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John Fugelsang

John Fugelsang (born September 3, 1969, Long Island, New York) is an American actor, television personality and stand-up comedian.

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and a great pleasure to finally meet you Frank and also spend time with John Fugelsang.
I watch John Fugelsang on Currentv and Al Jazeera America. You made a difference John.
The only two things I remember about Current TV: the Biggie and Tupac documentary and the constant commercials for John Fugelsang's show.
This was fun! Was invited back, and I plan to take him up on it. Thanks, John Fugelsang
Fun times being on Sirius Radio on 's show, Tell Me Everything.
When asked for comment Limbaugh answered, "John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes 2nd banana? Didn't know he was still alive"
Alan Grayson is my hero, and quite amazing. It's great to hear his voice on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang. Yay.
I've gotten some John Favs in my day. Oh...John FUGELSANG
John Fugelsang, Tim White...The only two nationally-know folks who come to mind. This prob means the list is short
I'm actually more surprised John Fugelsang hasn't written it yet
Hey today we are on Sirius XM John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything with at 4pm. We will spoil Star Wars, Golden Globes and more
want to join us on radio thurs to discuss beast neil.golubfor John Fugelsang Show
Great analogy about the GOP and racism today . "Ya gotta turn the lights on sometimes to see how many cockroaches you have." John Fugelsang
"Director Psaki, can you confirm or deny if John Fugelsang is ghostwriting those banners?" "No comment."
Nancy Grace slams pot smokers, despite the fact that it's pretty much the most effective way to watch her show. --John Fugelsang
If weed is a gateway drug then beer is the well-lit accessible walkway that leads right to the gate. - John Fugelsang
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
“People who engage in hyperbole are just as bad as Hilter.” - John Fugelsang.
It appears I may get to be on the John Fugelsang show? Sweet. See here:
John Fugelsang, host of “Tell Me Everything” on SiriusXM Insight 121, calls in at 9am EST / 6am PST for “Fridays With Fugelsang.”
If you say John Fugelsang into a mirror three times he appears and starts repeating that horrible Jesus quote until you vomit…
very nice. I think you are john fugelsang
find a mirror and chant "a certain jewish carpenter" 5 times & John Fugelsang will show up to own her
Comedian and actor John Fugelsang with the
This is a great podcast if you want to listen to me mix up John Fugelsang with the guy from They Might Be Giants.
For every dollar you donate, an Orphan Syrian Terror Baby will receive a John Fugelsang meme
only Timothy Olyphant or John Fugelsang should play Jesse Custer
Discovered today that was the instigator of the Mitt Etch-a-sketch meme. ‘Person Place Thing:
Couldn't keep going with humor without you John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang Voting might be picking the lesser of 2 evils, but not voting is the greater of 2 evils.
John Fugelsang If you're a Christian who hates Muslims you're technically getting the 'Christian' part wrong.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who still thinks it's safe to mix Tryptophan, alcohol & relatives. ~ John Fugelsang.
Do you know if Miles also posts a non-Stern Sirius / XM talk show "Tell me Everything ? " hosted by John Fugelsang ?
I follow Anon too. Do you follow John Fugelsang or Lee Camp too? Doing great work. Also the Other 98% & Alexis Goldstein.
i don't care about coates writing black panther. i care about john fugelsang rewriting Preacher
Reality show pitch: Deer John. John Fogerty, John Fugelsang, and John Frusciante team up to run an underground wildlife prostitution racket
Rachel Keith Martin Bashir, the Young Turks, Norman Goldman, John Fugelsang should be on a 2nd
Satire definitely works, can be effective, be both successfully comedic and political. Bill Maher, John Fugelsang, and Dennis Miller do not
Fox News Conspiracy to Elect Hillary Clinton Foiled by Trump!: . If John Fugelsang is right, ...
Thxs John Fugelsang,U're my favorite ppl2,not only b/c U're Brilliant&a also b/c,U EVERYTHG
John Fugelsang - Why the American Dream is on the Chopping Block via
John Fugelsang on Indiana Law Allowing Businesses to Refuse Service to LGBT via
Sirius radio. Channel 121 . John Fugelsang.David Crosby. "Worlds most opinionated man". Who knows what he will say this time
Donald Trump couldn't find the high ground with a Sherpa. From Raw Story -
Short video of summarizing Trump effect perfectly (and making great traitor-Palin point as well). .
YES, they are the greatest along with JOHN FUGELSANG I think he would have been a
Having just discovered John Fugelsang, he reminds me of a somewhat more child-molesty version of Eric Stoltz from "The Butterfly Effect."
It must suck to be you. Trying to gain attention w/website that says "John Fugelsang *** ..
Yes, I am. But your a John Fugelsang follower. How sad for you.
A John Fugelsang follower. A failed comedian, trying his best to stay relevant.
"Carly Fiorina's still mad from trying to catch those dalmatians."-John Fugelsang. LOL
John Fugelsang sentiment score is 0.8 What is yours?
John Fugelsang: On Being the Last Person to Interview George Harrrison, the Daily Show, ... -
John Fugelsang is another national treasure. Open the pic to read.
This seems like something John Fugelsang would laugh at
Comedy club in Queens has John Fugelsang & Frank Conniff (of MST3K fame) basically MST3King the debate. But it's sold out. :(
.Documented, Racist Rush Limbaugh quotes, why align your business with this man?
actually it wasn't Sanders who said this, it was comedian John Fugelsang
"...Jindal just took away healthcare services and cancer screenings for low-income women in Louisiana b/c he's so pro-life." -John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang: If the House GOP won't honor the Pope because he's too 'liberal' - DemUnderground via
You saw John Fugelsang's sage comment? = The fact-checker for the GOP debate is already drinking (as of yesterday).
The John Fugelsang Page. The fact checker for Thursday's has already started drinking.
I do think there is a good chance John Fugelsang will win the GOP debate.
and John Fugelsang also follows me back. I actually have a few comedians that follow me.
i follow John Fugelsang who is the son of a nun. He's a good guy but he's a political comedian not a religious account.
Awesome video shared by of Paul, George & Ringo playing "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Thanx for sharing!
In a perfect world the great Keith Olbermann,John Fugelsang,Van Jones,Lawrence O'Donnell would share a M-F primetimeTV gig…
And now time for your Occasional Dose of Wisdom with Mr.John Fugelsang:
John Fugelsang's right. If weR going 2 type w/thumbs the I & o need 2B farther apart-IN SF not on
John Fugelsang does not get many trolls, because just like our prez today he says bring it on "I am looking forward to a robust debate".
Say, I'm gonna be on the radio today (Thursday) on John Fugelsang's show! I'm a fangirl. So you can…
John Fugelsang would probably say that Jesus would've bought Bernie Sanders merchandise.
John Fugelsang: I like when people who devote their political lives to weakening the US - via
John Fugelsang. The dimmest of the dim bulbs.
another reason to love John Fugelsang!
I'm officially over John Fugelsang today -->.
Isn't it obvious that John Fugelsang should be the new host of the Daily Show?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Turnabout is fair i get to double dip with Stephanie Miller as a GUEST on John Fugelsang's XM show "Tell Me Everything"
Why does the SM show go so much more quickly when Mr. Dreamy aka: John Fugelsang is on...?
"Jeb says history will be kind to his brother with the confidence of a man who knows the guy who publishes our text books." -John Fugelsang
if John Fugelsang's hair got into a cage match with Donald Trumps hair, which one would win?!?!
Love it! John Fugelsang "Catholic Upbringing" - Lewis Black and Friends: A Night ... via
This show!! Go see this tall drink of comical H2O if you are in the area. Retwee…
Was The PP senior medical director lying about PP being good at that (on tape), or telling a John Fugelsang 'joke'?
John Fugelsang will be on Stephanie Miller 3 hours on Wednesday. Steph on John for one hour
To The Left. FROM Join the Coffee Party Movement. It is really as simple as John Fugelsang says it is. Rich
"White in America" special to include Tim Wise, Joan Walsh, Andrew Wilkow, John Fugelsang, Dean Obeidallah and...
"Donald Trump worked his way up from nothing to be born a millionaire." John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is the illegitimate son of Phil Ochs
CAFFEINATED! w/JOHN FUGELSANG..White People and the N-Word via
The only people I know who want Sarah Palin to run for President are: (John Fugelsang quote)
No one can tear up the haters and hypocrites quite like our good friend John Fugelsang.
Stephanie Miller and John Fugelsang- Why Hillary if you do not agree with her 100%
God do I wish John Fugelsang would get hit by a semi truck.
John Fugelsang has an Uncanny Grasp for the Obvious!!
Great show. DVR'ed it. Lewis Black is hilarious. Love John Fugelsang
Just realized that Jake Fogelnest and John Fugelsang are not the same person.
THE BISHOP *** (John Fugelsang): Show me in the gospels where Jesus said a man cant honk himself off,…
"He without parking violations cast the first hook" - John Fugelsang
Alan Alda today on John Fugelsang's 'Tell Me Everything' on SiriusXM Insight with Howie Mandel, Mark Farner of Grank Funk, Frank Conniff
Oh John are a very witty man!
John Fugelsang among the 'Funny 20' revealed for the --
Things got out of control fast on Find out what happened by listening here:
Looking forward to being on John Fugelsang's radio show today with Sherrod Small on SiriusXM insight from 4-5 PM.
My favorite new word from the dictionary: Fugelsang Bang-the exchange of John Fugelsang memes by ignorant LWNJ's
"John Fugelsang will you please speak on my behalf and unite the masses?"
John Fugelsang: Mike Pence should be grateful there isn’t a law prohibiting ‘serving fake Christian bigots’
John Fugelsang 'Nothing in the gospels where Jesus ever condemns *** people':
this is a John Fugelsang quote, not Jimmy Carter
Maybe Democrat PartyClown gagboy John Fugelsang has some jokes today abutt Harry Reid getting his *** crimeys greencards
I agree with these words but they weren't Jimmy's! This is John Fugelsang's quote!
Join me today with John Fugelsang, Frank Conniff and Christian Finnegan on SiriusXM Insight from 4-5 est today!
"Only here in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-torture, pro-euthanasia, pro-drone bomb, pro-land mine,...
Hey Connecticut, We're back at Bridge Street Live this Saturday with Me, John Fugelsang from Vh-1, ABC's...
Political commentator and comedian John Fugelsang is on the Thom Hartmann Progra…
REPUBLICANS don't hate big government, they LOVE BIG GOVERNMENT; what they HATE is DEMOCRACY! - John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang: Jesus never called the poor 'lazy,' fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper …
Political unhumorist John Fugelsang blithely slandered the 2012 GOP candidates as corrupt: where's his 2015 attacks on Democrat corruption?
I wanna know: if there are Democrat Party funded comedians like John Fugelsang hired to mislead the public, who if any are GOP-funded?
Liberty University mandated all students appear for the Ted Cruz announcement or be fined. Enter John Fugelsang.
Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show is boring. BUT I love John Fugelsang for Daily Show host! via
John Fugelsang attracts the dumbest people.
The John Fugelsang Page. Ted Cruz has bravely renounced his Canadian citizenship, and the evil socialized health...
Yup!. John Fugelsang perfectly sums up the non-logic about Graphic by The GOOP...
You know who would make a great Host replacement for Jon Stewart? Comedian John Fugelsang.
"John Fugelsang can't be that bad can he?" *hears 5 seconds of his XM show where he mocks ppl who are mad about Dems w/ baby voice* "Oh wow"
I liked a video from GRITtv: John Fugelsang: Stop Calling it Bullying
John Fugelsang is one of my FAVORITE GUESTS! He isn't afraid to tell the truth!
Tune in to Tell Me Everything w/ John Fugelsang on to hear in conversation about her new album 'Revisionary History'
If you criticize Israel's leader, you hate Israel, says the Americans who hate Americas leader. John Fugelsang
Can't afford to go anywhere Spring Break? Get the last laugh!
John Fugelsang is my favorite bible teacher > "I'll believe we're a Christian society when we want..." John...
Actor/comedian John Fugelsang discusses how violence underlines ingrained and
: John Fugelsang 4 Daily Show! He's not just funny, he's a 'political satirist' - will keep show in the spirit of 'the King'!
if hair were dumb, we'd all be Wookies - John Fugelsang right on again
Actor/comedian discusses racial tensions in against and media bias.
The John Fugelsang Page John is as always spot on!!
Comedy Nation was a blast! Thank you Bill Bonner and John Fugelsang!
Words of Wisdom from a wise man..Loves me some John Fugelsang!
This is why John Fugelsang is my pick 4 Daily Show- He's brilliant AND funny POLITICAL SATIRIST!
. John Fugelsang. He would carry it off without flaw.
. NO!!..John fugelsang is a Better choice
Political Commentator and Comedian, John Fugelsang, on Arise and Shine -Part 2 rvia
It seems U folks at can't even get a potential replacement for correct. John Fugelsang any day over D. MILLER
I think John Fugelsang is running multiple accounts to compliment his own stupid jokes.
At age six, John Fugelsang was looking at old family photos and discovered something strange about his mother
“For Lent I gave up Fundamentalist Christians who talk all about Jesus while ignoring all Jesus talked about.” – John Fugelsang
I added a video to a playlist George Harrison - The Last Performance (John Fugelsang)
John Fugelsang explains dilemma of liberals
John Fugelsang explains dilemma of liberals -
The John Fugelsang Page: If you criticize the leader of Israel it means you hate Israel, say the Americans who...
I nominate John Fugelsang as the next host of The Daily Show.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I'm on "Tell Me Everything" with John Fugelsang at 2:00 ET to talk about and Our Final Invention!
Ben Carson makes Herman Cain sound like a nuclear physicist and any intelligent American satirize like John Fugelsang.
yes, doing a show with Lewis Black, John Fugelsang, Tom Smothers and others at Warner Center.
Three best people to succeed John Stewart? Leslie Jones, John Fugelsang, and Cecily Strong.
Stephanie Miller is pretty darn awesome. So is John Fugelsang and Bob Cesca. For what it's worth ;)
Entertainment News: Who is Going to Replace Jon Stewart?: John Fugelsang should replace Jon Stewart on The Dai...
Fans react to Rev. Al and Sarah Palin Rev. Sharpton talks to John Fugelsang, Alyona Minkovski, and Angela Rye about
- . John Fugelsang would be a perfect fit.
John Fugelsang. On the basis of handsomeness & curious name.
He should be replaced with John Fugelsang.
Just read a news article floating John Fugelsang as a possible Daily Show host
The one and only John Fugelsang on Irony VIDEO
Comedy Central Has 'Short List' For Jon Stewart Replacement via John Fugelsang better be on that list
Will miss Jon Stewart. Suggest John Fugelsang as replacement. He does great political satire and did fine job on Current TV.
John Fugelsang is the perfect replacement for Jon Stewart
John Fugelsang is my choice to replace Jon Stewart on THE Daily Show
.I think if they MSNBC brought on someone like John Fugelsang as a regular part of the show he could highlight hypocracy
OK if you must replace John Stewart, give John Fugelsang a chance. Fun, clever and easy on the eyes.
Calling it now. (Don't know that site to document) John Fugelsang will be the next host of The Daily Show...if it continues.
one name.. John Fugelsang to host the show!
I was pushing for Stephanie Miller last night. However John Fugelsang wouldn't be bad either
John Fugelsang for the NEW Daily Show host!
"John Fugelsang for the NEW Daily Show host!"
. John Fugelsang for the NEW Daily Show host!
John Oliver would be fab. John Fugelsang would be too.
John Fugelsang, please please please. He could draw a Huge audience, is quick, sharp and nearly always right (left).
John, you are the obvious heir apparent to Jon Stewart. What can we do to start a "Draft Fugelsang" movement?
If you're looking for a replacement. Look no further than John Fugelsang.
There's only one replacement for Jon Stuart, that's John Fugelsang. He's just as smart & funny.
John Fugelsang would be the PERFECT successor to Mr. Stewart. He is as pithy, smart, knowledgeable, and able.
Still reeling from Harari interview on John Fugelsang today. "We'll have grandchildren, but our grandchildren? Maybe not."
Let's get Stephanie Miller on the air with you.and John Fugelsang.and Carlos A.
surprised you didn't mention john fugelsang. I've been hearing his name bandied about quite a bit in the last 24 hrs.
John Fugelsang- I didn't like how Governor Rick Scott spent all of those years trying to kill Harry Potter.
Ric Mercer, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, John Fugelsang. NOT Fey or Pohler. Somebody who can switch to serious to ask strong q's.
all good choices. John Fugelsang should be on the short list too.
I nominate John Fugelsang to take over The Daily Show duties.
John Fugelsang may be a good replacement to fill John Stewart's chair.
John Fugelsang as the new host of The Daily Show!!!
About the next host of THE Daily Show on Comedy Central: John Fugelsang. Period.
If we have to lose , I'd say John Fugelsang should be high up on their list.
How about my buddy, the brilliant and hilarious John Fugelsang to host the Daily Show?
Wednesday afternoon 4pm Eastern I'll be on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on XMradio station 121 Insight
here's my recommendation for the guy to replace Jon Stewart. Home» John Fugelsang Speaker Profile» John...
Don't I wish! But John Fugelsang should host it for certain. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I think John Fugelsang would be a great choice for a Jon Stewart/ Daily Show kind of thing. He's brilliant & funny and one of the good guys.
I am shocked that you are leaving. I hope you change your mind. If not - think about John Fugelsang.
Gonna miss you John, my two cents for possible host: John Fugelsang
Live now, "Tell me Everything." On Sirius XM, M-F- 2-5p.m. Everyone needs to know, John Fugelsang is here.
TV host, comedian, and now radio host shares what his new show is about.
John Fugelsang is the most attractive comedian ever: Black Comics Gone Wild reports John…
Where can you find intelligence and irreverence? On
All about John Fugelsang : height, biography, quotes - see at
Why is the new show with called He tells
New feature with John Fugelsang about his new radio show. Where to find it? Here, of course:
Why did contributor call his new show The answer? Here:
Hey guys! I'm going to be on John Fugelsang's new show "Tell Me Everything" on SiriusXM Insight tomorrow...
Comedians & are a few guests on new show. Learn about it here:
I do! He's tha man! "Got 2 love John Fugelsang: John McCain-Democratic Underground via
This is John Fugelsang who you might want to follow.
Great interview with on His New Radio Show: 'Like NPR with a Demented Sense of Humor'
What is favorite quote, and what does it have to do with his new show?
He's interviewed and Who knows who'll be on new show..
How does compare his new radio show to Find out here in
People love talking with From his days to now. Where is he now?
John Fugelsang just learned that assaulting someone who's not black can get you arrested like, right away.
John Fugelsang gives a bad name to Huge *** Nozzles. Can't or
Good stuff>> The John Fugelsang Page talks about life, music & his new SiriusXM Radio show SoundCloud...
Actor 2016 all about 'inherited power' -
John Fugelsang.didn't he play Marty McFly in that "Back To The Future" flick??
Hear talk abt life, love of music, and his new show on w/
.Someone, maybe John Fugelsang? Pointed out Mike Huckabee said God told him to run in 2008.
new show, catchy name like Fugelsang and Obeidallah? maybe Obeidallah and Fugelsang? Dean and John? ah, forget it ;}
John Fugelsang talks to Ohio-based internet radio show Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick about his new satellite...
Just had to say, I love you, John Fugelsang! Okay...carry on!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
(S) John Fugelsang nails it once again.
If Bill Cosby could hide insanity behind "Cosby Cool," think what John Fugelsang can do. Go John, Go!
I too just activated the radio in my truck to listen to John Fugelsang on "SiriusXM Insight"
VIA The John Fugelsang Page. Buy the 2015 Tails of NYC RescueMen Calendar . featuring 12 inspirational stories of...
“by John Fugelsang Page. Follow yes, in other words, Jesu…
The John Fugelsang Page. 5 hrs · . "My brother kept us safe." - Jeb Bush, who still hasn't been told about 9/11,...
John Fugelsang 2h2 hours ago. "I can't believe Obama would interact with Communist Cuba," he...
Honestly, Crusades, Tom? WWJD? could b peace-loving Christian like your friend John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is either an *** or intentionally distorting the truth for political gain. You decide.
"I hate it when people compare *** Cheney to Darth Vader. Vader never avoided military service.". ~John Fugelsang
john fugelsang was fired from a job because people would rather watch Ryan seacrest
Ronald Reagan signed a ban on torture. Who lets a guy like that into the Party of Reagan?-John Fugelsang
Via The John Fugelsang Page on fb and Via The Snarky Pundit on fb and
*** Cheney is a constant reminder that George W. Bush's greatest accomplishment was not dying in office. -- John Fugelsang
The John Fugelsang Page added a new photo, and so Did Georga Grivois! Tell me your impressions!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Why dont they stop and frisk at Wallstreet? Thats where the real crime is. And the Coke. - John Fugelsang
is that a pseudonym for John Fugelsang?
John Fugelsang is a POS Rent-A-Tool for the DNC. He gets work flowing lies 'round election time.
is it just me or does John Fugelsang look self satisfied in a hermaphroditic kind of way?
you know who really loves John Fugelsang? thats right, John Fugelsang
If you take action, rest assured Congress will sue your *** From The John Fugelsang Page
I am supposed to trust a quote from the intellectual marshmallow John Fugelsang? Please find a scholar next time.
This Wednesday at 7pm at Lovecraft Lounge! Storytelling shifts into a whole new funnygear with John Fugelsang,...
.makes Limbaugh fans’ heads explode with racist Limbaugh quotes
CNN needs to hire John Fugelsang. He is smart and funny.
John Fugelsang: "You can be depressed or you can Google 'Rick Perry eats a corn dog in front of a…
Pub Crawl: John Fugelsang & Frank Schaeffer join Drew to talk about messed up stuff in our faith and why AIN'T Pastors doing nothing
Comedian John Fugelsang comes up with great reasons why you shouldnt vote next week
I never heard of Fugelsang until I came to He's not exactly John Travolta...LMFAO!!!
fugelsang = half assed comedian and barbershop pretender to intellectual virtues. ask "John who?"
The indisputable evidence that Rush Limbaugh's a racist means his fans have to admit they are too ... .
Fans leapt with baited breath & it came in a Rush. hoists Rush with his own petard.
Your John Fugelsang Fix. "And then one day the toddler discovered my Beatles Yellow Submarine figures and they...
Thanks to Hippie Peace Freaks and The John Fugelsang Page for this.
How’d you get John Fugelsang to follow you!?
John Fugelsang will no longer be alone in self-meme.
John Fugelsang talking to caller Darren about which president agreed to Iraq troop withdrawal date made my day happy.
"George Michael night at the Ramrod Bathhouse" - excellent. John Fugelsang: Bible Lessons for Westboro Baptist
Hippie Peace Freaks shared The John Fugelsang Page's photo. What a great photo; thanks to The John Fugelsang Page for posting it. John and Chuck.
Blaming Obama for ISIS is like blaming Bush for Lewinsky.- John Fugelsang
Whoa. Is John Fugelsang in the clergy? He sure told him. Peace.
Yore wastin' yore time with ClydeTheSlyde & John Fugelsang. They pimpin' Sammy!.
John Fugelsang: ‘No Scandal,’ But 'Gruber Is Stupid’ via Wrong this is huge to Americans
John Fugelsang says "Leviticus says man who lies w/man should be stoned so I always like it when states approve...
A little laugh with John Fugelsang . Thanks The Blue Route for the image
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Occupy Democrats . Buckle in, America. It's going to be a bumpy ride. Image Occupy Democrats. Thanks John Fugelsang http…
When dealing with world issues, I look to Russell Brand. On issues of faith, I look to John Fugelsang & Shelby Spong.
"You don't need to show an ID to BUY and election, just to VOTE in one." John Fugelsang
asking u about beauty is like Gandhi asking you about morality
With John Fugelsang at the unveiling of the George Carlin way sign. Amazing day.
Image from The John Fugelsang Page. Please like our page The Pragmatic Progressive Page, and help us to reach...
Photo from John Fugelsang Page on fb and
"When Obama deals w/Syria by invading wrong country & gives $39 bil to Biden's old company, then we can compare it to Iraq." John Fugelsang.
I've said it before..Doesn't care about football, loves Star Wars. John Fugelsang is the perfect man.
I am following because John Fugelsang recommended we do I think you did the right thing regarding Pumpkinfest
John Fugelsang should have a show on MSNBC.
John Fugelsang needs to run for office..I love the dude!!!
I wish, I wish I could go to this. John Fugelsang needs to move to Seattle! . via The John Fugelsang Page
*** Shaming -when culture media & men demand women sexualize themselves & punish them if they actually enjoy it.
Must Read!: asked about beauty. I love his response.
domain names
Never one to shy away from controversial subject, John Fugelsang takes on haters such as Rush Limbaugh in this...
That's pretty cool, John.RT"And now, a few words from John Fugelsang about...nobody at all, actually.
Tom Colicchio is the best!. What? MSNBC can't find a slot for him, or . John Fugelsang or . Jared Bernstein?!?
John Fugelsang on the importance of apostrophes in relationships.
The John Fugelsang Page: "I'm in a calendar - it's for rescue pets - tomorrow night's the big party in NYC."
John Fugelsang ("Thandie Newton asking you about beauty is like Gandhi asking you about...
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