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John Fox

John Foxe (1516/17 – 18 April 1587) was an English historian and martyrologist, the author of what is popularly known as Foxe's Book of Martyrs (properly The Acts and Monuments), an account of Christian martyrs throughout Western history but emphasizing the sufferings of English Protestants and proto-Protestants from the fourteenth century through the reign of Mary I.

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VIDEO: John Fox challenge turns Bears first-and-goal into turnover:
John Fox: Zach Miller to be released from a New Orleans hospital "fairly soon.". via
Bears coach John Fox spoke with Zach Miller today. The hope is that he will be discharged from the New Orleans hospital soon.
John Fox said TE Zach Miller will be discharged soon from New Orleans hospital.
John Fox is live with for this week's Bears on OC Dowell Loggains will join Jeff…
My three favorite sports teams are coached by Mike Matheny, John Fox and Fred Hoiberg
His gum chewing game needs work...Pete Carroll and John Fox have it down pat...
John Fox looks like the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.
coach John Fox says TE Zach Miller dislocated his knee and was taken to a hospital nearby.
While reading Zach Miller story on my fiancé sees a pic of John Fox over my shoulder & says “Fox looks furrier”
John Fox and his offense of coordinator is trash Pop Warner play Calling 💩💩💩💩
Oh god, enough. John Fox went to a Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme.
New coach of the will be either Marvin Lewis, John Fox, Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher. 5 years from now.
Run-heavy plan worked again, but John Fox will need Mitch Trubisky soon. When will the give him chance?…
Not the first time John Fox has won a football game when his QB goes 4/7
Run-heavy plan works again, but John Fox will need Mitch soon | Chicago Sun-Times
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
John Fox winning a game with his QB completing fewer than five passes with all th…
John Fox still has Togo, they deserve better than a defensive coach trust me Jeff fi…
You know Ron Rivera & staff are incompetent when they get out-coached by John Fox
John fox will find a way to keep them mediocre
Should change after John Fox is gone.
John Fox needs to get better at math
McCain on Vietnam/Trump: “we drafted lowest income level. highest income found a doctor to say they had a bone spur” http…
But I guess the guns, and of course weird fox pictures, makes up for the…
This is interesting. John Fox was the coach of that Tebow team in 2011. Why is he giving Trubisky the Tebow treatme…
propaganda machine. forced to apologise after Trump supporter falsely claims to be Navy SEAL
John Fox really needs to let Tru throw the football. Let go of the leash Foxy
I don't think John Fox deserves our empathy quite yet, both wins were stout defensive s…
Navy SEAL who praised Trump on Fox News turns out to be fake. US news Yesterday. Fox News retracted its October 8 story…
Bears got better once John Fox started growing a beard. Hoping he looks like Santa Claus by end of the season.
Yawn. John Garofalo admitted to the lies. Ditto Fox News - they did segments to repudiate the story.
Fox News has a festering and "sanctioned culture of criminal sexual misconduct". by h…
Detroit News columnist John Niyo on Fox 2 Sports Works with Woody Woodruff at 11 p.m.
orchid fox hymn Cass dock go tag film tax dumbo go *** foods radio ton TX ex dumb to ugh go harsh Diif…
we're on the cusp of fake SEAL John Garofalo becoming a commentator on Fox News
Fox News retracted story of John Garofalo after finding out his "decorated Navy Seal" claims were fake. Here is what a real Na…
Thanks to John Fox, Mitch Trubisky is a Bust in the Making
Does falcons OC have a background with John fox and Mike Tomlin..? That call was horrendous.
John Fox ultra conservative play calling does not give either quarterback an opportunity to be successful.
Given a two-score lead, John Fox and the Bears didn't pass on their opportun...
John fox kicking a FG today from the same spot? 🤔
Dirk Koetter, outside of Chuck Pagano and possibly John Fox, has the hottest seat of any coach. He's losing the locker room.
John Fox’s strategy of boring his opponent to death has been pretty effective the last two weeks.
Is the Super Bowl on FOX this year? Maybe John Madden can come out of retirement and JT can Reveal his?
We just lost to John Fox. QB was 4/7 on the day & offense scored 3 points. If that doesn't get Rivera/Shula fired, not…
The Bears are the first team to win while completing less than 5 passes since Tim Tebow's Broncos ... coached by John Fox.…
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Thanks to John Fox for letting me see the Bears offensive playbook this week.
John Fox showers with a life jacket on.
Excellent article debunking the Liam Fox and John Redwood lie that the EU trades mostly under WTO rules.
John Fox and the offensive coaching staff are a joke and should be fired rn
John Fox announces Ed Bock Courage Award winner is Kyle Long. Team had a meeting and vote today.
John Fox, aged 25, from Great Britain, arrived in New York on September 18 1846, having embarked from Liverpool.
wow Pagano is challenging this??? trying to compete with John Fox for dumbest coach of the weekend
JOHN ROBERTS R YOU AN *** .or is just working long hours at fox making you talk like them?
Fox news coolaid is going to kill you John, quit selling out to the right.
Oh John. How terribly disappointing that you've drank the Fox cool aid.
John I don’t know you but any true friend would tell Uif Ubelieve Hillar…
I thought this meant John Fox and I almost rammed my head into a metal pole
John Fox talks about Mitch Trubisky differently. You can tell he loves him.
I'm grateful to for his lifetime of service to our country. Congratulations, John, on receiving this year's…
What happened to you John? HRC is not in goverment. Not in charge of a p…
Order Miche Bag Online!
John, Major Garrett left Fox news because he realized that it's not jour…
Means John Roberts has a bad case of Foxitis . To much exposure to Fox News
Oh gosh this scared the daylights out of me. I thought you meant John Fox
"John Roberts is a *** poor reporter, but then that's a Fox standard"!
Jesus, John, you gotta stop drinking the koolaid there at Fox.
Listening to john sterling instead of the fox broadcast is honestly so much better
I don't watch Fox News so I only know John Roberts from CBS News and thi…
Who is manning the PR around here. No mention of crooked media or the Pods?
Yeah, I guess NBC and Trump was like Weinstein and Hollywood. And Ailes and OReilly on FOX,
At first glance, I thought it was for John Fox. Sheesh
minor heat attack. Read that as John Fox initially.
John, Fox News is the PR arm for the Trump admin and anyone with an IQ >…
Fox Sports trifecta: Joe Buck doing a Howard Cosell impression, birthday shout-out to Tim McCarver, John Smoltz bitter about the '96 Braves.
Aaron Judge comes alive in the playoffs in a BIG way
Coming off our OT win John Fox joins on tonight's Bears 📻| 📱:
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You have to be more clear on this. I thought they extended John Fox!
John Roberts aka as JD Roberts at Fox is a phony, used to be a DJ on Much Music. He is a Canadian who pretends to love Trump for ratings.
John, used to think you were great on Power Hour! Don’t know how you end…
Okay that's just evil. This here is why you read everything, children. 😂 . Extension with Fox32 NEWS. Not John Fox…
coach John Fox on Ravens kickoff return for TD: "What we'll teach off of that is you have to finish and make sure h…
coach John Fox: "These things are hard to win, especially on the road."
coach John Fox: "It takes almost four games before you get it figured out."
coach John Fox: "Mitch made some great plays.". Examples:. *Overcoming snap over head in end zone. *TD pass to Sims. *…
Scared me. I thought it meant John Fox. Yikes!
John, you were logical & balanced until you moved to Fox. Did they dem…
Y'know, John, YEARS of watching you do news, and you always seemed intel…
Disappointed in John Roberts. Why did he go to work for Fox?
Even for Tucker, the hypocrisy here is staggering. Fox News shelled out over $45M in sexual harassment settlements since Ju…
Let's talk more about John Fox' 5 year extension.
I thought this was John fox and got mad as ***
Thank goodness John Roberts at Fox cleared up who the shadow President is. He's so briliant, it's scary . Or he's just scary b/c he's stupid
misleading headline. Thought you were talking about John Fox
Once again, I blame Pace. I don't have much a problem with John Fox with this season o…
I thought they meant John Fox, I was go cry
John. HRC is a public figure so asking about NFL is fair (IMO). More intrigu…
Read this headline too fast, thought it meant John Fox, nearly fell off my stool... . Chicago Bears AND FOX32 ANNOUNCE FIVE…
I honestly thought John Roberts was smart until he moved to Fox.
Remember when JD was some cool, chill broadcaster in Canada and hadn't drank the Fox kool aid? We liked that dude,…
I'm honestly content with the coaching staff right now. I really am. Yeah John Fox is…
From face of CBS news to Fox shill. Was it worth it John?
Ron Rivera vs John Fox. An epic battle of playing not to lose.
Fox News is an alternate reality where John Roberts thinks HRC is a "sha…
Wow John you referred to fmr President BHO as senator BO. Hiw much did F…
A lawyer what can you expect, news john Scott
Will Trump shills at Fox News allow a snippet of real patriotism on air by giving us part of John McCain's Liberty Medal speech in Philly?
I was terrified this was about John Fox.
I remember when John Roberts was a professional journalist with integrit…
Fox has had multiple Hilary articles on its website last few weeks...Joh…
Lmao I totally thought they meant John fox💀
Get out of the Fox offices and go for a walk once in a while, John. Mayb…
Lol bears fans probably freaked thinking it was about John Fox. That guy is a trash coach lol.
I’m done listening to these two Anti-Yankee announcers on Fox. I’m muting the TV and turning on John & Susan.
John Roberts used to be a real journalist when he was with a real news o…
I thought you meant John Fox, I threw my cellphone against the wall. No Harm, No Foul.
John, congrats on Fox's stellar coverage of the Seth Rich case.
Dear god, I thought this was John Fox
John, you've always seemed like one of the good ones at FOX but this is…
Lmfao I thought this was John Fox and almost fainted
23-45 Bears last 4+ years with John Fox and Marc Trestman. 36-28 Bears last 4 yrs w/ Lovie Smith
John Fox is the worst clock manager I've ever witnessed in the NFL...and I thought Lovie Smith was bad
All purpose parts banner
John Fox giving me flashbacks to when Lovie Smith called a timeout, then challenged a play unsuccessfully resulting in taking 2 timeouts.
John Fox arguing the delay of game penalty. 🤔
Not till John Fox and Ryan Pace are gone... . Probably not until Virginia dies..
coach John Fox to on GM Ryan Pace: "We're in constant communication...I think everybody was in agree…
Shame on the McCaskey family. Shame on Ryan Pace. Shame on John Fox. . Shame on the whole organization. Shame on them.…
What Bears HC John Fox said tonight on about promoting Mitch Trubisky and benching Mike Glennon:
John Fox says Mitchell Trubisky adds mobility, that he's worked hard and grown quite a bit: "He’s got that maturity and c…
John Fox doesn't rule out making change from Mike Glennon to Mitchell Trubisky - ESPN
Tony Dungy is struggling to understand why Mike Glennon is starting ahead of Mitchell Trubisky
Don't worry, fans. Your coach is trying everything this week... ...including WATCHING FILM:.
John Fox, Ryan Pace did a bad job in rebuilding this team. But the QB position is by far the worst decision of their tenure i…
John Fox is gonna be unemployed soon enough
I never want my kids to find out about John Fox
John Fox is going to catch Abe Gibron, and depants him. He has already destroyed Marc Trestman. He may be the worst…
Seems like everyone except John fox knows that featured in NBC s Science of Love
Column: If John Fox wants to keep his job it’s time to take away Glennon’s:
John fox does deserve to be punished for his poor coaching but doesn't that fall under cruel and unusual punishment?
John Fox on possible Bears QB change: 'We'll evaluate everything'.
Devon Fox takes a fumble 85 yards for a touchdown!. John Dosen's kick is good. 21-21!. 2:59 left in the game
Ahh it's John Fox I'm surprised he isn't calling Kyle Orton
John Fox won't commit to or deny a quarterback change: 'We're looking at everything' -- (
My wife & I love your show. Your bringing us back to Fox Your hair looks great 👍
John Fox is 10-25 as Bears coach. He's down 21-0 at Lambeau Field. Go for it, you coward.
"Donnie John" Trump hasn't exactly appeared to be on top of much lately - of course, he hasn't been taking his clas…
HC John Fox: "We've still got to look at a lot of things and improve. We've got a lot of work to do."
Sir John A Macdonald staff take pies in the face for Terry Fox
As John Fox wastes snaps running out the clock, a reminder:
JOHN fox is looking like the hack he is!
The Russians could pull a Red Dawn & it could take weeks for Trump to find out as long as they had a plan to keep it off…
John Fox on possibility of QB change: “We’re going to look at everything”
Mike Glennon or Mitch Trubisky? John Fox remains intentionally vague on Bears’ QB decision
When John Fox inevitably announces Glennon as the starting QB
John fox: i dont think we lost anything on defense and we gained on O"
Bears head coach John Fox says no decision made yet at QB.
I'll be on Fox News Tonight at 10:40pm with & host discussing whether or not I think Oprah should…
John Fox: "It starts at the top. We got outcoached, we got outplayed in every area."
Dungy doesn’t understand what Fox is doing with his quarterbacks – In 4 games Mike Glennon already has 8 turnovers.
John Fox is saying no starter has been named at QB, privately sources saying Trubisky.
John Fox has hinted that the Bears will re-evaluate the quarterback position this weekend, but signs may point to Mitch Trubi…
For the first time John Fox didn’t shut down the possibility of a QB change. We want Mitchell.
John Fox just called. He needs you at practice Monday. Can you be there? serious question.
John Fox has six winning seasons in 16 seasons as a HC. He's basically Jeff Fisher if Fisher had Peyton Manning for thre…
This marks the first time John Fox hasn't committed to Mike Glennon as the Bears' starter.
Tonight's was more than an awful performance by Mike Glennon. Bears were awful in so many areas it exposed how bad John Fox…
A non commitment to Mike Glennon as starting QB from John Fox is a commitment to Mitch Trubisky.
Hey John Fox: describe your team in two words. (Video via
John Fox is 91-105 (.464) in his career without Peyton Manning. He was 38-10 (.792) with Peyton Manning.
John farrell baseball at its finest. Please get rid of this guy.
There have been just three rookie QBs to start games for John Fox: Randy Fasani, Matt Moore, and Jimmy Clausen. Here are there stats:
Dan Quinn should have gave John Fox a ring last February
John Fox is like Art Howe...I'm not playing Trubisky...I'm not playing Hatteberg...hmmm trade Glennon…
Tracy Wolfson: I spoke with John Fox and he said, "I QUIT" .
Bears coach John Fox on Marcus Cooper: "We're not firing him" via
Simms: "If I was John Fox, I'd hand Marcus Cooper his bag at halftime and cut him. Peace out."
John Fox says medical staff thinks Kyle Long is ready. "We'll see how much he can endure."
John Fox is hopeful Kyle Long, Prince Amukamara and Markus Wheaton will return this week.
hope to have Markus Wheaton, Kyle Long and Prince Amukamara back this week, John Fox said
[CBS Sports] Bears' John Fox has no plans to bench Mike Glennon for Mitchell Trubisky - CBSSports.
Bears' Mike Glennon mistake right on schedule in dragging down f..
John Fox began by referencing the 4 1st half turnovers (3 by Glennon) & then was asked if he would consider starting…
TAMPA, Fla. -- For Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, it was not a dreamy homecoming. It was more like a...
coach John Fox: "That wasn’t the Mike Glennon Bears, that was the Chicago Bears. It was our whole team."
Halas Hall John Fox should be out after weeks 3 and 4 losses.
Hey John Fox...Mike Glennon is a backup QB!!! Send him back to where you found him!!! on the bench!!!
When your GM hires John Fox he handcuffs the entire organization.. His first decision was his worst one and its sunk the ship.
When did the Democratic Party become the John Birch Society? (…
Mike Glennon should be fired today, John Fox should be fired today, Dowell Loggains should be fired today.
John Fox looks like Bob Uecker and it's pissing me off.
Loved your show after the game Nick. You and I think the same when it comes to John Fox and Mike Glennon.
a rerun, since they were busy winning at the Great ep on later, dunking on https:…
0-2 sound familiar? It is how John Fox has started every season in Chicago. My story on Sunday's blowout loss:
The need to start Then they'll know if they should just fire John Fox, or Fox AND Ryan Pace!!!
Prediction: The Bears go 4-8 this season and John Fox gets the boot. Trubiski starts at least one game this season. Better luck next year!
Fox has lost the team. The longer he stays, the worse it all ge…
Changing head coaches may seem nice, but the Bears' problems…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Normally I'd agree, but if Pace wants to save his career as a G…
The John Fox experiment is over. This team was totally unprepared today in all three phases of the game.
This was the type of loss that wasn’t supposed to happen in John Fox’s third season. My column from Tampa:
There's a reason John Elway deemed it necessary to fire John Fox as head coach of a Super Bowl ready team!
John Fox ready for retirement after 2017?
Bears need a young QB coach as HC, time 2 think offensive & build around Trubisky. Pace did that in this yrs draft.…
John Elway didn't mess around when he had a chance to upgrade on Fox. Won 'em a Super Bowl.
Beating the Packers on Thanksgiving in 2015 is John Fox's best moment as coach. His team is about to be 4-19 since th…
gotta go, and he can take coach John Fox with him. RosenBlog:
Nope there is no way the Bears fire Fox before end of seas…
There's no difference between John Fox & Donald Trump's press conferences
Looking at the schedule, John Fox could be looking at 14 more bad days at the office
The Bears need to stop trying to make Mike Glennon happen.
John Fox needs to bend over, take a deep breath. And pull the stick out of his *** Mike Glennon is pulling the down.
I saw them lose. And I even took the night off work so I can se…
In 8 September games under John Fox, the Bears are winless and have been outscored by 126 points.
Enough John Fox. This team is awful. At some point he HAS to be held accountable. And I don't want him in charge of Trubisky…
If John Fox thinks its smart to stick with Glennon, he should ask his buddy Jeff Fisher how sticking with a career backu…
season will be over when the beat them to a pulp. Dump that QB and John Fox!
Also check out We had a fantastic interview today with John Strong, commentator for Fox Sports. Really coo…
if you think John Fox should be fired.
Mike Glennon has to go, and he can take Bears coach John Fox with him. https:…
Column: Even if John Fox can't see it, it's time for Mitch Trubisky, writes https:/…
I do hope John Fox is just waiting for an easy game to put Mitch Trubisky rather than just going with Glennon
John Fox on if we can expect a QB change: "There's no reason to think that.". I can think of at least two, one went for 47…
The wrapper cover, with Mike Glennon, whose awful game should lead to a change, by
John Fox insists that Mike Glennon is still the Chicago Bears
John Fox is addressing the media following today's loss in Tampa.
Walk us through the film, John Fox. Give us detail as to why Mike Glennon should still be QB. My story from Tampa
Don't blame Mike Glennon for sucking, blame John Fox for starting him!
Website Builder 728x90
John Fox is addressing the media at Halas Hall.
John Fox level clock management at the end of the half.
On the "stellar" and "fine" debut of the Bears' Mike Glennon and what's to come:
.shares a as John Fox and team return to Halas Hall.
"My heart goes out to him. He was very disappointed and discouraged in the locker room after the game.". - HC J…
I know John Fox said pass protection kept Tarik Cohen off field on final series but, at some point, job protection factors…
I just remembered that Allen is from the John Fox coaching tree. The only thing that comes from that…
John Fox states the team is 95% sure our game Sunday will be played in Tampa Bay and that our thoughts & prayers are with…
You can take Manning and John Fox out of the Broncos but Omaha shall remain a Denver thing.
Is John Fox or Andy Reid in the house?
Honestly, If & when John Fox is fired next year, I really do not want Sean Payton as our next HC.
He's a disgrace cuz he emails Fox News: John Kelly a “disgrace to the uniform”
I can't stand John Fox. I'm not a Ryan Pace or Mitch Trubisky fan girl but I still want wins. Please make it happen!
Hub Arkush: Chicago Bears much better in Week 1 loss than at any time during John Fox regime
coach John Fox on the WR position: "We'll have some options looking around the league."
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
John Fox said surgery is a possibility for Kevin White's scapula.
Sean Payton going all John Fox on us so Bears fans will be used to this when Payton is the coach next year.
Fox may have just interviewed the smartest man alive.
Laura Ingraham set to take over Fox News' 10 p.m. slot via
.is joined LIVE on by John Fox & RB coach Curtis Modkins on this week's 📻: http…
Dennis Allen under John Fox was ok DC,under an offensive HC unwilling to overrule he's in over his head 3rd&9 play coverage w/these DBs???!
St. John's and Duke will play Feb. 3 in 'The Garf' at MSG, per sources. Game will be shown on FOX and honors the late Howa…
Stupid like a fox. I'd pay the $50,000 fine just to get John Tavares's attention. Habs PR would no…
John Fox confirms that Kevin White sustained a fractured scapula and will be moved to IR. Surgery is a possibility, canno…
I thought John Fox coached a good game plan yesterday. Had us in the position to win the game what more do you want?! There I said it
John Kelly Fires Back at Rep. Gutierrez Who Called Him 'Disgrace to the Uniform' - Fox Nation
No more nuggets from ChikFilA. No more Papa John's pizza. No more Amazon or PayPal. No more New Girl on FOX. NO NFL FOOTBALL.
John Kelly fires back at Democrat who called him 'disgrace to the uniform' | Fox News
Sharing a lesson from 9 11. We are here to serve. Everything else is window dressing, by on
coach John Fox says WR Kevin White has a fractured scapula (not collarbone) and will be placed on Injured Reserve. Bad…
Little Giant Ladders
John Fox is rooting for Jay Cutler, wishes “it went a different way” in Chicago
John Fox better hope his number isn't blacklisted for ordering and then falling asleep before delivery.…
John Fox says Mike Glennon has proved it and earned it in regards to being the starter.
coach John Fox says he's hopeful every player on the roster can play Sunday vs. Atlanta, including Kyle Long.
John Fox, the Bernie Madoff of the wine business?. Watch how this wine fraud unfolds on MONDAY at 10p E…
QB Mitch Trubisky will play Thursday against the Browns, coach John Fox said.
Not playing Sanchez but taking a chance on getting your best QB hurt in meaningless game. John Fox you are a frustrating guy.
Bears HC John Fox: QB Mitch Trubisky will start Thursday vs Browns. Connor Shaw will replace him at some point. Glennon,…
If he gets seriously hurt in a meaningless preseason have to hold John Fox responsible
Time for Glennon to suck it up, and then Tittiess God to come in and crush it and then John Fox to say "we're not changing t…
John Fox says Prince Amukamara strained his hamstring and is day-to-day.
coach John Fox said CB Prince Amukamara strained his hamstring. He said he is day-to-day.
coach John Fox says CB Prince Amukamara strained his hamstring. He's day-to-day.
Prince Amukamara is day-to-day with a hamstring strain, Bears coach John Fox said.
JD hangs out with seniors 😂 (Ronnie and John Hein) because he can't stand to hang around people that are go…
It's no secret that Trump gets his news from Fox and Friends. *** John Oliver ran ads during the show to have a c…
This feels like a five-alarm garbage fire for Trump, so I look forward to tonight's Fox coverage of how Robert Byrd was in…
But not even Fox News is feeding him the talking points he spouted today. He's getting them from somewhere far more distu…
John Kelly waking up from a steady diet of Fox News.
Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests
WH Chief of Staff John Kelly during Trump presser. "This is not my happy face."
So John, get on CNN, MSNBC and Fox and state just that. Make a stand against the republican…
Didn't hear this on Fox News tonight. Why not? I guess the leftist liberals would say this doesn't constitute violence
I heard John Podesta had two scoops of ice cream at dinner last night. BREAKING FOX NEWS ALERT
Fox News is talking solely about Iran.
Fox News shared a video of cars hitting protesters in January, advised viewers to “study the technique”
This quote from John Kelly in a (completely overlooked) Fox interview last week seems more relevant as the days pass ht…
"What Trump did today is a moral disgrace" - Charles Krautammer on Fox News just now
Fox's usually sycophantic Bill Hemmer opened the 6 PM News with "the president pouring gasoline on a political fire" ht…
John Day. Are you really that ignorant? I bet you never even finished elementary school m…
Also extremely troubling; access to 'truth' - the Sinclair group's recent franchising of so many loc…
The most open person I've ever observed in just shy of OAP, Donald John Trump. . I LIE!…
Fox frequently act human when they have to react in real time. It's the day after that marching orders are issued
The panel on Fox News right now has completely turned on Pres. Trump & they are saying the fastest growing threat in US is whi…
Trump critics will apologize in four years: 'Cheers' actor John Ratzenberger - Fox News
JT Dunn, AR Fox, John Silver, Josh Briggs... We all know it's going to be something good
Bolling was suspended on August 5th. So the June 2017 demo would include Bolling.
On why John Fox may be forced to be Bullish with his 2017 Bears; and is this beyond just another Danny Salazar tease.h…
Eboni Williams ~ get her out! NO MORE! Fox, fire her! Her statements are poisonous and irresponsible!
John I fear Fox is going in the same direction. More & more anti-Trumpsters on their panels.
John Fox is on the hot seat. Really no way around that. Whichever QB gives him the best chance to win will start, IMO.
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