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John Cummings

John Cummings is a Scottish musician and record producer, best known for being a member of Glaswegian band Mogwai, mostly playing guitar, as well as programming, keyboards and vocals.

Johnny Ramone Joey Ramone Paul McCartney

Black Racists in Congress that have done little for the black Community. Elija Cummings, Maxine Waters, Al Green, F…
Couldn’t have put it in more appealing terms if I tried! Thanks John!!
Franken is gone... . Who's next?. I don't care... come for them all!. Take them all out . (Okay I care... I'm gonna nee…
Trump’s presence on such a significant moment would be beyond offensive - it would soil the occasion. It would be n…
John Lewis, Al Green and Elijah Cummings three un Americans to go with Waters, Lee and Wilson
*John Lewis and his brother Cummings are reptiles*
I love his voice work & although I'd like him to take a long holiday, I wish he would read some more…
As Rep Elijah Cummings spreads more Fake Russia propaganda the Baltimore, Maryland district he “represents” just became the Mu…
John Lewis, like Cummings, is a bitter, old, useless has-been. However, he IS the…
Whistleblower: Flynn was doing private Russia-related business on his phone during Trump’s inauguration speech
Joint Statement from Baltimore Congressional Delegation on the Investigation into the Death of BPD Detective Sean S…
Jesse Jackson, Elijah Cummings, John Centers. And to think, these lowlifes rode the coattails & surrounded Martin L…
John Conyers, Al Franken are gone. Next up, Bernie Sanders and Elija Cummings.
I did & smitten with John Makepeace's chair sadly not for sale! So beautif…
Elijah Cummings is very close to John about looking into him too?.
Yes, Mueller is the one who told Cummings to sit on the news until now.
Update your maps at Navteq
Cousin Eddie, Buddy the Elf, John McClane (Die Hard) need to be in this conversation
So work made me do this tannoy 3 times without me realising it was ‘anyone for a ***
It pays to use Auto Pay!Congrats to John Kantorski of Cummings & Co. who won a $250 Amazon gift card. Thanks for yo…
Yeah and the faux "civil rights" "movement" welp younger black Americans can seA🔮the aftermath of that . John Lewis…
nah it’s annoying how ugly she is, I wanna spin her jaw
I agree. I’m worried that anyone could use religious freedom (protection) as a way to discriminate n set us back 50…
They say Fifa is pay to win. Turns out it’s about £19.99 a month
Everyone does a Career Mode with some League Two club and takes them to the Premier League in FIFA. Eddie Howe doe…
Pirlo: "I like to think of myself as a director, on the pitch and in life.". Zla…
Bart Cummings trained Bounty Hawk (John Marshall) winner of the 1983 Kingston Town Classic
Never complain about his 'save with feet' trait in FIFA ever again. Thank you!
When you’ve been making MoonPies for 100 years you might also make a few enemies which is why we watch half an hour of karate…
Bet you he calls John Lewis & Elijah Cummings "Amos 'n Andy" thinking it will get him big laughs. This will get ugly.
You need to call De Gea to save this one.
So 2017. Millwall have handcuffed a policeman to a fence, defended themselves against terrorists, invaded the pitch at We…
John 13:7 - "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."
Steve Gibbons was shot at 67th and Troost; John Palmer was shot on the trail at 99th and Holmes
Patrick Vieira says today's Arsenal team are 'better footballers' than The Invincibles?. Sure, & I'm a better sprinter than…
Former Holroyd Mayor Dr John Brodie and Greg Cummings have publicly announced their support for the YES campaign to…
Great win against Cummings HS moves the Bulldogs to 3-0-1. Looking forward to a great in county rivalry at 6pm Wednesd…
"you're only one consonant away from glory" -The all-knowing John Paul
On this date in 1919 the great Galway piper John Cummings died in San Francisco. His pipes were singing out today
Read ¨the Korean War¨ a history by Bruce Cummings. Get some historical enlightenment
Nothing like a soccer game on a cool evening. Come out to support your Bulldogs tonight at 6pm as we take on Cummings…
John Stockton. All time leader in assists and steals, was at his peak longer than anyone else. Rare…
Thanks, John. It was definitely a night I could never forget!
Yeah even as a kid, not buying into this. Maybe if it was Jim Cummings she was hot for but not Long John Baldry.
"I don't care about Celtic!". It got tense between and Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha... 👀
DNC and CBC are obstructionists Elijah Cummings and John Lewis are pathetic scum bags keep yo faux civil rights u losers
Special thanks to John Cummings from the North East Sunday league who supplied today's match ball 👍⚽️
Not the tax cheat that's John Lewis Cummings lead the charge to use IRS as a weapon against conseritiv…
I'm flattered, John. Honestly. I'll let you know the minute a review by me goes up.
Would love to see your review thoughts.
Don't be so bloody daft Simon. Me and you will be going for it up the John Cummings £20 a head soon. 1-0
Big congratulations to member for winning Best Photo of the Year at the John Cummings Union A…
Dr John Brodie congratulates Greg Cummings & Glen Richardson on their great support for the Bring Back Holroyd camp…
Cops need to question Don Edward Crowe about Shannon Paulk, Haleigh Cummings, Heaven Ross, and Teresa D…
Don Edward Crowe was out of jail when Shannon Paulk, Heaven Ross, and Teresa Dean disappeared. He may h…
Bruh this large pizza from papa John's I just ate for lunch though.
"The biggest risk was the risk of missing out." - John Cummings, CAIA
Our record stands now at 2-0-1 with games against Cummings and Western Alamance next week.
Tickets available! Come see gaming legends John and Brenda Romero, Dai Banner, Susan Cummings, Dave Sharp and more!.
BREAKING: Dwayne Rooney hangs up his England Soccer Club cleats after getting kinda old.
Just want to be clear, you think Diamond and Silk are more clear-eyed about the need…
. "The God who formed you will inform you. -Pas. John Cummings
CJ Cummings is such a beast. Committing to weightlifting once I transfer to a Uni with bumper plates and platforms. Can't wait aahh.
Do you think John Lewis and Elijah Cummings look alike? LOL
Sen. Warren and Rep. Cummings ask Prudential CEO for info on insurance sales through Wells Fargo, after fraud claims
Now Cummings and Warren want documents from Wells Fargo about the fake Prudential accounts
thick girl appreciation 16 Katie Cummings takes it from behind
the people have decided. John loses.
Elijah Cummings blasts the Benghazi Cmte: "Republicans promised a process that was fair...but the American people got exa…
John Cummings. Bronson having fun in the sand!. No one will mess with Bronson!
Does John eat pizza as well as other people in DC? Waiting on word from elijah cummings as to which way he swings.…
The best Christmas movie. Also love John Glover as Brice Cummings
love me now by John Legend has me almost in tears
.sets new Youth & Junior American Record with 138kg *** Watch BLUE>>
Rep Cummings and congressman John Lewis gotta be related.
Btw, the Houghton is acknowledged in the Cummings video I posted this morning.
is THE winner of this baby! New home for the Big Blue Train conductors cap. John Cummings co…
the famous John Cummings (you need MLB TV to find that clip for you!)
That was john lewis but cummings. stuck w/ hillary
Fairy Tales by E. E. Cummings with Pictures by John Eaton 1965 via
."Overwhelming evidence" Russia interfered with 2016 election
I know I can't be the only one that mistakes Elijah Cummings & John Lewis for each other time to time
John cummings and the problem with pizza
My first job 36 yrs ago was Business Manager. Media moguls John Cummings and Kevin Lygo on editorial…
John and Nancy Cummings drove home their brand New 2016 Pilot EXL tonight courtesy of Salesperson Jason Cooper!!!...
All joking aside, Ian John Lewis was grossly out of position when the punch lads. Scary how the bloke is officiating world title fights.
Papa John's had a 2 for 1 offer on this week.
idk how I feel about term limits yet. I'd hate to lose folks like John Lewis or Elijah Cummings who still do great work
Then we wouldn't have Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain or Elijah Cummings...
"We're not 'Indian' and we're not 'Native American'. We're older than both concepts. We're the People. We're the Human…
Perhaps you should ask John Cummings, the Irish-American owner of Whitney Plantation
Imagine – coming to California via Panama in 1853 at age 18. That’s the story of John Franklin Cummings.…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Congrats guys yall made it, we not too far behind Prince Mckenzie Harold Cummings
Have you read "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA" by Terry Reed and John Cummings?
Realistically, if John Cummings asked me to run away with him, 0 hesitation on my part like cmon can you say trophy husband? 🙌🙌🙌
A touchdown to John Brown would be nice
October 8th: On this Day. 1948, Born on this day, Johnny Ramone, guitar, the Ramones (John Cummings), 1977 UK...
to bad can't sub in John Spencer. His shots would burn holes thru the back of the net
Ranking member Cummings listed as providing info to HC prior to CH,proof Pres.O colluded
Ty Cummings hits the 33-yard field goal to put UH up 10-3 on Tulsa. There's 1:54 left in the first quarter.
I don't think Ian John Lewis could have been more out of position when Bellew landed that punch to Flores' ***
Brian Brents Rosemary Cavazos Chris Cummings John Cavazos. Are we watching the game some where tonight???
0435926xxx: Caller said "Hello John Cummings from Cry(?) Police Station. Just getting contact with you and I'll(...(
The fairy tale e.e. cummings, born on this day in 1894, wrote for his only daughter, whom he almost abandoned…
Cummings considered himself a pacifist, tho he enlisted in WW I, was sent to France (1917) to serve w his good friend, John Dos Passos.
Once you accept friend request, will put you in touch with John Cummings, not Attorney but has wealth of info
Born on this day in 1948 in Long Island, New York, John William Cummings, aka 'Johnny Ramone' http…
Hear all about The Rise (airing tonight, 6:30 pm MT Pac-12) from the man behind the screen, John Snelson https:…
John Cummings will vote in honor of Chief Petty Officer Clarence Cummings, U.S. Navy
Artist John Poppleton paints stunning landscapes that glow under black lights on human bodies
. John Baird has been banging them in for Falkirk, could do a job. Maybe even Jason Cummings. Need quality to challenge Celtic
Saw John Spencer walking through hotel lobby at MLS combine in shirt. Said he was only there in a temporary ad…
should hire John Fox because they should've had three kneeldowns on that last offensive possession.
John LeVan. 1st floor in Cummings Station downtown Nashville.
Jason Cummings, John McGinn and Liam Henderson all played as Scotland under 21s drew 2-2 with Ukraine.
Parent of 3 Kelly Cummings received a no cause just before the holidays from her apt in Montavilla
slip from the police who falsely charged him, what a set of dummies DC Tuer and DS Cummings are would it
John Carpenter getting a shot of the New York skyline on the set of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (photo by Kim Gottlieb). http…
Choking for Celtic to get McGeady on loan, Hooper on loan and sign Jason Cummings and John Souttar
John Cummings's log statements are always at the FATAL level.
Listening to some John Mayer, Jack Johnson and maybe even some Michael Jackson tonight hmm who knows?
Katina Cummings says she was asked if she was a Trump supporter and when she said no she was told to leave
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
shame really but understandable could do with a replacement in now someone like Washington, Cummings or John Akinde.
Players to have worn the Hutchie Vale shirt? Leigh Griffiths, Kenny Miller, Jason Cummings, John Collins, Mark Burchill to name but a few...
John Cummings has already gave us our medals for this season
wear big *** boots drive a giant truck that says Cummings and wear a John Deere shirt and hat
Tonight @ John Cummings. Carluke are back in action after the Xmas break in a friendly against Mill Utd Cali Team. 8pm KO get along support
is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned." John 5:28-29 Whether good or evil…
Our Wikipedian in Residence at UNESCO is John Cummings, from Monmouth. Here's their first batch of 750 images:.
John does a fantastic job with the wave. Honored to be interviewed, I'm not that interesting.
John Williams is my homey... he doesn't know it yet but he is.
Fire/Other at LONG JOHN SILVERS / 706 CUMMINGS ST WEST ABINGDON. Please use caution in the area. January 04, 2016 at 06:50AM
Lovely illustrations for the fairy tales e.e. cummings wrote for his daughter
IF IT RAINS & John Cummings jr. Well, it rained tonight & they got the check
Photo: Congratulations to John Cummings on your from Vince Haley at Wesley Chapel Toyota!...
COMPROMISED by Terry Reed & John Cummings Prelude to Terror by Joseph Trento
Last time you were here, John, I called you DSP Publications’ answer to Stephen King Carole Cummings and John Inman
Watching zlil sis graduate from John Wesley quote was shared by Congressman Elijah Cummings
If you're going to get sent of for nutting somebody you might as well do it right!
Has Jason Cummings got the worst hair in Scottish football? Discuss.
Only if Cummings could have done that earlier on in the game
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. - E.E. Cummings
Who are the Americans that voted for Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi & Elijah Cummings? 😏
Allan & Cummings under contract. Fyvie would go to Prem, McGeouch, who knows?
will talents such as Allan, Fyvie, McGeouch, Cummings stay for another season at this level though?
Fair play to Stuart McCall tactics spot on placing some young female ball girls behind the goals to distract Jason ***
Your path might be obscured today as you try to chart a course... More for Libra
When you make 10 million from youtube
You want to proudly announce your plans for the next chapter o... More for Libra
John Barnes spot on about Raheem Sterling. If Liverpool offered Sterling £200k he'd absolutely stay at the club. About trophies? Not so sure
Great superbly piloted by Capt John Cummings who was gracious during the VIP tour.
Massive respect to for looking after John Cummings this season
“Everyone sang. Even the Green Bay Packers”: my favorite e.e. cummings line.
john robb and Kevin Cummings citing!
Have you been dressing up for John Cummings again fat pants
Courage is your secret weapon as the fixed Taurus New Moon for... More for Libra
The neighbors called the cops today and he shows up and starts talking to john and Wilson about his Cummings 😂😂
All you bandwagon Warriors fans gotta get Tf up outta here! If you wasn't hollering Dubs when they had John Starks and Vontego Cummings 😭😭😭
Anyway it's an idea whose time has come after John Cummings' slave *** house
we curated your story John Cummings works to build the U.S.'s first slavery muse...
Remembering two of our own: Dr. John Cummings and Russell Jacobson
"Support from customers is overwhelming,very emotional to see how people love what we've created so much" owner John Cummings.
ECHO - Garlands owner John Cummings says he has been 'overwhelmed' by support for club -
owner John Cummings 'overwhelmed' by support for club (via
e.e.cummings has become my favourite poet, aside from Shakespeare and John Donne
I can only imagine that Andy Serkis will play John Clayton
F-22 Raptor Demo Team and Capt. John "Taboo" Cummings will be performing at the 2015 ! Yeah Baby!!
.- do you regard Candy Cummings as the originator of the curveball?
Saunders has a phobia of mandatories.
so it is. Saunders smashes Blackwell. Really pointless that fight but mandatories should be done
confusing him with Blackledge perhaps?
Ian John Lewis is boxing's answer to Earl Hebner.
After I received the vision I went to my pastor Bishop John Cummings one thing I love about my pastor he was...
He is going to look at John Cummings on You Tube and then spread the news to all his friends.
The title would be Requiem for John Cummings, if translatedto to english (Rekviem för John Cummings).
Authors, John Simpson and Robert Cummings, are donating all of the royalties from their book 'The Marine' for ...
Eddie Hearn can have no complaints. Stick your fighter in a ring with Ian John Lewis as referee and you run the risk of being upset.
"Fumble that ball and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts."
Check Out this new Offered Property in Boston Ma, Contact John Cummings for More Details @ jcummings
I hope John Elway figures out a way to get to so I can play indoor soccer with him.
You're all beasts every last person out there. Oh not John tho. Goodnight.
In response to the many questions concerning the icon of Christ which streamed myrrh recently, here is our account and some photos below: On Thursday evening, December 18th during the hierarchical vigil for the parish feast day officiated by his Grace Bishop George of Mayfield of the Russian Church Outside of Russia, the main icon of Christ in the nave began streaming myrrh at St. Nicholas ROCOR in Fletcher, North Carolina. Even after some myrrh was collected from the stream on the following Monday, a small pool formed shortly after. The icon was then moved to the Holy Table in the Altar. Then on Sunday, December 28th during the Liturgy honoring the Holy Forefathers, myrrh began to stream again during the Beatitudes. This miracle was witnessed by myself, Subdeacon John Cummings, Subdeacon Daniel Franzen, servers Dr. Andy Rudins and his son Alexander. The Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Christ is already drawing faithful who come and venerate the mounted print which is a copy of the Russian Christ “the Savior” ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Networking in the Open Era: the big questions answered: John Cummings Sarwar Raza
If the Ravens can close this out, John Harbaugh's playoff record goes to 10-4. He's won a game every time he's been to the…
With Eugene Monroe out, rookie James Hurst is expected to start at LT. Rookie John Urschel at RG and Marshal Yanda at RT.
Sat 10th Jan travel to our local rivals at The John Cummings Stadium
Does anyone own Dear John and want to lend it to me and Blair for the night pls and thanks :)))
John Cummings, Northumberland County FA VP who told a woman ref her place was in kitchen, not on football pitch.
“hurry up come home bumbai I jump on a plane & jam” lol ikr i saw john cummings last night
Happy new year You just gettin a drink doon your bit ma man?
you both make me sick .. especially john "Nash Grier" Barbetto
John Cummings and Thomas Erdelyi (Johnny and Tommy Ramone) were in a band called Tangerine Puppets in 1966-1967.
I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance. ~e. e. cummings
John Cummings dismissed from Northumberland FA after referee Michael Oliver leads protests at...
'Kitchen' insult official removed: Northumberland County Football Association removes John Cummings as its vic...
Northumberland FA official who said a woman's place is in the kitchen and not on the football field loses his appeal. h…
what a joke Northumberland FA vote to allow John Cummings to keep his position on the board l
NEWS: A Northumberland FA Official who was found to have used sexist language has had an appeal dismissed:
'Kitchen' insult: John Cummings has ban appeal dismissed
Northumberland FA chief has ban appeal for sexist remarks dismissed Check out more upda...
American Bull & John Cummings jr ran away with the win, good finish speed
Johnny whose birth name was John Cummings, died in 2004 of prostate cancer. Joey Ramone, whose real name is
Congratulations to Robert Rattray, Martin Campbell White, John Berry, Susan Bullock, Marion Friend and John Cummings# all music honours
Ms. Davis was also "Schultzie" on the old NBC show with Bob Cummings and played a housekeeper on the old John Forsythe show.
“Choosing authenticity is not an easy choice". E. E. Cummings wrote, “To be nobody-but-yourself in a world...
John Metgod is up here fired up by that Dillon Serna attempt
Dustin Hatten this was originally posted on my wall by John Cummings... But I think you might be more deserving of it now.
"It's not about how many people you connect to church but to the vine" - pastor Mike Cummings, Bethlehem Baptist, refer to John 15
ee cummings. "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day" a poem >>
Still not got over the fact I seen John Sharkey and Ryan Cummings bouncin about Coloursfest lastnight😂
John Like is up early getting after it and I love it!!
HOT STAT: is 1-1 in May against Danowskis: John Danowski (Duke) with & Matt Danowski (Charlotte) with
a form based on the Cummings poem by John Stammers
that I had made for and the family and friends of john barbuto.
Please check out this book written by John B. Cummings, 5% of all books purchased at BayCoast Bank will be...
John Ryan Cummings gotta say Miami playing exciting ball, even now with their ace out with Tommy John!!
Just watched Mr. Reid roll up to john max on his motorcycle!
PC: Political Correctness? NO. Pelosi and Cummings on their Lies and Cover Up of "Defending their Truths"
Love and miss you so much dad! . John Mitchell Cummings Obituary: View John Cummings's Obituary via
Hetton: John Cummings for Labour elected with 1,470, followed by UKIP's John Defty with 1,351
Jeffrey Ross Hyman (May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001), best known by his stage name Joey Ramone, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the punk rock band the Ramones. Joey Ramone's image, voice, and tenure as frontman of the Ramones made him a countercultural icon. In 1974, Jeffrey Hyman co-founded the punk rock band Ramones with friends John Cummings and Douglas Colvin, upon which point all three adopted stage names using "Ramone" as their surname: Cummings became Johnny Ramone, Colvin became Dee Dee Ramone, and Hyman became Joey Ramone. The name Ramone stems from a story that Paul McCartney briefly used the stage name "Paul Ramone" during the Beatles early days when the band used the name The Silver Beetles. Joey initially served as the group's drummer while Dee Dee Ramone was the original vocalist. However, when Dee Dee's vocal cords proved unable to sustain the demands of consistent live performance, Ramones manager Thomas Erdelyi suggested Joey switch to vo ...
2014 season begins today for Varsity and JV.Varsity is home, JV is away. Both teams play St. John's
I've just googled John Cummings he's a Labour MP apparently
For the life of me I couldn't remember his full name. I ended up putting John Cummings.
JUST wanted to give a shout out to these amazing people Mandie Amaral John Cummings Belinda Arruda Michelle Pires Jen Baptista Booker Kerrie Gomes Boramy Mak Benjamin Picard that took some time this week an donated to those less fortunate not that any of them did it for the recognition but just goes to show you that it doesnt take a specific type of person you just have to a have a good heart an want to actually change things then just talk about them THANK YOU AGAIN Good Deeds Ministries
Then at 6PM tomorrow, 'Lone Survivors' (New Series w/OpTic) Will go live, with daily episodes at 6PM from thereon!
ACLJ Represents 41 Conservative Groups in Federal Court & are probably 100 or more John & Jane Doe Defendants. 1 will be Cummings
Better...abolish & imprison Lerner&Cummings: Good news for 1stAmend: will rewrite 501c4 regs
Punk rock pioneer Jeffrey Ross Hyman, better known as Joey Ramone, died on this date in 2001 after a 7-year battle with lymphoma. When he and bandmates John Cummings and Douglas Colvin founded The Ramones in Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974 they came up with the novel approach of having each band member take the surname Ramone. They got the idea from a pseudonym - Paul Ramon - that Paul McCartney used when the "Silver Beetles" were touring in 1960. Joey, lead singer and co-songwriter, was the heart of the band. He was long-haired and lanky and defined New York punk fashion with his black Schott Perfecto leather jacket, torn jeans, striped t-shirts, and sneakers. The original band members included Cummings (Johnny Ramone) on guitar, Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone) on bass, and Thomas Erdelyi (Tommy Ramone) on drums. In November 2003, New York City officials renamed a block of East 2nd Street in the Bowery "Joey Ramone Place." The sign that marks the site was stolen and replaced four times in 2003. It now stands 20 fe ...
See being sent to school on a holiday, it's like cruelty
Red Bull and Rockstarr are a must today
Big Johh John Cummings Sunday night is coming back so dress to inpres
... Cummings is not a Civil Righrs hero like John Lewis.
Big John Cummings Sunday night what a good time!!
.I could not agree more John. Hants Police cant be trusted in this re Cummings arrest and Operation Flamborough
Rangers fans are taking it to far now giving steven simonsen and his son abuse for making one mistake
See this photo every year and it never gets any funnier
Hi - are J John's Easter messages going out as one at any point this week? Blessings :-)
“The one and only Cody Cummings wearing our long john in our new video
Photo: Big John Cummings with the Soul Connection Band (at CJ’s)
John Farrell to the ump: "Take that call and shove it up your ***
I genuinely don't know how people can be such moody *** all the time
Any of my Maine peeps been to/know about Boothbay Harbor, Maine?! — John Cummings, Beth Daigle King, Jeremy Lota, Matt Millea
Gonna do a 50k giveaway at 10k followers, get RT'in
Training in London for practioners working with families where parents experience CPV Denzil.cummings-john
True the Vote to Democrat Rep. Cummings: ‘No More Lies, Mr. Cummings; Tell America the Truth’ AS big John would say "THAT WILL BE THE DAY"
Anyone thinking Kathleen Sebelius resignation today is to take attention away from Lois Lerner contempt & Cummings involv…
I can't think of a sweeter individual that JF & I kindly ask, how much can I buy these pants for John?
Lois Lerner of the IRS gave Rep Cummings the tax information of conservatives. But your health records will be totally secu…
The Professional Ethics Network Surveillance, Privacy and Ethics Thursday 20th February Surveillance, privacy and the ethical conduct of state institutions have increasingly featured in contemporary public discourse and debate. The 'revelations' of Edward Snowden, the recent public spotlight on the Heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 viewed against a backdrop of a heightened awareness of the multiple levels/strands of surveillance that cut across daily lives raise questions about how the balance between various freedoms both are and ought to be addressed. John Cummings, a former Operational Police Superintendent and graduate of the Inter Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre, will offer reflections based on his experience of authorising and rejecting Directed Surveillance and Communications Data applications linked with his learning via the Post Graduate programme. Directed Surveillance and Communications Data applications are a regular feature of an Operational Police Superintendents' role (1) and the consideration ...
This Day in Rock... 1951 – Johnny Ramone – the Ramones’ famed one-chord guitarist – is born in Long Island, N.Y. His real name is John Cummings. 1957 – Jerry Lee Lewis cuts “Great Balls of Fire” after a lengthy dispute with his producer over whether he was supposed to be playing the devil’s music. 1962 – The young Beatles record a session at Liverpool, England’s EMI Studios to be played on Radio Luxembourg’s Friday Spectacular program. 1964 – Ringo Starr successfully passes his driving test on the same day the Beatles have their first recording session for “I Feel Fine.” 1964 – ‘Oh Pretty woman’ is at No. 1 in the UK on This Day in Rock Music History! 1968 – “Mama” Cass Elliot plays her first solo gig at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace. Her two-week run there is canceled when the band proves to be poorly rehearsed and she comes down with tonsillitis. 1968 – The Beatles work on recording “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill,” and Yoko Ono cuts the first female ...
John Cummings Jr. takes third at Yonkers 20 purse.
John Cummings, of Garland, hasn't missed opening day since '78. Today's win for him: fried meatloaf.
Dr. John Cummings is playing Future in Anatomy and Physiology. What he know about that?
John Cummings is relentless. Shooting down the latest "Where's Lincoln?" in Gettysburg photos.
no more sleeps!! :D maga-fukin-luf *** at us :D Kirsten Leigh Barker John Barker
It makes perfect sense to me, so why don’t these bleeding heart do-gooders get it and why aren’t the media making a bigger effort to highlight the fact. This year to date we have had just over 15,000 asylum seekers arrive by boat. We have had several hundreds die at sea trying to get here by boat. The argument is; don’t be so heartless ad help those more needy, if someone arrived on your doorstep looking for help you’d help them etc. etc. etc. – These people are genuine refugees and we should help them. FACTS: Accepting asylum seekers that arrive by boat; 1) Is the most risky way for people to arrive in this country, with over 1,000 deaths at sea so far. 2) Accepting asylum seekers who arrive by boat, creates organised crime and is responsible for a multi million dollar criminal industry. 3) Having Asylum seekers arrive by boat to Christmas Island is the MOST costly way to help genuine refugees. The cost of transporting them to processing centers is astronomical, with large potion of the money g ...
!!!QUESTION! Mr Gustavo wants to buy an excersice book which cost at P97. He did not have money at hand. Then he borrowed P50 from ruth and P50 from john, making up P100. Please listen carefully. _ _ _ _ _ He bought the execrcise book at the rate of P97. He was given P3 as chainge. He then returned P1 to ruth, and P1 to john. And hold the remaining P1 with him. Now he's owing ruth P49.And john P49 also. P49 + P49 = P98. Plus the P1 he has equal to P99. Where did the remaining P1 go? Find it if you can (H-King)
WemaBorn Again Christians ake ngibuze. Instead of being born again why don't you just grow up? from - Thulani Khuzwayo
Jesus diead 4 the wole world including myself,n the bible say in john 1O:1O the enemy has *** 2 stil 2 destroy n kil but listen 2 wat jesus has said n this statu wil neve change not even i milion years (i hav *** that he might hav life n life in fulnes.
John 16:13 The spirit of truth,is come he will guide u into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; bt whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak and he will show u thngs to *** Gud day ppl
The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has offered to drop his position as the GS of the church due to the ongoing controversy trailing his son’s wedding.
Looks like I will be doing lands end to john o'groats next year then. Mark Ellis
2days and then it's a holiday time off to Perth for 5 days not long but any time away from this place is good! Concert to go too bit of retail theropy drinking and eating can't wait! Yeah boy
Normally on a monday im stuck to my bed! Today because im not at work im wide a bloody wake!!! 󾌨
Bill Ackman, the largest investor in Canadian Pacific Railway, is following Warren Buffett in profiting from growing oil and gas production in North America’s Bakken shale
Who wants to have a sleep over n hug me on my birthday n let me cry 󾍅 Chloe Louiise?? Lizzabell Iengo?? Biny Boo?? Jessica Murray?? PLEASE SUM1 󾍀
Let's get to work and get my wages only four days late thanks to the wankers at the Hsbc. So *** on john it's brown packet time for me.
A dilemma last night - hot night with windows closed to keep out noise from 3 discos at Jinja Show, or open windows and cooler night with more noise? Managed to sleep with one window open and a modicum of 'music'. Probably more noisy nights in store as Jinja Show kicks off!
no meta wat u do,other ppl dnt care abt how other ppl feel or tnk..GUDMRNG youl..*Provock*
Oh my Christ listening to all the tunes on the radio.. Getting me Syked up for my birthday.. Will be a night to remember and its been a long time coming., Go hard or go home...welsh girls together =Carnage!!!
Mbaise priests to sing about bishop Okpalaeke's rejection in abigbo song. Abigbo song and dance is the oil with which Mbaise community eat yam. When it comes to abigbo song and dance, Mbaise community is second to none. Abigbo song can be used to tell any type of story, nomather how complex. While preparation is in top gear for the reception of the new catholic administrator of Ahiara diocese, his eminence, cardianl John Onayaiken, on the 21st of this month, the Mbaise priests are ready with a new Abigbo song with which they will use to tell cardinal Onayaiken their on side of the story in the bishop Okpalaeke *** Mbaise saga. The Abigbo song will tell the cardinal that Mbaise community reject all forms of injustice, that bishop Okpalaeke is rejected forever, why he was rejected and most importantly that the Mbaise community wants a pastor close to the people. Now that Onayaiken is a yoruba man and doesn't understand ibo language, how would he understand what he will be told? As one Mbaise priests put it. ...
Dr Irvin Khoza once said_"Telkom Charity Cup causes a lot of Congestion 2 da League,my ? is hw *** a 1day event causes a congestion?,wt abt Carling Black label?,its a 1day event moes?.2 my suprise 2days afta Langing of CBL Cup,Pirates wer sponsored by Carling Black Label,they cn lie bt they wl never fool us all,this r greediness scam 2 enrinch Khoza n Kaizer in expense of the Charity Organisation,this initiative should b brought dawn,SA lets think of da poor!
Stop looking for a mate to make you happy! That's your job and your mate is there to enhance your life. You can lie in your bed with your mate and not be happy! Something to think about!
Shevun Smith wrote: Yuh hear seh 'McDonald' kill 'Burger King' in front a 'Popeye's' ova de dutty gal 'Wendy's'? De funeral a keep at 'KFC', u going? I'm going to tek de 'Subway' and meet 'Mothers' at 'island grill'. Mi Seh 'Juicie beef' tell mi and 'Tastee' seh a 'Papa john' di dutty gyal did want 'Mega mart seh she a go an wi fi *** but she seh she a go late cuz she a eat wa 'Domino's Pizza'.
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Author n Finisher of our faith.Lets praise him always,give him all the glory n honor 4 He serves it.Lets sing this song: "when I remember what the Lord has done, I will never turn back anymore" X2 "No no no no no no I will very turn back anymore." X2 Today we read John 2:1-21. ur registering statement should be what u r telling Jesus whose eyes r on my wall always to read n answer what we r requesting of him. His mother said"They hve no more wine" n He provided wine there n there!so tell him what u want today n write ur location/village/town/city at the end of ur request. U r blessed n loved Ratirati.
I I was the Lakers I wouldn't even trip off this season. Get a lottery pick and get Andrew Wiggins. Kobe air coming back till the second half of the season. Get Andrew Wiggins 2014 and pick up a big time Free Agent and let Kobe go out on top w/ a ring. Because who ever get that lil dude go most def have sum body to build around. I'm callin it early
Angela and I were lifting a bundle of lumber. And she goes "e John!" Like a moaning type of "e John!" *** !!
Today I fixes baked chicken breast, roast, Mac/cheese n sweet potatoes, dressing, corn on the cob, blueberry & cornbread muffins, brownies n banana pudding. So happy to b back home n not eating to go food on the road. Hope you n the kids enjoyed lil brutha. And u too friend!
Wide awake .nee good need some sleep
July 7, 2013, at 8:55 P.M., on the old calendar date of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, and the new calendar date of the feast of St. Maelruain of Tallaght, our beloved Bishop, Maelruain Kristopher Dowling, passed away.
I want y'all to know I CAN'T with this SundayBest foolishness!! I have laughed so hard omg it's not right
Whooh, am so happy with my new ipod :) tank u my babes john :) luv u xox
folks do you know that some senior NDC PARTY executive have started a vigorous campaign in the villages and hamlets telling their supporters that there is going to be another elections to help give John Mahama another 4yrs to rule for 8yrs ??? is it true that the president has been lobbying some influential leaders to finance his campaign for a Possible RUN-OFF???who is Now the new leader of the NDC new propaganda machine set up to start convinced electorates that NPP IS a cursed party and are planning to destroy Ghana if they vote for them again???who are those senior journalist tasked with whooping amount of money to wage a media war against NPP's flag bearer NANA ADDO and destroy his image from next month? their strategy is tell a big lie keep hammering and it will eventually be accepted???.oh by the way why are all those juju men, occults, mallam's ,osofo's they ve consulted in Ghana ,Nigeria , b'faso, and Benin kept repeating the same message i.e ''they have taken some ones power and until they give ...
Media are ALL over this now - if we get portrayed as a racist party then they haven't looked at it closely enough. Brace Yourselves NZ!
Night at the beach Susan Hodgkiss ace night x :-):-)
Lms comment if u trying to *** out n support me n my mobbb bros tonite at sub t on north Ave n Milwaukee support us now not later..we bout to rock the building like always performance by Flyrese Marley hit single arm n hammer Young Ceo n Suge G Hgnc Gmcsurge new hit single right now TreeTree Tyson hit single flats Nico Montana hit n Cannon Corleone John Myers hit single what's up..mobbb bout to turnt
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Dnt run up ur silly lil mouth ova bb den wen it comes face 2 face u back dwn if u wanna slap me *** nw den init bring ur silly lil *** boiis wid u aswell then like I'm scared of u kmt ur a silly male who can only beef girls I'll bee waiting 4 my slap dpmoo
Please pray specifically for the following three things at this time: - Jon has a collapsed left lung, that this would be sorted - fractured ribs - He has a small fracture in the back of his neck, if this gets healed he can take the neck brace off Thank you everyone
Benjamin K. Haynes (Benny), 31, of Onondaga Hill, beloved son, brother, father and friend passed away on July 2, 2013. Truly a gift from God to all who knew and loved him, Ben's larger than life presence and humor would light up any room. He was so loved by his family and many others and misunderstood by most. He was an avid fan of professional wrestling, video gaming, comic books, and action figure collectibles. Born in Holyoke MA, Ben moved to the Syracuse area in 1984 and graduated from Westhill High School (WHS) in 2000. He then attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, graduating Summa *** Laude in 2004. During his senior years at RPI, he and his fraternity brother, John Viggiano, started their own web design/multi media business, VigCraft Arts, later renamed Destined Studios. Ben then continued his studies at RPI to earn his Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction, graduating with a perfect 4.0. Benjamin excelled at m ...
Lindsay & Leanne away out a cycle, no been on a bike for years, canni wait to see what they will be like when they come back lol
Bein pregnant is like a big fukin rollercoaster ride! 1min ya up nex ya down!! November cnt *** quik anuv 4 me!
Jesus christ is all u need 2becum successful in lyf(john 14: 6) *** 2him n u'll neva regret it
is it bedtime yet? really feel like I could sleep for a week lol
Chillin in the dirty john with my girl sally.fruit smoothies are tasteing good. ;)
Dan John tony dave and stu mills still in and they say I can't play would have been my SECOND AREA FINAL TROPHY *** on Tony Pearce
Happy my son John came down from Misouri 2 be with me this 4th of July. Stil prayn Rachel Gary n Goe *** home 2 me. Visits wit ther mom hav ben stopd
All you glory hunting Jocks giving it large about Murray how many of you have actually supported him and went to watch him play a game of Tennis ? Did any of you travel to Wimbledon ??? Tell the truth now ., Andy Eng
Don't really have anything to do today so I guess I'll stay in and make it a movie and Papa Johns day. Anybody wanna join me??? :-)
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