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John Fugelsang

John Fugelsang (born September 3, 1969, Long Island, New York) is an American actor, television personality and stand-up comedian.

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John Fugelsang just learned that assaulting someone who's not black can get you arrested like, right away.
John Fugelsang gives a bad name to Huge *** Nozzles. Can't or
Good stuff>> The John Fugelsang Page talks about life, music & his new SiriusXM Radio show SoundCloud...
Actor 2016 all about 'inherited power' -
John Fugelsang.didn't he play Marty McFly in that "Back To The Future" flick??
Hear talk abt life, love of music, and his new show on w/
.Someone, maybe John Fugelsang? Pointed out Mike Huckabee said God told him to run in 2008.
new show, catchy name like Fugelsang and Obeidallah? maybe Obeidallah and Fugelsang? Dean and John? ah, forget it ;}
John Fugelsang talks to Ohio-based internet radio show Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick about his new satellite...
Just had to say, I love you, John Fugelsang! Okay...carry on!
(S) John Fugelsang nails it once again.
If Bill Cosby could hide insanity behind "Cosby Cool," think what John Fugelsang can do. Go John, Go!
I too just activated the radio in my truck to listen to John Fugelsang on "SiriusXM Insight"
VIA The John Fugelsang Page. Buy the 2015 Tails of NYC RescueMen Calendar . featuring 12 inspirational stories of...
“by John Fugelsang Page. Follow yes, in other words, Jesu…
The John Fugelsang Page. 5 hrs · . "My brother kept us safe." - Jeb Bush, who still hasn't been told about 9/11,...
John Fugelsang 2h2 hours ago. "I can't believe Obama would interact with Communist Cuba," he...
Honestly, Crusades, Tom? WWJD? could b peace-loving Christian like your friend John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is either an *** or intentionally distorting the truth for political gain. You decide.
"I hate it when people compare *** Cheney to Darth Vader. Vader never avoided military service.". ~John Fugelsang
john fugelsang was fired from a job because people would rather watch Ryan seacrest
Ronald Reagan signed a ban on torture. Who lets a guy like that into the Party of Reagan?-John Fugelsang
Via The John Fugelsang Page on fb and Via The Snarky Pundit on fb and
*** Cheney is a constant reminder that George W. Bush's greatest accomplishment was not dying in office. -- John Fugelsang
The John Fugelsang Page added a new photo, and so Did Georga Grivois! Tell me your impressions!
Why dont they stop and frisk at Wallstreet? Thats where the real crime is. And the Coke. - John Fugelsang
is that a pseudonym for John Fugelsang?
John Fugelsang is a POS Rent-A-Tool for the DNC. He gets work flowing lies 'round election time.
is it just me or does John Fugelsang look self satisfied in a hermaphroditic kind of way?
you know who really loves John Fugelsang? thats right, John Fugelsang
If you take action, rest assured Congress will sue your *** From The John Fugelsang Page
I am supposed to trust a quote from the intellectual marshmallow John Fugelsang? Please find a scholar next time.
This Wednesday at 7pm at Lovecraft Lounge! Storytelling shifts into a whole new funnygear with John Fugelsang,...
.makes Limbaugh fans’ heads explode with racist Limbaugh quotes
CNN needs to hire John Fugelsang. He is smart and funny.
John Fugelsang: "You can be depressed or you can Google 'Rick Perry eats a corn dog in front of a…
Pub Crawl: John Fugelsang & Frank Schaeffer join Drew to talk about messed up stuff in our faith and why AIN'T Pastors doing nothing
Comedian John Fugelsang comes up with great reasons why you shouldnt vote next week
I never heard of Fugelsang until I came to He's not exactly John Travolta...LMFAO!!!
fugelsang = half assed comedian and barbershop pretender to intellectual virtues. ask "John who?"
The indisputable evidence that Rush Limbaugh's a racist means his fans have to admit they are too ... .
Fans leapt with baited breath & it came in a Rush. hoists Rush with his own petard.
John Fugelsang - Why the American Dream is on the Chopping Block:
Your John Fugelsang Fix. "And then one day the toddler discovered my Beatles Yellow Submarine figures and they...
Thanks to Hippie Peace Freaks and The John Fugelsang Page for this.
How’d you get John Fugelsang to follow you!?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
John Fugelsang will no longer be alone in self-meme.
John Fugelsang talking to caller Darren about which president agreed to Iraq troop withdrawal date made my day happy.
"George Michael night at the Ramrod Bathhouse" - excellent. John Fugelsang: Bible Lessons for Westboro Baptist
Hippie Peace Freaks shared The John Fugelsang Page's photo. What a great photo; thanks to The John Fugelsang Page for posting it. John and Chuck.
Blaming Obama for ISIS is like blaming Bush for Lewinsky.- John Fugelsang
Whoa. Is John Fugelsang in the clergy? He sure told him. Peace.
Yore wastin' yore time with ClydeTheSlyde & John Fugelsang. They pimpin' Sammy!.
John Fugelsang: ‘No Scandal,’ But 'Gruber Is Stupid’ via Wrong this is huge to Americans
Jesus never called the poor 'lazy,' fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper for a copay. - John Fugelsang...
John Fugelsang says "Leviticus says man who lies w/man should be stoned so I always like it when states approve...
A little laugh with John Fugelsang . Thanks The Blue Route for the image
Occupy Democrats . Buckle in, America. It's going to be a bumpy ride. Image Occupy Democrats. Thanks John Fugelsang http…
When dealing with world issues, I look to Russell Brand. On issues of faith, I look to John Fugelsang & Shelby Spong.
"You don't need to show an ID to BUY and election, just to VOTE in one." John Fugelsang
asking u about beauty is like Gandhi asking you about morality
With John Fugelsang at the unveiling of the George Carlin way sign. Amazing day.
Image from The John Fugelsang Page. Please like our page The Pragmatic Progressive Page, and help us to reach...
Photo from John Fugelsang Page on fb and
"When Obama deals w/Syria by invading wrong country & gives $39 bil to Biden's old company, then we can compare it to Iraq." John Fugelsang.
I've said it before..Doesn't care about football, loves Star Wars. John Fugelsang is the perfect man.
I am following because John Fugelsang recommended we do I think you did the right thing regarding Pumpkinfest
John Fugelsang should have a show on MSNBC.
John Fugelsang needs to run for office..I love the dude!!!
I wish, I wish I could go to this. John Fugelsang needs to move to Seattle! . via The John Fugelsang Page
*** Shaming -when culture media & men demand women sexualize themselves & punish them if they actually enjoy it.
Must Read!: asked about beauty. I love his response.
Never one to shy away from controversial subject, John Fugelsang takes on haters such as Rush Limbaugh in this...
That's pretty cool, John.RT"And now, a few words from John Fugelsang about...nobody at all, actually.
Tom Colicchio is the best!. What? MSNBC can't find a slot for him, or . John Fugelsang or . Jared Bernstein?!?
John Fugelsang on the importance of apostrophes in relationships.
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The John Fugelsang Page: "I'm in a calendar - it's for rescue pets - tomorrow night's the big party in NYC."
John Fugelsang ("Thandie Newton asking you about beauty is like Gandhi asking you about...
Y'all know how I feel about Texas, but if they seceded I'd move there just to *** off John Fugelsang.
DJ TEAL CAMNER will B in good company Leonora w/DAVID CHOKACHI, JOHN FUGELSANG, & other RescueMen 2...
Perfect! Best Troll Smackdown ever. Link will forward to Darren's debut at 10:08:.
Last night's appearance on the Thom Hartmann show about our American Dream film & the show we're shooting this week: ht…
.accused of "projecting" racism onto Limbaugh. So he murdalized 'em with real quotes: http:…
John Fugelsang: Rush Limbaugh has chased away more sponsors than Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford
Sarah Palin is the best prop comic since Carrot Top, but Carrot Top never quit 1/2 way through a set. -John Fugelsang
One fateful day, at age 6, John Fugelsang noticed an odd motif in some photos: His mother was wearing a habit.
Here is John Fugelsang 's parent' s
If his parents didn't break the rules of the Catholic Church John Fugelsang wouldn't exist! Lucky for him.
"Women who’ve learned to enjoy living in their own skin tend to age in gorgeously spectacular ways".. John Fugelsang
I actually wrote a blog post this morning. Ordering pizza is like rewarding myself for pretending to be constructive.
Q&A w/ (not politics!) & what he'd say to his daughter are worth remembering no ma…
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..i mean the title should be What John Fugelsang did not say it started as What Jesus Did Not Say but.. oh fuggit
LOL! I changed my blog post title from "Jesus" to not trying to say John is Jesus. Freudian slip maybe
The GOP complains the poor are lazy, until Election Day, when they pray they are lazy. John Fugelsang
I love you John Fugelsang. And have the utmost respect.
Thank you The John Fugelsang Page for seconding my observation.
"We live in a culture that’s confused ‘hot’ with ‘beautiful.’ Physical beauty can be important, can be wonderful..ctd http…
Breathtaking read! I already love for his wit, but this tender insight into his soul was so touching
Our new men's Q+A is with actor+comedian What an absolute pleasure this was to post.
We LOVE this interview with imagine a world where every girl had a dad this cool
Guys, I'm opening the John Fugelsang School of theology. It will be the easiest/cheapest school in American history.
I'm guessing this person went to the John Fugelsang school of theology.
Whoa. Fugelsang isn't taking any prisoners in this, now classic, smackdown.
Uh. John Fugelsang has arrived and he is killing it. @ Woodstock Playhouse
The striking figure of John Fugelsang has arrived for the opening of the Woodstock Comedy Festival at the Playhouse.a must see!...really!
Comics "They have to be aware of everything that's going on." - John Fugelsang Woodstock comedy festival interview
Sarah Palin is for the GOP what Jar Jar Binks is for Star Wars.~John Fugelsang
"If you're too disillusioned to vote that's kinda what they want. I'm too disillusioned to not vote." - John Fugelsang
A must-read: answers questions from on women and beauty. Moving & insightful.
.riff: "Rush is so racist, safe word is apartheid": …
I kinda love for these words on beauty. The stories about his parents/grandma are (d…
John Fugelsang is on Stephanie Miller right now! Great show this morning! Check it out!
My vote is for Stephanie Miller and John Fugelsang to take over Meet the Press. That would make my Sundays the best ever.
I swear this college professor reminds me of John Fugelsang.
Deserves another round for more people to see this. Thanks to John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang takes on Creationism: is awesome one of my favorites!
John Fugelsang is oddly self righteous while being on my stolen Native American land.
John Fugelsang just sed that th men who harrased have harassed 400 women since, so there's no point n naming them.
Thank you very much for the info. I was hoping for MayLee or John Fugelsang(sp?) Or both co-hosting, how cool would that be?
This is the Alan Grayson/John Fugelsang of NYC coops.Just sent u message via your site.Lost ur email :( U still sushi-ready?
Do we live in a world in which John Fugelsang gets paid for his comedy writing but dril doesn't
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
John Fugelsang, on SS, Medicare and unemployment benefits!,
"Never confuse God with his fan clubs." ~ John Fugelsang Yup, churches are just imperfect organizations. nothing more.
John Fugelsang is way smarter than Chris Hayez
John Fugelsang is turning more into Robert Wagner with every MSNBC appearance.
Christ. Why is John Fugelsang on my tv? Why is John Fugelsang at all?
John Fugelsang is appearing at 8:45PM ET on MSNBC's All In w/Chris Hayes.
LMAO-->"Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. Two guys against *** marriage who always look like they're announcing one." -- John Fugelsang
Hey Donna, I noticed you follow John Fugelsang. Did you know I want to High School with him?
Wish Keith Olbermann & John Fugelsang would have a M-F primetime gig-dirty thankless job but somebody ha…
A transcript of George's talk with John Fugelsang, taped months before the release of Chants of India.
John Fugelsang is on the Stephanie Miller Show right now ! Check it out! He is ALWAYS brilliant !
Occupy Democrats: "John Fugelsang definitely knocked this one out of the park. Thanks to Being Liberal." LIKE &...
Where can you see a show with John Fugelsang, Frank Coniff, Eddie Brill, Michelle Balan, Marla Schulz, Bari Alyse, Doug Hildemann togeth ...
Eric Cantor's idea of leaving Congress early and asking for a special concurrent election on November 4th for his district was met with a requisite degree of derision by Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang. Schultz chirped that Cantor was "pulling the Palin!", in reference to her leaving office early to c…
Actor and comedian John Fugelsang shares the remarkable story of how his parents...a monk and a nu..
This is a beautiful little love story from John Fugelsang about his parents--both former Catholic clergy. I have...
John Fugelsang hosting the ED Show on msnbc asked 4 comments on Cantor leaving early. There R 1600 and not pretty. PS just love
I have always loved John Fugelsang for his wry, brilliant commentary and observation. Now I love him for his...
Can Ryan follow Rand and Jesus at the same time? John Fugelsang explains it all:
John Fugelsang can watch Fox and call them out, I can't watch for more than 5 minutes before I want to …
and then Jesus gave gave Fugelsang a stare.
Whenever I see John Fugelsang, I just point and laugh.
John Fugelsang: Why the GOP calling Hillary Clinton ‘too old’ is absolutely awesome
George Harrison - The Last Performance (John Fugelsang): via The truth will set you love
I'm posting first, and watching second, because that's how confident I am in John Fugelsang.
Whoa. Fugelsang isn't taking any prisoners in this epic smackdown.
You wanna repeal ACA so uninsured can keep going to ER & local taxpayers foot the bill? There's a word for that. http:/…
He always says the perfect thing. John Fugelsang: Bible Lessons for Westboro Baptist (VIDEO).
original quote from that meme was more likely from John Fugelsang not Carter.
They don't like you John and they never will.
John Fugelsang: John Boehner suing Obama to make Tea Party like him -
I always have a good, warm chuckle when some brain-damaged hillbilly calls John a moron.
Brian just told my beloved John Fugelsang he wasn't that bright. Oh *** no! You mess with John, you mess with...
John Fugelsang reveals the real reason John Boehner is going against his better judgment to sue the president.
John Fugelsang to GOP: Not a Christian if don't help the sick "If you are afraid about a...
“She’s looking for a new job to quit” quipped John Fugelsang about what political persona who expressed interest in hosting “the View?”
If you are afraid of public option stop calling yourself a capitalist.
My phone now knows how to spell Fugelsang. I kind of hate that.
John Fugelsang: If you refuse to help the sick, stop calling yourself a Christian.
John Fugelsang to GOP 'If you don't want to help the sick stop calling yourself Christian'
John Fugelsang is on right now on WCPT radio & on freespeech tv!(hosting th Stephanie Miller Show)He's really great 2day! Listen up!
Living listening to John Fugelsang guest host the Stephanie Miller Show on wcpt .
Check out John Fugelsang hosting the Stephanie Miller Show this week (its on right now)WCPT& on Free speech tv online.He's always brilliant!
John Fugelsang fans-John is guest hosting Stephanie Miller Show all week 9amEDT
John Fugelsang is on Stephanie Miller Show now, and most Fridays. Gotta listen- he is the greatest.
Gotta listen to John Fugelsang on Stephanie Miller Show now. So great.
Listening 2 radio WCPT "Stephanie Miller" talk show, John Fugelsang is on in a few min.
Who else thinks John Fugelsang should get a radio show? - Democratic Underground
LOLGOP YOU MUST NEVER politicize a tragedy-- unless it can be used to slur Obama or Hillary. Then you must never stop politicizing a tragedy. Fugelsang · Hi, I believe mental illness is a national health care concern but easy access to guns for the mentally ill is freedom.
This Memorial Day throw 5 shoes at *** Cheney; 1 for each deferment to avoid serving in the Vietnam War he supported. Bring the kids! The John Fugelsang Page
"A comedy concert film designed to demonstrate religious coexistence goes awry when..." .
In Trenders, Mark Cuban apologizes for his "hoodie" comments. Pres. Obama holds an impromptu meet and greet on the mall. Ed Schultz, John Fugelsang and Mike Rogers discuss South Dakota same-sex couples' fight for equality.
Progressive comedian John Fugelsang blistered Karl Rove and the Republican Party in an interview with MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Friday for their decade of opposition to marriage equality, arguing that it has left them behind on other social policy issues this year.
The John Fugelsang Page: People opposed to SAME-SEX marriage tend to be trapped in LAME-SEX marriage...
“2014 is going to be Benghazi, and Benghazi, Ed,” said. “They haven’t got any kind of...
Well done! Excellent take down on misguided intentions from the right.
I don't think Bill Maher and John Fugelsang have *** friends. If they did, they'd never get away with that awful hair.
John Fugelsang skewers GOP and Karl Rove: You should’ve led the way on marriage equality
Was the Michael Jackson hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards cool or creepy? Find out what Wendy, John Fugelsang, Judy Gold and Sharon Carpente...
I watched it when Bob Saget hosted back in the day. I think Daisy Fuentes and John Fugelsang killed it. Made it too VH1.
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It still freaks me out that John Fugelsang is some dedicated politico. It makes me wonder what Daisy Fuentes is up to.
Just heard John Fugelsang on The Stephanie Miller Show! He's so eloquent &brilliant. Wish he hd a Jon Stewart knd of show! It would b great!
John Fugelsang shared a page: "NYC - Tonight I'm hosting the launch of..."
JUST what the right wing didn't (?) want . just wait until there are OTHERS who want to lead the 'prayer'...
By Yasmine Hafiz. Political commentator and comedian John Fugelsang pointed out a ... -
The "Obama economy" is booming, but Republicans are choosing to go all out on the non-story that is Benghazi. POLL: Are Republicans angrier than two black labs fighting over a toy? VOTE → and leave a comment (in 140 characters or less) to share with liberal commentator John Fugelsang and talk radio consultant Holland Cooke at 5pET/4pCT/3pMT/2pPT on msnbc!
Comedian John Fugelsang on government prayer: ‘Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law’ .. ProgressiveBlogs
‘Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law’
John Fugelsang has a remarkable perspective on the 21st century political landscape. Hit wit, his charm, his percing analysis of today's social, economic and polcy issues.He's been called a cross between Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert.This may be John's final stand-up comedy year, before he take…
The separation of church and state seems to be faltering, after a monumental SCOTUS decision allowing prayer before local public government meetings. Ed Schultz, John Fugelsang and Rev. Barry Lynn discuss.
"Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law" - John Fugelsang.
"Scalia Law is a lot like Sharia Law." -- John Fugelsang on the Supreme Court's decision to allow explicitly Christian prayer before municipal meetings, proceedings, sessions, and ceremonies.
"It is worth pointing out that eight of the ten commandments are completely legal in this country and in fact coveting our neighbor's goods is what our entire economic system is based on. The real thing is that we've allowed Congress to worship the golden calf openly for a long time "--John Fugelsang (on the Ed Show)
Tired of seeing the fake Jimmy Carter meme stating "If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on christian values, because you don't." 1. This is not from Jimmy Carter, it's from John Fugelsang. 2. The actual quote itself is wrong. The quote is: "If you don't want tax dollars helping the sick and poor, then it's time to stop saying you want a government based on Christian values." 3. Liberal or conservative, you can't twist a quote around, accredit it to a different source, make a fake meme, and share it until it becomes truth. A lie is a lie. Period. 4. It sickens me that people are so blind that they actually think if you complain about the fact that the government is wasting tax dollars on a corrupt system then you don't care about those in need. I could easily say "Give me $100 and I'll give $5 to a homeless person... if you don't, you're not a Christian and you don't care about the poor!" Open your eyes people. Rant over.
John Fugelsang shared a page: "Tomorrow night brings the launch of..."
"Hey guys, remember that time Hillary Clinton's husband cheated on her but she kept her family together? Yeah, let's smear her for that!" ~ John Fugelsang
On Wednesday, May 7th at 8pm Comedy Nation with John Fugelsang launches at Stand Up New York in the upstairs Lab. Our guests are: Frank Conniff, Bari Alyse Rudin, Jeffrey Joseph and Tina Dupuy. The topic for the show is: THE American Dream, STILL THE SAME? Cocktails and refreshments are available and the show is FREE! Come on out for a great time.
I can't take credit for this statement, I just heard John Fugelsang say it and I loved it! "Scalia Law looks like Sharia Law these days." It is no longer about the separation of state & religion these days. It is about the promotion of Christianity as part of US law in the supremacy. And as a Christian, this offends me. Jesus would not have sued to have his name spoken in the Roman Halls. He would have quietly fed the hungry, housed the homeless, cured the sick, opened his arms to the worst treated of the community. So people - you can't fight to get the Islamic religion OUT of the governments in the Middle East while simultaneously trying to stick your religion IN the government over here. This is supposed to be a country of religious freedom where we not only respect all religions but also extend that respect to the choice of no religion.
John Fugelsang delivers an epic beatdown of FOX News and the death of irony while simultaneously emasculating one of the biggest douchenozzles in history, th...
John Fugelsang calls out Republicans for exploiting the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi with complete disregard to Benghazi. When will it stop?
Going to see Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang and the Mooks, (The Sexy Liberal Show) tonight, at the Chicago Theatre! WOOHOO!
John Fugelsang talks with Stephanie Miller about after Cliven Bundy has proved he is racist, Fox...
Dear, Comedy Central. Not to rush things, but if you are looking for a 2015 replacement for The Colbert Report, may I humbly suggest John Fugelsang. He is a great TV, radio & stand-up personality. Oh, and he could bring Frank Conniff on-board as a writer, too. (Okay, guys. If they really hire you, you are *so* owing me!)
re: Chris Hardwick, who is hosting a new and very lame late night show on Comedy Central entitled, “At Midnight,” would be a poor choice to fill the Colbert spot. Big problem, big shoes to fill for Comedy Central..they have no one in the green room. One possibility is John Fugelsang who seems to be the next guy in line. Lately Comedy Central execs have not been choosing comedy stars/hosts of the highest level.
Hey Comedy Central! How about replacing Colbert with John Fugelsang? He's my generation's George Carlin & is one of the hardest working men in show biz!!!
So you are in for Randi Rhodes today? If so, can you get Bernie Sanders or John Fugelsang?
'I love everyone': Jase Robertson responds to John Fugelsang's lecture about faith and 'anti *** stuff'
So, I was 1/2 watching & 1/2 listening to "Up with Steve Kornacki" this morning and at the end of the segment he was asking his guest what one thing they were leaving with this morning that they didn't already know. John Fugelsang stated, and I quote, "I found out that Arizona, the only state who has a governor serving on an out-patient basis, is trying to make it illegal to be *** in the name of being Christian. And what kind of anti-Christian bigot would stop me from being an anti *** bigot? The only problem is Christ, himself, the lead character of your book, never said a *** thing against *** people. None of you all follow Leviticus, so really you have to face the facts that you are not really being Christian by discriminating against *** people; because being *** is natural, hating *** is a lifestyle choice." Wow, that took me back to the point that I went online later today to listen to it again and transcribe it word for word. I love his referring to me as natural (the way God made me) and th ...
Just heard a great quote on Up with Steve Kornacki. The GOP blaming President Obama for the slow recovery is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the second act of the play. ~ John Fugelsang
"Mike Huckabee bravely helps GOP woo female voters by still not getting that contraception is a womens' HEALTH CARE issue." John Fugelsang
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tomorrow morning, 6am to 9am, John Fugelsang is guest hosting "Stand Up w/on Sirius/XM and I'm going to be his sidekick for the whole show. Tune in, turn on, and drop us a line.
Blazing Saddles, c. 2014 Dear randall: "Plus ca change, plus la meme chose." The more things change, the more they stay the same. We took a look recently at a national TV interview with Congressman Alan Grayson that was aired several months ago. The news then was the same as the news now. The same debate over Obamacare. The same debate over raising the minimum wage. The same debate over what to do about domestic surveillance. The same debate over GOP obstructionism. We wish that we could say that all of those problems have been solved. But they haven't. So let's share with you what Congressman Grayson had to say about them. Then we'll cross our fingers and hope that this new session of Congress can be far more productive than the last one was. John Fugelsang: Well, Florida Representative Alan Grayson is a member of the Progressive Caucus as well as the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and we've been honored to have him as a frequent guest of this program. He joins us this evening from Orlando. . . . [J ...
Credit to John Fugelsang Dating a Gemini is the closest most folks will ever get to being in a threesome. I LOL'ed.
John Fugelsang will host a hemorrhoid informercial
Fugelsang was John McEnroe's sidekick on a show with literally zero ratings .
He projecting or coming out?John Fugelsang: Kids not taught to accept.. via
1. I almost went against my pledge to not contact these folks 'cause John Fugelsang just posted a gorgeous photo. Two good things,...
He Looks like John Fugelsang with a really, really REALLY bad haircut.
Of course they say nothing of John Fugelsang using Jesus every day to push his ridiculous ideology.
tell me again who this John Fugelsang person is ???
Here's receiving more attention than he has since Daisy Funtes was his co-host.
Yep. Unless you're John Fugelsang. To him, *** people need HIS Holy Protection.
I have to ask: Who is John Fugelsang and why do we care? Because he can't spell his own name?
People of intellect can, but John Fugelsang isn't among those.
John Fugelsang: Kids not taught to accept *** people are being taught to 'despise' *** people
Definition of Insanity? John Fugelsang. He keeps coming back for more expecting a different outcome. Lol
Glad JF can't text me! He really needs therapy! Throwback when John Fugelsang got really mad at me
No you don't get it. I SUPPORT John Fugelsang. HE'S a patriot.
It's so weird how John Fugelsang considers himself above criticism. And he's a *** to people who disagree then gets mad when they retaliate
this is parody dude. I'm not the real John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang is as unfunny as the other strident leftist comics. Liberals have no real sense of humor, especially about their dogma
Just now learned that John Fugelsang was in Coyote Ugly
A self-righteous email from John Fugelsang seems an appropriate way to kick off 2014.
The John Fugelsang Page wrote: 'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.' -Socrates.
MT John Fugelsang is bumd |You mean 'Fuselgang.' I don't wanna know if that's an euphemism for something.
if you want John Fugelsang with his own show on !
"Women in combat, free abortions, gun control, *** rights, universal hc - at least the GOP doesn't mind when Israel does it." John Fugelsang
In 20013 I got to work on a TV show with John Fugelsang and I am certainly grateful for that...
Will be listening. Great show yesterday with John Fugelsang! Happy New Year!
I would like to apologize to the nation for putting John Fugelsang on everyone's radar, and the ensuing pseudo-Biblical lectures
Still can't believe I was in the same building as John Fugelsang and didn't get the chance to introduce myself
John Fugelsang was in the Charlotte Airport at the same time I was! DAMMIT I wish I could have ran into him.
The Michael Smerconish Program Replay is on the air now on SiriusXM's POTUS 124. contributor Rick Unger fills in for Michael, he's joined today by Politico's Juana Summers, Political Satirist John Fugelsang, Former AP White House Correspondent Ben Feller, CNBC's Ron Insana, and former prosecutor Doug Burns. Michael Smerconish returns from vacation on Thursday!
Photo: hippieseurope: blam49: paxmachina: John Fugelsang Best post ever. …yes..and he would have gotten...
Rick Ungar looks back at 2013 this hour with a twist - he's joined by Political Satirist John Fugelsang.
Actor and comedian John Fugelsang gives us his take on Jesus in just one sentence, and it's pretty incredible.
Thanks to John Fugelsang for this : (If the Christmas Miracle happened in current times...) Today on Maury! Joe was engaged to Mary-then learned she's pregnant -and you won't BELIEVE who she says the Baby Daddy is!
Courtesy of John Fugelsang, another great Ward Melville alum.
From The John Fugelsang Page, with a nod to Daniel Antonucci.
This John Fugelsang saying has been blowing up the newsfeed today.thank God.
John Fugelsang: "Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty has 1st amend rights & can say whatever he wants!" -- Sarah Palin, waving the scalp of Martin Bashir."
John Fugelsang is not only funny, he is smart.
MSNBC needs to fire John Fugelsang for saying bible thumpers need to be thumped by the bible, please contact MSNBC to have this guy fire.
John Fugelsang I'm selling 'Rehire Phil Robertson!' T-Shirts to the same Duck Dynasty fans who bought my 'Fire Alec Baldwin!' shirts
I would love to see someone like John Fugelsang sit down and talk to him.
Update your maps at Navteq
John Fugelsang can sometimes be a *** but his 'Bible Lessons for Baptist' is funny stuff!
I liked a video from John Fugelsang commited to getting Stephine Miller on FSTV
THURSDAY: Wendy's Holiday Gift Grab continues with one of our biggest gifts yet! Plus, Good Morning America's Ginger Zee stops by and John Fugelsang, Judy Gold and Alicia Quarles join Wendy for
John Fugelsang 21s If Ronald Reagan hadn't defunded the US Public School system we might never have gotten to enjoy Duck Dynasty.
If you're a conservative who hates socialized healthcare, *** rights & women in the military then stop supporting Israel. - The John Fugelsang Page
"Some Evangelical Christians don't think Mormon Christians are Real Christians, even though they both worship the same Jew." ~ The John Fugelsang Page
*sigh* John Fugelsang. I kinda made an *** of myself in that exchange. A banner day, but for the wrong reasons.
On Wednesdsay morning’s edition of Current TV’s Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show, comedian and cable news uber-contributor John Fugelsang announced that the network is developing a primetime show that he will host, debuting in the fall. In an interview with Mediaite, self-described huge…
John Fugelsang: to Megyn Kelly everyone knows Santa isn't white or black. All the presents come from China. He's Chinese!
Lol... John Fugelsang is good brain food and eye candy ;)
The John Fugelsang Page - Sexy Liberal Get the CD- with proceeds going to Gilda's Club - here:...
The John Fugelsang Page Enunciating with his entire body during Sexy Liberall Comedy Seattle...
"I will make you shake like an epileptic at a strobe-light sale." If anyone had the oral skills to teach *** class, it would be John Fugelsang and hi...
The John Fugelsang Page:. "It'll be awkward for Rapture folk when Jesus comes back & he's a homeless...
Best/funniest thing I heard about the whole White Santa/Black Santa controversy is what what John Fugelsang had to say about the matter. Something like: "Santa is not black or white. He is Chinese because that's where all the toys come from anyway."
John Fugelsang, Hal Sparks, and Stephanie Miller at The Barrymore Theater in Madison for the start of The Sexy Liberal Tour.
I heard this by John Fugelsang to day: Santa is not Black or White. He's Chinese. I know, because that's where all the gifts come from.
More guns have made America safer, just like all those corporate tax breaks have created jobs. -John Fugelsang
More guns have made America safer, just like lower corporate taxes have created all them jobs.- John Fugelsang
It's actually a summarized quote from John Fugelsang
John Fugelsang says he knows that Santa is not white, not black. Santa is Chinese. He knows that because all the gifts come from China.
Lol. "Santa isn't white. Santa isn't black either. Santa is Chinese. How do I know? Look where all the toys come from." John Fugelsang
Love this ---> John Fugelsang: Happy Holidays to War on Christmas ~
"Megyn Kelly, Santa's not white or black. He's Chinese. Cos that's where all the presents come from." - John Fugelsang
Welcome to America, where some of you will have an easier time buying an assault rifle than marrying who you love. ~ John Fugelsang
loves John Fugelsang's theory that God is whoever you hate. For example, he thinks if you hate fashion-conscious...
What is a John Fugelsang and how was I following it?
It’s important to randomly act bored and indifferent towards your cats so they understand how that feels.- John Fugelsang
What a fun night. I got to see Stephanie Miller, Dan Savage, Hal Sparks, and John Fugelsang. I also had a hot date too! Thank you Rock for asking me to go. I had a blast.
Panel time! Sexy Liberal times FIVE! Hal Sparks, Jim Ward, Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, and Dan Savage!! awesomeness!
John Fugelsang Guns don't kill ppl but NRA ppl who own Congress ppl make it easier for deranged ppl to get guns & kill innocent ppl.
Hey folks! Are you a The John Fugelsang Page fan? He's in Seattle tonight... at the Paramount Theatre.
I guess making a joke means I'm not smart enough to talk politics? Okay. Relax, boys. Didn't know you were such fans of John Fugelsang.
Saw John Fugelsang when we were shopping and sort of geeked out.
Either John Fugelsang searches his own name or he has me on a list which is weirder?
John Fugelsang is a nobody who has never worked and whose wife pays for everything.
If you don't know who John Fugelsang is - you are missing out. Hugely funny comedian and astute political analyst
John Fugelsang is the guy who made me aware of some nobody sitting at home in his underwear trying to be famous.
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