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John De Lancie

John de Lancie (born March 20, 1948) is an American actor. He has been active in screen and television roles since 1977, though he is best known for his recurring role as Q on the various Star Trek series and as Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1, and Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

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John De Lancie aka Q. Marina was supposed to do the con and had to back out. He stepped in. =)
Had fun with John De Lancie too. Almost had fun with Jonathan Frakes, met Marina Sirtis, and Nichelle Nichols.
Two more new songs airing today! One of my favorites from the Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 collection, "Chez Paris" with a killer solo by Peter New (Sunil) totally worth the price of admission. Also the rather insane long awaited My Little Pony Discord song, "A Glass Of Water," sung by the incomparable (yet very comprehendible), John De Lancie of Breaking Bad and Star Trek fame. Steffan Andrews did a killer orchestration on a very tricky track. Extra thanks also go out to John for being such a good sport and a gentlemen during the recording. We recorded at the end of a long day of voice acting and then to have to sing THAT song of all songs... wow what a pro!
Decided to check it out on a whim (I've only seen one episode so far though, and the channel I'm watching it on is not too far into the show). So I've only seen the first episode of the second season so far. But, I'm now a fan and can see what the fuss is about. And I eagerly await it on the schedule. Can't wait for more episodes. :-) Also, as I'm also a bit of a Trekkie it pleases me to hear John De Lancie is doing voice work on the show. But also, I'm just as pleased Tara Strong is one of the voice cast as I'm a big fan of her work. Man this show is amazing. It's like my childhood has been rebooted. That's what this feels like. It takes a lot of inspiration from some of my favourite cartoons I used to watch in the 80's/90's that also had strong moral codes. It's charming, funny, imaginative, witty, well written, excellent voice acting etc. I could go on to be honest. :-D
Another fact coming your way, Just like Lauren Faust, John De Lancie was also born and raised in Philadelphia,PA
Getting SO excited for the guests at ECCC. Now to just get Alexis Cruz on the roster and the celebrity guests will be awesome! Kris Holden Reid from Lost Girl, Richard Dean Anderson, John De Lancie, Michael Dorn, Cary Elwes, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Steven Yeun among others!! SQUE. The Star Trek/Stargate/all other Sci Fi/Fantasy shows geeky nerd in me is jumping up and down.
I'm imagining that's just how John de Lancie is in real life. At least, one can hope.
That just made me realize, I have two games on my PS3 that have the voice of John de Lancie in them O.O
Michael Boltons singing voice + Morgan Freeman's or John De Lancie's voice = my perfect man
Just started Assassins Creed 3. John de Lancie does the opening narration, & now I feel like Q is shaping my destiny.
Logo is showing the Brony documentary. John De Lancie is awesome in it.
I think I've just had an awesome idea, John de Lancie as the Master!
WOW !! That moment when you're watching and John De Lancie appears =D
It's like the game Quantum Conundrum. The Narrator is funnier tho in TSP than QC, & John de Lancie is fantastic in that game.
There's no denying that John de Lancie has helped the Brony fandom a great deal. We owe him a real debt for being our spokesman.
That kid's epic! He got John De Lancie to convince his dad. :O
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Tara Strong was on for a bit and I think I saw John De Lancie. Is Logo just using footage from the Brony Documentory for this thing?
Oh wow, I think it's actually THE documentary, the one with John De Lancie n stuff.
Is this the one with John De Lancie?
I squee'ed so hard when I found out John de Lancie was voicing a character. I *LOVE* Q from ST:TNG. They wrote Discord perfectly. :D
John de Lancie as Number 0 would have been PERFECT.
First a John de Lancie episode, and now a Mark Margolis one. guest stars all over these ST:TNG episodes.
John de Lancie and Krysten Ritter broke my heart in that season.
I think those fears went away as soon as John de Lancie opened his mouth XD
Thankfully, the "Erotic" link on John de Lancie's poetry page does not work
Am I to understand that Discord will have his own song? I didn't know John De Lancie could sing...
Disappointed that googling 'John De Lancie Grumpy Cat' doesn't produce a photoshop of one with the other's face :(
don't tell that he sounds like John de Lancie, he'll never stop mentioning it
It's rather impressive that you got John de Lancie for your spot!
...wait. Youtube recommended me a video of John de Lancie on MLP before I even Googled his name. That's kind of creepy, Google.
John de Lancie means He once played the character Eugene on DOOL's in the 80's He is Best... 3LinesPedia
You were right about John De Lancie on Breaking Bad. Wow. Just saw the (i think) last episode with him in it.
Anonymous asked: You're sitting in your room doing the usual, and *POOF* John de Lancie appears in front of...
I've never been able to take it seriously. I blame John de Lancie for that.
Once Breaking Bad ends at least I'll be able to re watch it for all of the Easter Eggs, The Color Theory and John de Lancie (;
John de Lancie definitely had a thing for eye liner.
Im watching Torchwood Miracle Day and I'm loving it. Great series. And then suddenly John de Lancie walks in and it gets a whole lot bett...
John de Lancie on the West Wing breaks my mind. It is broken.
Last night I dreamed that John de Lancie fixed me an ice cream cone. Butter pecan in a sugar cone. That's normal, right?
you need more John De Lancie in your life, and you know what that means.
John De Lancie always gets me mellow, it was really good, I intend to watch on!
. how was it? I need to know. Did John de Lancie give you a *** !?
I swear John De Lancie has been in everything under the sun
"a short-tempered John de Lancie wants to know WILL YOU CONTINUE"
Same with Tabitha. John de Lancie not so much.
John de Lancie is one of my favourite actors ever based on Q. He'd be the deus ex machina in every show I wrote.
Spending my evening in the studio drawing John de Lancie. There are worse things, to be sure.
As good as it was, Breaking Bad was improved enormously once John de Lancie arrived. Fantastic actor
You know I was worried that re-watching TNG would leave me disappointed... Nope. John de Lancie is a blast.
John de Lancie -"Act because you love to act. Don't act because you want fame or fortune."
John De Lancie proclaims his hatred of at
John de Lancie will be at the Seventh Fleet booth (931) after 1pm for a group photo. Come by to be in it (any costume).
To be fair, that happened again, except Satan was John de Lancie. Inevitably.
watch for John de Lancie season 2 episode 10 through 13 I think
I had the pleasure of working with the incomparable for several hours yesterday. Come see me and John de Lancie today in SLC.
I'm finding John de Lancie and having the stiffest drinks with him and then, only then will i begin my metamorphosis into Chance 2.0
Good job!! I missed your show tonight and wanted to give you this picture of John De Lancie as penance.
Day one of SLC Comic Con was a blast! Yay for getting to meet John De Lancie and others!
Everyone I met today was so nice! Nicholas Brendon, John De Lancie, Dwight Schultz, William Kircher. All great and so friendly!
Crap. just reminded me that we should've had John De Lancie snap for us. We blew it!
(c) Tara Strong and John De Lancie Autographs and it was given to me by ! And now my dad threw the Flash Memory Away.Oh well
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I know, but we are talking about the John De Lancie right?
Upset that I can't go see John De Lancie at Salt Lake Comic Con. :S
Dragoncon was a blast! John De Lancie... The coolest man alive! Thanks so much!
heard that John de Lancie is coming
Do you know if John De Lancie is ok? He seems to have disappeared off everything.
I need to get me John De Lancie for 2014.
Called it! John de Lancie does do the voice on this My little Ponies character. He has a real knack of playing inter-dimensional beings.
I'm so scared to look at the comments on John De Lancie's reading of the Raven because I expect them all to be like "GOO…
I liked when John De Lancie appeared in Breaking Bad
Finding out John De Lancie did a reading of The Raven made my day so much better.
I love John De Lancie so much that I'm willing to watch anything he's in despite how awful of a character Q is.
It's always a treat to see John De Lancie.
Wha! John de Lancie will be at Salt Lake Comicon? Gr...maybe I should wake up early on Saturday to check things out...
I just discovered John de Lancie (yaknow, Q in Star Trek, ya nerds) apparently does a voice on that creepy pony show. That poor man, ***
The cover of should sport John de Lancie and Donald Sutherland.
Due to a contract disagreement, John de Lancie was unable to reprise his role as Discord. He is graciously replaced with Jason Griffith.
Went to dragoncon in ATL over the weekend and it was incredible!! I met Billy D. Williams, Lee Major, John De Lancie and Michael Dorn!
you mean I hired John De Lancie to come here for nothing?
Well, his voice, anyway. :P John de Lancie.
Well they would call it the John de Lancie room, but Q sounds cooler.
If you were wondering if John de Lancie is still hot, worry no more. He is a knock out!!
I still cant beleave how you got John De Lancie and Tara Strong to voice for this thats SO (
High and low point of the con so far: got to shake hands and take a picture with John de Lancie and Maurice...
dinner time talk with mom: attempting to explain Discord to her because she's a treky and loves Q so she knows John de lancie.
John De Lancie, my daughter thinks you're cool because you played Q in STNG and a cool/funny villain in My Little Pony.
I started watching ST:TNG last night. Go figure that John de Lancie who plays Q (Discord in MLP:FiM) was in the first episode.
watching old episodes of Star Trek on netflix were you and John De Lancie every friends?
ok I saw the lineup. They had me at John de Lancie. I’m going to have to consider going to this in the future.
You're only a real nerd if you enter its drive name as "John de Lancie"
John De Lancie has a similar effect on me too. I need to get into DS9, as I always watched it with my dad.
If I could have posse it would be me, Rob Coltrane, John de Lancie, & Summer Glau-we would walk around being sorta threatening in odd ways.
John de Lancie was also in bad. Great episodes I might add.
This is who Discord was based off of: Also played by John de Lancie.
I wonder what happened to John De Lancie. It's like he stopped participating in the fandom since that incident with the documentary
What famous person would you like to meet? — John De Lancie or Tom Hiddleson
wasn't John De Lancie MEANT to be there?
Who is John de Lancie famous for playing?
get John De Lancie for that too, doubt he'd turn down a paycheck
Also why does John de Lancie play everybody's dad now
Or you realized that John de Lancie played both characters. I don't think Q is really a draconequus! :-P
Want to be a voice actor? Want to co-star with John de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Colin Ferguson and more? Well you...
Why is John de Lancie not in more things? He really should be in more things, dammit.
Since Jessie's gf appears to have just died, does that John de Lancie's character won't appear anymore?
John de Lancie is on Breaking Bad...I don't think I can take it seriously now.
27 days to be a part of this all-star production starring Daniel Roebuck, John de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Colin...
All purpose parts banner
John De Lancie is hilarious in person
Be part of this all-star production with John de Lancie Colin Ferguson & more! htt…
I can recognise John De Lancie's voice so well I could tell it was him when my sister was watching a program in a whole other room.
So, has John de Lancie pretty much given up on us? I was gone for the whole documentary thing, and that seems to be his last interaction.
Breaking Bad pitch: Turns out John de Lancie was still playing Q.
Dumbledore is beyond us. John de Lancie.
John De Lancie apparently did a documentary on how misunderstood bronies are so now I'm glad your fake TV daughter died, dude
That remains my favorite storyline, outside of "Saul wants them to buy a lasertag arena." It has John de Lancie!
John De Lancie appearing in a show is obviously indicative of good quality. First Q, then I see him in Breaking Bad, and now the West Wing?!
John de Lancie broke my heart in the S2 finale. I'm starting to dread the rest of this.
John de Lancie is more appealing to me tonight than Tim Curry. Although now I'm considering "Fern Gully.". No. Star Trek. For now.
John de Lancie was so much fun to listen to when answering Fan's questions. Inspiring!!
John De Lancie is such a sweetheart
John de Lancie, you're the best. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
John de Lancie's phone rings while on stage "at least it's my agent!"
Hamilton Collection
John de Lancie's phone rings in the middle of his presentation. "At least it's my agent!"
Hard to believe John de Lancie was only in 9 episodes of Trek
John de Lancie's son Keegan works in the consulate office in Saudi Arabia for the U.S. government. He appeared in
John de Lancie flunked out of school when he was young because of dyslexia
Q: None of it is me. Turn off the sound, you will see all winks and nods and subtext, John de Lancie says
"The best way to see what Ido and for any actor- turn off the sound." John de Lancie
John De Lancie did a docu about bronies. Q films bronies.
People overseas seem to know John de Lancie more as "Jane's father" from than Q
is a gem, John de Lancie says, because of an enormous amount of detail that goes into the show
For the first time in his life, John de Lancie has no upcoming projects because of his recent boat traveling
Humor should be the "backseat" of the true nature of the Q character, John de Lancie says
Sitting in the John De Lancie panel at
John de Lancie just returned from a round-the-world trip!
John de Lancie takes the stage in the main ballroom
Sad to leave the Geek Girls discussion to go see Q - good conversation happening. John de Lancie in 10 minutes.
Joining TFB2 will be John de Lancie and Colin Ferguson. Support this original Audio Drama series!
John de Lancie crushed that small role.
My daughter is watching My Little Pony in the background, and it’s catching my interest because I can hear John de Lancie aka Q aka Discord!
Are you kidding me?! John De Lancie FTW. One of the best supporting characters in all of But garak was great too.
John de Lancie as Human Q is one of my favorite things on TNG.
My ability to just 'show up' in places around the world is only second to John de Lancie's 'Q'
Last weekend I learned that John De Lancie was on AND that he supports and defends Love him.
Well, there's always a chance a company hires John de Lancie to interview applicants. You COULD be talking to Q.
Also, if you liked John de Lancie as Q in The Next Generation, you might like "The Return of Harmony".
OMG John De Lancie does the narration for Assassins Creed 3. [10]
More from - John de Lancie is sailing across the Pacific from California to the Marquesas Islands, sending updates via email.
Lol, it's awesome. I'm only halfway through S1 at the moment but I know John de Lancie voices a later character!
I thought I couldn't like Breaking Bad more, and then they bring out John De Lancie.
While it is always a delight to see John De Lancie - series two of was unfulfilling. Lacking the humour and power of the first!
I made a Trekie at the theater really jealous. All I said was that I met and talked with John De Lancie.
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John De Lancie, Robert Picardo, Denise Crosby, Jason David Frank, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ... just to name a few of those appearing at Space City Con in Houston TX on August 2-4. make it out there if you can.
My favorite Q is John De Lancie. Only guy that could act with Jean Luc Picard. Or did I get confused here?
who is apparently voiced by John de Lancie, creating a fued between the trekkies and the bronies
I've only ever backed one Kickstarter which was the Brony Doc by Tara Strong, John De Lancie and Lauren Faust, got everything I was promised
I added a video to a playlist John de Lancie in Scruples
I added a video to a playlist QMx Presents: The Raven read by John De Lancie
My Fav character has to be Q (John de Lancie) Just awesome fun when he's around :D
Apparently John de Lancie is in control of their clock.
I can only imagine Mr. Topaz in Fallout: Equestria being voiced by John de Lancie with a bit of echoe.
John De Lancie Returning to Friendship is Magic?: . A few weeks back at the Toronto Comic Con, John De Lancie pop... htt…
Guess who's coming to BUCK? John de Lancie's coming to BUCK. The added total of the Paypal and Kickstarter Campaign is current…
My Mum just got me Quantum Conundrum ^^ It's such a good game and it has John De Lancie in it. AWESOME.
The Squire of Gothos, makes me want to watch a episode featuring John de Lancie as Q.
I dunno, it pains me that every John De Lancie vid has Discord and other MLP comments in them
John De Lancie has the perfect audiobook voice.
John de Lancie is weird looking. Or was. Now he's just old.
You are a jerk! John de Lancie is a great American!
And recently, 2013, I got an autograph from John de Lancie. THE John de Lancie.
Dang it, John de Lancie, stop making robots and games that can kill people. (Just watched the movies Arcade and Evolver.)
Much as I love John de Lancie, Q always was the laziest of story catalysts. S7 finale excepted I can't think of one I actually like.
I polished my morals growing up watching in the role of Jean-Luc Picard! I learned trolling from John de Lancie as Q!
Late night coding with ponies and John de Lancie.
last yr I met John de Lancie (Q) at a comic book convention here in Toronto. This yr they had the whole cast but I missed it.
"Well, I don't think I've ever even had a pizza!" an outraged rich man (played by John de Lancie) on Murder, She Wrote.
Just saw this movie. You gotta appreciate this. John de Lancie ... Dr. Frank Miller
Some My Little Pony was watched at girls night. Of course the character of Discord was played by John de Lancie (Q)!
John De Lancie was at FanExpo last year and I wanted to kick his face in just because of his character on TNG.
I liked a video Best of John de Lancie TNG 3x13
The trollish part of me is played by John De Lancie.
It's a reading of The Raven by John De Lancie.
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Eww, bad, bad John de Lancie, she's pregnant!
John de Lancie is a good actor. Didn't realise I'd seen him in till mentioned it.
John de Lancie just appeared where I'm at on 'Breaking Bad' - he gets everywhere!
They can sell Mxy, I mean, is John de Lancie busy?
This just in: Tara Strong and John De Lancie at Calgary Expo:
I love what John De Lancie did AS Q when interacting with Picard, but just as a general concept, I didn't really like them.
But I'd want John De Lancie to be in it in whatever capacity he could be, because he's the best.
OK, totally geeking out here. Did anyone else know that John de Lancie was Desmond Miles' father in Assassins...
Q: What's the ideal thing to say to John de Lancie when he shows up at the agreed upon time? A: Right on, Q.
I think that I prefer John De Lancie's reading of The Raven over James Earl Jones'.
Sounds like John de lancie wanting money.
John de Lancie is going to voice Scott Pilgrim on TV
This is me realizing all too late that John De Lancie is the voice of Discord and the irony of the fact.
Plus it has John de Lancie in it, so how can you not love it completely?
I managed not to. But then I also only realised Robin Sachs & John de Lancie were 2 separate people today, so, observant..
If someone did the voice over for my life, I'd want it to be John de Lancie.
Saw the John de Lancie brony documentary this past weekend. Pretty awful that all the parts about violence and threats were from here in NC.
There's even an audiobook of it read by John de Lancie and Majel Barrett which I have on CASSETTE because I am ancient.
JOHN DE LANCIE'S VOICEIN AC3. This is going to be an amazing game.
wow! John de Lancie is on Assassins creed 3!
I wonder if John de Lancie reads Q magazine.
Bochy calls Quiroz "Q." Is he suggesting that Guillermo looks like a chubby Venezuelan John de Lancie?
After I first watched this ep, I thought her late husband in the photos was John de Lancie. I'm not sure why.
sean's watching Breaking Bad, suddenly turns around and says "SAM, JOHN DE LANCIE IS IN THIS EPISODE"
Would love if John De Lancie could be on Once! :)
JOHN DE LANCIE is in this episode of My Little Pony. I'm made happy.
Yep, that was the best thing. John De Lancie is awesome.
I've tried, but I'm a cynic by nature. Love and friendship just provokes rage. Even John de Lancie has been incapable of saving me.
Would John de Lancie be a good choice for the 12th Doctor?
You're right about John De Lancie he was fantastic in that role. All Q episodes are great to watch. I think he should have
John de Lancie tho! Actually I wonder if there's an excuse to bring him back too.
If that means I get to be voiced by John de Lancie, I'm all for it.
Here's an example of the 2nd type. "Discord and John De Lancie pass each other crossing the street..." And I have no idea what to do next :D
& He must be omnipotent to pull this off. I wonder which CON gets him?
im lit rolling in m bed n kickin m feet john de lancie is attractive as HECK so is his voice im. wow. bye.
he'll probably be voiced by John de Lancie...
John de Lancie in Breaking Bad makes me happy.
UPDATE! John de Lancie's exact words at the film festival were "I sang a song for My Little Pony." He didn't specify that it was for Discord
The 90s TV Show "Legend" which stars Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie is by far the best TV show ever!
I think John De Lancie is around here somewhere but I think he goes by Discord now :)
Nobody could have played Q like John De Lancie. Not even Corbin Bernsen :p
Photo: I FECKIN’ LOVE THIS MAN! John de Lancie is quite possibly one of the classiest people I’ve ever met.
John de Lancie said he sung a song for MLP
Also had a geek out moment: John De Lancie is here for at HE WAS Q ON Star Trek NPG! I TALKED TO Q. Thx
Photo of me and John de Lancie from tonight's "Dinner with Discord" event. All kinds of awesome.
We have accidentally stumbled across John de Lancie in Kansas City.
I got to meet John de Lancie and give him a copy of the drawing I made for him, and he signed one for…
Already got to meet John de Lancie.
Wonder how much he'll actually take part in it anyway. Our film had John De Lancie. I tip my had to all who put into the fund. :D
I remember it was fun how Richard Dean Anderson was the happy-go-lucky goofball and John de Lancie was the intuitive gadget-maker.
I don't know who out of those 4 would be a better voice for the main character...probably Kevin...John De Lancie would be great choice..
John de Lancie is on Breaking Bad? This is like if the two coolest things on TV combined, because that's exactly what happened.
I would love it if John De Lancie, Tara Strong, Mandopony, and a lot more people would sign my ukulele. that'd make my life
Gaaahhh, I love John de Lancie in TNG. I used to hate him in the pilot but then he grew on me and he comes back regularly
Weird to see John de Lancie (Simmons on SG1), but what I really love is young He is way hotter now than in the pilot!
gotta be honest, I was expecting John de Lancie.
In related news, John De Lancie makes everything better
Wish John De Lancie was in more episodes of The Next Generation, Q is an hilarious character
All that buildup just so John de Lancie could crash some planes.
but actually, John de Lancie is the voice of Discord in MLP -
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I keep waiting for John de Lancie to break out into some wacky antic.
.Rience Priebus looks like John de Lancie as Q from Star Trek TNG
I like to imagine you said that in John de Lancie's voice
So Bored... and hey, I'm still taller than John de Lancie. While Michelle Creber is at least one head taller than my two-handed sword...
John de Lancie as Q, if his omnipotence doesn't get in the way of answering questions!
I hope a better director gets the 3rd movie, gets John de Lancie to step in and fix this idiocracy.
THE Q! With special guest John de Lancie? Amirite!? This has probably been done Trekkie baristas before me.
I cant believe John De Lancie was in the movie Crank 2: High Voltage! he was an anchorman. INTERESTING!
what surprised me was john de lancie's involvement. Random.
IMO John de Lancie would make a better narrator.
Watch the Discord episodes with him. They are darker, John De Lancie voices Discord and your son will be happy. Win win.
Can I just say that I absolutely adore Q and his existence and that John De Lancie is quite brilliant.
: John De Lancie is great in every role he plays. Especially 'Q' on StarTrek:TNG. Wish he was on tv more.
Oh my, Discord is voiced by John de Lancie. That makes him one of the best cartoon villains already.
If John de Lancie was narrating the whole Brony documentary, I'd get it, if only to imagine it's Q describing them with his textbook scorn.
BronyCon: is an upcoming documentary film that will follow JOHN DE LANCIE on his journey to a convention of bronies:
Breaking Bad chat: I really liked John de Lancie's character in Season 2.
Attention KC John de Lancie (Q) will host a special dinner as a part of our screening. Join us!
yes and I just followed John De. Lancie /)
I love it cause they actually got John De. Lancie to do it
In conversation with John de Lancie at Comicon, he's actually making what looks like a bizarre a documentary about this.
You'll Never Guess Who John de Lancie's in Bed with Now: Play Catch Up with Six Near Forgotten Actors: via
John de Lancie needs to appear in my apartment and offer me the powers of the Q.
Most don't play along with it, obviously. but I like the looks on their face. "OMG You're JOHN DE LANCIE!!!" O.O
and John de Lancie makes an appearance. What's not to love?
John de Lancie is fantastic. I love him.. but cant get past thinking of him as Q
the Bond franchise really missed a trick, not snagging John de Lancie for the role of the MI5 gadgeteer.
Gotta love John de Lancie voice acting.
took me a while to realize "Q" meant question, and not John de Lancie
Relics was great! I especially love the ones with John de Lancie and Majel Roddenberry. :)
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I’ve already played my two best cards: that there’s a Q character played by John de Lancie himself, and songs riffing on Sondheim. No dice.
Ok filling out my survey: John de Lancie and Lauren Faust.
Never trust a game that is narrated by John de Lancie and has a *fluffy* button
John De Lancie, Leonard Nimoy, Dwight Schultz, Ethan Phillips and Bill Shatner in a priceless performance of "First
How the mighty have fallen. John de Lancie has gone from playing an omnipotent being to doing voice work for, "My Little Pony"
Winter Storm "Q" is on its way. Expect 1-2 inches of snow, smarmy insults from John de Lancie.
Patrick Stewart, Johnathan Frakes, Micheal Dorn, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton, Gates Mc Fadden (Dr. Crusher), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi, Wil Wheaton (Weasley Crusher), & John De Lancie ("Q") are all going to be at MegaCon on March 15-17th!! Are you interested now Andrew Stephen, Joseph Stephen, & Amy Wright :D It's only $25 if u pay online now or $30 at the door!
Cute video. And I love that John de Lancie (Discord & Q from ST:TNG) is the voice of the male pony ^_^.
If we're going to be Winter Storm Q, we at least need John de Lancie reading the Winter Storm Watch.
The new winter storm is called 'Q'? Does John de Lancie swoop in at inconvenient times and throw snowballs?
John De Lancie in Charmed - mind blown. Tis funny watching Q be all sensible.
It's good, it's very funny! :) It's not a story, it's a live show with Leonard Nimoy and John De Lancie!
I think that talk between John De Lancie's character and Walter White was one of my favorite scenes in this show.
except John de Lancie, who must be destroyed
Just thought of something for Trekkies... imagibe John de Lancie as the Doctor, what do you think? :P
Have you checked out interview with John de Lancie yet?
not 100% certain one of my children isn't Q (played by John de Lancie)
I got to see John de Lancie at a little, local con in '94, but I was twelve and that doesn't really count.
I got the horn whilst watching John de Lancie on ST:NG tonight. Takes all sorts.
I think John De Lancie and Tara Strong singing was really all I needed this year. Might as well just call it now.
not to mention having John De Lancie at my beckon call ;)
Not trying to make you watch but John De Lancie is in a couple of episodes. Y'know, just sayin'.
I added a video to a playlist GeekCast Radio Network - Interviews - John de Lancie
That's probably because it is John De Lancie. (
I have concluded that John De Lancie's voice is the best in the world. Ever.
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