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John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American actor, professional wrestler.

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WWE: John Cena's Greatest Rivalries For the first time ever, relive all the clas...
Can I be on your team John Cena from Oliver Halkou
John Cena, you are doing a lot missing from the WWE, back and take the world heavyweight title in WWE, and his na…
Like imagine John Cena, leonardo di caprio, Kyle Massey, and keanu Reeves all in the same room
You know you need to get off the Internet when you've just read a John Cena - Randy Orton fanfiction
The moment you realize John Cena's tag team championship partners have included:. HBK. Batista. The Miz. David Otunga
THIS IS A GRAND IDEA SIGN ME UP. Should we put a statue of Paul Blart next to our John Cena one
Zack Efron doesn't distract me as much anymore, John Cena on the other hand,
Shout out Michael Jordan, John Cena, Christiano Ronaldo, Oscar De La Hoya, Micheal Phelps and my dad for making me the man I am today
John Cena is the one who defeats Shao Kahn right?
I mean weird in the bad way. Pikachu has to be the John Cena of Pokemon. . Big meme Pikachu
WWE 2K16 glitch or John Cena being reclaimed by an alien race's tractor beam??? You decide.
you think John Cena will capture the title to make it a 16 time world champion just like Ric Flair by WrestleMania.
There is no theory of evolution. Only a long list of creatures John Cena has allowed to live.
" I thin Shaquille O'Neil is a better meme than John Cena"
Also 2day in history,in '09 WMark Henry(Raw) & teamed w/Big Show/Chris Jericho to lose to John Cena & DX(dark) in Sheffield,Eng.
Little Giant Ladders
I remembered who it was!...Alberto Del Rio...thats who John Cena lost his United States Championship to
and his name is John Cena!!! Matthew Otte Nicholas Curley Lloyd Allen Gary Lopez
unbeknownst to all the John Cena related MFF badge names my homage to Rocket Power will shine on like a shiny diamond. "pop ollies not molly"
Still not over the fact that Jon Hamm and John Cena are not, in fact, the same person
*googles difference between John Cena and Michael Cera*
I just mixed up Michael Cera and John Cena in my head so I'm going to go to sleep now
watch your *** mouth! I would like to propose the most overrated entrance: John Cena.
"I'd like to be in a cage with John Cena" -
A man that has a personality of Owen Wilson, that can make me laugh like Chandler Bing, and a guy that has the bod of John Cena gets da πŸ‘
Dave has yet to write a Hall of Fame bio for Rey Mysterio Jr., John Cena, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Takashi Matsunaga, and the Rock & Roll Express.
The new main event for WWE's December 26th live event from Madison Square Garden is John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio...
One day a cop pulled over John Cena for speeding... In the end John Cena ended up letting the cop off with a warning.
I liked a video WWE Network: Alberto Del Rio returns to WWE to challenge John Cena: WWE *** in a
Brock Holt looks like a WWE Wrestler who just ate John Cena's sandwich in the break room.
Walking out of class and some guys are busting the John Cena entrance music
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
With that caption, I was expecting the file names to be John Cena
In 2003 John Cena went on holiday in Iraq. Later the United States invaded the country blaming Iraq for having a weapon…
When John Cena looks in the mirror there is no reflection. There can only be one John Cena.
here's a pic of John Cena trying to blow out birthday candles
Highlight of my life: having a sad dream interrupted by my John Cena alarm
Returns T-Rex. Sends out that really deadly and cool new dinosaur from Jurrassic World. It can see John Cena. Uses Crunch. -
13. U walking down the street n you bump into John Cena on accident n u make him drop his corn dog, he squares up to fight u. What do u do?
My wife installed a Chrome extension called Cenafy that randomly plays John Cena's ring music before you can view a page.
Ethan Ralph vs. John Cena for the United States Championship at Survivor Series in Atlanta, GA
That awkward moment when you're watching a video than John Cena comes out of nowhere It's John Cena like really dude in my Kevin Hart voice!
I spent the next half an hour telling him how great Cody Rhodes/the Stardust character is, why I don't like John Cena but had to dress as..
Fans dressed up as John Cena and Will Smith πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at - Em ||
are you sure?? you really think you can take the combined power of myself and John Cena?
… And made fun of his kid for dressing up like John Cena. Very similar to what Stewart did at first.
Turns out to be John Cena and we finally get him in NJPW. Then Cena beats Nakamura at WK10 for IWGP IC.
I figured out why your mom beat John Cena. No one could see him... that's why he wasn't picked as much.
John Cena has will have more returns than Kevin Nash had tore his Quads
Whoever just played John Cena's walk up song at this bar is my new soul mate
John Cena is sad. You CAN see him. Crying.
John Cena's costume from the SmackDown Halloween Party 2002 was the best.
You can't call any basketball player the goat until they beat John Cena in a one on one game that's just how it is
I'd make a John Cena joke, but I don't know which games he's in. ._.
I hear the John Cena theme song playing in the air vents Jesus Christ
I hope john cena adds me I absolutely love him and I really want to meet him so much
have you, or have you not, seen John Cena?
in Spanish we have to talk about things we like and don't like and someone said he doesn't like John Cena and I thought of angel
just NOW realizing I should have just gotten buff and went as John Cena for Halloween. Then forced all my friends to also dress as him.
coworker: hey do you know who John cena is
Now one of the guys next door is playing the John Cena theme song πŸ˜’
Find out the 10 Superstars who can confidently say, "I BEAT
Video: Watch Syracuse's Trevor Cooney do his John Cena imitation and Michael Gbinije is Allen Iverson.
" Send. β€œWhat’s your name again?” And my Muse will introduce themselves to yours John Cena style. " Finally, a meme i can relate to
I liked a video WWE Network: John Cena discusses his connection to Dusty: Dusty Rhodes: Celebrating
I had a dream John Cena was walking through Stockton Heath and everyone was shouting him and he started crying and had a panic attack
This girl in my health care class does a good job explaining the material to me but I stop her mid-sentence to talk about John Cena
Mr. Peters just used "lit" in a lecture in class then followed it up with his John Cena imitation
Usually I would think Ambrose is costing Reigns tonight. But they are way too short on babyfaces with John Cena gone
One of my group project partners wore a John Cena shirt today. He'll be getting a negative peer review.
You are you should be the next trend Harley Hubert who needs John Cena
I wonder if Mark Walberg is sad his little brother John Cena lost tonight. There will be no good vibrations in LA tonight.
Let's go Roman, ROMAN *** ! You can say Roman Reigns is the next John Cena.
Duddly boys who do you think will take on John Cena and do you think Jeff hardy might return
Would of enjoyed seeing John Cena tap out to Del Rios Cross Armbreaker
Del Rio to win with the cross arm breaker and the John Cena goes on vacation for a couple of months and returns in 2016πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
Mojo Rawley to beat John Cena calling it ;)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
WINNERS at *** in a Cell. - team Rusev, Barrett & Sheamus. - Charlotte. - Kevin Owens. - Tyler Breeze to come out v John Cena and win
I will be giddy as a little school girl if Daniel Bryan answers John Cena's Open Challenge!
Daniel Bryan reported to be returning at *** in A Cell to face John Cena! I hope it's true!
Also today in history,in 2010 lost by dq to John Cena on Raw & in dark match beat Wade Barrett in Green Bay,Wisconsin.
Yep, but this was a short fat white guy. Do I need to queue up John Cena's theme music from now on? πŸš«πŸ‘€
I think this John Cena theme might fit a little more.
Taylor Swift is the John Cena of pop. Adele is the Zack Sabre Jr. of pop.
John Cena therefore they can't see me take their candy
It's like John Cena all over again.. πŸ˜‚
i hate you more than jay cutler. hates the bears // throwing chairs, across arenas. John Cena, toss me a spare
John Cena, Jim Carey, George Bush, Ricky Pointing all have very similar looking eyes
John Cena stop being a meme so my room mate stops yellign ur name in the shower
To the person who bought John Cena's theme song and is playing it repeatedly in USP: keep doing what you're doing.
Dolph Ziggler's one and only reign as U.S champion was longer than any of John Cena's 5 reigns.
I liked a video John Cena, Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler at YMC
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one day the answer on university challenge will be John Cena. one day i will have my victory.
Kind of want to go as John Singer Cena (John Singer Sargent + John Cena) for Halloween but I'm worried it would be too …
I don't know what it is, but all of the John Cena videos always get meπŸ˜‚
who would win in a fight between Brendan Rogers and John Cena?
I am John Cena and Hannah is my Pepe.
creds to the big bang that made our solar system, which ultimately made John Cena
am i the only one who remembers when John Cena was on Hannah Montana and he beat up Jackson for not reading a book
John Cena β€œ1) Most important hip hop artist in its history.”
If Stone Cold is in the Smosh movie, then John Cena should be in The Creatures movie and he should hit James with the AA.
John Cena sign on Gameday with Michigan's head coach on the face. And his name is JIM HARBAUGH.
I wish Foley would stop playing the John Cena theme song😢
Realizing that you've been mistaking Michael Cera for John Cena
in loving memory of John Cena, he ain't dead i just can't see him
It's common knowledge that unless ur in the military, the only ppl allowed to wear camo hats in public are Larry the Cable Guy & John Cena.
Me: Hey it was Jon Seda's birthday yesterday! (Chicago Pd.). Mom: Why are you obsessed with John Cena (Wrestler) . Wrong John mother
that's exactly what the undertaker said to John Cena! *que music*
Byron is trying claim that John Cena is a better wrestler than Tyson Kidd..I've heard it all now πŸ‘€
People at school that judge WWE, yet they only know stuff about John Cena and Randy Orton because of vine pisses me off. They don't even-
John Cena(1 dwarf berserker) was hacked apart to death by a giant grey rat on Escape from Reknor 1.
Every time I see a vine that ends in someone screaming "John Cena" a little piece of my soul breaks off and dies
John Cena to enter as special guest Ceann Comhairle and lay the Smack Down on on rowdy TDs.
Here is my roster: John Cena, Ramon Flowers, Morgan Freeman, Forrest Gump, and Francie Nolan.
John Cena time! Let's get the back in Barry Windham's hands where it belongs!
*John Cena hype music plays as I open my coupon pouch*
two amazing returns in 2015.Baracka Flocka Flame and John Cena
I liked a video John Cena is a Legend.
So it Appears it will be Big E who challenges John Cena.
John Cena and Laurent Koscielny did a fusion HA! and became Channing Tatum
John Cena vines are the greatest things on the Internet
I still think Daniel Cormier beat Gustafson when he came out with that John Cena esque entrance last week.
- ECW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, in a No Holds Barred match on Tuesday.. John Cena.. -
If someone walks out to the John Cena theme song I'm gonna cry
I just read Micheal Cera as John Cena it's time to leave no I think. Time to dump my *** beer
Wow, is so right. Bayley really IS the pure babyface WWE portrays John Cena to be.
They did. But Bayley has grown so much. It's like counting Bryan Danielson v John Cena on Heat :p
Bayley is the next John Cena. Sasha with nuclear heat. Match of the decade.
Bayley, when she moves to the main roster will be the female John Cena. Kids will love her, and she will sell ton of merch.
"Why are you beating up John Cena daddy?" - Dean Ambrose. (To Kevin Owens.)
Lmao @ how I used to be in love with John Cena & would go watch w.w.e at the Honda Center all the time
should have Bayley going to charity events pronto. Get her started cutting into John Cena's work. NEVER turn her heel.
John Cena wishes he could main event like Bayley and Sasha Banks.
I call bayley the female John Cena but she deserves all of the glory and praises she gets, Bayley knows how to put on a great match.
Vince is the type of person to bury Sasha and Bayley in last man standing matches with John Cena.
When Bayley goes to the main roster, she'll be the John Cena of the Divas Division and I would have no problem with that.
Bayley is clearly the John Cena of women's wrestling. She got kids crying because she's losing
All purpose parts banner
Bayley has the potential to surpass John Cena in Make-A-Wish appearances.
I feel like Bayley could be the John Cena of the women's division. She's really likable and kids love her, she's gonna be huge.
So when Bayley finally starts going Make a Wish, how long until she tops John Cena's number of wishes?
The next John Cena is not a man, is a woman… AND HER NAME IS BAYLEY!!!
I really think Bayley could be a massive, massive hit on the main roster. As in, female John Cena level.
Cheering for this goof bayley over age 10 is like being an adult John Cena fan
Bayley is awesome the true John Cena of the women's division
Some girl just asked if I was John Cena... U bet I said yes and then gave her the Attitude Adjustment
When you watching a video and John Cena *** randomly pop out of nowhere
Kevin Owens son's reaction when he came out against John Cena on is priceless πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
>Kevin Owens beat up his son's John Cena wrestling buddy and said he was "Just practicing". Amazing
John Cena is the new Rick Roll of our generation.
Thinking up a post on why John Cena should fight Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 32 in a title vs title (US vs IC) no DQ match...
Kevin Owens's kid freaking out to Kevin wrestling John Cena is always my favorite thing ever
This is why John Cena is the best WWE superstar. Top man.
Top 3 so far this year Male and Female. 1. John Cena. 2. Kevin Owens. 3. Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks is more over than John Cena ever was.
Imagine Sasha Banks challenging John Cena for the United States title
you always loved the ugliest ones. John Cena all the way πŸ’€β€οΈ
Cena's opponent should be from Boston... So, John Cena vs Sasha Banks it is!
Hello my name is Brianna and I am a John Cena enthusiast
Sasha Banks answering John Cena's open challenge would legit have me yelling at the top of my lungs.
John Cena is also a Money in the Bank winner, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, & a Hollywood actor but go ahead Jesus.. Turn th…
"Hello..". "Hi, is champ there?". "Who is champ?". "That question will be answered Sunday night, John Cena defends the belt at the super slam!"
. .- Hello? . .- And goodbye to anyone standing in John Cena's way
John Cena tags with Sasha Banks, giving the kid the rub.
It only makes sense for Sasha Banks to fight John Cena tonight
look forward to old school raw each year because we get to see the John Cena we actually used to like
Our new dryer plays a lil song when the cycle finishes and I wanna know if it's customizable so I can have it play the John Cena theme
my little wrestlers The Rock, John Cena and then my little bull Roman Reigns
Steel Cage Match for the WWE United States Title: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena. We come back from a break and the...
since you're at would you mind bringing me home John Cena or Roman Reigns? ((sigh)) lol 😘❀️
I can't wait for John Cena and Roman Reigns to fight to a 60 minute draw because neither of them is capable of losing
I liked a video Roman Reigns vs John Cena on 3rd Oct 2015
John Cena will always be a better man the Seth Rollins .
Reason why I find the John Cena meme funny is because of the ridiculously loud bass in the song
for John Cena. FAV for my ugly cousin
Report – John Cena Taking Time Off After HIAC?: According to sources, it appears that John Cena will be taking...
Prince Charming will never give up...cue John Cena's music
Tyler Holt uses John Cena's theme music as his walkup song
I am on youtube watching raw segment between Cm punk John Cena and bret Hart in Montreal before night of champions 2012.
"Friday we're playing this one's good.but you can play as John Cena..."
Tyler Holt is who has the John Cena intro music
whines John Cena is from my city ;-; that's all I got and I drove behind Steve Carrell in a McDonald's drive thru
.Could you show up to Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, KY for our John Cena pep rally? That would be gr…
Olsen has a first down if it doesn't stop for some player that has John Cena walkup music
It's 8:33 am and I just saw a video someone edited of John Cena introducing a Rick Roll and I'm already done with today.
I changed my voice mAilbox greeting to, "you've reached John Cena!" And my sergeant called and I didn't answer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
the new Rick Roll is the John Cena intro
I don't really know who John Cena is.. but I like this new form of Rick Roll.
Does nobody realize the John Cena meme is the new Rick Roll?
Jim Cornette shoots on the Young Bucks, Ice Cube judges John Cena http:/…
Never forget when we got Ms. Wilson aka Mrs. Hicks a John Cena birthday balloon
Someone in Moe's has John Cena's entrance as their ringtone.
Can't wait to go to Monday night raw in November. John Cena and Randy Orton on the same team! Brah
Richie Incognito is at RAW and you know he's already told at least fifteen 7 year olds that John Cena ***
John Cena about to get lost in the Woods. Lmao .
John Cena vs. Xavier Woods reminds me of Hulk Hogan vs. Billy Kidman
examples this year Daniel Bryan, Hideo, Kevin O, Wade Barrett, rusev, lana, sami zayn, Tyson K, John Cena, are they all 56 Joe?
No, DBZ is John Cena. I would say it’s more like Ethan Carter III - a great talent that’s held down by its associations.
Spent my night creating John Cena as my Saints Row character
Mulaney was great. Toronto's live right now; JFL, hockey & baseball games, WWE event. Leafs & Blue Jay jerseys, & John Cena tees everywhere
All Robbie ever does is watch John Cena videos.
John Cena has been the outstanding performer of the year for me.. Certi Wrestler of the year 2015
Also today in history,in 2009 teamed w/Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr to lose to HHH,John Cena & Shawn Michaels in Leon,Mexico.
Red Robins was playing John Cena's theme song
Remember had strong *** Gorillas with John Cena powers which basically was John Cena in Hollow Man? That movie's great.
I'd kinda hate to be John Cena right now. The meme is bigger than he is
Hollow Man is a film about how Kevin Bacon Acquires the powers of John Cena.
It's been decided. My 2nd character in MKX! He is my favourite colour. Has no regard for hygiene, and his favourite wrestler is John Cena!!!
Thankful for Drake, red pandas, chocolate, John Cena, and Nate Garner rn.
Drake & Future is cool but John Cena & Matty B is what the streets really want
I'm just waiting on the drake and John Cena mixtape to drop
John Cena is my mom and my uncle and my second cousin
Nothing makes me happier than john cena
I will . By arranging a fight with John Cena . He will surely
Sting wins a match. Nobody bats an eye. Cena wins. Everybody complains. Guys Sting is 56. John Cena isn't even 40 yet. Hows that make sense?
I love John Cena and I love Chandler...and I don't mean the city!
stop taking to me before I get to John Cena your *** Ÿ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ok, we did it with no casualties. It just took John Cena nearly dying and making a miraculous comeback. Appropriate.
I made a song with the John Cena theme in the background
John Cena def Seth Rollins and retain the US Championship. . on
Yep by sleep with John cena and John laurentius
Orange is the new Black, and John Cena is the new Rick Astley...
To me John Cena & Seth Rollins are the two standouts for them two have been on a different level t…
John Cena to everyone else: "I'm working myself ragged. PLEASE rise up to take my spot. I wanna sleep and bang Nikki a lot."
God *** it the John Cena meme still gets me. Every. Time.
would you like to subscribe to John Cena facts
hlw randy I am a big fan of viper style .Plz fight with john cena and teach him who is the boss here.
You need to back up before I john cena you
domain names
Oh yes but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms bride is JOHN CENA
I suppose John Duncan Cena's finisher would be the "benefit adjustment."
A John Cena and friend commission finally in it's finished stage.
I added a video to a playlist Happy Wheels- JOHN CENA! Killing Jb
John Cena has a better salute than any marine Ik especially myself
John Cena: That 300 lb. gorilla (Lesnar) has no passion for anything but himself!
OMG AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! WO. Ffs moose that was too loud just woke up😒😭
yo John Cena got a whole rap album on spotify πŸ˜‚
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: explained exactly why he respects following their match!
don't you think John Cena's brand is a bit boring clothes,a beard,..NEW MOVES maybe?..he bores me
Seriously can't get enough of these John Cena puns going around the interwebs
John Cena. Wrestler, actor anythinf you want him to be. DOB: April 23 1977. From: West Newbury, MA
John Cena should be billed from West New Dehli , India. -KassiusKlutch
NOC prediction: Seth Rollins retains his U.S. Championship when Jay Leno knocks out John Cena with a loaded purse.
he is billed as John Cena. I don't think WWE ever advertised Batista using his first name but people called him Dave on TV
it says that all living things must die and dinosaurs were a hoax and bush did 9/11 and John Cena is Illuminati
Also today in history,in 2005 he lost by dq to Chris Benoit in Amarillo,Texas & in 2009 lost to John Cena in Moncton,N.B.Canada.
my little sister named her child development baby John Cena. .it's a girl lmao
I'm posting this in honor of my father, John Cena.
I liked a video WWE Superstars and Divas sing Happy Birthday to John Cena - Raw Supershow 4/23/12
I want a bench press above my bed, coffee, massages, and my name to be John Cena.
So far I've heard Stone Cold and John Cena's music played at NFL stadiums this season.
My kitten just John Cena'd Chase from off of the coffee table
Accidently had my laptop playing the John Cena prank call out loud in Cooper for a good 5 minutes while I was getting coffee
I don't get the John Cena meme. That being said, I don't get almost all memes.
Ohh u want gd muscles contact with John Cena , i just have a good heart if u need that ...!. But dont worry six packs are coming soon πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Didn't do any homework but found out how to play the the John Cena song so
Dream of John Cena running onto stage during this republican debate
Rise Above Hate like John Cena.nevermind, forgot Sammy doesnt do that.
Wait, my bad, Carly Fiorina received at least $10,000 from Linda McMahon so John Cena is kind of there... kind of. Just barely though.
HA! YES! And after a very sweaty John Cena on Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & Triple H joins in on the hotness!
Official petition to replace 90% of WWE programming with Kathie Lee and Hoda hitting on John Cena
[John Cena at the gym]. Trainer: want me to spot you bro?. John Cena: how can you spot me when YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE ME
glad to see John Cena showing respect and not wearing jean shorts in front of Kathie Lee and Hoda
*John Cena brings Kathie Lee and Hoda the guacamole*
WWE asks who Bray Wyatt is talking to, John Cena update, Emma praises Vince McMahon http…
John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and Stephanie McMahon at Google headquarters today
you endure so much abuse and hate on this streets kodwa uya qhuba you rise above hate o John Cena qhuba wena Nxamza
he ain't no girl Cody Rhodes... John Cena is the best wrestler out there and he always will. Go John!!
So jelly of because she's watching our lord and savior John Cena in action at Monday Night Raw
Our sources tell us that John Cena went directly to Vince McMahon last night and said Nikki must retain the...
WWE history in pictures, including stars like Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Vince McMahon
Really?! Are you serious? John Cena had everything handed to him?? Sure! and Nikki Minaj has a flat booty...
John Cena congratulating a 7-year-old cancer survivor is the sweetest thing you’ll see today
John Cena apparently comments on reports that he helped Nikki Bella retain her Divas title http…
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Like, John Cena the guy seems pretty cool. He like Fist of the North Star and Command Conquer. My eyes still glaze over when he's on TV.
Who's worse for the WWE, John Cena or Vince McMahon?
Vince McMahon would never allow talent to tell him what to do, not even John Cena
I have now have another example to use whenever some says John Cena is some noble human being that doesn't use his pull to his advantage.
When Vince McMahon dies, he will be entombed like a pharaoh: with brain removed and John Cena stuffed in there with him.
John Cena looks like he's going through a mid life crisis
I've heard too many John Cena jokes today
Seriously 7 people have sent me John Cena vines/vids today
"I saw a picture of John Cena today at school and I've been craving fruity pebbles ever since." - My sister
Paparazzi took this picture of Matty B & John Cena hanging out earlier today... Collaboration coming soon???
"John Cena's influence!" "Triple H's influence!" "Vince McMahon's influence!" Nikki Bella's title reign brings out the worst in people.
look what my friend found at a local target 😱 and his name is John Cena !!
The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin is better than any John Cena vs _ lol
"You either die John Cena, or live long enough to see yourself become Lex Luger" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hear the John Cena theme song in my head every time I nut
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I found the origin of the John Cena meme.
"Only at my school is the John Cena theme song played in the morning" -Central Bucks Hs-west
Daniel Bryan thinks John Cena should turn heel.
Hall of Famer thinks Seth Rollins is overexposed, Dean Ambrose on John Cena
don't wear jean shorts unless your name is Scott Mescudi or John Cena
John Cena is going to be in Houston in like 10 days. I can already hear the music
Lucas LOVES his Paw Patrol backpack! And Logan loves his John Cena shoes.
John Cena is upset due to the on-screen relationship of Eve Torres and Zack Ryder. How can he overcome this delicate moment in his life?
Remember the kiss of doom for Zack Ryder's career as Eve Torres went behind his back with John Cena - WWE...
Sorry for watching John Cena videos, neighbors
John Cena is ready for his rematch against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions
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