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John Fugelsang

John Fugelsang (born September 3, 1969, Long Island, New York) is an American actor, television personality and stand-up comedian.

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Dear, Comedy Central. Not to rush things, but if you are looking for a 2015 replacement for The Colbert Report, may I humbly suggest John Fugelsang. He is a great TV, radio & stand-up personality. Oh, and he could bring Frank Conniff on-board as a writer, too. (Okay, guys. If they really hire you, you are *so* owing me!)
re: Chris Hardwick, who is hosting a new and very lame late night show on Comedy Central entitled, “At Midnight,” would be a poor choice to fill the Colbert spot. Big problem, big shoes to fill for Comedy Central..they have no one in the green room. One possibility is John Fugelsang who seems to be the next guy in line. Lately Comedy Central execs have not been choosing comedy stars/hosts of the highest level.
Hey Comedy Central! How about replacing Colbert with John Fugelsang? He's my generation's George Carlin & is one of the hardest working men in show biz!!!
So you are in for Randi Rhodes today? If so, can you get Bernie Sanders or John Fugelsang?
'I love everyone': Jase Robertson responds to John Fugelsang's lecture about faith and 'anti *** stuff'
So, I was 1/2 watching & 1/2 listening to "Up with Steve Kornacki" this morning and at the end of the segment he was asking his guest what one thing they were leaving with this morning that they didn't already know. John Fugelsang stated, and I quote, "I found out that Arizona, the only state who has a governor serving on an out-patient basis, is trying to make it illegal to be *** in the name of being Christian. And what kind of anti-Christian bigot would stop me from being an anti *** bigot? The only problem is Christ, himself, the lead character of your book, never said a *** thing against *** people. None of you all follow Leviticus, so really you have to face the facts that you are not really being Christian by discriminating against *** people; because being *** is natural, hating *** is a lifestyle choice." Wow, that took me back to the point that I went online later today to listen to it again and transcribe it word for word. I love his referring to me as natural (the way God made me) and th ...
Just heard a great quote on Up with Steve Kornacki. The GOP blaming President Obama for the slow recovery is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the second act of the play. ~ John Fugelsang
"Mike Huckabee bravely helps GOP woo female voters by still not getting that contraception is a womens' HEALTH CARE issue." John Fugelsang
Tomorrow morning, 6am to 9am, John Fugelsang is guest hosting "Stand Up w/on Sirius/XM and I'm going to be his sidekick for the whole show. Tune in, turn on, and drop us a line.
Blazing Saddles, c. 2014 Dear randall: "Plus ca change, plus la meme chose." The more things change, the more they stay the same. We took a look recently at a national TV interview with Congressman Alan Grayson that was aired several months ago. The news then was the same as the news now. The same debate over Obamacare. The same debate over raising the minimum wage. The same debate over what to do about domestic surveillance. The same debate over GOP obstructionism. We wish that we could say that all of those problems have been solved. But they haven't. So let's share with you what Congressman Grayson had to say about them. Then we'll cross our fingers and hope that this new session of Congress can be far more productive than the last one was. John Fugelsang: Well, Florida Representative Alan Grayson is a member of the Progressive Caucus as well as the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and we've been honored to have him as a frequent guest of this program. He joins us this evening from Orlando. . . . [J ...
Credit to John Fugelsang Dating a Gemini is the closest most folks will ever get to being in a threesome. I LOL'ed.
John Fugelsang will host a hemorrhoid informercial
Fugelsang was John McEnroe's sidekick on a show with literally zero ratings .
He projecting or coming out?John Fugelsang: Kids not taught to accept.. via
1. I almost went against my pledge to not contact these folks 'cause John Fugelsang just posted a gorgeous photo. Two good things,...
He Looks like John Fugelsang with a really, really REALLY bad haircut.
Update your maps at Navteq
Of course they say nothing of John Fugelsang using Jesus every day to push his ridiculous ideology.
tell me again who this John Fugelsang person is ???
Here's receiving more attention than he has since Daisy Funtes was his co-host.
Yep. Unless you're John Fugelsang. To him, *** people need HIS Holy Protection.
I have to ask: Who is John Fugelsang and why do we care? Because he can't spell his own name?
People of intellect can, but John Fugelsang isn't among those.
John Fugelsang: Kids not taught to accept *** people are being taught to 'despise' *** people
Definition of Insanity? John Fugelsang. He keeps coming back for more expecting a different outcome. Lol
Glad JF can't text me! He really needs therapy! Throwback when John Fugelsang got really mad at me
No you don't get it. I SUPPORT John Fugelsang. HE'S a patriot.
It's so weird how John Fugelsang considers himself above criticism. And he's a *** to people who disagree then gets mad when they retaliate
this is parody dude. I'm not the real John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is as unfunny as the other strident leftist comics. Liberals have no real sense of humor, especially about their dogma
Just now learned that John Fugelsang was in Coyote Ugly
A self-righteous email from John Fugelsang seems an appropriate way to kick off 2014.
The John Fugelsang Page wrote: 'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.' -Socrates.
MT John Fugelsang is bumd |You mean 'Fuselgang.' I don't wanna know if that's an euphemism for something.
if you want John Fugelsang with his own show on !
"Women in combat, free abortions, gun control, *** rights, universal hc - at least the GOP doesn't mind when Israel does it." John Fugelsang
In 20013 I got to work on a TV show with John Fugelsang and I am certainly grateful for that...
Will be listening. Great show yesterday with John Fugelsang! Happy New Year!
I would like to apologize to the nation for putting John Fugelsang on everyone's radar, and the ensuing pseudo-Biblical lectures
Still can't believe I was in the same building as John Fugelsang and didn't get the chance to introduce myself
John Fugelsang was in the Charlotte Airport at the same time I was! DAMMIT I wish I could have ran into him.
The Michael Smerconish Program Replay is on the air now on SiriusXM's POTUS 124. contributor Rick Unger fills in for Michael, he's joined today by Politico's Juana Summers, Political Satirist John Fugelsang, Former AP White House Correspondent Ben Feller, CNBC's Ron Insana, and former prosecutor Doug Burns. Michael Smerconish returns from vacation on Thursday!
Photo: hippieseurope: blam49: paxmachina: John Fugelsang Best post ever. …yes..and he would have gotten...
Rick Ungar looks back at 2013 this hour with a twist - he's joined by Political Satirist John Fugelsang.
Actor and comedian John Fugelsang gives us his take on Jesus in just one sentence, and it's pretty incredible.
Thanks to John Fugelsang for this : (If the Christmas Miracle happened in current times...) Today on Maury! Joe was engaged to Mary-then learned she's pregnant -and you won't BELIEVE who she says the Baby Daddy is!
Courtesy of John Fugelsang, another great Ward Melville alum.
From The John Fugelsang Page, with a nod to Daniel Antonucci.
This John Fugelsang saying has been blowing up the newsfeed today.thank God.
John Fugelsang: "Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty has 1st amend rights & can say whatever he wants!" -- Sarah Palin, waving the scalp of Martin Bashir."
John Fugelsang is not only funny, he is smart.
MSNBC needs to fire John Fugelsang for saying bible thumpers need to be thumped by the bible, please contact MSNBC to have this guy fire.
John Fugelsang I'm selling 'Rehire Phil Robertson!' T-Shirts to the same Duck Dynasty fans who bought my 'Fire Alec Baldwin!' shirts
I would love to see someone like John Fugelsang sit down and talk to him.
John Fugelsang can sometimes be a *** but his 'Bible Lessons for Baptist' is funny stuff!
I liked a video from John Fugelsang commited to getting Stephine Miller on FSTV
THURSDAY: Wendy's Holiday Gift Grab continues with one of our biggest gifts yet! Plus, Good Morning America's Ginger Zee stops by and John Fugelsang, Judy Gold and Alicia Quarles join Wendy for
John Fugelsang 21s If Ronald Reagan hadn't defunded the US Public School system we might never have gotten to enjoy Duck Dynasty.
If you're a conservative who hates socialized healthcare, *** rights & women in the military then stop supporting Israel. - The John Fugelsang Page
"Some Evangelical Christians don't think Mormon Christians are Real Christians, even though they both worship the same Jew." ~ The John Fugelsang Page
*sigh* John Fugelsang. I kinda made an *** of myself in that exchange. A banner day, but for the wrong reasons.
On Wednesdsay morning’s edition of Current TV’s Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show, comedian and cable news uber-contributor John Fugelsang announced that the network is developing a primetime show that he will host, debuting in the fall. In an interview with Mediaite, self-described huge…
"You don't need to show an ID to buy an election, just to vote in one ~John Fugelsang"
John Fugelsang: to Megyn Kelly everyone knows Santa isn't white or black. All the presents come from China. He's Chinese!
Lol... John Fugelsang is good brain food and eye candy ;)
The John Fugelsang Page - Sexy Liberal Get the CD- with proceeds going to Gilda's Club - here:...
The John Fugelsang Page Enunciating with his entire body during Sexy Liberall Comedy Seattle...
"I will make you shake like an epileptic at a strobe-light sale." If anyone had the oral skills to teach *** class, it would be John Fugelsang and hi...
The John Fugelsang Page:. "It'll be awkward for Rapture folk when Jesus comes back & he's a homeless...
Best/funniest thing I heard about the whole White Santa/Black Santa controversy is what what John Fugelsang had to say about the matter. Something like: "Santa is not black or white. He is Chinese because that's where all the toys come from anyway."
John Fugelsang, Hal Sparks, and Stephanie Miller at The Barrymore Theater in Madison for the start of The Sexy Liberal Tour.
I heard this by John Fugelsang to day: Santa is not Black or White. He's Chinese. I know, because that's where all the gifts come from.
More guns have made America safer, just like all those corporate tax breaks have created jobs. -John Fugelsang
More guns have made America safer, just like lower corporate taxes have created all them jobs.- John Fugelsang
It's actually a summarized quote from John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang says he knows that Santa is not white, not black. Santa is Chinese. He knows that because all the gifts come from China.
Lol. "Santa isn't white. Santa isn't black either. Santa is Chinese. How do I know? Look where all the toys come from." John Fugelsang
Breast Cancer Awareness
Love this ---> John Fugelsang: Happy Holidays to War on Christmas ~
"Megyn Kelly, Santa's not white or black. He's Chinese. Cos that's where all the presents come from." - John Fugelsang
Welcome to America, where some of you will have an easier time buying an assault rifle than marrying who you love. ~ John Fugelsang
loves John Fugelsang's theory that God is whoever you hate. For example, he thinks if you hate fashion-conscious...
What is a John Fugelsang and how was I following it?
It’s important to randomly act bored and indifferent towards your cats so they understand how that feels.- John Fugelsang
What a fun night. I got to see Stephanie Miller, Dan Savage, Hal Sparks, and John Fugelsang. I also had a hot date too! Thank you Rock for asking me to go. I had a blast.
Panel time! Sexy Liberal times FIVE! Hal Sparks, Jim Ward, Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, and Dan Savage!! awesomeness!
John Fugelsang Guns don't kill ppl but NRA ppl who own Congress ppl make it easier for deranged ppl to get guns & kill innocent ppl.
Hey folks! Are you a The John Fugelsang Page fan? He's in Seattle tonight... at the Paramount Theatre.
I guess making a joke means I'm not smart enough to talk politics? Okay. Relax, boys. Didn't know you were such fans of John Fugelsang.
Saw John Fugelsang when we were shopping and sort of geeked out.
Either John Fugelsang searches his own name or he has me on a list which is weirder?
John Fugelsang is a nobody who has never worked and whose wife pays for everything.
If you don't know who John Fugelsang is - you are missing out. Hugely funny comedian and astute political analyst
John Fugelsang is the guy who made me aware of some nobody sitting at home in his underwear trying to be famous.
I love John Fugelsang. My16-year-old son and all of his friends love John Fuegelsang, too. Now *** are you?
"More guns means more safety, and that's why America is the safest society on Earth. ~ The John Fugelsang Page Gunsuck
Oh geez. Quoted in a Storify with John Fugelsang and Caitlin friggin Moran.
"Megyn Kelly says Santa and Jesus are both white, just like everyone else she knows." ~ John Fugelsang
Before I even look, I'm willing to bet $5 that John Fugelsang has already been in on this trend
"The Irony is that White Supremacists continue to be the greatest argument against the concept of White Supremacy." - John Fugelsang
I also want to thank Hal Sparks ,Gotta L. Aff , John Fugelsang , Lalo Alcaraz funny ppl who have encouraged me to take the leap into hosting a show. Getting laughs from them made me believe maybe I should give it go.
John Fugelsang has 100,000 followers. Give him a show
Do you want to go to Seattle on Saturday to meet and greet John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller, Hal Sparks? :D This Saturday!!!
It was only when the socks he got for Christmas made him happy that he realized he'd finally become a lame adult. - John Fugelsang
STG Presents Stephanie Miller's "Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour" with John Fugelsang and Hal Sparks at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on December 14, 2013. Official tickets available here!
Settle down, John Fugelsang. Most of us hold Obama with about the same regard as we hold for Nixon.
love JOhn Fugelsang great video about war on Christmas
Ed Schultz, who frequently has John Fugelsang and Lizz Winstead on, takes issue with Hannity having comedians like Larry the Cable Guy on
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The people who really believe that Obama is a Muslim will also believe that coddling the wealthy, cutting programs for the poor, invading countries that didn't attack us and hating those who are different... are Christian. - John Fugelsang
.I think it's worth noting that John Fugelsang has 99,900 followers, and has a whopping... ZERO.
i think i might love John Fugelsang. so many LOL moments when he's speaking.
Tickets to John Fugelsang are so expensive, I assume it includes some deep French kissing?
Use *** A-Roni, Helmet Head and John Fugelsang in a sentence. Lol
The Anti-Christ came to my Christmas party & turned all the wine into water. HATE that guy. - John Fugelsang
We want John Fugelsang to replace Martin Bashir. He is so smart and has a great following and very entertaining.John is one of a kind
WhatisIsreal calls anti-zionist. MaxBlumenthal a disgrace to journalism and John Fugelsang mentions Palestinians as a concern of Mandela's.
" 'I can't believe Obama went to Mandela's funeral and shook hands with a communist!!', the outraged tea partier typed, on his Mac made in China". ~ John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang so nails their hypocrisy.
The John Fugelsang Page: The aliens had planned to contact us today; then Tila Tequila trended over Michelle Obam...
John Fugelsang I owe u an apology let me stay out of people who think their smart Business!
More faux outrage, as explained by John Fugelsang ~ Jay R
"Jesus never called the poor lazy, fought for less taxes on wealthy Nazarenes or asked a leper for a copay. Isn't it time for Fox News to demand more Christ in Christianity and give up the phony War on Christmas posturing?". John Fugelsang
"Fundamentalist Christians are the leading cause of atheism in the country." John Fugelsang
domain names
" You cannot stand up for Main Street if you are on all fours for Wall St."-John Fugelsang
"You can't stand up for Main Street when you are on all fours for Wall Street." -- John Fugelsang, when asked about the Wall Street backed (and chaired) "Third Way" think tank that is passing itself off as being part of the Democratic Party.
John Fugelsang (who is not a Democrat but the Republicans make him vote that way), on the Ed Show, on the topic of Third Way Democrats: "You can't stand up for Main Street when you're on All Fours for Wall Street."
"I was not a radical. I was prematurely mainstream". John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang warns that conservatives are scared to death that Elizabeth Warren will get a big mic because she'll convert GOP'ers.
Yay! John Fugelsang is gonna be in Big Eddies houze!
John Fugelsang should get the spot Alec Baldwin had with his stupid show on MSNBC, that would be so *** awesome.
"Reagan fans celebrating Mandela are like Gargamel fans celebrating Smurfs" - John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is right. Ted Cruz is the Abraham Lincoln of Sarah Palins ... a relative intellectual and moral giant among mental pygmies
The John Fugelsang Page: I'm guest hosting all 3 hrs of 'The Stephanie Miller Show' live from NYC 9am-12noon ET/6-9am PT. Call us at 800.STEPH-12! Listen to the show live online:
Liberal chat room that goes along with The Stephanie Miller Show. John Fugelsang is hosting today because Stephanie is sick. Also the link to I Heart Radio to listen to the show. :)
John Fugelsang guest hosting all three hours today! And he has a special video message for you about the Free Speech TV campaign.
Wal-Mart = Chinese-made products, the money you spend doesn't stay in community & staff is so poor your taxes subsidize... ~John Fugelsang
. Used to watch Current TV be4 it was sold 2 AJAM when Fugelsang&Behar had shows.Not so much now except 4 documentaries
Thirty-one years ago today, John Lennon was shot to death in front of The Dakota building in New York, where he lived with Yoko Ono. The man who did it lives in a correctional facility in upstate New York, and as news organizations mark the anniversary of that day, comedian John Fugelsang wants them...
pro-land mines, and still call yourself 'pro-life.'". —John Fugelsang
"New York still hasn't tried Stop n' Frisk at Wall Street, and that's where all the real crime is. Most of the coke, too." - John Fugelsang
George H.W. Bush's letter of resignation to the NRA … Rec U follow John Fugelsang
Best Beatle in my opinion. George Harrison - The Last Performance (John Fugelsang): via
Had to post this again, basically shows why John Fugelsang is one of my favs! More talk on God needs to be like this!
Comedy Nation, hosted by John Fugelsang from Current TV and America's Funniest Videos. Every show comedians, bloggers and entertainers do a monologue on that...
"Keep Christ in Christmas? How about we put him back in Christianity first?" - John Fugelsang
As long as we're calling it From John Fugelsang
It'd be good to see a channel carry ppl like Tamara Hall w/ MartinBashir, Ed & John Fugelsang :)
"Dear Rick Santorum: Obamacare is to Apartheid what the GOP Alternative is to Existence." ~ John Fugelsang
"Starting a pool to guess when Glenn Beck explains how Nelson Mandela was actually a conservative icon." ~John Fugelsang
:-/ Thanks to John Fugelsang, Roque Amaury Tineo, and to The Left Wing Cafe for the share.
Goodnight John Fugelsang, patron saint of irrelevant ***
".. *** people are like marijuana plants. If God hated them he'd stop creating so many." - The John Fugelsang Page...
Annoying John Fugelsang Again: 8m: Prohibition ended 80 years ago today. But not for you, pothead. Paulie Scibilia 7m I did not realize prohibition covered pot... try growing it in most states. Paulie Scibilia 2m: Still dont get the joke.. A law banning alcohol ended 80 years ago. Potheads cant drink?
How about a regular gig for John Fugelsang Griffin screwed up on poor time.
I respect Joy but that spot should go to either John Fugelsang or Mike Papantonio.
The John Fugelsang Page= tasteless comments abt the Pope are acceptable, tasteless comments abt Sarah Palin still an outraged umbrage orgy.
Once again, John Fugelsang nails it. . What are your thoughts on Martin Bashir "resigning" from his MSNBC show...
John Fugelsang originally said that Sarah Palin's comments didn't offend him. Now that Martin Bashir's been fired, he says they were.
"Rush Limbaugh says Obama created the recession to punish white people. Apparently God created Limbaugh for the same reason." ~ John Fugelsang
thanks Evan L Smith for this. Happy Hannukah to Jesus; the radical, non-homophobic, nonviolent, social justice activist brown-skinned homeless Jew ~ John Fugelsang
Funny how the people who ignored 30 years of warnings about trickle-down are the ones who now believe our economy went bad in Jan 2009. - John Fugelsang
*** marriage isn't "Special Rights". Special Rights are for 'political churches' that don't pay taxes. -John Fugelsang
"Dear Media: ACA was never 'Obama's Katrina' but our health care system was America's Katrina decades before there was a Katrina."--The John Fugelsang Page
“I’ve come to view Jesus much the way I view Elvis. I love the guy but the fan clubs really freak me out,” -john Fugelsang.
"Jesus is a lot like Elvis. I love the guy, but a lot of his fan clubs freak me out." -John Fugelsang
(jeff messer) hope folks enjoyed the rebroadcast of the two days that John Fugelsang stopped by the 880 studios! I have to say, I missed being on the air two days this week, and look forward to being back with you Monday! Welcome to December (already)!
I love John Fugelsang. His mother was a nun and his father was a priest before they married. He can debate anyone on religion.
The John Fugelsang Page "Black Friday is when we buy material possessions as gifts for the birthday of a guy who renounced material possessions."
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Black Friday is when the media whips people into a frenzy, then acts shocked by all these horrible frenzied people. ~ John Fugelsang
The John Fugelsang Page Pssst, America? You're actually allowed to do Small Business Saturday on Black Friday.
Earlier this week, the old Obama campaign, now known as Organizing for Action, issued a call to action for its followers: use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to talk politics. And, like the lackeys they are, the hosts at MSNBC picked up the message. On Wednesday night, all the MSNBC primetime hosts informed Americans how to preach at their conservative relatives. Ed Schultz said liberals should talk about Obamacare, and then had on dramatically unfunny “comedian” John Fugelsang to talk about “your, uh, Obamacare-hating uncle, you’ve got your NRA uncle, you’ve got your *** for Reagan uncle, youv’e got your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb.” Then, Al Sharpton offered his talking points for Thanksgiving, stating, “That aunt or uncle, who watches Fox News all day is coming to dinner.” Then Chris Hayes did the same...
"I like when people who were wrong about trickle-down economics, Clinton’s budget, the need to impeach Clinton, WMD's, Iraqis greeting us as liberators, having two wars off the books while cutting taxes for the rich, Sarah Palin, and Obama's citizenship tell me to believe their theories about Obamacare." - John Fugelsang
Jesus never called a homeless person lazy, fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper for a copay. -John Fugelsang
"Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who still thinks it's safe to mix Tryptophan alcohol & relatives." - John Fugelsang
Be the good guy ! Dealing with heated holiday political banter via with John Fugelsang
Just recently got to hang out with John Fugelsang. He's the real deal. Also love him a lil more for sharing my...
"Blaming this economy on Barack Obama is like blaming the guy making your breakfast for your hangover." - John Fugelsang
I don't mind. I've been to your studio with John Fugelsang. And, you have a picture of my friend, on your page!
Comedian John Fugelsang had some advice for progressives dealing with conservative relatives at the Thanksgiving table this year, telling MSNBC host Ed Schultz that it takes a hearty helping of facts to minimize political squabbles.
LMAO.watching John Fugelsang on The Ed Show. They're talking about talking politics to family members over...
In Trenders, Ed Tour comes to a city near you! Pres. Obama pardons Popcorn the Turkey. Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang have helpful hints to survive Thanksgiving.
Unlike Sen Rafael Cruz, President Obama was born in the USA! -John Fugelsang
Some helpful hints from John Fugelsang (on "The Ed Show") for dealing with your right wing relatives at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table: (1) "I originally supported Single Payer, but President Obama took a Republican plan, created by the Republican Heritage Foundation, implemented by a Republican governor of Massachusetts, upheld by a Republican Supreme Court, and I predict that, a year from now, it will have helped at least one of the Republicans at this table."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
John Fugelsang on gave good advice on how to avoid a food fight at the dinner table
"We've decided your birth control isn't medication, which it is, because the Bible's against birth control, which it's not." -John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang 25m In the Season 4 premiere the ladies of Downton Abbey deal with the grief of Matthew's death by discovering botox in 1922.
smart and handsome, John Fugelsang - on POINT
I'm kinda liking this John Fugelsang guy.
"If ignorance were hair, Sarah Palin would be a Wookie." ~ John Fugelsang
Thanks to The John Fugelsang Page and to Baja Chris for the share.
Just bought second row VIP tickets for the Sexy Liberal Tour at the Paramount!!! Stephanie Miller, Hal Sparks, John Fugelsang!!! I'm super stoked :) Ryan Endresen is my distinguished guest. He has some googling to do before the meet and greet :)
They call your Social Security and Medicare "Entitlements" so you don't call them something silly like "Earned Benefits." --John Fugelsang
*** marriage isn't Special Rights, it's Equal Rights. 'Special Rights' are for political churches that don't pay taxes." - John Fugelsang
If you're a Christian who's mad that we're not having war with Iran you're kinda sucking at being Christian. — John Fugelsang (November 24, 2013
John Fugelsang 5m Most people currently blaming Federal Govt for everything also spent 8 years refusing to blame it for anything.
"Only in America can you be pro death penalty, pro war, pro ...drone bombs, pro nuclear weapons, pro guns, pro torture, pro land mines, and still call yourself pro life." -John Fugelsang (1969- ) American actor, comedian
"Your ability to heavily arm yourself and publicly call Obama a gun-grabbing tyrant pretty much proves he's not." - John Fugelsang
"And now for both sides of the story, let's talk to a Republican and a Tea Partier" - John Fugelsang channeling Wolf Blitzer. :-)
"I voted for Jesus in 2008 and I'm not ashamed to admit it. A guy who was a peaceful, radical, non-violent revolutionary, spent his leisure time with hookers, lepers, and crooks, a man who never spoke English, was not an American citizen, was anti-capitalism, anti-wealth, anti-death penalty 100%, anti-public prayer, yes, he was, Matthew 6:5, never once anti *** never mentioned abortion, never once mentioned pre-marital sex, and was a long-haired, brown-skinned, yes, it's in Revelations, brown-skinned, homeless, Middle-Eastern Jew." -John Fugelsang.
"The best thing about the 'Republican' health care site is: it has never crashed." -John Fugelsang
"A Congressman is arrested buying coke but gets to keep his job. Somewhere Anthony Weiner shoots his TV." ~ The John Fugelsang Page
Charles Manson is planning to marry a 25-yr-old girl whom he named 'Star'. He is 79. I guess, love, mass murder, and perversion spring eternal. At least she's not marrying him for his pension or his glam and popular appeal--I guess. She even carved an X into her forehead to show her devotion to Charlie. And as John Fugelsang pointed out, "This could be easily turned into a swastika by adding a few lines. Maybe she's saving that (mark of 'affection') for the wedding night."
Okay. I think I can say with confidence that John Fugelsang is one of my new heroes. I just "liked" The John Fugelsang Page, and don't regret it. He and his followers have proven very witty, insightful, and to be flat-out awesome people.
"Apparently Harry Reid & Senate Democrats think they're like the majority party or something". ~John Fugelsang
Tonight at The Underground Lounge !! John Fugelsang, Ray Marshall, Tiana Miller, Chad Plaines, Rob Shapiro, me and back from LA Mr. Eric Sims!! Cover $5
Saying 'I'm a vegetarian who eats fish' is like saying 'I'm a heterosexual guy who enjoys sex with men.' - The John Fugelsang Page
THE BILL PRESS SHOW This morning John Fugelsang was sitting in for Bill. A great show and good (necessary) discussion about brain injury and football concussions in particular. Made me think about former New England Patriot Wes Welker who suffered a concussion playing for his new team, the Denver Broncos. We wish him all the best in his recovery, whether or not he's able to play against his old team this weekend.
John Fugelsang: I don't mind people calling the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" just so long as they call Social Security "FDRCare," Medicare "LBJCare," and tax breaks for the rich "WCare."
Good morning John Fugelsang, good to see you on the
I don't mind my taxes paying for pre-emptive war, executions, or drone killings - but not abortion; cos I'm pro-life. - John Fugelsang
Rep. Trey Radell avoids prison time for coke conviction using time-tested 'Um, Hello? I'm white!' defense. The John Fugelsang Page
John Fugelsang goes all ecard on us!
If you're against abortion rights you don't get to also be against insurance plans covering birth control for women. - John Fugelsang
Scott Walker on This Week: The Most Divisive Governor Ever by Puddytat Nov 18, 2013 1:26pm PST Yes, that's the way he was described in an intro to the segment done on ABCs This Week (one of the Sunday Gab Fests). Of course, he's out not just fundraising, but shilling his new tome of lies, a book called "Unintimidated". In the clearly fluff interview, Walker takes swings at protesters and Democrats, but tries to sell himself as a moderate. Of course, this is a man who wants to be President and saw 2 of the latest Republicans go down to defeat as they were dragged ever more to the right by the extremist base of the GOP. The 2016 "ideal candidate" Walker describes sounds exactly like . Scott Walker. He promotes an "outsider" as the ideal Republican Presidential candidate (yup, there's Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz all nicely tucked under the bus in one sentence), should be "a Governor or former Governor" (bye bye anyone in Washington), should have taken on what he calls "successful re ...
Looking forward to being on a great lineup of political comedians on Friday including John Fugelsang, Lee Camp Katie Halper Frank Conniff Abbi Crutchfield and Julianna Forlano.
One of the lucky 100 in the live audience for New York Abortion Access Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice America "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose" streamed online telethon to benefit Texas Abortion Funds. Hosted by Lizz Winstead (she invented "The Daily Show") & Sarah Silverman, with Amy Schumer (she was amazing),John Fugelsang (also great), Natasha Lyonne, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Angela McCluskey singing with Luke Janklow on guitar, the cast of"Orange is the New Black", plus Emily Mortimer, Jemima Kirke, Lea DeLaria, Katherine Moennig ("Ray Donovan") Alexa Chung...all answering phones. But, the ULTIMATE point was LESLEY GORE belting out "You Don't Own Me." (Lizz was in tears! & huge standing ovation) Also there, Courtney Love, Stella Schnabel..We were only told where the location was TODAY (the basement of a well-know LES club) because of fear that protesters would seek to destroy. Raised over $50,000 w/ Mario Batali phoning in, offering to match the next half-hour's take. Babeland even supplied a gian ...
'Monday evening, Winstead and Silverman will be joined by comedians including Amy Schumer, Dave Hill and John Fugelsang, actresses such as Natasha Leone, Kathy Najimy and Emily Mortimer, writers like Joan Walsh and Anthea Butler as well as activists in Texas like Heather Busby and Sarah Slamen who are leading the fight to restore choice and justice in the Lone Star State. The telethon, dubbed "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose," will be streamed live online.'
::jfds:: John Fugelsang said of Sarah Palin, and I quote: "If ignorance what hair she'd be a Wookie". Okay, this made my day!
"George Zimmerman arrested for domestic violence; but in GZ's defense, she was clearly eating skittles & bothering no one" - John Fugelsang
HERE ARE A FEW JOKES ABOUT THE NRA 1. "The NRA made an ad saying that Obama is elitist because his kids have armed guards. Yeah, that crazy Obama thinking his kids need special protection. I love the NRA accusing anyone of being paranoid. It's like a septic tank saying, 'You need a mint.'" –Bill Maher 2. "One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take off our shoes at the airport. Thirty-one school shootings since Columbine and no change in our regulation of guns." -Daily Show correspondent John Oliver Stone Sourav Ganguly 3. -"Impeach President Reagan retroactively for agreeing with Obama on the assault weapons ban." -John Fugelsang 4. "That's what American democracy has come down to at these town hall meetings: old people and gun nuts, which is a terrible combination. I heard somebody yell 'AK-47!' and a lady yelled, 'Bingo!'" --Bill Maher 5. "I suggest putting a teacher in every gun store." -Jef Johnson 6. "I'm not advocating for no guns. I like mine and am not about to give them up. But in ...
Here's a "teaser" for the Comedy Nation Show with John Fugelsang. The topic is "Gambling, Prostitution and Recreational Drugs- Is It Time to Cash In on Sin?" This was prepared by our videographer, Michael, at Shoestring Videos.
Here's a simple economic formula that works: people who supported the Iraq War don't ever ever get to complain about deficits-John Fugelsang
what John Fugelsang thinks is funny: A warning. You will never be able to unsee this.
- Margaret Cho, Judy Gold, Chely Wright & me in benefit for KC's ctr - WBC has announced they will picket.
The ears aren't quite right, but otherwise, I'd say he's on to something.
I fear he may start to get RW trolls now. MT What Said About Sarah Palin
What John Fugelsang Said About Sarah Palin - That’s not true, Fugelsang: Jar Jar Binks is not that annoying.
"Telling ppl who are the religious majority they’re an abused minority will never make you go broke."
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MSNBC - John Fugelsang: Sarah Palin is for the GOP what Jar Jar Binks is...: via
John Fugelsang: Sarah Palin is the 'Jar Jar Binks' of the GOP - Newsvine
/r/politics [spam filtered] John Fugelsang: Sarah Palin is the ‘Jar Jar Binks’ of the GOP
In an appearance on “The Ed Show” on MSNBC, comedian and former Current TV host John Fugelsang poked fun at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s new book tour and compared her to the much-mocked character Jar Jar Binks from George Lucas’ “Star Wars” prequel, “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”
"Sarah Palin will be the first-ever major party ticket candidate to one day host a cosmetics infomercial.” -John Fugelsang
The Ed Show's guest host Michael Eric Dyson took advantage of the news that Sarah Palin will be speaking at this weekend's Iowa Faith and Freedom Conference to invite comedian John Fugelsang on the MSNBC show to give his take on her motives and generally mock her presidential prospects.
“[Sarah Palin] does for the GOP what Jar Jar Binks did for Star Wars Episode 1,” John Fugelsang said. He continued, “She distracts the easily amused from a total lack of narrative.”
During an interview with substitute host Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show”, comedian John Fugelsang took a few funny, but precise jabs at Sarah Palin as they discussed why she was on what Dyson described as a ‘publicity tour’ and what she does that actually helps (don’t laugh, I’m serious)...
John Fugelsang 6 Nov Wow, your online taunts totally made me re-examine my values & I now believe trickle-down worked & Bush was awesome.
Christie's presidential campaign slogan H/T John Fugelsang "People who hate him like him"!
So love hearing someone trying to debate John Fugelsang debate religion with anybody. Being raised by an ex-priest and ex-nun has benefits.
NY peeps. This is TONIGHT! A FREE show with my hero John Fugelsang & a bunch of other brilliant & hilarious minds. You all are so lucky!
tonight! Free show! Me, John Fugelsang, Julianna Forlano and more! 7:30pm at Jimmy's 43! We'll be rocking the house, kicking *** taking names, and teaching proper exclamation mark usage!!
Per John Fugelsang: Creationists have a problem with the idea that humans are descended from apes. They have no problem with the idea that we're descended from dirt.
"Dumb people think strength and meanness are the same thing." --John Fugelsang
Great line from John Fugelsang. Rand Paul will give a speech defending himself against charges of plagiarism. The speech will concentrate on his family dog, Checkers. (Note the attribution)
I'll be in studio on the Stephanie Miller Show with John Fugelsang filling in for Stephanie at 11am eastern today.
I hope you'll join me for a great night of progressive political comedy on Friday with John Fugelsang, Lee Camp, Frank Conniff, Jennifer Rawlings, Adam Burke and Julianna Forlano.
I like how Rand Paul claimed something he didn't write was his after Ron Paul claimed something he did write wasn't his.-- John Fugelsang
"I like when people leave Congress 'for more time with their family.' Cos those guys only get , like, 150 days off per year." - John Fugelsang
Mark Manning interviews country music artist & *** rights activist Chely Wright this Friday morning, November 8, at 11:15 am, on KKFI 90.1 FM during Eclectics, with Rebbecca Roche. Please tune in for a chance to win certificates to be redeemed for two free tickets for the benefit for the LikeMe Lighthouse-Kansas City annual fundraiser November 13th at The Folly Theater starring Margaret Cho, Judy Gold, John Fugelsang, Jim Short and a special appearance by Chely Wright. Buy your tickets at
Hey Rick Overton, Paul Provenza, David Feldman, Chris Pina, John Fugelsang and all my comedy friends... would you help Kitty and I spread the word for her event this month? xo Kelly
John Fugelsang, thank you for your time and for sharing your vision on where we are headed next for one very fun and intelligent OVERVIEW!
:) - The John Fugelsang Page shared a link: Dylan won a grammy for the original but by the end she's made it her own.
Why the GOP opposes ENDA: "John Boehner: "If businesses can't discriminate against *** it will cost jobs, especially small business jobs, because... well... you know." (Top Conservative Cat) "'Not letting me be an anti *** bigot makes you an anti-Christian bigot!" (John Fugelsang) "Benghazi!!" (Me)
I'd like to start a petition for Current TV (under new management, aljazeera tv), to bring back The Young Turks, John Fugelsang, and The War Room.
Pretty cool. This is a meme created from our cover story on John Fugelsang and other comic activists in the Long Island Press. Jim Lennon was the photographer.
The story of Onan from the Bible has led to a lot of confusion in the world. John Fugelsang explains it all. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday: http:/...
I know you Batman fans would appreciate this... ;) - The John Fugelsang Page: Baby's 1st Halloween.
John Fugelsang 1h - when American children go door to door asking strangers for food the night before Congress cuts SNAP.
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By The John Fugelsang Page 1st guy I see as I drive into New Orleans. One hopes its Halloween-related.
...from comedian John Fugelsang - this one isn't funny: "The bad news: GOP is cutting SNAP benefits for 48 million. The good news: they can blame Obama for blocking veterans' access to food banks."
This is hilarious, from John Fugelsang 's Instagram
John Fugelsang Cruz is so soulless he can't technically lose bets with Satan.
Mara Marek and Carole Montgomery sit down with comedian John Fugelsang to discuss how to fix the Catholic churc, how John’s parents met, and his views on marriage and divorce.
"Obama is an evil man for eavesdropping on private phone calls, say employees of Rupert Murdoch at Fox News." ~ The John Fugelsang Page
John Fugelsang News Channel reminds you a) only the private sector can create jobs, and b) Obama has failed to create jobs.
John Fugelsang News Channel is a mecca for people who hate Mecca.
Not only did I get to shadow a legit film maker... I met John Fugelsang.. My life.. Is AWESOME! :D *Geek out!* ah! :D
Correction: Credit where it's due. Well said, John Fugelsang (comedian/political commentator) "...when you hear people say, “Jesus said to help the poor, but he didn’t say the government should do it!” I always respond, “Yes, but Jesus didn’t have democracy.” If you want your tax dollars to help people over here instead of blowing them up over there, then vote that way. And if you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, to help the sick, to avoid violence, to take better care of those in prison, to help the needy, fine. Don’t vote that way. But don’t ever say you want a government based on Christian values, because you don’t." Apparently not a Jimmy Carter quote.
John Fugelsang has Mrs. Bachmann's number. Thanks to The Big Slice for the share.
John Fugelsang talks about getting info about Obamacare from Conservatives.
John Fugelsang has such a lovely way with words.
John Fugelsang 59m 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.' - Oscar Wilde. Right. Because he's, like, SO smart and knows Everything.
Alec Baldwin is not as good as a host as John Fugelsang would be. Alec makes me want to fall asleep. Hire John! That be ! featured in NBC s Science of Love
For John Fugelsang to not be a Democrat, he sure is good at apologizing away everything they do.
Hint to John Fugelsang: the initials of my city and state spell out a sometimes fatal disease. Not joking.
Between and one is a comedian, and the other is John Fugelsang.
Saw an awesome Comedy Nation show last night hosted by John Fugelsang and centered around third party alternatives
DISGRACEFUL: John Fugelsang Attacks via Meaningless JOKER with funding from a RICH liberal LOON!
"Celebrate Columbus Day but try not to get lost, enslave tons of people and then kill them." ~ John Fugelsang
DISGRACEFUL: John Fugelsang Attacks via am I supposed to know who this *** is??
DISGRACEFUL: John Fugelsang Attacks - Do you know who John Fugelsang is? You wouldn't because he's a com...
I'll give you a nickel if you know who John Fugelsang is. I know I sure don't.
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