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John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American actor, professional wrestler.

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Cesaro and Tyson Kidd could never beat the team of Daniel Bryan and John Cena
Daniel Bryan and John Cena stood tall in London in an All Champions Tag Team Match against Tyson Kidd & Cesaro
John Cena needs to win the Intercontinental Championship once he beats everyone for the U.S. Championship
I'm just watching raw now. Leader of cenation John Cena and United States champion Rusev..
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev (with Lana) | Russian Chain match for the WWE United States Championship
This Sunday durning the WWE SUPER SLAM!! John Cena takes on the undertaker in this summers biggest event. Only $49.99 on dish
John Cena the only *** allowed to rock jean shorts in 2015
There's a kid in a John Cena shirt with his dad on the train and I'm thinking about putting him in a brutal figure four leg-lock.
John Cena is the only one still wearing jean shorts
John Cena addresses steroid rumors on WWE Network podcast with Chris Jericho
John Cena says he was ready to turn heel against The Rock Bing John Cena
To Zack Ryder,but now Rockstar Mifspud is doing kind of the same gesture with me which I admire.John Cena must be very proud lol!
The WWE United States Championship is a somewhat very underrated title. It needs recognition and it will have that in John Cena's hands.
John Cena has a t-shirt with the United States Championship on it. He's DEFINITELY not losing that title anytime soon.
Wresting on at the hydro tonight, anyone know what hotel John Cena is staying in? I fancy trying my luck with the big guy😍😂👍
John Cena talks turning HEEL, heat with The Rock, thoughts on Reigns and MORE!
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ppl in Austin really like John Cena
Ring Rap Audio: 04/07/15 – WWE Raw, John Cena on Talk is Jericho, Smackdown goes to the USA Network, Tough Enough,…
Steve Austin responds to the rumours of heat with WWE, John Cena discusses a heel turn and more! - WTTV News
Review: 5. John Cena(c) defeats Stardust. Not one person in Austin, Texas thought Stardust was going to win the US Title.
'Mania 19 is one of the best ever not just cause it had HBK/Y2J, Rock/Austin or Brock/Angle but it was the last one without John Cena. 🙌🙌
*** John Cena made Harden so good at basketball! You the man!
John Cena would have had a live match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania
Just saw Talk is Jericho podcast with John Cena on d WWE Network its dammn awsom simply luvd holds barred out of storyline show.
John Cena and Chris Jericho thanking each other profusely--didn't go to Raw last night, had to check news to make sure somebody ain't die.
My Favourite Match in the Wrestlemania 31. Love You John Cena, You won the Day.
Why does John Cena always like to wear these 'Keep Calm' shirts?
hey man I am the biggest john cena fan in the world orbits ok and if ur allowed can we talk via mesaage plz
Decided to read some comments from the IWC about John Cena. Realized it was a bad idea. Realized it was a terrible idea.
Cause of John Cena "Cause of the baby? "So Wiz and Amber Spent Easter together *ncaaaw*
John Cena announces WWE Network is coming to the Middle East...
You can thank a famous wrestler if Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa get back together:
John Cena vs Stardust was surprisingly good! Especially when Cena spiked that DDT! Looked nasty. Nice to see the US Title…
[13:18:42] *** Teridax would like to add you on Skype. john cena foreskin ***
John Cena is the greatest rapper of all times, don't @ me
Golddust ne jitni izat banayi thi, stardust ne mithi palet kardi. 😂. John cena be the best. 🙌
I swear you can come on here and say some thing like "wwe kicked a guy out for booing john cena " and people believe it with no proof
John Cena is not a man to cross. Wears denim 3/4 lengths, he's 37 and can lift the Big Show. What does he fear? Nothing
Has Cena done steroids?, his relationship with Vince McMahon, The Rock, turning heel, PG… http:…
This *** John Cena has officially done it all
life is very very hard sometimes, but never forget that we live in a world where John Cena saved the marriage of Wiz Khal…
Old Pics Archive:. John Cena just before no one could see him
John Cena saying he looks up to William Regal reminds me of a certain GSM 😏
John Cena is gonna whoop Stardust's candy *** .
Am I the only one that can see Sting, former U.S champion, taking John Cena's U.S title challenge at...let's say...SummerSl…
John Cena is the Dolph Lundgren of this fight
I love cast expansions. Can't wait to see you duke it out with John Cena, Dolph Lundgren and one of Paul Walker's brothers.
at least there are a couple bright spots. Melvin is gone and John Cena is US Champ!
We shall see if Alexander Rusev will "crush" John Cena at WWE Extreme Rules 2015 and reclaim back the United States Title! Hmm.
Why does Randy Orton and John Cena look like Jimmy Kimmel and Marky Mark?
WWE Legends Funko Pops! Shoutout to Papi for The Rock, Stone Cold and John Cena; and…
Lana was there, but I did not think she talked at all. Alexander Rusev did most of the talking towards the US Champ, John Cena!
WWE to design a New United States Championship for John Cena !
I liked a video John Cena expresses his feelings about Edge's retirement
John Cena saying Rusev is the American Dream has to be pissing Dusty Rhodes off. Plus, he's foreign.
Is there a specific reason why there are no shirts on sale, yet there is plenty of John Cena me…
Reminder that WWE once had Bobby 'Blaster' Lashley in a televised verbal debate segment with John Cena before Great American Bash 2007
It's gone be a sad day when John Cena retires. That's my childhood man... He'll prolly stay for another 10 years
. i'm watching you... . "excuse me?". THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE UNDERTAKER TOLD JOHN CENA!!!
As "Lana" it became after the fall in the Fight of John Cena vs Rusev ?
For the first time in more than a decade, John Cena walks into the ring with the United States Championship.
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how many people are doing the John Cena "You Cant See Me" while reading this?
Hey John Cena - WWE Universe u say how did that boot to the jaw by Dean Ambrose - WWE see your...
John Cena issues an open challenge for his United States Championship, and Dean Ambrose answers the call on Raw.
This Monday night following John Cena is going too be live with Chris Jericho on the http…
I don't even mind Roman Reigns or John Cena now lol.
Can Daniel Bryan and John Cena restore their Championships?: One of the biggest outcomes of Wrestl...
If WWE wrote it more than likely. I mean John Cena might have undone 9-11 the way that played that RAHRAHAMERICA promo
HoB Commissioner John Cena Sr. speaks to the crowd: via
Why did not rollins just cash in on john cena for the UNITED SYATES CHAMPIONSHIP ...than all the Roman Reigns fans would be happy and cool
Wale really is the John Cena of rap. Every up and down is criticized
if you had a choice to pick a wrestler who would it be John Cena edge cm punk nexus jbl?
And then John Cena came out to boos… Ah, it was like it happened almost yesterday, more like Sunday...
OMG did you really just invoke John Cena in your Last pick video? Nice vid. Looking forward to your Clash of Clans series ;P
"John Cena addresses 'Cena *** chants from Raw.".why??? It happens in every arena, at every show LMAO
For everyone bar Roman Reigns. The audience's reaction for him is making him look like John Cena part 2 .
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What We Learned From ‘WrestleMania 31’: Notes on One of the Best Events in WWE History, by
Did you catch John Cena talking on the Meredith Vieira Show? He has a surprise!
John Cena explains how you can lose weight in just 10 weeks with ChangeTime!
Throw back Thursday John Cena kickin edges but
100% voting for John Cena in smash bros
Sometimes, but its better than John Cena, PG13 era.
John Cena vs. Rusev: Russia's hero suffers his first pin loss at WrestleMania Bing John Cena
So somebody basically just said to me John Cena's better at taking bumps than Roman Reigns, first of all if you...
Discussion with If John Cena was a Strong Style wrestler, would he kill people, literally?
'I don't pander for admiration. I'm just me.' - John Cena
Me gustó un video de What's wrong with this John Cena vs. Randy Orton match?
Honestly these are my favorite wwe people ^~^. 1.Nikki Bella. 2.John Cena. 3.Brie Bella. Bye ;)
don't be jealous that John Cena is better than Randy Savage Randy Savage *** and his death doesn't matter cause he ***
If AJ Lee gets CM Punk chants. John Cena should get Nikki Bella chants.
Kudos Dean Ambrose and John Cena for an awesome match. That was tremendous.
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John Cena will win for me from Carlos Figueroa
tell John Cena to win for me to Carlos Figueroa
I watch so much that for a split second I just thought John Cena was about to do a second rope moonsault
One of the things that pisses me off about John Cena are his bright t-shirts. Looking like some highlighter from WH Smiths.
Wrestlemania 32: John Cena and Barack Obama vs Rusev and Vladimir Putin for the Tag Team Championship of the world.
nobody went from grass to grace more than John Cena. He came with some cute green pant. Next time he had a spinning titl…
Can't wait to see Sting kick Triple H's *** Can't wait to see Undertaker! Can't wait to hopefully see Rusev destroy John Cena!
I think John Cena is gonna beat Rusev
I draw my strength from it “John Cena's entrance music is eternal.”
John Cena's entrance music is eternal.
Roman Reigns to beat Brock, Daniel Bryan to win Intercontinental, John Cena for Usa title! AJ Lee and Paige for divas championship.
DANNY HAVOC WINS with 1:27, is Manik, is Suicide, is Chris Sabin, is John Cena!
play John Cena's entrance music when comes up to bat
it's funny how the all were former tag teams. John Cena & Bray Wyatt (Nexus),Big Show & Mark Henry,Team *** no, & The Shield
John Cena chats about wrestling outside 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
John Cena outside Jimmy Kimmel Live and talks about Wrestling via
for being john cena of cricket . Lastla than adippan
I need to see Morrissey walk on stage to John Cena's theme. RapADO
He an inspiration tho cause ladies be calling him ugly a lot but he never quits like john cena.
“A former decorated member of the United States Marine Corps needs your support ... and his name is JOHN CENA !”
WWE John Cena Prank Call : this will be forever funny to me. Top 5 prank calls.
John Cena Fights for America is funny guy last night in but it true cena he will
John Cena signs autographs at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Hollywood, California
Someone just said Fred Durst is the John Cena of metal. . I'm dead.
I liked a video John Cena Fights for America
Producer Jake One says the beat he made for John Cena's 'The Time Is Now' entrance music was originally crafted for Ghostface Killah.
Enjoy it while it last Rusev. That's why John Cena is gonna put an end to you this Sunday at Wrestlemania!
I'm the one who said we all looked like john cena after trever told us to wave our hands in…
Bray Wyatt cuts deep and complicated promos but when you break them down they make a lot of sense. . John Cena...
Finally.The Rock won the main event match at WM28 beating John Cena.
Can wrestling fans learn to live with the new normal of John Cena? Bing John Cena
John Cena attempted to do the People's Elbow on The Rock at WM28 only to be hit with a big Rock Bottom
Tosh.0 Rips Wrestling Fans Ok now I'm a big wrestling fan but this dude... *** ..
The main event of WM28 was the match that was a year in the making seeing John Cena go one on one with The Great One
John Cena's theme came on and I actually got a little hype..
The time we all used to go crazy over John Cena..when his entrance song came on the household goes on fire including grandma
I liked a video John Cena gets into an altercation with Rusev - WWE Network Exclusive
I liked a video from WrestleMania 31: John Cena Vs. Rusev - This Sunday
kay, first Paul Walker 😭. then Zayn Malik, . now John Cena isnt going to be the same anymore? what is life? 😭
I added a video to a playlist John Cena and Chris Benoit Destroy Paul Heyman
but you can bet your candy *** I'll be watching when Dean Ambrose and John Cena get inducted into the hall of fame!
if you see your idol-. John Cena . Randy Orton. CM Punk. Bryan . Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. AJ. Bellas. Nattie . Pa…
Paul Heyman your a moron because you think Brock Lesnar is unstoppable when John Cena and Triple H already beaten him!!
Rusev and Sting vs Triple H and John Cena at Extreme Rules
The main reason I wanna meet John Cena is because he has an exercise physiology degree. I could talk exercise and wrestling all day!
John Cena is Liu Kang. He is the golden boy.
Carlos Gomez hangs out with John Cena, is absolutely jacked Bing John Cena
Here is a pic of NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks with one of the greatest rapper of all time John Cena and her...
In this analogy, the Bulls in the 4th quarter are John Cena and their chances of winning are Curtis Axel.
Still waiting on my John Cena shirt
do you think that John Cena should bring back thug anonymox? I think thug a anonymox is way better than John Cena?
Bruh chill, just start your gym grind after champs, and you'll look like John Cena in no time
If CLG loses, must dye his mustache pink (or shave it off). If TSM loses, Lustboy must burn a Joh…
Do you think people would cheer for John Cena if his opponent was Kanye West?
John cena and Nikki Bella casually eating breakfast right below our balcony 😀
Was anyone ever able to see John Cena?
Kentucky is definitely the John Cena of NCAA basketball
Spongebob And Tommy Pickles Vs DX and John Cena who would win?
We got a John Cena fan and a Roman Reigns fan !
My mate reckons we should have supported John Cena's movie career because he would have quit wrestling.
"That man was so large, he was all muscle, I think it was John Cena"
Mexican *** buy a new pair of Air Forces every year and dress like John Cena
I thought John Cena was THE Marine last time I checked!
This was awesome mate, keep it up and you can do the interview with John Cena 😎
Jess is google mapping the john Cena theme tune😕😂
Only the most epic showdown in history. Which can only be succeeded more if John Cena's partner was replaced with Tacitus.
Yes, I did channel John Cena on that one.
thank you ! Mine is John Cena hoping to meet him in May at raw
Actually John Cena isn't trash. He's actually a good worker. But he's like a fresh pair of kicks that WWE decides to wear every day.
Blaine we gone have to John Cena her *** fr 😂
John cena got a dope theme song and I get half hype when he comes out. But I know he's trash lmao.
WWE 2K15 MYCAREER: John Cena & Daniel Bryan are the next Victims (Xbox one 1080p): via
I don't follow wwe but I still love John Cena
Aye chill out dont get my *** mixed up. Before i have to John Cena yo *** 💯
ohh yeahhh! I remember I had my John cena shirt on Lmao 😂 that was still 5th grade tho 😁 I miss maud booth & fair ave lol
Someone in flinch said I look like John cena 😈😂
“When she says she likes it rough aka John cena eat ur heart out 😂😫
I never heard of wiz till I heard his 2 new songs called breaks and all day ft John cena, good music
John Cena to Appear, Zac Brown Band to Perform on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Bing John Cena
I liked a video Nikki Bella and John Cena set up a friendly bet while at the gym: Total Divas,
If u compare to the John Cena would def be the Tom Brady in the WWE.
Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, HBK and John Cena have me in a right pickle...
My boo is like a mix between John Cena, Mark Wahlberg and Gomez Addams
WWE superstars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan will lock horns at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Jul 2.
John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Rusev, Kane, Dolph Ziggler and more WWE Superstars will be coming Singapore in July at Singapore Indoor Stadium ! 😁
Bill Simmons here to talk about how Boston's John Cena is tortured despite winning so many titles. And Bryan is Teen Wolf.
John Cena should be managed by Zeb Coulter with the amount of John Milius 'murica he spat.
Sounds like John Cena is ready to bring the U.S. championship home at WrestleMania!
It is so refreshing to not see John Cena in the main event picture right now
Noticed you follow John Cena. Huge fan of his & WWE fan over 25 years
Fred Flintstone gets by John Cena while Wilma gets her panties wedgie'd by AJ.
that's what makes me nervous ... I don't see it either. I also didn't see Lehigh or Mercer. I feel like John Cena
I feel like John Cena ain't no other *** seein' me
John Cena vs E.T. Comment who you think will win (Vine by
yeah exactly so when i told John Cena that he got shocked. Because the Shaykh did the Adhaan and the birds foot got chopped off
I thought I may share my John Cena art. Thanks for following.
Let me get this straight I can buy the 9 millionth John Cena shirt but I can't buy an shirt?! That's some bs!
John Cena= Stan from American dad and Mark Wahlberg combined.
That's great, tho I wish Henry didn't come back just to get destroyed by WWE's next John Cena.
The Undertaker returned to WWE this Monday. so it will be The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at WM31. John Cena did the STF to Rusev.
This is why is the face of WWE and an all around fantastic human being. via
On the lot where we film, we also have an iconic house. You know it by this phrase. "Goodnight, John Boy."
What I do when John Cena starts yapping
Published on Mar 6, 2015·John Cena appears to be the victim of another celebrity death hoax. The WWE superstar alive
It humors me on the toy commercials, where John Cena has to win,otherwise it'll upset the kids,and they won't buy the toy .
You should react to John Cena prank of YouTube! Greetings from Poland, Magnus! :)
John Cena Died After Wrong Head Injury. Click here and see the video -->...
Since John Cena is facing Rusev at WM I bet John will have a special WM entrance like America soldiers or something like …
WWE news: Ric Flair said he would be happy if John Cena broke title record Bing John Cena
remember to john cena him if he sleeps all day and tell him to feed you Kappa
I added a video to a playlist AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA
Like ffs why cant John cena retire or miss out this years wrestlemania or something
Probably the best vine you've seen today. 😂😂 John Cena .
Russell: *whistle* Madison: chill you cant even see me Alex: its not like your john cena
vs Madlife. This is like John Cena vs Undertaker.
[Fixed] John Cena, forgetting his muffins in the oven
Do you agree with John Cena that current WWE is geared for 6-10 years olds?: “I totally get it [diehard fans' ...
John Cena's theme music comes from the Peppas with 4:08 to go. VCU hopes their time is now, trailing Richmond 56-52.
'John Cena confesses to shaving his legs and other "manscaping" . May 17, 2008 - 04:13 AM'. hmmm
Electronics today have me wanting to john cena some serious *** .. hate learning new operating services.
oh john cena ! Are you still kissing Vince McMahon's *** ???
if you see your favorite:. Randy Orton. Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt. Cesaro. John Cena. Dolph Ziggler . …
WWE RAW 1 23 12 - John Cena Angry Face: my face when De gea done what he did on fifa the other night
Tim Duncan is the NBA's version of The Undertaker. LeBron is John Cena. Russell Westbrook is Daniel Bryan. James Harden is Roman Reigns.
Hi AJ Lee and Paige and Nikki Bella and Brie Bella and Stephen McMahon and John Cena and Mr McMahon
I remember when I was little I use to be obsessed with WWE. My favorite was John Cena 😂
Dalton snapchatted me and was like "cant see me" and I replied, "alright John Cena" 😂😂😭
Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Batista, John Cena, The Rock and Stone Cold had the Best Entrances brah
why does John Cena get his match if Lana is the one who technically said yes and not Rusev? I'm guessing stupidity?
John Cena's facial expressions are right out of a Looney Toons cartoon.
John Cena finally not being a boy scout is refreshing and people aren't booing...coincidence? I think not
I swear to God, John Cena looks like an escaped monkey. Ol' cinder block head having ***
John Cena gets what he wants, a United States title shot at
my Punchlines be like John Cena. You can't see it. . Lol Nice battle tho. 🙌🙌🙌
Whoa, did we hear that correctly? John Cena wants Nikki Bella to LEAVE See it here: ht…
No go ahead. Tidus is basically the John Cena of FFX, except he's 20 years younger, has blonde hair, and Yuna isn't Nikki Bella.
Wwe zaun would be epic a remote from Barclay's . Mike doing interviews asking John Cena if he's worried about brock les…
Shaggy and Scooby ending a chase riding down an underground river on John Cena will haunt my dreams.
Today's SPOTLIGHT discusses what you LIKE & DISLIKE about John Cena.
i bet you were confident in your relationship with a certain animal, yet that was shattered by John Cena's shovels
Nola's just turned to me and said 'i need a brother and we call him John Cena i love John Cena'. Kids ay. Cute.
John Cena the greatest rapper of all time go debate Bishop Eddie Long
Finally I finished my John Cena time for an aple juiceee
Any other fans getting bored of this John Cena never give up lose then win crap?
Maybe down the line they could unify the two Daniel Bryan vs John Cena belt for belt to unify the titles at Summer Slam.
I so much dislike rusev. My goodness, he's so full of himself. I wish john cena won the championship tho.
If John Cena shoulder blocks you twice don't get up and take a wild swing.
Kinda wanna be 18. Kinda wanna be 8.
' Never give up ' is John Cena slogan he wears it on his t-shirt.
I'm so addicted playing WWE Immortals but I'm still very poor to buy John Cena 😔.
I liked a video John Cena tries on Oculus VR
.sums up how many wrestling fans feel about John Cena with her piece on Pikachu.
I hope John Cena rebrands as Jihadhi John Cena to defeat Rusev
Do you prefer John Cena as a or as an
Thank you. I'll get Piper and then I'm not gonna worry about getting John Cena.
Why it will be great for John Cena and Daniel Bryan to win minor titles Bing John Cena
John Cena: Cesaro and Luke Harper most underutilized talents in WWE Bing John Cena
Lets call John Cena he needs to give you an attitude adjustment, literally 😂
if you see your fave : Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Bray Wyatt John Cena Sami Zayn Finn Balor Sasha Bank…
12-23-2013 RAW, This is one of the most pointless Tales of the Tape since John Cena and Fred Flintstone -
NXT Diva to be a Paul Heyman Girl? Crowe aims for the NXT Title, John Cena obliges a fan. Bing John Cena
Chris Webber is almost as annoying as Reggie Miller during LeBron games. Just like Jerry Lawler during John Cena matches
Hey Hertel friends, friendly lloyd update 4 ya, parked by CVS between Starin & Wallace. Just thought we’d pass on the good word of John Cena
Hey, remember when John Cena got to inform an entire arena that we shot Bin Laden in the face? That was the best.
August Im going to RAW Live and I'm going backstage to meet them if u have any cool new John Cena, Dean Ambrose etc I will
John Cena & Mickie James backstage at ONS: via
but they are in no equal to the drawing power of a Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, John Cena, Bruno Sammartino, etc. Sorry
Paul Heyman put Roman Reigns too over by saying he could beat Bruno Sammartino, Hogan, Rock, Austin, Andre The Giant, HHH and John Cena.
a funny thing was John Cena yelling about AMERICA on raw last night, very retro, felt very Hogan-esque, and also very embarrassing
but John Cena and Randy Orton are babes 😍
John Cena said he is going to humble Rusev at Way to steal Iron Sheik's gimmick, John.
Heyman with the Bruno Sammartino, Hogan, Andre the Giant, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, and John Cena references
I think John Cena will lose to Rusev, but rematch to win at Wrestlemania
Rusev now has a victory over John Cena, joining the ranks of Rikishi, Billy Kidman, Rene Dupree, Kevin Federline, and John Laurinaitis.
“I've always dreamed of being introduced to John Cena's entrance music”
Did Randy Orton just throw Jamie Noble's suit jacket in the crowd? I'd MUCH rather catch that than a John Cena hat.
I liked a video from John Cena making fun of john laurinaitis and make him crazy very
John Cena always favorite , who's the face of the Game..
Mad that John Cena, Tyra Banks, Oprah, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift didn't answer my 20 beautiful women post on insta
Why they got John Cena fighting for the US Title smh
I think j just recognized John Cena, so you can all stone me now
Have you ever wrestled someone and squeezed them really hard with your legs? — John cena jdamkum?
“Quote this with your Top 5 rappers of all time”. Will Smith, B-Rad G from Malibu, Nick Cannon, Mute Spittah, an…
the winner is the new champion john Cena fastlane. hopefully good
I liked a video from Alberto Del Rio shoots on John Cena's Wrestling Ability
Nikki Bella is one lucky girl! Watch the sweet sneak peek to Sunday's new episode: http:…
superstar John Cena grants two children's wishes in
john cena want him following me or write to me but he will not ever because I grew up with him, that's why…
Nikki likes to give gross hugs but loves to give love hugs to John Cena.
I predict that Rusev will win Best Actor in a John Cena Match on Sunday
John Cena Should Retire the U.S. Championship if he Defeats Rusev at WrestleMania 31 Bing John Cena
WWE in Abu Dhabi: John Cena and Dean Ambrose beat Rusev and Luke Harper Bing John Cena
I liked a video Laurinaitis's win or get fired match against John Cena at Over the Limit - Raw
I feel John Cena will win against Rusev and we will see a rematch in wrestlemania.
[GulfNews] The number of wishes fulfilled by the foundation during 2014 was 427 for children belonging to 23 n...
US wrestler John Cena fulfils wishes of 2 children in UAE
WWE Fastlane match card previews: Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, Rusev vs. John Cena, Sting and more!
Don't miss battle for the LIVE THIS SUNDAY at at 8e/5p on
John Cena leaving the WWE rumors are out there again. This time, he's upset with WWE officials. Do you think Cena...
Best Triple threat match, & one of the best matches in general, I've seen has to be Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena. Great match!!
Best wrestler on the roster right now is John Cena and Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella and Brie Bella
I liked a video John Cena is questioned by Brie Bella: Total Divas Preview Clip, Oct. 26, 2014
I liked a video John Cena and Brock Lesnar sign the contract for their Extreme Rules Match
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