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John Daly

John Patrick Daly (born April 28, 1966) is an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour.

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A great day for Team Loudmouth with John Daly and Peter Wright both winning! ⛳️🎯
Those Arnold Palmer's were a lot more like John Daly's
Can't decide if I want to be Favre or John Daly when I grow up
Rocco Mediate and John Daly at BassProLegends!! Rainy but fun:)
Former professional golfer, John Daly, summarized in 15 seconds
Just another day in the life of John Daly.
Now who in DFW is gonna honor John Daly for this?
There's something about John Daly singing at a Hooters bikini contest in shorts and Nike slide sandals.
Lee Janzen leads MGRC at 4-under with Tom Pernice Jr. Janzen is through 11 holes. John Daly at 3-under through 14
John Daly was in fully John Daly-mode today, wearing doughnut pants & questioning social skills of PGA Tour players…
Share wth each you know. John Daly's Walking the Great Glen Way for Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal on BT MyDonate
girth starting to approach John Daly proportions.
Larger than life with a drive that's even longer. Check out our John Daly collection dedicated to this legend >> https:…
Andy's out in the country in Perfectsberg. Wasn't so bad, obv watched inauguration, tennis-hot chicks, golf-John Daly
Pro golfer John Daly reveals a little about the characters of Trump and Bill Clinton. Hint: Clinton is a Democrat.
Video: SNL mocks Rob Gronkowski, Conor McGregor, and John Daly in hilarious skit
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
WATCH: John Daly talks about playing golf with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton
John Daly, Little John Take on PNC Father/Son Challenge in matching pants!!
In Orlando for where John Daly and 13 yo son, Little John, are sure to be fan favorites this weekend:
John Daly is in the field for the Diamond Resorts Invitational, where he'll compete against players:
Who wore it worse: John Daly, Mark Davis, or Bucky Larson?
If esports are anywhere near respected...then golf, tennis, and soccer are all bad *** now, can't even make fun of John Daly anymore.
John Daly seeking to make a third Olympic team after heartbreak at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games in skeleton.…
Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, John Daly and Don King all come out in support of Trump. Yep, cos those guys never made bad decisions.
The storyline you didn't hear in John Daly's ESPN "30 for 30" —
Watch on talking about why mindfulness matters 👉
Thank God for this John Daly 30for30 to cheer me up
Watch John Daly out drive Tiger in a playoff via
I feel like John Daly right now. I'm a Cubs fan that isn't prepared to deal with success
Golf *** John Daly lost $90 million in gambling smfh I need to watch his 30 for 30
Quick 9: Shine a spotlight on the opposites they should have a tee off of a coke can for the tour champ(John Daly)
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Explains why he sounds like he's had a few John Daly's
The amount of fireball I've consumed this Wednesday night would make John Daly proud.
No. I like the drama. But its gotta be John Daly. It's John Daly, right?
I had the game muted on tv 2 and was watching the John Daly 30 for 30 on the main screen in the 8th
"You are the John Daly of Scrabble" - compliment I've ever gotten. Hands down.
Maybe I can sneak in that John Daly 30 for 30
The hype is real. John Daly 30 for 30 is on in 15 minutes
Somewhere, John Daly is sitting in his living room saying "Should've let him hit it hard"
Pamela Martin. Stephen Smart, John Daly, now Jas Johal (I may have missed some names). Write nice, wi…
This game is pretty good but John Daly is the greatest!.
This John Daly 30 for 30 is pretty good
John Daly It's no secret that golf's most colorful character, John Daly, likes to g...
Watching game 7 of the world series with Tommy Lasorda and John Daly! Can't get any better then this
Watch the time Tiger Woods hit a perfect drive in a playoff -- and John Daly still smoked one past him:…
reminds me of the John Daly 30 for 30. Not ready for success.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
John Daly and Bo Jackson already have 30 for 30s. We need the Cubs' to win the WS. That's the only answer.
just watched a 30 for 30 on John Daly. Worth a watch for the golf nut you are.
Advice from John Daly to the Indians, "Grip it and Rip it"
been drinking John Daly's all night
The 30 for 30 on John Daly is fantastic. A must watch for golf fans. And as would say, he is a super fella.
Off topic, but that John Daly 30 for 30 was tight.
Nobody will ever love a sport as much as John Daly loves golf
Less than 24 hours until the John Daly 30 for 30 special airs on ESPN
Schwarber taking a page right out of the John Daly handbook with his swings. GRIP IT AND RIP IT DAWG
Kyle Schwarber is the John Daly of the MLB
John Daly has never had a drink during a PGA event… except for one time.
Please figure out how to mic John Daly during his next tournament? Please.
Saying John Daly wasnt destined to win was moronic. Won 2 majors most golfers would die 2 do that
"Caffeine + Nicotine = Protein" - John Daly. Get the official pocket tee of the American legend >>…
ESPN's John Daly '30 For 30' was a tribute to a legend.
Andy Daly CarMax ads: 👍. Yahoos gawking at a column of Chevys: 👎
John Daly reveals he has lost more money gambling than Tom Brady makes in a year
Jim Nantz—class act in the John Daly . Exceptionally well done.
John Daly said after winning the PGA championship he went through Mcdonald's drive thru bc he was broke.
Right Sergio, thats it, no more practice rounds with John Daly!! 🍷🍸🍹🍺
why no tribute to Steve? at least 25000 loyal fans have given up on Global?! We deserve closure
My natural self is John Goodman. If I relaxed, I'd be him.
From Jon Daly "Rare picture of National Trust moving stones forward an hour at Avebury"
What I hope is addressed in John Daly 30 for 30: why he still drinks and no one talks about it
Waiting for the John Daly 30 for 30 on Tuesday like
John Daly 30 for 30 is in just 5 days. Here's your shopping list to ensure maximum enjoyment while you watch: . •Beer. •Cigs. •Lou…
"I never had any alcohol [during a PGA Tour event] that I remember ... except one time.". John Daly on
John Daly admitted he once 'downed like five beers' at the turn of a tour event; shot 4-under the rest of the way: https:/…
please square up with that great value John Daly that wears after the game for me
I'm stopping everything I have going on in my life for the John daly
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
HIT IT HARD. John Daly didn't fit into the world of golf when he burst onto the scene in 1991, gripping it and...
Drinking, drugs, golf, gambling. That's how I want to live my retirement. John Daly got to live that his whole life.
Not a huge golf fan, but can't wait to see the John Daly "30 for 30"!
The trailer for the John Daly 30 for 30 documentary is here!
VIDEO: John Daly “30 for 30” trailer is out, and it looks awesome can't wait!!
Looking forward to this and John Daly ESPN 30 For 30.
This 30 for 30 about John daly will be the tv event of the year
How good is this John Daly "30 for 30" trailer? . Let's just say, the film's release date can't come soon enough.
John Daly is getting a 30 for 30...
PSA: John Daly 30 for 30 will be on November 1. I repeat, John Daly 30 for 30 in less than a month. .
Words literally cannot do justice to how excited I am to see the John Daly 30for30
The trailer for John Daly's "Hit It Hard" 30 for 30 just dropped and it's spectacular
ESPN to air '30 for 30: Hit it Hard' film on John Daly
We can't wait to learn more about John Daly. . Article here by
Tell us some personal brushes with John that you've had over the years. I've got 2 good ones.
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It's hump day! John Daly shares tips for getting your ball up and down on those uphill chip shots:
will the John Daly 30 for 30 Hit it Hard screen here the same date as the US?
ESPN drops John Daly '30 for 30' trailer: Here's a first look at
Claire Daly John Daly Norma Winstone and Claire Daly at Belltable during rehearsal at our recent Jazz Festival
I want to see John Daly's 30 for 30 RIGHT NOW
ESPN drops John Daly '30 for 30' trailer
This will be a must watch. ESPN drops John Daly '30 for 30' trailer. (via )
John Daly’s 30 for 30, "Hit it Hard," is sure to be entertaining and will air in a month! Watch the trailer here:
I am really looking forward to this ESPN on John Daly. Here's the trailer:
I am probably late to the party, but there is a John Daly 30 for 30 coming up, and God is that glorious
I have a soft spot for John Daly because I looked like him when I was a baby
John Daly will probably have himself a beer and watch this
VIDEO: ESPN drops trailer for upcoming '30 for 30' documentary on John Daly.
Must watch of the day: John Daly. ESPN 30 for 30: Hit it Hard - Trailer .
ESPN will show a "Catholics vs. Convicts" 30 for 30 following the Heisman show. . Also coming: docs on Phi Slamma Jamma and John Daly.
I'm told that iced tea/lemonade w Jack Daniels is called a John Daly but I refuse. I always call it an Arnold Palmer w Jack.
John Daly must be wearing Zubaz in that company photo. For NFL picks, just need a Dan Mari…
FSU is more consistent, like Nick Faldo. Ole Miss more sporadic, like John Daly.
Andrew Johnston counts John Daly as one of his heroes.
I was in a pub last night and asked the bartender for a John Daly. He said what's that? I said an Arnold Palmer with vodka
power out in Daly City off of John Daly and Lake Merced.
Maddon says Baez is able to shorten his swing and use the entire field. "Other times, he's pretty much John Daly"
25 years ago, ninth alternate and legend John Daly drove through the night on Wednesday and won the '91 PGA.
theScore: John Daly: 'Beef' Johnston thought he could outdrink me.
John Daly and Andrew "Beef" Johnston are possibly the two most popular cult heroes at the PGA Championship this week. Daly, of course, rose…
Long lost brothers John Daly, 'Beef' Johnston bond over whiskey and music: A new fan favorite, Beef is pickin...
USPGA Championship: John Daly gives friendly advice to new buddy Andrew Johnston at Baltisrol: JOHN DALY urge...
John Daly and "Beef" Johnston drank whiskey together. How did that turn out?.
That one time John Daly and Andrew 'Beef' Johnston drank whiskey together -
John Daly and Quincy Howe covering the 1956 Democratic National Convention for ABC Television. August 12, 1956.
Plus it's John Daly, white trash hero, at St. Andrews of all places.
Most notable thing in this photo just might be John Daly's mullet. Think would give props.
Those 350-yard drives in the fairway tend to lead to birdies. Here's how John Daly finished Round 1 htt…
I'm more excited for the John Daly poptarts that come out of the Arnold Palmers
I would also love to see a 30 for 30 on Johnny Manziel (duh), Ichiro and John Daly, which is already happening.
Congrats to John Daly and Kieran Gibson for making 1st team All County and to Jack Sheehy, Justin Powell, and Nick DelliPizzi for 2nd team.
John Daly signs up for Shaw Charity Classic at Canyon Meadows
Will the legend of Johnny Manziel ever surpass that of John Daly.
there's a pile of good ones coming up too. Darryl & Doc, Ric Flair, and John Daly ones look great
How about a lazy Saturday afternoon patio drink? The John Daly is on feature this weekend! House made iced tea, lemonade, vodka 🍹🌞
Champions Tour needs to just sell out on John Daly
I am kidding DV. Sounds like it was taken out of context...or content according to John Daly.
Lets hope this sign works like the one against the Italians . Credit: John Daly's Pub Mulligar
John Daly and his wife sporting matching pants/shorts for their Saturday round
Are you John Daly, Jordan Spieth or someone in between? Take our golf personality quiz:
Green speeds still too slow for John Daly's liking at
John Daly headed up to the 18th green.
John Daly in the house. Riding on the cart.
I'd be way more down with a "John Daly" if it included a muddled cigarette.
John Daly is why I watch the Champions your.
I'm muh fukn John Daly on the links
John Daly is crushing it at the Loving it. Anyone got a for me to drink?…
PGA senior event is in town. John Daly's pants are amazing. Also, his caddy had matching shorts.
Despite setbacks, John Daly is still a fan favorite:
John Daly ripping one down the middle
Here is the color folks following John Daly are getting today
a remake of Caddyshack is in order, with John Daly in the Rodney Dangerfield role
I'm going to give myself a 2 John Daly cocktail penalty for just watching this tournament! 😳https…
While the US Open is going on, John Daly is out there busy being a *** legend
Forbes claims Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's highest paid athlete at $88 million. In last place was John Daly at a 6…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The confirms that two-time major champion John Daly has committed to play the Boeing Classic.
John Daly could theoretically win seven majors this year
The PCC is in full swing. John Daly played with Greg Edwards and Dr. Tom. Oh to be a fly in that cart..
Victim is John Daly of Theodore September Philly ..he was beaten and strangled and robbed police say!!
John Daly took a Daly-esque 9 at the Senior PGA Championship
John Daly made his debut at the Senior PGA Championship wildly interesting.
John Daly in the field for Senior PGA Championship at Benton Harbor - WXYZ
John Daly is set to make his Senior PGA Championship debut on the west side of Michigan tomorrow.
John Daly, Bernhard Langer prepare to tee it up for Senior PGA Championship in Benton Harbor: Langer will play with…
Perfect day in Benton Harbor for the 77th Senior PGA Championship hosting players John Daly and Colin Montgomery
Matt Latos is the John Daly of baseball.
John Daly's senior debut, big week & the year's best recovery shot. The Grind
John Daly's senior debut, a rare Anthony Kim sighting & the historic streak on the line at this year's Players...
John Daly's senior debut, Anthony Kim's rare sighting, and a historic streak gets put on the line at the…
James Hahn back on top, John Daly is back on a tour, and Anthony Kim is back in public.
John Daly finished T17 in 1st Champions event, but outdrove the field by an average of 45 yards.
Good article about John Daly's personal brand and his popularity with fans.
John Daly still a fan favorite amid struggles
John Daly still a fan favorite amid struggles: An uneven day on the course put Daly in a tie for...
John Daly, amid struggles, still a fan favorite at PGA Tour Champions event
who was more talented in there Prime, Anthony or John Daly ?
Woody Austin gets it: You don't want him, you want John Daly | Golf Channel
Clare Daly saying only 26% voted for FG. Again, only 2.5% voted for her party. So, FG has 10X the mandate of I4C, and 17x t…
Definitely channeling my inner John Daly at the course this morning.
John Daly is a tremendous choice for avatar. His lifestyle is admirable. Had to point that out lol
Always been a HUGE John Daly fan. I think he's gonna kill it on the
John Daly ripping it up on the Champions Tour - life will never be the same again
Can I get a price on Monty, John Daly and Parnevik finishing top 10 at this week's Champions Tour event please?
Two time Major winner John Daly makes his PGA Champions Tour debut later tonight in Texas at the Insperity Open.
“Carlton” does the Carlton dance for John Daly, shows off Directed Force putter …
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Good luck to our much loved Amabassador John Daly.
That's a picture of pro golfer John Daly. Whoever this really is couldn't shake a stick at that man
John Daly has reached Ray D'Arcy popularity levels. Even has his own Bobblehead!
.bobbleheads to be given out to fans at on Friday:
The will never be the same. John Daly makes his debut Friday. Certainly going to be one of the longest off the tee day one.
“Keep my flexibility up? I'd rather smoke, drink diet Cokes and eat.” -John Daly
John Daly playing in golf tournaments. Trump running for president. What a time to be alive.
John Daly at 50, and the senior circuit beckons
“I could keep my up but I'd rather smoke drink and eat.”-John Daly more jokes
Sit back, relax and sip on a John Daly
John Daly Grattan Ist just agreed on TV as well eg in shares-buy at one rate, tax changes & then never grandfathered when sell
.makes me really want to play on the Champions Tour report from TX:
Making his Champions Tour debut this week, expects John Daly to shake things up:
want to watch John Daly play tomorrow.
John Daly makes his Champions debut Friday at 12:30 paired with Fuzzy Zoeller, and Peter Jacobsen in Insperity Championship.
.Despite struggles, John Daly likely to draw crowd at Insperity via
how amazing would that be watching John Daly at Bear mtn
You ready? is. Big John's debut is this weekend in Texas:
Jacoby Ellsbury couldn't throw John Daly out at home on a pop fly 15 feet beyond second base.
Photograph of John MacBride in the Daly papers. He was executed today 100 years ago.
It's been a whirlwind week for Here's a look back before his debut on Fri. https:…
A new era for John Daly and the PGA Champions Tour begins in The Woodlands Friday. From .
CHRIS CUTMORE: John Daly turned 50 on Thursday, and is now eligible for the Champions Tour. The story of his life will e…
John Daly to PGA Tour Champions: John Daly begins play with the over 50 golfers this week on the PGA Tour Cha...
Two-time major champion John Daly figures to be a draw for PGA Tour Champions in need of star power
John Daly's Champions Tour debut makes the Insperity Invitational a must watch this week!
all the best to John Daly today first start on the Champions Tour.
John Daly is going to make me watch the Champions Tour, but only if he is in contention on the weekend
John Daly making PGA Tour Champions debut this week in Houston via
John Daly arrives on PGA Tour Champions ready to move the needle
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
John Daly poised to make splash on Champions Tour - San Francisco Chronicle
Happy 50th birthday to the biggest savage to ever do it, Mr. John Daly
John Daly turns 50, says Fuzzy Zoeller owes him $150K for betting he wouldn't still be alive
Happy 50th birthday to John Daly! Not sure why you blocked us, but hope you have a great day
Happy 50th birthday, John Daly, and thanks for these memories - via App
Tiger Woods: Golfer turns down a beer from John Daly: They are two golfers at the opposite ends of the lifest...
The State Journal - Bubba Watson, John Daly early commitments to the seventh edition of The Greenbrier Classic https:/…
it's called a John Daly bcs some bartender thought it'd be funny to name an alcoholic Arnold Palmer after an alcoholic golfer
omg John Daly (in pink) is literally the nighttime P A R T Y version of Arnold Palmer
I'm gonna start serving Arnold Palmer out of my flat this summer, as we move into night I will switch to John Daly
On Thursday's Dan Patrick Show, John Daly said his dark horse to win The Masters was Danny Willett.
John Daly called Danny Willet to win on the Dan Patrick show last week! well done Big John.
John Daly picked Danny Willett on the show this week.
Final: Adam Scott defeats John Daly, 71 over to 72 over... Thru 9 holes 😂
Legendary back 9 play from Adam Scott and John Daly.
and on CN right now as John Daly and Adam Scott in the Adult Swim Golf Classic. I'm dying 😂
Tune into Adult Swim right now for the funniest golf match ever! 😂 John Daly vs Adam Scott
Adam Scott vs. John Daly on Adult Swim is incredible!
I think I'll watch and play golf as John Daly and Adam Scott on because it's too perfect.
.talks to about life-long quest to co-opt then overtake the golfer John Daly
A chat with Jon Daly about John Daly and Adam Scott and Adam Scott
Fire at apartment building in Dearborn Heights near Cherry Hill and John Daly.
I see The Big Easy did his best John Daly impression today
Ned Daly nephew of John Daly who set up Dalys Bakery on William St. Name was in Irish which was big statement @ time
I'm sure John Daly is at the top of the list of people that Jordan Spieth should be taking advice from
if we see Tiger anywhere near Augusta, No. 3: Just getting there early to have John Daly si…
3M Championship director Hollis Cavner working to bring Arnold Palmer and John Daly to tournament in Blaine in August.
The world needs more John Daly. So much more.
I just need to know if I can ever trust Woodland again, or is he the next John Daly?
Happy Birthday I heard you like golf so here is famous golfer John Daly golfing shirtless
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I tee off at 1:10pm on Thursday. Paired with John Daly, Rory Sabbatini, and Fred Funk.
First goes out to John Daly, Currently peaking in this photo with a sleek mullet…
Toy Story: The Art and Making of the Animated Film by Lasseter, John, Daly, Ste
Two-time Major Champion John Daly commits to play in the 2016
don't think the LA club goes to Joxer Daly's anymore
John Daly jokes are never not funny
can't wait to finally roster John Daly
The good news is that UNI has a shot at the John Daly win from the British. No momentum, late heartbreak, win anyway.
Asian John Daly is my new favorite golfer.
I'm simply a recreation of John Daly.
Just ordered a "John Daly" off the strength of the name I didn't even check what was in the drink
John Daly shot an 18 on the 6th at Bay Hill. He tried to drive the green, which is 342yds carry over water. Majestic.
broadcast just said John Daly hit 6 balls in the water on 6 going for the green in '98. Not all heroes wear capes.
John Daly recorded an 18 while trying to hit 6 balls over the lake on number 6 in 1998...that is awesome
I've had the golf on for 10 minutes, and NBC has taken two shots at John Daly already. Made in 18 once. People don't forget.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm not sure I'd want to be known as the Indonesian John Daly
Getting together with 📷John Daly 📷 again next week for more outdoor forest shots! . This time is fairy themed 💁
I'm at THE hooters where John Daly passed out in 2010
One of four options I think...between John Kiely, Shane O'Neill, Ciaran Carey and Anthony Daly!
Check out John Daly 540 Forged XDS Driver With Headcover Grip it and Rip it On sale now
Tired of candidates not talking real issues. and I do. meet
I recently discovered that Arizona (the tea company) makes their own John Daly (Arnold Palmer+booze) and felt I should pass that along.
📷 the gold goddess begins her disrobe at the cochrane studio photographer: John Daly
Stars who could tee up at the new tournament next year - Montgomerie, Olazabal, John Daly and Paul McGinley.
you know what you call an Arnold Palmer with vodka added? A John Daly heyo
Thx for mentioning . Just saw John Daly mention 3 wood. I ALWAYS loved my 3 wood when I was golfing!
John Daly eager to make Champions Tour debut at Insperity in May the Champions Tour is a circus Daly is
To use a golf analogy for this election, I would like to vote for a modern day Bobby Jones or Byron Nelson. Donald Trump is John Daly.
Watch the most viewed clip of all-time when John Daly literally teed off David: http…
heck of a list. I believe John Daly to be the all around loose cannon ur celebrity posse is missing
not hard to imagine frankly, as it could be like any other pro golfer's life- pick Woods, John Daly, or Leftie.
John Daly's latest venture is a chain of steakhouses
The John Daly "30 for 30" we've all been waiting for premieres at SXSW in Austin in March.
Sry about the delayed picks, weekend bender with the legend John Daly, 4th round matchups: fowler -135 vs Lefty, English -110 vs woodland...
ESPN ’30 for 30′ on John Daly premieres at 2016 SXSW
Look out, world: John Daly's PGA TOUR Champions debut is just 3 months away!.
Fun fact: commit Jonathan *** is a family friend of Yes, THAT John Daly.
Basically JR Smith is the John Daly of the NBA.
On - The we look at the life times of Mr John Daly legend.
Why john Daly knows this isn't his Tour bag.
we did his best John Daly impression, just grip it and rip it
John Daly must have been a bloody decent price at the 1991 PGA
Colt Knost has surpassed John Daly as my favorite golfer.
John R.'s Review of Pieology Pizzeria - Daly City (4/5) on Yelp: A personal pizza all for me :) I love orderin...
Tanora was introduced in the 1930s by John Daly & Co. a former tea, wine & spirits merchant based on Cork’s Kyrls...
GC showed list of players who share highest score ever on hole 16. It’s actually the only highest score list that doesn’t include John Daly
guess they didn't want to call it a John Daly
John Daly 30 for 30, never been more excited for a sports film
in Daly City off the 280 John Daly exit
Bonkers like john Daly coming back to the open a second time!
John Scott and wife named twins Gerry and Daly. Honda has replaced ASG ride with Odyssey van. Classy move.
John Daly has a 30 for 30 about him. My life is now complete
John daly 30for30 "hit it hard" finished taping. Can't wait for it!
John Daly: BLOOD TRADE: A Sean Coleman Thriller: Sean Coleman is back in the latest thriller from John A. Daly, set i
Here is some brand new Donald Trump. I'm promoting John Daly's new book "Blood Trade".
How come there's no like John Daly sized female golfer?
John Daly blew 55mil and said he'd a great time doing it 😁😁😁
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