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John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American actor, professional wrestler.

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the radar god that is kieren he is a big John Cena fan and a Hacktivist radar god all at the age of 10
At summerslam John Cena will become 16x world heavyweight champion
lolz wow cx awhile ago it was Trish Stratus and John Cena or Ray Mesterio
You can't see me like I'm John Cena and you're Ray Charles. Ungh
Seth Rollins The World Heavyweight Champion of the World vs. John Cena the United States Champion - Winner Takes...
HulKKK Hogan die and the WWE gon do a John Cena marathon on the Network
How likely is it that John Cena will Defeat Seth Rollins to be WWE Heavyweight Champion again at "Summerslam" in your Opinion
your new undisputed wwe world heavyweight championship and current USA champion John Cena
John Cena to become UFC heavyweight champion?
At SummerSlam we will have a New WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he's name is John Cena.
So what we're saying here is that John Cena is going to be both WWE World Heavyweight Champion and U.S. Champion at right?
although "John Cena dated a woman who looks like Brooke Hogan" is WAY less creepy
Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, and John Cena's entrances are all different versions of the U.S anthem.
Why hasn't the WWE pushed a black wrestler like a John Cena like a Hulk Hogan before racial comments they lost their chance with Lashley
Hello, John Cena and TNA *** . Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan are legends.
it's like saying John Cena is the modern Day Hulk Hogan... When really they're both just themselves
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All time Hulk Hogan right now John Cena or Daniel Bryan.
Watched an hour of that Amy Schumer film. John Cena was the best thing in that hour.
1. John Cena. 2. Hulk Hogan. 3. Ryback. Oh, yeah, that's right... :-(
Episode 123 of the Cheap Pop Podcast is here! We talk RAW,Hulk Hogan, Sting,John Cena, ROH, and more!
we both see that WWE can only make so many Big time stars. John Cena arguably the last one? Brock, Rock, Austin, Hogan.
John Cena is in!!! 15 time world heavyweight record champion.
I love the philosophy on Hogan: CGI replace him on network with John Cena.
Also today in history,in 2009 teamed w/Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr to lose to John Cena & Mark Henry in White Plains,N.Y.
Remember when you had nothing for John Cena to do? You ran a great retirement angle with Mark Henry and then what?
If wrestling is fake explain to is how Bryan's career is in jeopardy, Tyson Kidd will be out for a year, and John Cena fractured his nose.
well I was gonna ask for a cuddle from Emma Stone but the John Cena thing works too.
Exclusive WWE Source: John Cena will become 16x Heavyweight Champion at tying Flair's record.
Photo: I was inspired by something similar to this, with John Cena of all people as the focal point. But...
I think last year he used Daniel Bryan's theme. Tyler Holt on our team uses John Cena's(if you didn't know)
I like how the guide preview for Smackdown is "WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins brags about how he crushed John Cena's nose"
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John Cena undergoes surgery on Tuesday to fix breathing issues
The time is now by John Cena is honestly one of the best songs I have ever heard.
I love Daniel Bryan, he never gives up, like John Cena's motto is. I hope he can come back to wrestle again.
I gave John Cena props and credit for what he did. Swallow your pride Super fan Tiff and do the same.
Although I'm a Daniel Bryan fan , John Cena is still the man 😂😂
unstablexbalor: Real talk here but John Cena has honestly been a much better U.S. Champion than Seth...
Daniel Bryan, John Cena, & Alicia Foxx proves if you associated with the Bella's your head is coming out messed up.
According to this John Cena fan - . When Daniel Bryan was in the main events and the ratings dropped, it was...
I completely forgot I have John Cena snow gloves
Brook Hogan is working on a poem for John Cena's nose as we speak.
Listen up John Cena broke his noise wwe is not fake the story line are
John Cena broke his nose - FOR REAL - last night, still defeated Seth Rollins for the U.S. Championship (via http:/…
John Cena's nose is proof that pro wrestling is no joke
“Here's how John Cena suffered his broken nose. tougher than $2 steak. An O-Li…
Too soon to chill. John Cena just broke his nose. Got my adrenaline amped up more than nipple batteries.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
VIDEO: Wrestling's fake, you say? Tell that to John Cena's grotesquely broken nose
John Cena just fought through a match with a bloody and broken nose; this may be the turning point in his career ... INCRE…
John Cena's nose looks like it was reconstructed by Picasso ... What a tough son of a biznotch!!!
John Cena in the thunder dome ladies and gentlemen!!!
Seth Rollins and John Cena... y'all did y'all thang
John Cena is Joseph Park all of a sudden; really to kill if somebody makes him bleed.
Lets go John Cena. . Beat that lil b**ch.
Oh yeah? What about that 5 star feud with John Cena and John Laurinaitis in 2012, huh? Wait... Nevermind.
John Cena and Randy Orton are better than Seth Rollins?
Reminder: Beloved wrestler Daniel Bryan sits on the injured list, while the infuriating John Cena has Wolverines healing factor.
They're doing the YES thing, are they confusing Daniel Bryan with John Cena?
It's weird stuff like that trailer that makes video games so great. If the Predator can fight Johnny Cage, the T-800 can wrestle John Cena.
take on John Cena in a cage match you won't
Sorry Kirk, I only save my tears for John Cena make a wish moments
I've got it: Danny Glover and John Cena travel back in time to stop Bill Cosby and Hulk Hogan from destroying the future.
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my top 5 rn is . 1. Dean Ambrose. 2. Cesaro. 3. Kevin Owens . 4. Seth Rollins . 5. John Cena
You have Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Reigns, and you choose* John Cena to face Seth Rollins ? :)
John Cena is the most popular celebrity granter in Make-A-Wish Foundation history.He has granted abt 300 wishes so far.
What is your pro wrestling Mount Rushmore? Mine is Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and John Cena.
Him and John Cena were the funniest parts of the movie. He kills it.
Only white people that can say *** . John Cena. Eminem. Joe Biden. Abraham Lincoln. MattyB. Steve Nash
Really, a great cast, yet the funniest scene was John Cena getting worked up in a movie theater by Keith Robinson.
John Cena's fun, LeBron James is so-so. Ezra Miller throws down the gauntlet to Grant Gustin on how kinky The Flash can b…
Despite featuring LeBron, John Cena, Tony Romo, and Amare Stoudamire, Trainwreck is still a chick flick.
for Rusev, Kevin Owens and Sheamus. FAV for John Cena, Randy Orton and Cesaro. The Main Event.
did you just say John Cena it's Randy Orton
Can't wait to see Cesaro,Randy Orton,John Cena battle Kevin stupid Owen,sheamus and wth he name
Growing up I just wanted to be John Cena lol
John Cena, Bastita, and Ray Mysterio are my favs!
How long would a Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Superman last?
Putting Brie in there is like putting Brooklyn Brawler in a three way match with John Cena and The Rock...
You have to choose between him and John Cena.
[John Cena @ marriage counseling]. Her: we're constantly fighting. JC: well i am a wrestler. Her: he wont sto-. *just slams …
"Trainwreck’s homophobia puts John Cena in a headlock"
Busted Open disusses John Cena's future with the WWE …
Also today in history,in 2007 he beat Cody Rhodes on Raw & lost to John Cena in dark match,both in Corpus Christie,Texas.
John Cena's crazy-funny 'Trainwreck' role. The WWE star totally surprised us with his comedy chops.
I'm learning not to question Brodie's John Cena facts or the devotion he has to him. I get dagger eyes when I do.
i dislike HEAVILY what McMahon does with John Cena in terms of wrestling, and JC isn't that great of a wrestler, but he seems
Oh, and you want to be the next John Cena? Yeah, shut up and mind your own meaningless business, Total 'Diva.'
All youtube recommends me nowadays are John Cena rap videos and Slavoj Zizek lectures.
John Cena, the old Dr. of Thuganomics, returned today for a rap battle with Michael Strahan on Live with Kelly...
Video: John Cena rap battles Michael Strahan: The Dr. of Thuganomics returned today on Live…
I liked a video Raw: John Cena pleads with Mr. McMahon to reinstate CM Punk
these two little kids at the barber asked for a John Cena haircut
This may be the closest thing you'll get to a John Cena heel turn.
John Cena may as well use this to be calling moves so loud
For some reason, I don't see John Cena facing the person that wins this match tonight. We may get a triple threat on Sunday.
My favourite wrestlers ever are Eddie Guerrero and John Cena (Now Daniel Bryan)
I want to see Luke Harper vs. John Cena for the US Championship.
I liked a video Raw: Mr. McMahon prepares to terminate John Cena
According to random guy at Doc's office, add Jeremy from Coke to Sean Payton, John Cena & Matt Damon on list of guys I look like.
John Cena vs Kurt Angle time, davari is the ref for some reason
My best friend is just similar to John Cena, he says "you can't see me.". Even I can't see him.
Vince McMahon to John Cena what up my *** Booker T says tell me he did not just say that wow...
what was it like to face John Cena on the final Raw at Nassau coliseum in your hometown of Long Island?
— John Cena was at the JC Penney headquarters in Plano, Texas. He was there to sign a deal with the company, and...
I was losing hope in meeting Punk but then I walked in the room and he was there take John Cena's advice and Never Give Up kids
[John Cena getting lucky after a date]. Her: i love rough sex (;. John: oh i like where this is going. *he just bashes her …
Kevin Owens and John Cena raise the bar on while Roman Reigns just runs through it. Our recap:
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John Cena does not suck. But you already know that. Read Stan Sy's latest WWE Raw review on SMark Henry now!
Stan Sy knows that John Cena does not suck. Here's a reminder, along with a review of the rest of this week's WWE...
I have a Lying Cat shirt, all your heroes do Matt. Me, Vegas, Hetfield, Big Alan Moore, John Cena.
John Cena was nominated for Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award.
WWE commentators calling John Cena the greatest wrestler of all-time. How y'all feel about that?
"Prince, we are gonna have John Cena beat Cesaro clean tonight. How does that sound?"
John Cena s move use to be chris Benoit cross face crippler old school throw back for real
Chris and I were kissing and the John Cena song came on the tv and he pulled away so fast he made my lip bleed
John Cena is upset that Brock Lesnar destroyed the Cadillac before John could spray paint "Poopy" on the hood.
“A primary school kid in a John Cena cap just told me off for wearing my shirt.” His…
I added a video to a playlist John Cena vs Batista WWE Championship I Quit Match Over the Limit
John Cena, WWE superstar, has granted more than 400 Make-a-Wish requests—more than anyone in the charity's history.
John Cena is a better IWGP Champion that Aj Styles.
I haven't seen a champion get destroyed this bad since Brock Lesnar took John Cena to Suplex City at SummerSlam last year.
Congratulations on 10k . John Cena would be proud.
We already have a world w/ John Cena as a near 16 time World Champion. We all can't have what we want ;_;
July 3rd 2006, RAW. defeated John Cena & RVD to become the Champion for the second time. htt…
John Cena to lose the USA Champion at WWE Battleground, then John Cena will be next in the line for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!
Kevin Owens stunned John Cena at Elimination Chamber. Two weeks after the biggest win of his career, Owens...
triple H u new team created roman reign,John Cena,randy ortan this is a new team further team name destroyer boyz
Adrian Neville steps into the Ring against John Cena. I play Neville.
John Cena and Dolph Ziggler beat Kane and wade Barret with a super kick by ziggler and a AA by John Cena
John Cena and Dolph Ziggler take on Kane and wade Barret in a tag team match now!
. Follow my big sis if you're a fan of John Cena or Jeff Hardy ❤❤❤
sickening disrespect to chain gang leader John Cena
Anquan Boldin, Tamika Catchings, John Cena, Henrik Lundqvist up for Sports Humanitarian of the Year… Bing John Cena
I liked a video John Cena vs Jeff Hardy
Top Rappers of All time (in no order). Eminem. Kanye. Migos. John Cena. That lil *** from the Reese's Pieces Cereal commercial. Waka Flocka
John Cena was a HUGE advocate for Derrick Bateman when he was still in WWE. I wonder how he feels about seeing this
I liked a video The Great Khali sings "Happy Birthday" to John Cena
John Cena just made a John Ritter heart attack joke as part of his rapper schtick and my guess is he got in trouble for it
Gold Rush tournament for John Cena's U.S Championship live at
I know ,John Cena, Dean Ambrose gave up too easily
Watching the A's game and noticed walk up song is John Cena's entrance music. Cena is everywhere aha nice home run Reddick!
John Cena will forever be my favorite wrestler
I can only hope Bill Apter gives John Cena and Kevin Steen the MOTY trophy in person, ending in chaos.
I hope all super stars from the Wwe go to TNA like John Cena and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and all the big super stars
Randy Orton returns and saves John Cena from Seth Rollins and Big Show after Raw June 29 2015
WWE Raw, June, 29, 2014 John Cena and Randy Orton brawl outside the ring
John Cena vs. Randy Orton XVII is a more thrilling thought.
I liked a video John Cena and Dean Ambrose funny segment
Ronald Reagan is hyping John Cena will never take Jerry The King Lawler from us
List of nominees: Anquan Boldin, Tamika Catchings, John Cena, Henrik Lundqvist. The event will take place at the Conga Room in LA on 7/14.
Dude imagine waking up and being John Cena what's the first thing you would do?
Today in 2002, John Cena makes his WWE Debut after accepting Kurt Angle's open challenge on SmackDown!
"What's your name kid?" "John Cena" Cena with Undertaker after his debut. Amazing Moment !! 👏👏👏.
"Don't spit it out. We all know you swallow it so don't spit it out." - John Cena
My only question is that when they gave the verdict did they blast John Cena's entrance music throughout the Supreme Court chambers?
Remember that time Bray Wyatt pushed John Cena into a crocodile?
John Cena caught the meanest fade of all time bruh 💀
The fact that John Cena is 15 time world champion is disgusting
even WWE didn't push John Cena this much. And seriously if I had to white knight for a lady
Trainwreck advance screening of a movie with LeBron James and John Cena.(@ AMC Studio 30)
In the last 4 years, John Cena has put over Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Rock, The Miz and created the monster Lesnar
Pretty sure Rawls is John Cena's inspiration for never giving up.
Why does John Cena sound like Keenan Thompson during that all that skit when he speaks french??
John Cena is proud of how well Ellis has buried Christen
I think he does but I'm blocked by the other one lmao 😂 it's like . @ Cameron something he says he's the real John Cena 😂
I liked a video Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero vs John Cena and B-2
John Cena is an American Hero, he's the main reason we won the revolutionary war
Maybe, but you pushed John Cena off a ladder, and put Daniel Bryan and CM Punk through a table. Yep, you're crazy.
Kevin Owens is simultaneously carrying on feuds with Sami Zayn, John Cena, Samoa Joe, and William Regal. He is THE best heel in wrestling.
Tonight! Come see the WWE SummerSlam Heatwave tour featuring John Cena, King Barrett, Kane, Dolph Ziggler and a...
If someone told you in 2013 that Kevin Steen would be in the WWE and treated as an equal of John Cena, you would call them a f***ing liar.
WWE Raw 8-9-2010 John Cena and Bret Hart vs Edge and Chris Jericho Nexus as lumberjacks
Nikki Bella watching his love John Cena at ♥♡
Nikki Bella and John Cena are so cute 😭😭 they're super cute together 💖🙈 + =
Nikki Bella and John Cena won the Internet, even if they regretted it later
Do you guys know that John Cena.yes Wwe John Cena first rap album sold more than Chris brown and Tyga album 😂😂😂
Oh my god, I just saw Kevin Steen pin John Cena
I never want to hear that John Cena doesn't sell. . He sold a powerbomb better than MGK.
Warning to WWE for tonight;. If Roman Reigns and John Cena win tonight, we will complain a lot online tonight and boycott.. …
I’d get tonnes of folk to tell John Cena to come to my birthday party. Or, at least, send me a card.
Update on Brock Lesnar - WWE lawsuit from Cole and John Cena - WWE Universe injury -
John Cena hit that Fu for that World Cup series championship with Barry bonds assist
Re-watched Kevin Owens vs. John Cena at I got to give credit, Michael Cole was great on commentary for that one.
John Cena will still be the best and better than Kevin Owens. LOOK at Kevin Owens behaviour to MGK on RAW.
but I thought he was derailed? I thought his career was over because John Cena won the rematch. Who'd have known huh?
Zz huh just woke up diva match over?Nikki won man how hard is she sucking John Cena's *** to still have that push jeez
I gotta disagree with Michael Cole, everybody loved what Kevin Owens did to John Cena!
In 2011 R-Truth faced John Cena for the WWE title at Capitol Punishment. Just think about that...
Jon Snow turned out to be like John Cena . he loses and gets beaten by everyone always
The white walkers breach the wall. Jon Snow: nothing can save us now . [John Cena's music plays]
There's been four guys to win the Royal Rumble and the MITB Ladder Match: Edge, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. Reigns?
Kevin Owens tonight joins Kurt Angle, Edge and Randy Orton as one of John Cena's best opponents to face.
I'm rooting for Jon Snow to beat John Cena, and for Stephen Curry to get the Money In The Bank briefcase toni…
This match between Kevin Owens vs John Cena is about validating John Cena's catch phrases, think about it.
John Cena vs Kevin Owens: please save us.
Why do you hate John Cena so much and will we see you in the Royal Rumble match when comes
Bentley looks so similar to John Cena it's crazy.
Us VS. Them: John Cena, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns & the importance of the everyman in wrestling via
How many of you remember this feud between John Cena - WWE Universe and Dave Bautista (Batista)?
Drew and I getting ready to watch John Cena vs Kane!! @ Hulman Center
6/12 WWE in Springfield results: Chris Jericho returns, John Cena vs. Kane in a cage match, Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt for the Intercontinental …
dad just came to the house and Bentley goes "Pawpaw, I'm John Cena!" and he flexed lmao
Can't keep up with the people you RP. Sami Zayn, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins... WHOA xD. [
I said meh about John Cena being a great wrestler.
can I dating YOU but you dating John cena
John Cena reaching meme-levels of popularity is the best thing I've seen the internet establish in months
Match of the Day- 9 years ago today, wins the WWE Title from John Cena. What a great, historic night!
Kevin Owens on John Cena: "Anybody who says that he's not a very good professional wrestler and a very good pe...
New Video: John Cena squats 595 pounds, proves he’s stronger than us
The John Cena prank call will never get old
John Cena's gonna beat Kevin Owens on Sunday. Why? Because he's fat. Muscles make the most paper y'naw mean?
like my hero John Cena says, never give up😂 tell me about it😒
ryan_defreitas: Dave Grohl is rock music s John Cena.
So Kevin Owens a guy that smarks worship, basically called them out on their John Cena BS. That is awesome
it's his character.. John Cena is a superhero type character, Rusev is a Bulgarian brute
I just told my dad to stop talking to himself & he said, "you can't hear me, I'm like John Cena" . . . what does that have to do w/ anything
John cena is a freak of nature. Awesome
Me gustó un video de Watch John Cena vs. Kevin Owens this Sunday at Money in the Bank, live on WWE
you're telling me John Cena getting German suplexed over 20 times by Lesnar and surviving is FAKE,educate yourself
There should be a similar t-shirt with John Cena and Kevin Owens.
try his songs with John cena. Those are the only good 1z
the thread was about John Cena and then GoT was brought up, and this was posted lol
If you think John Cena is a better wrestler than Cesaro.I question your judgment.
lmao of course it would be John Cena..
Kevin Owens comments on stepping on the United States Championship, facing John Cena & more htt…
Kevin Owens on John Cena: Anyone who says he's not a very good pro wrestler is kidding themselves via
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John Cena can't beat Kevin Owens. I have total faith that Heath Slater can. Stay tuned folks.
Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins,Dean Ambrose,John Cena,Brock Lesnar,and Daniel Bryan are the Cover SuperStars of WWE 2K16!According to
Hey john cena I will love to talk with you and your wife NIKKI on KIK okay
2014-To now. John Cena was been doing very good. Lesnar squash, Steel Cage match with Rollins, RR Triple Threat, match Rusev at Fast Lane,
June 11th 2006, One Night Stand. defeated John Cena to become the WWE Champion.
I used to think Matt Damon and John Cena were the same person.
Kurt is the real Champ. He won 2 matches. Let's see Seth Rollins & John Cena do that
John Cena - WWE Universe, Rollins and more! Former and current WWE superstars mourn:
Sam Roberts & Randy Orton on his Career, Suspensions, CM Punk, John Cena, & more
I'm looking forward to see Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens vs John Cena at . Other matches will be boring af.
Srehk is the Mr Carlos Figueroa to win for with John Cena.
CHASE SPORTS NEWS John Cena vs. Kevin Owens: Rumors, Likely Scenarios for Money in the Bank 2015
I added a video to a playlist wwe 2015 extreme rules full show with Roman Reigns, John Cena and Dean
John Cena has a broken nose... Do We see the Cody Rhodes mask returning :o
Jeremy gonna make me late to see John Cena and im gonna hit the FU on him
Cody Rhodes has had more gimmicks than John Cena's total title reigns.
WWE payback |June 7, 2015|John Cena and Dean Ambrose get some Night of Champions: via
Jerry Lawler says it's telling that Owens' favorite wrestler is John Cena. King, who's your son's favorite wrestler?
Me ha gustado un vídeo de (- John Cena welcomes a courageous member of the WWE Universe to the ring:
I liked a video from Why do people boo John Cena? [Max Landis Rebuttle]
John Cena got the most consistent swag it is him and Arnold
I correct Max on a few points and provide a counter argument on why Wrestling Fans boo John Cena. Max Landis...
Max Landis made a video discussing why wrestling fans boo John Cena, I made a counter video discussing why this...
have you seen Landis' video to Scott Snyder about why people boo John Cena? Its pretty decent.
John Cena is a favourite of mine too! Jeff Hardy was my ultimate favourite though😊
CM Punk has had the most awesome rivalries in the WWE ever!!!. 1.John Cena. 2.Jeff Hardy. 3.Undertaker. 4.Chris Jericho. 5.Brock Lesnar
WWE: Bret Hart hails 'classy' John Cena for the way he handles persistent boo boys
The Rock, Austin, HBK, Bret Hart, and John Cena were heels in their singles run prior to being the top babyfaces of the company.
I think John Cena should beat Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank similar to how Bret Hart beat Diesel in Survivor Series 95
John Cena saw a fan with an “I’m beating cancer” sign, so he brought him in the ring:
I liked a video Why do people boo John Cena? (for Scott Snyder/people who are new to wrestling)
Now there are petitions against after the John Cena promo last night? I needed to start my morning with a good laugh…
John Cena and AJ Lee kiss after Cena's victory over Dolph Ziggler: Raw, ... via
That kid with the "I am beating cancer" sign and John Cena gear is exactly why WWE will never turn him heel.
Bright colors, catchphrases, never give up? Is John Cena part of the Power Rangers?
My friend said "F John Cena". I told him to "F off". I really hate when I fight with my friends.
Kevin Owens beats John Cena at and WWE will never be the same. Our recap:
You're a great man John Cena! Great Speech to KO tonight. That's why I called you out as awesome in my video.
Kevin Owens delivers stunning upset to John Cena at Elimination Chamber in show-stealing classic Bing John Cena
I too have a confession to make. After all these years of feeling trapped I can finally let it out. I'm John Cena
Cool cool John Cena is so charitable he's done a lot of Make-a-wish... that's that's actually a nice thing. Cool.
and I are unlike any other man on the WWE Roster. Defeat John Cena? We've done it.
John Cena is lord chin chin's master right?
Sure sure John Cena is for the people and the kids so he always has a new shirt every few months because kids will always want to buy them.
and that's when he feuded with john cena Lol. Since cena bray has been jerked around. Owens shovel is coming
John Cena makes a little girl's day and tells her to keep fighting cancer. People get upset. Really? Im done for tonight.
John Cena's monologues are so bad, they gave me cancer. Unfortunately, that made him spend lots of time hanging out with me.
What plans does WWE Management have for Samoa Joe? Samoa Joe vs John Cena?
I liked a video Kevin Owens addresses his victory over John Cena: Raw, June 1, 2015
Stone Cold on John Cena's springboard stunner: "it's just a move that ain't worth a *** http:/…
That kid holding up the sign "I am beating cancer" will never forget that moment just now by John Cena. Awesome.
Man no lie that almost made me tear up that lil kid with the I am beating cancer sign was too happy john cena shouted h…
Can we all agree John Cena is phenomenal on the mic?
John Cena is much a Legend! He's just the best that's ever been and the best that ever will! -M
I'm sorry, but the pro wrestling coverage and *** kissing society with John Cena is embarrassing. These people are ***
Wow was the reaction after watching Kevin Owen vs John Cena unbelievable win for Kevin Owens
Doctors help children with illnesses, not millionaires looking to use philanthropy as a marketing strategy. John Cena is a …
Hi, can I speak to champ?. Who?. Champ, is champ there?. Who is champ?. That question will be answered this Sunday night…
I'm sick and tired of these John Cena *** sucking wrestling fans who think the man is Jesus Christ.
You God *** celebrity worshiping *** thumping dorks who run around the internet every day defending the honor of John Cena…
John Cena actually had some good things to say on Raw, I respect the man so much for all he does and has accomplished in his life
Kevin Owens addresses his victory over John Cena: photos
Kevin Owens move to WWE main roster opens up intriguing possibilities Bing WWE
John Cena is like GROW UP KEV but hes out here in jorts and telling nikki she has to sign a contract to live with him …
"You beat me last night. You're a great wrestler Kevin Owens. But I'm still better than you!" - John Cena
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