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John Carlos

John Wesley Carlos (born June 5, 1945 in Harlem, New York) is a Cuban American former track and field athlete and professional football player.

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Ray Lewis rocking that Carlos Boozer fake hair
If this was to make a statement I wouldn't be surprised. San Jose is speed city. That's Tommie Smith and John Carlo…
John Wayne performance with fireworks at Wrigley Field! 💥
Should John Carlos and Tommy Smith have been thrown in jail then?
So John Carlos and Tommie Smith desecrated the flag? Can't think of better way to honor the flag than by exercising…
they need John Elliott or Ronnie to take over
Another woman beater giving advise to Kap. Good Folks got you Kap! . You are on that pedest…
..He is not the first to be sanctioned for expressing his beliefs..John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf,..…
Mendy is better than John Terry, Ferdinand and Roberto Carlos put together
the former immigration adviser to House Speaker John Boehner —>
You can't call yourself a "teacher" if those under your supervision don't learn. - Coach John Wooden
The scene in front of Thomas Cooper Library after the reach the (via John Carlos)
London 2012 Olympics: Tommie Smith and John Carlos' famous Black Power salute still resonates 44 years on - Tele...
Quote of the Day: "Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem." - John Galsworthy
Sen. John McCain slams Trump's pardon of Sheriff Arpaio, says it undermines the president's "claim" for "the respect of…
George Foreman the man who went around the ring waving the flag during the same Olympics w…
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It was around the 68 Olympics. There was him, Ali, Kareem etc. Tommie Smith and John Carlos…
¡COLORES! on Saturday, August 26th at 4p - Beautiful low rider cars on parade, poetry, and family…
¡COLORES! Sat, Aug 26th at 4p - Author John Nichols captured hearts around the world with The Milagro Beanfield War…
LLS I originally typed out john carlos but then I saw carloads and liked it better
Carlos Santana and John Lennon both have a beautiful plan!❤💜
Whoops, wrong link on this statue of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Here's the right one:
Here's Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the campus of my alma mater (and Carlos'), San José State University.…
.John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Muhammad Ali, Kaepernick -- history will decide they were on the right side
I guess you made a mistake with John Carlos with his protest and supporting him financially?
Still holding out for a bronze of John Carlos & Tommie Smith on the podium. In the rotunda is good…
Kaepernick is our generations Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Muhammad Ali. His message is important.
Tommie Smith and John Carlos were criticized for their Black Power salute during the 1968 Olympics...1/3
There is no partial commitment to justice. You are either in or you’re out. John Carlos.
Kaepernick will join John Carlos and Tommie Smith on the school curriculum while Tomi crows about CNN in a retireme…
The generation coming up now won't know much about Ali, Tommie Smith or John Carlos, but they will know
A source close to WH says "Don Jr. is a huge problem," because he passes questionable articles to the president.
This is sadly reminiscent of the reaction to Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Summer Olympics. So…
Australian, Peter Norman. He suffered terribly in his own country afterward. Tommie Smith and John…
I just said John cwarlos instead of juan carlos out... — but if you're really insane? dont blame juan carlos
As Dr. John Carlos said on your show..." How many millions does it take to be a man" !!
Colin Kaepernick is a modern version of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.
Remember Tommie Smith & John Carlos. I thot as a 10 y/o they did it right with Black Power salute. It's still right with Kaep.
Tommy Smith and John Carlos lost their careers so people like you would be respected.
1968 olympic 200m Tommie Smith, John Carlos & Peter Norman. History in colour project. Colour & info by me.
But it was unclear whether he was Tommie Smith or John Carlos.
John Carlos: raising my fist at the Olympics cost me friends and my marriage – but I’d do it again
of Solar Core Productions got his degree in the spirit of the Tommie Smith and John Carlos.…
Carlos Cardus on Repsol Honda NSR250 won the 250cc race at Rijeka '90, after a close fight with John Kocinski.
Same league that is "blackballing" Colin Kaepernick actually saw teams sign Tommie Smith and John Carlos after Mexico City Olympics.
Ps1. Adriano Ronaldo Carlos. Front line of 4-3-3. If you know you know.
New Trump lawyer John Dowd represented insider trading defendant Raj Rajaratnam, who was convicted on all counts. Here's…
When I think of Tommie Smith and John Carlos and then see this utter *, it makes me physically sick. Shameful.
Isabel II? We called 'Juan Carlos' Juan Carlos not John Charles. Elizabeth II to you 'El Mundo' or should I call yo…
Hey John, I think that's Carlos NGah just above Joe's head!
A sweet 3D water game. in by Carlos Alberto
"I want to be the starter." RB on the strength of competition in the running backs room.
“Lovers are just like buses.  You just have to wait a little while until another one comes along.”. A Single Man (2009). Carlos(John Kortaja…
Serial killer John Wayne Gacy demonstrates his "rope trick" method of strangling his victims.
Is that what Tommie Smith and John Carlos got blacklisted?? Awesome.
40 Years of Thrill-power: John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra chat about four decades of unforgettable comics for 2000 AD
Carlos Gomez is back. How long until John picks him up?
Carlos and John A getting it done with entertainment in Paterson!
So much creativity!! Alex and Carlos came in today with an idea for their movie prop and John helped them execute...
Sounded like a bop till I realized it was the "Maria Maria" Carlos Santana beat AND th…
Eating and drilling John's big bubble ***
Update your maps at Navteq
ICYMI: tells Carlos Henderson may be the play-making piece were missing
Jay Z named all these rappers but didn't mention the legend John Cena. wow
John Carlos talks protest in sports, and his iconic rebellion at the 1968 Olympics.
Hey guis! JAPXN back at it again with their third podcast!!! Hope you guys enjoy!! ;)
This Lukaku thing has 'John Stones saga' written all over it. We're gonna buy Carlos Bacca on the 30…
John Petrucci making the most beautiful melody via
Kanye: he's like Bob Marley. Elton: he's like John Lennon . Wyclef: he's like Tupac. ur *** friend: I CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND HIM…
A Hero like Tommie Smith & John Carlos... A Star without NFL too...
I liked a video Carlos Santana with John McLaughlin - Live in Switzerland 2016 [HD, Full Concert]
rastaman vibration _reggae. don carlos-gwaan. john holt- helicopter as ringtone. collie budz-blind to you. G.I-the border. duane-the border. cu...
Congrats Chemical Pedalers in the Our own Carlos Hevia and John Stuart pitched in with a…
We’ve seen this before. Muhammad Ali, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Craig Hodges, Tommie Smith and John Carlos all faced...
Not everybody is going to be Tommie Smith or John Carlos or Kaep for that matter.
Forty-five years after John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics. (Photo: John Dominis—…
Have Brent Musberger ever apologize to Tommie Smith and John Carlos for calling them Black Gestapo Storm Troopers in 1968?
.hit all the racist talking points in this 1968 attack-piece on John Carlos & Tommie Smith
On this day 72 years ago, a black icon was born. Happy birthday, John Carlos.
My views were shaped heroes I had as a kid like Bob Gibson, Joe Joe White, Curt Flood, and John Carlos! They fought like *** for equality!
Life size silver statue of Tommie Smith and John Carlos from the 1968 Olympics at the
Unfortunately this is standard for sports. See: John Carlos, Tommy Smith, Muhammad Ali, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf...
Tell that to Jackie Owens, John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Dissent is an act of social bravery.
BHM: Sports!The Brown Bomber, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Simone Biles, Althea Gibson, Alice Coachman, the prettiest man of the sweet science
Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 200m. Won gold and bronze medals at 1968 Mexico City Olympics.
Brent Musburger is going to retire without ever apologizing to John Carlos and Tommie Smith. *** shame.
Not shocked by Brent Musburger. Same guy who called John Carlos and Tommie Smith "black-skinned stormtroopers."
That was a big deal for a while. Within 20 years from now, Kap's statements will be recognized like Tommie Smith & John Carlos.
Great opportunity for a Tommie Smith/John Carlos moment here for a Rockette able to make that kind of sacrifice and…
Maybe the Rockettes could show up but pull the ol' Tommie Smith and John Carlos when the music starts.
Using the 1968 Olympics pic of Tommie Smith and John Carlos in AmH today to spark conversation.
If you don't know anything about Tommie Smith, Peter Norman and John Carlos, watch this. It is sport in excelsis. https…
Use Google you clearly need to educate yourself about John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Peter Norman. Good day✌🏿️
1968: Why Tommie Smith and John Carlos will be the last black athletes to take a stand during the National Anthem
Merry Christmas and a happy new year Tim McCarver. Love your show. I will never forget John Carlos and Tommie Smith show.
Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in a Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics. (Image, AP)
"Silent Gesture" ✊🏾 Statue depicting Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman at the 196…
Oct 16 1968 – Tommie Smith & John Carlos raise black-gloved fists in Black Power salute on medal podium at Mexico Olympic…
and Jim Brown and Tommie Smith and John Carlos and Peter Norman
John Carlos and Tommie Smith (1968) X Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid (2016) . Publicly Protesting for their rights.
📸's from John Carlos at this year's South Carolina State Fair
You have Issues, it's not done when the National Anthem is Played. Tommy Smith / John Carlos are still ***
TIL John Carlos & Shirley Chisholm are of Caribbean descent. Wish we talked more abt contributions by Black immigrants in the US
in 1968, Tommie Smith & John Carlos were suspended from the Summer Olympics in Mexico City for using a "Black Power" salut…
in 1968, the USOC suspended Tommie Smith & John Carlos, for giving a Black Power salute during Mexico City's Olymp…
Terrific Undefeated piece on John Carlos and how athlete activism can effect change:
On October 16, 1968, Tommie Smith & John Carlos raised their fists in silent protest during the medal ceremony at the Mex…
All purpose parts banner
On this day, in 1968. Tommie Smith and John Carlos performed the Black Power salute at the Olympics.
All of this is to say: thank you Tommie Smith, Peter Norman & my pal John Carlos for giving us a resistance moment that c…
On this day in history: John Carlos, Tommie Smith, and Peter Norman shocked the world. Anthem played, fists up.
At an interesting panel on Sports and activism, featuring John Carlos, Harry Edwards and others.
Wow congrats John Carlos for winning BTC despite the faulty mic!.
BFN, NY :( Thank you Popie Patrick Jay Richard Carter Carlos Mon Johnny Emily John for an unforgettable weekend!...
yeah but he's Tommie Smith, John Carlos AND the Australian dude on the medal stand
.defends world championship at No Mercy . Recap from:
Watch this deleted scene & see how Nikki Bella convinced John Cena to have the family at their house: https:…
I want John cena to win for me from Carlos figueroa at and I am is fans to
We thank Tommie Smith and John Carlos for taking a stand and representing Black Power back in 68. . God bless them.
✨✔Come on,nothing but good vibes in Carlos John Mhina:
John Carlos. Born June 5, 1945. "The 1st thing I thought was the shackles have been broken" h…
I think $500 is a good bet. Make it happen, only because I want to see if John really has an IQ over 100.
Miami-Dade Republican Mayor Carlos Gimenez says he will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
should we expect Stuttering John vs Scott DePace in the IQ showdown
“The more I see the less I know for sure.” Happy birthday to John Lennon (1940-80).
From earlier: apologies to Carlos, John, and of course Joe. ♯drokkweaver
Kicked off the team in Mexico 68, now received by Obama in the White House. Tommie Smith and John Carlos:
Prof. Hartmann adds perspective to Tommie Smith & John Carlos' visit to the White House w/
Tommie Smith and John Carlos will join the U.S. Olympic team for a visit to the White House:.
.praised former U.S. Olympians Tommie Smith & John Carlos for their powerful silent protest at ‘68 games
I wonder if you know the story about the white Australian man in the John Carlos and Tommie Smith photo?
TFW a student only reads part of what Harry Edwards wrote, and thinks that John Carlos and Tommie Smith did not att…
Tommie Smith, John Carlos join 2016 US Olympic team at the White House - CNN
Who could forget when Tommie Smith and John Carlos cost America the Vietnam War when they raised their fists at the…
Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists during National Anthem at the 1968 Olympics to draw attention to racism. The…
Tommie Smith & John Carlos were punished back in tge US for raising their fists on the podium, but I want to thank them.
The Obamas hosted Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who raised fists in “a human rights salute” at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968…
Melo talks to on whether he will follow Tommie Smith & John Carlos w/ Black Power salute in h…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Smith and John Carlos on the medal podium at the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico City rocking the Black Power salute ht…
From the DB-in-Chief praises ex-Olympians Tommie Smith, John Carlos for ‘68 ‘Black Power’ salute -
Obama praises ex-Olympians Tommie Smith, John Carlos for '68 'Black Power' salute
Tommy Smith and John Carlos taking their rightful place in GLOBAL history!
Hi Sam. I am a mexican journalist. Do you have a John Carlos phone?
Olympic icon John Carlos admires courage to stand up by sitting down
Muhammad Ali? Tommie Smith and John Carlos? Jackie Robinson? & dozens more silent athlete protests: there's no one way.
Colin does not stand alone. Think: Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Curt Flood.
Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Jim Brown are heroes. Jackie Robinson had the same position on the National Anthem. Thank God.
Oh man, John Carlos laid it down. Much respect, sir.
Just like Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos, is using his platform to take a stand for Black live…
Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 1968. They now have a statue. Controversy has always been a conversation starter.
fugit-Can recall not only John Carlos's clenched fist in '68, but his time as a receiver for the Montreal Alouettes
The most famous Olympic political protest was Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968. Three weeks later Richard Nixon won the presidency.
A cool look at John Carlos' life after 1968, which includes his friendship with and .
How Timothy Bradley's life intersected with 1968 Olympians George Foreman and John Carlos
1968 Mexico City - Black athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith gave the Black Power salute
I don't care what anyone says I think John Carlos was, is, and will always be an American hero and icon. Great interview!
it's a safer performance in 2016 to refence Black Panthers because Tommie Smith &John Carlos at the 1968 olympics
today is the day nicky winmar lifted his shirt & lid on aus Tommie Smith & John Carlos we stand with u
I fell in love with san jose the moment I saw the statues of Tommie Smith & John Carlos on campus
Tommie Smith & John Carlos stood for Justice, Dignity, Equality & Peace. Let us not forget the…
I added a video to a playlist FMA: Feb. 26, 2016 (John Carlos and Tommie Smith Edition)
Little known fact Bernie Sanders was actually the one who told John Carlos and Tommie Smith to put up Black Power fist in 68
you´re missing the opportunity to read about someone as Peter Norman supporting John Carlos & Tommy Smith.
you don´t want to read about Peter Norman supporting John Carlos & Tommy Smith but speak of study?
An inspiring Act of bravery. Willing to sacrifice ALL for justice. Tommie Smith, Dr. John Carlos & Peter Norman.
If one more non-Black person says Peter Norman was more important than Dr. John Carlos & Tommie Smith at that protest...*breaks everything*
5. Bernie was there when Tommie Smith & John Carlos saluted during the 1968 Summer Olympics.
John Carlos, Peter Norman, and Tommie Smith, during their famous protest at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.
Learning something new everyday …. Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman
Tommie Smith (center) & John Carlos (right) 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.
History meets history! John Carlos & Wyomia Tyus at famed pictorial history of Jack Johnson & Jeffries in Emeryville
John Carlos (right; Afro-Cuban descent), raises Black Power fist w Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics. htt…
Fists of Freedom at the '68 Summer Games. Tommie Smith and John Carlos examplified standing up.✊
Peter Norman was a big part and paid the price for helping. John Carlos stated this fact.
idk how I feel about this WtNV fancast with John Boyega as Cecil & Oscar Isaac as Carlos. Too many streams crossing
Wow. Never knew the story of the silver medalist from the '68 Olympics of John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Hearing John Smoltz and Carlos Pena rip Votto is pretty funny.
Imagine if this was another Carlos Gomez situation and turned out to not be a done deal? Id probably have a mental breakdo…
I was debating this myself since I didn't wanna leave the crib Papa John's may just win lol
They'll lead us out for Sunday's coin toss
John Hart getting Sandy Alomar and Carlos Baerga from the Padres was a very good front office move
In us all they c is , Im Tommy Smith & John Carlos wit my fist raised of 68'
Carlos invited John to play his bodhran Irishdrum & Wickham Festival & recently Barcelona!
Hopefully as Tommie Smith and John Carlos like as the US hiring them to run for them at the 1968 Olympics
Bernie Sanders's campaign is primarily about trying to expand what is politically possible, writes:
oooh, that reminds me of John Oliver's Carlos Danger sketch!
I think I learned more about John Smoltz and Carlos Pena from Ray Montgomery's chat on MLB Now than I did about the Brewers.
Juan Carlos shares his Story: “Every John Hardy piece I own is a part of my story and personality.”
please tell jurgen kloop to play Joao carlos texeira . this is my humble request .. please ... please...please...please.
I wish the morphine would kick in I've got things to do . But I'm listening to something beautiful 🎸. 💕
Tommie Smith and John Carlos Black Power fist
Joke: Naming your kid John Elton just so when they take tests they feel like a legend.
over Kyrie, yes lol.. John Wall would be debatable tho
Falling asleep to John Mayer is the best
SACNISTA John Carlos Garza is on the front page of the Sunday New York Times! He's called in to save the day
Kareem, J. Robinson, Ali, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Ashe, Billie JK, Serena, Wyoming many do you need?
Oh... the one about John Carlos, Tommie Smith, and Peter Norman - 1968 Olympics - their lasting friendship.
About Peter Norman, the white man next to John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the Olympics of 1968..
Sunday Question : John Carlos and Tommie Smith American Athletes, famous for their raised fist gesture at the...
Such a great story about Peter Norman from Australia who went through even more than Tommie Smith & John Carlos...
Amazing article on the 3rd guy on the podium with John Carlos & Tommie Smith at '68 Olympics
John Carlos, Tommie Smith & Peter Norman. "Norman died from a heart attack in 2006. His country never apologized".
p Sometimes photographs deceive. Take this one, for example. It represents John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s...
John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s spirit filled gesture at 1968 Olympics. But who remembers Australian 200m record...
hope that pic reps raised fists in protest of Cassel continuing to start a la Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 68 Olympics
Sometimes photos deceive: John Carlos, Tommie Smith and and a third hero at the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Wow an entire country turned on 1 of its greatest athletes bc he refused to denounce John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Tommie Smith talked a lot about Peter Norman in “Silent Gesture.” He and John Carlos went to Australia to be his pallbearers.
Also, this bill is similar to the stance taken by Avery Brundage when he punished John Carlos and Tommie Smith for political message.
This touched me If I see the photo of John Carlos & Tommie Smith raised fist. I now know the other hero Peter Norman.
pretty great and sad story about Australian who stood on the podium with Tommie Smith and John Carlos -
Tommie Smith & John Carlos made a statement @ '68 Olympics. Now I know about the "3rd white guy" on the medal stand:
icon: students and medal winners, Tommie Smith & John Carlos, who raised their fists.
At his funeral Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Norman’s friends, were his pallbearers, sending him off as a hero.
have you seen this story about guy on podium with John Carlos and Tommie Smith in 68?
Great story about other man on podium w/ John Carlos and Tommie Smith in 1968. He was activist also and paid price.
That track runner that stood with Tommie Smith and John Carlos was from Australia. He became a pariah for standing with their cause...
I watched a documentary on Tommie Smith and John was really good.
Speaking of Brent Musberger never apologized for calling Tommie Smith & John Carlos "black-skinned stormtroopers” in 1968, did he?
Today in 1968, 200m gold & bronze medalists Tommie Smith & John Carlos were suspended by USOC for this statement
Added context that contributed to John Carlos, Tommie Smith's silent gesture of Black Power @ 1968 Olympics
At the 1968 Summer Olympics. Black Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos did the iconic BLACK…
The story of Peter Norman, the Australian who stood with Tommie Smith and John Carlos at Mexico City in 1968.
this moment in time. Summer Olympics 1968. courageous Black Power salute. by. Tommie Smith & John Carlos http…
That photo of Mizzou athletes = the Harvard crew team backing Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the ’68 Olympics. https:/…
McIntyre would have had the hottest posts blasting Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968 if he and the internet e…
This is reminiscent of John Carlos and Tommie Smith during the 1968 Olympics.
you all are this generation's version of John Carlos and Tommie Smith in the 1968 Olympics.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Similar to support Coach Bud Winter -SJ State gave Tommie Smith, Lee Evans, and John Carlos for 1968 Olympics.
The stand by the players at Missouri has to be on par with John Carlos and Tommie Smith did at the 1968 Olympics. Respect ✊🏾
I must say , raising my arm closed fist { the human rights protest } from Black Brothers Tommie Smith and John Carlos 196…
Just finished attending a fun class on the 1968 Olympics . Lots of people have send Tommie Smith and John Carlos ma…
On campus for conference. Fun fact:1968 Olympians/ activists Tommie Smith and John Carlos were students at
Athletes have often exercised that kind of power. Ali re Vietnam. John Carlos, Tommie Smith & Peter Norman in '68, Stl Rams…
Tommie Smith & John Carlos didn't go to HBCUs. I think I'll be alright.
Mizzou FB players stand on the shoulders of Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Mohammad Ali, Kareem, John Carlos, Tommie Smith...
John Carlos, 1968 Olympic athlete, will share his unique story with Purdue tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the Stewart Center
Brent Musberger called Tommie Smith and John Carlos "black-skinned stormtroopers". He has never apologized. I hate that SOB.
Tommie Smith, John Carlos & Peter Norman. A powerful and emotional photo. Peace & equality. Respect and treat all as u want to be. HappyW/E
Today in sports history...1968 - Tommie Smith and John Carlos are suspended for "Black Power" salute during ceremony h…
47 years ago, October 16, 1968, at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Tommie Smith and John Carlos made history.
Australian sprinter Peter Norman stood with John Carlos and Tommie Smith at 1968 Olympics, and backed their stance.
You should also read this piece on Peter Norman—the white runner on the Olympic podium w/John Carlos & Tommie Smith.
Don't think many pple caught tribute to John Carlos & Tommie Smith in the 68 Olympics. Black glove, track suit, gold medal
Yes Nas, pay tribute to Tommie Smith and John Carlos
47 years ago today, Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood for justice in the medal ceremony at the Olympics in Mexico. htt…
Today 1968: The U.S. Olympic Committee suspends Tommie Smith & John Carlos for this salute at the Mexico Olympics.
Indeed, John Carlos discusses his admiration for Peter Norman in this interview
How you gonna have THE picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos and only mention Carlos?
I got to meet both John Carlos and Tommie Smith and I am so glad that after everything they have both been...
Peter Norman stood for Aboriginal people & humanity. Let his, Tommie Smith and John Carlos's effort not be in vain.
'The White Man in That Photo' Tommie Smith & John Carlos were his pallbearers when he died
Remembering Australian Peter Norman's contribution to the '68 Olympics stand of John Carlos & Tommie Smith
On that day the world was watching and Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood up for not just civil rights, but human rights.
Tommie Smith and John Carlos carry the coffin of Peter Norman
Would you ever considering adding Peter Norman to your wonderful statue of Tommie Smith and John Carlos? He's a hero, too.
is an awesome doc. Salute to Tommy Smith, John Carlos and the late Peter Norman.
If my bets come in tonight I'm gonna celebrate with a Brenden Rodgers single first pump like I'm Tommie Smith and John Carlos
Dr. John Carlos meets the San Antonio Love this team. They just do it right.
My birthday cake, & the JC stands for John Carlos (for my non-relative followers, just so they know)…
Got accused of "cherry-picking data to suit (my) bias," with no specific refutation, because that ain't true.
The Cardinals are excellent, but being excellent has taxed the pitchers. Bill due in October. http…
get rid of those 3 clowns bring in Carlos a proven winner and we will be good again
The Sporting News says the Cards are MLB's best team but won't win the World Series.
(Lawyer: Players who hit ref can return to school: Lawyer: Players who hit ref ca... (
Cardinals are baseball's best team, but they won't win the World Series -…
The Cardinals have the best record in MLB. Here's why they won't win the World Series. .
The Cardinals are not going to win the World Series. Here's why:
Sorry, Cards fans. You have the best team in baseball, but they won’t win the World Series. http:/…
The Cardinals are 58-59 over the last four years without Yadier Molina. Uh-oh.
When is Musburger going to apologize to John Carlos and Tommie Smith?
That original photo? Seriously moving. BTW, the white guy (Australian Peter Norman) 100% supported Tommie Smith and John Carlos that day.
tell John cena to win for me to Carlos FIGUROA
Why Gareth Bale was Wales' very own Roberto Carlos and marked out for greatness from the start - John Toshack:...
remember the'68 Olympics in Mexico when Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave the Black Power salute getting their medals
it was 2k14.. Rondo was a 90 and all I had was John wall an 85 and a bunch of 70s
I mean, lmao. Kevin, Manish, Carlos, John, Alexis. 5 guys, 5 stupid months. . And now Marc and I'm beyond in love.
When John Terry played a prank on .
GM John Mozeliak to .on Carlos Martinez: "If he's throwing strikes and he has his slider and changeup going, he'll be effective"
Tell John cena to win for me to Carlos
I had dinner with John Carlos. Really cool guy.
Guitar hero Carlos Santana guests with John Lee Hooker in this "Blues Boogie Jam" from 1986.
John Carlos greatest Athlete I have ever met
Aussie guy was wearing a solidarity badge was ostracised when he returned home.John Carlos carried his coffin when he died.
Carlos Fluellen reviews the 2015 Honda Accord purchased from John Eagle Honda of Dallas in Dallas TX -...
Carlos Acevedo brought out his 05 Pete 379 show truck to
NEW Culture and the Problem of the Disciplines by John Carlos Rowe Paperback Boo
Sending good vibes to our CCO, John-Carlos Lozano presenting in New York at today!
Today in 1838, the John Carlos Theater, Houston’s first performing arts space, opens.
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