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John Farrell

John Edward Farrell (born August 4, 1962) is the current Major League Baseball manager for the Toronto Blue Jays and a former starting pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians, California Angels, and Detroit Tigers.

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What do John Farrell, Pepsi, Sprite and Green Beans have in common?. They all are canned
Breaking: The Red Sox announced that John Farrell will not return as the club's manager for the 2018 season.
The announced today that John Farrell will not return as manager in 2018. A search for a new manager will begin immedia…
Red Sox manager John Farrell got to see his son, Luke, pitch for the Reds. A few weeks later, Luke isn't a Red, John isn't a manager.
Should the Red Sox fire manager John Farrell?. To vote, reply with: "Yes" or "No"
That's why you start Rafael Devers, John Farrell! Woo Hoo! Devers goes BOOM and the Red Sox lead 4-3!!!
John Farrell is to starting pitchers what Butch Jones is to starting QBs.
I doubt that John Farrell and Carl Willis will be back next season. What about Dave Dombrowski?
John Farrell said a few minutes ago he is now more inclined to pitch Chris Sale in Game 5 than Game 4. Based on recent performances.
I don't blame Sale for tonight I blame John Farrell for every time he ran him back out there for the 8th after throwing 100+ pitches.
Leave it to John Farrell's gang that can't shoot straight to ruin my three team parlay… Thanks bin Ladin!
I really dislike John Farrell. Why leave Chris in so late?
He will be starting tomorrow, Farrell can't help himself!
Can they approve a firing of John Farrell.
Farrell's greatest strength. Making sure injuries get extended. He likes the challenge
After watching John Farrell and the pathetic all summer it sure was refreshing to have a very likable and fun team back.
John Farrell doesn't deserve to be in the same breathe as Dad Stevens
Is John Farrell secretly coaching the Patriots today?
A look at the new chair picked out by Red Sox Nation for John Farrell after Game 1.
I think John Farrell is managing them.
John Farrell, Boston Red Sox manager, explains decision to stay with Chris Sale to start sixth inning
John Farrell said Eduardo Nunez’s knee wasn't at further risk. Credibility for Sox, pay for Nunez is on the line: https:/…
John Farrell has 'no regrets' about playing Eduardo Nunez before injury by
Nate solder can leave town as quick as John Farrell.
Joe Girardi (a good manager) takes his struggling starter out after 3.1 innings. John Farrell (an awful manager) let’s him give up 7. SEVEN.
"John Farrell deserves a lot of credit. It's comical how much criticism he gets. I give a lot of credit to... Farrell."
Here's what Eduardo Nunez and John Farrell had to say about Nunez's injury
lots of sports on tonight John Farrell but don't think we didn't see your mess this afternoon.
Doug Fister makes ALDS roster. So he's likely to start Game 3. John Farrell said Sunday he likely wouldn't make roster as…
John Farrell likes Doug Fister's late life, recent performance, if you're wondering why he gets Game 3.
John Farrell and trainer Masai Takahashi carrying Eduardo Nunez off the field. We are 4 pitches into the game.
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Nunez has to be carried off the field by John Farrell and a trainer. Can't imagine he plays again this season.
If only somebody had warned John Farrell not to overuse Sale during the season...
He's too busy calling for John Farrell's head. Give it time.
Farrell managed that inning like we have 161 more chances, it’s the Postseason John
Leaving Pedro Martinez in got Grady Little fired. Could starting Eduardo Nunez get John Farrell fired? .
John Farrell: Chris Young to replace injured Eduardo Nunez on Red Sox roster.
Red Sox will get more tests on Eduardo Nunez before making roster move. John Farrell: "No regrets" about bringing...
So basically the entire Red Sox starting pitching staff? Or John Farrell, does he count as player
"I am John Farrell and I can never admit when I'm wrong."
bright side...soon John Farrell will be fired
I know John Farrell has made some mistakes, but execution? A little harsh
Watch, they'll win one game and be close in another to save John Farrell's job. .
I honestly think Alexa could manage better than John Farrell.
20 bucks says Stephon Gilmore works out in the offseason with John Farrell
John Farrell is literally the This is Fine dog.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
This team has no power at all which needs to be addressed in off season and I done with the John Farrell ride
Red Sox 2, Astros 8: Chris Sale disappoints and Game One goes poorly for the Sox
John Farrell said Chris Young would replace Eduardo Nunez. No move made yet however. Expects tests to be done.
John Farrell is basically Marvin Lewis at this point. We are stuck with him
Boston Red Sox: Is John Farrell on the hot seat?
John Farrell says no final determination on Nunez but, "Clearly, it isn't good."
When people say John Farrell should be fired, despite the AL East titles, they're thinking of games like this.
Silver Lining. Worst case scenario if Red Sox were to lose next 2 games there’s NO WAY John Farrell will be back in 2018…
Red Sox are done Tim! 2 more games to go with John Farrell! Thank God!
Austin Maddox gets the call over Matt Barnes, Heath Hembree and Brandon Workman because John Farrell became obsesse…
John Farrell is the first Red Sox manager to win 3 AL East titles, as well as the first to win the division in consecutive ye…
Would you say John Farrell is the Harvey Wippleman of MLB managers?
For now. There are rumblings. Both manager John Farrell & manager Joe Girardi…
John Farrell in another interview said he could be like an Andrew Miller and now he says different…
The Fuppets are great but pls add some including David Price, John Farrell, Bill Belichick, and I'm anticipating Kyrie Irving.
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Just when you think it's safe to watch Perry Mason. Twarthed at every turn by John Farrell
Pretty damning that John Farrell doesn't know what's going on with his own team.
📹 John Farrell on NY Times report used an apple watch to steal signals against the Yankees
John Farrell has just listed a Townhouse in Parkside, Coral Springs
John Farrell admitted that Hanley Ramirez, not Chris Young, should've batted in the ninth inning. Young was out... https:/…
I wonder what that moron who burned the Isaiah Thomas jersey thinks about David Price, Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval, and John Farrell... 🐑
Biggest game of the season and John Farrell goes to the scrap heap for the high leverage outs with the game on the line.
Who is the worst manager in the for John Farrell. for Clint Hurdle.
manager John Farrell on We're too far away to even guess a return date for David Price
Addison Reed will immediately vault to the role of primary setup man for the John Farrell said today.
The have absolutely no control over their clubhouse. John Farrell is the new Bobby Valentine.
If I was ever late for work... I'd just do my John Farrell impression... with Pete Abraham playing the role of my…
John Farrell is the worst manager in franchise history not named Bobby Valentine
John Farrell described the events that led to his ejection in the Red Sox's 6-3 loss to the Angels.…
Red Sox manager John Farrell was ejected in the seventh inning against the Angels:
John Farrell and Bill Miller have a little history. Last year in Kansas City, and in 2012 with the Blue Jays. Ejections b…
manager John Farrell and umpire Bill Miller go nose-to-nose for an epic argument. . WATCH: h…
John Farrell officially names Joe Kelly the Red Sox set up man.
John Farrell of Great progress being made in scientific cooperation between the U.S. and Russia h…
Glad to see John Farrell using his bullpen wisely again
When can John Farrell take math Barnes bum *** out of the 8th and put Joe Kelly in that spot.
Chris Sale might actually rip John Farrell's throat out with his bare hand if he tries to come out to the mound and mak…
I'm seeing a LOT of critiques of Farrell. Those of you have it twisted. John Farrell did not sign Pablo Sandoval or trade Travis Shaw.
John Farrell hates Pablo Sandoval so much he has Christian Vazquez playing third base... why is he even on the roster still?
Travis Shaw is still hitting .300 in Milwaukee. In hindsight, John Farrell must have seriously hindered his late development here in Boston.
Andrew Benintendi hit a homerun. As a result, John Farrell will bench him tomorrow.
What's your take on Hanley Ramirez, David Price, and John Farrell? This will be telling.
Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, meets Boston manager John Farrell at Fenway Park. The Tigers lead the Red Sox 3-2 in the sixth i…
Craig Kimbrel is Boston Red Sox's MVP even more than Chris Sale but John Farrell needs to be careful with him
John Farrell: 'No structural damage' for Dustin Pedroia after MRI by
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David Price will start for Red Sox on Monday in Chicago, according to manager John Farrell.
John Farrell actually just brought Craig Kimbrel into a 1-1 game in the 8th to face Eric Thames
Orlando Arcia draws a one-out walk in the 8th. With Eric Thames pinch-hitting, John Farrell goes to closer Craig Kimbrel.
Richard Nixon, The Life by John Farrell. Movie would probably be Nixon (Anthony Hopkins).
John Farrell, Boston Red Sox manager, deserves credit for 2 decisions over weekend (neither is lineup shakeup) -…
Brad Stevens went full John Farrell by not calling timeouts quick enough or using substitutions during that run. Never go full John Farrell.
I wonder if can shed some light on whether or not John Farrell is a blood relative of Grady Little...
Do you mean Jess Mendoza? Jessica Moran is the person John Farrell committed adultery with. Men…
John Farrell, Boston Red Sox manager: 'We've got a number of areas we need to continue to approve upon'
Red Sox manager John Farrell confirmed Sunday that Sandy Leon will now catch only for Rick Porcello and…
Sox manager John Farrell says Matt Barnes is back in the bullpen and ready to take over his 8th inning role.…
I'm starting to realize how impressive the Red Sox 2013 World Series championship was, they won it with John Farrell as their manager...
John Farrell must go. He is almost as aggravating as Roger Goodell. It is time that the Red Sox bring in a Manager who understands Baseball.
Wright opposes former Sox hurler Lackey. Red Sox manager John Farrell still remembers the roar of the crowd when J…
Pedroia bats 6th for first time in career. Red Sox manager John Farrell took action regarding his slumping offense…
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manager John Farrell was full of praise for Masahiro Tanaka's stellar no-run outing.
Sad, truth: I'd rather listen to lecture on Renaissance Italy for hours than John Farrell about disabled list for 30 seconds
John Farrell is taking a page from the Buck Showalter binder. 4 pitchers to throw to 3 batters.
John Farrell needs to be fired. We all know how horrible he is, but *** Let Chris Sale stay in the game. Kimbrel been used a lot latley
It was such a commonsense decision to fire John Farrell and keep Torey Lovullo, but nope Red Sox botched that just like they did with Lester
From "He'll be back," John Farrell on reliever Ben Taylor, optioned to make room for Robbie Ross Jr.
Exactly 8 months ago today. Happy anniversary, John Farrell! And welcome back, Steven Wright!
"Richard Nixon" by John Farrell is available at Dodge City Public Library.
His battle with cancer hopefully behind him, John Farrell is ready to take on another baseball season.
Buckley: Who’s on first? Well, Red Sox manager John Farrell hopes it will be Hanley Ramirez
John Farrell: Hanley Ramirez 'ideally' would debut at 1B in first week of season for Red Sox via
Caught up with Irishmen Ged McNamara and John Farrell, who are part of the backroom staff with Georgia.
pantomine was used in video HAPPY by Pharrel Williams who at the time was John Farrell aka Mitt Romney and son of oldest John Legend singer
hi John, got some good contacts in the voluntary sector who could be a fantastic asset for the poor families, if I DM them 1/2
PR and marketing agency Elliotts has a new chairman - John Farrell has replaced Steve Wilkins.
"Music is a journey. Jazz is getting lost." -John O'Farrell
John Conors, who has new series starting on RTÉ tonight, has confirmed that he will address Saturday's confe…
“Like” this essay (cf. John Lewis) —on a president-to-be with no sense of history Thank you…
Here's where Dave Dombrowski & John Farrell both rate in the eyes of Red Sox fans based on recent data I gathered.
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"As Trump Heads to White House, Lack of Actual Policy Threatens U.S. Energy Future" by on
Hi Cllr John, Anna here - are you free to have a quick chat with us (over the phone) this afternoon?
A little Matt Farrell wizardry in GIF form to start your Sunday:
They really went all out on ! Bob O'Reilly, Terry Farrell, John De Lancie... Man, wish I was there!
You can buy tickets here to see Red Sox manager John Farrell
Or: buy book on the marches (now the BEST SELLING book and read it on Friday.
Kieran Farrell - "Anything to do with me and Belfast all stems from John Breen"
peoples stories from Photographer Michael Croghan via
John Farrell provides health updates on three Red Sox...
ICE WATER. 🏀with another CLUTCH play in crunch time - this one from Matt Farrell. ND 76 | VT 71. FINAL. https…
stopped by for a quick bite to eat. Pictured here with our General Manager John O'Farrell & C…
Podcast: John Farrell talks about the Red Sox, on and Willie Harris' new as a manager
jeez he sounds like John Farrell making excuses for David Price. I'm going to throw up in my mouth. Fire Claude please!!
Full Count » Dave Dombrowski, John Farrell reveal how Chris Sale deal was done via
Red Sox manager John Farrell likened Andrew Benintendi to Fred Lynn on Possible piece in Sale talks with them.
John Farrell just called Andrew Benintendi "the natural" and compared him to Fred Lynn on MLB Network. No pressure kid.
Switched Cousins from my lineup last minute and dropped him. I'm the John Farrell of fantasy managers.
Bisexual john constantine played by colin farrell rise
Im sorry but colin farrell is the only person allowed to play john constantine
John Farrell's cancer, hopefully it comes back
Farrell grad named new Director of Communications for
It was 85 I was Young, experienced. My older BROTHER Jimmy John Farrell Jr and his friends taught me early
that you fired John Farrell... oh wait a minute...
Sources tell me Red Sox will lose to the Indians now due to Craig Kimbrel. John Farrell I hope your cancer comes back
We are thrilled that Maggie O'Farrell and John Guy are among these fantastic shortlisted authors! ✨✨✨ featured in NBC s Science of Love
For comfort: Midnight Folk by John Masefield I love to return to. Polly of Primrose Hill by Kathleen O' Farrell too (lots more!)
Something Rotten! is a musical comedy with a book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and music and lyrics by K…
If Colin Farrell isn't cast as DCEU John Constantine in Dark Universe, don't bother making it WB/DC Films.
John O'Farrell is now on air with some great music/memories of so join in: /CH1 inside
Watch Talladega Nights discussion of Jesus with Will Farrell and John C. Reilly. Just like a more intelligent…
Farrell's character in In Bruges combined with Graves is basically John Constantine. A+ recommendation!
88 pages into John O'Farrell's The Best a Man Can Get & I'm almost persuaded that having kids is the worst thing that can happen to a person
Italy’s heading for its own Brexit moment, says Nicholas Farrell
BREAKING: It is reported that Red Sox skipper John Farrell has been hospitalized and is unconscious due to a car crash. Stay tuned.
This has been such a well-managed World Series that it's almost hilariously depressing to imagine John Farrell doing an…
oh and that 1995 roster had John Farrell, Bud Black, Eddie Murray and Dave Winfield
I hope John Farrell texted Joe Kelly today and said "keep an eye on Andrew Miller, that will be you next year."
Mike Hazen runs off to the Dbacks & John Farrell sitting on his *** at home after blowing 400 mil while Theo and francona go to the WS
masslive​.com >> John Farrell's future as Boston Red Sox manager still somewhat unclear; could he be Dave
COLUMN: Why Red Sox are misreading situation by not picking up John Farrell's option
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Joe Madden and Bruce Bochy are actual managers. John Farrell would've probably kept Javier Lopez in
John Farrell will manage Red Sox in 2017, despite ALDS sweep via
Red Sox manager John Farrell said Tuesday that Joe Kelly has "found his role late in games."
According to John Farrell, Joe Kelly will remain in the bullpen and Drew Pomeranz will return to the rotation next season
Dave Dombrowski says that John Farrell will be the Red Sox manager for 2017
John Farrell cost the Red Sox the season. If they were smart, they'd fire him immediately
Don’t blame John Farrell, but this still needs to be the end
On his way out, David Ortiz endorses John Farrell as manager -
Good morning everyone, except John Farrell and David Price
David Ortiz's career will be cut short by John Farrell. If that's not a fireable offense, there's no such thing as a fireabl…
Was behind John Farrell in line at Trader Joe's one time and he bought cheap wine. Going to need to save those pennies now.
John Farrell sticking to what got his team to the playoffs: holt in the 2 hole; Pomeranz in middle relief and Joe K…
No games lost by horrible in-game manager John Farrell caused them not to have home field advantage.
Boston Red Sox's Craig Kimbrel not exuding confidence but John Farrell is sticking with him as his closer
Boston Red Sox's John Farrell explains not having Brock Holt bunt in the eighth inning
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John Farrell is an absolute savage 💀😂
John Farrell said David Ortiz would get at least two at-bats tonight at Yankee Stadium. He's batting cleanup vs. CC Sabathia.
John Farrell explains why he left David Price in for seventh inning
Thanks to Stephen Barret who presented plaque on behalf of John Farrell. John represented Ireland in Homeless World Cup and made plaque
"Junichi Tazawa still pitching in critical games in a September pennant run." . John Farrell everybody.
Thanks to Mike Felger for criticizing John Farrell's decision to use Steve Wright as pinch runner.
John Farrell says that Clay Buchholz is the new set up guy for Kimbrel.
Red Sox send Wright to DL with shoulder injury. (via )thanks John Farrell another great move
Pablo Sandoval has lost 15 pounds, according to John Farrell.
That is John Farrell who said Pablo Sandoval has lost 15 pounds. I have not weighed him myself.
Pablo Sandoval has dropped 15 pounds and is "working hard" in Fort Myers, according to John Farrell.
Number 1 should have been John Farrell needs to go.
John Farrell better not mess with me saying that Ortiz is playing first base tomorrow
John Farrell, David Ortiz have decided that the risk is worth the reward for one game against Ross Stripling. More:
John Farrell is literally the only person that doesn't think Ortiz playing 1B will result in disaster
John Farrell, who said earlier this year that he planned to never play Ortiz at 1B, has said that he'll play 1B tomorrow
John Farrell says David Ortiz will play first tomorrow.
John Farrell's relationship with Robbie Ross jr. reminds me of me and my second wife
John Farrell said Ortiz won't even play ONE game in LA. Read between the lines. Ortiz slumping lately and this= he's hurting big time.
John Farrell won't close the door on David Ortiz playing first base.
David Ortiz at 1B vs. Dodgers? Boston Red Sox's John Farrell will discuss it with the DH with Hanley Ramirez sore
John Farrell wishes. Tom Brady a Happy Birthday. by dropping his buddy David Ortiz in the standings...AGAIN.
Dugout meeting between John Farrell and Dave Dombrowski and some other Boston suits has gone 20+ minutes now
Dave Dombrowski and Mike Hazen having a meeting with John Farrell at the end of the dugout. Could mean nothing
Dave Dombrowski, Mike Hazen and John Farrell now meeting in Anaheim.
John Farrell explains decision to stick with reliever Robbie Ross in seventh inning vs. Tigers
csnne​.com/ >> John Farrell: It's been rocky but Red Sox trying to gain consistency
John Farrell said Andrew Benintendi's move to LF in Portland is to get him ready for eventual spot with Red Sox, but tim…
To fire John Farrell? To DFA Clay Buccholz? To do something because the are sucking right now!
Might be the end of the line for John Farrell.and Clay Buccholz
domain names
Clay Buccholz and the Red Sox cost John Farrell his job tonight. Sad to see
Can we fire John Farrell now, and cut Clay Buccholz please!?!?!?!
"Strong possibility," according to John Farrell, that Hanley Ramirez plays tonight, but want him to test sore right side in BP.
John Farrell: Boston Red Sox's Steven Wright told to stick with ...
John Farrell spoke highly of Aaron Wilkerson but said no plan to call him up right now. Hanley Ramirez is a game time decision but doubtful
If the fire John Farrell, can we get Jess Moran back on my TV every night?
1B Hanley Ramirez left Wednesday's game after three at-bats with what manager John Farrell said was a strain to his right side
I would rather Jessica Moran manage the Red Sox than John Farrell.
Ever since John Farrell landed Jess Moran, I find it hard to criticize him about anything.
The real question is who's stock is lower John Farrell or Johnny Manziel 👀
[CBSBoston]John Farrell decided to leave Noe Ramirez in the game, and the reliever promptly s…
John Farrell explains decisions made in Red Sox’ extra innings loss to White Sox
John Farrell just said Clay Buchholz will be re-inserted back into the rotation and will start Wednesday
If finishing in last place again will get rid of John Farrell as our manager, then let's complete the hat trick!
John Farrell "6-0 is not a problem. We will keep working with our young pitchers to correct this"
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John Farrell says Eduardo Rodriguez will return to last year's mechanics after changing his delivery to compensate for knee.
John Farrell getting out managed by Buck. why you put Rusney Castillo in to PH??? smh
John Farrell calls Vazquez back, Marco Hernandez will hit.
John Farrell showing that he is a terrible manager pinch hitting Marco Hernandez for Vasquez. Especially when he is the future catcher.
John Farrell says don't rule out Elias as a candidate to get the start when they go back to five-man rotation on June 18.
"We've got to do some things differently as far as our attack plan from the mound.". -- John Farrell on pitching
only the umpire and John Farrell seemed to think it was intentional. How does no one know Wright has no command?
If you'd rather have John Farrell than Buck Showalter as a field manager that's on you.
Maybe because John Farrell is a terrible in-game manager? winning this year in spite of him, like in 2013.
[Abruzzo Tv News]Red Sox manager John Farrell had called upon his closer earlier than usual i…
WE now know John Farrell is a he can't be a good Manager too
Sometimes, I legitimately think I could be a better in game manager than John Farrell.
So, now that I've calmed down a little bit... John Farrell is NOT a strategic manager. He either needs a handler, or needs to be replaced. 😡
John Farrell is bad in-game manager, you're gonna lose close games.
John Farrell is an awful manager. He'll be the only reason the Red Sox miss the playoffs if it happens
John Farrell is the worst manager to win a World Series
Can't wait until the Red Sox get knocked out of contention solely based on a John Farrell decision. Terrible manager
John Farrell is the worst manager in MLB
John Farrell is just an unspeakably bad in-game manager and it's likely to lead to a loss today
John Farrell is a terrible manager, everyone knows Tazawa can't pitch against Toronto
Why does John Farrell have no faith in Robbie Ross he is much more valuable then Tommy Layne
Clay Buchholz has moved to the bullpen, manager John Farrell told reporters. Eduardo Rodriguez will take his spot in the rotation.
AUDIO: Tim Neverett talks with John Farrell on Clay Buchholz move to the bullpen
John Farrell has to go. He has cost this team games with his terrible decision's. Lovullo should be the manager
Red Sox manager John Farrell said there's no decision on whether Clay Buchholz will make his next start.
John Farrell just isn't a good manager, doesn't make the right decisions
John Farrell killed Jackie Bradley's hitting streak by batting him lead off. Don't mess with a streak. He's an awful manager
Way to go John Farrell. What an *** hitting JBJr lead-off in the middle of big streak. Way to respect the streak. You're a manager?
John Farrell moves JbJ in the lineup and his hitting streak ends. Wow. Again this manager finds ways to screw the team.
RIP to Bradley's streak and any faith I had in John Farrell as a manager
John Farrell is great at ruining hitting streaks. First he got Molitor as a pitcher, now he's gonna get JBJ as a manager.
monmouth beach, home to Red Sox manager John Farrell
Has manager John Farrell jinxed JBJ by batting him leadoff tonight?
Red Sox manager John Farrell on the "new " Red Sox.."Young,athletic and durable."
John Farrell is so useless as an in-game manager. Why leave Wright in???
Red Sox manager John Farrell said that Brock Holt (concussion) will begin his rehab work with "genera...
Great morning with manager John Farrell and CEO John Fish.
manager John Farrell shares the impt of being part of something bigger than himself 2 make case 4 mentoring
I'd rather have this manager than John Farrell...
I'm with John Farrell as the Redsox manager
Why is John Farrell still the manager of this team?
I agree with you. John Farrell is the early leader for AL manager of the year. your thoughts???
John Farrell is back to (.500) as a manager in his career with the win today (427-427)
Joe Kelly: Would Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell have removed Kelly with a no-hitter intact?: Boston Red ...
[HQ Comox Valley]He managed to get a couple outs in the seventh before John Farrell elected t…
Comment on Former priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for at least 18 years over child sexual…
HOUFarrell talks about 7-6 loss vs. Astros. John Farrell talks about the rainy conditions playing a …
John Farrell lost the game tonight. Not sure why he brought in Matt Barnes and not Carson Smith...oh well
can I please get john farrell out of my team, kind regards
More proof Farrell can't manage. Hey John, not every game is going to be a 10 run blowout
I'd like to cast John Farrell in a Western (at least write for him) He's got a look like The Duke. Can he act?.
Total John Farrell move. It's not our night.
bc John Farrell is aloud to make decisions
Kudos to John Farrell for singlehandedly ending the Red Sox winning streak
John Farrell is awful at managing close games.
John Farrell continues to struggle with in game management calls. Steven Wright stays in too long allowing 6 of 7 batters to reach.
Old John Farrell showed back up.Sitting on his fat *** instead of going and getting his pitcher who clearly lost his feel for his only pitch
Just cuz you have a rotation doesn't mean it's set in stone. You can't throw a knuckleballer in the rain John Farrell!
John Farrell gets the bullpen going
Having a little fun with Colin Farrell & John C. Reilly! is in theaters this weekend!
think of how awesome it’s gonna be when John Farrell becomes the first Red Sox manager to go World Series-last place-last place-World Series
Red Sox...51 runs scored in 4 games.Manager John Farrell.."Relentless."
A big thank you to the for the signed John Farrell ball! Who will be the lucky winner?
Ex-Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for 29 years for child sex assaults. Read more:...
is excited to see who the lucky winner of the John Farrell signed ball is! Donated by
manager John Farrell says he's having fun watching this team's offense. Testament to lineup top to bottom.
And yet John Farrell still isn't suspended.
Blake Swihart is latest Red Sox prospect at mercy of John Farrell’s impatience
'The Lobster' will make you question everything you know about relationships:
SATURDAY: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, and John C. Reilly star in surreal, absurd romance THE LOBSTER at 3:45.
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