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John Cusack

John Paul Cusack (born June 28, 1966) is an American film actor and screenwriter.

Stephen King Grosse Point Blank High Fidelity Better Off Dead Must Love Dogs Grosse Pointe Blank Bill Murray Sixteen Candles Arundhati Roy Edward Snowden Sam Jackson Nicholas Cage Joan Cusack Diane Lane Owen Wilson Patrick Dempsey

John Cusack as 3B Buck Weaver. . 3-4 would have been Hall Of Famers among the 8 men out.
One of the staff at the ok metro library is slowly working their way through John Cusack's Filmography and told me via the suggestion page.
during 5am I think we decided to watch Final Destination for some reason...I think I cried over John Cusack for a while
Unfortunately I didn't get to meet John Cusack, who played the serial killer
I've never watched Say Anything but everyone knows that one scene with John Cusack & the boom box. 😅
Chicago - If you leave me now (1976) via cusack did you say happy mothers day to a good mother?
Bike dude clearly watched too many early films. (As if that were possible--I love John Cusack!)
I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window 😍
In which early John Cusack flick does he do battle with a paperboy who wants his two dollars?
I know that John Cusack is a very talented Actor Karen.
John Cusack's only best movie! I love LA Confidential in neo-noirs and ofc Chinatown. Coen Bros movies…
John Cusack is one of the most amazing actors ever...Need I make a list of all his greatest movies.
John Cusack wanted to look at windows
Hmm. I don't have any recollection of that. Are you sure that wasn't John Cusack?
LOVE My fiancée and I try to sit in John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale's seat when we go. Enjoy!…
From all directions. Russia just pushed him to deliver or else on friday. And donnie…
"Here's a Nicholas Cage movie you might like. No? How about this one with John Cusack?". --- Netflix
John Cusack cause he's a giant hot nerd.
I met John Cusack and was so nervous Omfg ;-; brb dying and crying of happiness at the same time ;-;
Would you rather open John Cusack or yell Jimmy Kimmel
Grosse Pointe Blank holds up. John Cusack and Minnie Driver are great. Dan Akroyd is more great. Watch it!
John Cusack ❤ . So quirky and nice . EXACTLY who you expect him to be
John Cusack Q&A in hall one at 11:30 a.m. Come watch and participate for free!!!
Better than John Cusack as Robert Hansen for sure.
Plus having a traveling team consisting of a wolf and teenaged John Cusack would be really rad.
what are my odds of bumping into John cusack at starbucks on clark in chicago
Convinced this went all down hill when John Cusack was introduced wearing socks and sandals
You know what else theatre nerds love about Shakey Peaks? Meaningful soliloquys about the nature of existence. JOHN CUSACK DOES THAT IN THIS
Roberts. The end of the John Cusack movies for now. No more appropriate of a movie in these times.
I will literally watch any movie starring John Cusack. I think I have a problem.
Everyone was there, William Shatner, many Star Trek folks, Adam West, John Cusack, so many
star John Cusack at his Silicon Valley Comic Con panel
John Cusack is in his most John Cusack role ever! Alan Arkin! Joan Cusack being just real weird but in perfectly delivered doses.
John Cusack from High Fidelity is forever my goal aesthetic.
Also - had a theory in college that every Cruise movie would be better with Tom replaced…
Listening to John Cusack currently. I really need to eat though.
Just so everyone is aware, after I die, my postmortem garage sale will now include a boom box signed by John Cusack.
Sunday, May 28 at I will be lined up for an autograph and a photo op each with Joan Cusack and
"Say Anything" but its just me John Cusack'ing leftover Easter ham sandwiches outside your house...
I like the way Joan and John Cusack relate to each other in movies.
Every so often, I'm reminded that Better Off Dead is on Blu-ray and the world gets a little bit brighter.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, John Cusack magnet
I'm giving away something for you on John Cusack magnet . Get it here -
We all know my love for John Cusack, so this shouldn't be a random post. 😀. *. Now that I follow…
Today I am seeking out Max Headroom (Matt Frewer), John Cusack, and the biggest butthead in Hill Valley, Biff Tannen (Tom Wilson).
A boy just showed up at our back fence to sing "Hsppy Birthday" to my daughter John Cusack style. So cute!
My Earth Day plans include blasting Colors of the Wind outside the White House, John Cusack style. If it made Mel Gibson see the light...
All a woman wants is John Cusack outside her window holding that boombox over his head...but thanks for the unsolicited…
I really think John Cusack is cute 😍
When your a kid you think YOU are in the John Cusack movie..being adult means realizing you are actually the comic relief friend
Oh yes, she was so great in Good Will Hunting. Her and John Cusack are just my dream couple.
I hadn't' seen it in ages. Big fan of her, and John Cusack. Loved her in Good Will Hunting as well.
Whoever stuck DCI Huntley on that boat with John Cusack & Oliver Platt wants sacked.
America's Sweethearts, starring Jean Dujardin and John Cusack. Directed by Rian Johnson, music by USA for Africa. Budget: $500,000
Not sure if y'all have see the movie arsenal or not, but between John Cusack in a durag and Nicholas Cage's play doh nose, I can't...
My favourite film of 2015: 'Maps to the Stars', directed by David Cronenberg. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moo…
I once rented and destroyed all of the John Cusack movies at the Athens Georgia Vision Video out of m…
Archie Miller is a fellow sufferer of John cusack small mouth syndrome
Beautiful Art film, "Max" John Cusack as artist/art dealer Max Rothman. John was incredible in this film. http…
SERENDIPITY: exceptional movie. outstanding characters. this film will make you believe in destiny and soulmates. John Cu…
OH! and Identity. with John cusack, one of my favs
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I was into John Cusack while everyone else was still into rayonism.
John Cusack was originally cast to play Bender but was replaced for not looking tough enough.
I think I was 12. "The Sure Thing" with John Cusack. 8! Wow. I'm sure some kids are ready sooner than others.
bandai pissing me off bruh. Really got Sasuke out here looking like John Cusack
he did a fine job in the movie High Fidelity, (one of my fav John Cusack films)
I'd like to marry John Cusack now ok thanks
Tarantino said stars cut their teeth copying Bill Murray. Tom Hanks was doing him in "Bachelor Party" John Cusack was in "The Sure Thing"
Nothing against John Cusack, but 45's life story s/be titled, "Say Anything ".
Chi-Raq review, outstanding performances from Jennifer Hudson and John Cusack Don't miss it.
John Keenan Wicklow has been named referee for Clare's Allianz National Hurling League Rd 5 clash with Waterford in Cusack Pa…
He might just have been taking about Roy Stalin - John Cusack's nemesis in 1985's "Better Off Dead." Now *that* guy…
John Cusack is v cute. I would def have late 90s John Cusack's babies.
Remember in Grosse Point Blank when John Cusack finds out his house has become a convenience store?
I share with Henry VIII, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, Mel Brooks, Pat Morita. Was a good day 👍
Lady @ work last night asked for recomm & said she liked "comedies & John Cusack" so, naturally, I fought her to the death because he's mine
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I added a video to a playlist Better Off Dead (John Cusack 1985) Full movie
hey, that John Cusack movie was scary.
John Cusack chasing down a girl he just realized is his true love.
that interview has epic thoughts/observations. haven't seen yet but I've only seen John Cusack in good SK adaptations so far
look at this glossy promotional centrefold spread. Its like Hello Magazine for Radlibs
One of my favorite things about Sixteen Candles: young John Cusack. He was such a cutie! 🙈
It could be worse, you could be John Cusack in Better Off Dead. Come see the 80s cult classic on March 31st!…
this has now led me to thinking about the best John Cusack movies (also *** happened to that dude's career?)
I remember having an intense conversation with you about john cusack and your dislike for him.
there should​ be a thread. Srsly. I nominate John Cusack in High Fidelity.
BTW just finished watching a jackie chan action movie. called dragon blade (2015 movie). Choi SiWon, Jackie Chan…
How do I get to add me? Do I have to stand outside his house in a John Cusack with books over…
Landed at Cusack Park Mullingar for John the Baptist's All-Ireland final clash with St Ciaran's. Beautiful day here hope for…
The Oscar for hairiest oven operator goes to ... John Cusack!
"Show up at the park everyday early and looking like John Cusack, or don't bother showing up at all."
So excited to be meeting John Cusack, Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher this Saturday!
66/365 The Factory staring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter. Didn't see that ending coming.
Board of Directors of The Freedom of The Press Foundation include Edward Snowden, Glen Greenwald, John Cusack ,...
Also young John Cusack is extra cute but he's also a generally good looking 50-year-old
Better Off Dead? John Cusack tries to kill himself the first 1/2 of the movie. Climax is a ski-off. And…
Movie Pitch: Serendipity instead she stays with John Corbett, not Cusack.
but i have to go. I have an epic poster for John Cusack to sign.
'This week's features Must Love Dogs starring Diane Lane a… see more
I have to work tomorrow but I've found so many John Cusack interviews I feel I need to watch.
I'm gonna go stand outside this bar with a jukebox like John Cusack they can't win
I want a John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window
I want to be in a movie with John Cusack.
Watching makes me realise how much I miss 90s John Cusack
I feel like I REALLY love John Cusack but I don't know why
John Cusack is the greatest actor of all time this is a fact.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Me- I can tell the diff between John Cusack and Keanu Reeves. I feel like you didn't know because you were all Sookie is mine
This week's features Must Love Dogs starring Diane Lane and John Cusack! Right after news
Half hour into 2. I see why John Cusack didn't do this $hflick.
. This is fav, not best or most attractive . 1)John Cusack 2) Sean Connery 3)Bruce Lee 4)Cary Grant 5) Steve Carrell
MU test with gelatin neck and blood tube on John Cusack for THE GRIFTERS.
I saw John Wick 2 today, and let's just say I want to see John Cusack kill the president of Paraguay with a fork.
shouldn't you be stalking John cusack or Alyssa Milano?
Like Cadenza by Ralph Cusack, which I found out about through Cronin's Dead As Doornails.
toni erdmann is weird. watching Arsenal to get over it. stars adrian grenier, john cusack, Nicholas Cage...
and I want to be you being me being John cusack in this movie.
I want to be you being John Cusack in a movie
I want to be John Cusack in this movie!
The Siren attacked John Cusack , because they ate the last piece of pizza topped with mushrooms !
Among those appearing in this are John Cusack, Dennis Franz and Cher -
Oh. Like a god god or a god of something?. And yeh...shock... Sure. John cusack is pure shock.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
how did Con Air not win an oscar for costume design for John Cusack's suit
Shot in the dark, but have you seen the Frasier episode with John Cusack? Is it any good?
I am Sam Roberts older brother Eminem is my cousins kid my cousin is John cusack we are Indiana blood tell you about that later
Why is John Cusack feeding a toddler in 1950?
I genuinely believe that John Hughes directed both of our lives, so don't worry - one day your John Cusack will come.
Nic and John Cusack are racing on police bikes to sort John Malkovich out though.
Advice to millennial guys. If you're fighting with your girlfriend, and a John Cusack movie comes on, change the chann…
Too pretty-boy for me. Good-looking's fine, but needs more character. More in the younger John Cusack area?
John Cusack just jinxed this entire flight with his cockiness.
Why am I awake at 6 in the morning specifically watching John Cusack movies
Absolutely certain that John Cusack's character in High Fidelity would be a tremendous fan of
I will be John Cusack then I will be Lloyd Dobler with the boombox blasting in your eyes by Peter Gabriel outside your w…
Looking for tickets for 'John Cusack in conversation' (Belfast Film Festival) 31st March. Anybody can help, appreciate it!
Re: Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now." If you're Jason or this song makes you think of John Cusack and Dan Akroyd.
"Look out your window, I'm John Cusack in the rain, boom-box your song playing"
Watching SHANGHAI and it's just my jam. John Cusack, Chow Yun Fat, Ken Watanabe, the 40s, noir, just a killer mood piece with such a cast.
Is Joan Cusack in every John Cusack film, or just the ones I see?
Star Wars, Ferris Bueller, Alien/s, Grosse Point Blank -in fact all John Cusack films. Life of Brian.
...I read Joan Cusack as John Cusack and was very confused as to why you put him in a female category
Last RT: WOC in the YA community are like John Cusack in Gross Pointe Blank. If they come after me, I'll know I did…
Shout out to Grosse Point Blank, when John Cusack and Joe Strummer go to Palmy.
Watching Grosse Point Blank for the first time. Unsure who thought John Cusack and Minnie Driver would pass for 27 in this bit
Watching Grosse Point Blank on Netflix and forgetting that John Cusack's career burned bright and died young.
I'm gonna watch Grosse Point Blank tonight and fall in love with John Cusack for the millionth time
My only goal in life is to party with John Cusack & Dave Grohl on the Sunset Strip.
that's right where athletes foot is/was. And yes Todd with the high black hair, X between James Freud, John Cusack & rockabilly!!
Random Actor Appreciation Post: I love John Cusack, aha random I know, but he is one of my…
You can have Joan & John Cusack, Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal, or Luke & Owen Wilson. I'll take Hollywood's Lynch sibli…
I would hate to see John Cusack down & out; although, it may be inevitable. So sad to see him become a has-been actor. It really is sad.
omg u guys this is actually kinda sad ;_; John Cusack is a brilliant actor
Why is John Cusack in everything. He's not a TERRIBLE actor, but he's not a particularly good actor either. And as Poe? Really? 😕😕😕
There's a guy walking behind me playing music out of a boom box... Unless you're John Cusack in Say Anything, this is unacceptable.
I'm John Cusack, actor and activist, and I wrote a book with Arundhati Roy, Ask Me Anything!
only if John Cusack also known as hoops, is at the helm.
Strangest source of life panic that I've experienced: I am now older than John Cusack's character in Grosse Pointe Blank.
Grosse Pointe Blank Cusack is the most ideal Cusack don't @ me (unless you're GPB-era John Cusack)
Also - how about John Cusack being freaking awesome about Cleveland?
As America's next lovable losers, see the Mariners bring star firepower. Bill Murray and John Cusack, meet Tom Skerritt and Sherman Alexie.
I want Bill Murray to be happy but I don't want John Cusack to be happy.
Really need the Cubs to lose so John Cusack has another reason to be sad besides starring in Must Love Dogs and Serendipity.
“I once loved a girl who almost loved me, but not as much as she loved John Cusack.” . ― Chuck Klosterman
ARod, Frank Thomas, Smoltz dine with Eddie Vedder, John Cusack and more …
John Cusack feels passion, learning the lessons taught to him by Jeremy Piven in Serendipity
Trapper John, M.D. meets West Side Story, but with Kourtney Kardashian and John Cusack.
do you think he would learn how to play himself or play it via boom box a la John Cusack
Who is going to be on tv more tonight? John Cusack and Eddie Vedder or Bill Murray??? I really wish Fox didn't show them almost every inning
the piece de resistance... John Cusack to Daphne Zuniga at the end of The Sure Thing
Yeah. John Cusack doesn't like you. You must be gutted.
Spotted in a Prague record store: the love child of John Cusack and Stephen Fry
The movie is: In&Out. Kevin kline, Tom Selleck, Matt Dillon and even John Cusack appeared in there.
I want John Cusack holding a boom box outside my window. . I wanna ride off on a lawn mower with Patrick Dempsey.
A security camera, holding up a laptop, confusing Patrick Dempsey & John Cusack, squirrels. That lead to this:
Hi! Not sure who said "Class" during Last Man Stanton, but it has both Rob Lowe and John Cusack (y'all only mentioned Rob Lowe).
I would love 2C John Cusack in a Rock Hudson type role. That would be awesome:) He already did a Burt Reynolds type role. Now X4 some Rock!
Despite the fact that John Cusack and Adrien Brody had roles in it the comments weren't widespread enough to really make noise
what is John Cusack doing up at 2am? I thought only Chick Norris lived on no sleep!
New Trump murder mystery, JELLY BALLS, might be made into film starring John Cusack.
John Cusack may star in the new thriller from the mystery, JELLY BALLS.
I'm quite disappointed in myself that there's a John Cusack film I haven't seen. AND it has John Mahoney.
I cannot get over how much young John Cusack looks like Miles Teller
I realized today I'm in love with probably because he looks like . So basically I'm in love with John Cusack 😍😍
are you ok john cusack, I am worried about you
If you wanna give me an award, I'll take it. Just don't make me go to the party afterwards.
Starting a new non-profit called Umbrellas for John Cusack. Please keep our boy dry.
John Cusack is so cute in Sixteen Candles
John Cusack is the only person that looks cool in a trench coat, mainly because I'm 99% sure he's not going to flash me
OH no I am talking about the John Cusack movie
Well there's trying and then John Cusack Runaway Jury trying...
If you get a chance to watch Cell with Sam Jackson and John Cusack, avoid it and just smash your face into a wall for 2 hours
I find it funny how John Cusack is a struggling writer in both 1408 and 2012.
I lost all hope while reading John Cusack's mentions, in which people argued that dropping a nuke would work out fine.
Young John Cusack looks like a fusion of Shia LaBeof and Michael Cera
Why can't John Cusack notice me. I am sad
“[The Greeks] only asked one question after a man died: ‘Did he have passion?'”.
you're killing the meet cute romance for me. Joan Cusack in overalls meets John Slattery in pipe and slippers
I'mean all about John Cusack, right now. Hey let's wear a dress like Jayden Smith & eat some food.
I was called cupcake by John Cusack! Envy me ppl!
I've got the hots for John Cusack's brain.
If John Cusack had some jacked up brows y'all could be twins! (He'd be the prettier twin though.)
When my dad sits next to John Cusack at the Cubs game🙃🙃🙃 so *** jealous
The 1988 Tim Robbins/John Cusack film Tapeheads predicted the rise of perfectly:
John Cusack is SOOO going to hit that..
Don't miss John Cusack & Demi Moore in ONE CRAZY SUMMER starting this Friday! Thx for sponsoring!
Too bad too many Americans now know all about the Cloning Centers. No east-west commies. via
the only issue is that I never finished that John Cusack movie so I don’t quite remember who was at fault.
Is that the ghost of John Cusack summoning spirits? What is at the end of the broadcast? https…
Bush Girl is the new John Cusack is the new Mohinder is the new...
Dallas Buyers Club, starring Eugene Levy and John Cusack. Directed by The Wachowskis, music by Herbie Hancock. Budget: $500m
John Cusack in HTTM gives me flash backs to Better Off Dead
Why do I sympathise with the *** in media? John Cusack in High Fidelity, Holden Caufield from Catcher in the Rye, am I just a ***
Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Johnny Depp with a blow up sex doll
If they squeeze Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Denzel Washington or Jennifer Connelly in the DCEU, I might explode. Lol
I blame John Cusack for the state I'm in: he mentally kicked the snot out of me, because I prefer Frankie Knuckles 2the Beach Boys sound.
The Numbers Station just started. John Cusack and the guy from Game of Thrones who plays Davos Seaworth.
Having a John Cusack marathon with my mom. You know it's lit in the Hale household.
John Cusack, Nicky Wire, Bill Hicks...if pals are correct, it seems I have cornered the market for cynical 90s dude lookalikes.
Constantly jumping over the counters in High Fidelity doesn't help the case to make John Cusack look cool
John Cusack looks just like Dylan Moran, and both of Irish ancestry, coincidence?
Mel Brooks, Gilda Radner, John Cusack, Richard Rodgers, and born on this day. That's a lot of talent.
An odd cell phone signal turns phone users into Zombies (just like in real life) while John Cusack and Samuel...
John Cusack [Quick Quiz] - Was good friends with Hunter...: via
Wasted my time watching Cell. Thought it was good. John Cusack and Samuel Jackson?? Sorry but it's a boo for me 😩👎
1408 is not a half-bad horror movie, but John Cusack is miscast.
Random lady: I watched Sixteen Candles, and I loved when John Cusack put the radio over his head. Me:
I need to reference this to John Cusack at Fan Expo.
Apparently John Cusack was at my work be excited if I knew who that was lmao
Better Off Dead 9/10 probably the perfect 80's movie. John Cusack is a champ
john and Joan Cusack are geeks. God, this is so 80s 😂
I love these movies where it's just about the film You don't have my face on the poster It's all about the movie I like that - John Cusack
John Cusack: examining his recent straight-to-DVD movies
Yikes! end of Cell (movie adapted from Stephen King novel, starring John Cusack) was almost as good as end of Inception. (& creepy a. f.)
Plus, there's more animated sequences throughout the movie since John Cusack plays a cartoonist. Fun little movie :)
wait, what defines a bookstore movie? Doesn't Serendipity (John Cusack) count as a bookstore movie?
I'd like to go on Raya strictly so I can date John Cusack circa Say Anything. Any celebs willing to donate their likeness 4 me prty pls ?
Nobody wears a scarf like John Cusack.
I read this & thought I like alot of his movies..then I realized it's not his movies, it's John Cusack. I get the 2 mixed up 😳
I don't disagree. I was trying to use my sarcastic font, guess it didn't come across. I think only John Cusack is licensed to do it
is really fuelling my crush on John Cusack in this talk.
ATM John Cusack's INQUIZIE ranking is 1,260. Agree or disagree?
it's like that movie with John cusack holding up the boom box!
Cell (2016): A man (John Cusack) begins a desperate search for his son after a mysterious cellphone signal tr...
not obscure enough for him and John Cusack tho
John Cusack is a fisherman who accidentally catches the history of feminist literature
At the Corner of Coincidence and Conspiracy, or Thoughts on John Cusack in Identity.
MT Phi Mu offers advice for students on breaking into tv/film industry
Thanks to I now know that John Cusack has made 17 movies in the past four years: Watch out, Nic Cage...
John Cusack "Craig Schwartz" life size marionette from Being John M... Lot 1386
William Burroughs I'm calling you out! Oh wait there you are. John Cusack.
Who would have thought I'd like a movie with this combination of cast members. (Zac Effron, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, Macy Gray..
While I'm thinking about implied trilogies of John Cusack and Terry Gilliam movies, Simone swoops in with the winner.
They viewed Parker as a young John Cusack, yeah, I can see that.
Don't you think John Cusack could play "Rory Gallagher"?
Have you heard of it? It's a movie with John Cusack, who doesn't love John Cusack?
Oh man...John Cusack for dad, Robert Duvall for John, Michael Caine for Allen, Sally Field for mom, Carl from TWD for young Andrew
Based on those pictures, I must ask... was there a specific moment where Sufjan Stevens and John Cusack the same person?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"I can't believe i met Alex Guarnaschelli AND John Cusack in one night!!"
'Nicholas Cage & John Cusack in Con Air tho... ' see more
John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson star in trailer for movie inspired by Stephen King's &quot…
love it when you and John Cusack written together loved 1408 and loved the cell. T'was my Stephen King cherry.. as it were.
When Stephen King says there's a new movie based on his book and you see John Cusack and you just can't 😞
Great combination of Stephen King and John Cusack, can't wait! 💀
New poster for the Stephen King adaptation Cell starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.
First trailer for Cell, based on Stephen King's book and starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson
1st trailer for Stephen King's Cell with John Cusack and Sam Jackson |
Samuel L. Jackson & John Cusack take on zombies in the Stephen King adaptation,
John Cusack and Sam Jackson star in the trailer for Stephen King's Cell
Coming soon to a theater near you:. Oklahoma, directed by Roland Emmerich and starring John Cusack, Matthew Broderick, and Jeff Goldblum.
Others who've tried: John Cusack, Owen Wilson, Larry David, Jason Biggs...who else?
Téa Leoni sounds exactly like the female version of John Cusack
"Who DAT? Oh dat new *** John Cusack, Mecca button up shouting bring FUBU back!"
You know it's a rough night when you can appreciate the love story between John Cusack and Ione Skye
See my concepts for 'Reclaim' starring John Cusack and Ryan Phillippe -
John Cusack Granted Restraining Order Against ‘black Magic’ Fan. High Fidelity star John Cusack has been granted a…
check it, this happened. Arundhati Roy, Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden and John Cusack met: https:…
Never read it but I loved the movie - Angelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening, Stephen Frears, Martin Scorsese
Edward Snowden meets Arundhati Roy and John Cusack: ‘He was small and lithe, like a house cat’
Who is it you care for so much, Lloyd Dobler or John Cusack? Something here is so real as to be lovable, but what?
Must Love Dogs was just put on there! Diane Lane and John Cusack!
Maybe it's just that I've seen John Cusack in all these sniper flicks now, but it'd be amazing to recut Must Love Dogs as an action film...
Joan Cusack over John Cusack any day of the week.
In all fairness, John Cusack's character Martin Blank killed someone with a pen in "Grosse Pointe Blank".
But, you know, I'm sorry, I think democracy requires participation. I mean,...
Everytime we go from Paul Dano to John Cusack in 'Love and Mercy'
you said that Zsa Zsa Pachulia is the youngest Gabor sister. He's actually John Cusack's evil twin.
Now all I want to do is watch Love and Mercy. John Cusack and Paul Dano. 😏.and Paul Giamatti. 😂😂
‘The Expendables 4’ Latest Casting Now Include John Cusack!. Why John being expendables 4 but I never see Cusack expendables. I don't know.
What are celebs saying about Susan Sarandon? We turn now to Tim Robbins, Rosanne Barr, John Cusack &, of course, George Clooney.
have you ever done John Cusack for Last Man Stanton?
I prefer John Cusack to Trump any day in this role! Trump is a bad actor & human being but was a great Hitler Youth!
Should John Cusack be the best at least some enjoyable sports there wouldn't be arbitrary and what religion the gulls are
Did you see "Love and Mercy"? I loved everything but John Cusack.
Should John Cusack and has pleaded guilty to 2 charges. arrogance.
Other forms of enthusiastic consent include John Cusack with a boom box outside a window and Andrew Lincoln with signs outside a door
if someone john cusack'd me with TiO outside my window i think i would instantly get pregnant
'Nope, no sex yet. But I am open to offers! - John Cusac… see more
Then you missed a great movie with John Cusack, Angelica Huston & Annette Benning.
"The character that John Cusack played is real person" responding to a question of a white character in his movie.
with John Cusack and Pete at The Fountain in Los Cristianos, Tenerife
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