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John Elway

John Albert Elway, Jr. (born June 28, 1960) is a former American football quarterback and currently is the executive vice president of football operations for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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When O J Simpson was flying through airports and John Elway was a slow white Bronco.
"I just got a call from John Elway!" Zach Kerr explaining his FA recruitment. In case you didn't know what John Elway b…
I guess Bob is right, the Broncos must sow the holes on their defense and John Elway must find ways to repair it.
Peyton Manning & John Elway mixed with some Phil Simms hair 😂
GM John Elway will have more than $42 million in available salary cap space this offseason:
John Elway and Doug Peterson out here at the setting trends.
On one hand, there's John Elway, Jim Kelly, and Tom Brady. On the other, there's Trent Dilfer.
. Tom Osborne, Bo Schembechler, John Elway.. There are a ton of players and coaches turned administrative roles.
John Elway is a genius he's paying Demaryius Thomas & Emmanuel Sanders about the same much Antonio Brown will make & I rather have 2
this would make John Elway, Ed McCaffrey and the rest of the donkey nation go crazy. Lol. DO IT!! DO IT!!
[Mile High Sports] - A collector of compensatory picks, John Elway may be on the right path
you can go as far back as Ernie Davis, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Clark, Bo Jackson, John Elway and Phillip Rivers
"He has Montana's touch. He has Marino's arm. He has John Elway's legs." — on Aaron Rodgers
A couple years back, John Lynch sat in John Elway's offseason draft meetings. Lynch must have enjoyed the experience.
49ers were looking to do what Denver did w John Elway and had Lynch meet w Kyle Shanahan this week. (cont)
19 years ago today, John Elway, Terrell Davis and the Broncos defeated the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. Davis: 157 yards…
John Elway and Dan Marino enjoying practice for the North Team here at the coached by the th…
John Elway was watching "running back" at today's South team Senior Bowl practice.
Cab driver talking about John Elway has no idea Elway is in his backseat:
Cab driver shocked his fave QB is in back seat
Cab driver discovers he is driving John Elway after calling him the greatest QB of all time ht…
This is great. cab driver praises John Elway, then learns he's driving him via
'Cab driver claims John Elway is the best QB of all-time, has no idea Elway is in the car' -
John Elway just sat quietly in the backseat while his cab driver called him the best QB ever.
Such a great, honest reaction! Cab driver says is greatest QB of all-time, later realizes he's in his cab https…
Tony Romo & John Elway Take Photo Together in DC, But Chances He Goes to Broncos are Slim v…
VIDEO: Pittsburgh cab driver ranks John Elway as the best QB ever without knowing he's in the back seat. 😆
The encounter happened Friday while Elway was in the capital for Trump's inauguration
That moment you realize John Elway is riding in the backseat of your cab
."Cyber insurance is only part of the overall security equation" writing for
Tony Romo with John Elway at House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's victory party (photo from
Tony Romo hanging out with GM John Elway adds fuel to trade rumors.
Cab driver praises John Elway; fails to notice he's his passenger! .
Cab driver praises John Elway before realizing he was actually riding in his cab!. >
Cab driver praises legend John Elway then leans he's driving him:
This is a GREAT video... Cab driver says John Elway is best QB of all time, didn't know he was IN the cab!
Cab driver praises John Elway as greatest QB ever, then realizes he’s in the car.
The part when the cab driver realizes it's John Elway is genuine & sweet. The rest of the video is just rich people actin…
A cab driver raves how John Elway is the No. 1 QB of all time and is shocked when he learns he is in the back seat. https…
rob lytle did not play w John Elway.
No, but I'd lump them together. Put them with guys like Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young, etc. Not Brady, Peyton, or Montana
Jan. 19, 1987: John Elway got the glory for The Drive, but Rich Karlis got the SI cover for kicking Denver into…
Jon Voight, John Elway and Paige Green are seen together at Trump's donor dinner on Wednesday!
"Aaron Rodgers is happy to have Aaron Rodgers in the game"-Troy Aikman. Well said, Troy. -John Elway
QB Brock Osweiler postgame: "This was for haters like John Elway who said I couldn't do it. I hope he enjoyed the…
How did Brock Osweiler come this far? He grew tall and then became best friends and roommates w/ John Elway's son at Ari…
Or how Cowboys would've successfully traded up for Paxton Lynch had Osweiler taken John Elway's money.
...similar to John Elway in Denver. That would be interesting.
Jim Saccomano examines if John Elway can find a coach as competitive as - Yardbarker
John Elway rules out assistants for head-coaching job; Wade Phillips talks about his future . The exit of Gary Kubi…
.says John Elway should call Jerry Jones about Tony Romo, but doesn't want to trade QB:…
Our to meet John Elway and/or Peyton Manning, and get their autographs
Take a page from a quality person like John Elway or Peyton Manning - You deserve all the failures you have
how is Eli Manning the most overrated QB of all time when Troy Aikman, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath exist?
I wish Coach Kubiak and GM John Elway could sign my ball that has two other Bronco signatures. Dream big,Wish BIG!!
why not John Elway did it and so did Eli Manning
after watching the Broncos game, I would believe John Elway might take a chance on Romo. He's done it before with Payton Manning
Peyton Manning and Shannon Sharpe are a part of the horse face club. John Elway is president.
I'm no Manning fan... But it's obvious from the results that the Broncos miss Peyton Manning like they missed John Elway.
John Elway is a genius man. Top GM in the league by far behind John Schneider
those 2 with John Elway, Reggie White & Prime are the most talented players I've seen.
It’s time for John Elway to take some blame for the struggles. The Way We See It:
I wouldn't say that to Ken Anderson, Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, & John Elway. I'm not a fan of any of them.
THE COLLEGE/ATHLETE($200): John Elway, Kerri Strug & Tiger Woods had fun out west on the Farm
Ben Roethlisberger is five touchdown passes from tying John Elway for the 9th-most in NFL history (300). https:/…
I guess John Elway and I are the only TWO people alive that truly believe that Trevor Siemian is a serviceable NFL QB.
John Elway locking up key pieces slowly but surely. Smart man 🤘🙌
"I'd like to start by thanking John Elway" - John Elway.
Kurt Warner definitely made a jive turkey of himself with that Tony Romo take. John Elway says publicly he wants nothing to do with Romo...
Does Brent Mussberger pick one player to go all fanboi on every telecast? Patterson is now the second coming of John Elway.
John Elway has mismanged the QB's. Read more
BREAKING: John Elway has left the box suites & is headed to the locker room. He'll take over the Broncos QB duties in…
Floyd needs to stay retired. John Elway finished on top and so did Manning, Floyd beat Andre Berto, it possibly can't get better than that!
Or an NFL Game with Joe Montana and John Elway in the same Stadium at the same time watching some young Quarterbacks.
We're not talking about John Elway. We're talking about costly mistakes.
John Elway threw alot of Almost INTs..remember? No you probably don' one does
Good one! John Elway lost twice as many Super Bowls than he won. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly lost them all. Trent Diff…
The last three QBs Eli Manning has passed in alltime TD passes:. Johnny Unitas. Warren Moon. John Elway. C U in Canton
Brett Favre, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway the two most overrated QBs of all time
Somewhere in Denver, John Elway is laughing his *** off.
Brian Bosworth is in a Kia commercial and John Elway runs the world champion Denver Broncos.
John Elway's got company. Eli Manning ties the Denver Broncos legend with his 30... -
Eli Manning matches John Elway with his 300th career touchdown pass, tied for 7th all-time
Do the Houston Texans understand yet how badly they overpaid for Brock Osweiler? If not, does this John Elway photo…
Watch this. Want to compare Lamar Jackson to someone? Think Deion Sanders playing QB w/John Elway or Matt Stafford's arm…
John Elway, Robert Kraft wouldn't stand for a loss like this, and heads would be rolling by today. Wish Spanos would step aside
John Elway on Brock Osweiler. (Via Dave Logan and Susie Wargin of KOA radio)
Tracy Wolfson just asked you know who is smiling right now? I do, John Elway!
Only the Colts could make it seem like Trevor Siemian & CJ Anderson are actually John Elway and Terrell Davis
I still haven't gotten over the fact that you think John Elway was a better QB than Peyton Manning.
LOOK: John Elway, Peyton Manning pose for epic photo
For one night, at least, John Elway's big bet on Trevor Siemian paid off by
John Elway, drafted by Indianapolis, refuses to play there, goes to Football HOF -- Eric Lindros, same situ, finally got HOF, ppl complained
John Elway's reported message to Trevor Siemian is pretty eye-opening | FOX Sports
Subscribe to new podcast on iTunes for conversations with John Elway, Bruce Arians and more:
Brett Favre, John Elway, Jay Cutler. They would've believed they could stick that ball in there. Cozart should not have. Obviously.
Jesse Palmer just compared that run to John Elway in the Super Bowl. You know, except for that whole holding onto the…
Again: I am not against Trevor Siemian anymore than I was against Steve Deberg when DEN traded for John Elway.
Congrats to John Elway for being added to NFL Competition Committee -well deserved and great addition.
...all this "he's behind the other 2 guys.." stuff.. As if John Elway wasnt behind Steve Deberg knowing Reeves O🙄🙄
Steve Deberg replaced by Joe Montana twice in SF and KC, then also replaced by John Elway
what about Ben Rothlesburger, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Payton Manning, Dan Marino and John Elway didnt they start as rookies?
TIL that the Kansas City Royals drafted both Dan Marino and John Elway in the 1979 MLB June Amateur Draft.
Gary Kubiak, Mike Shanahan, and John Elway at Broncos practice in 1995
"Media types" made Bill Belichick, John Elway and Chip Kelly decide who plays for them. Sounds reasonable 😬
What did John Elway say in 2012 that Jerry Reese repackaged here in training camp in 2016?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Has to be John Elway saying this one is for Pat Bowlen. I know must have had chills hearing that like I did.
Even if the Broncos had John Elway in his prime/ Andy Dalton and the Bengals are going to tear you all up!
Remember the face John Elway would make when Tim Tebow led comeback wins for Denver? That's Paul Ryan when he supports the Trump ticket.
It would really help my new Youtube channel if I won John Elway or Joey Porter
Just spent 950K in packs trying to pull Joey Porter or John Elway... Didn't get anything really. Did 7 large quick sells and got 65K.
Johnny Manziel scored better on his Wonderlic test (32) than John Elway (29), Peyton Manning (28), Drew Brees (28) & Brett Favre (22).
Russell Okung, John Elway and Mac Freeman at the Global Sport Innovation Competition at Sports Authority Field.
Tonight, somewhere, Marty Schottenheimer will finally get a full night's sleep without nightmares of John Elway.
If a Von Miller deal doesn’t get done, the blame will fall on John Elway
Kurt Warner had 90 more passing TDs in his career than John Elway if you count his arena league stats
Post Fletcher Cox deal, John Elway's refusal to give Von Miller more guaranteed money be like:
lol do you accept John Elway? Im absolutely certain he's votin Trump too mane. 100% certain
Truth to the city of Denver, the Broncos, Tom Jackson and John Elway
John Elway has been the welcome to Denver speech as well in the past and lots of other famous denver sports players.
HOFer Mike Haynes on Josh Norman, his advice to John Elway: HOFer Mike Haynes was a dominant corner for the P...
John Elway said he's gone back and forth w/ the agents of LB Brandon Marshall and Emmanuel Sanders.
Yall remember when Sage Rosenfels tried jumping over 3 Colts 4 yds away from the 1st & did a John Elway-like helicopter spin & fumbled? LMAO
John Elway explains why he wanted to be Broncos general manger
John Elway replaced him with Jared Crick, who had 48 tackles and two sacks last yearwith a two-year contract worth $4 million.
1979 Draft: Kansas City Royals select Dan Marino in the 4th round, then select John Elway in the 18th round.
Brock Osweiler says he was not concerned about playing in John Elway and Peyton Manning's shadow.
Flags will fly at half mast tomorrow at the Denver Broncos facility, as they honor John Elway's family members lost at The Preakness today.
reinforced my hatred for John Elway, Michael Jordan, Art Modell, Miami, and the Golden State Warriors. Screw all of you.
life is bigger than just football. but you at your mama's house with John Elway hanging up on your room
Condon, LoL! Does this *** think he's going to fool John Elway? Bradford's been robbing the NFL for years... Bye Felicia
A guy as great as Brett Favre has been for the length of time he's been, yo...
1984 Topps John Elway Rookie Psa 10 Gem Mint . - Bid on this now >
John elway knows what braford is worth lol 🚮
The Colts never should have traded John Elway.
because he left the media darling John Elway?
NFL lot of 220 cards all John Elway, all VG condition
I have a signed photo from Greg Townsend sacking John Elway. . (I rock! \m/)
John Elway is now 1,242 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
Explain why Peyton all things considered isn't as good as John Elway??
follow back my man. I'm In Your corner, but you gotta go after "Thank You To John Elway" and "Shawn"
I would have loved to have played for Joe Gibbs. Look at his record of winn...
Looks like a cross between Peyton Manning and John Elway
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1990's John Elway Football Cards
you forgot John Elway ownership stake in the Broncos and the ABA television deal.
Rome, John Elway would like to thank John Elway for making Willie famous. Lift - the - ban.
John Elway said he was prepared to draft at pick 31 in the 1st round if Paxton Lynch wasn't on the board, he go…
John Elway traded up in the first round for Paxton Lynch. Jets had a 3rd/4th-round grade on him. Time will tell which team…
Dallas almost traded up to get Paxton Lynch, who went to Denver. In 1983, Dallas tried to trade for John Elway, who no…
Seven takeaways from John Elway and Gary Kubiak: Mark Sanchez, Sylvester Williams, rookies, and more
John Elway is definitely the Jerry west of football.
. It turned out that John Elway outlasted Jerry Jones & Trent Baalke in the recent draft... Lebanese DNA.
Ikr Jerry basically said we settled for Dak lol JJ get us a Super Bowl win like John Elway did last year!
Apparently Jerry Jones is having John Elway-induced nightmares over Paxton Lynch. 󾌴 󾌴
Broncos executive vice president of football operations/General Manager John Elway said following the draft the...
My predraft story on how important the draft's 3rd day is & how John Elway has shined here:. https…
sorry man, John Elway killed my hope in 86 and 87.
John Elway told 9news this ends Broncos pursuit of Colin Kaepernick
Today's fun fact: John Elway was drafted today No. 1 overall in 1983 by the Baltimore Colts.
tbh I think John Elway would do a better job being an AD for the UofM
look at who runs the team I would trust John Elway with my life
Remember when John Elway skipped practice because the Broncos drafted Tommy Maddox? Oh wait.
How well has John Elway drafted in his first five years? - Mile High Report via
Of the 38 draft picks as GM John Elway has none from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Why?
[SB Nation: Mile High Report] What did John Elway really mean at Thursday's pre-draft press conference?
GM John Elway: "QB Trevor Siemian is going to compete, too" by
John Elway tells reporters in Denver that offensive line is where there is plenty of depth in this year's NFL draft.
Also, John Elway is a loudmouth putz & a bully & isn't fit to hold John Schneider's jock; the other shoe will drop in Denver, mark my words
Brandon Phillips. Most House cats. Jose Mesa. John Elway. Officious stadium ushers. Anyone who does door-to-door anything
Some in the league look at the Broncos' quarterback situation and wonder what is John Elway doing.
My favorite point in this: "Urban Meyer Is A Jerk". So very true. So is John Elway, IMO.
This would be a fire-able offense by John Elway. Horrible "idea.". That said, they should totally do it.
anything to avoid checking off just like John Elway
2015 JOHN ELWAY fire repersenting the Denver Broncos
When I retired, I really wanted to spend time with my family and kids. Coac...
You guys! I'm getting that John Elway football helmet for Christmas!
- Just hoping John does not have to spend the next 5 years looking for a young John Elway
Once upon a time the Redskins wanted to trade for John Elway. Luckily for the Broncos, they didn't
Sporting News - - Doubt John Elway and Broncos GM will keep proving you wrong]]>
The Browns are one player away? Unless John Elway Jr's available, ain't NONE of them locks
John Elway gets another top General Manager ranking from USA Today
Update your maps at Navteq
i agree i'd just take Dak Prescott in round 3 and let john elway develop him
'83 John Elway looks like a total bag. Like - he hangs out with the rich kid bad guys from 80s movies.
I'm thankful every day that John Elway is the GM, and that he brought Kubiak and Phillips back to Denver.
John Elway, starting QB for . Former GM talks about the trade that never was
John Elway eyes prime-time matchups, late division run for 2016 schedule
John Elway led the a Yankees single a team in all offensive stats during summer of 83'. He was also drafted 6 spot before Tony Gywnn.
John Elway is a legend in Kansas City. Won more games in Arrowhead than the Chiefs did during his career.
John Elway has released a memo to the entire Broncos staff regarding their situation at QB:
John Elway lifting his first of hopefully many Lombardi trophies as GM of the
Why has John Elway treated guys who play his old position so poorly? puts the Broncos’ GM on blast:
it look like John Elway in the press box looking like sour grapes brah!
REPORT: Colin Kaepernick and John Elway met in person last week | Mile High Sports
Joe Ellis saw John Elway's vision come to life in Gary Kubiak's message
You get the feeling John Elway has them right where he wants them:
let's talk about our options at 21. My ideal scenario is if Paxton Lynch is there and we receive a call from Mr. John Elway...
YALL. If Rex Ryan and John Elway had a love child, it would come out looking like Alan Pardew
Michael Jordan, Russell Wilson, John Elway, and Kurt Russell are just some of the names you'll find in OOTP 17
Brian Griese took over from John Elway; Jake Plummer joined them in '03.
*** we went from Peyton Manning to Mark Sanchez . I still got faith in John Elway to get us Kaepernick or RG3
John Elway calls in the none other Uncle Rico as qb from Napoleon Dynamite fame baby
Skip Bayless just told John Elway to get on a knee and beg Payton Manning to come back to Denver and Stephen A. Smith ripped him a new one 😂
bruh, John Elway is not gunna beg Manning to play another year. not happening.
Sanchez: Thank you to the Bowlen family, Mr. Ellis and John Elway. I'm thrilled to be a Bronco.
Tom Brady, John Elway, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre have combined for 8 Super Bowl losses, a game that Blake Bortles i…
John Elway is gonna have to give Peyton Manning a call here soon that's gonna be interesting
"Well there's that time he... and then when he...umm..." - John Elway on what impressed him about Mark Sanchez. https:/…
The history of great broncos QB. John Elway. Peyton Manning
"Everything that he has acquired from being around John Elway and Peyton Manning, it’s time for him to put it to use."
John Elway's phone was blowing up after trading for Mark Sanchez. 󾌴 󾌴 󾌴. (via NOTSportsCenter)
Broncos GM John Elway's phone has been blowing up since trading for Mark Sanchez:
for John Elway next trick should be sign Tim Tebow and trade for Geno Smith
Not everyone is. I'm not - in John Elway we trust - but I'll admit it feels *weird* to not have a Plan A at QB. https:/…
"We've gone back and given John Elway a D grade for Super Bowl XXXIII, and have given Chris Chandler SB MVP." -PFF
I plan on being the Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer, Babe Ruth, John Elway, Jimmy Hendrix, Beowulf, and George Washington of Jesuit
ICYMI: says the Broncos & John Elway blew it by letting Brock Osweiler slip away to the Houston Texans
Breaking News: Bobby Boucher is in contract talks with John Elway to replace the great Danny Travathen
yes John Elway is my fave besides Payton. I do think Elway is the greatest QB imo
John Elway you chose Von Miller over your grooming replacement for Peyton Manning. .Let's see if you can make the playoffs now
Today was great for 3 reasons: . 1-The Texans made an effort to land a potential franchise QB. 2-Lamar Miller is filthy. 3-I hate John Elway
Von Miller sitting back looking at these contracts smiling. John Elway has to get that Brinks truck ready. Has to get at …
John Elway is calling Payton right now begging for him to come back.
Payton Manning's retirement has overshadowed the job John Elway has done running and leading the
this is not only a tribute to Payton but John Elway as well. We are indeed the luckiest fans in the NFL.
Don't we all love Payton and John Elway!
I can't believe Payton really retired. lol Well, I'm sure John Elway will pick another legend!
John Elway, Gary Kubiak reflect on Peyton Manning's career: Broncos General Manager and head coach speak about...
John Elway still rocking the party voice a month later, respect
"Peyton Manning revolutionized the game" - John Elway
"On behalf of all our fans, thank you." - John Elway to Peyton Manning
"Peyton Manning utilized every asset God gave him to be the best football player he can be." - John Elway https…
John Elway: When we signed Peyton, that made my job easy
if you could only have one of Jerry Rice or John Elway off'd by Paulie Walnuts, who ya got?
John Elway sounds like he came off a month-long Super Bowl bender. . Most likely because he just came off a month-long Super Bowl bender.
It was nice of John Elway to take a break from his post Super Bowl bender to show up for Peyton's retirement press conference.
John Elway isn't even greater than Lord Favre. Save your objections, peasants.
Broncos EVP/GM John Elway: "Peyton was everything that we thought he was and even more."
John Elway praises Peyton Manning as No. 18 calls it a career.
MORE: Manning called John Elway, Joe Ellis and Gary Kubiak on Saturday night.
John Elway's job just got even TOUGHER.
John Elway and Ronnie Lott named Players of the Century
Order Miche Bag Online!
IDK but somehow Edgar Renteria, Steph Curry, Rashard Lewis, and John Elway are involved.
notebook: Ex-Gamecock Brandon Shell's big influence, John Elway's big hands & lil Gronk on big brother.
After meeting with Peyton this week, John Elway says Manning hasn't decided on retirement.
John Elway, General Manager...that has a nice ring ring to it!
Denver Broncos legend... John Elway signed and custom framed jersey . Let us frame for…
John Elway has his eye on a couple of QBs in the upcoming Story:
John Elway has established himself as an amazing executive, and pushing Peyton out would be best for the Broncos, but that's cold hearted af
TJ Ward just said on John Elway told him "Just come to Denver & do what ur doing in Cleveland. Nothing more. Nothi…
Congrats to Broncos EVP of Football Ops/ General Manager, John Elway, on being the architect of this championship team!
just like Bubby Brister did for John Elway, you did For Peyton Manning, and as a fan, I thank you!
John Elway sweetly dedicates the win to owner Pat Bowlen. Watch: http…
As the years pass John Elway looks more and more like old Biff Tannen.
Tony Eason, Craig Morton, John Elway, Earl Morrall, Kerry Collins AKA did you just start watching football?
Great tribute by John Elway. But what with the spider monkey behind Jim Nance?
John Elway refused to play for the Baltimore Colts. draft Peyton Manning. He becomes a legend but is let go. They win
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
TIL John Elway was drafted by the New York Yankees in the second round of 1981. via /r/tod…
John Elway is also a "Bay Area hero." Stanford campus is about 14 miles from Levi's Stadium.
My congratulations to the Wade Phillips for a terrific defensive Superbowl 50 win. I don't much care for John Elway, however.
What does it say for our when John Elway can take our parts like DeMarcus Ware & Wade Phillips and win a SB in no time flat?
Lots of credit to John Elway for putting together the defensive personnel and for hiring Wade Phillips
John Elway bringing in Kubiak and changing the offensive system with Peyton took some stones. The Phillips hire was obviously huge too. 🏆
Other than maybe John Elway, Wade Phillips deserves more credit than anyone this year
Peyton Manning becomes the 2nd QB to throw an interception in 4 different Super Bowls, joining John Elway.
John Elway on Super Bowl 50 win: 'This one's for Pat'
Peyton Manning and John Elway are the two oldest quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl.
Congrats to John Elway on a Super Bowl title
What a performance by Defense..Gr8 team put up by John Elway and gr8 work by coach Gary Kubiac and Wade Phillips! Congrats Peyton!
Shout out to Wade Phillips for orchestrating a helluva Super Bowl defense Big shout out to John Elway for putting together championship team
This win is for Pat Bowlen, John Elway and Wade Phillips
Thank you, John Elway. Thank you, Pat Bowlen. And Wade Phillips, that defense will be legend. Way to go, Broncos!
John Elway gets a ton of credit for putting this team together and Wade Phillips gets a ton for coaching it.
Big props to John Elway! He knew his defense needed to get better & hired Wade Phillips as DC and got several key free agents to help Miller
I want to hug John Elway for bringing in Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak...but I'd probably end up staring, star-struck.
John Elway is the first person in the history of the NFL to win a Super Bowl as a player and as a General Manager.
It wasn't pretty but it worked. Getting Manning, switching Fox to Kubiak, Wade Phillips...John Elway - and Denver - deserve a lot of credit.
this is about Wade Phillips, not John Elway
John Elway and Wade Phillips...Thank you. This is for Peyton.
In other news... John Elway has finally done what Daniel Snyder couldn't..
Congrats to Von Miller, Peyton Manning, John Elway and the Broncos. Someone should pay Wade Phillips $5 mil to be DC.
John Elway gotta give Wade Phillips a paid for trip to The Mediterranean or something.
On the post-game podium, this one should be easy for John Elway: This one's for Pat.
Mike Carey thinks John Elway is having a good game. But Lyle Alzado needs to step up.
Terrel Davis deserves the NFL Hall of Fame more than John Elway. Davis is the reason Elway won 2 Super Bowls !!!
John Elway can join an exclusive fraternity in sports-a champion as a player who builds one as GM. Such as Jerry West of the Lakers.
John Elway bailed out Gary Kubiak after a botched hold in the 1992 playoffs (via
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I'm allergic to making good business decisions. S/ John Elway.
John Elway bailed out Gary Kubiak after botched hold in 1992 playoffs The friendship between Broncos coach Gary Kubiak and General Manager
coached with and against Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Michael Vick. I think he has handled a
to GM John Elway & Head Coach Gary Kubiak when they were playing for Denver in '88!
John Elway passed on ownership stake in Broncos in 1998, lost out on millions - New York Daily News
my family always tells me looks like John Elway lol
Poor Elway - 'How John Elway missed out on a fortune'
Fairy-tale setup a Bronco replay - The last time the world saw John Elway in a Broncos uniform, his right hand ...
John Elway to give Peyton Manning 'plenty of time' for retirement decision.
How John Elway missed out on a fortune - via App
Rovell: How John Elway missed out on a fortune
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