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John Edwards

Johnny Reid John Edwards (born June 10, 1953) is an American politician, who served as a U.S.

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why does the new Jack in the Box voice sound like John Edwards?
. Not the best example. Enquirer broke alot of stories that turned out to be true. Ask Gennifer Flowers. Or John Edwards. Etc
No, it's not. One elector voted for John Edwards instead of Kerry.
I mean, Larry Craig and John Edwards are watching this whole Anthony Weiner thing like "wouldn't wanna be that guy"
They broke Clinton/Lewinsky, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson Jr affairs. aka, Dems that the MSM cover for
."Don't forget that John Kerry and John Edwards also refused to accept the results that night."
nominated for Pulitzer for John Edwards coverage - Now Clinton exposed
.killin' it during the cyber security chat at with John Edwards, Luke McCorma…
What do JFK, Gary Hart, Teddy Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards all have in common?
NEWCASTLE IMPROV FANS: me, Steve Beresford & John Edwards at Jazz Cafe tonight. 8pm.
GIG TONIGHT IN NEWCASTLE:. Me, Steve Beresford & John Edwards. G'wan, you know you want to.
had a love child (Chelsea) with Webster Hubbell?! Just like John Edwards had a love child.
Democrat sexual perverts - Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner and on and on.
Chelsea is Hillary's love child with Webster Hubbell. DNA test it Bill & Chelsea. Just like John Edwards.
"Trump promises to release John Edwards sex tape"
‘John Edwards, Mark Sanders, John Tilbury - A field perpetually at the edge of disorder (Fataka 9)’ on
Edwards Avenue was named after John Edwards, previously Chairman of the Parish Council.
5. In '04 NRA said: "John Kerry and John Edwards are the most anti-gun presidential team in our country`s history."
He might be. Someone call John Edwards or Theresa Caputo to contact him.
Inquiry into the banks would be helpful: fmr RBA board member John Edwards.
Brief list of far left heroes: John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Alan Grayson, Ralph Nader.
John Edwards cheating on his cancer stricken wife, Anthony Wiener, Bob Filner sexual harassment. Democrats do it too!
Hearing Billy Clint put on for Arkansas reminds me that no public figure ever disappointed me more than John Edwards.
Your Anthony Wieners, your John Edwards', that guy who tapped his foot like a rabbit in that airport bathroom after voting down *** rights
It is smart. Nat Enq did break the OJ story and John Edwards story! LOL! Whats wrong with acknowledging that? smh.
Michelle has plagiarised n hubby 3 times check on you tube Who cares 2 sentences Obama did whole John Edwards speech lol
I guess Hillary can take lines from Bernie& John Edwards,Michelle from Alinsky,Obama from Deval Patrick &that's OK?
and Joe biden, michelle O , John Edwards etc.
. Michelle copied Laura Bush's and Eliz Doles speeches Obama copy John Edwards and many others, truth will out
or Michelle Obama ripping off Saul Alinsky in 08 at the DNC? How about Hillary Clinton plagiarizing John Edwards also in 08?
yeah Biden was almost whole speech. Hillary used to lift John Edwards. Even Michelle’s speech borrowed some
Melania Trump plagiarized lines from Michelle Obama's '08 speech just like Obama plagiarized lines from Deval Patrick and John Edwards.
Michelle plagiarized Alinsky. barry -> Hillary -> John Edwards & Bernie, yet Dems have the nerve to call out Melania?
just how Hillary stole lines from sen John Edwards back in '06. If any layman did something like that they'd lose all credibility
so why hasn't Obama said sorry for plagiarising martin Luther King or Hillary plagiarising John Edwards it's a stupid
John Edwards was on John Kerry's ticket, but Kerry STILL LOST that state in November, maybe partly bc all-WM ticket.
Remember that time John Edwards got off Scott free too??
It's still NC! The schizophrenic state that went for Jim Hunt, Terry Sanford, Jesse Helms & John Edwards
Others, like FB, who are focusing on friends and family:. Mark Sanford. Anthony Weiner. John Edwards. Gary Condit. John Ensign. Eliot Sptizer
Quality matters when a vice president is selected. Examples of getting it wrong: John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, Dan Quayle, and Spiro Agnew.
. Fred Barron (dec)- lawyer that hide John Edwards affair?
When LAPD's John Edwards responded to Nicole Simpson's 9-1-1 call on January 1, 1989, the housekeeper said everything was "fine"...
well, John Edwards haircut comes to mind..actual clothing however, no.
No one is reading NE but ask Gary Hart, OJ, John Edwards & Tiger Woods how it worked out 4 them
Mitt Romney is a true Mormon. John Edwards and Bill Clinton are not re...
I'm extending it pretty well! Better than John Edwards or Joe Lieberman.
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What does mean to MD John Edwards and the team of designers and engineers who build these halo products?.
Breaking! Next Democrat sex scandal target for will be John Edwards, followed by Gary Hart... because Trump is so relevant.
True question... if he can be redeemed, how come we can't redeem John Edwards? At least he was by Elizabeth's side at the end.
I dont think John Edwards was legitimately a left-winger (his wife, elizabeth, was though) but this is how Democrats view left wingers
Just ran into former NC senator and presidential candidate John Edwards at Weathervane in Chapel Hill. How timely.
St. Edward HS(Lakewood,OH) pitcher Jaret Edwards struck out all 15 batters he faced as he tossed a perfect game against John Marshall HS(OH)
The only time they ever switched was 2008 because John Edwards had an affair. That's it.
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Why didn't the poll include Chafee? Jindal? John Edwards is still around somewhere...
chance to hear John Edwards, eminent Canadian scholar who has written lots on lang & identity, lang & nation, etc.
Chocolate. It's made from coco. Coco comes from coco beans. Beans are vegetables, used in salads. Eat more vegetables and salads!
Lmao Family Guy just had a scene with John Edwards that I'm real mad I laughed at. He's a POS
Does anyone know a Ms Helene Dollie? I found her wallet in St Edwards road. She may be a student as she has an NUS card. Plea…
Well said is a heartbeat away. I never forget that. NO Palin, No Quayle, No John Edwards.
Faith is not a political strategy and should not be a political strategy. I...
The president said that he would unite this country, that he was a uniter, ...
How are Hank and John having THIS conversation?
I was wrong to vote for this war. Unfortunately, I'll have to live with tha...
HRC voted for Iraq War and it is unforgivable, but John Edwards voted for Iraq War, not a problem
The president of the United States actually has to be able to walk and chew...
Toronto residents are being asked to turn off their heaters in honour of the defeating the Heat.
Still want in the Oval Office? Or John Edwards, also busted by Nat Enquirer?
That's what folk said when the Enquirer broke the story of John Edwards *** child in 2008. A broke clock is right twice a day
I'm looking at my VJAS paper and seeing so many mistakes and it's like "How did I even get accepted"
I'm old enough to remember when John Edwards was mocked endlessly for futzing with his hair.
Roy city police officer John Edwards just bought me a Mountain dew for thanking him for his services.(:
This is how much I don't care who Hillary chooses for VP: If my pal John Kerry had chosen McCain instead of Edwards, history would be other.
Both sides of the aisle on this issue, i.e. JFK, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Gary Hart. . .
"There is no such thing as an inordinate holy affection." Jonathan Edwards
During '08, I recall John Edwards promised single-payer while Obama and Hillary argued mostly over the mandate.
That look is what got John Edwards into all that trouble.
Carl Edwards is so John Cena it's not even funny
Agreed. I adore John + Liz Edwards I would have voted for John if he hadn't dropped out.
How about NYT article on the history of Democrats and women. The 3 Kennedys, FDR, John Edwards and The Clintons.
National Enquire was right about John Edwards, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton & Gen Flowers. Plus many…
has the best car, but Carl Edwards has the best pit stops
Good point! Sirota voted for John Edwards in 08, hated Obama, Clinton, so that kinda tells us where his head is at!
Sickening isn't it! But then she's stared starry eyed at Nader, John Edwards, Hugo Chavez
AP exams are over how are we not playing Cahoots 24/7 already
ICYMI Opinion: Apparently Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is pretty content with mediocrity in education...
Group calling a liar in voucher debate is caught lying, edits ad.
The NE broke the stories about...Tiger Woods, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, John Edwards, so.
He contributed to Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Chris Dodd in the 2008 presidential...
I don't think he was, but the National Enquirer reported he's had a lot of affairs..ask John Edwards about them
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NE has exposed Major cases - they are NOT a "Rag" anymore. Back to Gary Hart, John Edwards, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton
And the National Enquirer broke the story our MSM ignored --> "Two Americas - Two Women - John Edwards"
2012: The trial over illegal use of campaign funds by US Presidential candidate John Edwards begins in Greensboro, NC
thought =free campgn publicity You're learning that not all publicity is good publicity Should've rememberEd John Edwards
Gig of the day: Chicago Underground Duo (w/ + John Edwards) play at Cafe Oto. £10 -
Catch Chicago Underground Duo (with Alexander Hawkins and John Edwards) tonight at Cafe Oto
18 yr old me, for sure though both Howard Dean & John Edwards would've both been president or vp by now.
with respect, what is your relationship with John Edwards, celebrity psychic,&roma downey?.
Paul Ryan is like John Edwards... he awkwardly plays politician like he's in an 8th grade play but never lands it.
NOT by encouraging Anarchism.Trump has ppl like John Edwards in his 'loop'.
So i have the great pleasure of performing w John Edwards, Mark Sanders & Hannah Marshall tomorrow
Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble & John Edwards. Stewart Lee looked to enjoy this almost as much as me.
Bowls - Thanks to *** John Edwards, Peter Axon & Derek Hart for all the painting around the green over the last week. Much appreciated.
We never learned full story of John Edwards, Gary Hart, and Eliot Spitzer — all Wall Street critics via
John Edwards also voted for the Iraq War, but she was ok with that when she campaigned for him?
tell that to John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Gary Hart, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker et all who were
When Bill Clinton and John Edwards had sex scandals, folks said "Really? Details! When Ted Cruz has one, folks say "Ewww. No more!"
Bill Clinton, John Edwards & Gary Hart all lied about their dalliances too. Until they could lie no more. Soon Cruz will stop.
This started to look like a Bill Clinton, John Edwards kind of scandal doesn't it?
said Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, John Edwards, and now . The truth always comes out!
Sure Ted. Just like John Edwards didn't have an affair, and Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman. It will come
You know things are slow on the campaign trail when the pricey-haircut scandals start. John Edwards, Bill Clinton...
69% say yes...cause we seen his kind before..i.e..Bill Clinton, Jimmy Swaggart, John Edwards..etc
I agree National Enquirer is a rag magazine, but they were right about John Edwards, Jimmy Swaggart and others.
Cruz hiding behind woman, letting her speak for him. Keeps him from being the one flat-out lying? John Edwards, a…
Cruz and Amanda can sue but they don't...just like John Edwards, Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods...a bunch of "this is garbage" the… being accurate on Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Gary Hart & now Ted Cruz? LMAO 👋Bye Stay tuned to The Enquirer.
Ask Tiger Woods, John Edwards about the credibility of the Enquirer when it comes to uncovering scandals.
No, but John Edwards is still hiding from the NE reporter in that hotel lobby bathroom.
.is another John me's all coming out soon.The question is how many more is there after 8, that surface?
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They were right about John Edwards and many others.
still trending. Ted Cruz the truth will come out just as it did for John Edwards.
Amanda talks about how credible The National Enquirer is regarding John Edwards story
Flashback: Amanda Carpenter arguing that it's fair game for NE to investigate John Edwards' scandal. htt…
WOW! Amanda Carpenter smears sex scandal on John Edwards in FoxNews 2008.
- People have known about Cruz for 6 mths & now it's out.John Edwards.
Tiger Woods and John Edwards said the same thing Chuck! Don't be in denial.
FWIW, Rielle Hunter also strongly denied an affair with John Edwards after the story broke.
what does John Edwards, Gary Hart, Jessie Jackson Jim Baker David Letterman all have in common?
can you comment on the video of you praising for their takedown of John Edwards from …
Tell that to Gary Hart, Tiger Woods, John Edwards.and Sasquatch...number is up to 8...rising faster than TC's blood pressure
Funny, the National Enquirer said the same thing about John Edwards, Jesse Jackson & Bill Clinton ...
They weren’t calling it trash when it broke the news about John Edwards and Rielle Hunter were they?
In slight defense of the media, they didn't pick up on the John Edwards story right away either.
NO HE DOESN'T. It's owned by a guy named David Packer who "spilled the beans" on John Edwards...and was right.
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sad but not new. Gary Hart, Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Larry Craig (Mr. Wide Stance).
National Enquirer is ALWAYS right about affairs- caught Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson. Now Ted Cruz.
Everyone is trashing the National Inquirer but forget that that tabloid also broke John Edwards & Tiger Woods affairs.
Dear, the Enquirer seems to get a whole lot right. John Edwards, Gary Hart - do those names ring a bell?
National Enquirer broke the stories of Jesse Jackson Jr, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, and Lewinsky. Cruz …
My 1st thought; c'mon folks, this is the National Enquirer. Then I remember John Edwards
Remember the National Enquirer also brought to light the John Edwards mistress and love child scandal. No joking around …
John Edwards was charged with using campaign funds to pay off his mistress. Why did Cruz PAC give $500,000 to CARLY PAC ?
OMG seriously? People don't think the Enquirer can get a story right? AHHAAA. Oh man, call John Edwards. Tiger... Gary Hart.
People be all "the Nation Enquirer is a joke, this is obviously fake" - better ask John Edwards or Gary Hart about tha…
will not recover from . It is trending and has legs. Bye bye Ted another John Edwards
When this hit with John Edwards the media was all over it why the silence now?
The journalist got a Pulitzer and broke John Edwards.
Remember how long it took to get the John Edwards case rolling? Same we must keep talking so it does not go away.
What if it's true? Gary Hart, Tiger Woods, John Edwards. Ring a bell?
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It will, but Cruz is still done for like John Edwards, Mark Sandford and Larry Craig with his "wide stance" toiletting.
I remember right John Edwards & his mistress both said bull too, keep h…
Jumping on the National Enquirer story either way? Remember those Democrats mocking the John Edwards revelations or Jennifer Flowers. Chill.
Blake is not a politician either, NE has busted many ppl...Ex: John Edwards and Gary Hart, etc. Sorry
Didn't Nat Enquirer call it on John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Jesse Jackson and others. Plus, there's this:. htt…
for what it is worth David *** and the National Enquirer did get the John Edwards, Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby...
The journalist who won a Pulitzer for John Edwards love child story has an expose on Ted Cruz's mistresses. Five!
sorry to tell you but the NE bats 1000 with these stories.Gary Hart and John Edwards ring a bell?
Remember, National Enquirer has a history of breaking affairs, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards to name a few …
"John Edwards". I guess Blake Shelton has many Women hiding from Gwen
was right about John Edwards. Time for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.
John Edwards, Newt, does Gary Hart ring a bell?
Busted! They ruined the *** out of John Edwards career just saying!
National Enquirer took down John Edwards. They polygraphed everyone involved before running the story. We shall see how …
.I dunno, ask John Edwards. National Enquirer was the first to break the story of his affair. How about Ti…
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They called John Edwards. And they called Blake Shelton. Sometimes, the hit dog hollers.
This could be yuuuge. National Enquirer was right about John Edwards & Rielle Hunter & Bill Clinton & Monica.
I was calling Fleck the new BreckGirl because of his fancy hair. Rush used to call John Edwards the BreckGrl for same reason.
*** The National Inquirer broke the story on John Edwards. Why not
Bet'w eminent domain & loose libel laws Trump is so pro trial lawyer I expect his next endorsement to be from John Edwards.
Put a call into SNL and maybe they can revive Bern before Tuesday. Bern feeling the Bern aka John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer
Pitino story resembles John Edwards persuading Andrew Young to take responsibility for his love child w/Rielle Hunter
Remember, "trial lawyers" was a dirty word in 2008 because John Edwards and liberals
Your reach is far, manwhohasitall. Former US senator John Edwards really took this advice to heart.
And Rubio seems as skeevy as John Edwards too-very insincere man-can tell by the cotton mouth
This week (Thursday 25th) we present Evan Parker, John Edwards and Steve Noble for a free jazz improv night
Cruz's statement reminded me John Edwards trying to punk Cheney in the VP debate over his daughter. Bush league stuff.
Joe Biden, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich and Chris Dodd all ran against -when he was a Senator
By the end of this process, Dr. Ben should have about as much leverage as John Edwards did.
Next week! Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble, and we're back at Water Lane Coffeehouse at the usual time!
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Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner. Let's talk about the war on women !!
Dirt bag men is something Democrats know A LOT about - John, Bobby, Teddy, Bill, John Edwards. acy
Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano & John Edwards at this week: fabulous
Trump: "Obama is a star, Hillary is talented and smart, John Edwards and John Kerry should have won".
live at Cafe Oto w/ Giovanni di Domenico, Roger Turner and John Edwards.
Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Spitzer, , Ted Kennedy, All liberal heroes, all abusive to women.
5" loop of Joe McPhee blowing his sax last night w/ Chris Corsano/John Edwards. He's playing again tonight.
I was such a Spitzer superfan in my youth. Bill Clinton and John Edwards too. *laughs in poor judgment*
Joe McPhee/Chris Corsano/John Edwards: the only constant is the reliably eclectic intensity.
Lennie Rosenbluth, John Edwards, Tyler Zeller, Greg Olsen, Matt Plizga and Kendall Marshall are here at the Dean Dome t…
This may be Harry Belefonte's most important endorsement since he endorsed John Edwards in 08
Chelsea Clinton tried to canvass me, we saw Tim Robbins warming up a rally for John Edwards, and crashed Dennis Kucinich's 'victory' party
Rubio the John Edwards of GOP & being hyped. 1 chance only to make real change w/Trump. Get smart.
"Is Rubio really as slick and insubstantial as John Edwards? Answer: No. He’s slicker."
Chris out of left field with "does he bring to mind John Edwards?" Katy finessed it with depth answer
in which John Edwards better articulated the case against Clinton than Sanders was able to do..
CNN just reminded me that John Edwards was a thing eight years ago. Huh.
It's hard to believe that 8 years ago tonight, we thought the psychic was the creepier of the John Edwards.
Well that was interesting Olly Gavin just dusted John Edwards for P3 in GTLM, if the M6 had a speed edge not present there
Admitted to Rob yet again tonight, "I'm STILL mad at John Edwards." I'm just never getting over that betrayal, I guess.
Notables left off the steering committee: John Edwards, John Quinn, Mark Robinson, Steve Toll, Powell Miller
Sarah Palin endorsement not unexpected. The real question is which way John Edwards is leaning.
Who wants to be the John Edwards of 2016? I have checked out on Governor Martin O'Malley.
Martin O'Malley isn't the John Edwards of this race. He's the Bill Richardson.
Wonder if John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich are watching
Anyone else feeling like Martin OMalley is this elections John Edwards reboot 2.0 ??
Martin O'Malley is only up there so we can reuse our '08 John Edwards jokes.
sorry Martin...too pretty guy still give me PTSD from John Edwards - Hillary and Bernie aint got a side bit going lol
This Democratic primary reminds me of '08. Martin O'Malley similar to John Edwards. Both were supposed to rival Hillary but got upstaged
Evan Parker and John Edwards for Weekertoft label launch
CNN Politics: John Edwards vying to represent VW owners in emissions case: Former U.S. senator and Democratic ...
‘Ba-DUHM-bum’! Kevin D. Williamson puts PERFECT spin on this John Edwards news: Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.
Mashable - John Edwards (yes, that one) looks to profit from Volkswagen lawsuits in his day job as a lawyer
That's funny, b/c opposed any and all investigation of Bill Clinton and John Edwards's numerous rape accusations.
What time are Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble and John Edwards on tonight please ? Should be great!
oh let us not talk about John Edwards and Anthony Weiner please
Send resume democrats Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby or Anthony Weiner or John Edwards they know how to abuse wives thats 4 sure
He donated to John Edwards and Chris Dodd? Yeah, this guy's a winner.
Pate who put air sign over Rose Bowl backs Rubio & also donatd to Dems. 2007, Pate donated $2,300 to campaigns of John Edwards & Chris Dodd.
I know your brand Anthony wiener or John Edwards
Pate, interestingly, has also donated to Democrats - including the prez campaigns of Chris Dodd and John Edwards in 2007.
John Edwards: Replace Robert E. Lee statue with Statue of Young Thug - Sign the Petition! via
Here's the video of Pezo von Ellrichshausen's John Edwards lecture at earlier this month:
.doing a somewhat better job than John Edwards in 2008 of standing out on a stage with Clinton and a Jr. senator.
Disgraced love-cheat John Edwards didn't visit his wife's grave on the fifth anniversar... - Daily Mail
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Rubio do you know ex senator John Edwards???
Jacob holds a photo of his great-great uncle John Edwards who died at Beaumont-Hamel
John McCain, John Edwards and Mitt Romney -- see which other politicians raised the most money — and still lost
John Edwards (D) won the race tonight by nearly the same margin David Cassidy (R) won the 2014 runoff
Choosing between David Vitter and John Edwards is like choosing between a giant *** and a turd sandwich
MacCocktail:. "“Louisiana should hault [sic] completely the entry of refugees from Syria,” says gubernatorial candidate John Edwards in cam…
I blame John Edwards for the black lung theory of Presidential candidacy.
just out of curiosity, why "Bel" didn't you use to go by John Edwards? Don't want to be associated with Edwin?
MATTHEWS: I think he's the Republicans' John Edwards. - See more at:
Intro for pretty flattering. Answers still seem like breathless canned speeches from Frank Underwood / John Edwards
Reminder: Same media that's very curious about Dr. Carson's Pyramid theories actively buried the John Edwards love-chil…
received a lovely testimonial from John Edwards - Director of Robert Stanley Opticians today saying Thank you for all of our help!
How many lies can you squeeze into 5 minutes? . Charlatans like this are scum, equal to John Edwards or Jack Van Impe
You know what's more terrifying than watching Paranormal Activity? Having John Edwards as our State Senator for another four years.
All this "spontaneous" Dem talk that 'Rubio isn't the next Obama he's the next John Edwards' seems really panicky
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It's almost impressive how John Edwards came from behind to beat Sarah Palin for Worst VP Candidate of the 2000s.
NEW Brief View of the Mistakes about Happiness, Or, the Chief Go by John Edwards
Haven't seen the stats, but also think Obama's DoJ went after more Dems than GOPers in general. John Edwards and Rod Blagojevich anyone?
At this point in 2007 Bill Richardson & John Edwards had more cash on hand than what’s in the accounts of Jeb Bush or Marco …
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