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John Cho

John Cho (born June 16, 1972) is a Korean-American actor and musician, best known for his roles and as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films (2004–present) and as the character who coins the term MILF in the American Pie films (1999–2012).

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My Ride or Die team, the reason I watch Arrow, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle they bring the MAGIC http…
BREAKING: John Cho is kissing Billy Eichner on Difficult People season 3 trailer.
I don't know anything about Star Trek but I will watch it and give it my full hearted support because John Cho
petition for John Cho to star in every movie ever for the rest of his life
I suddenly want to see John Cho play Spider Jerusalem in a Transmetropitan series on HBO.
And I was stoked about John Cho playing a Japanese character on Star Trek 2/
If you're thinking "hey I saw this" that's because I said John Cho instead of Justin Chon. I knew I would make this mistake.
Difficult People season 3 trailer reveals first look at John Cho
We should always be talking about John Cho 🔥
Ghost, but specifically John Cho's one episode character from season one of Charmed.
Seeing John Cho and Poncho Herrera standing next to each other is a little overwhelming
John Cho on joining the cast of theexorcistfox 😈
Brianna Hildebrand e John Cho na cabine do BuzzFeed no
John Barrowman is wearing a TARDIS dress and supporting the new doctor being a woman how can some people not love him https…
The panel. (John cho joins the series in 2d season)
John Cho is out here looking DELICIOUS. STILL.
I had to look up who Ben Daniels was 😂. I was basically gonna watch for John Cho, bu…
Movie to Look at for: Columbus . John Cho in an Indie Flick 👀
John Cho in the new hauntingly atmospheric COLUMBUS Trailer
In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung - Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
John Cho would've been a great Jim! "The Office Audition Tapes For Dwight, Michael, Kevin, Pam and Jim" on YouTube -
Trailer: Discover Why This John Cho Drama Is One of the Great Indie Debuts of 2017 https:/…
is now an Oscar voter. Congrats to John Cho!
It's also where an upcoming movie named after the city is set and was filmed. Starring John Cho, directed by Kogonada (feature film debut).
You have shaken hands with John Cho, but have you ever met Akira Yoshimura?
Kathryn Hahn reads an essay about how marriage isn't always as wonderful as it seems on your wedding day
A new approach to treating mesothelioma — Dr. John Cho
Watch clips for the Wednesday night premiere of on Spike!
New Academy members include John Cho, Riz Ahmed, Grace Lee and more | CAAM Home
I sense Hollywood trying to make amends w/ John Cho's inclusion in the academy. But I'll only accept him as star of his own franchise.
So can we have a Hikaru Sulu spin off starring John Cho? Also with a potential George Takei cameo?
How the *** was John Cho Not an academy voter. you see... UGH
Congrats to all of you! You and Sarah Paulson, and John Cho! So happy for you, Zach!☀️
sAME like i literally just saw john cho in the thumbnail, and i was like YUP THAT'S MY JAM
there is going to be a movie starring john cho and haley lu richardson and i have never felt more Alive, it's like it was made just for me
"Fear him, for he is among us. His name is Groomzilla, and at my wedding, he was me."
I heard John tell Emily he once kissed Margret Cho, it was for this video 'Make Your Own…
John Cho is fine as *** and I've been saying that since American Pie so bye
“I’ll never forget you.” Earlier today, umpire John Tumpane saved a woman’s life on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. https…
Kathryn Hahn reads an essay about lessons learned from 11 years of marriage
Actors joining the Academy this year: Shailene Woodley, John Cho, Kristen Stewart…
Modern Love Podcast: Weddings Edition - On this week’s podcast, Kathryn Hahn and John Cho read stories about th...
There's a long list of people we could've had. Ian Anthony Dale. Mahesh Jadu. John Cho. Alexander Siddig. L…
John Cho accepted the Trailblazer Award at earlier tonight at DGA. Our 2008 interview w/ him:
Reminds me of John Cho story of when he met morrissey and told him he writes poetry too. "I bet they're…
Underworld. Ming Na Wen as Selene. John Cho as Michael. Brian Tee as Craven. George Takei as Viktor. Sung Kang…
Star Trek star John Cho is on a trip, , but not on the USS Enterprise.probablyan LSD trip. "Celebrity Trump Disease"!
COLUMBUS to screen in LA on May 4th and John Cho to receive award! via
Seth Rogan auditioned for Dwight, John Cho and Adam Scott both auditioned for Jim.The Office would've been so different lo…
Alice Eve ( & John Cho) had the pleasure to work with the talented actor Anton Yelchin. Just remember and. Thank you, An…
John Cho as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation? I'd see it!
Someone make me stop watching John Cho rolling his sleeves up.
john cho wears a LOT of really nice suits.
Operators are standing by, waiting for you to send me pictures of John Cho.
hi everyone here is John Cho rolling up his sleeves
John Cho as Amadeus Cho!Hulk. Katheryn Winnick as Kate Bishop!Hawkeye. Anthony Mackie as Cap. Quavenzhané Wallis as Iron Man
Ensemble road movie with Lin Manuel, John Cho, Leslie Mann, The Rock, Gael, Meryl, and Janelle Monae would be the bees knees
Work in the Internet without investment | Michael J. Fox, John Cho, and More Stars Ditched an Oscar Party for a Pro-Immigrant Rally - Vanity
Leslie Mann and John Cho will be hosting the Academy's Sci-Tech Awards!
Leslie Mann & John Cho are hosting this year's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technica…
Leslie Mann and John Cho to Host Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards
Orlando Jones, John Cho, Nicholas Gonzalez all disrespected by incompetent writers and ep's.
First I wanted John Cho as Shang for the Mulan live action film but now I really want to see Daniel Dae Kim as Shang
John Cho as milf guy in the American Pie movies is one of the best roles, ever.
I also need a movie w/ Steven Yeun, Daniel Henney, Dev Patel, & John Cho in it. It could be like The Hangover but bette…
Seth Rogen auditioned for Dwight , John Cho auditioned for Jim, . Bob Odenkirk (better call Saul) auditioned for Michael. Amazing
Watch Margot Robbie, John Cho, and more stars read powerful stories from refugees
Casting of Passengers is the definition of modern blandness. ur idea of casting Tessa Thompson & John Cho as leads was perf
Why can't Felicity get a hot rebound. Was Brett Dalton busy? John Cho? Justin Hartley is obviously busy, but come on
Ben and Hikaru insp by a photo of Doug Jung and John Cho
I had a ton of fun speaking to and about via
When you're at work and you meet John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson
Young Lando Calrissian should be played by John Cho.
Honestly, I am whitewashed OUT. Ya know who I'd have liked to see, if not even a Chinese actor? GODFREY GAO. JOHN CHO. BRIAN TEE.
I had a dream with John Cho in it so I guess my subconscious is casting better than Hollywood is.
Star Trek Beyond. John Cho on representation and his concerns with *** Sulu. →
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John Cho as Mark Watney in The Martian? I'd see it!
John Cho as a Canadian meth dealer is my favorite thing on 30 Rock
Anonymous said: Imagine this though - John Cho as Mr Darcy.
John Cho bathed in moonlight while riding a majestic horse is my jam.
If you had to cast a male reboot of Charlie's Angel... — just John Cho with three different wigs on. Helen M...
Chris pine and John cho are both amazing
I am v. sad about Selfie but as soon as I have a regular supply of John Cho's face again I'll stop complaining
the last ones that really got me were Bunheads and Selfie. Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop! John Cho and Karen Gillian!
John Cho is 44 yrs old. His character is supposed to be only slightly older compared Chekov and Anton was 27 here.
I put my money on John Cho. He seems like a man who can deliver on this front.
Words cannot describe how much i actually love john cho
Listening to John Cho on the podcast. Lovely, lovely man. Really wish he was given more to do.
So many of these & also KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL w Bradley Cooper, John Cho, other great cast. Only got 1/2 season but so good!
I added a video to a playlist Chris Pine and John Cho: Rock Stars
So when you do your family tree and Margaret Cho does hers, and... Wanda Sykes and John Leg
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Diversity and 'Beyond': How Zoe Saldana, John Cho and director Justin Lin pushed the conversation in the latest... htt…
John Cho is a blessing on this earth and I am glad every single day that he is alive
Korean-American actor talks about defying stereotypes in
UGH I KNOW there was a time i genuinely didn't...but this movie has john cho how will i survive
what a dork...everyone knows the best thing to come from Korea is John Cho. 😁
+ = everything I've ever needed. John Cho is a gift to the world.
I finally found out tonight that John Cho is not Chinese. So I'm not allowed to try to sound PC ever again.
Congrats Jenny, can't wait to see what you make for WW. Need to get you and Steve up to the twin cities for a...
.on representation in Hollywood and Sulu in the new movie:
I drew a blank on some of them, even for folks I really like like John Cho.
You're in luck, because I am the only Asian more handsome than John Cho
Karl Urban and John Cho talk about Star Trek Beyond, the 13th instalment in the sci-fi film franchise.
not a great concept for a show, but Karen Gillan AND John Cho.
In addition to all the other arguments, Matt Damon looks dumb in that costume and John Cho woulda looked great
i mean Daniel Dae Kim, Randall Park, and John Cho must have been busy with other projects.
John Cho as Tom Hansen in 500 Days of Summer? I'd see it!
real talk, my interview with John Cho was the best date I've gone on this year.
We hung out with John Cho, and Justin Lin to talk
I will read ALL of the John Cho interviews, and I still miss Selfie via
How much you wanna bet it wouldn't have gotten cut if they were white guys (or girls for that matter).
star John Cho says there's no bad blood with George Takei 💬
John Cho Shares His Concern About Hikaru Sulu Being *** John Cho told the press he was conc…
John Cho on his conversation with George Takei about Sulu's sexuality in
This intvw makes me so glad that young Asian Americans have celebrity role models in pop culture like I never did
The release of Star Trek Beyond means lots of profiles of John Cho, including this great one by
Exclusive: Karl Urban and John Cho on Star Trek Beyond, Sulu’s sexuality and Thor: Ragnarok
Plenty of other good stuff in this Cho interview, including how they cast his Star Trek Beyond hubbie.
Great conversation on race and Hollywood: as interviewed by
Guys. Karl Urban is dating Starbuck and John Cho is 44, when did this happen??!!
I talked to about his concerns about *** Sulu" and what hip hop album he'd love to be on the cover of
WATCH: We speak to Karl Urban and John Cho about Bones, Sulu, and their Hogwarts houses
John Cho & Zoe Saldana talk diversity and the final fronitier with director Justin Lin.
Set phasers to FUN! We hosted Justin Lin + John Cho from Star Trek Beyond for an AMA at HQ.
I really love that, when asked about potentially playing a movie superhero, John Cho's first pull is Condorman.
So excited to see and co. in the new Asian American rep. on all fronts. Makes my heart sing .
"Asian-Americans are looking to be affirmed as real people." John Cho on
I could continue quoting this whole interview from Vulture with John Cho, but you should totally read it yourself instead
.Could you please invite the delightful John Cho to ?.
“John Cho: You know, I had requested that my husband be Asian. A.V. Club: Why was that? John Cho: The...”
This interview of John Cho by is so good, smart & honest on so many topics. I very highly recommend it
J.J. Abrams paid tribute to Anton Yelchin at the premiere
John Cho: *** kiss was cut from Star Trek Beyond
It seems strange, but still very cool, that John Cho is the breakout member of the Star Trek Beyond cast.
i just read that AV Club interview with John Cho about the new film and just ... 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 i'm full of so much hope
Can Gabriel Union and John Cho make out on TV again? Because that would be great.
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John Cho reveals that Sulu is *** in Star Trek Beyond as a nod to George Takei | News via
George Takei doesn't like John Cho's character coming out as ***
As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is *** in Star Trek Beyond 來自
This is Captain Hikaru Sulu, Star Trek's first on-air LGBT character:
Love Star Trek because it addressed society's tabos, but this is Trek's: Sulu portrayed as *** in new Star Trek film.
I believe he thought it may be disrespectful to Gene Roddenberry. But also, good for John Cho!
"John Cho, said that his character has a daughter and a partner" normalizing children of *** parents
Someone give John Cho an award for playing both the token Asian and token *** role.
See Photos of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban & John Cho at premiere:
John Cho confirmed that Sulu was going to be *** so I think they meant character not actor
John Cho helps Sulu to boldly come out as in Star Trek Beyond
Sulu is *** in 'Star Trek Beyond': John Cho reveals a significant new detail about.
continues to be progressive, reveals Sulu is openly ***
Kerri Higuchi, Gedde Watanabe, Tim Dang, and John Cho on closing day of "La Cage Aux…
Hm. . So Justin Lin, John Cho, and Simon Pegg all talked to George Takei about making the character of Hikaru Sulu
Update your maps at Navteq
John Cho's character in will be as a nod to
John Cho as Mike Banning in London Has Fallen? I'd see it!
& they never want to admit the fact that visible actors like John Cho and Lucy Liu speaking up means this isn't just some imagined slight
With acting, you are a small part of the creative process, and sometimes it...
I'd much rather see starring John Cho.
Would love to see John Cho in more romantic comedies!
Tall, dark & handsome: John Cho gets 3 out of 3. Tom Cruise only 1 out of 3. 🇨🇦
Nice campaign to raise awareness of lack of diversity in
If Hollywood has a diversity problem, just cast John Cho in all blockbuster's going forward.
And live in your and John Cho's house FOREVER like the millenial she is. and seriously is my fave right now.
John Cho as Holland March in The Nice Guys? I'd see it!
Can there please be a movie where Arden Cho and John Cho play siblings and Lucy Liu and Constance Wu play sisters and someone falls in love?
whole show is seen through Arden Cho's vlog, & John Cho is a teacher at a private school, but really wants to be in a band.
casts John Cho in major Hollywood films. Fights stereotyped casting of Asian men
John Cho Appears in Popular Movie Posters to Address Lack of Diversity in Hollywood
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
John Cho appears in popular movie posters to address lack of diversity in Hollywood:
I hope John Cho will get to play him!
Any of the government people could've been John Cho!
I'm still bitter abt Selfie. John Cho as modern-day Henry Higgins = good TV. plus now I want all these movies
This makes me very happy indeed. ⚡️ “What if John Cho starred as Captain America or James Bond?”.
I really like the message of (check it out) but mostly I keep getting distracted by how hot John Cho i…
A psychedelic fairy tale with an abandoned themepark, starring Garrett Wang and John Cho.
or maybe Jamie Chung as Jesus. or John Cho in a George Washington bio pic
Gentlemen, allow me to introduce modern pioneer, John Cho.
"Do Something that brings you closer to happiness". Quick message from John Cho.
LOVED this week's but what about that John Cho romance plot???
Our anchors John Earl and Aimee Cho are back and ready to share the !! Stay tuned
remember the show selfie w/ john cho and Karen Gillan :( this cancellation still hurts SO MCUH
everyone headliningJJ Abrams putting more diverse ppl in his cast but dont remember John Cho throwin SHADE @ him during Into Darkness
John Cho shd be on He looks good in a suit, can project the right mix of menace & intelligence, and the show needs more POC.
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like John Cho with Gabrielle Union in he was all up in her hair. 😍
JESS IS FINALLY BACK although I wish she wasn't trying to find a juror and instead trying to find John Cho
and John Cho in Selfie.. so it's like why would you want to take one of those away??
someone really needs to remake Scaramouche with John Cho as the lead.
Yeah, and John Cho, based on Bourdain's book.
It totally bites that I have never gotten to see 10+ movies or TV shows with John Cho as the lead:
I was reading a piece about John Cho tonight and thought "oh god, how amazing would have been as Ant Man."
Because I'm still mad got cancelled.
Someone in the comments suggested as the next Mission Impossible lead and I agree:.
Excited for the Blacklist table read of 'Reagan' w James Brolin, Castle, John Cho and more.…
Flashback to a fun shoot styling Mr. John Cho.
Flashback to a fun shoot styling John Cho.
Better choices for Iron Fist off the top of my head: John Cho, Sung Kang, Daniel Henney, Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu, Chr…
While we're at it, how about some actual Asian people in Firefly? John Cho and Arden Cho as the Tams.
"Sometimes the most important thresholds of mystery are places of John O'Donohue // photo:
did you watch Go On? John Cho's role was small-ish, but very enjoyable. Agree we need him on a procedural immediately
AND John Cho should be in many other movies and a weekly dramedy or crime procedural that I can watch the *** out of
John Cho hasn't aged at all since the first American Pie movie
John Cho been putting in work FOR years. Arden's publicly challenging by rac/sexist casting calls etc. What more they want?
They always want black folks to work for them while they ignore John Cho, Arden Cho, & Gina Rodriquez et al.
Lol kalpenn and john.cho for being the new world stoner icons guys!
John Cho is a great Hikaru Sulu but George Takei will always be my Hikaru Sulu
"JOHN CHO DONT ACT LIKE THIS!" & "I would like an explanation for why YT ppl like jello salad so much" - was too thru on BGT
I'll never forget that time I started a rumor in that John Cho would be playing the Mandarin in Iron Man 2:
"The answer to business success is in the title! " by on
Selfie starring Karen Gillan and John Cho. twas aired in the US in 2014 unfortunately 1 season lang. Super funny :)
Hi John, this is Young Cho. Please response to my email. Thanks.
All Of Me - John Legend Tiesto Remix (All In One Guitar Cover by Harry Cho) He's really awesome check it out
I hope nigguhs sleepin on me, so I can hit cho azz wit duh John Cena when I come up.. cuhzz
The movie also had Zoë Saldanah and John Cho in the lead . So D- for diversity
I liked a video from Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer (2016) Adventure - John Cho,
Now I'm having Flash backs to the "You've got mail" remake I wrote in my head for Nikki Beharie/John Cho.
John Cho is in this episode of Charmed and tbh that's just made me night 10x better
I wanted Justise Winslow as most Hornets fans did, but Kaminsky starting to have a bigger impact on the floor, maybe Cho got this one right.
If loses this game after going up 21 in Frank Beamer's last game it's the biggest embarrassment to that school since John Cho.
John Cho is the best part about this movie
mess with cho's army and you get burned, dear "Privilege"
I thought it was the Bad Boys remake that I envisioned with Kevin Hart and John Cho/Ken Jeong, and it ended up being Ride Along 2.
he spent six months setting a trap for Red John and has nothing to show for it How would you feel? Cho the wise one
Did Nick Gonzalez and John Cho ever have chairs on Probably not cause their characters weren't interested in CRANE.
I miss John Cho and that Selfie show. SDW, what have you done to me? OMG imagine if Cho was in Hamilton?!?!?!?!
I had a dream that I sat in on an Apple meeting where Steve Jobs (played by John Cho) was mean to everyone. That was it, that was the dream.
John Cho is ridiculously perfect in Star Trek imo.
Fun fact. John Cho is 43 now and was 32 years old when he did the first Harold and Kumar
Delighted to see "Monkey King, Faerie Queen" by from the Spring issue on the SFWA Nebula rec list!
why doesn't John Cho have another show?? What a great romantic lead.
John cho and Karen had so much chemistry omg...but the big bang theory still goes on 😴
sometimes I remember all the shade John Cho threw at Cucumber Sandwich as Khan in Star Trek & sigh dreamily
I'm trying to make John Cho as a Fallout 4 character but it's going poorly. Either this character creator or I are not good at Asian faces.
I miss John Cho on my TV. Come back.
BG John Cho Deputy Chief of Staff for Support, US Army Medical Command fielding the 1st question
being a queen and defending herself against haters. Go Arden! She is completely right.
Also, Cho'Gall is coming out this week and I'm hyped.
I don't know how I got here–it's 1AM I should be asleep but here we are and this is beautiful
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Tupac Shakur, Stan Laurel, Bill Cobbs, Abby Elliott, John Cho, L…
"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song" (St. John Paul II)
YOU CAN MAKE OUT WITH ANYONE??? like i would immediately be like "call john cho, guys. i need to put my mouth on his mouth"
John Cho and Randall Park would make a great buddy comedy duo. Although Cho had that covered already with Kal Penn
I liked a video Halloween video of the Selfie cast (Karen Gillan and John Cho dressed up as Power
John Cho is ageless. Kinda like Bianca Lawson, who I don't think has aged a day since 1997.
Mark Shapiro: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay [Blu-ray]: Kal Penn and John Cho make a great comedy duo.
Wait. So John Cho is non-corporeal so bikes/coffee mugs pass through him. Yet his ghost butt is parked on the couch?
John Cho is on and I am really excited about it. I have such a crush on him.
THIS JUST IN: John Farrell announces that he has lymphoma.
John cho's the only reason why I'm watching selfie heheh
Sherlock, John and more but as you've never seen them before. Pre-order Pop! Vinyls today:
I do not understand the whole Asian dude not seen as sexy thing when John Cho is fine af.
Highlights: The perfection that is John Cho/Henry trying to skateboard; Eliza inappropriately quoting "started from the bottom NOW WE HERE"
The Wounded - Also, I’d like to announce, just so everybody knows, that John Cho is super sexy and I have a...
remember the Kitchen Confidential show? i loved it :( JOHN CHO!
I have the biggest crush on John Cho.
John Cho too! And I like this show even though it's not that great. Oh and Vartan pops up.
Ricki and the Flash: Blinded by the Light IM/Blogging W/ John Cho…
Argh, John Cho, is the evil one. I don't like it. Expect i kind of do.
Levelling the playing field for SMEs vs larger corporate cometitors is absolutely a key benefit for many SMEs in cho…
what up friend gave an entire powerpoint about John Cho once
.I actually thought Jack Davenport would've made a good Henry in Selfie - but glad they used John Cho instead.
Come see SCOTT DUMAS with John Beuler & Alan cho . Tickets at $19.00
And then we're not even talking about Wu, Sarkeezian or Cho...
once pitched me a show with Natalie Morales and John Cho as the leads and I am just waiting for her to make it at this point
Like that last episode with John Cho and Ricky Gervais... I recognized Jason Beghe and Aisha Tyler instantly, though
A Slide in the Background of a Photograph IM/Blogging W/ John Cho…
Hollywood needs to accept and embrace the attractiveness of John Cho.
I'd like John Cho back on my tv screen on a weekly basis. In a starring role. Which allows him to be a sexual human being. Thanks.
John Cho donates proceeds from Star Trek walk-on role contest to ENTER:
The look on John Cho's face watching Idris is priceless. (I'm dying! LOL)
is john cho, acclaimed star of abc's SELFIE, in a new movie?
The FT on channels TV and its founder, Mr John Momoh.
I liked a video Interview with Kal Penn, John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris
If John Cho lived here, we'd be fine.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
If John Cho were your babysitter, your kids would play piano even longer than the time they were required to.
If John Cho Were Your Babysitter, your kids would never scream while you were on a conference call with six other actual professionals
"since John Tory became mayor we do some things differently” Cllr Cho on his Zoo appointment.
eps dead man dating is on. The scenes with you and John Cho are so great. From you to paying the mr Sulu in star trek
Now she's gonna be stuck with this lameo "Jack" or this other dude who wants to take her to ParisBORING HOW CLICHE WE WANT JOHN CHO
Gotta say I'm bummed that the guy they created wasn't the Ghost of John Cho from last episode. He & Holly Marie Combs had a thing!
Manny Pacquiao - John Cho from Harold and Kumar visits Manny Pacquiao via
Photo: hottiesofcolor: John Cho at the Hollywood premiere of “Total Recall” (2012) Photo by Frazer...
Hi john cho how are u today. I really love to see u play on Harry and Kumar. It's .hilarious
When you not playing with your heart, it mean your time to go. Lets buy Higuain or Reus
I also choose John Oliver and Sanaa Lathan and John Cho.
i wish i could see john cho as attractive bc objectively, he is, it's just that he looks a LOT like my cousin & that totally ruins it for me
The sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, was born on this day in 1767!
Here is a video me and Mr John Cho made for you!
Yayyy john cho's in indentity thief
See: John Lee Malvo, Seung-Hui Cho. It's just more common that the shooter is a white male. Not denying that part.
We can't decide if looks more like Neo or a Man In Black, but we like it…
It's alot of people who don't like Me but dey respekt me.. Cause dey KNOW John is not wit no fuk shyt.. Get Cho azz handed to ya
Like even people like John cho, who is 43 ?? Looks 23!
John Cho spoke with Hot Dog. We're still apologizing for it.
I'll get Elton John to sing "can you feel the love tonight" as we pick flowers in a field with a sunset
always torn when Spain-Korea play... but still happy Korea won! Go Korean women's soccer team! Hwaiting for the...
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