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John Hagee

John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is an American founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic megachurch with more than 19,000 active members.

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This is the day the Lord has made , let us rejoice & glad in it ! Rejoice by choice 'John Hagee' Great teacher
Common sense in America is not dying its dead! John Hagee
♛ John Hagee today ★The God of All Hope The Door of Hope|John Hagee - Jul 19, 2015 -
John Hagee uses the verses below to argue that the end of the world would take place this year. . Acts 2:19-20...
♛ The Power of the Prophetic Blessing Born to be Blessed|John Hagee - Dec 3, 2014 -
♛ John Hagee today ★The Lords Prayer For Thine is the Kingdom Conclusion|John Hagee - Mar 3, 2015 -
nah. John Hagee says something is happening in september, so.
John Hagee, "The Triumph of the Cross: The Power of the BLOOD" ( Full HD ) Aug (4 -11), 2015 -
John Hagee warns that "God will allow terrorists to attack the United States" because of the Iran nuclear deal:
is John Hagee not one of the types we see in apartheid movies with in one hand the bible shouting that black people are less?!
Pastor John Hagee arrives to offer support to Jewish community targeted by vandals
Yall should look into Preterist eschatology. Far more interesting than Scofield and John Hagee. Solid stuff
Note: John Hagee, author of the "documentary" Four Blood Moons. So, he's invested in not knowing about eclipses.
I don't know, John Hagee at says we should be worried.
Religious devil Pastor John Hagee missed it:. Sarah Palin is the anti-Christ
I added a video to a playlist John Hagee's 75th Birthday - Grandkids Sing for Pastor
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I just saved you $1000 you don't have to buy John Hagee or Jack Van Impe tapes
"The Prince of Peace is here to break every yoke and chain of bondage in your life!" -Pastor John Hagee. Watch John Hagee on TCT!...
is ruled by .an who is in cahoots w John Hagee and HIS ~ REPORT IT .~ NOW
they really do.They are Racist - evangelicals especially are raw Zionists led by Pastor John Hagee.
"In the darkest & deepest valley you can sing the sweetest song because the God of the valley is the God of the mountain.". John Hagee
Great conversation with great Men of God! a Dr. Dollar, John Hagee, Andrew Wommack! …
John Hagee and eight reasons America may not survive until 2017 via
John Hagee Bold Satanic Hand Signs (link in description box for vid with... via
John Hagee Sermons 2015, Triumphant in the Day of Trouble Part 2 -
John Hagee is on point this morning!
John Hagee says US doesn't bring fight to extremists because we are BROKE But if that's true why would we give 150bill to Iran
John Hagee's Response to Supreme Court Marriage Ruling via 9 attorneys ruling America, that's what we have
watch John Hagee's Blood Moons: time to fly!!
' God will have to judge America or he is going to apologise to Sodom & Gommorah 'Pastor John Hagee
Could John Hagee's "Countdown to Jerusalem" be a prophetic warning? I can't say only God knows and time will tell. But Jews&Christians PRAY.
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I read John Hagee's book "Countdown to Jerusalem" and could this US-Iran nuclear deal bring us closer to a real "Countdown to Jerusalem.
Too bad there are not enough Pastors like Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Perry Stone and Jim Bakker speaking up.
First stop on my month long Journey of ministry is San Antonio, Texas! John Hagee Ministries excited to minister to the youth this week!
Pastor John Hagee has Predicted the End of America on Dec. 13 - 2015? WA... via
John Hagee!!! God bless you abundantly...Keeping preaching the Word of God as you have done.
Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Dave Ramsey, this would be a good time to show that Christian love I've heard so much about.
Every Christian needs to see John Hagee's the Four Blood Moons sermon series. I can't express enough how important it is to watch.
I would I agree with Pastor John Hagee, Franklin Graham an the Prophet the Jewish rabbi , Jack Van Impe Tim...
watch John Hagee all the time, but Texas is a very religious state there are dozens of ministers. keep in touch bye
this conspiracy coincides with John Hagee's last blood moon on sept28
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Luke 8:27-—And when He stepped out on the land, there met Him a certain man...
Wonder how john hagee is taking this same sex legalisation.
John Hagee - Homosexuality, Alternative or Abomination - via
Hagee what sayth you about the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage?
There are two appointments you will keep. One is your going to die. Heres a statistic that you need to remember 1 out of 1 dies. ~John Hagee
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"The fundamental principle of Christianity is to be what God is, and he is light." -John Hagee. Don't miss an episode of John Hagee! Get...
Shalom Perry,love watching you. Are you doing any more Prophecy with Jonathan Cahn , John Hagee, and Mark biltz? Bless you
Maybe John Hagee will continue on his path of gluttony till he 'splodes.
Looking forward to US Supreme Court reactions from John Hagee, Pat Robertson & other Christian pastors who preach love & tolerance.
John Hagee has been right about all of this for years. God uses him in an incredible way.
Does Lindsey Graham have a pastor problem John Hagee ?
Follow God's lead. He will never direct you wrong. (John Hagee)
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 12:22-28—Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind,...
Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to John Hagee for reporting false story...
"We have to start by clearing something up," said Goldberg. "Yesterday we said that there was a pastor that said...
"Happiness does not depend on the type of house a person lives in; it depends on the type of person who lives in the house." ~John Hagee
Whoopi Goldberg apologises to John Hagee for reporting falsely. Finally, someone in the media prepared to admit...
Pastor John Hagee blamed the outbreak. on President . position on Israel.
What are the Four Blood Moons and their meaning? Find out as Mark Biltz and John Hagee explains the prophetic...
JACOBS: Okay, I need ideas for New Day. DYLAN: Turn them into militants funded by John Hagee. TRUTH: *dances*
Pastor calls fo jail term for women who call God's name during sex: Dr. John Hagee, the founder and senior pas...
John Hagee: women who take God's name in vain during sex should go to prison
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Dwight Thompson hosts John Hagee, Dr. Jack Graham, David Barton, Ron Luce and Del Way in Dalla…
it's a non denominational church in San Antonio Texas called cornerstone. The head pastor is John Hagee.
I wonder what John Hagee and other Christian Zionist pastors have to say about this and other blasphemous acts of vandalism.
John Hagee is a Christian the worst kind ,part of the rapture cult if you get my drift
John Hagee and Jack Van Impe have surely creamed their panties.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Genesis 1:16—And God made two lights; the greater light to rule the day and the...
awesome teaching by John Hagee on The Three Heavens:Demons on "Keep keeping Jesus on the airwaves
.Who will stand up against the virulent anti-Semitism of leader and Netanyahu ally John Hagee? .
Just ministered to a friend who has gone to John Hagee's church for 20 years. He couldn't give me a clear Gospel presentation.So sad in my❤️
Joyce and I in the office of Pastor John Hagee 2007
What happened was, the Israel Government bought John Hagee a Gulfstream jet so he could take flights there
Four Blood Moons Study Companion --> reviews the companion book to this series:
Find out whether or not recommends the Four Blood Moons bible study series:
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Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio says our Nation will be judged solely on the way we treat & respond to Israel.
John Hagee Launches THE THREE HEAVENS: "The Three Heavens" also is the highest-...
The message here? . "You really need to be plugged into the Lord, before you take on the devil." ~ Pt John Hagee. ~ Book: "The Three Demons"
"Demons are Not fallen angels." via John Hagee Ministries, TBN Ev. Day EasternTime or by clicking on his site:. ~
John Hagee's latest release. The Three Heavens. Pastor John Hagee vividly describes an exciting journey into the...
"Problems quicken your wit. Problems force you to think outside the box."- Life's challenges; Your Opportunities by John Hagee.
"We all detest problems, but problems are the reason for every improvement we make."- Life's challenges; Your Opportunities by John Hagee
Worry will get you to only one place ahead of schedule.the cemetery.John Hagee
We have Dr. John Hagee with us this week on Watch Part 1 of his intimate interview with
John Hagee 2015 - 'Prophecy of the Seven Feasts Prophecy of Trumpets'
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Psalm 27:1—The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord...
Where I disagree with John Hagee and Mark Blitz. via
Wow John Hagee's series about the three heavens is powerful!! So many things are being revealed to me...
"Even when your last friend is walking out, Jesus is always walking in." . ~ Pastor John Hagee
4 of 5 stars to The Three Heavens by John Hagee
That's what John Hagee teaches that's what Jack Van Impe teachers and that's what I teach
Sorry I don't believe the church is going through the Great Tribulation I believe like John Hagee and Jack Van Impe does
Published on Apr 15, 2015 Perry Stone | Manna Fest 2015 Thank you so much and God Bless You Perry Stone | Perry...
You need to understand that part of the issue here, is the fact that religious indoctrination includes end of...
the only difference between him and John Hagee, he had power to deploy troops.
Leader John Hagee confirms Christian is ! Spread this to enlighten bigots RT
We get discouraged, because we count our blessings with our fingers and our miseries on our calculators »John Hagee«
Watching and there are references to Blood Moons in this movie. Thankfully John Hagee has not made an appearance yet.
Since it was a year ago, throwback to my graduation when I took a selfie with Rick Santorum and John Hagee.
Okay here they are:. Spiritual Warfare by Richard Ing. The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee..and
There's nothing like starting my day listening to John Hagee Miniseries.
Pray for America…..America is every bit as sin-sick as Sodom and Gomorrah ever were. We're rotting from within. John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Deuteronomy 13:1-5—If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams,...
America is filled with counterfeit churches preaching a counterfeit gospel - John Hagee
I liked a video John Hagee Full Sermon Prophecy for Tomorrow Christ has Returned to Jerusalem Feb 6,
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
You support and have joined forces with A right wing Zionist organization run by John Hagee and David Brog.
I liked a video John Hagee Prophecy for Tomorrow Part 1
It is all part of the PREPARARTION. Read up on The Four Blood Moons, John Hagee. COMING TO PASS>
Perhaps are divine retribution for John Hagee's anti-American hypocrisy http:/…
“Jesus is in the happiness business.” John Hagee
Is it a John Hagee Ministry affiliated church or just similar names by minesterial names coincidence?
support John Hagee who blamed Katrina on the *** But, they are outraged with Al Sharpton?
John Hagee-Jesus sent out disciples with powers over demons.
John Hagee-Demons seek to Rob, kill and destroy . They enter your life by invitation-avoid occultist books & power.
John Hagee-Jesus sent out his apostles with special powers to cast out demons .
Encounter News Mag Pastor John Hagee: Join me in Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
“Jesus is in the happiness business.”. – John Hagee
Like I shared if it's all about Abraham we are told then Arabs have more claim to canaan by patriarch law since...
Hagee is a Holocaust revisionist and "pro-Israel" anti-Semite!
"If you don't take authority over satan. Satan will take authority over you." By Pastor John Hagee.
Where’s John Hagee now that Texas is getting Divine Retribution?
I bought the "John Hagee Prophecy Bible" unaware it was a "new" KJV version I gave it to a woman for it not fit for a man.
Frankly, this time this man who calls himself a preacher may be right! He and the other Republican politicians he...
By the way-I gave my "John Hagee Prophecy Bible" to my mom-to get her out of the goofed up NASB etc versions
John Hagee: Jesus is the Great Physician that bound Satan.
Make no mistake, Hagee's a calculating, vicious nutbag, who, if given the chance would help with America's...
Ireland votes for *** marriage, is not destroyed by floods, earthquakes. Can someone get comment from Revs Pat Robertson or John Hagee?
indeed. We should but when John Hagee and others like r pushing this...well, you know...
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Romans 14:17—For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness,...
Terrorist Preacher John Hagee Threatens to Destroy America and yet Nothing Happens to him
He may be right. Looks like America is well down the road to destruction. Unaccountable Government. Unfair...
I added a video to a playlist Perry Stone 2015 | Praise the Lord Apr 6, 2015 | Guest John Hagee...
I shall have to add that to the host of tomes on this subject, namely those by and John Hagee.
I liked a video John Hagee Denies Jesus as the Messiah
Hey Hagee, what states seem to be having more natural disasters? Think maybe God is trying to tell cretins like...
Unfortunately they have been sent to the John Hagee instead.
People like him have done a very good job of destroyinng the United States of America. The only thing that keeps...
Sure. Your god has screwed everything up so far. . What is he also running for president, on the republican side?
I just finished The Three Heavens by John Hagee! Very inspiring read!
John Hagee Today, Sunday Night at Cornerstone - Special Guest- Shawn Mic... via i miss out on this
Unfortunate that the Hebrews won't allow the substitution of a fat sow for their Third Temple sacrifice. John Hagee could have done the job.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . 2 Timothy 3:16—All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable...
It's the false prophet - John Hagee and troop. Really, no morals, no logic, no brain. It's sad.
Jackie, Kim & Steve with John Hagee CUFI in Washington DC 2012 via
Loving me some John Hagee and Meredith Andrews this morning! Talk about a good morning.
I'm watching John Hagee and earning great rewards from
John Hagee Ministries - Memorial Day Ministry Update via we remember those who we lost
“If your investments are limited to this earth, you are the world’s worst investor.”. John Hagee
John Hagee has to be the most bigoted Christian evangelical. On so many levels.
Taping shows on toxic thinking with Matthew Hagee, son of John Hagee Ministeries
Pastor John Hagee is really really really good at preaching the word of God.
I heard "blood moons" so often this evening I assumed John Hagee was preaching.
Anyone who would believe anything John Hagee says when it comes to prophecy has ZERO spiritual discernment
ays about the "fool". I said that'd I'd heard John Hagee-a Godly ma
it's a prophecy book by John hagee called "the 4 blood moons"...3 have passed, famine, pestilence, war then death
John Hagee said similar words to me when I dedicated my life to Jesus. Your going to *** whether you believe in it or not!
I'm glad to be helping out this weekend at Cornerstone Church with Pastor John Hagee.
Hello Ps John Hagee, hope you are Okay. Ps John in writing the three;
stats: 11 followers, unfollowers and restitution in the letter word. Bird is WOW I'm not creeping I want more to Tyler Durden John Hagee
Watch John Hagee Ministry video: Israel vs. Iran (not the exact title) He tells what is about to happen.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . 1 John 4:1—Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether...
“Since my money is God's money, every spending decision I make is a spiritual decision.” . ― John Hagee
When you know the Lord is your source, your potential is unlimited. - John Hagee
You're not really free until you're free from trying to please everybody. ~John Hagee
The ones in the John Hagee mold come first.
CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic - See more at:
Listen to one of John Hagee's sermons.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Ephesians 5:25—Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church...
And it's from John Hagee, who's financing more settlements in the West Bank to try to hurry up the apocalypse.
John Hagee | IS OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST , JAN 08, 2015 | John Hagee 2015 from the mouths of the AntiChrist
RWW News: John Hagee Rails Against "Counterfeit Christians" what is wrong on the right
John Hagee - 'Sin, Sex and Self Control Sex in Marriage God's Word to Men' Jun 22, 2014 -...
John Hagee also has a great book that matches up scripture and the 4 blood moons!
BELIEVE in HIS WORD-maybe this: Pastor John Hagee is teaching currently on TV of the 3 heavens-the Bible tells us much of these & defines it
John Hagee, who believes God requires US government to adopt position of Likud party, has other odd views.
Salon is calling John Hagee "the right's new doomsday prophet" and I'm confused because I grew up watching this guy
I added a video to a playlist John Hagee Today, What's Going to Happen Next Part 2
If there was a *** fire Pastor John Hagee, Ken Copeland and all them other tell preachers will be there that's for sure Vickl
"It used to take all day to make a woman's dress; now a silk worm could do it on his lunch break." - John Hagee
John Hagee is not a new player on the right wing nut job practice squad. via
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“Jesus is in the happiness business.” ~ John Hagee. today!
The moon is sort of red tonight. Cue three new fiction titles by John Hagee.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Ephesians 4:15— but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into...
"Champions are never chosen from the ranks of the unscarred." . John Hagee
The Three Heavens by John Hagee is a must read!
The Three Heavens by John Hagee is a fascinating look at the three different Heavens described in the Bible. I highly recommend it.
AMERICA'S NEW DOOMSDAY PROPHET - This is mega-Pastor John Hagee, the leading purveyor of a theory that the "blood...
Spiritual Workout of the Day (SWOD): Remember how many times God has come thru for you! . (Source: John Hagee...
John Hagee is coming to the UK! See my comments to on the launch of pro
I just heard a.sermon from John Hagee or billy Graham I can't remember I'll look
John Hagee - 10 Signs we are the Final Generation
John Hagee Ministries 2015: 'Prophecy for Tomorrow The Church of Jesus Christ has been Raptured'
Jack Van Impe and John Hagee have creamed their pants.
Rev.John Hagee: Life after death experiences open rich vistas of Third Heaven-that hope changes our life on earth.
Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change by John Hagee via kindle $2.99 today
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How in heaven's name can ANY christians listen to "teachers" like Perry Stone, Sid Roth, John Hagee etc., there...
Is John Hagee's son in law my lawyer? I golfed w/ that guy & he can take a joke. I would vouch for him. He was so nice.
and in Canada we need to watch Harper and his Christian and Missionary Alliance, John Hagee and Charles McVetey...jq. The Republican...
We're so excited to be working alongside John Hagee Ministries and Worthy Publishing in spreading the word about...
Watching John Hagee, "our youth today are looking to the occult for supernatural power because they can't find it...
There's a battle for the soul of America going on.- Pastor John Hagee
Happy Monday! When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future. 🔥🔥🔥 - John Hagee
Hope is faith reaching out in the darkness, knowing that the hand reaching back to you is the hand of God. ~ John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Philippians 1:10—That you may approve the things that are excellent, that you...
"Trouble is a priceless treasure that drives you to Jesus.". -Vada Mildred Hagee (John Hagee's mother)
Are these rightwingers so called Christian Pastors or Satan's Pastors.
John Hagee Ministries Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all...
Great request! How 'bout Rev John Hagee too. C'mon out ALL you leaders
Pastor John Hagee verdict on the his thought on Isreal...
"In the life of every Believer, there's HOPE for a complete breakthrough! Don't be afraid to dream a new dream!" John Hagee
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Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 7:11—"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your...
Great sermon by Pastor John Hagee Ministries this morning at Cornerstone Church I can't wait to share it with you...
"You can live a godly live for 50years and one night of sin could ruin it."- John Hagee
"The Lord will never approve a man can marry a man, but Washington can."- John Hagee
"When you bow to public opinion you compromise your testimony."- John Hagee
That moment when you get out scienced by a creationist .
When trouble grows your character shows...Pastor John Hagee
The fire that God puts us through is not to punish us but to purge us! John Hagee
John Hagee said it. Please read links before using the word 'you'
They're probably members of the church that the insane John Hagee runs in San Antonio, Texas.
Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazis while his ally John Hagee is a virulent anti-Semite who blames the Holocaust on Jews.
I'm watching the Shawn Michaels DVD. I still laugh when I see that his pastor is John Hagee
Troubles that drive you to Jesus are priceless jewels- John Hagee
Happy Birthday Pastor John Hagee and many more bless birthdays to come!!
HBD Pastor John Hagee. You have surpassed three score and ten years. May the Favor of God abound with you forever...
Now Jack Van Impe knows that & so does John Hagee & several others I see on TV who use this same time either 1 Thess 4:16 or 1 Corinth 15:52
On the show tonight the big d zone will join in the birthday celebration of pastor John Hagee Ministries 75 years...
If you cannot endure the pain of the prison you will be destroyed by the comfort of the palace. John Hagee.
The man who walks with God ALWAYS reaches his destination. John Hagee
Happy Birthday to televangelist and writer John Hagee (April 12,1940), author of “Financial Armageddon” (2008) et al.
Celebrating the 75th birthday of John Hagee!
Happy Birthday to our Pastor John Hagee! . 57 years of ministry in his 75th year of life during the…
If you cannot survive the pain of the prison then you will not be able to handle the prosperity of the palace. John Hagee
He has been preaching 57 years & is 75 today,His son will pay him tribute on their web at John Hagee Ministries soon
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Luke 6:38—Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down and...
Today is John Hagee's Birthday! Join us in wishing him a blessed birthday! :-). John Charles Hagee (born...
John Hagee and Hagee fils. Plenty of the number 2 there.
"Prayer should be your first choice, not your last chance.". ~ Pastor John Hagee. Pray first. Talk later.
Happy 75th Birthday to Pastor John Hagee! . Forever grateful for his love and the opportunity to serve…
"There’s an unlimited future for you. Shake off your stinking thinking & see yourself for who you are, a child of God!" John Hagee
Are the ranks of John Hagee onto something with their view of the recent
Pastor John Hagee talks about bestseller & movie "The Four Blood Moons", now @ &
I'm surprised that John Hagee didn't catch this and write a few books.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Philippians 4:29—My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in...
Happy Birthday to the great teacher of our time and God will continue to strengthen you in all area of your life - Pastor John Hagee
Happy Birthday PST JOHN HAGEE! Your Ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me!
Joel Osteen is almost as fake of a pastor as John Hagee.
Christians United For Israel's John Hagee has in the past engaged in extreme anti-semitic rhe...
Trouble that drives you to Jesus is a prizeless treasure-Pastor John Hagee
Mega-church pastor and New York Times best selling author John Hagee has been busy selling something that I’d...
Top Netanyahu ally Pastor John Hagee clarifies: He does believe Jews need Jesus to be "saved"
JOHN HAGEE "THE END TIMES ARE HERE" 10 SIGNS **MUST WATCH**: This is worth 8 min of your life.
Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, etc should stay out of politics and world events, getting too old
Hi John Hagee when is the four blood Moon movie coming out.
John Hagee, traitor to Christian's, traitor to his country!
Please bring back John Hagee rather listen to him than Andre Roebert will not say what I think of him
If the world is ending this year like John Hagee says it is, I'm going on an all Taco Bell & Little Caesar's diet. Zebra…
"John Hagee the Heretic from *** this guy has anti Zionism stuff too. he's nuts tho
"Glenn Beck for Faith Czar?" f/u: "Do you consider him a brother in Christ?" bonus f/u: "John Hagee for Amb. to Israel?"
You need to read more and educate yourself other than FoxNews and John Hagee your pastor
John Hagee’s Ministry Responds to ‘Four Blood Moons’ Allegations: Megachurch Pastor John Hagee is not the “dis...
Hagee walks back blood-moons 'discovery': WASHINGTON – A spokesman for mega-Pastor John Hagee insists in a let...
Don't forget will be ministering @ Pastor John Hagee's church this morning. If you are in the area, come out!
The fraudulent Pastor John Hagee will most likely do a whole sermon about this, lol
WND has issued a demand letter to San Antonio mega-Pastor John Hagee.
New: John Hagee confuses 9/11 with the shooting of Ronald Reagan
the rest if you have never heard John Hagee you should
he needs prayer and help bad John Hagee if you know him is going on June 19-20 if we get him there the holy sprit will do
. Like John Hagee says, God never intended for it to be Bob and Bruce. He intended for it to be Bob and Mary.
You "Christians" that are running around supporting abortion, you are not. Abortion is murder in the first degree. - John Hagee
Update your maps at Navteq
This does not surprise me! John Hagee just said the other day, poor people deserve to starve!
So after watching this: . I've come to the conclusion that John Hagee is a flipping...
George W. Bush John Hagee Ministries Isaiah 13:19 Babylon, the most glorious of kingdoms, the flower of Chaldean...
"When something is 'out of control', it is merely out of your control, Not God's". (Pastor John Hagee)
Liam Matthews Do You Believe? and John Hagee Ministries join us on Wednesday's show 2-4 CT.
can check out google on Jewish holidays and 4 blood moons! or John Hagee's book on 4 blood moons! Fascinating!! Be blessed!
that vile anti Semitism from John Hagee is one of those clips that somehow gets worse every time you suffer through watching it
Where there is no Fear of God, there is no Knowledge. Facts is not Knowledge, the Fear of and Love for God is Knowledge. ~ John Hagee
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Matthew 5:7—Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Part Two—...
Don't wait for God to do something, you better call upon him before you receive that something. ~ John Hagee
You don't give God what's left, You give God what's right. That's your first fruit. ~ John Hagee
If Satan was not afraid to challenge Jesus Christ, he will never be afraid to challenge you. ~ John Hagee on Deliver Us From the Evil One
If You are not looking for the coming of Christ, You are not going when he comes. ~ John Hagee
I know you don't believe me go see John Hagee and your life will be changed.not gust spiritually but monetarily, interactions
John Hagee it theMinistries prophecy conference you want proof go will leave crying like a Baby
Four Blood Moons :Something Is About To Change written by JOHN HAGEE speak about ISRAEL /JERUSALEM & its future
...or John Hagee. I can't remember the exact title & author right now. Just asking you out of curiosity.
He is Jewish, I heard him speak once in one of Pastor John Hagee's Sermon.I'm a strong fan of him&Israel...
Friday's solar eclipse will be the beginning of the end of the world, say Christian pastors - John Hagee
TCP members come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, but a good many of us used to share in the...
You have to love what religion does!
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Saintly or Snaky—Part two. Matthew 23:27—Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees,...
The decline of religion in the US is in part, I think, due to these nutcase extremist christian...
. Benjamin Netanyahu and his American ally John Hagee's "half-breed Jews"
When we are powerful we are mighty in the spirit. You will never conquer or change when you refuse to confront. John Hagee
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