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John Byrne

John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is a British-born Canadian American author and artist of comic books.

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Tilda Swinton's ex-partner John Byrne reveals he's the child of an incestuous relationship, calls it ...
John Byrne says he is child of an incestuous relationship
Artist and writer John Byrne reveals he is the product of a 'loving' incestuous relationship
You have talent. Grear sketch of Tucker under time pressure. Agreed that Neal Adams is great. Any opinion of John Byrne?
John Byrne used a UPS truck to camouflage the Fantastic Four when traveling back in time in NYC.
Tilda Swinton’s ex John Byrne is child of incestuous relationship
This picture covers so much about what I loved about the X-Men! Art by John Byrne.
Tilda Swinton's ex John Byrne reveals he's the product of an incestuous relationship
Barda fighting Thor in Jack Kirby's Fourth World was an homage,by writer&artist of the series John Byrne,to two of Kir…
They baffle me so much. I can not figure out who they are for outside of John Byrne.
Danny Cullip, Gary Chivers, Peter Ward, Gordon Smith, Robbie Reinelt, John Byrne and many more.. Going to be a funny evening 😂
My friend Kevin Leary is a very talented artist who worked on John Byrne restoration at the Kings - see his new work
Jack Kirby's Fourth World by John Byrne, cover by Published 20 years ago this month.
The SOLD OUT show is still on for tonight at the Tin Angel with John Byrne and Patrick Mansfield!
I never realized until now that my mental image of the FF is John Byrne's run. Love Mike Wieringo / Mark Waid's run…
A John Byrne issue, the one that introduced Rampage, no less! 😍
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Page to screen : Misty Knight & Rafael Scarfe (from Iron Fist art by John Byrne script by Chris Claremont)
In the wake of 20th Ward Ald. Willie Cochran's indictment, the Trib's John Byrne asked Rhymefest if he'd consider r…
Smart Hulk by Peter David/Dale Keown/Gary Frank, Superman by John Byrne, Robin by Chuck Dixon/any artist.
That was John Byrne's reasoning wasn't it? That people wouldn't assume there was a secret ID.
John Byrne admiring the work of and Stephen Bird in Transported |
John Byrne had a good quick stint on the series, too, soon before Peter David took over.
Chicago Comic-Con program cover by John Byrne. via
Dan Slott may have jumped off the rad-fem deep end, but he wrote the best *** She-Hulk since John Byrne
That one time when John Byrne channeled Keith Giffen.
I was a big fan of John Byrne's run on Alpha Flight, so it was a thrill & honor to write Wild Child in this issue of X-Fa…
And which Manager was in charge when we signed Gary Bannister AND John Byrne?.Alan Mullery!!
Chris reads the first issue of John Byrne's Doom Patrol, so you don't have to!. (Seriously, don't. Just read the re…
Votes aren't certified, but John Byrne is the winner in 116th AD GOP primary by 51 votes over Bill Sheridan. Next: Byrne vs. Russell.
Numbers aren't official but John Byrne got enough votes in Jefferson County to win the GOP line in 116th AD.…
Russ Finley had some interesting things to say about his opponents Bill Sheridan and John Byrne on the Jeff...
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Top middle. The X-Men of the Chris Claremont-John Byrne years. It's what came to mind in that LRT. cc:
📷 digsyiscomics: Iron Fist September 1977, written by Chris Claremont, penciled by John Byrne
An Irish rock classic. John 'Sean' Byrne was 'off the boat' from Dublin a few weeks when he wrote it. Its ours!
It may be Monday, but John Byrne has the cure for the blues. Join us on The Porch today to in Cape May!
St. John of gods and loved it so im going to liberties college this year to do social care :) ️xx
So with Borthwick-Jackson's and Ola John's arrivals, here's the updated squad (minus Byrne):
that's fantastic. I will DM my details.
Try the John Byrne graphic novel or some of his FF; she's normally lifting on those.
Congrats *** You are our winner. Please DM us with your address and contact details!
John Byrne Urban Design Consultant at Social Sustainability..not just what but where?
QUT Adjunct Professor John Byrne discussing brain friendly design. Cities come in all shapes and sizes at
*adds david byrne to my cosplay list along with john quiñones and martin shkreli*
John Byrne did the art in her one shot. Stuart Immonen did the art on the trading card.
John Byrne: busy main streets are social spaces and the centres of community "fantastic, human scaled, interactive, public, safe"
Urban Design Consultant John Byrne: new public buildings in Aus neglecting placemaking in favour of bland securitised spaces
John Cena's appearance in Sisters makes the whole film
AJ Styles pinned John Cena in the middle of the ring. No Shenanigans. Epic Moment.
Article on the various STAR TREK comics (those two issues by JAVIER PULIDO, come on!)
I have an attachment to the film I have attachment to Bruce Timm's rendition, John Byrne's rendition & so on
An brilliant end to our Curated By season in a week: intros Kötting's
📷 Blood of the Demon page 2 by John Byrne & Dan Green & Alex Bleyaert. 2006.
Manhattan skyline morning view from John Jay Byrne Bridge in Brooklyn
3-0! We're all very proud here John Byrne. 3 wins 3 finishes!
John Byrne's magnificent ceiling in the Kings Theatre.
Performing this mid-afternoon with the John Byrne Band at the Tabora Irish Festival, Chalfont, PA. Festival season.
Being a kid, my criticism was that Miller's artwork wasn't realistic. Everybody should draw like John Byrne.
It's that invasive and puerile curiosity to feed a tabloid culture. I don't subscribe to it.
The best thing we got from 2099 was John Byrne telling Stan Lee "What if I wanted to ravage your wife?" Thinking it was Ravish.
would that be an Irish Byrne for a surname 😉
*** this is John Byrne's early 70's signature
John Byrne and the Vision return, in West Coast Avengers.
Legends cover homage Work-in-progress. The original cover, by John Byrne, had Superman,…
Is your real John Byrne, by any chance?
It's gone mad and the we get Guy and John Byrne joining in on here. Maybe I should just give up
Did John Byrne originally intended to have the Vision return to being the original Human Torch?
THE UGLY: romantic relationship with minor nominally critiqued but kinda tacitly approved of (thanks John Byrne)
Captain America no. 252 (1980). 📝 Roger Stern. 🎨 John Byrne. Included in this issue is a shor…
Experience the legendary run of Roger Stern and John Byrne on
BATMAN BEGINS was better than MASK OF THE PHANTASM. Jerry Robinson, John Byrne and all the comics pro experts thought so.
Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, and Frank Miller all top John Byrne as influential creators and it's not even close.
He is joining John Byrne, Jim Lee and Frank Miller as one of the definitive Wolverine artists.
its a toss up between three...(classic) Curt Swan, then later, John Byrne or Jerry Ordway..
Eamon McAndrew 1st, John Byrne 2nd, Gary Higgins 3rd and Thomas Kelly 4th in the Ballina Half.
Seeing names like John Byrne, Ed Brubaker, Steve Ditko and Kieron Dwyer credited in the film was pretty cool. They all played a big part.
This is a John Byrne page from my favorite issue of our Action Comics run, an issue full of Kryptonian fairy tales.
📷 Adventures of Superman Annual page 26 by Curt Swan & John Byrne. 1990.
I had never seen that poster for Legends before I searched for an image. Pretty awesome, classic outstanding John Byrne w/ Austin inks.
Perhaps randomly, I think Werner Roth drew the best Jean Grey. I love Walt Simonson's Cyclops. John Byrne for Wolverine.
Wow. Is it beat to *** Hard to believe a book with "John Byrne" and "Aliens" on the cover would wind up in the quarter bin.
John Conyers' office has been very responsive to citizen concerns and the I...
You mean the line of trades starting with the John Byrne stuff? Do they still release those?
Eventually, yes. But not until after John Byrne was done.
Our Brand Rep, Fighter John Byrne runnin the show for & competing at ADCC
I have a few John Byrne pages with Darkseid too. Legends and Action COMICS
IT'S JACK AND ROSE! and Bilie Piper had a glorious mini reunion
Things like that John Byrne referred to as barnacles that needed scraping off when it came time to revamp Superman in the 80s.
See: John Byrne's Man of Steel from 1986 all the way until 1998 when Carlin was editor. Clark WAS the focus.
📷 John Byrne & Gary Cody with their mural on the walls of Foothills Hospital. 1972. John had this to...
Moon Knight by Howard the Duck by Frank Brunner, or Cyclops by John Byrne. Yes. I said it.
John Byrne is one of my top if all time. But Paul Smith was my X-Men artist.
Little Giant Ladders
Check out John McGrath's Cheviot set designed by John Byrne. Definitely the best pop up book I've ever seen. ht…
According to CBR, that would be John Byrne. I doubt he knew what he was unleashing.
we've got work by Barbara Rae, Ken Currie, Fiona Watson, Ashley Cook, Scott Campbell, Frank Quitely, John Mackechnie, John Byrne and MORE!
We continue our coverage of Marvel's 1980 epic: THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA by Chris Claremont and John Byrne!
4 of 5 stars to uncanny x-men 129 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne
I want John Byrne to do one of his weird photo montage comics with Tom Baker's Doctor Who visiting The Land of the Lost.
the white Hummel away is one of the best kits. Reminds me of John Byrne scoring in every round (apart from the final) in 92.
Holy cow, this is the coolest Luke Cage since John Byrne!
This is difficult. There are so many artists all doing different things I like... John Byrne. Chris Samnee. John Romita Sr
Las time I read the hulk, John Byrne was drawing him. And Doc Sampson was chasing him around.
"Fantastic Four", vol. 1, (October ... Story by Marv Wolfman, pencils by John Byrne and…
X-Men: Days of Future Past (graphic novel) by Chris Claremont and John Byrne - Racism, rebellion, dystopian horror.
How a Kevin Nowlan drawing of She-Hulk inspired an entire issue of John Byrne's Fantastic Four run - at
He looks like the Lex Luthor of John Byrne / Jerry Ordway era
Photo: Doc Samson and his knockout punch!! John Byrne and Bob Wiacek on The Incredible Hulk.  Love this...
Danger Mouse is back - and it's made in Ireland!: John Byrne interviews Robert Cullen, the man behind Boulder ...
Photoset: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition cover by John Byrne & Joe Rubinstein.
You know what? Turns out and Mark Bagley's Fantastic Four is great also! Definitely up there with Waid/Wieringo and John Byrne
"Trying to embarrass Boris Johnson would be like trying to find holy water in an Orange Lodge" - John Byrne, UNITE
Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix died for the first time 35 years ago!💥 X-Men Vol. Issue 137, September 1980💥 By Chris Claremont and John Byrne
John Byrne: 'I put a bag full of Your Cheatin' Heart drafts on the scales - 12 and a ha..
The only thing I want John Byrne to sign is Alpha Flight pages 13-14.
As long as you were there when Brian Atkinson kissed John Byrne nothing else matters.
Go to page 2 to read about how Jim Shooter revamped John Byrne's original Phoenix origin from FF
naturally, the day after I pick up the Chris Claremont/John Byrne miniseries as podcast research.
Photoset: johnbyrnedraws: Blood of the Demon page 22 by John Byrne & Dan Green. 2006. 
The Guernsey Music Festival presents John Byrne on the guitar with an eclectic mix of music this afternoon, 1pm, Town Church
“We talk to john Byrne on about his career and views on young Scottish artists
The first person to ever sign me was John Byrne. Special.
And if you have a spare £100 (...), this would be a good place to start for the John Byrne run
Buy Miche Bag Online!
*sig... I loved the comics. Lee & Kirby clearly great, but I grew up reading the John Byrne run. LOVE those.
The 80s John Byrne Fantastic Four run was brilliant + my fave growing up. Hickman's run is great too. It's NOT the source material. (Pt 2)
"“You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most. (John Assaraf) ” . ― Rhonda By…
Great to hear John Kasich note that it's not only morally right but also cost-effective to treat the mentally ill, not jus…
Captain America by Roger Stern & John Byrne. Published 35 years ago this month.
Jack : Straight from the Gut by John A. Byrne and Jack W. Welch "Business Profit
The actor will play James Tyrone Jr. on Broadway next year, opposite the already announced cast of Jessica Lange, Gabriel …
That Danny Ward / Daddy Cool song is the best reprise since Byrne Richie Byrne
I like classic Doom&Doom 2099 because of the history that Stan& jack gave him when they created him + the stuff by Warren Ellis & john byrne
Oh no.. didn't think you were.. was just suggesting a run if you ever wanted to get into it:)
Gainers on the Irish roster. Brent: 205 to 220. Hoge: 281 to 300 . Montelus: 310 to 320 . Bars: 316 to 320 . Byrne: 295 to 300
I grew up reading the John Byrne era books and they made a huge impression on me. I lament the theatrical side in a huge way.
Anybody who likes comics want to weigh in here? Should I buy a VizBig volume of Rurouni Kenshin, or the John Byrne She-Hulk graphic novel?
So. John Jameson, David Byrne, and Gabe Newell walk into my bedroom
Photo: John Byrne, I have come for you! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Reading John Byrne's Man of Steel miniseries. The people of Krypton are pretty uptight to the point of it being comedic.
Photoset: the X-Men Portfolio, by John Byrne, with inks by George Perez. the plates were only published in...
Elisabeth Akinwale for She-Hulk, 2016. Because *** looks like she was drawn by John Byrne.
Fantastic Four week continues with the legendary John Byrne. After Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's epic run, Byrne's is...
Foto: comicbookcovers: Secret Origins Annual July 1987, cover by John Byrne and Ed Hannigan
It's a "Holocaust!" when Iron Fist fights Radion in Iron Fist from Chris Claremont & John Byrne:
there's never enough coffee. And Dark Phoenix Saga by Chris Claremont & John Byrne
If you're wondering what JLA: The Tenth Circle is that was the story that reunited Chris Claremont and John Byrne and..yep it's a story.
Phoenix vs the White Queen, from Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, & Terry Austin,
I write about Arthur Suydam comics, John Byrne's Spider-Man, and the Batgirl of Burnside.
From newly-minted Hall of Famers Chris Claremont and John Byrne, here's 1975's Iron Fist "Valley of the Damned!":
John Byrne is another pointless person
Congratulations to John Byrne, Chris Claremont, & Frank Miller for being inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Hall of Fame.
Chris Claremont thanks Al Jaffee, Stan Lee, Dave cockrum, John Byrne and all the artists he's worked with
NotJB: For those that have wondered John Byrne's opinion on Arthur Suydam taking 4 tables at the Montreal Comic Con, he had this to say...
Update your maps at Navteq
So... should I read Ostrander's Suicide Squad or re-read John Byrne's Man of Steel mini-series?
Fantastic Four # 240 titled Exodus. Story, art and Cover by John Byrne. Terry Austin supplied the
Fantastic Four the 20th anniversary issue of the FF. John Byrne & Terry Austin supplied this
Fantastic Four # 234 by John Byrne & Terry Austin. Titled: The Man with the Power, the FF faces off
There was some okay stuff in the 90s. I would've gone with John Byrne over Messner-Loebs. But it was all downhill after Perez.
Quick sketch of artist/playwright John Byrne from BBC series "What do artists do all day"
Sally Magnusson and John Byrne among figures to be honoured at Stirling graduation:
Sally Magnusson and John Byrne to receive honorary doctorates from Stirling University
John Byrne on art, Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish independence
day of fascinating c4news interviews : US *** Sec of State Victoria Nuland, Scottish artist John Byrne and Indian politician
Peter Capaldi by John Byrne in his art exhibition June 3-25 at the Fine Art Society in London.
Plus, the 80s is where I discovered Frank Miller, Art Adams, Todd McFarlane, John Byrne, You, Chris Claremont, it goes on.
IG: "Uncanny X-Men no. 135 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The Phoenix cuts ties with the X-Men. This is perhap…
It's not a "team" photo, but it might as well be. All nine of Spanish Springs' all-leaguers. Photo by John Byrne.
AR: "Works from writers such as Alasdair Gray and John Byrne are still fresh today, there are still lessons there." ^J
Perhaps the greatest line of dialogue ever. Courtesy of John Byrne's West Coast Avengers # 46
Both Chris Claremont and John Byrne have been nominated for the Eisner Hall of Fame. Here's the information and...
Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin, what a team!
Same. Cap's been my favorite superhero ever since John Byrne drew him back in the day.
The Pitt: 1987 one-shot comic book written by John Byrne and Mark Gruenwald, and illustrated by Sal Buscema and Stan Drake.
John Byrne talks to former David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars' drummer Woody Woodmansey about his upcoming...
A glacier area the size of the entire South is melting away — and it could swallow your house by John Byrne via Ra…
Photoset: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual page 1 by John Byrne & Kurt Schaffenberger & Gene...
That would be a great result. I once did an interview at Loftus Road with a friend and old QPR player John Byrne years ago.
Photo: Scarlet Witch and Vision by John Byrne with inks by Josef Rubinstein and colors by Steve Oliff from...
Tune into CRC FM at 5.30pm to hear Aidan Crowley interview Irish Pubs Global, CEO John Byrne on The Gathering...
Tune into @ 5.30pm to hear Aiden Crowley interview CEO John Byrne on The Gathering 2015
John Byrne's DOOMSDAY.1 is everything good you like about Byrne. Great current effort!
A Holy Grail issue is now mine :-D from 1978 Chris Claremont writing with John Byrne & Dave Cockrum on art.
Channel Syndicate’s co-founders Richard Harris and John Byrne to depart
.John Byrne had the same priest who met Phoenix on the plane to marry Bruce Banner & Betty. Inside joke? 1/2
John Byrne's She-Hulk and well most of the She Hulk runs: David Anthony's, Dan Slott's and the terrific one from Charles Soule
BTEC ED Acting class we will have fun with your FMP by John Byrne & plenty of fun to be had in your department!
Also Thank you: Stan Lee, John Byrne, Roger Stern, John Buscema for giving me dreams of a boy! I'd be lost without you. 4ever grateful.
Avengers by David Michelinie, Roger Stern & John Byrne. Cover by Perez. Published 35 years ago this month.
yea I gotta read up on all of those. John Byrne & George Perez are 2 of my fav comic artists
Also in the writers’ list, John Byrne at Roy Thomas at Kirby at In artists, John Romita Jr. at (his dad’s
Rereading the 1st volume of Hellboy reminds me what an amazing style chameleon John Byrne is. He also does a great Bruce Timm!
Grabbing a bit of munch your missing out John Byrne
Photo: johnbyrnedraws: Fantastic Four headshots by John Byrne. 2009. John drew these while watching the...
End of huge event in a regular issue of an ongoing series. Huh. MT Avengers West Coast by John Byrne
Have you listened to THIS Greta Talk? with John Byrne Cooke, road manager for Janis Joplin (and subscribe to Greta Talk on iTunes — it i...
But...he's not even registered! Captain America October 1980. John Byrne, Josef Rubenstein,. and Roger St…
hasn't seen the likes since the days of John Byrne. 0-2, 3-2!
Dr. John Byrne and Dr. Yun Sun-Jin talk at the Seoul International Energy Conference   10% Off
Avengers West Coast by John Byrne. Published 25 years ago this month. Acts of Vengeance conclusion.
This is an interview that has some real depth! I think I learn something more about Janis Joplin with every...
John Byrne Cooke was Janis Joplins road manager from 1967 until her untimely death in 1970
Also by villains Spookiest they've looked since John Byrne!
One of my favorite John Byrne things is how after becoming financially secure he began pontificating philosophies to justify his own tastes.
forgot to say I know a former neighbour of jean Byrne.I have her address.
Photo: Next Men: Finders of Lost Children page 6 by John Byrne.  This is an unpublished page and John...
Just bought all of Classic John Byrne's Next Men on Loved it as a teen, hope it stands up today.
Want to improve your business skills in the new year? Check out these courses -
Locally, the Jim Payne/Fergus O'Byrne festive CD is great, as is the one from John Curran. Here's a Curran sample
Why should corporate Treasurers be leaving spreadsheets behind? FX-MM discusses with John Byrne
Basically, John Byrne was the perfect artist to draw Superman in the 1980s, but, as a writer, he fouled up in every way possible.
Does the use of spreadsheets raise a compliance issue? More with John Byrne, Managing Director
Rahm Emanuel defends record on ethics in first term by John Byrne via News - Chicago Tribune
Photoset: Blood of the Demon page 17 by John Byrne & Bud LaRosa. 2005.
When John Byrne took full charge of The Fantastic Four, Sue Richards embarked on a journey from Invisible Girl to...
When John Byrne and Bart Sears did SPIDER-WOMAN (the Mattie Franklin version) she had a new costume every issue.
Addie Russell is in for another term as John Byrne concedes the race for the 116th Assembly District. Go to our...
Am I in John Byrne's ears? Why is my mitten filled with cornmeal? Why is Angelina Jolie laughing at my popcorn popper?
As did John Byrne's 2112, although bred into pygmy varieties.
Parish priest John Byrne banned from Laois direct provision hostel for naming the shame of Ireland's open prisons
EVERYONE talks about Frank Miller and Jim Lee but our man is John Byrne. He's a genius.
Yeah, tell John Byrne to knock that off.
Influences? John Byrne, Bill Gill Kane and Eddie Van Halen (got my first guitar when I got my first comics)
Oooh that's the one with Kyle Baker inking over John Byrne. Love that!
The Origin of the F4, poster from the 1980 Coca-Cola Origin of Marvel Heroes. Art by John Byrne and Joe Sinnott.
am I the only one not to have seen this new john lewis advert?
An audience with *** Byrne at the ambassador's residence, nearly as good as John Lennon's one last week.
John Byrne's disappointment with TOY STORY 3 is further proof that he has never loved anything in his life.
John Byrne is heartless. I can't take that man's opinions any more ;_;
[John Byrne on Toy Story 4] I was staggeringly disappointed with TOY STORY 3. This holds no appeal for me.
the 92 KQRS Morning Show tomorrow at 7:00 with Janis Janis Joplin road manager John Byrne Cook.
welcomes and Internet of Things analyst John Byrne - Yahoo Finance UK via
Or a fabric print that was plaid as drawn by Jack Kirby or John Byrne.
John Byrne felt compelled to explain why Norman Osborn and Sandman have similar HAIR.
was born in in September 1832. At the age 22 he was awarded the http:…
The boss of John Byrne with the legendary Steve Backley to celebrate the first 10 years.
On the Road with Janis Joplin -- written and read by John Byrne Cooke by Penguin Audio (USA)
Christmas is *actually* just a pagan midwinter festival, hijacked by John Lewis. It's not really the day John Lewis was bo…
Looking forward to John Byrne's Colquhoun & MacBryde with tonight.
Crying at the John Lewis advert is not good😢
Once again, the John Lewis Christmas advert does not fail to destroy you on the inside 💔
I highly recommend reading the John Byrne run of Sensational She-Hulk from the late 80s too. It's dated, but in a good way.
This is actually quite funny > Four reasons why I don’t like the John Lewis Christmas advert
Now it's my turn. Uncanny X-Men April 1980. John Byrne, Terry Austin,. and Chris Claremont
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NotJB: Hi. The John Byrne story you are looking for is this one. "Metropolis 900 Mi."
A FF movie based on the John Byrne run would be fantastic.
"Tonight: Jon welcomes John Cleese. His new book is "So, Anyway..." 11/10c. . I love John Cleese!
I don't even know where to start with that John Byrne quote. What is he even talking about?
John Byrne (in one of his non-crazy moments) removed captions & thought balloons from Fantastic Four before it was fashionable...
Attending Annual Public Meeting at Sheraton in St. John's. Maybe it's just me, but maybe the next APM shoul…
I'm looking forward to reading this one!. On the Road with Janis Joplin. by John Byrne Cooke: via
I hope another Marvel power team get some mention, the team of John Byrne and Chris Claremont
You can book a place to hear artist John Byrne in conversation on November 28 6.30pm. Details here:
LATEST: John Byrne calls on to return Vito Lopez money
Mercy Graves ( from Superman: The Animated Series ) to me she was the perfect match to that shows version of Lex Luthor . ( who was pretty much the John Byrne /Marv Wolfman Lex ) voiced by Clancy Brown . to me watching it as a Kid I like how they created a Strong female character who compliments the personality of the villain they are the right hand women who had unique personality and quirks that make make them stand out from the crowed ( like Mercy for instance unlike Harley who is a Fun loving screwball who is in love with her Puddin Mista J ) Mercy Was All Business . I would compare her rooflessness and guile to that of her Boss Luthor . its a Character I feel could still have potential in the New 52 DCU ( maybe have her show up in Harley`s Book as a Longtime Rival who has ties to working with Luthor . except now Mercy is like Co -Owner of Lexcorp and Lex would treat her as an Equal ) I am sure it could work . also other things I like about Mercy such as her Character design by Bruce Timm in the STAS ...
Brian John Spencer: Artists are labourers to their unconscious: Scottish artist John Byrne with a self-portra...
. i love John Byrne. also, shout out to John Walker aka U.S. Agent, and former Captain America!
Guys I wish had big honking art books out: Art Adams, Dave Cockrum, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Zeck, John Byrne, Rudy Nebres. Someone do it!
Three Sisters-a powerful classic from John Byrne and Andy Arnold and
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Any time spent at the John Byrne exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is time very well spent indeed.
Review of John Byrne's 1960s version of Chekhov's Three Sisters. via
Remember it well. John Byrne missed a great chance at 0-0 didn't he?
Marvel Premiere featuring first appearance of Ant-Man (Scott Lang) with art by John Byrne
A little more wedding prep from Sunday. Thanks for the awesome time Loren Byrne and Juliana Jason. John Azevedo...
I figure, 500 pages of John Byrne's Star Trek comics should help keep the kid off the mean streets for a while longer...
Between creaming over Reed Richard's last name and this I'm starting to believe John Byrne is a silly man.
That guy is the John Byrne of people who write oral histories of cable channels.
Today's reviews: John Byrne's new version of Three Sisters coming soon to
After reading all the John Byrne Avenger issues from the 70's I've decided to redo Falcon and his power set. That's up next. Stay tuned.
Don't forget John Byrne at the National Portrait Gallery, whatever you do. It's a stunner.
Photoset: Wolverine - A series of commissions by John Byrne. 2006-2009. To view the previous series of...
Topic of conversation tomorrow at PGA Show in the UK, John Byrne
Head to for John Byrne’s “Sitting Ducks”, before this exhibition tours to Inverness Art Gallery
Photoset: johnbyrnedraws: Wolverine - A series of commissions by John Byrne. 2008-2012. To view the...
There's room at the top, they're telling you still. But first you must learn how to smile as you kill. - John Lennon
John Byrne and Peter Capaldi In Conversation? Don't mind if I do.
Ha ha - John Byrne would beat me in painting using his foot.
Theatre Review: Three Sisters John Byrne brings new life to Chekov classic says
It was! It was during the early 90s right after Crisis On Infinite Earths. John Byrne's Superman, George Perez's Wonder Woman
Photo: comicsforever: Cyclops and Marvel Girl’s Last Stand // artwork by John Byrne (2011) A new take on...
Also, they were drawn by John Byrne. Which is prophetic and, thus, even funnier in retrospect.
Photo: johnbyrnedraws: Thor & Superman commission by John Byrne. 2014. John included the request by the...
Kinda glad I never got super into John Byrne. Because guess what he thinks about the Kirby settlement.
It’s difficult to ignore the rapid rise of ‘craft beer’ in recent years. According to the Society of Independent Brewers, in 2013 Britons consumed almost 33 million more pints of locally brewed beer than in 2012, and sales rose by an estimated 8% to 1.55 million barrels. From Brooklyn to Brisbane and all points in between, this is a trend that just keeps on growing. It’s become ‘cool’ to drink and appreciate good beer.   An interesting phenomenon that’s come out of this development is the requirement for these cool beverages to have equally cool branding, leading to the emergence of some incredibly creative and inspiring beer label designs.     Here’s your chance to apply your creativity to a beer label design…   The Prize    We’ve teamed up with beer producer Andrew Barnett, founder of the iconic Barney’s Beer, to offer the opportunity for one IDI student to follow in the footsteps of the legendary John Byrne and design a label that will be printed and used on a limited editio ...
New post (Mid-Ohio Con poster by John Byrne & Gerry Turnbull.) has been published on Webcomics Guide
Photoset: johnbyrnedraws: Fantastic Four fan fiction in the style of Jack Kirby by John Byrne, pages 1-10.
kind of a toss up, John Byrne for art and Moore for writing, but NO ONE comes close to the Generalissmo !!!
Unsuccessful queuing so instead spent some time at National Portrait Gallery admiring John Byrne and the building
what's funny is that if any if those baby booming cry babies read John Byrne's Man of Steel, they'd realize this is the Superman
NotJB: Darren Cross first appeared in Marvel Premiere as drawn by John Byrne. Here's a page from
. I yawned at the Frank Miller and John Byrne signings when I was a kid.
C'mon don't bring Fraizer Campell back. That would be absolute madness when Don Goodman & John Byrne are available.
Privileged to meet John Byrne today, who has to be one of the coolest guys in Scotland and such a Gent
To be honest, most of the comics kept that. John Byrne's run in 80s is homage to Lee+Kirby, and most recent Fraction run was great
Photoset: marvel1980s: 1984 - Anatomy of a cover - Power Man and Iron Fist by John Byrne
Marvel should get Rocksteady or some other good studio to make a FF game written by John Byrne. Show Fox how it's done.
Congrats to MTA NYC client John Byrne, who just finished choreographing a commercial for White House | Black Market.
I know I still have time! Happy Canada Day! Thank you Canada for John Byrne, Chris Jericho, Scott Pilgrim, Pamela Anderson & Wordburglar.
Gray's brings degree shows to a close: Veteran Scots artist and writer John Byrne has long been critical of th...
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