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John Fugelsang

John Fugelsang (born September 3, 1969, Long Island, New York) is an American actor, television personality and stand-up comedian.

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John Fugelsang tells it like it is...
Excuse me a moment while I turn off that anti-American *** John Fugelsang...
You can't send thoughts and prayers if you don't think and you don't pray (john fugelsang)
John Fugelsang told me the Rep Party now is the Dem Party of the past. He seems like a nice guy but brainwashed. Se…
whatever happened to John Fugelsang? Who is John Fugelsang?
"Presidents can't say 'thoughts and prayers' if they don't think and don't pray.". -John Fugelsang
Las Vegas, ‘We grieve with you’ - John Fugelsang delivered a heartfelt message to the victims and families of t...
Give it a rest, John Fugelsang. Now's not the time for the anti-gun nonsense, & other Liberal nonsen…
I love their mantra: If you don't want it on Page Six TV. Don't do it. A new age of television reporting has...
John Fugelsang is a disgusting liberal and individual.
John Fugelsang. 23 mins · . If you continually give, you will continually have. And that's true of both kindness AND std's.
Check out interview with on Tell Me Everything, Sirius XM Insight Channel http…
John Fugelsang quote. Went over so well before thought I would repeat it, lol.
John Fugelsang quote. America loves He should run w/either or as VPOTUS!
But aren't they all white trash?. "It's not the White Supremacists that scare me, it's the White Trash Supremacists.". John Fugelsang
What a damaged country. As John Fugelsang so eloquent said, America is an old couch and Trump is a black light.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Tina Racistass Fey and John Fugelsang can eat shards of glass!
"Afghanistan is like an expensive reality show that everybody hates, nobody watches, costs too much it keeps getting renewed"John Fugelsang
John fugelsang is globalist scum. He thinks he's got a spot in the bunker... they won't let him in.
John fugelsang worships Satan. He is one of the enemy.
John Fugelsang said this exact same thing, nearly word-for-word.
John Fugelsang, desperately trying to regain relevance,
John fugelsang do you reject Satan and all of his works? Do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?
We all know it is by divine power that President Trump is in office. John Fugelsang is full of hot liberal air. Tha…
John Fugelsang told me he doesn't think Christians who observe the Jewish Sabbath should have a voi…
This from the clowns who think Meathead Reiner and John Fugelsang are serious political thinkers
Here, here John Fugelsang. I'm surprised he doesn't realize he could get illegals to build his stupi…
As my friend John Fugelsang recently commented, “I’m not saying Trump is the anti-Christ, but I will say that Christ is t…
I like it when 2 guys who oppose *** marriage go rug shopping together. — John Fugelsang (JohnFugelsang) April 24…
# 1 I think must be: . "Birdwatchers are unsure why the confused Fugelsang in the Fogelnest.". C'mon,…
FYI, ignorant means uninformed, as in ignorantly believing John Fugelsang doesn't like Christians or Jews.
He's a Hollywood liberal living in an LA bubble. Pretty typical. Him and John Fugelsang.
President Fugelsang it has a nice ring to it! I have to admit when I 1st heard of you, back in the d…
"I don't know what happened to personal responsibility but don't blame me." ~ John Fugelsang
My hair style is sorta like John Fugelsang's, so I think it's a good look, considering I could be balding, or dead! Still, it tells a story.
Someone insisting Joy Behar or John Fugelsang are comics, or worse, writers.
jeff sessions is like the Slytherin House Elf" - John Fugelsang 💕
"Jeff Sessions is the Slytheryn House Elf of the Trump White House." John Fugelsang on Stephanie Miller Show.
John Fugelsang!!! It's like a voice from the past. So neat
.Great to do the John Fugelsang show today with you. I loved your point about Trump making us all feel so much more competent.
Honestly, John Fugelsang doesn't have a clue who Jesus is! 90% of his comments about Jesus are WRONG! So how would he know?
I added a video to a playlist John Fugelsang at TEDxTraverseCity
Alexa! How many beauty headshots has John Fugelsang taken?
‘This is one of the most ridiculous presidencies I’ve ever seen’: Larry King torches Trump
Love you John Fugelsang. Wish you and Mama would come to Portland.
At this point forget releasing his taxes, I wanna see a list of his meds.John Fugelsang added,
.The greatest threat to America is not foreign terrorists but domestic imbeciles. - John Fugelsang
Actually that is not Carter but John Fugelsang. From "Viewpoint’s Revoltingly Fake Christian of the…
"You can follow Jesus or you can follow Trump, but it is not possible to follow both.". - John Fugelsang
"Hillary lied like a politician. Trump lied like a sociopath on tainted meth.". - John Fugelsang on Tell Me Everything
U believe every meme U see!! Jimmy never said that. It's a John Fugelsang's quote.…
Famous quote by comedian John Fugelsang to Republican Tennessee Congressman Stephen Fincher in 2013
.Thanks to John Fugelsang for this gem. .
Putin did to Trump. what Trump did to women. -John Fugelsang- . On The Stephanie Miller Show.
I am agnostic, but this conversation between John Fugelsang and a supporter is worth listening to.
Made a quip to so-called comedian John Fugelsang this morning & got harassed by him or his staff. Take no crap. Will block anyone.
John Fugelsang always at the ready to demonstrate the incivility in our national dialogue
On today's show, Host discussed the clear choice on Election Day
"When your hate is stronger than your common sense, then the fascists can get away with anything" -John Fugelsang on trump & his supporters
Keep waiting 4 an Eric Boehlert John Fugelsang Charlie Pierce etc. Would be nice to have some liberals every once in a while.
John Fugelsang: Republicans love government! . Government is how they redistribute wealth to the upper 2%. . What they hate is democracy.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I just want a guy who is both John Fugelsang & Bill Hader & I guess aware of my existence.
Lmao. Fathom is advertising a "Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour" and their top billing is John Fugelsang. LMAO
that's what I love about NYC. You can even bump into John Fugelsang on the train! 🙆🏽
"Jesus never called the poor ‘lazy, never asked a leper for a co-pay, ever fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Naza…
John Fugelsang. Mike Pence boasts of his faith in Jesus, but if you're a middle eastern refugee there's no room at the In…
John Fugelsang. I can't wait til President Trump does nothing he promised his supporters. Because when they...
our greatest threat is not foreign terrorits but domestic morons. -John Fugelsang
Jesus Christ wasn't a white man, and as John Fugelsang has said, he was a dang Democrat illegal immigrant.
John Fugelsang 'Nothing in the gospels where Jesus ever condemns *** peo... via
Actor/Comedian John Fugelsang looks like an drawing come to life.
Yes. Thanks John Fugelsang for use of the image
I offered John Fugelsang to help bring awareness to the needs of a Refugee camp Protestants are helping.
Well said, John Fugelsang. We have become totally pathetic. I am embarrassed for us every day.
"If you think being *** will lead to bestiality you're just a person who thinks too much about bestiality."-John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang . James Comey tried to win his friends back & all I got was another taxpayer-funded witch hunt of...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I didn't realize you were working with John Fugelsang until today! Been following you since OUTQ. Great to hear your voice!
In case you may have missed it here's John Fugelsang's "Dream On" from PBS about the American Dream!…
This quote reminds me of my ex-boyfriend: "Somebody once told young Ted Bundy to Follow His Bliss." --John Fugelsang
"Donald Trump is functionally incapable of saying those words" - John Fugelsang on Trump not being able to say he's wrong.
Kurt Bergen-Belsen is really approaching John Fugelsang levels of badness
Thrilled to have John Fugelsang and his smart and topical film Dream On to kick off join us! ht…
Republicans evolve into Donald Trump and Democrats evolve into John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang's hair has been tugged on more times than the Liberty Bell.
I'll sign on for results-based pay for teachers the day Congress gets the same deal.- John Fugelsang
I "know" Sam Neill, John Fugelsang. Morgan Fairchild, and many celebrities. I have screenshots to prove it! ;-)
Ima be a"comic" guest on the radio show Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang TODAY from 4-5!bSirius XM! just thot u shld know
. Michele Bachmann reminds you that God picked Trump to be GOP nominee but had no control over Obama's 2 wins. -John Fugelsang
OMG! A fellow who likes John Fugelsang!! I'm seeing his show next Sat. in Chicago!
Both are true, such as the observation "John Fugelsang owns no white t-shirts."
. Weiner would still be in the House if he'd just had an actual affair w/a mistress like a normal congressman.-John Fugelsang
. But always remember when you remove the vowels . Reince Preibus= RNC PR BS!. ( John Fugelsang)
😳 Listen to Comedians John Fugelsang & Adam Sank reenact hilarious profanity-laced GA court exchange on
This guy John Fugelsang is the biggest virtue signaling SJW on social media. Great example of the shame narrative.
. I'm so sorry for your loss John.. . RIP Peggy Fugelsang
fugelsang so sorry to hear about your loss. May peace and strength be with you and your family. Rest in peace mom.
RIP to your are a good man John Fugelsang
So sorry to hear about your Mom John. RIP Mrs. Fugelsang, you gave us a wonder son!
My condolences to you, John. And my kudos to her for helping you become a very good John Fugelsang.
This weekend at ACME:. In an epic road trip, political comedian John Fugelsang retraces the journey of Alexis de...
Condolences to John Fugelsang on the death of his beloved Mother, Peggy
John Fugelsang . So sorry for your loss John. Mothers are our everything. No life without our parents
Dear John Fugelsang. Deep condolences to You, A WONDERFUL PERSON, at the time of losing your Mother.
DREAM ON is playing this weekend at the ACME in Lambertville, with John Fugelsang, a very funny political...
Just saw on FB that John Fugelsang's mom passed away on Saturday morning. Just to let you know.
Film pays homage to John Fugelsang's parent s and history
Fim puts modern twist on history while paying homage to John Fugelsang's parents
Im sorry for your loss, John. my condolences to you and the entire Fugelsang family.
She must have been something else to raise a son like John Fugelsang. RIP.
John Fugelsang is my favorite human that walks the face of the Earth. He is a beautiful soul and I love him.
John Fugelsang has a way of putting it simple.
Holy shizzle! Is this real? Do I actually agree with John Fugelsang about something?.
Ricky Gervais, Neil deGrasse Tyson & John Fugelsang walk in a bar. The bartender tells the same Atheist joke over & over. The bar is in ***
A movie about bacon narrated by John Oliver, directed by Tarantino, featuring freaking Fugelsang. You'd all see that movie.
25-"Lee Camp had Hal Sparks on who used to be on Stephanie Miller~he is an ex-scholar on the Church~John Fugelsang the comedian."~Rama
John Fugelsang: "Climate change" is an evil conspiracy by the world's scientific consensus to trick us into cle…
john fugelsang is no one's friend. he's dangerous, a rebel. He's a loner dottie, and there's nothing we can do about it
I'll have DNC name-tags for you two, mama and John Fugelsang, but is anyone else going to the DNC convention?
Negin Farsad's latest episode now streaming! 'We've Lost the Will to Emojii" w/ John Fugelsang and...
My new sounds: On SiriusXM, Chris talks with John Fugelsang on
Todays religion is not the religion I grew up lwith. It's like a John Fugelsang (cont)
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The GOP convention will be much like the Vietnam war, Bush Cheney and Limbaugh wont attend ~ John Fugelsang
"I don't want to say anything bad about Pokemon Go because it brings joy to millions of men and twelve women." ~ John Fugelsang
on last night's Tune in tonight for special guests: .
Page Six TV" host John Fugelsang dishes on the romance between Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.
‘Page Six TV’ host weighs-in on Mika-Joe romance: John Fugelsang said of...
Page Six TV show to debut on July 18 with John Fugelsang as host.
'Page Six TV' will be hosted by John Fugelsang. It begins a 3-week test on seven Fox stations on July 18.
I'll be joining John Fugelsang on John Fugelsang's 'Tell Me Everything' on SiriusXM Insight in just a few...
the only thing foiled here are the hats!" *animorphs into John Fugelsang"
Listen how & welcome to the daily lineup. Weekdays at 12pm ET
on I'm listening to John Fugelsang by Karen Hunter
oh, Even mention 7th Day Adventist in John Fugelsang's mentions. He will block you. Media outcasts
"Anyone who compares people to nazis is worse than Hitler" John Fugelsang interviewed by Dave Rubin on
"Comedians are fighting for social justice & presidential candidates are telling *** jokes." -John Fugelsang
"I just hate it when Buddhists get all emptier-than-thou." ~John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang: "I think Barack Obama has been good on foreign policy, frankly" - Pat Buchanan, on 'McLaughlin.' H…
Still waiting 4 ur band to take off so we can replace you with John Fugelsang. "Morning John". Yeah I could get used to that.
I enjoy listening to Jody Hamilton and John Fugelsang on the Stephanie Miller show!
Welcome to America, where voters stick it to the man by supporting a billionaire landlord. - John Fugelsang
Best satellite radio show I've caught and didn't know about: John Fugelsang's 2-5 p.m. shift on XM 121. Great variety and conversation.
LOVE THIS! and Thom Hartmann & John Fugelsang - Why the American Dream is on the Chopping Block via…
MPR Podcast Ep. 201 with guest, comedian, TV personality, and Sirius Host John Fugelsang
I told John Fugelsang he'd sold his soul and knew it. We got into it.
and John Fugelsang and I literally fight about it on here. How he pushes her.
Best time to drive and listen to Sirius 121! John Fugelsang with Mark Riccadonna and Adam Sank today! — listening...
I hope Bill Maher and John Fugelsang come back to Earth someday as well.
Frangela third hour and John Fugelsang first hour on Stephanie Miller Friday!
get your Progressive Tea Party on! Bill Press, Stephanie Miller & John Fugelsang coming to Asheville April 15 & 16 https…
Wait, you're able to get Xorje Olivares, but not John Fugelsang to appear on your show?
John Fugelsang would react to this guy the way I react to John Fugelsang.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
It's entirely possible that year's GOP race is actually just an elaborate Civil War re-enactment. - John Fugelsang
You talking about The Takeaway? I keep thinking it's John Fugelsang when I first tune in.
A gift to John Fugelsang for that great Roy Cohn snark a few weeks ago. Thanks again.
MSNBC needs to give John Fugelsang his own show. Like right now while the election is still underway.
"Authoritarian fascist inspires his ultra-right nationalist followers to violence; blames Jew." John Fugelsang
If u don't want your taxes going 2 help poor, then STOP saying u want a country based on Christian Values, because u don't! - John Fugelsang
this thread started when John Fugelsang jokingly said beer has been ruined. San Diego is the Napa of beer.
What do Sarah Silverman, John Fugelsang and Jimmy Dore have in common?. They're "comedians" who think being self-righteous is hip.
Only in usa can u be PRO death penalty/war/guns/unmanned drone bombs/nuclear weapons/torture/land mines & still be PRO life. John Fugelsang
on I'm listening to Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang
In the words of my main man John Fugelsang, Jesus was a motherflippin' Social Dem, brochacho!
Tune into the show right now for John Fugelsang, host of “Tell Me Everything” on SiriusXM Insight 121,at 10:30 am EST / 7:30 am PST.
Should drugs be legalized? Johann Hari explains why to John Fugelsang via
2013 sent this video to John Fugelsang Viewpoint re Anthony Weiner and Palestinian occupation. I was a little tyke!
Love John Fugelsang, funny AND smart is the best combo. Made a graphic for him.
Frank Coniff and on John Fugelsang's Sirius radio show. johnfugelsang
LOVE doing John Fugelsang's show with Judy and Frank, Tell Me Everything, on SiriusXM. Next time is April 5th.
I feel like they should get John Fugelsang and call it a day
John Fugelsang MOCKS the cowards and the hypocrites and the reprobates! Out of his way!
For friends who listen to Sirius Radio: I will be on again at 4ET today with Judy Gold! John Fugelsang's...
And now time for your Occasional Dose of Wisdom™ with Mr. John Fugelsang.
"Don't thank God that Bush was in the White House instead of Gore, Marco Rubio. Thank Scalia." -John Fugelsang
"It's disgraceful for the Pope to question Trump's Christianity, say people ... questioning Obama's Christianity." John Fug…
Politics and Humor: Michael Moore, John Fugelsang, and Julianna Forlano at the Left Forum 2013
John Fugelsang: "I’ve come to view Jesus much the way I view Elvis. I love the guy but"
and a great pleasure to finally meet you Frank and also spend time with John Fugelsang.
I watch John Fugelsang on Currentv and Al Jazeera America. You made a difference John.
The only two things I remember about Current TV: the Biggie and Tupac documentary and the constant commercials for John Fugelsang's show.
This was fun! Was invited back, and I plan to take him up on it. Thanks, John Fugelsang
Fun times being on Sirius Radio on 's show, Tell Me Everything.
When asked for comment Limbaugh answered, "John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes 2nd banana? Didn't know he was still alive"
Alan Grayson is my hero, and quite amazing. It's great to hear his voice on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang. Yay.
I've gotten some John Favs in my day. Oh...John FUGELSANG
John Fugelsang, Tim White...The only two nationally-know folks who come to mind. This prob means the list is short
I'm actually more surprised John Fugelsang hasn't written it yet
Hey today we are on Sirius XM John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything with at 4pm. We will spoil Star Wars, Golden Globes and more
want to join us on radio thurs to discuss beast neil.golubfor John Fugelsang Show
Great analogy about the GOP and racism today . "Ya gotta turn the lights on sometimes to see how many cockroaches you have." John Fugelsang
"Director Psaki, can you confirm or deny if John Fugelsang is ghostwriting those banners?" "No comment."
Nancy Grace slams pot smokers, despite the fact that it's pretty much the most effective way to watch her show. --John Fugelsang
If weed is a gateway drug then beer is the well-lit accessible walkway that leads right to the gate. - John Fugelsang
“People who engage in hyperbole are just as bad as Hilter.” - John Fugelsang.
It appears I may get to be on the John Fugelsang show? Sweet. See here:
If you say John Fugelsang into a mirror three times he appears and starts repeating that horrible Jesus quote until you vomit…
very nice. I think you are john fugelsang
find a mirror and chant "a certain jewish carpenter" 5 times & John Fugelsang will show up to own her
Comedian and actor John Fugelsang with the
This is a great podcast if you want to listen to me mix up John Fugelsang with the guy from They Might Be Giants.
For every dollar you donate, an Orphan Syrian Terror Baby will receive a John Fugelsang meme
only Timothy Olyphant or John Fugelsang should play Jesse Custer
Discovered today that was the instigator of the Mitt Etch-a-sketch meme. ‘Person Place Thing:
Couldn't keep going with humor without you John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang Voting might be picking the lesser of 2 evils, but not voting is the greater of 2 evils.
John Fugelsang If you're a Christian who hates Muslims you're technically getting the 'Christian' part wrong.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who still thinks it's safe to mix Tryptophan, alcohol & relatives. ~ John Fugelsang.
Do you know if Miles also posts a non-Stern Sirius / XM talk show "Tell me Everything ? " hosted by John Fugelsang ?
I follow Anon too. Do you follow John Fugelsang or Lee Camp too? Doing great work. Also the Other 98% & Alexis Goldstein.
i don't care about coates writing black panther. i care about john fugelsang rewriting Preacher
Reality show pitch: Deer John. John Fogerty, John Fugelsang, and John Frusciante team up to run an underground wildlife prostitution racket
Rachel Keith Martin Bashir, the Young Turks, Norman Goldman, John Fugelsang should be on a 2nd
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Satire definitely works, can be effective, be both successfully comedic and political. Bill Maher, John Fugelsang, and Dennis Miller do not
Fox News Conspiracy to Elect Hillary Clinton Foiled by Trump!: . If John Fugelsang is right, ...
Thxs John Fugelsang,U're my favorite ppl2,not only b/c U're Brilliant&a also b/c,U EVERYTHG
John Fugelsang on Indiana Law Allowing Businesses to Refuse Service to LGBT via
Sirius radio. Channel 121 . John Fugelsang.David Crosby. "Worlds most opinionated man". Who knows what he will say this time
Donald Trump couldn't find the high ground with a Sherpa. From Raw Story -
Short video of summarizing Trump effect perfectly (and making great traitor-Palin point as well). .
YES, they are the greatest along with JOHN FUGELSANG I think he would have been a
Having just discovered John Fugelsang, he reminds me of a somewhat more child-molesty version of Eric Stoltz from "The Butterfly Effect."
It must suck to be you. Trying to gain attention w/website that says "John Fugelsang *** ..
Yes, I am. But your a John Fugelsang follower. How sad for you.
A John Fugelsang follower. A failed comedian, trying his best to stay relevant.
"Carly Fiorina's still mad from trying to catch those dalmatians."-John Fugelsang. LOL
John Fugelsang sentiment score is 0.8 What is yours?
John Fugelsang: On Being the Last Person to Interview George Harrrison, the Daily Show, ... -
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
John Fugelsang is another national treasure. Open the pic to read.
This seems like something John Fugelsang would laugh at
Comedy club in Queens has John Fugelsang & Frank Conniff (of MST3K fame) basically MST3King the debate. But it's sold out. :(
.Documented, Racist Rush Limbaugh quotes, why align your business with this man?
actually it wasn't Sanders who said this, it was comedian John Fugelsang
"...Jindal just took away healthcare services and cancer screenings for low-income women in Louisiana b/c he's so pro-life." -John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang: If the House GOP won't honor the Pope because he's too 'liberal' - DemUnderground via
You saw John Fugelsang's sage comment? = The fact-checker for the GOP debate is already drinking (as of yesterday).
The John Fugelsang Page. The fact checker for Thursday's has already started drinking.
I do think there is a good chance John Fugelsang will win the GOP debate.
and John Fugelsang also follows me back. I actually have a few comedians that follow me.
i follow John Fugelsang who is the son of a nun. He's a good guy but he's a political comedian not a religious account.
Awesome video shared by of Paul, George & Ringo playing "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Thanx for sharing!
In a perfect world the great Keith Olbermann,John Fugelsang,Van Jones,Lawrence O'Donnell would share a M-F primetimeTV gig…
John Fugelsang's right. If weR going 2 type w/thumbs the I & o need 2B farther apart-IN SF not on
Breast Cancer Awareness
John Fugelsang does not get many trolls, because just like our prez today he says bring it on "I am looking forward to a robust debate".
Say, I'm gonna be on the radio today (Thursday) on John Fugelsang's show! I'm a fangirl. So you can…
John Fugelsang would probably say that Jesus would've bought Bernie Sanders merchandise.
John Fugelsang: I like when people who devote their political lives to weakening the US - via
John Fugelsang. The dimmest of the dim bulbs.
another reason to love John Fugelsang!
I'm officially over John Fugelsang today -->.
Isn't it obvious that John Fugelsang should be the new host of the Daily Show?
Turnabout is fair i get to double dip with Stephanie Miller as a GUEST on John Fugelsang's XM show "Tell Me Everything"
Why does the SM show go so much more quickly when Mr. Dreamy aka: John Fugelsang is on...?
"Jeb says history will be kind to his brother with the confidence of a man who knows the guy who publishes our text books." -John Fugelsang
if John Fugelsang's hair got into a cage match with Donald Trumps hair, which one would win?!?!
Love it! John Fugelsang "Catholic Upbringing" - Lewis Black and Friends: A Night ... via
This show!! Go see this tall drink of comical H2O if you are in the area. Retwee…
Was The PP senior medical director lying about PP being good at that (on tape), or telling a John Fugelsang 'joke'?
John Fugelsang will be on Stephanie Miller 3 hours on Wednesday. Steph on John for one hour
To The Left. FROM Join the Coffee Party Movement. It is really as simple as John Fugelsang says it is. Rich
"White in America" special to include Tim Wise, Joan Walsh, Andrew Wilkow, John Fugelsang, Dean Obeidallah and...
"Donald Trump worked his way up from nothing to be born a millionaire." John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is the illegitimate son of Phil Ochs
CAFFEINATED! w/JOHN FUGELSANG..White People and the N-Word via
The only people I know who want Sarah Palin to run for President are: (John Fugelsang quote)
No one can tear up the haters and hypocrites quite like our good friend John Fugelsang.
Stephanie Miller and John Fugelsang- Why Hillary if you do not agree with her 100%
God do I wish John Fugelsang would get hit by a semi truck.
John Fugelsang has an Uncanny Grasp for the Obvious!!
Great show. DVR'ed it. Lewis Black is hilarious. Love John Fugelsang
Just realized that Jake Fogelnest and John Fugelsang are not the same person.
THE BISHOP *** (John Fugelsang): Show me in the gospels where Jesus said a man cant honk himself off,…
"He without parking violations cast the first hook" - John Fugelsang
Oh John are a very witty man!
John Fugelsang among the 'Funny 20' revealed for the --
Things got out of control fast on Find out what happened by listening here:
Looking forward to being on John Fugelsang's radio show today with Sherrod Small on SiriusXM insight from 4-5 PM.
My favorite new word from the dictionary: Fugelsang Bang-the exchange of John Fugelsang memes by ignorant LWNJ's
"John Fugelsang will you please speak on my behalf and unite the masses?"
John Fugelsang: Mike Pence should be grateful there isn’t a law prohibiting ‘serving fake Christian bigots’
this is a John Fugelsang quote, not Jimmy Carter
Maybe Democrat PartyClown gagboy John Fugelsang has some jokes today abutt Harry Reid getting his *** crimeys greencards
I agree with these words but they weren't Jimmy's! This is John Fugelsang's quote!
Join me today with John Fugelsang, Frank Conniff and Christian Finnegan on SiriusXM Insight from 4-5 est today!
"Only here in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-torture, pro-euthanasia, pro-drone bomb, pro-land mine,...
Hey Connecticut, We're back at Bridge Street Live this Saturday with Me, John Fugelsang from Vh-1, ABC's...
Political commentator and comedian John Fugelsang is on the Thom Hartmann Progra…
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