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John Candy

John Franklin Candy (October 31, 1950 – March 4, 1994) was a Canadian actor and comedian.

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. Miss John Candy so much! Taken to soon, so sad for the family.
Is your kid hoarding his/her Halloween Candy? Find out why fr John Corbit, PhD candidate. Monday at…
John Candy (1950-1994), seen here with Rick Lazzarini on the set of 'Spaceballs'.
Media just ? Watch old movie with John Candy, Alan Alda. says Mili…
I want CarrotTop, Ron Jeremy, John Candy and Richard Simmons as my Supreme Court judges. Now that's justice.
Bill Murray and John Candy on the set of Stripes.
In the 1980s we had Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, John Candy and John Belushi . Whither comedy?
So, myself and Fassbender as the 2 O'Donovans. And maybe Colm Meaney as our John Candy-esqe coach in the movie
Shanks portrayed by Steve Higgins was an homage to John Candy, who played Mellonville Mayor, Tommy Shanks on SCTV
John Flaherty, Eugene Levy and John Candy, is that you?
Uncle Buck. I tell you John Candy bud I miss u too
I was raised on Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, John Candy. There aren't really people who live up to that anymore.
there was a TV sitcom called Uncle Buck (loosely based on the John Candy movie), and it was funny as *** What's the "?" for?
In my opinion, Uncle Buck was John Candy's best movie.
Only 1 Uncle Buck, John Candy- should of left it alone. Hollywood continues to try and remake classic tv and movies- another failure
Uncle Buck” won’t be back on ABC after its freshman season. Are you sad or do you miss John Candy?...
John Candy can rest comfortablly now. ‘Uncle Buck’ Cancelled by ABC
the only 'Uncle Buck' i will watch, stars the legendary John Candy
We watched the John Hughes movie The Great Outdoors. It still holds up with Dan Ackroyd and John Candy. I miss these kinds of storytelling.
SCTV and all of its cast ... Rick Moranis, John Candy ...
I don't deal with death very well. My brother, John Candy, my dad, my ...
JOHN CANDY Heartsigns for you like laughter etched into space time, mon frère. JOHNHUGHES too. See?
Alleged killer on run after half-naked, drunken rant: In a bizarre, half-naked, drunken statement recorded in...
If the game goes extras and both of them lose steam I'm left with Charlie Kerfeld, who could have been played by John Candy
John Paul: "Let's say you ate nothing but candy for a year. An entire year. Now imagine how good a chicken tender would be."
that broad demi was cute too. She never did anything again. Such a sad story all around. At least we still have john candy
ABC continues its single-camera family comedy brand with emUncle Buck/em, a remake of the 1989 comedy starring John Candy.
... I kinda think the character John Candy originated, is the role Mike was born to play.
John cents in a reply Lica. Candy ca Cato the to I don't have a nice day to for the first rest next week to go to back it 🖕🏻
Suddenly i'm thinking of John Candy's statement in "Planes Trains, and Automobiles".
"John Candy trapped in the body of The Rock". Now there's an image that won't leave my mind.
Noses are apricot hibiscuses are midnightblue candy is John stewart and so is taco
Noses are cotton candy tansies are mediumseagreen gaucmole is John stewart and so is daring
Hoses are jazzberry jam bellflowers are darkorange candy is John stewart and so is cray
you're so sweet 😭 thanks john😭😭😭 and I don't create them !! I was at Fremont and almost died bc of the crowd 😭😭
Can someone tell me why the *** they're making an Uncle Buck series? Were people REALLY clamoring to reboot a 1989 John Candy movie?
Pat vs Jen!. Hunger Game in Candy Land. This took me so long, but i hope you like it! 🍬
my vote is John Candy. Mad underrated.
John Candy? More like black licorice. I'll check it out but only because Mike MuFkn Epps
I loved the movie too. This has zero of that charm though. Of course, it's hard to match charm with John Candy and 80s Caulkin
Just finished watching the pilot for the tv version of Uncle Buck. John Candy is lucky he’s dead and didn’t have to watch that garbage.
And now: a John Candy movie before bed to top it all off
I can still remember my dad telling me John Candy died. 22 years ago! Always stuck with me. Think it's my oldest memory of being sad.
do you like candy and what kind yo I needed know what you and John like
But yeah...It made me think of childhood and how Chris Farley and John Candy are my favorites forever.
Agree! What was the Canadian troupe w Martin Short, John Candy, etc.? I will think of it an hour from now. *sad*
I thought the "Splash" brothers were Tom Hanks and John Candy.
Bill Murray to John candy during stripes wrestling scene.
. We used to have a skit show like SNL, but better. SCTV. Gave birth to John Candy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas
The new Uncle Buck is really good. And gives props to the John Candy movie. Great cast. Good job!!.
(1/2) reminds me of the scene in " Splash", when John Candy criticizes Tom Hanks' disaster of a desk.
Check out the new TV show, Uncle Buck based on the 1989 movie with John Candy. Great update and funny as *** Tuesdays p.m. ABC.
Come see Blank Verse live at the John Candy Box Theatre Get Your tickets now!
Mind you, John Candy was pretty cute as Barf tbh.
So John Goodman got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive candy bar?
Leonid Slutsky looks like the baddie from a 80s family movie. John Candy defeats him in a battle of wits. There's a dog inv…
I always sing/shout the Flintstones theme like John Candy on the bus in "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.".
I can't even watch the Great Outdoors knowing John Candy is dead. Such an amazing actor😭
I feel like every Van Morrison song could be played over any John Candy movie seamlessly
Is that show based on the John Candy movie from the 80's?
Fun fact, song Candy is a tribute to the late John Candy.
Not sure why you'd expect anyone other than John Candy to pull it off. He was born for that role.
Ok, fine I admit it. I actually like the new Mike Epps is no John Candy...but that's alright.
John Candy would never wear a sport coat.
..and finally this week in 1988 'The Great Outdoors' starring Dan Aykroyd & John Candy was released in Cinemas 🎬
The original movie Uncle Buck starred John Candy an amazing comedian!
A black guy in skinny jeans is just like John Candy
of course Shakespeare is classic and redone all the time...depends on quality, but I love John Candy. Hard to top.
Stripes:Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy. Forgot how hilarious this movie is. Watching on
So gave the a chance, so far so good, loved John Candy's movie and wanted to see how they could turn it into a series.
The real will forever and always be John Candy
I had that in a John Candy triple dvd pack with Stripes and Uncle Buck. Great times.
I don't have a problem with remakes or really doing this but Uncle Buck is fully John Candy. It's just a strange choice.
Looks like I missed out in quality TV man 😒😒 B2K AND Uncle Buck remake (John Candy always has my heart and my DVR)
The only Uncle Buck I acknowledge. John Candy the one and only.
I think its a disgrace to make a show called Uncle Buck... No one will ever be Uncle Buck besides John Candy! ***
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But I agree. I like the new show, but Uncle Buck w/ John Candy is a big classic.
Is this real? Like this is meant to be a TV reboot of the John Candy classic Uncle Buck?
John Candy will always be the best Uncle Buck. Sorry he's a classic.
John Candy is the one and only Uncle Buck. ✌️
The real Uncle Buck will always be John Candy. He was a big part of my childhood.
Sorry I have no intention of watching the new John Candy will always be Uncle Buck!
With all due respect, there is only one Uncle Buck. RIP John Candy.
Mike Epps is no John Candy but this new Uncle Buck is hilarious
Kudos to the great cast of the remake, but John Candy will always be Uncle Buck for me.
I don't watch (or like) TV so perhaps I'm biased, but since John Candy has been dead for 20+ years, why is there a show called Uncle Buck?
I don't understand why they called the show "Uncle Buck." Sounds like they're just trying to cash in on John Candy fans
I feel like watching John Candy's version of "Uncle Buck" right now. is putting in the mood for the original.
There is only 1 Uncle Buck and his name is John Candy.
Watching Uncle Buck on the Tube, It's Like looking at John Candy in the mirror LOL, Mike Epps is one Funny Dude.LOL😎
but John Candy is dead, I can't even picture another Uncle Buck
It is kind of hard to picture anyone other than John Candy playing Uncle Buck, but this could turn out alright.
Nice of them to crap on John Candy's memory by making an Uncle Buck show...
Sitting here watching Uncle Buck. Not as good as the John Candy movie but Mike Epps is cool.
The Original Uncle Buck with John Candy was a funny *** movie
There will always be only one Uncle Buck and that's John Candy.
What were odds of Mike Epps reprising Kevin Meaney and John Candy in the role of Buck Russell?
Sorry but there will only ever be one Uncle Buck and that's John Candy.
are we taking bets if John Candy is rolling over in his grave now that abc has an Uncle Buck tv show?
Uncle Buck stars remember John Candy: “He was just that guy you wanted him to be”
John Candy, God rest his soul, would be rolling in his XL sized grave if he saw this new Uncle Buck remake
It may have been a bomb but 1941 boasts an unreal cast (Christopher Lee, Toshiro Mifune, John Candy). The Slim Pickens gag is funny though.
Amazing! I had never even heard of it until today. John Candy is even watching Cannonball Run at one point. So terrible though
So, there is a 3rd Cannonball Run movie (Speed Zone) staring John Candy. it is on YouTube, and it is terrible. enjoy
If you're a fan of John Candy I'd definitely recommend it.
noticing a lot of similarities between you and John Candy from Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"We would recommend Hargrove Inspections to others.". Thanks, John and Candy!
I'm sure America feels guilty about consuming John Candy. His last name was dangerous down there
John candy... another great actor who died before his times
I don't pop no xans, do no mollys, Nose candy is from the devil. I love weed that's it and them perkys are never callin.
.President & CEO John H. Downs has a piece about in today's
Can't wait to hit the boards in teh John Candy Box Theatre
So I'm tired of looking like Bizarro John Candy. This profile pic is staying like this til I lose 20 lbs.
Brewster's Millions is a great movie. Richard Pryor and John Candy in one movie? Two of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time
Had a dream last night Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was remade and you played John Candy's role.
I dreamt I was John Candy involved in a car chase through the streets of Los Angeles ... but I woke before I caught whoever I was chasing.
candy-aegis said: I hope you do bc here it comes anyways: after the sexy time John is like "so that was...
Special guest at Húrra tonight: Second City's John Hartman (Baby Wants Candy)! Show wil be performed in English.
Canada's still waiting for a tour date for the most Canadian movie since John Candy's Canadian Bacon.
Can someone out the kindness of your heart, buy me this John Candy t-shirt please? XL ta.😗
Chocolate is the John Tucker of all Candy
I think I may have become an actor to hide from myself. You can escape...
I miss John Candy! I only know him from film and others comments but others comments said a lot about his heart! He was warm and giving!
boo! I always wanted to watch a live version of John Candy in The Great Outdoors...
That's incredible. I hope you got some candy! 😁
To be honest, I am not certain how a raccoon sounds. I just remember the sound they made in John Candy's "The Great Outdoors".
Free candy with purchase of one white van. .
Bill Murray, John candy, Chevy Chase are prob some of my top favorites ever.
John Candy would be rolling in his grave if he saw this...
I am back in beautiful England. I have to get a bus back to my car. It's like being in that film with John Candy.
Finishing my John Candy film marathon with Spaceballs
Roses are robin's egg blue freesias are aquamarine candy is John stewart and so is your mom
"your bones dont break in a bobsled. no no, they shatter" John Candy Cool Runnings
John Candy literally stood right there
my brain is a wonderland. one pair of candy lobes. and a bubblegum stem. – Elli, channeling John Mayer
"If ifs & buts where candy & nuts" then John Boehner would have been stalked as a kid by career criminals to be forced to be one too.
New John Crowley, 'The Chemical Wedding' sounds like candy covered crack for me and
LOL!! 😂 dream it you lived it" He was a Noble and Just chocolate, he ruled over the candy bowl with Kindness.
Do you like cotton candy?. Photographer: John Diaz. Model: Sasha Dittman . Hair/Mua: Me
yeah man dammit. The next line. I'm responsible for killing John candy
"I bought a cotton candy maker yesterday and I had no reason to buy one" -John
Uncle Buck was one of my favorite films from the Late great John Candy I know epps bout to kill this
Today I have been mostly watching John Candy films
Bang! John Candy's skeleton has fastened his biplane's seatbelt to his KFC meal.
Hoses are cotton candy bellflowers are crimson sweets is John stewart and so is the world
Who's Denny Crum? was one of my favorite John Candy movies.
Not many people know that actor John Candy died in Mexico while on set filming "Wagons East!" I didn't until I just looked it up.
Wagons East with John Candy is HILARIOUS!!!..if u want a doubled over laugh,watch this movie...
He does this because the jockey (Bobcat Goldthwait) tells the talking investment horse (John Candy) he's gonna get him cosmetic dentistry.
When I picture jockeys, all I think of is Who's Harry Crumb, and the Bobcat Goldthwait movie Hot to Trot (both John Candy movies).
WHAT is your problem?. Coming: Uncle Buck w/some sub-par actor?!. How absolutely DISRESPECTFUL to the icon John Candy!!.
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Don't care how many times I see Uncle Buck, it's still funny as *** and John Candy was a true comedy legend!
And I'm aware that Uncle Buck is a classic and that John Candy was a legend.
Could you spend $30million in 1 month? Find out if Richard Pryor & John Candy can in Brewster's Millions 1pm
Richard Pryor and John Candy are both in one of my all time classic fun films. Brewster's Millions on Film4 at 1pm. Great fun. Great dreams.
.I treasure my parents' Barton's candy boxes by Alvin Lustig. Victor Gruen did 1952 Herald Sq. store.
Hey Just in case you need a John Candy or John Goodman!
Father Stephen Freeman: Saint John Climacus, and the Ladder of Divine Ascent -
thanks beau john 😙. also good . candy is dumb and I hate it
HBD Mrs. Pitt was very upset that you skipped speech yesterday so she just gave me your candy
John K. we are already in a ditch and it is people like you that candy coat things that will continue to destroy our contry
alamak i thought your uncle.. John i want eat Candy
never ask an elite xc or road cyclist what they weigh. you'll feel like John Candy backstage at a ballet
Will be a flashback to '91 Camp when I first arrived in Guelph-saw John Candy, Rocket Ismail, Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall
It's difficult to imagine me hating someone more at face value than a fat white guy named John CANDY
THE FIRST IMPROV SHOW OF MY ADULTHOOD HAPPENS TOMORROW! Pls come to the John Candy Box Theatre at 9pm and bring $5!!!
I thought to myself, Join the army. It's free. So I figured while I'm here ...
The days of countless Candy Crush invitations are a fleeting memory best left in the past.
I really just need to start calling in to 's Pod Cast as "John Candy"
w you made me think of John Candy being dead so I am bummed out
"Hey guys your votes don't matter because we're just gonna give delegates away like candy on Halloween but come down and vote ok?"
Candidate wants new rules for open GOP convention:
On this day in 1994, we lost a comedy great when John Candy passed away at the age of 43.
looking for alaska - john green. + the LA Candy series by Lauren Conrad is a fun quick read if u don't want anything 2 serious
Roses are banana mania begonias are darkkhaki candy is John stewart and so is lame comics
after seeing you sign books with kids, I think you are an inspiration to the world, and not just some girl b…
Your office reanimated John Candy and got him to make you super sized pancakes?!. I want to work there!. LOL Happy Birthday!
Lol. I legit have a John Candy tattoo.
yep, me too. Between him and John Candy got all the lines down pat
that music makes me think of John Candy and his polka band
Hoses are magenta primroses are blueviolet candy is John stewart and so is loving waffles
if John candy and Dan Aykroyd can do it you can...
Come out and meet Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman at The Candy Factory on April 12th. . He will be... ht…
Whenever John tours outside of the U.S, he always brings me back a foreign candy bar. It's the little things. 😌❤️
ditto.Omg this is so funny tho. Side note: whenever I see John Goodman I think he's dead cuz I confuse him with John Candy🙈
I'll be picking some Chet Atkins tunes tomorrow night with John Shannon at Pete's Candy Store 9pm
my absolute favourite line from my all time fave movie. John Candy sadly missed.
Will John Belushi, Lenny Bruce, John Candy, and Robin Williams b there? No, then neither will I.
Roses are antique brass marjorams are peru candy is John stewart and so is golden
Check out John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan for more B'wood eye candy.
This man is a comedy genius. His name is John Candy. Tonight we will watch Uncle Buck . 4th March 1994. htt…
There is a striking resemblance between Buck Revell and John Candy, now that you mention it.
this is how att treats me. att is john candy I am the cruiser.
👇 Solve this 👇. John has 32 candy bar. He eats 28. What does he have now ?¿?😐
Rewatched John Oliver's MissAmerica skit- he refers to Trump as "a clown made of mummified foreskin+cotton candy"
Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and John Candy used to make the best comedies. Nothing comes close to that period.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Lost episode of Saved by the Bell feat. John Candy, Mr Miyagi, and Alf. . Pure gold. CC: / .
then to actors like John Ritter, Fred Gwynne and John Candy. This helped me get out of my shyness shell and met people I have always admired
You in bed with Perry I'm now picturing Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, trains and automobiles. "Those aren't pillows!!"
don't think that's right as John Candy was going to play Louis and Belushi was going to be a Ghostbuster.
If you could choose between saving John Belushi, Chris Farley, or John Candy, which one do you pick and why?
Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, Rick Moranis and a man eating plant. What's not to love?
The original script of Ghostbusters was written with Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, John Candy, and Eddie Murphy in mind as the main characters.
my perfect cast would be heavy John Travolta, John Candy reprising Uncle Buck years later, and a book from Pagemaster.
waitwaitwait. Uncle Buck is John Candy. Always and forever. They can't have a different Uncle Buck. That's wrong and not right.
Omg if Uncle Buck and Harry Crumb had a baby it'd look like John Candy
Walden reminds me of John Candy's car in Uncle Buck
Rob Ford, John Candy, Chris Farley . . . These guys all have a lot in common and they're all now 6 ft under. Live hard, die young
Rebel Wilson managed to keep the spirit of John Candy alive. And it has nothing to do with weight, the humor is spo…
Random fact, my uncle Ken went to school in Toronto with John Candy.
John Candy embarrasses John Hamm, 131-11, and moves on w/the Jamaican bobsled team to take on Friday Night Lights or SpaceJam
Momentum builds for Canadian Screen Award to be nicknamed after John Candy
One of Canada's great comedians, John Candy, died 22 years ago today
Good morning tville, happy birthday Tom "Tag" Grieve and Knute Rockne. Rip John Candy. Shout out to Cactus Jack!
I hope this Ghostbusters revival means more work for the celebs who appeared in the Ray Parker music video, like Peter Falk and John Candy
we loved John Candy and Chris Farley both fat
yes! Which makes me think of John Candy. The Great Outdoors and Uncle Buck.
John Candy's finest moment was "Canadian Bacon". Unfortunately it was also his last one ...
John Candy in Uncle Buck is Treasure, watch it every year!
“I’m gonna shove my load into you whether you like it or not” -John Candy (Uncle Buck)
Uncle Buck the best John Candy movie? . Maybe Planes, Trains & Automobiles? Hmmm
I wonder what it be like if we live in a universe where either Steve Martin, John Candy, or Eddie Murphy was Genie from Aladdin?
Watching Uncle Buck. There's a deep melancholy surrounding every John Candy movie... because you just want there to be more of them!
Listen, John Candy in drag,crazy people hear voices,only religious say isgod
you basically want another John Candy? Chris Farley?
Did you know: back in the 80s he wanted Robin Williams, Steve Martin, John Candy or Eddie Murphy to play the Cat in the Hat?
Listen to this podcast if you want to hear me full-force scream at for not knowing who John Candy is. https…
Fun fact: an alternate ending to Planes, Trains & Automobiles was Steve Martin slicing open John Candy and finding warm…
Today in 1991, Nothing but Trouble opens in theaters w/ Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy... And Tupac Shakur
Wagons East was on demand so checking that out. So far I just mostly miss John Candy. Richard Lewis' mullet game is top notch tho.
"Who's Harry Crumb?" Is my favorite John Candy movie, he was the best!
Who is Harry Crumb? Featuring John Candy in an action sequence while "I Need a Hero" plays in the background.
Remember that film. John Candy and Jerry Orbach co-starred
besides a few things one of them being John Candy's birthday sorry
any reason to post John candy pictures is valid
The John Candy is the best burger at hands down.
If Spaceballs 2 gets off the ground Mel Brooks should bring back John Candy as a hologram so he can be a 'jedi' gh…
Good to see my man John Bryant court side tonight engineering Miami-Pitt. I wonder what candy my old engineer brought?
When John Candy makes a movie spoofing your soap trope you know you've entered Contrivance Land.
NCSA President and Candy Hall of Famer John Leipold and Vice-President Mark Lozano were hanging out in Germany...
but you probably be a clip, but I found John Candy.
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I'm giving up sweets for Lent. So if you see me eating candy, cookies or me a favor and punch me in the face 👍🏼
Made in USA Valentine Candy you can find at Target
Glynn Haven Baptist Church dropped off this candy for the ❤️Hearts for Heroes❤️ campaign for the CPL. John...
Not quite John Candy, but I'll give you it...he's contributed a lot :)
Seriously, John Candy would have brought that to an epic level.
My, how I miss John Candy. Sure wish he was alive to do a Rob Ford skit.
Vote for as the Best Airport Shop for Local Merchandise
"you should have seen the toast.. I couldn't get it through the door!". - John Candy. Best flipper in the business!!!
I look like in the gym and John Candy outside the gym
Growing up with John Candy as my fav comedyactor, I haven't seen anyone who can fill his shoes. 1/2
My spirit animal is John Candy playing squash with a beer and a cigarette in
Cam saw John Candy in the stands and unlike Joe Montana he got distracted during the play
move over Gretzky and John Candy buying the Argos
Late, great comedian John Candy, here's how he enjoyed his pancakes how r u havin urs 2night?
Set candy down for a min and i come back and John and Cade already ate it.. 🙄
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
So it's ? A prefect time to screen: Dr. Tongues 3D House of Pancakes (w/John Candy)
What's your favourite funny movie of all time? Mine is The Great Outdoors with and John Candy. GO!
I am definitely the Steve Martin character. But I'm alone. Where is my John Candy?
Cool story about John Candy, Joe Montana & the CFL -
planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Cali. I'm a regular John Candy (at in Philadelphia, PA)
Jeez I need some cawfee now! Thinking of that great comic John Candy. (Vine by
Card with Bruce Springsteen tickets, book, jewelry, flowers. (no candy she's diabetic)
Me too! For the record, John Candy died in 1994.
hope you weren't seriously when you wondered what happened to John Candy
Brian, John Candy died. In 1994. That's what happened to him.
.:"I miss John Candy...what happened to him?" He died in 1994.
John Candy sadly died. A loss for us all.
my pick of the week Canadian Bacon should be found on netflix. John Candy, Hawkeye and Carla. America declares war on Canada lols ensue.
Crumbs! John Candy's ghost has had extensions instead of hair, they used son of God.
I'll take mine with a side of John Candy please...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Here's the late John Candy showing us all how to make 'em! I'll be showing mine later ;)
Happy 86th Birthday! John Dorman of Coney's Philips Candy now in https…
of course. Everyone knows that was John Candy's best role.
This is pretty great. Anyone that was a fan of John Candy will love this.
John Candy fans are the best people on the planet. Just ask
11 years ago today, 50 Cent dropped Candy Shop and I seem like test...John Candy. .comedic genius or goof ? Get it wrong ..I must unfollow 😜
3rd day sick need a ride to get cold medicine and candy. Great Movie. — watching Uncle John
What is the best movie with John Candy?
John Candy stays up the top. I'm more Doug E. Doug. Only success is a failure.
*** want arm candy but only want to netflix and chill. Not how it works bro.
The lost New York days of Candy Darling, John Waters, Susan Sontag captured in new show
I kinda see Uncle Buck/ John Hughes film vibe. That's why I thought of John Candy xD
Last night... Stripes. Tonight... Uncle Buck. A John Candy weekend. Life is good.
you guys took all our good ones like John Candy, Mike Meyers, Dan Akroyd, Jim Carey, etc.
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John Candy died of a heart attack in mexico. :(
He was the best one in the movie other than John Candy and Harold Ramis
I was an 80's kid so the movies I loved. The Great Outdoors and Uncle Buck with John Candy are classics
*** Van Patten, Joan Rivers, John Candy. Besides being dead, what else do these 3 actors have in common? Winner gets a golden ticket
Planes Trains , Uncle Buck, Cool Runnings ... Hard to believe the great John Candy died 20 years ago.
John Candy sponsored our hockey team when I was 12, from
*** tried to fry me for watching Elf but then he told me he was watching Uncle Buck with John Candy lmao
I've been in films with Kieran Culkin, Eddie Murphy, Ian McDiarmid, John Candy, Diane Keaton and Michael Caine. Who am I?.
It just dawned on me that I miss Joan Rivers. Similar to the annual pangs I feel for Phil Hartman and John Candy. She has made my list.
Improv night at the Valhalla Auditorium, George Burns, George Carlin and John Candy!!!
Sam Vincent is coaching the Jamaican national team. And now in my head he's just John Candy.
Remember this illustration in an 80's skin magazine which featured an interview with the still sorely missed John Candy.
A cool mini documentary about John Candy:
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