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John Glenn

John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (born July 18, 1921) is a former United States Marine Corps pilot, astronaut, and United States senator who was the first American to orbit the Earth and the third American in space.

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Why yes, you can in fact watch the highlights from John Glenn's monster Week 11 win at the Cambridge Buffalo Wild Wings…
In 1998, Sen. John Glenn, at age 77, roared back into space aboard the shuttle
DYK on in 1998, John Glenn returned to space on the Discovery shuttle? Read More…
🗓 in 1998: John Glenn, at age 77, becomes the oldest person to go into outer space on the Space Shuttle Discovery,…
On this day in 1998, Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95) was launched carrying John Glenn. I had the privilege to witness the l…
29 Oct 1998-The shuttle Discovery blasted off with 6 crew mates including John Glenn (77), the first American to orbit the…
TDIH 1998: John Glenn, 1st American to orbit Earth in 1962, returned to space on Space Shuttle Discovery:
October 29, 1998, John Glenn became the oldest man to fly in space on STS-95 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. h…
Who has “dotted the I”? People like Jack Nicklaus, Bob Hope, John Glenn, and...Buster Douglas.
Rare photos taken by iconic astronauts like John Glenn and Neil Armstrong are now on the auction block
The theme for this week @ sheridan is changed to purple to support Tyler Herron from John Glenn!! best of luck Tyler 💜💜
Theme for Friday is still pink out, but also wear some purple to support Tyler Herron, John Glenn student fighting cancer 💕💜
Women need to know they had a place alongside John Glenn and other astronauts -Octavia Spencer
John Glenn's unofficial visit today at Kent State University
A touchdown by Gavin Thompson makes the score John Glenn 37 Maysville 0. Running clock has been running here in the second half.
Yeah, it's time for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, John Glenn, and General George Pa…
And good old John Glenn lived to be 95, Like you part of the Keating 5, shows ya how m…
Tom Lantos. Daniel Inouye. John Glenn. Denocrats, all, whose politics I didn't agree with. And heroic, every one of them.
John Glenn memorial plans abound on July birth date
John Glenn was born today in 1921. He was the 1st American to orbit the Earth in 1962. He is also inducted into the…
Leadership program envisioned by John Glenn launched in Ohio - Times Union
no love for Harris as John Glenn in The Right Stuff? Might have to fire that one up after work! Also Glengary Glen Ross!
My son went to Case for the aerospace engineering program since John Glenn was an alumnus
Flag from coffin of John Glenn presented to his widow Annie today at Arlington.(photo from NASA livestream)
An Air Force mortician is accused of disrespecting one of our military heroes-John Glenn. David Martin is at the Pentagon…
Carpenter was the 2nd American (after John Glenn) to orbit Earth & the 4th American in space, following Alan Shepar…
Watched all but last 30 minutes of Hidden Figures on flight here. Need to watch end on way home to see if they got John Glenn into space!
"Hidden Fugures" is great. John Glenn did ask for Johnson:
The Right Stuff. She's right up there with John Glenn and Chuck Yeager.
In the movie 'The Right Stuff': Ed Harris is John Glenn, Scott Glenn is Alan Shepard, Sam Shepard is Chuck Yeager.
The whole country is watching to see John Glenn orbit the moon and it all hinges on Katherine Johnson and her genius 😭😭
📷 Sept. 23, 1965: John Glenn with his wife Annie and President Johnson at the White House.
Today in Geek History: Thanks to the incredible dedication of NASA's Friendship 7 team, John Glenn was launched into orbit i…
A supply ship bearing John Glenn's name has arrived at the International Space Station:
We have liftoff of carrying our S.S. John Glenn spacecraft to
Love they named it after Glenn ⚡️ “NASA launches supply rocket named after John Glenn”.
WATCH: launch the Atlas V rocket on its way to the
with of station supply ship: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP…
When the crew opens the hatch of Cygnus they will be greeted with this memorial to Senator John Glenn
S.S. John Glenn has separated from Centaur stage and is on its way to astronauts aboard Tha…
Did you miss the launch of our S.S. John Glenn Watch the launch replay:
Mission is off to a great start. Our S.S. John Glenn spacecraft is in good health and good commanding is verified
RanchoFarmahh- NASA honors John Glenn with special tribute
A Cygnus spacecraft named after the late John Glenn is on its way to the International Space Station.
Science: NASA launches supply rocket named after John Glenn.
John Glenn honoured with launch of space station sup via
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LIFTOFF of Atlas 5 with the S.S. John Glenn, launching a tribute to an American hero while making a science-enabling de…
'Oh, that view is tremendous': ULA sends 'SS John Glenn' Cygnus to ISS - SpaceFlight…
Work on the new Residence Inn could begin early next year:
NASA honors John Glenn with special tribute to national hero
NASA honors John Glenn with special tribute
John Glenn honored with launch of space station supply ship
The rocket carrying our SS John Glenn spacecraft is rolling out to launch pad 41 at
A space station supply ship named for John Glenn is bound for orbit.
WATCH: NASA honors John Glenn with first full 360-view rocket launch
Watch an Atlas V rocket send a cargo capsule honoring John Glenn to the space station this morning
Liftoff! NASA launched 7,600 pounds of cargo to the ISS on Orbital ATK's Cygnus cargo ship, which has been dubbed the SS John…
Look a smiley face on the John Glenn lift off 😀
John Glenn, First US Astronaut to Orbit Earth, Interred at Arlington Cemetery. John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, was laid to
Four months after his death, former senator and Astronaut John Glenn is buried in Arlington National Cemetery
American hero John Glenn was buried in Arlington National Cemetery yesterday, 4 months after his death. The...
On the day he is laid to rest Cemetery, we remember an American hero, Astronaut John Glenn. https:…
Today we lay to rest at Arlington National Cemetery our brother, Sen. John Glenn: an American hero, loving husband and…
John Glenn laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors Glenn was a GREAT American
Famed Astronaut John Glenn laid to rest at Arlington - ABC News - via
Somber scene as Astronaut John Glenn, who passed away in December at 95, is laid to rest at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
Marine, Aviator, first American to orbit Earth, US Senator. A huge inspiration personally to me. Rest easy John Glenn. Semper Fidelis
Flags at half-mast today in honor of Senator/former Astronaut John Glenn as he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery to…
Mobile landing platform USNS John Glenn provides logistics movement from sea to shore, supporting broad range of military…
John Glenn was laid to rest in the pouring rain on the 74th anniversary of his marriage to wife Annie Glenn.
I liked a video John Glenn’s Burial Ceremony in Arlington Cemetery | LIVE | TIME
first US astronaut to orbit the Earth, interred at Arlington Cemetery:
Joining with in lowering flags to half-staff today in honor of Astronaut John Glenn.
Legendary Marine, Astronaut and Senator John Glenn will be laid to rest at 9:20 a.m. EDT Follow us on Fac…
NASA honors former astronaut Sen John Glenn with an interment ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Watch live
Astronaut John Glenn to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.
As a mark of respect for the memory of John Glenn, on the day of his interment the US & Maryland flag shall be flown at ha…
Remembering John Glenn and honoring his legacy today on his interment at Cemetery. my friend…
Marine Corps Commandant Lt. Gen. Robert Neller salutes as Taps is played during the internment of John Glenn at Arlingt…
The U.S. flag will be at half-staff for the Interment of John H. Glenn Jr., today, April 6 until sunset.
LIVE: Join us as we pay tribute to the legacy of John Glenn during his interment ceremony at Cemetery
HAPPENING NOW: coverage of John Glenn's funeral service
Astronaut John Glenn gets final send-off at Arlington National Cemetery
I'm sad all over again. An American legend.
WATCH: Marine Corps commandant presents US flag to Annie Glenn, widow of John Glenn, at Arlington internment.
NOW: Funeral ceremony for Astronaut John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, at Arlington National Cemetery
Tomorrow has ordered flags at all federal entities & institutions to be flown at half-staff honoring memory of former…
Service members perform gun salute in honor of the late Astronaut John Glenn at funeral ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony. h…
WATCH: US Marines escort the body of John Glenn for internment at a rainy Arlington National Cemetery.
Join us at 9am ET as we pay tribute to the life and legacy of John Glenn--astronaut, U.S. senator, Marine. Watch:
RIP John Glenn, you were a GREAT American sir! I salute you.
🇺🇸 has ordered flags to fly at half staff tmrw in memory of John Glenn. inspiring words from when Sen. Glenn p…
Astronaut John Glenn is laid to rest in private interment at Arlington National Cemetery
WATCH: Taps played at the funeral of Astronaut John Glenn in the rain. Glenn passed away at the age of 95 last December. htt…
Flag atop WH at half-staff to honor late Sen and Astronaut John Glenn, being interred today at
VIDEO: Rain pours in Arlington National Cemetery as American patriot John Glenn is laid to rest.
Take a look back at the life of Astronaut John Glenn, who will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery today
Watch: Interment ceremony for former senator, Astronaut John Glenn
John Glenn flew 149 combat missions, first American astronaut to orbit 🌏. 24 years as senator, returned to 🚀 age 77. M…
Flags at Half Staff in memory of famous Astronaut & US Senator John Glenn: In memory of John Glenn, former US…
U.S. Senator and former NASA Astronaut John Glenn laid to rest today at Arlington National Cemetery. Godspeed, sir.
John Glenn's true hero. John Glenn was famous for the courage he displayed in his pioneering space flight, but B
Virgin's craft is suborbital, same as John Glenn's original flight. It doesn't go into space. It will be at such...
Did you know...historical Fish Creek Bow Valley Ranch figures John Glenn & Pat Burns were of Irish heritage? !
John Glenn, American Hero of the Space Age, Dies at 95, via
John Glenn's Orbital Mission Tested the Mysteries of the Human Body in Space
1962 newspaper ad designed by Lou Dorfsman, showcasing the CBS News coverage of the John Glenn space flight.
Seriously my dad was a huge John Wayne fan but ha couldn't sit through Glenn Campbell. lmao
Congrats to Francisco Ramirez on being named principal at John Glenn HS! Great choice! He will do a fantastic job! 🎉👏⭐
Sam Sheppard was the first true American in space NOT John Glenn!!
Katherine Johnson is a former NACA (now NASA) research mathematician credited with helping launch John Glenn into space.
Yo so i went to work for an hour then everyone was sent home lol but my god john glenn is terrible was going top 30 mph
John Glenn's and Al Harrison's characters as portrayed in Hidden Figures is what allyship looks like, people; do what you can to help others
Godspeed, John Glenn. The CRS-7 spacecraft has been named in honor of the late Mr. Glenn.
"To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate.” John Glenn
It was black women that helped NASA get John Glenn to and from the moon.
So proud of this country for this victory. Special thank you to John Glenn for flying with me multiple times throughout the war!
Launching from SLC 41 on the 19th March at 10:56pm EDT - Orbital ATK Cygnus Spacecraft is dedicated to John Glenn. http…
- in an Age of Uncertainty. Keynotes from Sir Glenn Torpy and John Andreas Olsen. CfP ends 31 March. ht…
If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission
Behringer wants to clone the ARP 2600 analog synth
As much I dont wanna unfollow you but the mute button never really kicked in😂
Still not over the fact that AMERICAN HERO John Glenn was a part of The Keating Five
Man I really need to study more in tagalog sentence construction😂
I muted u but why do I still see your K sht?
John Glenn hated all of it, at least that is what Tom Wolfe said
What would a look like for engineering? Let's ask Katherine Johnson and John Glenn. https:/…
John Glenn after just orbiting the earth and landing in the Atlantic Ocean, 1962
or will I still be... fvk that test
The most pure people feel the full pain and prob don't make much from it unfortunately
is the man who knows all. Howd you get so prolific?😂 scares me.
Idk if this is actually him who commented but its still sumthn. Havent finished the full mastered version tho
FLIGHT DELAYS-- Looks like a difficult day to travel from John Glenn International and the delays are not only to t…
Remembering John Glenn, the first to orbit the Earth, and the oldest dude to go to
Are you a rising senior interested in public service? Consider applying for the John Glenn HS Internship Program:
Saddened by former John Glenn principal Don McKendry's passing Friday. A friend to all. These are the words he shared af…   10% Off
HR48 [Passed] Honoring the life and achievements of John Glenn and expressing condolences on his passing.
Astronaut & senator John Glenn lifted the hopes of a nearby star.
how many children does john glenn have We found the answer for you!
what are the chances that my high school basketball team (John Glenn) is vs. my boyfriend's high school's basketball team (U of D Jesuit)
Actor/comedian Faizon Love charged with assault at John Glenn airport:
I mean, if we have to have another Clean Cut White Man in Space movie, I'd rather see more of Glen Powell's John Glenn.
that is actually Glen Powell playing John Glenn in the movie Hidden Figures! Credit to google images
Hidden Figures is so good! 🚀 Now I need to read the book. 📖 Also, the guy who played John Glenn is might good looking ❤️
Team state wrestling championships Gradys team John Glenn is in Div 1 and our alma mater Lowell in Div 2. Go...
in 1962, a crowd in Cocoa Beach watches the launch of the Friendship 7 with Astronaut John Glenn aboard:
📷 ON THIS DAY: Astronaut John Glenn uses binoculars to view Earth as he makes the first American...
Today in 1962 John Glenn, on an intercontinental ballistic missile, was the 1st American to orbit earth. INSANE Cv: http…
Today is the 55th anniversary of John Glenn's orbit around Earth. This daring act inspired generations of explorers across…
John McCain has been in government for 3 decades! Can anyone name one thing he's accomplishe...
John Glenn blast off atop an Atlas rocket and became the 1st American in orbit. Proud to help continue his legacy.
vs Today in 1962, NASA Astronaut John Glenn (cont)
John Glenn was an engineer (among other things). Today in 1962 he flew Friendship 7 into orbit.
A speech that the great John Glenn would be proud to hear.
Legendary U.S. Marine Corps aviator becomes the first American to orbit the earth.
55 years ago John Glenn became a national hero because of the work of Katherine Johnson. Today I lift up her name.
55 Yrs Ago Today: John H. Glenn Jr. became the first American to orbit the Earth.
Great to be back in my hometown to celebrate John Glenn's Friendship 7 flight 55 years ago today. Cleveland still rock…
Marking this important space milestone for 1st time without John Glenn
and John Glenn! the movie may paint him out to be the nice white guy amongest the racist white men but HE WAS THAT NOBLE IRL
John Glenn launches into and becomes the first American to orbit the Earth, February 20, 1962.…
Today anniversary of John Glenn Friendship 7 flight, Day 3 of 1st AZ & all…
John Glenn still inspires 55 years after his 1st orbit.
John Glenn and Friendship 7 launch into orbit, in 1962, making Glenn the 1st American to orbit the Earth.
artist at Spaceport on 55th anniversary of John Glenn's orbital fligh…
John Glenn still inspires 55 years after 1st orbit: COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – John Glenn is continuing to inspire 55……
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John Glenn orbited earth 55 years ago. He died last year at 95
Marking the 55th anniversary of John Glenn's historic flight
Learn more about the "Hidden Figures and Human Computers" behind missions like John Glenn's - http…
John Glenn's pressure suit worn 55 yrs ago today on Mercury "Friendship 7" orbital flight is on display at our Museum in D…
OTD 1962—. John Glenn (who died last Dec. at age 95) became the 1st American to orbit Earth. 🚀 🌏
WATCH the highlights from John Glenn and Morgan's battle! -->
Today in 1962. . .You'll never be John Glenn just orbited the earth and landed in the Atlantic Ocean cool.
John Glenn's historic mission continues to inspire 55 years after he became first American to orbit Earth.
This day in history. 1962. John Glenn orbited Earth and saw the Devil's Cigarette Lighter which the devil hadn't seen…
John Glenn became first American to orbit earth 55 years ago tomorrow:
Today is the KLAA South Division Meet at John Glenn at noon!
Muskies Matt Stewart poured in 25 tonight in John Glenn's 72-42 victory over Sheridan.
John Glenn's wife Annie, a person who stutters & spokesperson for the Foundation, was also a hero.
Mary Jackson was an engineer at NACA (now NASA). With Katherine Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, she helped launch John Glenn into s…
Michigan Boys BB: Wayne Memorial locks up KLAA South title with 61-47 win over John Glenn. Congratulat…
Rashad Williams builds Wayne Memorials lead over John Glenn to 13-5 after a pair of FTs.
This movie with John Glenn and the Kessler movie will not go into the uncirculated. They signed off fully.
Philo 7th grade drops one to John Glenn at Philo High School
John Glenn and baseball legend Ted Williams were once teammates in the
John Glenn and Tri-Valley traded punches all night in this intense showdown. WATCH -->
John Glenn is dead. How many more men must die to slake America's unquenchable thirst for moon dust?
I dreamt last night that Joel Hodgson was visiting all the backers one by one. He and John Glenn were sat on my sofa discussing The Bill.
Chuck Yeager. Alan Shepherd. John Glenn. Neil Armstrong (nearly as much for agena rescue as moon)
The MVL is up for grabs as Tri-Valley, Morgan, Sheridan, and John Glenn all now have 2 league losses. Gonna come down to the final day.
.I recall John Glenn orbiting Earth&hearing on the radio about the murder of nurses in Chicago by Richard Speck.
do you have NASA pops? Neil Armstrong, Alan Shepherd, John Glenn? Those would be EPIC
He was made of the Right Stuff just like Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Allan Shepard, Gus Grisom, Sally Ride, and Judith Reznick.
With the passing of astronauts Gene Cernan and John Glenn, a bit more of space history fades.
Dorothy Vaughan, a 1929 graduate of Wilberforce University, helped launch John Glenn up to space
The capsule that spun the likes of Alan Shepard and John Glenn really really fast around a…
"If I ever appear in a movie about black women engineers at NASA, please lie & give me a full head of hair." --John Glenn'…
John Glenn's death on my feed for half an afternoon.Princess Leia's death still popping up.
Behind the scenes of John Glenn's pioneering mission, teams of mathematician women
John 14:27. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world g...
"Human progress and excellence comes when someone goes beyond "why" to "why not?" -John Glenn
Watch: John Glenn's legacy continues to inspire with iCivics Ohio
Elon Musk and other fans pay tribute to legendary astronaut J
John Glenn lying in repose in the Ohio Capitol Rotunda.His wife of 70yrs Annie & their daughter Carolyn visit his casket & gr…
important American history about the brilliant black women who were behind getting John Glenn in orbit, and inspi…
hero Katherine Johnson. Space scientist who calculated flight trajectories for John Glenn's 1st orbital flight…
To me, we have never really exploited our ability in low-Earth orbit.
John Glenn Hello there I invite you to this particular adult cam free join Click on my profile.
Couldn't see it this weekend. Will definitely see it this week. No spoilers about whether John Glenn makes it into space.
John Glenn, a pioneering former US astronaut, has died
Newnan resident said John Glenn was 'humble, gracious' when they met - :
of course there is...Denzel and some women that are smarter than men get John Glenn around the earth. Then Denzel coaches a team?
3 African-American serve as the brains behind one of the greatest ops in history: launch of Astronaut John Glenn into orbi…
Hidden Figures, about 3 black women at NASA in the 1960s, is the best kind of historical drama via
'An inspiration to us all': Scientists and space luminaries h
My USA TODAY column: John Podesta fell for a phishing scam. Let's not start another Cold War over that.
Someone I saw Hidden Figures with thought Glen Powell's performance was hokey, but it was just accurate. John Glenn was, IRL, hokey.
first I get completely depressed over Glenn Rhees death and now i'm going to have to suffer for a week over if John Watson is alive or not
Former astronaut, US Sen. John Glenn of Ohio has died at 95
here is the Annie Glenn story I mentioned
i was DEFINITELY here for Glen Powell being casted as John Glenn 👅
I need to find the actor who played John Glenn in Hidden Figures. Chile 😩😍
Terrific film. I met John Glenn at James Cameron event for past moon astronauts. Lost many ppl I worked with & met this yr.
'Right Stuff' is my space favorite. I'm an Ed Harris & John Glenn fan (I'm originally from Ohio).
Buzz Aldrin: John Glenn was a hero. We owe it to him to keep exploring space. - :
I'm raising money for Mr. Frank Foundation. Click to Donate: via
"Hidden Fences" a downtrodden black woman leaves her garbage man husband to launch John Glenn into orbit around the…
John Glenn gave this incredible response when a political opp
John Glenn, all-American badass astronaut, dies at 95
A black man struggles with fatherhood while his genius, mathematician wife who works for NASA launches John Glenn into space.
When John Glenn don't know if he want Taraji or Viola!
Can't wait to see Denzell and Viola get John Glenn into space.
She wouldn't. John Glenn was a good man.
Like this review, I thought was especially kind to John Glenn, and if that was a true portrayal, wow.
"Get the girl to check the numbers...the smart one. If she says the numbers are good, I'm ready to go." - John Glenn…
Josh's boss said "Hidden Figures...isn't that the movie about John Glenn and Appollo?" no. no it's not.
Watch to learn of the true story of African American women who helped launch John Glenn into space
“John Glenn and Neil Armstrong enjoy a little astronaut survival training in June of 1963.” ht…
Wait til you see the John Glenn character.
Hidden Fences: The heart-warming story of a Pittsburgh sanitation worker who helped get John Glenn into space
"Hidden Fences." You know, that movie about the hidden black fences who helped John Glenn orbit the Earth.
“I’ve never let people push me around in politics,” John Glenn once famously said. That's what we need now.
The movie highlights the African American women who helped us send John Glenn into orbit. Learn more:
The fact that we didn't learn about the women of at the same time we learned about John Glenn is some bull…
2016 celebrity deaths: A year of great loss. Prince and Glen Frey, Harper Lee and Elie Wiesel, John Glenn and to
Learn the untold story of black working at in the '60's whose brilliance launched John Glenn int…
John Glenn to Alan Rickman to Greg Lake to Sharon Jones to Ron Glass to Leon Russell to Robert Vaughn to Leonard Cohen to Reno
John Glenn talks to Walter Cronkite from space
As we stand on the precipice of a new era of exploration, it’s only possible because of pioneers like John Glenn. http…
David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fischer, Debbie Reynolds, John Glenn, and so many more great people have passed this year.
David Bowie, and John Glenn. You will be missed.
John Glenn lived as full a life as any man could hope to live. And we can all learn a lot from it.
and Zsa Zsa Gabor, Allen Thicke, Florence Henderson, Robert Vaughn and John Glenn. All after you won!
Space exploration brings out our best. John Glenn served his country in space, in Congress, and inspired a generation. Onward,…
1/ I grew up next to Mission Control in Houston at NASA. I was extremely saddened to hear the loss of John Glenn. I've met hi…
My friend Ed Buckbee talked about his long-time colleague, John Glenn, for my weekly Anniston Star column:
John Glenn's Legacy & his School for Public Affairs is revered @ OSU & in Ohio~Sen Glenn lived a life-of-excellence…
The idealism & guts of the early pioneers like John Glenn helped pave the way for and me.
Touching memories of US Sen. John Glenn from & others on "The State of Ohio":
"John Glenn has made his last takeoff and he'll be missed, but never forgotten.” — Gen. J.R. "Jack” Dailey,
U.S. Sen. John Glenn lies in state under a Marine honor guard in the rotunda of the Ohio statehouse
Today we honor Sen. John Glenn. Our Administrator Charles Bolden remembers him as an astronaut and a humanitarian:
My dad Robert Springer, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and Jim Lovell front and center at Ohio r…
Watch Live: Memorial service in Ohio for John Glenn, the former astronaut and U.S. senator who died at 95-yrs-old.
Mourners remember life, career of US Astronaut John Glenn.
Vice President Joe Biden and others had a tough time saying goodbye to astronaut and former senator John Glenn:
Honored to pay respects today to Sen. John Glenn, who did so much for this country & university. His legacy will live on…
John Glenn 'stole America's heart,' Joe Biden says at funeral - CNET
VIDEO: Mourners celebrate the life of astronaut, senator John Glenn.
Today, memorial services are being held for John Glenn, an American hero and Marine Corps legend. We look back on his career as a…
John Glenn died. He was old. A crook, too.
Too bad John Glenn was a Lib Dem Senator! He could have chosen the Republican way! Ended up as one of the "Keating Five."
John Glenn's legacy is remembered at his memorial service in Columbus, Ohio - Fox News Channel has live coverage.
Mourners marked a final day of remembrances for groundbreaking Astronaut John Glenn
John Glenn was one of the Keating Five that condoned bank fraud. ie. the savings and loan scandel
Anyone know how/where to watch the Buckeyes game since they're showing this John Glenn memorial on CBS right now??
John Glenn, great American. His passing reminds us of Keating Five and how John McCain bailed out a friend for $3B. Shame.
Memorial service for Sen. John Glenn streaming live, now on NASA TV:
The Marines carrying out John Glenn's casket draped in the American flag.
Today, will host John Glenn: Celebrating a Life of Service at 2pm ET. We're broadcasting live at:
The very definition of the "Right Stuff"--John Glenn was a patriot, statesman & explorer whose impact will be felt for gene…
Best part of my everything is my wife…John and Annie Glenn shared a love like that for 70+ years—role models for us all.
Two days of public events celebrating the life of U.S. Astronaut John Glenn begin in Ohio.
Fortunate to have known John Glenn, a principled & inspiring man. He believed neuroscience, like space travel, was a fr…
Tomorrow afternoon, a platoon of Marines will escort John Glenn's casket to a memorial service at
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