the light, you’re in a saved condition. Knowing that no one can take you out of the Father’s hand but you. Knowing you’re a biblical new testament Christian. The bible has a term for that: in Christ. Your either in Christ or your not. There are only 2 options for all mankind. When your born, your born innocent and pure. Ezekiel 18 makes it clear we do not inherit anyone’s sins or the guilt thereof. The bible says we go astray and sin in our youth. That’s the age of accountability. When we are old enough to be accountable for our actions before God. Then, when we sin our sins separate us from God. We then have a sin problem and can only be taken away by the blood of Christ. In Christ there is redemption. In Christ is where all spiritual blessings are. No where ...
Jesus Christ is the one & only, For Him there is no substitute. If u would like to accept Him into your heart today or renew your commitement to Him... please read this Message from Pr John Hagee.. THERE IS A GREAT
Rejoice by choice! When you are praising the Lord, the enemy will flee. No negative thoughts can creep into your mind, when you are focused on Him. The very best is yet to come in your life. Don't give up before it arrives. Pastor John Hagee
Today on my news feed I see an interesting post. Something from John Hagee Ministries. I live in Australia so I have never heard of him before. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was wrong about that post. Anyway, I looked him up using Google. Is this guy for real? Four Blood Moons and other miscellaneous crap. People are always talking about how Islam is going to take the over the world but say virtually nothing about people like this.John Hagee is the sort of person that's incredibly scary and stupid at the same time. Do we really want Christian extremists in this world? This sort of religious extremism is dangerous and gives other Christians a really bad name.
Brits "Sergeant Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice were beaten and bloodied by their Jewish captors," then hanged.
John Hagee: A Profile in Pathological Christian Activism Well researched piece whatever your views on this subject.
Pastor Hagee (CUFI), receiving Zionist Organization of America award, proclaims that President Obama is anti-Semitic ht…
Whatever your crisis, lift your heads and REJOICE the best is yet to come - John Hagee
Marriage is like a teabag. You dont know how strong it is until it gets into hot water- Pastor John Hagee.
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Look up Pastor John Hagee sometime. He's the one whose endorsement McCain eventually declined, bc he's a nutbag.
When you bow to fear, you reject faith in God. The bible says, "The righteous are as bold as the Lion" - John Hagee
you and John Hagee are two people I've always looked up to growing up. Would love to have both your blessings, in poker and life.
Sitting at hospital enjoying my mother and watching John Hagee on TV. I am coming to Gonzales,TX this Sunday 11AM and 6PM. It will be good!
Just heard John Hagee use Acts 26:14 to claim that Hebrew is the language of heaven. Can't believe this type of teaching is so prevalent.
He is ALWAYS the right answer! Be still and know that HE is God. Your answer is on the way. - John Hagee
How far from Jesus the church has drifted
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Luke 21:36—Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted...
the of God sets us free of people's -John Hagee
People of God you are to the Kingdom of God -John Hagee
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