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John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. (December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997), known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer/songwriter, activist, and humanitarian.

Rocky Mountain High West Virginia Jet Plane Blue Ridge Jim Croce Country Road Patsy Cline Kelly Ripa New Mexico Gordon Lightfoot Tom Jones Jim Henson Rocky Mountains

I liked a video John Denver - Country Roads - Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons on Acoustic - How to
Gotta listen to John Denver while in Denver
just found out that John Denver went to NHS for a little bit
Great story about tonight's concert!!! Concert is at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Tickets available at the...
I blame John Denver for meeting with Russians in 1985 to record a live album
that was on the Denver morning news yesterday
Denver city attorney dropping 4 domestic violence cases because witnesses won't testify for fear of deportation
John Denver. Love him. Always perfectly a fraction under the tone, but so so sweet in essence.
😭💔 ♫ Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver (with Dwi cahyadi at —
Ed Sheeran is the John Denver of our age
I liked a video John Denver - The Ballad of Richard Nixon Lyrics
Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver {en route to Memphis!} ♫
John Denver's songs make me be calm and happy.
.Silent Running 1972, John Denver sings Tom Paxton's Whose garden was this? It must have been lovely.
Lets see, so far I've listened to Lobo, Paper Lace, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Gilbert O' Sullivan and Procol Harem
It's incredible how much respect a bunch of hicks like me pay to such a hippie like John Denver.
sounds great Coty I'm a John Denver man myself
What the *** is up with this chick's John Denver hair cut?
John Denver, Patsy Cline, JFK Jr., The big Bopper, Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, the list goes on and on...just stop…
once again thinking about when I saw John Denver play donkey basketball at the Olmsted County (MN) Fair as a child in the late 80's
I did not know John Denver had an illegitimate child with such great taste in outerwear.
John Denver-"Rocky Mountain High" via A trubuite to my son who left his heart in Colorado.
John Denver. Bob Marley. Lyle Lovett. Imagine each in an old man hat. In soul cycle class.
Join Chris Collins with Jack Saunders and Robbie Saunders and a tribute to John Denver's music at Millbend Coffeeho…
🎧January 10, 1976 John Denver took over at on the Adult chart with "Fly Away", duet with Olivia Newton-John.🎧
Tickets for February's Music of John Denver show at are available from here:
How do people think that Benny and the Jets (Elton John) is the same song as Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver)...pull it together people.
...similar to John Elway in Denver. That would be interesting.
going for the John Denver look! 🎶"I'm leaving in a taxi, don't know when I'll be back again"🎶
Over/under on someone doing a John Denver cover at
Greetings from Harvey Hook. We did Denver Seminary together, and we just had Dr. John Perkins in town for 5 days of meetings
The Julie Andrews Christmas Special, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, that IS John Denver as Tom Hulce as Mozart.
"Looking forward to reading this book on the flight."—John Denver
Jim Saccomano examines if John Elway can find a coach as competitive as - Yardbarker
oh The Mountain Goats. I'm John D, I stan hard for the most intense black metal bands but look & sound like John Denver
Amazing John Lynch of the Denver Broncos One of the all-time great HITTERS!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE'VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR 6 YEARS AND THATS CRAZY! Hope your day is filled with sushi and John Denver vinyl
showing my age here...John Denver and Paul McCartney are my favs...enjoyed the video.
If you're having a hard time right now just remember that one time John Denver did a commercial for Raisin Bran.
if today is anything to go by I guess I'm spending 2017 inside alone watching the rain, listening to John Denver.
typically coaches w/ losing records get fired, no? Only recent instance w/ winning coach was fired was John Fox w/ Denver
if Vance Joseph becomes Denver HC, it's time to become a Steelers Fan! Bad Decision John Elway, wrong move! Not for Denver!
Plows hit the side streets in Denver, so you know the Beast is out showing you the results
There's nothing like a sing-a-long in the OR to Country Road by John Denver. Made my week!
on Snakepit Radio autograph night teen and non s by John Denver
Kin made the right job!. Gary Kubiak resigns: Broncos' opening most desirable |
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Pax8 set to ‘turn on the jets’ - John Street and the other co-founders of MX Logic are back running...
John Oldfield, Denver, faked illness twelve times in three days just to get rides in an auto ambulance. Fined $15. CO1911
Learn to Join and in Denver, Colorado, this March https…
Happy Birthday to the late great John Denver, Pete Quaife, Donna Summer and Terry Rhoads.
Garth Brooks, John Denver & DAVE MATTHEWS?? Better question is how did you live when you were listening to that schlock?
Ironically, it was Gene Kelly for me. Since then, John Denver, Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams.
1997 was pretty bad too: Jeff Buckley, Michael Hutchence, John Denver and Notorious B.I.G all died.
Just arrived in Jasper, getting my John Denver on with Olivia Newton-John 2k.
Yup! This all started b/c I was listening to John Denver's Country Roads about West Virginia and got curious...
A video for your Saturday night: Danny Kaye singing with John Denver in 1975. Fantastic.
Turned on Google Play Radio's "Acoustic Campfire" Playlist. It went from John Denver to Bob Marley to Fleetwood Mac. It's perfect.
Yeah it's the first line of John Denver's "Country Roads" song. After a home game they sing it at Mountaineer Field.
a visual answer:. PS yes that's Fozzie Bear next to John Denver!
conversation about many things. She even said she's into music. She can play her own music. She even likes Bon Jovi, John Denver, & Led Z.
Liberals Should Take a Piece of Advice from Cass Elliot & John Denver!!! via
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I just want to live in a little town away from busy cities and near the mountains while I listen to Bob Dylan and John Denver.
Milton T. Okun Dies, Music Producer for Peter, Paul and Mary and John Denver -
I've been listening to John Denver's Take Me Home on repeat in order to get ready for the trip to West Virginia.
Our burger place that usually plays Bad Company and Grand Funk Railroad, or country, is playing John Denver, Jim Croce, and Don McLean. O_o
"Don't let anybody tell you that John Denver is no good" -Jennifer Jones
If you can't name a John Denver song other than Rocky Mountain High then we probably don't get along
At Denver airport bar until midnight flight, thank god they're playing Sheryl crow and John Mayer
Somewhere in Denver, John Elway is laughing his *** off.
hair looks great. It's not a bad look the John Denver, Barry Manilow love child. Please don't kill me when your the leader. 😜
- and one "JOHN FOX" presided over the downfall, he should have been fired in Denver sooner
Brian Bosworth is in a Kia commercial and John Elway runs the world champion Denver Broncos.
We don't want to make all those 'we know you've only just got electricity' jokes but...
Walmart radio really throws me off. It just went from john denver to evanescence to nicki minaj ❓❓❓❓
In homage to the I give you John Denver.
John Elway's got company. Eli Manning ties the Denver Broncos legend with his 30... -
The dining room staff are signing John Denver.
Another hit from the early 70's John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy on
John Denver was my Mum's favourite singer. She introduced his music to me. Very talented songwriter.
Tank. Don't want to John Denver a plane.
John Denver is a classic! But here's a list of our favorite covers of "Country Roads." Who does it best? 🎼
we go to games in Denver when Bills visit, never seen anything like that. Must be the legal weed keeps folks relaxed
"Talk to God and listen to His casual reply" (Rocky Mountain High, John Denver). Fr. John
Second comment: this is the best cut he ever made. Amsterdam by John Denver ♫
That's...that's amazing. And here I thought my Easter Sunday John Denver concert was the gold standard of first shows.
In a pigs eye, I wrote this about him, nananana boo boo. Annie's Song - Live by John Denver ♫
Little Bedroom again his voice composure of music and me Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver ♫
Wrote this in my bedroom Henry JD vocals music. Grandma's Feather Bed by John Denver ♫
for a more sincere Vietnam captivity song, listen to "Prisoners" by John Denver. One of my favorites!
"...and was the setting of Satanic rituals, witch burnings and five John Denver Christmas specials.". 🎄
So here goes was outstanding. So much fun and amazing performances. What was the John Denver story though?
I'd be okay with dying peacefully to John Denver take me home Country Roads.
Last week John Lynch does Denver this week Troy Aikman does Dallas. has no concept of a player being an analyst.
"ANNIE'S SONG" by John Denver . . now in a Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch… via 444
If you missed the Music of John Denver show on Saturday, or would like to hear it again, join Willie from Dillon,...
John Denver's Country Road...take me home, Whitney Houston's I will always love you and Kenny Roger's gypsy woman all in one mix. Magical
I'm in the mood for some John Denver or Willie Nelson or Glen Campbell
Chip Butty song etched in Copper Plate by Chris Knight-to tune of John Denver 'Fill up my Senses' Souvenirs exhib…
Dancing to Jimmy Buffett and John Denver in the kitchen is probably the most fun thing my mom and I will do today
Here's the parody song Bob Rivers did when John Denver got arrested for drunk driving: "DWI Colorado"
"Take Me Home Country Roads was not recorded by JD,it was recorded by John Denver with Fat City video
listened to a good amount of John Denver tonight
Visiting Ventura? Stop by today and try out this one-of-a-kind drink called the John Denver!
I added a video to a playlist Sunshine on my shoulder by John Denver 1971 Cover by Paul Lavelle
I'm writing songs that sound like john Denver and song that sound like synth pop but I can't write a song that sounds like Conner Delgado.
What a tribute to some of my fave classic country stars, including Willie, Dolly, Charlie Pride and John Denver.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ICYMI, yesterday's on was "Take Me Home, Country Roads," chosen by Edward Miguel. Check it out!
I see your John Denver and raise you:
I think the first time I ever saw John Denver was when he did commercials for Post Raisin Bran.
Wait, belay that last. I was thinking a John Denver song. Sorry. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
Great video, but why no image of John Denver, should have been easy to insert his image
John Denver is the 🐐when it comes to country, hands down
When Thank God I'm a Country Boy -John Denver comes on you sit in the car and listen to the whole thing. No matter how bad you have to pee.
Meet my baby Calypso, named after the John Denver song
Oh look, a new CBS investigation found dead people voting in Colorado. I thought this was a myth?
What better way to start off your birthday than listening to John Denver
Papa refers to John Denver as 'JD'. They're buds.
It doesn't seem fair that West Virginia gets John Denver and we get Mormon rappers.
Not sure if everyone keeps getting the commercial with the crappy John Denver song, or if it's a directv exclusive, but it's run its course.
Country Roads by John Denver is the goat
Annie Song (Cover Version of John Denver) Annie's Song This is one of my signature songs.   Whenever you see a (E)…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Well, no offense, but you guys aren't John Denver.
Imagine falling in love with someone only to find out they only paint portraits of John Denver in the nude.
These # Ltd Denver ladies are ready to check you out at the stor…
Neighbor across the street brought out a boom box on his front porch and is playing Country Road on repeat. Must be a huge John Denver fan!
Rocky Mountain High by John Denver is so underrated
Best part of the game? Bringing John Denver back for the closing hymn!
Watching fans sing John Denver's Country Roads''s something else...I think...I think they all jus…
My favorite John Denver collaboration. Emmy Lou Harris a mmm d he do a fine job on this song.
John Denver was born in 1943 in Roswell, New Mexico. The son of an Air Force officer. What did he know?
“So many different places, a million smiling. faces-life is so incredible to me.”-John Denver
Today in Classic Rock History!. July 27, 1974 - John Denver started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles...
overplayed song reminds me of a New zealand rugby chant. - whereas this is good John Denver
View this morning for Listening to John Denver's Rocky Mountain High
John Denver was a great singer but it was very sad when John McLean shot him & wrote *** *** *** on his Xmas jumper
Today's background 🎶 has been Jim Croce, John Denver & George Harrison with a touch of Dennis Locorriere, Gordon Lightfoot & Boz Scaggs.
just played Rocky Mountain High by John Denver... If forgotten what a beautiful voice he had.. B4 Aqualung Jethro Tull.
'I've seen it raining fire in the sky': Group pays homage to John Denver
John Denver used to sell desserts at our local martial arts centre. He filled up my sensei, with a slice of Black Forest…
The only music you need is Tom Jones and John Denver
Today's Fun with Country Music's artist. Hick hop that samples John Denver. A new level of awfulness:
Little did he know, but John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" was actually Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
As twilight melts into night driving back to Washington DC. Suddenly thought of John Denver...Country Roads :))
Eating Italian in a German city listening to a mariachi street band play John Denver's Country Road. I love the world.
John Denver from Roswell, New Mexico singing about the Rocky Mountains and the West Virginia Appalachians. Pick a side, dawg…
I'd be upset about your John Denver trashing if it hadn't been so funny. What's next? Hating on Glass Tiger?
The Maione's are in Wheeling, you better play "take me home, Country Roads by John Denver tonight
Rookies brought their A game tonight. Congrats on your first MLL goal, John Maloney.
Please read and help us if you can reach kids in honor of John Denver
Vintage 1984 John Denver Tour 84 T-Shirt concert The man and his music
I recently saw a episode that did a bit about Celebrities like John Ferrugia & Tom Shane...
Denver has done something no other major metro area has accomplished in the last decade
when he's not singing about trees & nature, John Denver is boring as heck. and writes lines like "I'm sorry for the way things are in China"
Flags will fly at half mast tomorrow at the Denver Broncos facility, as they honor John Elway's family members lost at The Preakness today.
When you feelin' some John Denver while workin' pages,
I don't know why anyone would want to listen to anything else by John Denver when "Take Me Home, Country Roads" exists.
As a kid I used to pretend I was John Denver, of all people, and play ...
isn't that a John Denver lyric. Doesn't he say "Come fill me again" as well- wouldn't that be sensory overload
23 years ago I was in this Denver park with thousands of young Catholics for Pope John Paul II's…
Brock Osweiler finally reveals why he left the
RAMM is now live at three International Airports, Denver, John Wayne and Palm Springs.
John knew the homeless man in Denver last night and ran up to him and gave him a hug..
May John Denver's soul rest in peace
.interested to know why he didn't think he could win long term in Denver? 🤔
As the folks in my aunts living room listen to Foster and Allen, I'm upstairs listening to my John Denver playlist lol.
Whenever I hear John Denver sing I swear my heart grows three sizes. Omg he's my Cindy Lou Who.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
am watching/listening to a recorded Jools Holland show, had John Denver singing 'Jet Plane', memories😳🎶
bacon on my shoulder makes me...greasy.John Denver.
Brushing Peanuts teeth while listening to John Denver in the rain. Great Saturday.
Not a bad Saturday. Learning Astrophotography, listening to John Denver while it rains. "Priceless".
Watches HGTV once... to Whisper and Floppy for taking their morning to help John Denver.
John Denver and chest day can't beat it
There is a live John Denver cover band at the natural food store today!!!
Whatever helps you sleep at night, Brock. ~ Brock Osweiler reveals the real reason he left Denver for Houston
So why did Brock Osweiler go from Denver to Houston?:.
Brock Osweiler reveals the real reason he left the Broncos for the Texans.
when you realize you don't know 1/2 of Rob's SOTD b/c you're just over here still listening to Corey Hart & John Denver
Often wondered abt marvellous singers backing Dylan, Cole, Andy Kim... John Denver to his credit always credited his
And also Jim Henson as Rowlf the Dog singing with John Denver and of courtse as Kermit singing his own song! Od course!
I shared a urinal with John Denver at the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York in 1996. I looked at him and very...
John Denver died in October 1997 when his plane crashed into Monterey Bay, in California. (Image: Elf)
Rocky Mountains weep today as Trump plays John Denver at racist rally.
John Denver singing one of his classics Take Me Home Country Roads with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
You say you're a country music fan, yet you have no idea who Don Williams, David Allan Coe, and John Denver are? 🤔
Key lime pie, and John Denver. Perfect way to end the weekend!
.Owen needs to sing a heart wrenching song..."(my sweet) Lady" by John Denver ?!?!
John Elway tells reporters in Denver that offensive line is where there is plenty of depth in this year's NFL draft.
Only a couple of days until the show 23/04! Come and celebrate the music of John Denver with us! Info:
Welcome John Reilly on for ViSalus in Denver, Colorado! Visit John at
That was John Denver for me. Mom was devastated when that happened.
John Denver: forever warming my heart. Eh ? ❤️
Downloading a bunch of John Denver for the Colorado Trail 😎
Denver, Seattle, LA, SF, Phoenix... Jimmy John's offering $1 subs for fake holiday today, but there's a catch
Maybe that John Denver wasn't so full of *ish after all…
I'm just gonna listen to John Denver radio in my car til tomorrow
it's the best place I've been! Can't wait for Washington, Blue Ridge mountains and Shenandoah. I want to be John Denver! 😜
Hickenlooper goes to bat for blocked Oregon LNG terminal: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper on Monday asked a federal… h…
in the Treehouse : John Denver - Rocky Mountain High ... Tune In at
he should look at what Denver just accomplished and then immediately join the John Fox knows D
Also, John Elway is a loudmouth putz & a bully & isn't fit to hold John Schneider's jock; the other shoe will drop in Denver, mark my words
So kiss me and smile for me. Tell me that you'll wait for me. Hold me… ♫ Leaving On a Jet Plane by John Denver —
Great news for many St. John's families!. Denver to Salina flights will be available soon!.
Answer! Rotherham beat Southport 3-0 at home on ... 19th Oct 1974 ... while John Denver reached with "Annie's Song"
A0) John in Denver CO, Training Prog Developer. No dog in the smile sheets fight, just interested...
love is a resting place, a shelter It exists for comfort, it keeps u warm & in times when ur alone the memory will bring u home-John Denver
The only allies Frank was able to roust up 30 yrs ago were Dee Snider and John Denver. Who'd stand on that wall today?
When? Reply or Rotherham beat Southport 3-0 .. while John Denver topped the charts with "Annie's Song"
14 hours to West Virginia, the John Denver counter starts now
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again - John Denver
Hold me like you'll never let me go ♫ Leaving On a Jetplane (Live) by John Denver —
John Denver is a such a refreshing hear every time. 'Country Roads take me home' has struck with me since 2000. Any equivalents in Tamil?
Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze. - John Denver
I've considered buying a John Denver cassette for moments like this.
I added a video to a playlist John Denver & Plácido Domingo in Studio - Perhaps Love (1981)
How have I not already downloaded John Denver's early discography?
Yep I just listened to John Denver and Eminem on my way to work😊
Edward g Robinson death scene in soylent green except John Denver and the Muppets singing 'sunshine' for a F dirge
Hello Jez a very good day to you Please can you play Annies Song-John Denver and dedicate it to the love of my life Kirsty.
As far as my lazy brain is concerned Jim Henson & John Denver are more or less the same person.
John Denver and Rekha Bhardwaj when on a road trip. . What about you?
"You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest...". Yeah, John Denver, just been poked in the eye by a branch.
just crossed the river into West Virginia. Guess it's time to start blaring some John Denver. *sigh
John Denver didn't sing it, Glen Campbell did.
John Denver may have found Almost Heaven in West Virginia, mine is in
My parents saw John Denver and James Taylor there.
Davey- Congratulations to our Easter Competition Scrambled Eggs winner who was picked at random, John Denver from...
give me John Denver and mountain views from the Blue Ridge 🌞 @ Blue Ridge Parkway
And we listen to good country. Not new pop country. We listen to the greats George Strait, John Denver, Dixie Chicks, Joe Nichols
Dancing between the trees by the river in the Blue Ridge Mountains to John Denver. I just want t do this for the rest of my life.
Another gorgeous cover by Looking For Space - Evan Dando from The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver
Uber = taxi company and should be regulated as such. If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck... it must be.
John Denver. Forever amazing 4ever a legend. He inspires my own love for nature. So great :)
Wonderful song by the legendary John Denver. 4ever in our hearts.JohnDenver fan til my grave
Uber doesn't want to = taxi company. Let them be like ITunes, Priceline, Travelocity, Ebay. Open app to everyone.
Like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity for airlines/hotels. Uber doesn't want to = taxi, no problem.
Real estate experts believe that the trend in Denver may be starting to fade.
Let Uber be iTunes & drivers/taxis be musicians. Define own price/service.
Hearing to John Denver and I wanna be home
Let every company use App as suggested here by CA Sen Ben Hueso
How about poverty wages for drivers? Do you care about that?
Denver Broncos legend... John Elway signed and custom framed jersey . Let us frame for…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Well I hope the ignores and his ignorance of the full picture. Lower wages do not = progress.
Meet John Harper! ~ One of my co-producers down at Denver Open Media!. Great message on CHANGE John!
he claimed in 2015 to be the first Uber passenger. Funny since he was the 1st Uber pax in 2013
he didn't say that Uber had to agree to them but now sounds like that's part of the deal
That's bs - $220 is nothing if Uber pays fare rate.
he promised $100,000 to the library if City Council past uber bylaws.
oh and of course the radio puts on John Denver
Former Colorado FB Jordan Murphy lived through a movie theater massacre and is now chasing his NFL dream.
Vote for me to perform at All Ages Edition 3/26/16!
WATCH: John Kasich sticks his foot in his mouth on women, gets called ou...
interesting learning from cabbies working for and old school cabs. Disrupting the market but the drive…
Just found out John Taffer and Sinbad went to University of Denver
I feel the same way about John Denver as I do about Bob Ross. Sunlight in human form.
Violent Femmes frontman on classic silent film, Lou Reed, the best enchilada in Denver, Playground Ensemble & more!
"Sunshine on My Shoulders" by John Denver on For my Dad. He passed away 3 years ago today 😢 Thinking of you always x   10% Off
deliverance theme and John Denver on repeat.
SB 621 Makes things worse for drivers - not better.
Vit d supp needed for sad barn raised cows.John Denver song..."sunshine on my cowhide makes me happee"
I received the sweetest gift today after my John Denver confession! Thank you so much, Lisa! I…
if you Enjoyed John Denver and His Music, YOU WILL LOVE Foxfire a Great Movie Appalachia Farming Family Roots to A Country Singer
They're playing John Denver at Starbucks and it's making me miss Thomas.
Now I have both the Mamas and the Papas AND John Denver in my head! ;-)
John_Denver_CO Uber davecraige andrewchen ryangraves can work for lyft or limo service…
Looking for seats for Fetty Wap in Denver. Who's down? Lol
Lawsuits & educating politicians who right rules is only path to stop abuse.
If I could travel back to a moment in time, it would be to when John Denver sang Country Roads at mountaineer field
Alternative ending song for Gravity Falls: "Country Roads" sung by Olivia Newton-John or John Denver
OMG ..John Denver wanted to be an Eagle ... no wonder he loves to fly ... I prefer the seagulls ... Susan Dixon...
Nobody would believe Kelly Ripa, but then nobody believed John Denver. At least Kelly Ripa could reach ppl cuz she already has a talkshow.
Remember the movie "Oh God" with George Burns and John Denver? Why would a god go to John Denver to spread his message? Try Kelly Ripa first
Listening to Jingle Bells (Remastered) by John Denver, on my Amazon Echo, Alexa!
Remember when Tipper Gore went on a witch hunt against rock music and she thought John Denver would be on her side but he totally wasn't?
I listened to John Denver and Simon & Garfunkel. Edith Piaf was a huge favo...
Trivia Day Answer is E - Byron Berline, who also played on sessions with The Band, The Byrds, John Denver, Bob...
Listening to Rocky Mountain High by the late John Denver. You know he'd be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle...
If you're in Denver area you should go to this incredible event next week + support a great cause.
And of course John Denver. He's with Biggie and Tupac now.
In a Carolina-Denver Super Bowl, is the biggest loser John Fox?
On this date in 1998, John Elway and the Denver Broncos won their first Super Bowl.
My mom and AIR are why songs from 60s-70s are always on my mind. John Denver, Tom Jones, Cliff Richards, Englebert Humperdink, Tony Orlando
.Same way He took Patsy Cline (so young), Jim Croce, John Denver -AND- left us with scum like Marilyn Manson. RIP Glenn Frey
I didn't know John Denver and Heinrich Himmler had a kid together.
Cue up John Denver, because West Virginia just knocked off No. 1 Kansas:
please say it was a John Denver cover band thank god i'm a country boy great background music for clips
Picture this: life feels like John Denver, Ray LaMontagne, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash all at once
TAKE ME HOME *sun sets over the mountains* Country Road *light forms into John Denver's smiling face*
*I can't hear music on TV nor on my laptop, but then I can Adele IS awesome; in years gone by *I loved John Denver, Carpenters
Ending 2015 with the greatest hits of this year like Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" and John Denver's "Annie's Song"
Happy birthday to the late John Denver here with the late Mama Cass Elliot - "Leaving On A Jet Plane" via
Born on this day in 1943 - John Denver, NM, American country singer (Rocky Mt High), thank God he's a country boy.
That's going back a long way! I've been listening to John Denver, Hank Williams, and I'm not a country fan.
John Denver's "fire raining down the sky" line from "Rocky Mountain High" was inspired by the Perseid meteor shower.
Spinning some classic John Denver on vinyl this Boxing Day with…
I saved a playlist John Denver and the Muppets: A
It's not Christmas until I can listen to the Muppets Christmas album with John Denver 🌲
Share the joy; John Denver says it better than I can:
even 60 year old Grand Fathers are excited to get this under the tree!. See you next month in Denver
Thank you John Denver. Thank you, Muppets. This record brings it all home for me.
Perhaps love is like a resting place. A shelter from the storm… ♫ Perhaps Love by John Denver & Plácido Domingo —
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