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John Carradine

John Carradine (born Richmond Reed Carradine; February 5, 1906 – November 27, 1988) was an American actor, best known for his roles in horror films and Westerns as well as Shakespearean theater.

Vincent Price Peter Cushing Christopher Lee Lon Chaney Jr Bela Lugosi Henry Fonda Tor Johnson John Ford David Carradine Ava Gardner Burgess Meredith John Wayne Martha Plimpton Long Shadows Boris Karloff Jesse James Chris Sarandon

'The Mummy's Ghost' starring 'Lon Chaney Jr.' and 'John Carradine', was released this day in 1944
Oh man this cast. Ron Pearlman, Bruce Villanche, Angelica Huston, and John Carradine?!
The Co stars are good too with Jesse White, Henry Gibson, Paul Dooley, Donald Moffat, Stella Stevens and John Carradine. Fun.
! Seven Samurai and I really, really love Stagecoach (John Carradine as Hatfielf is FANTASTIC)
38 yrs ago tonight.Troy Donahue, John Carradine, Shelley Fabares and Linda Thompson guest on 'Vegas' w Robert Urich as Dan Tanna on ABC.
49 years ago tonight. . . Forrest Tucker, Rick Nelson (as Jesse James) and John Carradine in "Revenge" on 'Hondo' on
Jane Darwell, Henry Fonda and John Carradine in the drama film 'The Grapes of Wrath' 1939.
Correct! You win the amount of John Carradine's life drained from him by the succubus!
The wonderful John Carradine as Erle Kenton, again, note the name, Erle Kenton dire…
Diabolical Pact (Pacto diabólico) (1969, Mexico) starring John Carradine as the crazed doctor seeking youth again.
59 years ago tonight.Charlton Heston and John Carradine in "Switch Station" on 'Schlitz Playhouse of Stars' on
Few things are as sublimely perfect as the Blind Man playing for Karloff's Monster... John Carradine totally ruined it for the Monster
John Carradine is all like 'you guys are making a horror movie and i'm not in it? We'll see about that!!
The aesthetics of American Regionalism painting. John Carradine as Jim Casy in Grapes of Wrath (John Ford, 1940).
It's on public domain sites and YouTube. Co-stars John Carradine and George Lazenby (as well as Danny Glover in a bit part).
O/Z watches John Carradine (literally) explode on the screen in Invisible Invaders!
John Carradine cantando Night train to mundo fine.
And this time, there's no John Carradine cameo to alleviate the awfulness.
A version of this features an intro by John Carradine -
The Mummy's Ghost released by Universal on this day 1944. Starring Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine.
I am SO looking forward to Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine in 1945's "House of Dracula" on Sven this wk. That's more like it!
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Peter Cushing in House of the Long Shadows (1983)
in Myra Breckinridge, John Carradine says "You realize, once we cut it off, it won't grow back. I mean, it isn't like hair, or
John McAfee? Gee, I thought that was John Carradine. Who knew?
This is making me yearn for the John Carradine/ Mamie Van Doren dance scene in SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE.
Paul Walker made his film debut alongside Fergie, John Carradine and the Predator himself in the Troma film Monster in the Closet. Gotta see
BTW, your John Carradine is, next to Carl Sagan, is my favorite impression of yours. Thanks for all you do.
Vampire cavemen and John Carradine in our review of HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS!
Blood of Ghastly Horror 1972 film directed by Al Adamson and starring John Carradine.
just skimming it there's a microanecdote w/ John Carradine @ the Garden of Allah announcing he's Jesus and trying to
With John Carradine & Tor Johnson in it, I had high hopes for 'The Unearthly'...let's just say I'm glad it was the version!
Son of the Dragon (DVD no cover) John Reardon, David Carradine, Desiree Siahaan
Peter Cushing would probably be there too. And Vincent Price. And Christopher Lee and John Carradine
I liked a video Horrors of the Red Planet (1965) Full Fantasy Movie - John Carradine
Tonight Aaron is played by John Carradine, father of David, Keith and Robert; grandfather of Martha Plimpton
Lloyd Bridges made 20 pictures a year? John Carradine did that and still took a summer vacation
Mil Mascaras made two films with John Carradine.
It was a dark and stormy night. Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and John Carradine were chilling in their mansion.
I've found out that it's John Carradine. Google and IMDb apps are a great help 👍🏻
Funny how this works out. Just watched "Liberty Valance," saw John Carradine chew up the carpet, and then all that happened.
Lon Chaney Jr, Tor Johnson, John Carradine, and Beli Lugosi reading a Donald Duck comic. Like you do.
Almost didn't recognize John Carradine as Lincoln, finally recognized the voice.
Carradine is the son of John Carradine and Ardanelle McCool, while Bowen is the son of Sonia Sorel and Michael Bowen Sr.
n 2003 John Carradine was Inducted into Hall of Great Western Performers, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Agreed on John Carradine. Clearly I love Lon Chaney Jr, but he was just awful in his turn as Dracula.
Tonight's is a John Carradine double feature! First up, we watch The Wizard of Mars at 8pm ET followed by "The Meddlers" at 9:30
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A movie with Peter Cushing, John Carradine, Brooke Adams AND scuba Nazis? Weekend solved.
I need to send you my John Carradine book. The drop from 'Grapes of Wrath' to 'Billy The Kid vs. Dracula' is like absinthe.
The Carradine Klan, Kung Fu fame John Carradine, his dad played the Father in CHINATOWN, a great suspense movie, all great actors.
Loved how John Carradine rang a bell to answer questions or voice opinions in
John Agar / John Carradine / Edward L. Cahn. We live in the era where they're available in 1080p :)
John Carradine and Me. Keeping my mouth shut pays off years later. -
House of the Long Shadows(1984) Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, John Carradine- all with legit roles.
My direct-to-video Expendables would star Reb Brown, Cameron Mitchell, Pierre Kirby, Cynthia Rothrock & John Carradine, somehow.
He looks like Lance Henriksen but sounds like Jack Palance, but has the acting chops of John Carradine.
It seems that it's neither Max Wall, nor Bela Lugosi - it's John Carradine! Still missing form the original, though.
The 4th actor in the pic is John Carradine, not Lugosi.
John Carradine was always a spoil sport.
John Carradine was in a movie called Satan's Cheerleaders.
Friends together: Peter Cushing ,Christopher Lee , John Carradine and Vincent Price during the filming of House...
Christopher Lee, John Carradine, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price (from 1983's The House of the Long Shadows)
They're all gone now. Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, John Carradine, Peter Cushing. Feeling sad.
The Bela Lugosi film "Voodoo Man" is ideal for anyone wanting to see John Carradine as a gangly prototype Crispin Glover.
John Carradine clubs Lon Chaney Jr with a crutch in our review of THE BLACK SLEEP!
As long as John Carradine is not in the extended orgy scene.
John Carradine, extended orgy scene and the catchiest of theme songs. What's not to like about this film?
Now, INVISIBLE INVADERS. It opens with John Carradine exploding, so I'm optimistic.
Fact: John Carradine refused the Monster role in Frankenstein (1931) as he felt he was too highly trained to be reduced to playing monsters.
'Dying of the Light'? Is Nic Cage contractually obligated to be in a movie every month? He's the John Carradine of our generation.
John Carradine is of course the father of Robert, Keith and David, only one of whom came close to being weirder than Dad.
Shortly after completing THE DALTONS RIDE AGAIN, Lon Chaney headlined HOUSE OF DRACULA (filmed Sept 21-Oct 25 1945), his fourth appearance as his beloved 'Baby,' Larry Talbot aka The Wolf Man, reuniting many of the same talents previously responsible for HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, such as screenwriter Edward T. Lowe, producer Paul Malvern, and director Erle C. Kenton. Even with top billing, Chaney's screen time, at 17 1/2 minutes, was only four minutes longer than in HOF, while his two transformations result in the exact same amount of screen time in full Jack Pierce makeup (roughly 90 seconds). Back for his second portrayal of Dracula aka Baron Latos is second billed John Carradine, who easily carries the film's first half, seeking a cure for his vampiric condition from esteemed Vasaria doctor Franz Edelmann (Onslow Stevens), merely a ruse to court the unsuspecting doctor's attractive nurse Miliza Morelle (Martha O'Driscoll), whom he had previously met in Schoenheim (the opening shot presents Dracula in bat ...
Keith CarradineKeith Ian Carradine (born August 8, 1949) is an American actor who has had success on stage, film and television. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Tom Frank in Robert Altman's Nashville, Wild Bill Hickok in the HBO series Deadwood and FBI agent Frank Lundy in Dexter. In addition, he is a Golden Globe and Academy Award winning songwriter. As a member of the Carradine family, he is part of an acting dynasty that began with his father, John Carradine. Contents [show] Early life[edit] Keith Carradine was born in San Mateo, California. He is the son of actress and artist Sonia Sorel (née Henius), and actor John Carradine.[1] His paternal half-brothers are Bruce and David Carradine, his maternal half-brother is Michael Bowen, and his full brothers are Christopher and Robert Carradine. His maternal great-grandfather was biochemist Max Henius, and his maternal great-grandmother was the sister of historian Johan Ludvig Heiberg.[2] Carradine's childhood was difficult. He said that his fath ...
"They don't call John Carradine 'The Voice' for nothing."
With John Carradine being a big ol blowhard? That scene is great!
I take it that the budget for Silent Night, Bloody Night didn't stretch to John Carradine saying any lines.
Christmas Eve, so of course I'm watching Jerry Warren's Frankenstein Island (1981) with John Carradine, Jungle Girls and a dog called Melvin
Yes, John Carradine, and you’re right, he played Dracula in classic Universal films after Lugosi too!
Naturally. Fire has the goodness that is Cooper & Stagecoach has John Carradine who really needs a "Day" on TCM
killed you, I always said you reminded me of John Carradine?
HOORAY! John Carradine is mute!. I'm gonna chalk this up as a win.
I'll watch anything with John Carradine in it.
Henry Fonda & John Carradine in The Grapes of Wrath (dir. John Ford) via
Wow! Everybody's in that one and I never even heard of it! John Carradine is looking like some kind of wizard. :)
49er Reality: . 1) Harbaugh is NOT coming back. 2) Next 2 gamesTank Carradine is auditioning for Justin Smiths job next year.
Happy Anniversary, Experiment 619! John Carradine was actually pretty good in it.
Claude Rains should have got an apt with Bela Lugos & John Carradine. They could split the rent, and pass on bad scripts.
Red Skelton Show – John Carradine Guests (1955): This is the Red Skelton show with John…
"Milan: What a beautiful place to die." - John Carradine
I got a movie for you that's so dark, so mean-spirited it has to be reviewed: The Mouse and his Child. 1977. John Carradine.
John Carradine on squinting for John Ford: via
Watching serious dramatic actor John Carradine saying such outlandish things in this movie is beyond amazing
Action & Adventure starring John Carradine with 1 title to watch.
Added to Wish List: 'Gorehouse Greats Collection (12 Movie Collection)' by John Carradine via
"Black and white cat, Black and white cake!" Someone on Michael Wilk's page uttered those 8 nightmare inducing words last night, got them stuck in my head and forced me to to re-watch this Bluray!! It does not disappoint - Very creepy, lots of horrific and shocking moments time has not diminished...especially if you happen to be or have been raised Catholic. And what a cast! John Carradine, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, Sylvia Miles, Beverly D'Angelo, Jose Ferrer, Jeff Goldblum, Arthur Kennedy, Chris Sarandon, Cristina Raines - the list goes on and on! The Bluray (from Germany) looks fantastic! Here's the original poster and a very cool fan poster by Marinko Milosevski.I may just sleep with the lights on tonight.
Thursday • June 12, 2014 LBN-INVESTIGATES: Hollywood Movies 1. Originally, the term “movies” did not mean films, but the people who made them. It was generally used with disdain by early Hollywood locals who disliked the “invading” Easterners. 2. The first film ever made in Hollywood was D.W. Griffith’s 1910 In Old California, a Biograph melodrama about a Spanish maiden (Marion Leonard) who has an illegitimate son with a man who later becomes governor of California. It was shot in two days. 3. When Horace and Daeida Wilcox founded Hollywood in 1887, they hoped it would become a religious community. Prohibitionists, they banned liquor from the town and offered free land to anyone willing to build a church. 4. The “running W” was a trip wire to make horses fall over at the critical moment during filming. The device broke countless horses’ legs and necks. It is now illegal. 5. The most filmed author is William Shakespeare, including straight film versions, modern adaptations (West Side Stor ...
Lol watching Nocturna with Yvonne Di Carlo and John Carradine on Cryptic TV. Funny vamp flick!!! " I don't even have my own fangs anymore... * puts in false teeth fangs*. Back in the prime of my youth all the young ladies would say I was hung like a walrus"
That... that's John Carradine as an obnoxious purple alien.
You seen this? The intro format was creepy but also John Carradine narrates Sleepy Hollow.
Here's a great B movie about Invaders...who are INVISIBLE!!! John Carradine is in this one, and it's on Netflix!.
John Carradine's on lost in space and Robbie's in drag! What a night!
This episode also features the legendary and magnetic John Carradine, icon, as Arcon!
Ooh also John Carradine & Sheila Keith (who really stands out in Walkers other films).
Shock Waves 1977 directed by Ken Wiederhorn and starring Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams and John Carradine. In the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered its scientists to create a top secret race of indestructible zombie storm troopers - un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities that killed with their bare hands. They were known as The Death Corps. No member of this horrific SS unit was ever captured by Allied Forces - and, somewhere off the coast of Florida they have survived...
John Carradine and Sonia Sorel. Was the honeymoon over? No, it had yet to take place, as BLUEBEARD began shooting May 31 1944 (only weeks after wrapping HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN), well before their Las Vegas wedding Aug 13. A spot of trivia: what husband and wife made more movies together than any other? My guess would have been 'Liz and *** (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton). Wrong! Believe it or not, Charles Bronson and wife Jill Ireland were the right answer, but did so in a very low key, unassuming manner, unlike the high profile Taylor-Burton duds.
"Jesse James..."Jesse James (1939) is a western film directed by Henry King and starring Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Nancy Kelly and Randolph Scott. Written by Nunnally Johnson, the film is loosely based on the life of the notorious outlaw from whom the film derives its name. It is "notorious for its historical inaccuracy."[1] The supporting cast features Henry Hull, John Carradine, Brian Donlevy, Jane Darwell and Lon Chaney, Jr.. The American Humane Association began to oversee filmmaking after a horse died when it was driven off a cliff on set.
My fave westerns are The Searchers w/ the Duke and Natalie Wood, Stagecoach w/ John Carradine and like Richard Widmark/Clark Gable to boot.
tough ? Bob ..but I'm going with "night gallery" worked w John Carradine and Rod Serling true legends .. Thanks for interest
Charles Bronson, Jason Robards, Henry Fonda, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Jack Elam, Woody Strode, Lee Marvin, James Stewart, John Carradine, Harry Carey Jr and many many more, they sure don't make them like that anymore...
That's wonderful! Saw her on a panel with character actors Woody Strode, Elisha Cook, John Carradine! Star power!
John Carradine with his friend Tyrone Power with whom he often acted in films
Independent International.responsible for *** s Bloody Devils. Combining Nazi's, bikers, the mafia against the FBI headed by Broderick Crawford & Scott Brady. With Col. Sanders in a cameo and John Carradine as a pet shop owner.
Ludwig Stössel (1883 – 1973) Austrian actor of stage and screen who's career spanned from the 1920's until the 1960's. He appeared in many Silents and Talkies opposite big actors and actresses of the day including John Carradine, Gary Cooper, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner, Hedy Lamarr and Claude Rains. He was one of many Jewish actors who were forced to flee Europe when the Nazis came to power in 1933.
THRILLER ‘Masquerade’ A time-honored TV tradition is the ‘Halloween Episode’, the one time of year when even the bland, family-friendly likes of ‘Full House’ or pretty much the entire Disney XD lineup can pull a mask on and have fun being spooky. But what happens when a horror program does Halloween? You get ‘Masquerade’. First aired on October 30th, 1961, ‘Masquerade’ is basically meant to be a fun ‘haunted house’ story, one a bit more palatable to the general public than, say, ‘Pigeons From *** or ‘The Incredible Doktor Markesan’. And, with that caveat in mind, it succeeds pretty well. ‘Masquerade’, adapted from the short story by Henry Kuttner, tells the story of a honeymoon couple (Tom Poston, Elizabeth Montgomery) who get lost in a storm and end up on the doorstep of the rustic- and decidedly suspicious-looking- Carta family (John Carradine, Jack Lambert, Dorothy Neumann). While the Cartas fill them with stories of vampires and bloody murder, our honeymooners beg ...
Now that's a surprise. Good stuff on the TV on New Year's Day - Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, John Carradine and Arthur Kennedy (with a bit of James Wood thrown in, too) in Michael Winner's wonderful schlockfest THE SENTINEL. This may lead to me watching more Winner tonight and tomorrow, because Michael Winner is great.
*Go to for PICTURES!!* John Laurie: Five DVD's I was glad to be able to own in 2013. THE MONSTER CLUB (Blu-ray and DVD) This 1981 comedy-horror-musical film stars Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Donald Pleasence and is one of those obscure gems long sought out by fans of Vincent Price. An anthology of horror vignettes, very much in the vein of previous Amicus films like Tales from the Crypt (1972) and Vault of Horror (1973), this turned out to be the final film for Amicus, and it was nice seeing them mixing up the formula a bit, even if it was too little, too late. This film is much more knowingly camp than their previous anthologies, and the in-between stories bits are actually musical interludes (one features The Damned in all their goth-glory!) which may have been an attempt at becoming a midnight cult film ala' Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sadly, Monster Club wound up never getting a release here in the states, and what little exposure it has received has been shoddy at best. The first DVD release in ...
Voodoo Man (1945). Bela Lugosi, John Carradine and George Zucco gives us a Monogram remake of The Corpse Vanishes. Girls are being knocked-off by the usual bad man with the usual murderous agenda from that time period: stealing the lifeforce from healthy hotties tore vive some dame in a zombielike state. Not a classic, no, but Lugosi is always worth the time. Nifty little 62mins.
Near the end of Lugosi's life. Probably during the time of his last completed film The Black Sleep. Tor Johnson and John Carradine were in that and did a brief promotional tour. Lugosi was supposed to have lines in it but he was very frail and sick so they made his character a mute.
This red bellhop jacket was worn by the character “Stanley Belt” portrayed by legendary comedic actor Jerry Lewis in the 1964 motion picture “The Patsy”, also starring Peter Lorre and John Carradine. The jacket was custom tailored for Mr. Lewis by Sy Devore and comes complete with the original tag listing the actor’s name “Jerry Lewis” and production date “1-8-64” clearly printed. Mr. Lewis appears wearing the jacket at the beginning of the film when Stanley delivers ice to the hotel room of a comedy team that’s struggling to find a replacement to fill the shoes of their recently deceased star comedian. Stanley is backed off the balcony of the room and is then pictured in various falling poses next to the opening credits. The jacket is in good vintage screen worn condition with some evidence of age and comes accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house. Apart from starring in the “The Patsy”, Jerry Lewis also co-wrote and directed the film. The movie featured acto ...
Monster in the Closet Learn Troma Check Price and Monster in the Closet? Yes, you can Product!! To day!. Please check price & Read review before buy USA. SEE IMAGE & DETAIL : in the Closet Claude Akins John Carradine Jesse White and Stella Stevens headline this humorous and skillful parody of 50′s horror films. The monster (Kevin Peter Hall) hides out in closets and waits for victims to unsuspectingly grab a shirt or slacks before he reduces them to dead meat. After several closet deaths, a writer (Donald Grant) sent to cover the story soon teams up with a science teacher (Denise DuBarry) and her son, a super-smart child prodigy, and they set out to solve the murders. The plot thickens when the gruff, brash Gen. Turnbull (Donald Moffat) enters the picture. It seems the monster is bullet-proof, laser-proof and bomb-proof — a challenge to capture, kill, or subdue. This 80’s horror hit classic offers fun for all as America joins together to battle the monster in the closet. This DVD comes fully loa ...
Peter Cushing and John Carradine each worked 4 days on "Shock Waves"(1977) for $5000 each..
(Also, when I was sick, I was super-underweight. I looked like John Carradine, and they were like, "sorry you'll stop being such a hottie!")
In memory of John Carradine who was born on February 5th, 1906 and died on November 27th, 1988.
John Carradine: In 1988, John Carradine died on this date in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.
25 yrs ago today John Carradine passed away. With well over 300 varied roles, he truly was a unique Hollywood talent.
John Carradine, patriarch of the Carradine acting family including sons David, Keith and Robert and granddaughter...
25 years since death of John Carradine / Character actor in many a notable scene.
It was great to see latter era Mitchum, Milland, Tony Curtis, Dana Andrews, John Carradine in THE LAST TYCOON. All still had it in '76.
John Carradine was a popular character actor of the 1930's, 40's, 50's 60's 70's, and 80's. Boy that guy got around, lol.
November 27 is the 331st day of the year (332nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 34 days remaining until the end of the year. Events: 25 – Luoyang is declared capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty by Emperor Guangwu of Han. 176 – Emperor Marcus Aurelius grants his son Commodus the rank of Imperator and makes him Supreme Commander of the Roman legions. 395 – Rufinus, praetorian prefect of the East, is murdered by Gothic mercenaries under Gainas. 511 – King Clovis I dies at Paris (Lutetia) and is buried in the Abbey of St. Genevieve. The Merovingian Dynasty is continued by his four sons — Theuderic I, Chlodomer, Childebert I and Chlothar I — who divide the Frankish Kingdom and rule from the capitals at Metz, Orléans, Paris and Soissons. 602 – Emperor Maurice is forced to watch his five sons be executed before being beheaded himself; their bodies are thrown into the sea and their heads are exhibited in Constantinople. 1095 – Pope Urban II declares the First Crusade at the Cou ...
One of my favorite local haunts is the Leonis Adobe. Until recently they allowed investigations, but the board of directors decided to end that. It is open to the public. There are spirits galore inside and our book details some of the stories shared by staff, guests and the caretaker. We were able to conduct numerous investigations including seance inside during the time they allowed us in. Over the years, paranormal investigators have identified at least six active spirits in the adobe and on the grounds; including: Espiritu Leonis (the dominant spirit of the house), Marcellina Leonis, Miguel Leonis, Juan Menendez, a Native American cook, and an unidentified child. Here is a brief timeline of major events: A.D. 1500 - Based on archaeological data, the village of Huwam (within Rancho El Escorpion which lies near the intersection of present-day Valley Circle Drive and Bell Canyon Road and is currently a housing tract) was occupied from 1500 B.C. to at least A.D. 1500. This bi-ethnic village was named Huwa ...
Foto: ronaldcmerchant: title card for the Mexican film LAS VAMPIRAS (1969) starring John Carradine
When we last left scientists Bela Lugosi and John Carradine in RETURN OF THE APE MAN, Bela was gleefully melting down the ice with a blowtorch...the heaters were fast enough for him...:D The original plan for casting ending up with producers Sam Katzman and Jack Dietz intending to have George Zucco play the prehistoric man in possibly the weirdest casting of the actor's career. However, Zucco escaped running around in the prehistoric costume and makeup by become 'ill' shortly after shooting of his scenes began, according to several sources. The same sources also hint that Zucco used this excuse to escape having to play the creature. However, according to TMDB, his contract with Katzman's production company and Monogram, still required that he get billing on the posters and ads. The role of the 'Ape Man' was taken over by burly Frank Moran, who'se battered features had graces a number of pictures, from Preston Sturges's productions to Lugosi's THE CORPSE VANISHES. Here is a shot that may be one of the ver ...
John Carradine is the Benedict Cumberbatch of the late 30's ❤️
Watched the 1957 Republic Pictures production of "The Unearthly". It's about a mad scientist who creates a 17th gland that when put into the neck of a person will make them immortal. Except the gland also makes the patients all look like part time actor full time wrestler Tor Johnson (who also plays Lobo in the film And played Lobo in "Night Of The Ghouls"). Myron Healy ( Who was in every western ever made where the budget was about the same as bus fare) plays an accused murderer who is *** bent on stopping the mad scientist before he too is turned into Tor. The girl from the "Crawling Hand" is in there too but I'm not sure why. . . .And John Carradine ( Father of Kung Fu, The pedophile from "Pretty Baby", and a Nerd) is the mad scientist. The Unearthly is a good time. .
Jobie Gayer assigned me to list 10 "Little-Known" facts about myself. OK, here goes: 10. I made my stage debut at age 5, in 1956, playing the Wicked Old Troll who lives under the bridge in an elementary school production of THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF. I live that role now. I made my TV debut in 1958 on the KTLA BOZO THE CLOWN SHOW. Bozo was played by Vance Colvig, the son of Pinto Colvig, the voice of Walt Disney's Goofy. I made my national network TV debut in 1968 as Bachelor on THE DATING GAME nighttime edition. I won. (I did THE DATING GAME again, 12 years later, for AFTRA scale, and lost. The girl who didn't pick me was then-future-SNL regular Gail Matthius whom I was not only friends with, but had been onstage with only the night before at The Comedy Store.) My movie debut was in a low-budget vampire movie titled THE LOST PLATOON, about a platoon of vampire soldiers who drink from battlefield dead in war after war after war. I was killed in it, but not by the vampires, who, in fact, avenge me. (I sh ...
Finally, we find ourselves out in the scenic countryside (see also: "the boonies") where we find Hope Lange, Paul Burke, Lloyd Bochner and (yup!) John Carradine (who evidently has some part in every movie made) in a tale of a couple who move out to the farm they've inherited with an eye to helping their strained marriage recapture some magic. Well, they might find some magic, if not the sort they had in mind. "Green Acres" it ain't! ;)
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Tonight's classic horror film is House of Frankenstein. Boris Karlof, Lon Chaney Jr., and John Carradine.
Stay up late tonight with ME and Svengoolie! Boris Karloff stars as mad scientist Dr. Niemann, John Carradine is Count Dracula, Lon Chaney Jr. is the Wolf Man, and Glenn Strange is the Frankenstein monster in “House of Frankenstein” tonight at 10pm. Please click LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE if you’ll be watching!
Streaming The Grapes of Wrath Online Grapes of Wrath (1940) iMDB Rating: 8.2 Date Released : 15 March 1940 Genre : Drama Stars : Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Charley Grapewin Movie Quality : BRrip Format : MKV Size : 870 MB Download Trailer Buy form Amazon Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to foreclosure. He catches up with them on his Uncles farm, and joins them the next day as they head for California and a new life… Hopefully. Watch The Grapes of Wrath Trailer : Review : A marvellous production of Steinbeck’s epic. Henry Fonda’s portrayal of Tom Joad captures perfectly the humanity and compassion of the Steinbeck character, an ex-con who breaks his parole conditions by joining his family in their epic journey across the southern US to a "better life" in California. This is not the usual Hollywood fare. Tragedy and betrayal beset the Joad family from the outset. But it is nonetheless an uplifting movie. Spirit, compassi ...
Tonight's October Horror movie suggestion is "Hillbillys in a Haunted House". It's the 1967 follow-up to "The Las Vegas Hillbillys". This one has John Carradine. Also Lon Chaney Jr. and Basil Rathbone each in one of their last performances. George Barrows, who is in the gorilla suit, wore the same suit in "Robot Monster" with a fake scuba diving helmet. He also wore the suit in TV shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show and The Addams Family. The link has the whole movie. I suggest you watch at least the first 5 minutes.
Cristina Raines, Ava Gardner, Chris Sarandon, John Carradine. After breaking up with her boyfriend and moving into her own apartment in Brooklyn Heights, a New York fashion model discovers that the blind priest who lives upstairs is guarding the gateway to *** and he has chosen her to replace hi...
I just love John Wayne in the movie I saw last night called The Shootist from 1976. He's a good man in that film. I didn't watch the very ending though because he dies. That film had a strange cast, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, Harry Morgan, Jimmy (James) Stewart, John Carradine, Richard Boone (Yay Richard Boone), Scatman Cruthers (Yay Scatman). At first I got John Carradine confused with Richard Boone. That's how much they don't resemble eachother because I had an IPA (Lagunitas to be exact), I can't believe John Carradine spawned all of those good actors--David Carradine, Keith and Robert Carradine. All original actors. I loved David of course, in the old Kung Fu series, and Keith in the Allen Rudolph films of the 90's. Let's not forget Robert Carradine in Revenge of the Nerds. Then there's Martha Plimpton, daughter of Keith--I've always liked her. John Wayne however--in a class by himself, a true iconic actor. Let's not forget True Grit. Then there was the remake with Jeff Bridges--another co ...
Dracula's original castle lies in ruins. The person who Count Draculs was based on was a Prince named Vlad III. Vlad III was born in Sighisoara in 1431. In the 15th century, Romania was made up of a number of small states, each with an independent ruler. Vlad III earned the surname "Tepes" (The Impaler) because he impaled his enemies. Vlad Tepes was a ruler for a state called Wallachia not Transylvania. Wallachia is located just south of Transylvania. The name "Dracula" was first held by his father Vlad II. The name means "Son of a Dragon". Vlad senior received the name because he was part of the Order of the Dragon, an order created by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. The Order of the Dragon was designed as an alliance to fight the Turks. Vlad Tepes assumed the name from his father. In current day Romanian, the word "Dracu" is synonymous with the word "Devil". "Dracula" is therefore referred to as one who is Devil-like. As a ruler, Dracula probably had some "Devilish" habits such as drinking human blood ...
John Carradine supposedly said: "Never do anything you wouldn't want to be caught dead doing." And then there was David...
New Mondo Review: Vincent Price and John Carradine get down in the horror anthology "The Monster Club," on Blu-ray from Scorpion Releasing.
I love John Carradine ...I know he's creepy ...Still love him...
Watching John Carradine in It's as good as it sounds.
Starting my Halloween on TCM: Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (1966). Honest. Pretty bad, but has John Carradine.
And that guy looks like a young John Carradine.
In the afterlife, I hope I end up in a spooky manor with Vincent Price & John Carradine chatting about 1920's horror.
"Warm blood isn't all they suck!" Watching John Carradine in Cirio H. Santiago's "Vampire Hookers" (1978)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Billy the Kid vs Dracula looks more promising. John Carradine is very sleezy. Has a really pedophile vibe in this film.
I think I may have a new "worst movie of all time"! Move over "Plan 9 from Outer Space", here comes "Billy the Kid vs Dracula". I stumbled upon this gem last night. It stars John Carradine, and the production values and special effects make Plan 9 look like Star Wars! Here's the plot synopsis: Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiance, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her. Compelling, isn't it? I find it interesting especially that Billy the Kid was engaged. Anyway, it got 1-1/2 stars from someone, but I think that's generous. BTW, you can buy it on amazon for $2.00! Be still my.
John Carradine as Dracula in a publicity still from House of Dracula (1945).
John Carradine as Dracula? Yes please. Carradine in 'Billy the Kid vs. Dracula'. Holy *** this is cheese-tastic fun
Boy john carradine would be in ANYthing
John Carradine doesn't stand out at all in the old west.
And so is John Carradine, also a Ford fav.
THIS is Dracula in this thing, John Carradine of all people. LOL
I kid you not...2 a.m. on Sunday morning: TCM, from 1965, "Billy the Kid vs Dracula"...John Carradine in title role.grade B cheese at it's best!!
Heh, John Carradine at his campy best.
That one is where John Carradine is Dracula, right?
I watched Stagecoach tonight-- a huge hole in my Western movie education finally filled. It was terrific. John Wayne was more likable than usual. All the character actors were great, especially Thomas Mitchell. And John Carradine was surprisingly dashing.
10/05/13 Halloween horror film was Scream Of The Wolf. Okay film, the actor Clint Walker reminded of a roided out John Carradine.
by god John Carradine must have needed the money and the holiday. 20 mins in and not much has happed. no cushing yet
Let me get this straight: There's a movie where Mil Mascaras is hunting a nazi played by John Carradine, who is hiding in a circus as a clown, and it's not on dvd? THIS UNIVERSE FAILS!
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here is some of my latest work. these are resin statues that I was commissioned to paint. It is the actor John Carradine portraying Dracula and the Predator creature. These were painted with acrylics
John Carradine was causing trouble in horror films even when his name wasn't in the credits.
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"Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula" (Embassy, 1966) Vampire western! Stars John Carradine, Melinda Plowman, Chuck Courtney and Virginia Christine. Link to film on Youtube in 6 parts with ads between each part unfortunately: Link to info on wikipedia:
There is something heartwarming about seeing John Carradine and Vincent Price dancing
Bluebeard (1944) - Full Length horror movie with John Carradine: via
Jack O (Special Edition) Deal 2013 CLICK HERE FOR OFFER from the dead by evil wizard Walter Machen (horror legend John Carradine), scythe-wielding Jack-O, a pumpkin-headed Halloween Demon, returns in modern times to haunt an average American family and their babysitter, Linnea Quigley (Return of the Liv
John Carradine has 340 actor credits on IMDB. Who has more?
presents Silent Night, Bloody Night (aka Death House; 1974). The residents of a small New England town have always been frightened by the stories of murder and mayhem associated with the spooky Butler house on the hill. Long empty and in disrepair, the house suddenly becomes the focal point of a new series of disappearances and murders when a mysterious man comes to town claiming to be sole heir to the Butler estate. Released in 1974 but shot two years prior, Silent Night, Bloody Night has the distinction of predating Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the other Christmas themed slasher Black Christmas. Much of what we think of as slasher movie tropes are at play in this film, which uses it's low budget and moody locale to it's advantage. The film has fallen into the public domain so viewing it can be a murky experience -- I watched the whole thing on YouTube in a crummy, overly dark print -- but that almost adds to it's grisly charm. Starring genre stalwart Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul, Hou ...
The Sentinel 1977 Directed by Michael Winner, starring, Burgess Meredith, Christina Raines, Ava Gardner, John Carradine, Jose Ferrer and Chris Sarandon. A young woman rents a apartment in New York, meets her odd neighbors and has flashbacks of herself as a troubled teen. along with hearing and seeing strange phenomena in the building.
Wow. That's weird. Just opened yesterday's mail (finally got around to it) - and found that my "Monster Club" Blu Ray came before the street date. Movie after the game. Yea! Gotta love John Carradine and Vincent Price hanging around a disco. LOL.
Now Playing: (2:00 PM ET) BLUEBEARD (1944) Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Starring John Carradine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther, Ludwig Stössel. Ultra-cheap but effective thriller with Long John as a mad artist/puppeteer/serial killer. Carradine said this was one of his favorite roles.
What do you get when you combine Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine and Tor Johnson in a single spookfest? Well, perhaps less than you might have hoped, but still not a bad little outing. The film really belongs to our Mr. Rathbone, who dominates the story with his suavely sinister singleminded dedication to his work. Poor Bela, who might have at one time played that role, is here as his mute servant in what, at age 74, would be his last film role. (Though Bela Lugosi would "appear" a few years after his death in Ed Wood Jr.'s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, that footage had been shot sometime prior to BLACK SLEEP.) Still, our dear Mr. Lugosi fares better than his old colleagues, all of whom are, alas! victims of Basil's experimentations. Brilliant surgeon Dr. Cadman has learned the secret of "The Black Sleep" and uses it in his brain research, all in a quest to restore his comatose bride--but his experiments have dire consequences...
The Old-School staple of horror movie character actors! I really miss these guys!!! Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Lon Chaney, Jr., and the bald man's name escapes me now.
OMG this cast. I just looked it up on IMDB. Jackie Coogan, Vampira, and John Carradine are also in it.
TCM PRIMETIME - WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: CREATURE FEATURES 8:00 PM 75 min TV-PG horror Bride of Frankenstein (1935) To save his wife, Baron Frankenstein must build a mate for his monster. Dir: James Whale Cast: Karloff , Colin Clive , Valerie Hobson . D: James Whale. Karloff (Boris Karloff), Colin Clive, Valerie Hobson, Ernest Thesiger, Elsa Lanchester, Una O'Connor, Clive, Gavin Gordon, Douglas Walton, Heggie, Dwight Frye, John Carradine. Eye-filling sequel to FRANKENSTEIN is even better, with rich vein of dry wit running through the chills. Inimitable Thesiger plays weird doctor who compels Frankenstein into helping him make a mate for the Monster; Lanchester plays both the "bride" and, in amusing prologue, Mary Shelley. Pastoral interlude with blind hermit and final, riotous creation scene are highlights of this truly classic movie. Scripted by John L. Balderston and William Hurlbut. Marvelous Franz Waxman score, reused for many subsequent films. Followed by SON OF FRANKENSTEIN; reworked in 1985 as THE ...
Says Terri, "Lucille Ball sits on Chester Morris' lap during a break from their melodrama Five Came Back (1939)." Adds Lorraine, "The behind-the-scenes of this film is very interesting. Lucy back then was still relatively unknown. As related by Turner Classic Movies, Lucy 'was still just a struggling contract player on the set of Five Came Back and the filming was more of an ordeal than pleasurable. For one thing, Farrow had a reputation for being a tyrannical and often verbally abusive director and, during the shoot, Ball and her director clashed numerous times. According to Charles Higham in Lucy: The Real Life of Lucille Ball, "Rain delayed the production for several days, the actor John Carradine fell ill, and Farrow's insistence on long rehearsals and lineups proved distracting to everyone. Despite the many irritations of the work - the problem of dealing with Farrow, fending off the crude advances of Chester Morris, and the physical work of the jungle locations - Lucy managed to cope. However, she w ...
Starred Vincent Price, Cushing, Lee & John Carradine (1983). Yes Mitch you have led a extremely sheltered life!!!
Udo Kier and John Carradine shockers coming to Blu-ray from -
Henry Fonda & John Carradine at their finest but the Book is even greater. It really grabs ya.John Steinbeck really got IT.
The House of Seven Corpses Movie Dvd The House of Seven Corpses movie download Actors: John Carradine Je
From ORCA (1977) to SLUMBER PARTY SLAUGHTER (2012), 59 year old Robert Carradine has delivered. The son of John...
met an old man at my grandmother's assisted living complex who looked and sounded a lot like John Carradine
Today Clint Eastwood OutLived John Carradine. They were in some of the top Westerns of all time, yet they never worked together.
Christopher Lee, John Carradine, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price in the House of the Long Shadows --->
Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine and Bela Lugosi take a bite out of Tor Johnson on the set of The Black Sleep (1956). -Dave-
"The difference? John Carradine elevates anything," I say. "Cameron Mitchell is just kinda there." You're long since asleep.
The Sentinel is a 1977 American horror film directed by Michael Winner and starring Cristina Raines, Chris Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, Sylvia Miles, and Eli Wallach. Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum, John Carradine, and Beverly D'Angelo also appear in the film. It is based on the 1974 novel of the same name by Jeffrey Konvitz who also co-wrote the screenplay with director Michael Winner. The plot focuses on a young model who moves into a historic Brooklyn brownstone that has been sectioned into apartments, only to find that its proprietors are excommunicated Catholic priests, and the building is a gateway to ***
Today is Weather Persons Day (hope it doesn't rain on their parade), Western Monarchs Day (not the kings, the butterflies), Safer Internet Day (practice safe surfing. A good day to check your privacy setting on social networks), IHOP National Pancake Day (looks like if you make a donation to a charity you get a free short stack of pancakes The food holiday is Chocolate Fondue and World Nutella Day. On this date in 1945 Douglas MacArthur returned to Manila, 1909 Bakelite was created (world's first synthetic plastic). Birthday wishes go to Jennifer Jason Leigh (51), Barbara Hershey (65), Darrell Waltrip (66), Roger Staubach (71), Hank Aaron (79), Red Buttons (1919-2006), John Carradine (1906-1988), Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965).
Frankenstein Island – why? What the *** What on earth? What is the point? What was the point? What is the point of anything really but what the *** was all this for? You watch this film and your mind becomes pudding. It’s a horrible awful slog through plot less gibberish, awful acting,  jungle girls, Zombies,  pointless sequences, with the disembodied head of John Carradine saying ‘ye shall have the power!”  hovering above it all like some sort of wizard of OZ of crappy films. It’s a god awful (did I say that already) utter and complete mess. I should explain . A guy named Jerry Warren back in the 50’s and early 60’s had made something of a name for himself as a producer/director of low budget schlock for drive ins and the like. Again the drive in audience wasn’t really interested in what was on the screed it was something that moved while folks made out in the cars. He made things with titles like Man-Beast, Teenage Zombies (played as required by folks who had not been teenagers for .. ...
Directed by John Ford. With John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Carradine. A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process.
In Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula (1966) John Carradine was back as the Count for this outing to the Weird West!
Watching "Captains Courageous" ... from 1937, very young Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy and John Carradine. WOW, had forgotten so much ... been years since I'd last seen it ... maybe 30 or so!
Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok and Will Sampson as Crazy Horse team up to hunt down and kill a mythological white buffalo that has plagued both their teams. Odd, existential, entertaining and episodic (yeah! alliteration!) western with some cool cameos that include Clint Walker, Kim Novak, Stuart Whitman, Slim Pickens, John Carradine and Ed Lauter. Cool ending in this quasi-Jaws ripoff.
Directed by Albert Lewin. With George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Ann Dvorak, John Carradine. Writer Georges Duroy (George Sanders) is one social-climbing S.O.B. who does most of his climbing over the warm (and cold) bodies of women...
... Robert Urich, Ron Perlman, Anjelica Huston, John Carradine, etc.-- it was a 80's "B" movie, but funny!
Two cast members of John Ford's 1939 Thomas Mitchell and John Carradine
Here is our Winter 2013 movie schedule: NC011i13 Monster (1980) A rural Colombian village is attacked by a horrible sea serpent, aroused by industrial pollution of a nearby lake. Based on a real event that took place in June of 1971. AKA “Monstroid,” “It Came From The Lake” Robert Michum, John Carradine. 98 min. Ch 15, “The Green Hornet Strikes Again: 'Smashing the Crime Ring” NC018513 “The Tell Tale Heart” (1960). When Edgar sees his girlfriend Betty getting up close and personal with his best friend Carl, he murders Carl in a jealous rage and hides the corpse under the floor of his piano room. Comes the night, and Edgar begins to hear strange sounds coming from under the floor. Laurence Payne, Adrienne Corri. 78 min. NC012513 Terror of Frankenstein (1977) A more faithful to the novel retelling of the Mary Shelly tale, aka “Victor Frankenstein.: Stars Leon Vitali as Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Per Oscarsson as his creature. 92 min. February NC020113 The Demon (1981) Random peop ...
Beatle Bob 's Must Reading List For The Month Of November Halloween may be over, but the scare-fare denziens of Famous Monsters Of Filmland know that we fans of horror and sci-fi need our fixture of creature-features year-round. Features in this issue include: a bio of John Carradine; a feature on Miami horror host John O. Burke; "Son of Kong" (a Forry-penned bio of Ray Harryhausen); and more. The cover painting by Basil Gogos is a truly frightening rendition of Lon Chaney Sr. in the lost film London After Midnight.
That does vaguely ring a bell. It wasn't John Carradine, was it?
yr. part in The Madwoman of [Marcellus Shale] is The Ragpicker, played by John Carradine in 1948 @ the Belasco.
George Zukor operates a gas station and finds attractive young women for the fiendish experiments of mad scientist Bela Lugosi. Bela is aided by John Carradi...
John Carradine before Astro Zombies. The days of when he read a script before accepting
The other thing about Korean guys is, their voices are so deep...some of my students, no more than five feet tall, open their mouths and suddenly they're James Earl Jones, or John Carradine. These kids' voices don't just change, they go through embryonic, larval, pupal, and imaginal stages.
Blood of Ghastly Horror [VHS]: Director Al Adamson and producer Sam Sherman picked a suitably vague title for th...
The eponymous howling man is a prisoner in a remote monastery, who the priests claim is the Devil. John Carradine stars.
Vampire Hookers one is the better film of the double feature. Its got John Carradine and great Filipino bad guy Vic Diaz!
Only one movie to watch tonight - The Monster Club. Vincent Price, John Carradine, Barbara Kellerman, and the simply awesome voice of Stevie Van Lange.
I love John Carradine's hair in this movie...
Count Dracula and the Wolf Man seek a cure for their afflictions; a hunchbacked woman, a mad scientist and the Frankenstein monster have their own troubles. ...
John Carradine would be forced to form a singing duo with Dirk Bogarde.
ady Effigie Munster, Robert Pine as Roger Moresby, John Carradine as Cruikshank, and Bernard Fox as Squire Lester Moresby.
I'm so tired today and have no real excuse. I look like John Carradine on a bad day with these bags under my eyes. A nap under my desk Costanza-style may be in order.
I thought John Carradine might have stayed for an expresso
Good Halloween episodes of Boris Karloff's Thriller-/METV. Right now, the camp classic, " Masquerade", with Tom Poston, Elizabeth Montgomery, and John Carradine shot on location at the same hotel set as Hitchcock's Psycho!!!.
Vampire movie w john carradine, Elizabeth Montgomery and Tom Poston. Anybody know the name?
The only actor pictured to play more than once was John Carradine ~ also in House of Frankenstein, House of Dracula & Nocturna.
No. 3 Gary Oldman in 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' No. 4 John Carradine in 'Billy the Kid vs Dracula'
John Carradine in house of Dracula and Frankenstein
John Carradine - Nocturna & House of Frankenstein among others..
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Of the ones pictured the actor to play the Count more than once is John Carradine.
Get in the spirit of Halloween this Sunday, Oct. 28, by attending the 2 p.m. screening of "The House of Dracula" (1945) at the Martha O'Driscoll-Appleton Film Series presented in the Auditorium. This was one of Martha O'Driscoll's last films and stars John Carradine as Dracula and Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman.
Started watching some classic horror movies tonight. I just watched 'The Black Sleep' (1956). It was Bela Lugosi's last movie (that he knew he was making, not just the footage shot of him that ended up in Plan 9.) It also starred Basil Rathbone, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, and Tor Johnson. Not bad for a bunch of actors past their prime doing a mad scientist movie.
Oct 24- House of Dracula (1945) Today, we have House of Dracula, the last "serious" of the Monster Mash films, with the rest featuring comedians Budd Abbott and Lou Costello (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein will be tomorrow, by the way). Lon Chaney Jr. returns as Larry Talbot/ The Wolf Man, John Carradine is back as Count Dracula, and Glenn Strange is back as the Monster. This time, however, the mad scientist is Dr. Franz Edelmann (played by Onslow Stevens). The movie begins with the arrival of Count Dracula, who starts off under the alias Baron Latos, to a castle in Visaria to greet the owner, Dr. Edelmann. The Count seeks a cure for his vampirism, and Edelmann hypothesizes a solution using a series of blood transfusions. Meanwhile, Larry Talbot arrives at the castle, also looking for a cure from Edelmann. Edelmann and one of his assistants Milizia (Martha O'Driscoll) see him transform into the Wolf Man. Edelmann than surmises that the transformations aren't due to the moonlight, but due to pressu ...
Oct 23- House of Frankenstein (1944) Here we have The House of Frankenstein, a 1944 film near the end of the Universal monster movie cycle. Trying to squeeze every last bit of juice out of the various franchises, Universal put the most famous monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Wolf Man) in a single film together. Lon Chaney Jr. plays Larry Talbot/ the Wolf Man for the 3rd of 5 times here. This time, John Carradine plays Count Dracula, with Glenn Strange as the Monster. Boris Karloff is even in this film, but instead of the Monster, Karloff plays the evil scientist Dr. Gustav Niemann, who is the central figure in that ties everything together. It's ironic that Karloff once played the Monster, and now he is playing the man who attempts to bring the Monster back to life. The movie begins with Dr. Niemann and his hunchback assistant, Daniel (played by J. Carrol Naish) escape from prison and are on the run. They run into Professor Lampini (George Zucco), who runs the "Chamber of Horrors" travel ...
Clem and Freddie, Vincent Price, Ed Sullivan, John Carradine and Carol Channing are among the stars making guest appearances they were all so great 8-) Still puts a smile on my face
Whoa Jeff Goldblum, Ava Gardner and John Carradine are in this! And Burgess Meredith. It's like a real movie!
I should go to bed, but House of Dracula is on! Dracula (John Carradine) and the Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr.) 1945
Join Vincent Price, John Carradine, Donald Pleasance and Britt Ekland at The Monster Club today @ 4pm on Horror Channel
Emmys, anyone? Martha Plimpton, sooo funny on Raising Hope, got one for guesting another show. 3rd gen of GREAT Stars, starting w/grand-dad, John Carradine. (Drew Barrymore and Brigit Fonda, also 3rd gen offspring of family dynasty). One of my all-time fave character actors. Who can EVER forget him in Grapes of Wrath, w/fellow 20th Century Fox star, Henry Fonda? John, w/his deep, deep voice and tall, tall, skinny body. Whatta character!!!
Directed by Woody Allen. With Woody Allen, Gene Wilder, Louise Lasser, John Carradine. Seven segments related to one another only in that they all purport to be based on sections of the book by David Reuben...
John Carradine looking the same as he did in both BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA and the so-so T&A stewardess sex comedy SUPERCHICK(as a rich B movie star with an S&M dungeon who gets karate kicked by [future astrologer-to-the-stars] Joyce Jillson[with her skintight leather suits,her frequently nude body,and her annoying squeaky voice])
The Ten Commandments is a 1956 epic film that dramatized the biblical story of the Exodus, in which the Hebrew-born Moses, an adopted Egyptian prince, becomes the deliverer of the Hebrew slaves. The film, released by Paramount Pictures in VistaVision on October 5, 1956, was directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starred Charlton Heston in the lead role, Yul Brynner as his adoptive brother, Pharaoh Rameses II, Anne Baxter as Nefretiri, Edward G. Robinson as Dathan, Yvonne De Carlo as Sephora, Debra Paget as Lilia, and John Derek as Joshua. The supporting cast includes Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Pharaoh Seti I, Nina Foch as Bithiah, Martha Scott as Yoshebel, Judith Anderson as Memnet, Vincent Price as Baka, and John Carradine as Aaron. The Ten Commandments, which DeMille narrated, was the last film that he directed. He was set to direct the 1958 remake of his 1938 film The Buccaneer, but his final illness forced him to relinquish the directing chores to his son-in-law, actor Anthony Quinn. DeMille had also planned t ...
Oh. My. Gosh. John Carradine plays Robert Ford in Jesse James? This is just so great.
Directed by Armand Weston. With Robin Groves, Christopher Loomis, Michael David Lally, John Carradine. A writer suffering from agoraphobia rents an isolated house so she can concentrate on her writing. She doesn't know that the house is a former brothel, and is inhabited by the ghosts of dead prosti...
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Captains Courageous is on TCM. Impressive cast includes Lionel Barrymore & John Carradine
The cadaverous & unnerving John Carradine returns as as do Glenn Strange as Frankenstein's monster & Lon Chaney, Jr as the Wolf Man
The Papayas of Wrath, remake with virtuals of Henry Fonda & John Carradine.
Keith Carradine, Actor: The Duellists. It seems the second generation of acting Carradines -- David, Keith and Robert -- are proudly continuing the family tradition and begetting a third generation of talent. The dynasty began with veteran Hollywood patriarch John Carradine, the son of a surgeon and...
David Carradine was the eldest son of legendary character actor John Carradine. He was best known for his roles as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s television series Kung Fu and as Bill in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. He was born in Hollywood and educated at San Francisco State College, where he s...
Calista Carradine, daughter of David Carradine, grand daughter of John Carradine, stars in Mansion of Blood.
John Carradine turned down a part in this film because he felt it was beneath him -
Why don't we get actors with great voices anymore? I just watched SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939) and it had Basil Rathbone, Lionel Atwill and Bela Lugosi. Then a great British flick from 1935, CLAIRVOYANT, starring the fine actor Claude Rains. Then I enjoyed one of the Universal MUMMY B-grade horror movies from 1942 - John Carradine and George Zucco. In each case it struck me how we never hear such marvelously distinctive and mellifluous voices anymore, making the English language sound mysterious and dreamlike. Except for maybe Ian McKellen and, locally, Geoffrey Rush, it seems a lost art.
that movie where we are teased with and denied the glorious presence of John Carradine until a single, lame instance at the end.
David Carradine sang Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" in Italian, wearing purple John Lennon glasses. Serj Tankian backed him up on vocals.
The Howling (1981) - Outtakes From the Region 2 Momentum Special Edition DVD Directed by Joe Dante If you enjoyed this Video Please COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRI...
John Carradine's voice was overdubbed in every film -- by Melissa Martinez, a very deep-voiced woman.
Yeah, John Carradine isn't creepy at all! Whatever this "Big Surprise" is? I could do without it!
These old westerns from the 50's and 60's were like the Who's Who of casts. I just watched Cheyenne Autumn. Richard Widmark and Carol Baker, Ricardo Montalban, Karl Mauldin, Sal Mineo, Edward G Robinson, James Stewart, John just goes on.
"In the beginning there was Alla. Then came Rudy and Pola. Gloria and Bart. Pavlova. W. C. Fields. The Barrymores. Dempsey and Dietrich. The Marx Brothers. Maugham. Wilder and Bromfield. Scott Fitzgerald. Donald Ogden Stewart. John O' Hara. Dashiell and Lillian. Marc Connelly. The Laughtons. Errol Flynn. Dorothy Gish and Louis Calhern. George Kaufman. Woollcott. John Carradine. S. J. Perelman. Bogie and Baby. A whole platoon of the British. The French. The Germans. The Musicians. The Pimps and the Prostitutes. And, finally, the big bulldozers that razed it into the ground. Now there is black hardtop and a savings-and-loan company where the playground and the prison known as The Garden of Allah housed the famous and infamous for thirty-two years." Sheilah Graham, The Garden of Allah, 1970, Crown Publishers.
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A hot air balloon crew and a dog find themselves on an island with scantily-clad part-alien women, zombies, and other monsters.
The opening theme of Red Zone Cuba, written by Ray Gregory and performed by John Carradine. "Night Train to Mundo Fine" written by: Ray Gregory Played by Ray...
Red opens with a hilarious monologue, including one of his famous pantomimes. This episode features a Clem Kadiddlehopper skit featuring Franklin Pangborn an...
More from said blog: Anyway, the whole point of his post is to tell you what she told me during our visit. Most of why I thought it post-worthy will only make sense to other monster movie fans. So, sorry, everybody I should’ve warned earlier in the article. Also, I’ve somewhat transliterated her comments since she still talks in her own language: She liked John Carradine because he looked like a nice vampire. Hannibal Lector should be “twirling Elvira around” like princesses in the ballroom scenes of Disney movies. Everything was just like Scooby Doo. Carrie needed a Band-Aid. She asked the Unnamable’s name. She wanted to know why Jack Nicholson wasn’t using the doorknob. Dr. Phibes looked like “a good guy.” Obviously, he wasn’t drinking through his neck at the time, nor did I introduce him to her by his first name, Abominable. She asked what the alien from They Live wanted. I told her to obey and consume, which I realized somewhat damningly is what I want from her, as well (do what I sa ...
- and the rabbit morphs into John Carradine singing Night Train to Hava Nagila
Not unlike a beauty contest! Any judge would be perplexed as to the winner! Handsome Mr. Power and exotic Ms. Tierney are amazing. John Carradine is always a...
Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and John Carradine does Elsa Lanchester count too ( I think she was in it too)..
Favourite Dracula folks? My top 3 are: Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella (I love John Carradine too though)
Activate "Frankenstein Island"! Wish us luck, John Carradine and Cameron Mitchell. Yes, that Cameron Mitchell, Santa Adama from Space Mutiny and the crazy buddy on SWAT! We!
Must be Vincent Price day on this columbus. Finished a Dr. Death movie. Now is another. HOUSE OF THE Long Shadows. With Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Desi Arnaz Jr., and John Carradine. Good cast, ought to be a good movie!
Watching one of the best Westerns ever made. "The Man who shot Liberty Valence" Directed by John Ford, Starring James Stewart, John Wayne, Vera Miles and Lee Marvin...John Carradine.
Watchinig Munster, Go Home! on DVD. Haven't seen this in years. Forgot that the late Richard Dawson and Robert Pine (Sgt. Joseph Getraer on CHiPs or for you young people the father of Chris Pine, the new Capt. Kirk) are in this. John Carradine is in it too (I remembered that). They replaced Pat Priest's Marylin with Debbie Watson, which from what I heard hurt Priest's feelings.
Great old movie on TCM-Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) with Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, John Carradine & Ward Bond.
David Carradine DOB: December 8, 1936 Passed Away: June 3, 2009 Part of the Carradine Acting Legacy - including father John Carradine, brothers Keith and Robert, daughters Calista and Kansas and niece Martha Plimpton. He’s best known for the role that made him a star, Caine in cult TV hit K...
Just finished up watching John Ford's Stagecoach. Wow what can I say fantastic film. John Carradine role is outstanding and full of nuance I thought he was far better than Thomas Mitchell who one an Oscar for his performance as a drunk doctor. Wayne also was surperb and its easy to see why he went on to greatness
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British Rock group The Viewers perform Sucker for your Love in the movie "The Monster Club" which starred Vincent Price and John Carradine
Saturday Night is Dr. Lady night in The Vortexx! Join us at 10 (ET) when THE LATE DR LADY SHOW presents Michael Winner's THE SENTINEL (1977). John Carradine is a mute priest who guards the gates of *** in this supernatural thriller, which also stars Chris (Fright Night) Sarandon, Martin (Psycho) Balsam, and Burgess Meredith.
You have your Rat Pack, we have ours. Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, John Carradine, Peter Cushing.
Welcome to The Vortexx, your home away from home for horror hosts, B-movies, cult flicks, and pizza rolls! We have a great line-up this week, folks! We've got Bela Lugosi, Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan), Ro-Man (George Barrows) without his gorilla suit, John Carradine, and George Zucco...
If zombies are so *** cool then why were they in 50's B-rated science fiction movies and if they spoke (at all) why do they sound like John Carradine?... Enquiring minds want to know or don't really care. Good night everyone
And at 2.00 they have dumb but endearing horror comedy The Monster Club with Vincent Price & John Carradine
Why zombies and Nazis continue to be mixed is beyond me. Here's Shock Waves with John Carradine and Peter Cushing!
People might talk about Hepburn & March, but for me it's a betighted John Carradine as David Rizzio that steals the show.
John Wayne wrote: " I know those law books mean alot to you, but not out here. Out here a man settles his own problems." ~ Tom Doniphon/John Wayne April 11, 1962 ~ The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was released to movie theaters across the country 50 years ago today. This John Ford film with an all-star cast, starring John Wayne, James Stewart, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, and John Carradine is a story about a senat...
Vincent Price and John Carradine were both in the 1980 horror film -"Monster Club."
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