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John Gotti

John Joseph Gotti, Jr (October 27, 1940 – June 10, 2002) was an American mobster who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City.

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You ask the correct people out here, I'm John Gotti and expect to be spoken to as such, because I can make your whole family tree disappear
Weiner evidently fell prey to his own arrogance sense of entitlement & near sightedness like so many. From…
I'm john gotti I be with a lot of henchmen
Sawn-off shotty, this the Ghost of John Gotti
John Gotti's lawyer. Trump's been rolling mob deep in the swamp all along.
Y’all don’t be this mad when people get killed for no reason tho..
John gotti the only one that kept it G to the end
Mueller flipped Sammy the Bull, Gotti's trusted henchman. To get to Gotti. Mu…
John yachty like a yo gotti for the John of all gottis according to lil yachty.
Had To Chip It Up With Cuz at his concert yesterday.…
Proves money and John Gotti equal Freedom. Serial Killer or not.
That vile Murdoch makes Mafia Don John Lieb Gotti look like an angel.
Shaun King got more connections than John Gotti. Everybody talking to him. Lol
I just be with me a shooter like I'm John Gotti.
Reminds me of the time you thought John Gotti was on Dancing With the Stars
I just got the context of the John Gotti and Guiliani line in Biggies Everyday struggle. I'm happy
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Won't do any good.he is like John Gotti.another Teflon Don
All bc people taking a stand for equality. Smh, they don't want us to strive
Always remember that the White man, Peter Norman, supported John & Tommie by wearing that Human Rights badge. He was sh…
Sammy Gravano is released from What are your thoughts? 
Being an American was an honor until Trump showed up in White House! My wife said that.…
When you wake up on Sunday to a picture text of John Gotti in a Raiders jacket. My friends really get me.
No one could deny that John Gotti was a Snappy Dresser.
The Republicans would if they had a chance to make trillions of dollars. This is greed on a level that w…
It’s like John Gotti goes to Washington instead of Mr. Smith.
U are definitely nutso this guy u call President has more investigations goi…
“I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you are afraid.”- John Gotti
Always surprised John Gotti Jr didn't flee to Israel. He had "right of return" privileges through his mother I assume.
2Pac - John Gotti's and Scarface's 2014 NEW most HD video of Tupac ever ... via
Mobster who helped lock up John Gotti released from prison
It would of been so cool if I got wacked In by and John Gotti Jr controlling showbiz!!!
A whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred can't possibly "Make Ameri…
John Gotti’s kids felt the same about him. It’s an easy excuse to disregard the things he did, that were wrong!
confirms that El Chapo has hired Jeffrey Lichtman, the attorney who got John Gotti acquitted http…
FYI: John Gotti died in prison. Is this supposed to be a threat or something? Keep spending our money El Chapo. Yo…
Donnie was shipped to NYMA and played toy soldier. The same school John Gotti Jr. attend…
I don't gotta pay for a body, I just say go, I got power like a young John gotti
El Chapo has hired a team of U.S. lawyers. Past cases: "Teflon Don" and ex MX cartel leader Beltran Leyva
'El Chapo' Guzman hires John Gotti Jr's lawyer in U.S. case - Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the captured leader of...
Why ordering a hit on “Big Paul” Castellano at Sparks Steak House was John Gotti’s big mistake http…
Hypocrite Bret Stephens uses my Italian Heritage to compare me to John Gotti, but called Trump 'shameful' for criticizing…
He came up with Sammy the Bull & John Gotti his media facade is built around the same psychology Vin…
Predictions for replacement for head of OGE: Richard Nixon, John Gotti, Boss Tweed.
House vote victory party in Rose Garden reminded me of the John Gotti parties after he beat the rap. Pure mafia vibe.
Mueller helped take on Manuel Noriega and the bombers of Pan Am Flight 103; Comey helped prosecute mafia boss John Gotti and Martha Stewart
There's so much white collar/dirty/blood money in this administration it's like Bernie Madoff, John Gotti, & War Do…
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It's not inappropriate...if you're Joffrey Lannister or John Gotti.
Apparently Donald Trump's management style is more John Gotti than John F Kennedy.
I swear I wish I was born around the time when the Mob was a big thing..I would have loved to do hits for John Gotti, or Lucky Luciano
Kevin Connolly directs John Travolta on set of John Gotti biopic
John Gotti killed mobster played by Joe Pesci in 'Goodfellas' via
John Gotti's grandson and acquitted Lufthansa heist mastermind busted in mob takedown
Roy Cohn: lawyer to Trump, John Gotti, the Yankees and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of NY. . Nothing but the best.
Gotti's grandson gets 8 years in in - Mar 2 @ 9:52 PM ET
Call me john gotti im sendin hits errday
He also agreed to forfeit $259,996 in seized drug profits as part of the deal reached last month with Queens...
John Gotti's father Peter and and uncle John Gotti Jr. pictures
Family ask me if im in the illuminati. Beat 20 cases like I'm John Gotti.
Any criminal case is tryable for the defense. John Edwards and Gotti Junior proved that with their getting off
Fox - John Gotti's grandson gets eight years in drug case
John Gotti grandson gets eight years in prison for dealing drugs - New York Post
Van Jones must be stoned. Trump was as presidential as John Gotti, and as honest
I beat a couple of cases I feel like John Gotti 👿
John Gotti’s grandson, who shares his name, was sentenced to eight years in prison on Thursday after pleading guil…
John Gotti’s Grandson Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison in Drug Case
Grandson of mob boss John Gotti gets 8 years in drug case
John Gotti’s grandson gets 8 years in prison in drug case - Thu, 02 Mar 2017 PST
John Gotti’s grandson sentenced to 8 years in prison on drug charges
King was linked to mobster John Gotti, and was sued by his boxers, e.g. Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, and Mike Tyson.
Like a shottie... so loud ima hurt somebody. From the school of hard Knox, principal John Gotti.
Golden Flashes 3 TD+ home dogs! Who is the other analyst in the booth with Desmond Howard, John Gotti?
I beat the double cases I feel like John Gotti.
"Rudy Giuliani ain't tryna see a black man turn to John Gotti."
By not electing John Gotti. Codes of basic decency? Hillary is the essence of Corruption & Crime.
Just walked in the spot I'm bouta vote for my mans rq.
dear president Obama free john gotti he did what Hillary did but he is in jail she is running for president no double standards there lol
they're not stupid. Electing Hillary would be like electing John Gotti.
Hillary body count higher than Al Capone and John Gotti em lol She got pull with the MAFIA y'all go start seeing boys disappear 😂😂😂
I liked a video The Life and Death of John Gotti | John Travolta Interview
Trump is not an aberration He's the X rated GOP He's to the GOP what John Gotti was to the Mafia who ended the Godfather myths
Vote for John Gotti as 1st Italian American president. Wht matters most is he is Italian! CCN logic
Am I the only one to compare Hillary with John Gotti? Brazen haughty,nasty and totally corrupt?. Every election is going to be fixed now!
Some of y'all been stuck where you at doing the mannequin challenge your whole life and don't even know it.
I'm telling u son she deadass broke my heart b
On my own wave and I'm moving different, y'all steady watching but can't tell the difference
Be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order. John Gotti
If John Gotti was still alive, trust me... i wonder if Donald Trump was still gona be, US president.
. We thought UR good Mayor but you're like John Gotti with your dirty work destroying FBI reputation BC desperate for job!
I'll be casting a write in for the dead mobster John Gotti. Got the idea from The Godfather.
All I wanted was to be what I became to be. John Gotti
You can see right through people's stories as you work your wa... More for Virgo
Paul Loeb is Ed Rendell and they gave been trying to kill John Gotti because he is one with Sarah Warburg who is Ma…
Now playing on Apache Ent Radio on Tunein app Kevin Gates - John Gotti
Unfortunately Mr. Mayor, like John Gotti, nothing has ever stuck to Teflon Hillary. So terrible for us. 🙏😥
I never lie because I don't fear anyone. You only lie when you're afraid. ~John Gotti.
you already have! Under investigation more times than John Gotti…
She's more Teflon than John Gotti...she'll get hers soon
- John Gotti (Prod. by Engineered by official engineer
Congratulations Your perseverance, influence, strength, power, & arrogance make John Gotti look like an amateur
Electing Trump President to end corruption is like appointing John Gotti Attorney General to end organized crime.
Mafia leader John Gotti called the "Teflon Don", Can the Clinton's be called the "Teflon Corruptor's"?
Is that like praising John Gotti for his nice suits?
John Gotti had more integrity and honesty than James Comey.
.is stumping w/ Don King who stomped a man to death, pled 5th on ties to John Gotti & was called "a b…
Really enjoying Bob Costas and his stories about John Gotti and Harry Caray.
Hillary is no different then John Gotti she is a criminal and you know where they go
Did Donald really want to hire John Gotti to run his campaign? didnt know he was dead
as Trumps new campaign manager John Gotti
daughter who is John Gotti son twins and they were taken by William Sampson who is in the picture with Jayme Davis sister.
any of it were true,she'd be in jail already!Even Teflon Don John Gotti was prosecuted eventually,and they had real evidence 4m
Any lingering self-doubt quickly dissipates today as witty Mer... More for Virgo
Even Al Capone and John Gotti were eventually brought down. A fine piece by
I just be with me a shooter like im John Gotti
Feeling like John Gotti the way Im slangin this Blow 😎
Yup, I'm in it! . Already shot my scenes with Leo Rossi and John Travolta. . Also in it; Al Pacino, Stacy Keach &...
I jus be wit me a shoota like I'm John Gotti
Is there really anyone left in the USA that believes Hit-liar is anything but a gangster just like John Gotti?
Seems to me that on many, many levels and John Gotti are the exact same type of person.
Then congratulations to Mrs John Gotti I mean Hillary Clinton your mentor. Crime is not legal for Clinton or Trump
Yglesias is victorious: the partial info disclosed under legal threat did NOT show John Gotti bribing Hillary
Yeah, they did the same thing to poor, persecuted John Gotti.
.. What rock did she crawl out from under. . Obama Hillary. . Makes John gotti..look like a florist. . *** .
Mob boss John Gotti threatened to tear Frank Sinatra a new ***hole via
And officer Ricky talking like he a goon lol stop it *** ain't John gotti
John Travolta as John Gotti still kinda looks like John Travolta as Robert Shapiro
I lost a fresh 8th today so I know somebody happy asf 😕
John Travolta 'The Life and Death of John Gotti' first look...
Futures a Scorpio , drake a Scorpio , John gotti a Scorpio .. You get it lol ?
John Travolta goes gangster in exclusive first look at 'The Life and Death of John Gotti':
Family ask me if I'm in Illuminati,. Beat 20 cases like John Gotti
John Gotti was the Teflon Don. he failed. the Clinton Crime Family is the Copper Pot family & no matter what, NOTHING sticks!
Rep. Robert Brady lied and told Joseph Bonanno who is John Gotti that his daughter Marguerite DeWitt who is Sarah Ann DeWitt too the body &
Rep. Robert Brady has John Gotti who is Joseph Bonanno's body and he stole it from the union and lied about it and
John Gotti's son just got arrested today 😂
John Gotti, grandson of mob boss, arrested in drug bust via
Donald Trump is doing to the GOP what John Gotti did to the Mafia
domain names
Tatted like amigos, amigos front me kilos 🤑
John Gotti's grandson got arrested.. Following in the footsteps of his historic grandpa
John Gotti (grandson) arrested for allegedly running drug ring (oxycodone) in Queens.
Massive mob bust comes same day John Gotti's grandson arrested on drug charges
ARG keep losing and Maradona keeps moving the pieces behind the curtains like a peak John Gotti, all going to plan
John Gotti, the 22-year-old grandson of the "Teflon Don" has been arrested for running a pill ring, sources say:
John Gotti's home gets first raid after grandson's drug bust
John Gotti, the 22-year-old son of mob scion Peter Gotti, was arrested along with his girlfriend when investigators arrived at the Qu...
The grandson of the late crime boss John Gotti was arrested for selling oxycodone, cops say
At the end of the day, John gotti was really the plug. My man couldn't keep it quiet. Breaking the la cosa nostra code
She's challenging John Gotti, the Teflon Don, for some kind of dubious distinction.
Grandson of late Mob boss John Gotti arrested and charged for allegedly leading crew of drug traffickers.
In case you don't remember John Gotti Sr. was a "temporary" resident of Marion.
Watch: John Gotti, grandson of the "Teflon Don," smiles at reporters, walks to police van
John Travolta steps into character as crime boss John Gotti on set via
Grandson and namesake of notorious mobster John Gotti arrested in NYC on drug charge.
John Gotti, Grandson of the 'Teflon Don,' Arrested for Peddling Drugs in Howard Beach... via
Bury me on the left right next to John Gotti
A long-awaited biopic about notorious Big Apple mobster John Gotti is set to start filming in far-off Cincinnati
Really? You post a meme then talk like you're John Gotti? LMAO!
You can talk a good game today, but execution might be more of... More for Virgo
Hey Jackie Jeter, Tony Soprano & John Gotti wanted to congratulate you on your leadership at You had a grea…
Girl um John gotti I feel myself everyday wait til I hit the Chinese spot in the am
I don't lie cuz I'm not afraid u lie when u afraid (person or outcome) - John Gotti
Kevin Gates can't decide if he's black, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, John Gotti or Michael Jackson 💀.
John Gotti needs not to be a hypocrite & own what he did He ratted & informed Thought it never get out
Reality is John Gotti no different than any other Rat informer Can't be a hypocrite & judge others Try's to spin&deflect truth
Reality is John Gotti a Rat sneakily informed just don't like hypocrites Own it
"Be like John Gotti.and drive a Maserati."
I Be around a lot of hechman ..moving like John Gotti
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I'm 'bout to pay the police off, John Gotti
I think I'm out growing social media it's not as interesting to me anymore
If you are looking for the best car detailing in Columbus Ohio... Look no further.. Gotti gotchu
The mafia must be thrilled - Where have you gone - John Gotti ? Oops I forgot he's no longer with us - my error
Black John Gotti wit the sawed off shotty
John Gotti and I have the same birthday😈
it might be too late for a nas and AZ album but we can still get a young thug and yak gotti one
YOU KNOW JOHN AND WILLIAMS WERE GOOD GUYS AT HEART ,,, real gangsta show love to the people too
If I ever go down, I want to go down like John Gotti💯‼️
Google John Gotti 302/RAT Informant don't be a hypocrite own it
John Gotti knows who body it is and we founded out that Harvey Williams body is John Gotti's body and Marguerite never wanted anything
Marguerite went out with Harvey Williams on weekends and he maybe John Gotti and he lost the body to the Prince Hall Mason's who is
I absolutely loved your portrayal of John Gotti. The beginning of the movie gives me chills every time! You are awesome! ❤️
Kinda reminds you of John Gotti..the Teflon Don
not arenas? Lol he's a shooter. If they start losing he's turning into John Gotti
Feeling like John gotti.. my name holds weight from state to state
u are the biggest puppet of all ur a Rat the kind that guys like John Gotti Ben Segal whitey Bulger hate
Gangland: How the FBI Broke the Mob true crime John Gotti
I'm John gotti, whippin the rarri, with the choppa, ready to catch a body
An ACS mob season would go well, too. Maybe focus on John Gotti or someone less explored in fiction like Carlo Gambino.
Keep me a shooter like I'm John gotti
"I just be with me some shooters like I'm John gotti "
Im crucial with a shotty call me john gotti when the buck shots hitcho body
Gotta wake up at 5 for this nutty job😒
😂 I be counting money like I'm John Gotti
she'd do John Gotti proud. That Teflon is going to wear off soon.
Shows up in john gotti energy . Kill th bosses to sell drugs bosses wasnt having that shS
Treat them all like High Profile Criminals via implosion, just like you did John Gotti, the Teflon Don.
Ask John Gotti, not all of the time , and depending on if you get to a juror .
Check out John Gotti's red 1972 Jaguar convertible on our floor!
I'm not no hypocrite so I don't be up in the church , I know God with me even though I'm doing my dirt
It was realistic. Most mobsters are big family men, & many quite philanthropic ie:John Gotti.
American Crime Story series they should do:. John Gotti. Larry Davis. Casey Anthony. R Kelly. Robert Blake
You shouldn't be eating if ya team ain't have a meal at all, that ain't real at all, That's why John Gotti killed them all
If Paul Castellano wasn't taking money from Roy Demeo he would've survived John Gotti
"I just be wit me a shooter like I'm John Gotti"
I added a video to a playlist The Story of John Gotti - The Last Godfather John Gotti - John Gotti
If I ask a question to make her think and she reply with a simple answer I know she ain't open minded enough for me
If you missed it, watch Kanye's full 9-minute rant about Taylor Swift, Beck, and more
John Gotti was called Teflon Don, nothing ever stuck to him. Except that one time he had and a onion stuck to his shirt all day
I be 'round a lot of henchmen, moving like John Gotti ...
Working on your finances might be a study in frustration becau... More for Virgo
You see why I don't drink coffee ☕, I don't wanna wake up to these problems like John Gotti
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I'm a shotty wit 9 bodies, the rat to John gotti, the money paid to the morgue to fck up the autopsy
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I just be Witt me a shooter like I'm john gotti
Just gotta find the one I guess lol
I'm bout to pay the police off John Gotti
They remind me of the cheering crowds that welcomed John Gotti back from jail. Murder, schmurdr, fireworks!
I’m ‘bout to pay the police off, John Gotti
John Gotti would be envious of the Clintons.
see John gotti ain't fight he sent hits 🤔 just stay in ya lane ☝🏽️
Hi love your name btw! 😊 what did you think of the brilliant/charismatic 's performance as "John Gotti"?
John Gotti : MaffiaGotti Did u know u c0uld get NEW iPh0ne 6s with zero cost? Please read my bi0 :) Thanksss
Thanks John Gotti for the follow! welcome the pest control revolution LOCAL PEST
When my brother come back y'all might as well refer to me as John Gotti 😂😈
Strapped with that tommy feel like John gotti
Um what lol y'all cheat way more lol
Catching feelings is something I don't do🙅🏽
Never send a boy to go do a man job💯
Jones is the John Gotti of the owners. Snyder is Nicky Scarffo. Lurie is ?
PHOTO OF THE DAY - From 1996 - Armand Assante as mafia boss John Gotti, and Anthony Quinn as Neill Dellacroce, in...
You got Don Magic Juan… Yo Gotti is an allusion to John Gotti, famous Italian mobster. His nickname was Teflon Don… a Ri…
Caught up by an interview. Smh. Nicky Barnes, John Gotti and now El Chapo. Gangsters want to…
I be seeing 󾆐 my fb friends like *** she bad 󾌧 but then i might run across the same female 󾬴 in public 󾒹 and the...
Hey Trump you have no character your are a John Gotti thug wanna be
"Family ask me am in Illuminati, beat 20 cases like John Gotti"
you have to admit Hillary excels as a liar, money launderer, and at extortion. Hmmm John Gotti for President
is a rich thug that thinks he is John Gotti he doesnt attack only when attacked first he attacks when his poll numbers drop
if you counter punch Thug he starts to LIE with his attacks, he thinks he is John Gotti
is a rich thug thinks he is John Gotti
Have you heard this Listen to Yo Gotti (Prod. By Cmplx) by John Lee on
Every girl needs that 1 guy friend that just listens.
I see El Chapo... John Gotti was a beast
he got another censure for billions in insider trading. The John Gotti of prop trading.
If you are waiting for the best time to share something near a... More for Virgo
Have you heard John Gotti Produced by on
check this El Chapo get captured and John Gotti effect came along on the same day, real sh-t..
I just be with me a shootah like one John gotti .
5-10 years from now. They're gonna miss john gotti
Learn to move or get hit with that John Gotti charge
Big deal! This is like Charles Manson endorsing John Gotti!
Angela Rye on CNN - "Some are calling him the Teflon Don" - as in John Gotti, Rick Ross, and general OG
Thirty years ago today, John Gotti orchestrated the assassination of then-mob boss, Paul Castellano.
John Gotti killed Paul Castellano because he didn't know what to do with the Gambino crime family.
*me after I watch Paul Castellano get whacked by a team of hitmen on orders from John Gotti*. "You don't know any female shooters, John??"
16/12/1985: Paul Castellano & Thomas Billotti are assassinated so John Gotti can take control of the Gambino family.
Is that a picture of Mrs, John Gotti? (she behaves like a Mafia Don)
1985 – Mafia: NYC, Paul Castellano & Thomas Bilotti are shot dead on the orders of John Gotti, who assumes leadership …
On this day in 1985: Paul Castellano killed, ordered by John Gotti
in 1985, Paul Castellano was murdered. The hit was ordered by John Gotti, who took over the family.
Allen reveals he met some superstars in jail: John Gotti, Ex Mayor of Birmingham.
An intriguing take on a NY mob outsider whose love for John Gotti went way too far. Vincent Piazza & Patricia Ar…
This needs to be looked into. How did he escape conviction FOUR times prior to opening fire in Colorado Springs. He's not exactly John Gotti
Listen to D-killa ft. T-savage John Gotti by Damarius Tate on LISTEN ASAP by me and my brother 💯💯
Mooch on the set looking like John Gotti! Look out Paul Castellano! .
LeBron James and the Ohio State Buckeyes are tight, just ask John Gotti
I'm obsessed with Mob stories. John Gotti really killed his big homie Paul Castellano.
On This Day : June 23 - John Gotti sentenced to life in prison, Clarence Thomas, Jonas Salk
John Gotti's grandson and his bride raked in $2.5 million at their wedding straight out of "The Godfather"
You already no where she go I go, RIP FREEZE . Ain't never seen so much love in one place. FREE LIL FREEZE John Gotti
John Gotti did everything right except listen and stay out the media eye
Gelbs out there looking like a young John Gotti in his $3k suits.
Whoevr wbted it to be s suppose to someone else and so the John gotti Angello controls that area of Alabama because he himself
so the John gotti Angello controls that mobile pier correct
I wish I could had met John Gotti and Al Capone
I just be with a shooter like I'm John Gotti
Brian Williams is back on the air today, on MSNBC. His first story: How he captured Bigfoot in 1973 while in a gunfight wit…
Radio Interview. Why I do what I do...for the likes of John Gotti & many more, and how to draw a line from your...
Then told me he was related to John Gotti
no no no in the 90s drug dealers were classy (Idolized john gotti) now it's shirtless brainless savages
I thought I was John gotti last night, so many bottles I coulda caught a body last night
Hustle like John Gotti and think like a pimp
Somehow he'll end up being the victim, royal family are scum. Make John Gotti look like an altar boy
*Dani. John gotti I ain't did nothing at all man. I'm 😎'n
The 126-year-old boarding school that Donald Trump and John Gotti Jr. attended has abruptly closed
"I been workin' *** . Cocaina, she be flirting *** . Back my 'Rari out the driveway. 500 pounds, 200 squares, John Gotti!" 🔥🔥🔥
all this shmoneey in my pocket cause I'm litt 😜
*** john boehner is gone but I understand he felt a divine intervention by the pope…
but what about Platini? Blatter is to Platini as Paul Castellano was to John Gotti. Is Platini just as "teflon"??
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