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John Carter

John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville, 7th Seigneur of Sark, KG, PC (22 April 1690 – 22 January 1763), commonly known by his earlier title as Lord Carteret, was a British statesman and Lord President of the Council from 1751 to 1763; effectively leader of the country when Spencer Compton was Prime Minister.

Dejah Thoris Edgar Rice Burroughs Lynn Collins Flash Gordon John Carter Cash Giant Slayer Lone Ranger El Capitan Theatre

tell Lynda Carter she will always be my Wonder Woman!
it has to be Wayne. 3 albums this year.. Has to be killing it. Carter V, funeral, D6. 🤔🤔 hope he goes through with them.
In 2020, Could John Bel Edwards be the next Jimmy Carter-a Democrat Presidential Candidate from Deep South…
It actually makes me want to go back and revisit JOHN CARTER. I was lukewarm on it but think it might actually be a pretty good adaptation
Day one, first assignment, print out syllabus. Don't forget now John😂🤒
John Carter Cash weds Ana Cristina Cash, what an amazing wedding! Photo: Perry Vaile
People like Ellen and Tyler and my sister Robin Maston and my baby John Carter and all the others that give and...
« manner. "Thank you for your help, John Carter."
The Constitution of the United States... specifically states the Con...
Allman brothers reference-one of the best all time skits SNL.
Vince Carter is a nice man. He went to help John Wall up & grabbed his forearm (not his hurt pinky finger hand).
Just read about John Carter leaving the club. Don't think I've seen a harder working striker at QP. Good luck to the guy.
So let me thank you again, John Carter, for saving my *** 😏🙏
Oblivion, along with Speed Racer and John Carter, are my favorite guilty films. I'll defend them to the death.
John Goodman as President Walken, obvs. John Goodman as John Goodman would run to the left of Carter.
Agreed. I call those 2 *** nearly every week & get vapid emails back. Same with my useless rep, John Carter.
The Bundle offers PATHFINDER, RED SONJA, JOHN CARTER & more for charity!…
Very excited for John Carter Hawkins heading to next year to play lacrosse! Congratulations JC! https:/…
Summit best Indy in OT last night 76-71 HUGE WIN John Carter led the way with 30 points I call him big shot John for a…
Jimmy Carter is still living, tell John, we are in the mist of 6 living presidents.
I liked a video from Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His ***
I want to see someone make a John Carter/Flash Gordon style planetary romance movie with a female lead. Bonus points if you work Tarzan in.
The profoundest distances are never geographical. — John Fowles. Photo | Keith Carter
Jimmy Carter was the unluckiest Presidents of recent times; decent & highly intelligent but undone by events beyond his control
backtrack to singing at restaurants before SINGING AT THE JOHN CARTER REPORT. THAT WAS HOLLYWOOD.
• Casey Carter: Beverly had no idea 3 little words could cause so much trouble and John couldn't resist
John Carter is an OK movie with a great score by Michael Giacchino.
Fun fact: When Roy Thomas and I were screenwriters in the '80s we almost wrote a John Carter film for Disney
My grandfather read the 'John Carter of Mars' books to me when I was y...
Huge shout out to & Standout Bball players John Carter and Elon Smallwood for modeling i…
This might be a great fit for you: George S. Parker II '51 Curator of Maps and Prints - John Carter... -
Seems to be 'Ciaran Hinds Hamming It Up' night: Witch Mountain followed by John Carter on TV chez moi. Might have to end with Tomb Raider 2.
is there any relation to John Carter of Mars?
.is Mark Greene, is John Carter, is Luka, is Abby
Great Failures in Predictive Research: Donald Trump. New Coke. Pluto Nash or John Carter. Any preseason suggestion the Jets will be winners
If I could have a gif of Mark Green telling John Carter that "you set the tone". that'ld be ace. Thank you in advance.
Chris Evans talks to John Carter about the British Dog Sled Tournament on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show:...
.in Telluride, Colorado is pleased to announce that John Carter will join the hotel as the new Director of Sales and Marketing.
Had to chuckle at my friend's acknowledgement of Lynn Collins' hotness. He hated John Carter (I dug it), where LC w…
Dr. John Carter and Nurse Carol were my people!!! And George Clooney was in there too! 😍
John Carter and Dejah Thoris on Mars by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
.wears a dress at the 'John Carter' premiere in 2012.
I would love nothing more than to screen movies like Silverado, Psycho II-IV, John Carter, BTTF, Bill & Ted, and so many more. One day...
Wow Ciaran Hinds and James Purefoy were reunited in John Carter!
Is this some love for John Carter?. Woah, finally someone that understeands me!, I love John carter too
True! I'm not one to let the public opinion dictate my own. People think I'm crazy for loving John Carter, but I do! 😂
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"A priceless moment in Parliament advertising Kneller Hall a novel by John Carter " by on
What we can learn from veteran broadcaster John Carter in his new book
Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Carson Napier of Venus, David Innes of Pelucidar, ...
yes. though he was forced due to Tomorrowland's failure, much like Andrew Staton was forced for Dory for John Carter
I enjoyed Tarzan. Audience I saw it with responded very positively. But sadly, I think this will be Warner's "John Carter".
John Carter lands this stunning 45 lb 4 oz common on Lake Heritage this morning
Warner Bros. spent $140 to make a Tarzan movie that nobody wanted. . It's truly the John Carter of 2016.
I wish John Carter had been a hit if only so that Lynn Collins could be a huge star.
Speaking of John Carter. What's Lynn Collins been up to? That sexy lady should be a bigger star.
"A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs. You'll be a John Carter fan and wish Disney movie would have stuck to the book
17s John Carter, Anthony Bowers, Grayson Murphy, Tariq Silver, & Dylan Beckham will be on Austin Peay Campus today..
Not sure if I'm watching AP Elite camp or Summit/Indy Border Battle as John Carter & Grayson Murphy are scoring nonsto…
I'd love to have done 'John Carter.' I'd love to work for the Disney C...
John Carter was a good movie and Dejah Thoris was a great female character. The world would have benefited from having more of her.
Oh man I loved John Carter. Especially Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris. So sad we won't get more of her.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
maybe the sequel to John Carter is John Carter-the North Staffs Hospital contracts manager and its just him managing contracts
I struggle with trying to be fair & not be biased. I really think John Carter played well enough to make Bob Gibbons All…
Very good win over good Wellington Wolves team. Grayson Murphy lead with 21 Pts, John Carter with 13, & Ollie Eutsy finis…
Today we say goodbye to our family member and friend, John Carter; the country lost a pilot; CT lost a lifelong...
Dejah Thoris's dress from John Carter, on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
I would just say to them, "I'm looking for John Carter" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.
Tonight on its Johnny Cash's son, John Carter! Tune in starting at 5:30 for the Warmup show w/
oh nothing will come close to ER! I was actually in love with Dr John Carter
building anticipation is important. You watch have you heard the John Carter story? History tends to repeat
I think is having the same problem as John Carter. Nothing grand in the trailer. Where them beasts at??!!
"Tharks do not fly!" Apparently, neither does John Carter, worst flyer ever!
John Carter (Blu-ray DISC ONLY 2012) Walt Disney with slip cover and case
John with JT Carter and Ken Boulden of The Crests at the "Back in the Day " movie party.
I'm like the only man in existence that thinks John Carter was a great film
I have to take Carter John to get his shots today 😣😮
'Sculpture in the Garden' by John Sydney Carter opens on the 14th April. One of our 50th Anniversary events.
Please support John, over 3 years a hostage💚
5 days to go! Our photographers today are John Rae & Chloe Hayes.
Tempary people - I assume you mean Islamic suicide bombers ?
.a good 3 atom bombs -4 ? just at random,bang , back to the 90's baby yeah, ...I dig that movie "John carter"
They know I’m just the wildcard this show needs to nab that elusive demographic.. That Hunger Games demo.. That John Carter from Mars demo
At the risk of sounding like a broken record. If u need motivation to wean yourself off sugar. This is it.
Kerry makes historic visit to Hiroshima: US Secretary of State John Kerry makes a historic visit to Hiroshima'...
And Jimmy Carter would know. Carter on Clinton: 'She took very little action to bring about peace'
- John Kerry far better Secretary of State than Bernie Sanders' rival per President Jimmy Carter.
Had this happen on my ship in the summer of '88. Dear John or Johnette letters cause people to do stupid things.
John Mellencamp and Carlene Carter were great tonight at Sangamon Auditorium. Review & more photos tomorrow!
Rewatching You can really tell John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom was part Inspiration behind
Well this is fitting. I was referring to Disney's "John Carter".
RIP Joss Carter 😢 I'm so disappointed, thought her and John were gonna get somet started
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
What! I am so shocked Carter and John kissed 🙊 how am I gonna get a normal amount of sleep now
When the Director Doesnt Really Like the Hero What Batman v Superman, John Carter, and Legend of...
John carter is gonna snap on someone and beat they *** be ready, it's gonna be bad
"she took little action to bring about peace. It was only John Kerry’s coming into office,"
The newest Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, LotR, and I also enjoy some rather random ones like John Carter. (It's on Mars)
This might be a great fit for you: Rare Books Cataloger for Mexican Imprints - John Carter... -
Tom, many of our readers want to know if Marvel's Tarzan series will ever be reprinted. Hopeful because of John Carter omnibus
so have you guys linked up with John Carter. He's pushing Dough.
Lone Ranger, John Carter and Green Hornet all bombed. Any hope for Tarzan? Is it because the interpretation of these characters were wrong?
John Carter is a former Port Jervis Red Raider Football star, family man, and true gentleman. He needs our help.
I'll grant you Lone Ranger & John Carter. But even they weren't as...badly omened (or expensive) as this.
Have you met John Carter yet? Edgar Rice Burrough's hero is the original explorer of scroll on down!
Next you'll be saying John Carter of Mars is nothing like James Bond.
"Have the patience to wait, the courage to get out and the integrity to follow your plan". - John Carter
I'm pretty sure John Carter of Mars is 8 hours long.
What ever happened to John Carter of Mars. I saw it advertise laws but never released.
Albums I need to hurry up... ~CozyTapes. ~J. Cole and Kendrick Collab Album. ~John Legend new album. ~Jhene Aiko new album. ~The Carter V
'17s John Carter & Elon Smallwood are two very good players that are flying under the radar.. That will change soon.. Bot…
There is the outside chance he meant the movie "John Carter".
yup, lol. Have u ever seen the movie John Carter?
I agree. Mondale suffered from Carter's unpopularity, though, and Mike Dukakis came off as stiff--sort of John Kerry-like.
John Carter scored 25 points to lead Summit to a 63-61 overtime win at Franklin. Reece Glover had 17 for Rebels.
having ash carter and John Kerry praise you is like being endorsed by Donald Duck and goofy the Americans don't respect them
Close enough. It's John Fitzgerald Byers. Producer Chris Carter was a big fan of my old magazine, CAQ RT
John Carter knocks in a 3-pointer at the buzzer...Summit trails at Franklin 13-12 after one. Listen live:
In D2 state poll, Johnstown boys get mention at No. 11 behind top-ranked New Concord John Glenn.
Happy birthday to the galaxy's greatest composer, John Williams!
that's john carter from ER but they both do science stuff basically the same thing lmao
Those kinds of scenes I really love, like when they did it in John Carter.
Would like to officially welcome '17 G John Carter to Team Corey Brewer. Another kid that will have a big time spring & s…
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Cheers! Congrats to our closers: Heather Jackson, Cheryl Skinner-Marble, John Carter, Marie Hanna and Carla Meeks!!!
My name is Gordon and I have a problem: I enjoyed watching John Carter last night
If you liked the movie John Carter you might like the original "Barsoom" books by Edgar Rice Burroughs on which-
just spotted Ham House on BBC2 in the film John Carter.
Great to see the mighty rocking our John Carter 'Two Moons' T-shirt at the Sundance Film Festival. https:…
WANT. Julius Caeser and John Carter of Mars, that is.
'John Carter' may live again, free from Disney
Now they're giving John Carter. I love it! Universal/dream movies. Dimensional. Quantum and beauties of the MIND. You're capable. I am.
We've decided there needs to be a space camp opera triple bill on Boxing Day: "John Carter", then "Flash Gordon", then "Jupiter Ascending".
Congresspeople Grace Meng, Raul Ruiz, and John Carter had between $100K and $250K in student loans each:
It's the first night of the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash. me, Lorrie Bennett, Joanne Cash, John Carter.
MARK WAID: What appeals to you about John Carter?: George Lucas borrowed a lot more from Edgar Rice Burroughs ...
John Carter of Troy is Ascending to Jupiter to Clash with the Titans of the Chronicles of Riddick at Babylon A.D.
I found myself dreaming of Mars and John Carter, of Dejah Thoris, of Tars Tarkas and of Woola. – The Master Mind of Mars, Prologue
Heard on radio: this president makes Jimmy Carter look like John Wayne
John Carter is a fictional character, created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, appearing in novels, comics, movies -
hopefully Ben doesn't start laughing again 😂
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His ***
Being someone's first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect. . 💏 💋😍 😍💋 💏
Jermaine's ministry of mittens for charity event put on by Don Cheadle and John Marinara Cena. Act II: volume V (dawn of Carter IV)
Moron Corbyn demands an explanation why Jihadi John was killed-I think it had something to do with beheading Brits htt…
for next year have a go at ucas this year and if it's not your year Slam out a fast track sesh next year
it's almost December so it's too late now like 😁😒
John (Explicit Version) by Lil' Wayne from the album Tha Carter IV (Deluxe Version)
Guests on our Nashville tour got a private performance by John Carter Cash son of Johnny Cash Call 0191 4552292
U.S. Rep. John Carter: Texas knows what’s best for our children
.and many more react to Nick Bockwinkel's death https:…
sequel to the John carter of Mars .??? RT
Newsflash John Carter is an amazing film such cinematography such score well done Disney well done
Ah, I love the old scifis like Buck Rogers and John Carter. Add in some Flash Gordon and Lensmen and you have my heart.
John Foo as Detective Lee and Justin Hires as Detective Carter on the set of CBS' upcoming "Rush…
Wishing a happy birthday to my Uncle John Carter. Wodie!
New opening at Carter's OshKosh in - Training
Warcraft is going to have too much hype to fail. I don't see it tanking like John Carter, Pan, Jack and the Giant Slayer, et…
Announcing the next project from Bedside Press: a reprint of 1980s comic Fashion in Action by John K Snyder III! https:…
or a gang battle breaks out then it's the back of a St. John's ambulance
Ash Carter should be Impeached along with John Kerry and Barack Obama on this. Are they on Team
Food Review: A cool new dessert option on Bandra's Carter Road
.and many more react to Nick Bockwinkel's death
I’m proud of for calling out a homophobe and appalled at BBC Three Counties Radio for lacking the balls to suppor…
Seeing John Carter Cash was a highlight in our lives as it was a very private and personal event…
We teach animals they do God teach human they never do
Gen Raheel Sharif visiting United States, he will be meeting US high officials including John Kerry, Joe Biden and Ash…
also balances out the Dejah Thoris' cheesecake with some John Carter beefcake.
John Carter is strong pulpy sci-fi with abundant action and intrigue. Also strong female hero in Dejah Thoris.
God, she is amazing. . Lynn Collins in John Carter
IIRC, the slave leia costume was intended as a nod to Dejah Thoris from the John Carter novels. I could be wrong though.
Unlike Dejah Thoris of the John Carter of Mars stories, or Red Sonja, etc
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