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John Forsythe

John Forsythe (born Jacob Lincoln Freund; January 29, 1918 – April 1, 2010) was an American stage, television, and film actor.

Bachelor Father Linda Evans Joan Collins Jaclyn Smith Kate Jackson Tom Selleck Farrah Fawcett Al Pacino Larry Hagman William McKinley Blake Carrington Christopher Cazenove Oprah Winfrey Shirley MacLaine Cheryl Ladd Jane Wyman

John Forsythe got a sneak peek at the Festival of Trees Gala last night at the Orlando Museum of Art. Check out...
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He's exactly right as Blake. He's got the same expression as John Forsythe had- annoyed, impatient and sort of lopsided.
Logan Forsythe will be returning to the Dodgers in 2018... Thoughts?
There is no one mi me John forsythe & the original Dynasty! Tell me ! Iam from Argentina : how it goes the new Dyna…
Presenter John Forsythe addresses the basics of video journalism
"Millions of Leaked Files Shine Light on Where the Elite Hide Their Money" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT The New Yor…
is Normandy for a South African. He is very fit and healthy. His face is very similar to John Forsythe.
Hate to say this but the would have won the if they traded for Brian Dozier instead of John F…
John Forsythe's Dynasty wig does an excellent job as Liam Neeson's wig in Mark Felt.
On this day in 1957, the family sitcom “Bachelor Father” with John Forsythe premiered on CBS-TV, and lasted 5 seasons.
This day in 1957 Bachelor Father starring John Forsythe premieres
56 years ago tonight.Linda Evans(tad) in "A Crush on Bentley" on 'Bachelor Father' starring John Forsythe & Noreen Corcoran on
Sorry, but I prefer "then". No one can compare with John Forsythe.
You can be John Forsythe but only if I can be Jaclyn Smith!
The Pirates would like a left field upgrade and considered John Jaso for Logan Forsythe after the Byron Buxton rejection.
Hey, is it true you love 80s soap Dynasty and your favourite actor in the show was John Forsythe or is that BLAKE NEWS!?
56 years ago tonight.Jeanne Bal and Vito Scotti in "Peter Plays Cupid" on 'Bachelor Father' starring John Forsythe & Sammee Tong on
"I won the World Games, and NanoHydr8 had its toughest test yet!" - John Forsythe. Save 25% with the code "Nano"!.
In 1981, Charlie’s Angels, starring Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and the voice of John Forsythe, was seen for the last time.
56 yrs ago today.Jimmy Boyd & Sue Ane Langdon in "Kelly Learns to Drive" on 'Bachelor Father' w John Forsythe & Noreen Corcoran on
“Dynasty” (1981-89, ABC) rebooting next season on w/ Grant Show in the John Forsythe role
actor John Forsythe was born in 1918. Unseen millionaire Charles Townsend on sailed in '56…
The Boston Ballet keeps sending me emails about William Forsythe, and, each time, I immediately think of John Forsythe on "Dynasty."
as the old guy, I'm clearly Blake Carrington. I'm often confused for John Forsythe.Ha
If California experiences an earthquake today, it's because Aaron Spelling and John Forsythe are rolling in their g…
Cinema '64: Ann-Margret, Peter Brown, John Forsythe & Skip Ward checking out the cycles on the set of "Kitten With…
Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts expects Logan Forsythe to lead off, outfielders to compete for at-bats…
Linda Evans and John forsythe are coming down big round stairs, come on Brian you know this
Another player bummed to see Logan Forsythe get traded.
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Evan Longoria isn't happy the traded Logan Forsythe to the
With John Forsythe now in the fold, does that mean that we will have more Heather Locklear sightings?
viewed ask for Dozier as significantly higher than ask for Forsythe. MIN wanted more than DeLeon.
Dodgers acquire second baseman Logan Forsythe for top pitching prospect Jose DeLeon
Rays trade John Forsythe to LA baseball team, but Dodgers, not the Angels.
Lost in Forsythe-DeLeon trade, announce signing for former pitcher Shawn Tollesonfor to 1-yr/$1M plus $1.15M in incentives.
Bittersweet deal for Forsythe was a class act & clubhouse leader. DeLeon, 24, is rated one of the best pitching prospects in baseball
Definitely a steal De Leon is the 2nd ranked Dodgers prospect and The Rays prospect Willy Adames replaces Forsythe at 2B
Source confirms: DeLeon going from to in deal for Forsythe. Trade agreed upon, per
Part of my strength as an actor comes from what I've learned all t...
Hot off the press! Access the article being discussed now at by plenary speaker John C. Alverdy
I figure there are a few actors like Marlon Brando, George C. Scott an...
57 years ago tonight.Whitney Blake and William Newell in "Bentley & the Bartered Bride" on 'Bachelor Father' with John Forsythe on
John Forsythe and Edward G. Robinson on the set of "The Glass Web" 1953.
59 years ago tonight.Jack Benny guests in "Bentley & the Homemaker" on 'Bachelor Father' starring John Forsythe on
My first speaking part was to read for John Forsythe for Bachelor Father.
Don't know who Hillary Forsythe is but yeah ok, as long as the next bird I go down on doesn't have teeth downstairs!
u leave john Forsythe out of this...
Reminds me of that scene in And Justice For All where Al Pacino is suppose to be defending John Forsythe against rape charges.
John Forsythe was the voice on Charlie's Angels
denver-carrington:John Forsythe and the ladies of Dynasty. on
Once you drink one glass, you want another.
Once you drink one glass, you want another. - John Forsythe
"The Last Victim" A Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer (1999) starring William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy
It's rather amusing at my advanced age to become a sex symbol.
Excellent thought provoking talk by Prof John Forsythe
📷 denver-carrington: Season 5 cast card. Clockwise from top left: Linda Evans, John Forsythe, Joan...
Dynasty with John Forsythe & Linda Evans. As a teenager, she guest starred on his show, Bachelor Father.
Jon Hamm (is the 5th actor to win multiple for drama lead (Ed Asner, John Forsythe, Hugh Laurie, Telly Savalas)
It came, I saw, I will read. Dynasty by has arrived! No, John Forsythe & Joan Collins aren't in it.
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You're lucky if you've never been affected by heart disease, because as the number one killer of men and women,...
Fun trivia: Ann Margret starred in "Kitten with a Whip" along w/John Forsythe. Seen it on TCM. Luv her in "Viva Las Vegas" w/Elvis!! SO FAB
with the trailer for Bill Forsythe's BEING HUMAN (1994), starring RW and John Turturro:
Blake’s head games “I’m suspected of that, am I?”Loved the Late Great John Forsythe but Love to Hate Blake!
John Forsythe is my favorite actor. I loved him dearly in Dynasty, and other T.V. shows. May his legacy live on.
Photo: john-forsythe: John and Ursula Andress in China during the filming of a special episode of “Love...
The work, about struggling to keep your footing, was accompanied by pieces by William Forsythe, John Butler and Stanton Welch.
I have nightmares that I'll lose my hair before I reach the acceptable age to pull off the John Forsythe look.
Play as John Terry extra points for snorting copious amounts of coke and shouting racial slurs at people in Waitrose.
Congrats to the u18 boys on their 28-17 win over TRIES: Kaelan (2), Brody, John Fraser. CONVERTS: John Forsythe (4)
Podcast Link for iTunes: John Dobbs sermons from Forsythe Church of Christ -
"I fought for Sammee Tong as Lucille Ball fought for Desi Arnaz." - John Forsythe.
Sometimes it felt like John Forsythe was just phoning it in on Charlie's Angels.
John Forsythe working *** the Morning Show, but he's never too busy to support Orlando City Soccer
Hard time believing this broad would rather have John Forsythe than Billy Holden.
For his wife's birthday party, Lee Iacocca paid John Forsythe to appear in character as Blake Carrington
A Ladd lad, eh? . Loved David Doyle and then there's John Forsythe who I adored on Bachelor Father.
hi Bo I just was on utube and I was looking up John Forsythe long story short I ran across you...just wanted to say ur still
Photo: hunkhollywood: Shirley MacLaine (in her film debut) with  John Forsythe  in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S ”The...
The 56th Annual Winter Park Spring Sidewalk Art Festival is underway. John Forsythe had the honor of introducing...
John Forsythe may have left us several years ago but you've still got Gregory Cupoli. L&LTalent
"2 Associates of Ex-Security Chief to Face Trial Over Bribery in China" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
Brian Dennehy, Mark Holton & William Forsythe all tackled the man behind Pogo the Clown.
loved the Dobie Gillis reruns on cable back in the 80s. Donna Reed too. John Forsythe as Bachelor Father. Gems !
"Suicide Bomber Kills Up to 8 in Xinjiang, Radio Free Asia Reports" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
2 of 2. John Bosley (David Doyle). Charles "Charlie" Townsend (John Forsythe) (voice). . FYI Off camera Bosley is me more than Jill.
"Hong Kong Ferry Captain Sentenced to 8 Years in Deadly Collision" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
Linda Evans and John Forsythe... they're coming down big long stairs, come on Brian, you know this!
On WHITE: "Charlie's Angels theme (with John Forsythe's spoken intro from the original TV series)" - Henri Mancini
"Hong Kong Ferry Captain Guilty of Manslaughter in Collision That Left 39 Dead" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
Lambeth Child Abuse and the Death of Bulic Forsythe | MetaFilter - Express: “Labour MP John Mann fears the...
"Chinese Catholics Seek Answers to Bishop’s Fate" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
If you're still looking for a fun, yet elegant, way to spend Valentine's Day, join John Forsythe and his wife,...
reminding me of John Forsythe moaning to TV GUIDE in late 60s about Dustin Hoffman and other stars "that look like bartenders."
Kudos to John Mann MP for bringing this into the light another reason Blairs govt need investigating…
"President Xi Jinping to Visit U.S. in September, Chinese Agency Reports" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
"Hong Kong Court Convicts Employer in Abuse of Domestic Worker" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
Believe it or not, "Bachelor Father" (with John Forsythe) streams regularly on one of the channels in my TWC app…
Would Dynasty starring John Forsythe & Joan Collins be considered a Dynasty? Thx, you've been great enjoy The Little River Band
Here's the "Scalpel" article from Fangoria magazine. Not a lot about RL, but interesting nonetheless. I was particularly surprised to learn that the lead role came down RL and John Forsythe, another favorite of mine.
“Iowa State is the REAL best team in the nation
This episode of from 1955 has John Forsythe and Chloris Leachman. So cool.
Getting ready to see Wendy Forsythe & John Hunter and officiate their wedding this New Years Eve. My only...
Noreen Corcoran and John Forsythe on the set of "Bachelor Father" (1957 - 1962)
One of the best movies ever was "...And Justice for All" Why? John Forsythe in a black leather garter belt that's why and oh yeah Al Pacino
"2014 Proves a Grim Year in Malaysian Aviation" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
I mean, where else can you watch John Forsythe in Bachelor Father at 2 in the morning
Madame X with Lana Turner and John Forsythe and Backstreet with Susan Hayward should be on the list too.
Bachelor Father Bachelor Father is an American sitcom starring John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran and Sammee Tong. The series first premiered on CBS in September 1957 before moving to NBC for the third season in 1959. The series' fifth and final season aired on ABC for the rest of the show's run. A total of 157 episodes were aired. The series was based on "A New Girl in His Life," which aired on General Electric Theater on May 26, 1957. Bachelor Father is the only primetime series ever to run in consecutive years on the three major television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC). Bachelor Father follows the adventures of Bentley Gregg, a wealthy bachelor attorney living in Beverly Hills who assumes the responsibility of raising his niece, Kelly (Noreen Corcoran), after her parents died in an automobile accident. Other members of the cast included houseboy Peter Tong (Sammee Tong), teenage neighbor and Kelly's on and off boyfriend, Howard Meechum (Jimmy Boyd), Kelly's best friend, Ginger Farrell (Bernadette Withers) an ...
Linda Evans, whose birth name is Linda Evenstad (Hartford, USA. UU., November 18, 1942) is an American television actress, of Norwegian descent. Known primarily for his work on soap operas, his two most famous roles are Audra Barkley on The Big Valley (1965-1969) series, which starred Barbara Stanwyck and Lee Majors; and especially that of Krystle Carrington in Dynasty (1981-1989). The film Tom Horn (1980), which co-starred with Steve McQueen stands. With the name of his character in Dynasty, where he was the main female opponent Joan Collins, Linda Evans began a successful campaign in 1984 to promote the name drinks Crystal Light. Linda Evans has a star on the Boulevard of Fame Hollywood. Filmography Twilight of Honor (1963) Those Calloway (1965) Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) Childish Things (1969) The Klansman (1974) Mitchell (1975) Avalanche Express (1979) Tom Horn (1980) Trekkies (1997, documentary) television Bachelor Father in episode "A Crush on Bentley" with future Dynasty co-star John Forsythe (1960 ...
"Payments to Chief Executive Raise New Questions in Hong Kong" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE via NYT
"Standoff Between Government and Demonstrators Intensifies in Hong Kong" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE and KEITH BRADSHER ...
Is that John Lydon on or Bruce Forsythe? Hard to tell
So? John Kerry and his wife had dinner with Assad a few years ago..
how about movies made from TV shows? John Forsythe in Charlie's Angels, the guy who played Robot in LostInSpace
Hey, look who stopped by wesh today! & John Forsythe from magic107
"As Protests Ebb, Hong Kong Finds Itself in Stalemate Over Barricades" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE and KEITH BRADSHER via NYT
"Hong Kong Officials and Protesters Agree on Talks on Democracy" by MICHAEL FORSYTHE and ALAN WONG via NYT
Movie Stars that fought in World War II - John Forsythe
Blake's "blindness" involves John Forsythe acting every scene with his eyes focussed on the ceiling it seems.
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Was John Forsythe on the 5 or the 10? I can never remember. Oh, wait: he was on the 2!
via If you’re looking to jazz up your text, then what you need is John Forsythe’s huge text effect b
Deal of the week: John Forsythe's 2014 Photoshop text effects collection
Deal of the week: John Forsythe’s 2014 Photoshop text effects collection: . If you're looking to jazz up yo...
The safety of blood must be paramount - that is absolutely a touchstone”>Prof John Forsythe
Forsythe strikes out Wright and the win, 5-2! Guth picks up the W. St. John suffers the L.
Prof John Forsythe of Advisory Ctte on Safety of Blood, Tissues & Organs - "I would reassure it is based on science"
Photo: denver-carrington: John Forsythe and Catherine Oxenberg. Ah… Dynasty…The Good Fun days of Night time...
Audition tape gave fair warning this was no Diana Rigg. Even John Forsythe has a disparaging tone.
At least you didn't get one of those sponsored things offering to set you up on a date with (Dynasty's) John Forsythe (died 2010)
Ms. Davis was also "Schultzie" on the old NBC show with Bob Cummings and played a housekeeper on the old John Forsythe show.
If your looking for a good movie about the rich and unhappy, Madame X is it! Starring Lana Turner and John Forsythe, it is the usual story of a beautiful woman from the wrong side of the tracks who marries into money. Of course the evil mother-in-law, thinks her son has married way beneath himself and sets about to make the new bride miserable. These movies used to be called, "Tear Jerkers", and I think this one clearly requires a box of tissues before viewing. The mansion used as a background I think is the Hugh Hefner mansion, also known as the Playboy Mansion. Here is a link and I am sure you can stream it from Amazon or some other place, if you do not want to buy the VHS version or DVD if there is one?
Sheesh babe, I haven't seen a Dynasty like this since John Forsythe and Joan Collins used to battle alright???
John Forsythe, our FRAME coordinator, takes a selfie with our costumed interpreters! :)
Film Noir Friday: The Glass Web [1953]Posted on March 14, 2014 by DerangedWelcome! The lobby of the Deranged L.A. Crimes theater is open. Grab a bucket of popcorn, some Milk Duds and a Coke and find a seat. Tonight’s feature is THE GLASS WEB [1953] starring John Forsythe, Edward G. Robinson and Ka...
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One of my all time favorite TV shows is the incredible "Charlie's Angels!" (I can see your faces. You knew this would happen at some point!!) You all can admit it. You watched, loved it, knew about it, or lived it. I did it all!! LOL. So I have a two part question. Think about it and don't be confused. List: 1) Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson) 2) Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett-Majors) 3) Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) 4) Kris Munroe (Cheryl Ladd) 5) Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack) 6) Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts) 7) John Bosley (David Doyle) 8) Charles "Charlie" Townsend (John Forsythe) Question Who was your favorite "Angel" & why? Question Which "Angel" did you always want to be? Mine: 1) Don't misunderstand... I'm the biggest fan and love every little thing about the show equally. But, my favorites were Kris & Jill respectively. I loved that they were sisters. I love the blonde thing. Those of you who know me know what I mean. LOL. I loved their skills.And I loved that car!! 2) Again... Kris & Jill respectively. . ...
Charlie's Angels an American crime drama television series that aired on ABC from September 1976 to June 1981, producing five seasons and 110 episodes. The series was created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts and was produced by Aaron Spelling. It plotted the adventures of three females working in a private detective agency in Los Angeles, California, and initially starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and Jaclyn Smith in the leading roles. David Doyle co-starred as a sidekick to the three women and John Forsythe played the voice of their boss. Later additions were made to the main cast: Cheryl Ladd entered the series in season two, Shelley Hack in season four, and finally Tanya Roberts in season five. Despite mixed reviews from critics and a reputation for merely being "Jiggle TV," the show enjoyed an astonishing popularity with audiences, and was a top ten hit for its first few seasons. Later cast changes, along with the shifting taste of the public, were not well-received and the show concluded a fiv ...
Back-up idea - A fight to the death with Joan Collins, Linda Evans, John Forsythe etc called Dynasty Warriors
Happy birthday to Thomas Paine, the firebrand atheist, tract writer, and Founding Father (February 9 on the Julian calendar); W.C. Fields, born in Darby, PA, a mere mile or two from where I lived for the first 18 years of my life, who never gave a sucker an even break; John Forsythe, who was so marvelously wicked in Dynasty and other TV shows and movies, including the highly underrated "The Powers That Be"; Italian composer Luigi Nono, who is a boon to crossword constructors who are tired of "No, No, Nanette"; Leslie Bricusse, composer of some of the most insipid musicals in Broadway history; Tom Selleck, reputed homophobe but still yummy; Oprah, about whom the less said the better; Greg Louganis, whose grace and courage under pressure at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics and his subsequent efforts on behalf of *** people and those with HIV, learning disabilities and depression, not to mention his gorgeous good looks, have inspired three generations of *** men, including me; and Adam Lambert, whose rendition of ...
A Michelob Beer commercial featuring Cheryl Ladd and the voice of John Forsythe from Charlie's Angels.This aired on October 3,1977 but was probably made earl...
- Any relation to the late John Forsythe who played on Bachelor Father?
Yeah. It was pretty funny, too. Benny was a client of John Forsythe's.
I just purchased 1,500+ John Forsythe's Professional Photoshop Text E... from Check it out
must get fruity pebbles now because of John cena.
Not planning on catching tonight. In fact, haven't watched anything with 'bachelor' in the title since John Forsythe retired
Finished the forsythe saga last night was gutted fleur and John didn't marry was so wrong x just…
Love b&w tv discovery for me. John Forsythe was so young
Adam Clayton looks like he's ready to play John Forsythe in the Dynasty remake.
The Golden Globes was the only place primetime soaps ever won. John Forsythe, Joan Collins and Jane Wyman all won.
A ruthless woman (Kathleen Hughes) involved with two men, both writers for a television crime show, winds up dead when she blackmails one (John Forsythe) and...
New on US TV today, 1981, Dynasty, starring John Forsythe. Dallas-style double dealing in Denver.
Dynasty premieres on The oil tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) prepares to marry…
Got to see a good friend John Forsythe today.. it was good to see his crazy *** out and about
S1E02 John Forsythe and Cloris Leachman. He had the casting. The stories are kinda basic, but the casts are nice.
What was the name of the TV series in the Dallas era with the Carington family who lived in the mansion. John Forsythe was the main character. Won't be able to sleep. Help!
I'll see your Gil Stratton and John Forsythe and raise you with Jim McKay and Frank Wright.
And more pics of John Forsythe are added! :) Please don't hesitate to press the "like" button of his album?! Thanks.
Antenna TV - Tribune Broadcasting Company came back! I hope I get to resume my crush on John Forsythe... -K
what clan ate you from I'm the Cameron clan and Forsythe
John Forsythe is charlie from "charlies angels" the one can hide from Google
Man is not the lord of all the world's animals. He is the protector. . ~John Forsythe
Here is the opening and closing credits to the John Forsythe Show from 1965, starring, John Forsythe, Guy Marks, Ann B. Davis, Elsa Lancaster, Peggy Lipton
In-depth biography of actor John Forsythe, beloved star of "Bachelor Father", "Charlie's Angels", and "Dynasty". Along with Forsythe himself, there are inter...
what about zone H - no streets off John Forsythe have been done and they were supposed to be done last night!!
Publicity photo for the classic sitcom, Bachelor Father! Starring John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran and Sammee Tong!
John Forsythe and i surprised are mom by cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming around the house
It's 9:30am & the temp is 14* (feels like 1*). My brother is forever giving me grief when I complain about the heat here in West Texas - John Forsythe, 14* - but it's a DRY heat!
John Forsythe is back in the emergency room. I will give an update later.
Thankyou for all my birthday messages, and while im here as i don't often put up statuses i want to tell my dad John Forsythe I love you very much x
Hi guys, was wondering if anyone who has had Qizhi Chen, George Simon or John Forsythe for their FYP could give me some advice as to what they're like as a supervisor? thanks
Saw American Hustle last night and it was so good! Ok,then stopped at the Colonial Diner afterwards for what was by far the WORST dining experience I have maybe ever had.the place was dirty,the food was beyond bad and we actually had to wait what seemed like a lifetime. Stay away! .Heading to John Forsythe today before the snowstorm to maybe catch me a glimpse of a Snowy Owl and check on my work at the Noyes Museum.Have a great start to your 2014 everyone!
Happy New Year to all friends and supporters of New Hope. 2013 was a memorable year for New Hope Support Group. Together we raised over £100,000. Back in February we hit half a million pounds and by the end of the year this had risen to £582,578. A magnificent sum indeed. The range of fund-raising activities was impressive. We started in January with Tracey Farleigh's Funky Shirt Day and ended with Colin Dalton's Great British Blokes Bake-off on New Year's Eve. In between we had the fabulous Auction organised by Claire Robinson and Janet Newman-Carty. We also had very many raffles during the year - the most recent being Mike Peberdy's annual Christmas raffle. We sold cakes and balloons and calendars and crafts. Then there was James Priestley and his Joey Essex makeover and the team from Rocela who cycled 180 miles along the Way of the Roses. We also had some very generous donations, to help with house-building, including donations via Ron Wade and Leo Conley. Monica Cameron organised fund-raising acti . ...
Happy new year. I love you John Forsythe.
William Weatherspoon Michael Crowell Jessy Clark John Forsythe Chris Brothaman Jones Josh Shelton Quentin Vaughan Zachary Phillips lets try to be there at 1230
5 Autograph books for sale movie stars and tv stars, small list below One of them is worth £70 one its owe.. All real and can be checked, Worth more over time if kept hold of. All need to be viewed due to so many. please Message me over price Charton Heston, Paul McArtney, Richard Anderson ( six million doller man boss) John Forsythe,Geni Widler, Eastenders cast, Corrie cast, Sir John mills, Tom jones, Ronan Keating, Linda gray (dallas) Norman Wisdom, macauly culkin, Charles dance, Neil Armstrong, Many more I have which passed on,RIP.
Glenn Ford and John Forsythe just pull this reaction from me...a, yummy, kind of thing, but yet, they're not my type!
especially if John Forsythe is the guy and Heather Locklear is the stripper.
This Day in Music History October 15: ON THIS DAY, October 15th: 1931 - The Jerome Kern musical "The Cat and the Fiddle," starring Odette Myrtil, Lawrence Grossmith, Bettina Hall, and Eddie Foy, Jr., opened at New York's Globe Theatre for 395 performances. 1937 - The novel "To Have and Have Not" by Ernest Hemingway was first published. 1951 - "I Love Lucy," starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Vivian Vance and William Frawley, began its six-season run on CBS-TV. 1953 - The play "The Teahouse of the August Moon," starring John Forsythe, David Wayne, Mariko Niki, and Paul Ford, opened at New York's Martin Beck Theatre for 1,027 performances. 1955 - Buddy Holly, still in the Buddy & Bob duo with Bob Montgomery, opened for Elvis Presley at the "Big D Jamboree" held at Lubbock’s Cotton Club in Lubbock, Texas. Nashville talent scout Eddie Crandall was in audience and arranged for Holly to audition and record demos for the Decca US label. Mac Davis (like Buddy, a Lubbock native) was also in the audience. ...
And Justice for All is a 1979 courtroom drama film, directed by Norman Jewison, and starring Al Pacino, Jack Warden, John Forsythe, and Lee Strasberg. Jeffrey Tambor, Christine Lahti, Craig T. Nelson, and Thomas G. Waites appear in supporting roles. The Oscar-nominated screenplay was written by Valerie Curtin and Barry Levinson
.I knew that you & me + Neil Sedaka & Arthur Miller went to Lincoln High, but was 😳 shocked that so did the great John Forsythe
Move over John Forsythe and Linda Evans, Willie and Korie are moving in! The new Dynasty is here.
DUCK DYNASTY cast wants $100,000/episode next season. John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins from original series didn't even get that.
Dynasty - The Complete First Season: The saga of a wealthy Denver family in the oil business: Blake Carrington...
Are Quentin, Forsythe candidates for the disabled list . . . Kelly schedules Tommy John surgery
The only dynasty I loved involved Joan Collins, Linda Evans and John Forsythe.
This is Burghoff's 21st week filling in for Charles Nelson Reilly, and the Match Game debut for John Forsythe!
Shadow on the Land DVD 1968 ultra-rare ABC TV Movie: When we got this, even I couldn't believe we found it! Though very similar to another TV movie from around the same time, BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL, this is far more rare. In this almost prophetic drama, near-future freedom fighters battle tyranny, which has developed in the US. A look at an alternate history, with interesting social implications. The notion of a conservative, openly fascistic takeover of the US, shredding the Constitution, and preserving its rule by an internal security force capable of creating hoaxes to turn the public against outsiders...well... Incredible cast as well...Jackie Cooper, John Forsythe, Carol Lynley, and Gene Hackman as a priest.
Thurs Q:Name the original 3 Charlies Angels? A:Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith. A couple correct answers! Close but no on advanced Q:Who voiced Charlie? A: John Forsythe. Happy Birthday today to my beautiful wife Tara and her category for today: Dowton Abbey
I just realized a weird co-incidence. I've met or worked with 2 of the 3 original "Charlie's Angels" (Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith), I stood next to John Forsythe (the voice of Charlie) at Hollywood Park and had dinner once at the table right next to "Bosley" portrayed on the TV show by David Doyle. What are the odds? And, when I finally meet Kate Jackson, will that be a Full House of a straight?
Over the course of 50 years watching TV, I've seen many excellent role models of "outstanding fatherhood" portrayed by several great actors ... Starting with Robert Young in "Father Knows Best", and continuing with Fred McMurray in "My Three Sons", Hugh Beaumont as "Ward Cleaver", and even John Forsythe as "Uncle Bentley" in "Bachelor Father", young viewers like me saw first hand the importance of "solid family values" through the presence of a discipline-oriented, but nonetheless kind and compassionate father figure ... However, NONE of the aforementioned "fathers" can hold a CANDLE to the "high integrity", "high moral compass", and "honesty first" attitude of William Macy's portrayal of Frank Gallagher on Showtime's "SHAMELESS" ... watch ANY episode, even if you've never seen it before, and you'll see what I mean! ;-)
Think of a Rangers player and I'll put a picture up. /Gordon
Survey ~ If you had to be hospitalized, which would you prefer ~ Forsyth or Baptist? Please explain why (can explain why in my inbox if you prefer).
Our very own Chef John Bobby has been chosen to be a guest judge at the local Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Cooking up Change Healthy Cooking Contest. We're honored you thought of us and excited about such a great cause!
Get on the phone, be a professional. Get off the phone, squeal and do the happy dance!!
We're pleased to announce that for the 2013 season Dean Vinyard will be staying on as the entertainment manager, both Dean and the rest of the team are looking forward to a fantastically entertaining 2013!
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Now remind me why Celtic fans are singing about going to Wembley? Is it to watch Scotland? lol
Die Hard is on. Possibly my favourite film of all time. Happy days.
Here is Mr Toads Wild Ride! She was done flyin'! Complete engine failure While capturing Deer in the mountains!
It's been a long time since I have been a total FAN of something on TV...but I must admit..."Downton..." really has me. I was thrilled when Sunday nite's hour turned into 90 minutes!
Ali: David St John has made 28 appearances on TV game shows over 30 years !! What's your favourite TV quiz show?? ... Have you ever appeared on TV??
Age given? 26 What I drove? 1997 Geo Metro sedan/2000 Ford Mustang Where I was living: Yadkinville, NC What position held: Unit Secretary on the Mother/Baby Unit at Forsyth Medical Center Who had my heart: My husband, John, my son, Logan, and the baby I was carrying at the time (Payton) Age now: 33 What I drive: Dodge Caravan Where I'm living: Yadkinville, NC Position: Labor and Delivery Nurse at Davis Regional Medical Center Who has my heart: My husband, my boys, and our new baby Sawyer. Like my status and I'll give you an age :)
Downloads The World of Survival online The World of Survival movie download Actors: John Forsythe
The Rock has an awesome cast: Cage, Connery, Michael Biehn, John Spencer, William Forsythe, Ed Harris, David Morse, etc. Bay's best movie.
John Forsythe just told me he fell down the steps
If any one of you loved the photo album of her friends, Danny Thomas, Julie London and/or John Forsythe, here's a photo album all about an Oscar-winning actress, philanthropist and spokeswoman of the Arthritis Foundation was best known for her roles from the deaf-mute girl in Johnny Belinda to a blind woman in "Magnificent Obsession," to the ruthless matriarch/owner Angela Channing on "Falcon Crest," her best known role to date since the 1980s, whom everybody has heard of or referred to her character "being no angel," to her family & friends! But despite suffering bouts of health problems, she had led a long life, who died 5 years ago! A reclusive, private woman, who, with 90 years, 1 adopted child, 2 grandchildren and 1 adopted grandchild. I mean, it was quite remarkable that despite the situation of her divorce from Ronald Reagan, she'd NEVER, even think about talking to him in an interview, although, she had voted for him, twice, for being the Republican that she was. Also, before she had adopted child ...
directed by David Lowell Rich starring Lana Turner, John Forsythe, Ricardo Montalban, John Van Dreelen and Constance Bennett... also appearing in this video ...
straight filth the ladies john and his friend martin once saw in Moncton.
John Forsythe has one of the loveliest voices. I would like him to be the voice I hear when I think or read inside my head.
John Forsythe & Linda Evans appear as their "Dynasty" night-time soap opera TV characters Blake & Krystle Carrington in this TV commercial for the marketing ...
RC-North Deputy Commander U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. John Bullard explained the drawdown process for U.S. forces in the no…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kelly's and Michelle's entrances was very Charlie's Angels and next thing you know it's John Forsythe's voice.
It is also the birthdays of William McKinley, W.C. Fields, John Forsythe, Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey. Enjoy!!
In honor of Sam Gunnerson, I post the following: Happy Birthday to the State of Kansas, Oprah, Tom Selleck, Adam Lambert, Sara Gilbert, Greg Louganis, Jonny Lang, Katherine Ross, Heather Graham, John Forsythe, Ann Jillian, W.C. Fields, and our 25th President William McKinley. It is also Congressman Paul Ryan's birthday, but I do not wish him a happy anything.
Today in 1869, is the Birthdays of Leora Ellen Tune Brannon, Pamela Brannon-Carpenter, 1843- William McKinley, 25th U.S. President(1897-1901), who was assassinated while in office, 1880- W. C. Fields, comedian, 1918- John Forsythe, actor, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, 1945- Tom Selleck, Actor, "Magnum P.I., 1954- Oprah Winfrey, talk show hostess it is National Puzzle Day, and National Cornchip Day, and Baseball's American League is founded (1900). If you allow anyone know that you are down, those who have worked to bring you down, will feel victorious. Don't allow them the luxury, you take the lead, be outwardly happy and let them suffer that they did not win.
I seem to share my birthday with some pretty good people. Just to name a few or maybe more: Georg Wagenseil, Thomas Paine, Franklin Gardner, William McKinley, W C Fields, John Forsythe, Malcolm Binns, Bobby Scott, Tom Selleck, Linda Buck, Tommy Ramone, Oprah Winfrey, and Sara Gilbert just to name a few.
Do you remember John Forsythe's big TV role before "Dynasty?" Whether you do or you don't, learn about that role and the show he was on at my Ranting and Raving Blog,
Attention former prime-time soap addicts: Before I can get to Jane [Wyman], as promised, I'm reorganizing the entire photo album of John Forsythe, the reason is for the rest of his fans, esp. those who grew up watching, "Dynasty," will enjoy him a lot the way most Jane Wyman fans had enjoyed her. The most coincidential thing is, they both led long lives.
The Charlotte Rae photo album is complete. Please press the "like" button. Now, as promised, before I update (& reorganize) the Jane Wyman photo album, the first thing for me to update (& reorganize) the photo album of John Forsythe!
Today, 1981, 1st episode of Dynasty shown on US TV. John Forsythe played Blake but in the pilot it was George Peppard (TV Companion p299).
If you've never seen "And Justice For All" with Al Pacino & John Forsythe you must watch it Both are awesome Oldie but goodie.
Feasts and Saints Celebrated Today: Synaxis of the 70 Holy Apostles; Our Righteous Father Theoctistus, Abbot of Cucomo in Sicily; Forefeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Zosimos the Monk and Athanasios the Notary; Righteous Apollinaria the Senator; Martyrs Chrysanthos and Euphemia; Righteous Euthymios the Younger; New Martyr Onuphrios; Righteous Euthymios of Vatopedi; Righteous John Scholarios; Eustathios Archbishop of Serbia. Your Scripture Readings: Acts of the Apostles 10:44-48; 11:1-10. John 1:18-28. Enjoy! Also the church will celebrate Holy Theophany; on Sunday; January 6, 2013. Services will begin at 9:30am with Orthros; the Divine Liturgy will be at 10:30, by Fr. Eudokimos Martin-Harding; followed by coffee and refreshments at 12:00noon. The church is located at 2011 Forsythe Avenue in Monroe and the community is welcome. Come Join Us!
My names John forsythe and I see food differently
I'm feeling more like John Forsythe every day!
I know Charlie's Angels had Siver Fox John Forsythe and we have "Grumpy Bear" Nabors!
I see valentines is sorted ... A date with John maclane! It is always a good day to die hard with Bruce and I don't mean Forsythe!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Life is full of surprises. A new day opens a new chapter in life." - John Forsythe
Watched Scrooged again last night - love Karen Allen, Carol Kane & the mouse in John Forsythe's head.
Lynda Evans and John Forsythe are coming down big long stairs
Finding the message from when John Forsythe tried to fight me last year >
Enjoyed the weekend at the camp. Didn't hunt Saturday morning due to high wind. Of course, by 9 AM it had laid down enough to hunt, but we were already working on the bathroom/shed wall. Did hunt this morning and bagged two birds, but missed on so many others. We should've had at least six others. I missed one then Jimmy missed at a group of 6 pintails then we both missed on a group of 8 dosgris. Our new TV antenna works like a champ and we saw LSU, Auburn/Alabama, and Notre Dame/ USC. We even watched old episodes of the Batman TV series that originally ran in the 60's, Bachelor Dad with a young John Forsythe, and Get Smart (missed by this much).
ah! John forsythe died though :( so apparently a new series would start at his funeral :o
I just reviewed: 'Topaz' by John Forsythe via
Johnny Manziel will participate in one of those "Charlie's Angels"-type teleconferences next week. How do we know it's not John Forsythe?
Loved John Forsythe... Such a beautiful voice!! But Joan Collins was just amazing!
I wonder will John Forsythe (aka Blake Carrington) be waiting to show Larry Hagman all the lols... RIP
I can't believe Larry Hagman is dead. I am so irritated by this. First John Forsythe and now this. Let Joan Collins pass away or better yet the two Lindas (Linda Gray and Linda Evans), and I swear on everything I'm poppin necks.
I do like the idea of my grandmother meeting Liz Taylor, John Forsythe and Larry Hagman in some lovely afterlife suite.
Charlie from charlies angels... John forsythe...?
Download ...And Justice for All. Hq ...And Justice for All. movie download Actors: John Forsythe Al Paci
Chelsea is a disgrace to football in general john terry is a disgrace to football and his fellow pro
think we've figured out we need John Terry and bringing Drogba back is a no brainer
heck Yeah I got a tan line where my Nike socks are. I probably have 60 pairs of Nike socks now!
Saturday, December 1 - Eddie Rose Amphitheater 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Light Up the Holidays Join in the fun as the City of Altamonte Springs and Progress Energy celebrate the yearly tradition of the lighting of Cranes Roost Park . There will be music, entertainment, fireworks, and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus. The regions largest Christmas tree will be on display as well as the Holiday Fountain show. Food and drink will be available for purchase throughout the venue. Don't miss this fun, free evening of entertainment in the park. The night will be hosted by John Forsythe and Leslye Gale from Magic 107.7.
John Forsythe ♥ and a young and so beatiful Shirley MacLaine! I've miss Alfred cameo. I should watch it again.
Sure, fall is back-to-school time, and Halloween time, and Thanksgiving time, too. But it’s television time, as well—a time when networks have traditionally launched their new seasons. This quiz recalls the early days of TV. See if you can match the star to his or her show then look for the answers on Friday. I got 10 out 0f 10. CLUES 1. Danny Thomas 2. Robert Young 3. Gale Storm 4. Eve Arden 5. John Forsythe 6. Jackie Gleason 7. Leo G. Carroll 8. Richard Crenna 9. Groucho Marx 10. Milton Berle A. My Little Margie B. You Bet Your Life C. Bachelor Father D. The Real McCoys E. Father Knows Best F. Our Miss Brooks G. Topper H. Texaco Star Theater I. Make Room for Daddy J. The Life of Riley
Just saw this on Amazon: Dynasty - The Complete First Season by John Forsythe via
Directed by Norman Jewison. With Al Pacino, Jack Warden, John Forsythe, Lee Strasberg. An ethical Baltimore defense lawyer disgusted with rampant legal corruption is asked to defend a judge he despises in a rape trial. But if he doesn't do it, the judge will have him disbarred.
John Forsythe, Holland Taylor and a brilliant David Hyde Pierce pre Frasier - like v. few American series but this was great
Just watched "The Talk just now on tv with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn said something at the end of "The Talk" she said if they had all the Angels here the stories that could be told because they all got along! That would one one *** of a historic event I would so want to be a part of! They all still look great all of the 5 remaining Angels in their pics they take and you get to see on the internet! And Jaclyn and Cheryl looked ageless as always! I wished they panned the people in their seats more too would have love to have seen Mike Pingel sitting there! Great interview gals! sorry "The Talk" didn't remember John Forsythe, or ask about Shelley. And was happy that they remembered Farrah and David Doyle, and was happy to hear Cheryl mentioned Tanya! (:0) I Love all the cast, the each gave something to this great show!
Clip form the film 'Kitten With a Whip' from 1964, starring Ann-Margret and John Forsythe. More on a-m here:
Boy, different Encore channels are showing wonderful films tonight. Encore Suspense now has The Trouble with Harry on. If you're not familiar with it, it's one of Alfred Hitchcock's very few comedies. The trouble with Harry is that he's dead. It seems like everyone in the small New England town runs across the body at one time or another. He ends up being buried and dug up several times during the course of the film. It's hilarious in places. Wonderful cast with John Forsythe, Edmund Gwenn, Shirley MacLaine(her film debut), Jerry Mathers(Leave it to Beaver) and Mildred Natwick.
Exciting news, Brian Keith is now tied with Julie London @ & Ernest Borgnine is now tied with John Forsythe @ on my FB Top 10 list of "Groundbreaking Television Actors For Surrogate Parenting." But Harry Morgan is still :)
Was the Hart Dynasty "Cat Fights!" comment a poke at the old "Dynasty" show with Linda Evans and John Forsythe?
probably because John Forsythe is dead and Larry Hagman isn't.
Rob and I saw the new Woody Allen movie yesterday. It's called "To Rome, With Love." (I am old enough to remember this as the title of a television series starring John Forsythe which ran on CBS around 1969-1970.) Woody's new film isn't as substantial as his previous one, "Midnight in Paris," but it's still well worth seeing. It's four stories, each one having one fantastic or even mystical element. I was led to believe by reading some reviews that they all come together at the end of the film and resolve each other (as the four story threads will do in a good "Seinfeld" episode), but this doesn't happen. However, the actors are all very likable and engaging (particularly Roberto Benigni, Jesse Eisenberg, Judy Davis and Woody), there are enough funny moments to keep the momentum going, and the scenery of Rome is spectacular. It's interesting that, of late, Woody has discovered that there are other romantic cities besides New York (also that it's easier to get financing in Europe), as he's explored London ...
Best line in the history of TV: John Forsythe on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: "I don't mean to be offensive, but I notice that…you're lame."
Much enjoyed the 1st (ever) 7 eps of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS from 1955, featuring Joseph Cotten, Gene Barry, John Forsythe and Vera Miles.
Last night, watched John Forsythe & Cloris Leachman in 2nd ever ep of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (55). He really was a dish :)
John Forsythe flirts with Shirley MacLaine, in the 1955 Hitchcock movie The Trouble With Harry.
On May 11, 1989, the final episode of "Dynasty" aired - LIKE this post if you were a fan of the '80s soap opera starring John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins!
John Forsythe's ghost replies, "Ask Joan Collins and Linda Evans about my sword."
"Premonition," with John Forsythe, Cloris Leachman and Warren Stevens...who just passed away a few weeks ago.
"Dynasty" actor Christopher Cazenove dies, a week after John Forsythe -- will there be a 3rd?
Another Death in the Dynasty Family: First John Forsythe and now his TV nemesis. Christopher Cazenove, the Britis...
actor Christopher Cazenove has died just a week after his co-star John Forsythe. How sad. RIP
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