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John Brennan

John Brennan Hussey (born 1934), an attorney who specializes in contracts, served for two terms (1982–1990) as the Democratic mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana.

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.on LIVE: Former CIA director John Brennan testifies on Russia
"Ex-CIA director John Brennan: 'Unresolved questions' about Trump campaign ties to Russia." (via
Did Russia try to interfere with the election in 2016? You bet, former CIA director John Brennan told a House...
Obama's CIA head John Brennan makes his case on Tuesday: I'm not going to discuss WikiLeaks "lest my head explode right here…
Yes sir, Obama did with help of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, FBI Comey/McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, S…
Looks like John Brennan, Obama CIA Director, colluded with British and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy.
Sally Yates, John Brennan, and James Clapper have been asked to testify in an open House intel hearing next week…
Confirmed: Former CIA chief John Brennan colluded with foreign spies to defeat Trump via
Obama's John Brennan had murdered because Fred Thompson subpoenaed Brown to testify against…
Why isn't Islamic convert and traitor John Brennan in prison ?
I suggest we use CIA interrogation methods (waterboarding) on John Brennan until he admits he hacked Michael Hastings'…
Chuck Schumer, John Brennan named in Turkey probe into US-based cleric
Mike Pompeo demonstrates he is every bit as bad as John Brennan for spreading brazen lies & BS propaganda.
Yes, Holder/Obama did surveillance on John Brennan is alleged to have spied on Han…
James Clapper lied to & John Brennan lied to ,that is US Congress, that is the American people!
James Clapper, Muslim convert John Brennan, and Obama are enemies of the state and need to be treated as such.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mr. President, Please FIRE FBI Director James Comey. He is a part of that swamp. So are James Clapper & John Brennan. Beware
exactly! How about investigating Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, James Clapper and get rid of Obama holdovers…
head John Brennan spied on supporters
I liked a video from Obama ORDERED Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan,…
congress needs to investigate John Brennan and James Clapper two Obama political hacks.
Susan Rice was only the first. Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Clapper, John Brennan, Clinton & Obama…
BREAKIING INTEL: Sources in IC indicate that Susan Rice Valerie Jarrett and John Brennan falsely created FISA to spy o…
You were a bit teary eyed the day you had John Brennan on before the elections to talk about North Korea...
.Nunes canceled the open hearing Monday w Clapper and John Brennan! Comey and Rogers cancelled yesterday!
Why would Devin Nunes cancel the open hearing with Sally Yates, John Brennan, & James Clapper due to speak? Answer:
John Brennan is the leaker of info mark my words
in contact with Wikileaks' Jennifer Robinson hours before, was going to expose CIA director John Brennan. Murderers.
John Brennan of The Record reports "last seven games of the Nets’ lackluster season will be available on Comcast."
AP McCoy last night in telly and John Brennan in IN today
Trump propaganda network setting John Brennan and James Clapper up for treason charges.
Don't let CIA outgoing director John Brennan out of sight! He's got a lot of "splanning" to do! FACT
Poor choice of words by director John Brennan to refer to the President of The United States
Ex-CIA director John Brennan: 'Trump should be ashamed of himself' over CIA remarks
Priebus: "I think [outgoing CIA director] John Brennan has a lot of things to answer for in regard to these leaked documents…
John Brennan is a partisan hack and a disgrace. His CIA tried to undermine Trump. Trump should respond:
This situation exposed what a political hack John Brennan, CIA Director is. Same guy who lied, for Obama, about ISIS.
"Trump should be ashamed of himself." - former CIA director John Brennan
John Brennan was completely unqualified to be Director of CIA.
Barack Obama's CIA director actually converted to Islam &media ignored it, John Brennan is praising Islam&how beautiful the religion is.
Latest podcast talks to outgoing CIA director John Brennan re the intelligence community and Trump
I'm “deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA" -John Brennan,…
John Brennan is completely unqualified to be Director of Central Intelligence
Outgoing CIA director John Brennan is not having Trump's "Nazi" attack on his agents.
Reince Priebus: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan is 'bitter' he wasn't retained by President Trump -
Former CIA chief John Brennan says Donald Trump should 'be ashamed' Finance States Jones
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John Brennan is a complete tool, along with the liberal mouthpiece Shepard Smith
Trump is losing it; just called CIA Director John Brennan "the leaker of Fake News" and blamed him–NOT Putin–for Russia's…
I just want to say this. I hope President-Elect Trump gets rid of John Brennan.Day one!
. John Brennan appears to be as corrupt as one can get. An evil man.
John Brennan is on TV right now saying they just wanted him to know that those rumors were out there, no importance.
Did Trump just react to an unfavorable article by accusing John Brennan of leaking intelligence?
John Brennan should be the first one Trump fires
Mr wallace. The intelligence community follows order from Obama. John Brennan is a traitor.its part his fault in Syria.
Says the Chief whose account was hacked by a teenager...
Seriously, screw all these "intelligence hacks" lecturing Trump on what to say and do with fake Russia stories.
tell John Brennan Lookout he's behind the grassy knoll
The NSA is monitoring all comms by CIA Director John Brennan and ODNI James Clapper. There will be a public airing at a…
You are Attacking people Like John Brennan Who Protect this Country. You are a Coward and A american Traitor.
CIA chief John Brennan has a stern warning for Donald Trump.
WikiLeaks chief John Brennan "is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists"
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The US Intel society in DC is a joke. John Brennan is a disgrace to our country. DEM and sees his party imploding
Revisiting an old article: John Brennan: From Mecca to Washington
CIA Director Brennan: Trump should develop 'appreciation' for intel community
BBC News - CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue .
Is CIA head John Brennan's emotional behavior the result of a grudge over WikiLeaks publishing his emails?. .
Can't make it up: here's Trump pal Roger Stone's rejoinder to John Brennan about PEOTUS comparing CIA to Nazis
when John Brennan spied on Congress, then lied about it
Chris great interview with John Brennan. He was very frank and Trump would be wise to listen to him
Susan Rice, Mike Morrell, James Clapper, Mike Rogers, John Brennan, all with history of lying. All documented on video.
Kudos2 -someone on Fox who finally admits there are political people in Intel Agencies&not just pol appointeeslike John Brennan.
John Brennan says to not trust WikiLeaks. The same John Brennan that lied to the Senate a…
1. Julian Assange is not a "fugitive". He has been granted political asylum. 2. John Brennan should resign:
John Brennan has a personal vendetta against WikiLeaks. . Washington Post declines to name him, re: Vermont Hacking. htt…
Sgt John Brennan from is on now talking about how is the best policy
Surprise - Surprise - Obama's CIA Director John O. Brennan was also Director when the CIA Hacked the United States…
CIA's John Brennan thinks election interference is "Beneath this country's greatness", but didn't CIA perfect it?
CIA director John Brennan is a Muslim convert? via
John Brennan on a rampage for the next few weeks 😒
John Brennan says it's the families of fallen CIA agents he will remember the most
There have been notable conversions to Christianity too. Btw, stop peddling…
that is a headline. In the article it says John Brennan said that
FBI and DNI did NOT assert the intent to tip the election. Only John Brennan said that
Easy the other muslim John Brennan, obamas boy toy.
Listen to interview with CIA Director John Brennan tomorrow on &
JUST POSTED: Director John Brennan talks to about how the U.S. should respond to Russian hacking:…
CIA chief John Brennan said some retaliation techniques were "beneath this country's greatness."
Just in case anyone thinks that John Brennan is the final word on he spied on Senate.
It's absolutely disgraceful what's going on in this WH with people like Obama, "Dirty Harry" Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Brennan!
John Brennan is a political hack 35 days until we begin to drain the swamp
UNITED STATES: CIA head John Brennan says Donald Trump's call to rip up the Iranian nuclear deal would be "height of fol…
The era of digital warfare is upon us: How CIA director John Brennan is preparing America's spies http…
The CIA removed the rev limiter on Michael Hastings car to kill him because he was investigating John Brennan. No longer a theory.
Valerie Price, Cormac O'Connell, Dominick Lewis and John Brennan of Duboin Airport arriving in Schiphol this...
CIA Director, John Brennan makes some important observations about terrorism and Islam.
now it's documented that CIA was involved in coup atempt in Turkey 15 july.. John Brennan..Graham Fuller and Morten Abramovitz
WATCH John Brennan from Gain Feeds discusses his cow and weanling management system
My boyfriend bought some through John Lewis and when they broke they swapped them no problem. I'd recommend doing that!
Interesting read with Amaris Hospitality CEO's John Brennan on business, brands and Brexit
Amaris Hospitality CEO John Brennan on business, brands and Brexit
I'm sorry for the wait! Have any e-mails been sent about the delay? Be sure to check the spam folders. ^EP
My first order delivery was expected today. Now delayed. not off to a good start.
Dean plays Dude, Angie plays Feathers; Rick Nelson is Colorado; Walter Brennan is Stumpy & the Duke is John T. Chance
To Brennan at Papa John's in Maryville, you need to learn to respect individuals. I'm disgusted with how you spoke to me on the phone.
John Brennan to self immolate as an act of contrition for their part in the destruction of the USA.
John Brennan to live in the streets as they thought appropriate for Nobody so let it be writtenso let it be done
John Brennan you will be hunted down for being traitors to the Constitution and prosecuted and likely executed.
John Brennan Destruction of evidence to be tried absentia
These stories are absolutely tiny compared to what is being written about Lochne by Wetzel and Brennan.
John Brennan crafted the false talking points that Hillary and Susan Rice gave regarding Benghazi promoted to CIA director.
After years of wanting to do it, I finally made the journey from John O' Groats to Lands End!
Yes!, and I issued a Fatwa on head John Brennan . *** all
God bless you all went to Trenton New Jersey instead of Washington this year John Bolton also
I think we do have to take off the gloves in some areas, but within balance, and at the right
.scoop: CIA director John Brennan wants to stick around for a Hillary admin.
Obviously, the death of Usama Bin Laden marked a strategic milestone in our effort to defeat
CIA Director John Brennan was not altogether happy about it. But Donald Trump was briefed: here’s my BBC piece.
John Prine, Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan will receive this year's PEN Lyric Award Prize:
> John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in. > Saudi Arabia. ? Is that true
Jihad is holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's commu
I think the rule should be that if we're going to take actions overseas that result in the dea
Electronic Device Insurance
To me, terrorists should not be able to hide behind their passports and their citizenship, and
Some eerie & downright chilling info about John Brennan everyone should know ht…
To: Head John Brennan a Fatwa has been issued on your life as a professional War Criminal. Collectors R invited for coffee
Where terrorists offer injustice, disorder and destruction, the United States and its allies s
Meet out new management team (from L to R):. Brennan Alberts, Bar & Service Manager. John Proulx, Assistant Kitchen...
CIA Director John Brennan has already suggested he would resign if Trump elected rather than comply with Trump’s order…
The last person on this earth I wanna deal with is you lol
you are going Rand Paul on me here...
When the Director of the CIA, John Brennan says the Istanbul ISIS attack is a warning, pay attention
At a event, CIA Director John Brennan speaks about fighting by using
Don't miss Director John Brennan as he discusses transparency and effective oversight at the Dinner on 7/19.
Chief, "Just keep doing it until I get arrested." John O. Brennan CIA Director to Christy
Fabulous Elgar Cello Concerto this evening, Cecilia Bignall with John Brennan and the wonderful youth orchestra!
Respectfully DC Police Chief, I would John O. Brennan CIA arrested releaved of duty or detained based on the allegations
DefenseOne says John Brennan's CIA confirmation was filibustered when Pres. Obama's admin wouldn't answer if drone could be used stateside
At the end of the day this is all that matters. Thank you John Brennan and congrats on your major success.
John Brennan converted to Islam as a college exchange student when he was in Cairo
Why's CIA director John Brennan smoking a cigarette in downtown Oakland?. That's totally bad for his health
I'll never understand why people will walk/ ride their bikes on a busy 55 mph road
SAVE THE DATE: INSA Leadership Dinner with CIA Director John Brennan on July 19th | Read more:
Global instability and ungoverned spaces: John O. Brennan discusses instability and transnational threats to global…
PressTV-US spymaster: Assad is now stronger -
CEO John Brennan taking the stage at the
seen this? CIA Director John Brennan speaks on geoengineering. Last 5 paragraphs.
Do u really think Gen. Petreaus wants to be John Brennan's latest victim?
This whole quote DM thing is taking over my timeline rn
.Director John Brennan responds to recommendations by in an interview with
Last week Director Brennan Issued a Statement to Workforce on Diversity in Leadership Study Year One Implementation:.
Brennan & Dale-entertaining 'Step Brothers.' Kinda like J. Edgar & John Roberts. But they both 'folded.' Figure it out. Feel the Bern? LOL
CIA director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him | Trevor Timm
John Brennan, was the station for Cia in 1991!! General Richard Myers, vice chief in Pentagon, and General James Clapper!
John Brennan said go to Russia and get a divorce
John Brennan is a traitor. Covering up the crime of 9/11 is a favor to the terrorists.
The CIA director John Brennan had his email hacked personal & sensitive info leaked on the internet so what is Safe?
CIA director John Brennan is a Muslim convert? | if true, we must address this.
.No treaty explains the covert, accidentally revealed presence of CIA director John Brennan in Kiev in 2014.
John Brennan, CIA chief, in Bosnia on unannounced counterterrorism visit: … John O. Brennan to Bosnia and Her...
Head of the CIA Unexpectedly Arrives in Bosnia: The Director of the CIA, John Brennan arrives in Bosnia to mee...
John Brennan: USA much safer than it's ever been since 9/11, but (US support to) terrorists mark steady growth.
CIA chief says he would refuse to let the agency carry out the torture that Trump and Cruz have vowed to bring back https:…
CIA would ignore torture orders from a President Cruz or Trump, director says via BRENNAN FIRED
CIA John Brennan converted to Islam of course he won't want to defend Americans against
It's amazing how John Brennan walks given the size of his stones.
John Brennan's horse is mighty high.
.coming up w/ talking about & and director John Brennan's view on it
Little Giant Ladders
CIA Director John Brennan tells the agency won't use waterboarding even if ordered by a future President…
CIA chief Brennan would not carry out waterboarding torture for Trump or Cruz
Per CIA Director John Brennan, carnival barker Trump is not Caesar. If he ordered water boarding, the CIA would tell him t…
Muslim trash John Brennan confuses himself with someone who has a say in the future activities of the CIA.
"If you want somebody waterboarded, bring your own *** bucket" & other CIA reax to renewed debate on waterboarding
we don't "torture".Trump says it's 'ridiculous' for CIA chief to reject waterboarding via
John Brennan assures us he won't let any "CIA officer" carry out waterboarding. . . CIA officers didn…
The CIA will never use waterboarding again, says Director John Brennan.
CIA director vows not to bring back waterboarding — no matter what Donald Trump might order htt…
Agree about Kiriakou; doubt very much that John Brennan is telling the truth.
Trump: Brennan's Refusal on Waterboarding 'Ridiculous' Trump fires Brennan and deputy takes over - problem solved !
Does John Brennan not realize he will be fired on Jan. 17 2017
After Donald Trump mocked CIA Director John Brennan's opposition to waterboarding, Brennan said he'd be willing to waterboard *one* guy...
but here is the direct link to the photo of John Brennan and Victoria Nuland together in Kyiv.
I'll be calling verification once in custody from Obama, Ashton Carter and John Brennan.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
“The president recognized during the course of the Arab Spring that the Middle East was consuming us,” said John Brennan
Jim Clapper is afraid of your smart-toaster. John Brennan is afraid of your power going out. Boy. We have made progress in cybersecurity.
Tuesday, Feb 9 CIA director John Brennan indicates that the foreign policy ideas of Hillary Clinton were disastrous.
Tuesday: CIA director John Brennan on the Middle East Clinton foreign policy does kill
Director John Brennan believes the not the only operation has "in the pipeline"
Only 60 days left. But who's counting?
NO I'm not at I'm fundraiser John Brennan maybe iShould start
Please do not take for granted the people who truly care about you for people who are fun for the moment
*** Mil Ball is sneaking up and I need to find a date soon! 😅
for example he voted against the confirmation of CIA Director John Brennan in part due to concerns over the CIA’s drone program.
Good luck in national team maths final in NUIG on 5th March.Steffi Brennan, Bronwyn Grace, John Harte & Robbie power
she saw them Dena, John list is endless of talent and Brennan Tami roommate and she remember the coats on her BED till u GET
Who would you rather have as Romo's backup, Manziel / Griffin?
Why is the CIA Director still using for email? Exclusivity? Loves that "You've Got Mail!" sound? Loyal perhaps?
Suzanne, do you think John would let me borrow his mixer?
John Scott's NHL All-Star weekend is why hockey fans love the sport
As we've seen, deploying large armies abroad won't always be our best offen...
To all those who are happy to see this:. (Courtecy of CIA). John Brennan (Paul Brennan) on crutches and the other guy you know in a wheelchair
John Scott, just another player to find his offensive touch in a Darryl Sutter system.
Per Joe Pelletier: John Scott now has more career All-Star Game goals than Sidney Crosby.
What We Don't Know About Drones: Dexter Filkins on John Brennan, & the information black hole in America's secret wars: http…
John Brennan was turned and became a Muslim while CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia
The actions that we take on the counterterrorism front, again, are to take actio...
Look out for all the propaganda coming from people like John Brennan about encryption! We need to defend our orivacy
John Scott will be in the NHL all star game. I can sleep well now.
I see John Brennan converted to Islam.Seems like . The whole cabinet is for Muslims not Americans.This admin.needs to be swept out very soon!
thank you guys so much I know I'm beautiful 😭😭😍
John Scott being voted in and Kane being named captain don't mean anything. None of it matters. Stop pretending this holds bearing. Go live.
This is a good sign. Douglas Scheckelhoff Jenna Hecker John Brennan
John Brennan was about to say he was sorry:
Read our featured artist article about here...
John Coghlan and Caroline Crowley got the year off to a winning start at the Tom Brennan 5k
Race Report: John Coghlan and Caroline Crowley were top of the pile at a big turnout at the Tom Brennan 5k in the...
I had a great New Year's Eve! I went to Brennan's Pub which is one of the local bars and partied. My roommate John partied with me too.
.and imo it all fell under White House counterterrorism advisor John
John Coghlan first overall in 15:15 at the Tom Brennan 5k
Still have never had a New Years kiss
We will use all lawful tools at our disposal, and that includes authorities unde...
Hello everyone. John Smallwood makes bold statements and can't back them up.
3. CIA Director Hacked: The personal email account of John Brennan, the director of CIA was also hacked.
Shout out to SA Finest, Ani from Brennan goes for 20 today against John Jay.
27-6A girls basketball . End of the 1st. Brennan Bears 14. John Jay Mustangs 6. .
Let's sue Jennifer Brennan, Roger Jones, Ed John & Shawn Atleo while we're at it.
2015 was a year of jaw-dropping hacks. From CIA director John Brennan’s private email to Sony Inc, from the IRS to CVS, from Target
old man John Smallwood wants to trade Noel/Saric and a 1st for LaVine and should be fired for a young, intelligent writer.
I added a video to a playlist Thank you John! (brennan toler testimonial)
CIA Dir says more attacks on the way, calls for increased intel collection authority.
8 days after Benghazi, Montagraph established that muslim movie name change came from JOHN BRENNAN FORMER CO., STANLEY INC
I no longer have to act as if I'm Jeffrey John Brennan, thank you for getting me to this day. Fake it till you make it!
Lol him and Obama oh and John Brennan. All Muslims according to wing nuts.
John Brennan's former co. is respons. for name change of blamed Benghazi video, "Innocence of Muslims" Treason, quite simply
Backdoors won't protect us from terrorism suspects:.
Hillary needs a better reply than John Brennan says we have to do this
I'll start smiling again when he's on the CIA hit list and John Brennan or you strangle him
Our hearts ache for those killed and injured in those savage attacks. - John Brennan
opportunities for all kind of agents/organizations to exploit them. Also, this wired post nails it:
After Paris attacks, the CIA Director is pushing for encryption backdoors. Here's what he gets wrong:
Amy Davidson, The New Yorker . Davidson writes: "Soon after John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence...
John Brennan has cast blame on Edward Snowden for the Paris attacks. Logic says otherwise, writes:
RELEASE: CIA chief John Brennan emails -- day two
Sen. Mark Udall calls for CIA Director John Brennan's resignation, says the "CIA is lying":
After Paris attacks, CIA director John Brennan reignited the debate on surveillance, reports:
Dear John Brennan, James Woolsey and other spies: Don't blame Edward Snowden for the Paris attacks.
.After having failed to protect the West, the CIA, unfailingly, asks for greater power.
Watch what media says about appalling, if not libellous
CIA Director John Brennan: ISIS has more attacks in pipeline.
Cargin Senior Footballer of the year John Caron receives his award from manager John Brennan
Must-read: NYT Editorial on the "disgraceful" exploitation by CIA of Paris attack, John Brennan's pathological lying https:…
Last night I got to meet the Director of the CIA, John Brennan! via /r/pics
talks about a teenager hacking James Clapper's email - it was CIA director John Brennan. Paul is an unqualified clown.
John Brennan, Director of CIA, accepts the American Patriot Award on behalf of the men, woman /families of the CIA.
A group of teen hackers who accessed the personal email of CIA director John Brennan last month published a new...
Heard on Hackers behind chief John Brennan email now claim hack of Deputy Director Mark Giuliano's inbox.
Maybe director John Brennan should recruit who hacked into his account!
The CIA condemns Wikileaks over publication of documents from a private email account of director John Brennan.
The teen who hacked into the CIA Director’s email tells how he did it /
"Someone, reportedly a teenager, hacked into CIA Director John O. Brennan's AOL account. He says he did so by posing as a Verizon employee"
Well, John Brennan deleted his email because we kept jacking it LOL
CIA Director John Brennan 'outraged' by hack of his emails.
John Brennan was the guest of Mossad chief Tamir Pardo and met with members of the Israeli intelligence community..
US authorities look into reports that CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account has been hacked by a high-schoo…
The CIA Director broke his silence this week about being the victim of some highly personal espionage... via
Wikileaks claims to have released emails of CIA director John Brennan after a high school student said he hacked his account.
Teen posed as a Verizon employee to SE CIA Director's AOL email password. Yes, the director of the CIA uses AOL.
Why was the Ferrum College admissions department's email among those listed in CIA Director John Brennan's emails?
John Brennan suggested Colin Powell as presidential envoy to Iran:
The CIA director was hacked. How could this happen?: John Brennan is just the latest public figure to be invol...
John Brennan email privately bemoans "damaging leaks of classified information" lol
John Brennan suggests intel community unable to " a timely, efficient, and coordinated manner" https:…
John Brennan: "Even Iran's positive engagement in helping repair...Afghanistan was met w indifference by Washington" h…
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Speaking of having your email hacked, and John Brennan have something in common
John Brennan privately said it was "long overdue" for US to appoint an ambassador to Iran, reveals: https:/…
Was America's top spy, CIA Dir. John Brennan hacked... by a teen?
Apparently the teen who hacked into John Brennan's AOL account did it as a mark of protest against the murder of innocent Palestinians
President reacts as John Brennan briefs him on the details of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
So far John Brennan is winning the character poll. Have to be honest, I thought Jim Braddock would be :) (Lainy)
Brennan Boesch in to hit for John Lamb
Brennan: Who is one man that you would sleep with if you were a girl?. Brennan and Dale: John Stamos!. Dale: Oh my gosh.
Is Brennan fishing or golfing?. Is John golfing or playing baseball?
can't imagine why I didn't think of him earlier, but it's so obvious: John Brennan.
Margaret Brennan, the consummate journalist, writes as follows:. Iran is issue for John Kerry at He'll...
UNITED STATES - JANUARY 29: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, left, and CIA Director John Brennan...
I’ve written to the Honorable John Brennan [DCI] requesting to follow-up on outlawry—aware of domestic jurisdiction impediment
The Pope visiting Washington and John Boehner announcing his resignation is the most believable exorcism story I've eve…
to retire. Agree with him on policy or not, he's had an impressive career in public service.
Glad to learn that has rescinded Cosby's honorary degree (awarded in 2001): Now about John Brennan's...
John Brennan insinuates anyone strongly critical of CIA is being controlled by foreign actors http:/…
John Brennan, key architect of secret drone policy for Obama admin, confirmed to position of CIA chief
Its a military invasion .. orchestrated by Obama / CIA John Brennan who is Muslm convert
Realistically *** Vitale and John Gruden are the best commentators of all time
CIA Director John Brennan visited Kiev and ordered an attack on Novorossiyans. Shame on the American-
Bishop Brennan:"I'm going to Rome tomorrow for an audience w/ the Pope!". Dougal:"I love those programs, have y'seen the one w/ Elton John?"
Wow, My University just took away Bill Cosby's honorary doctorate.wait then how tf does John O. Brennan still have his?!.
Is there a connection, can you join up the dots? JOHN BRENNAN; SAUDIS; WAHABISM; ISLAMIC EXTREMISM... and ask why?
Actuallyy... Audrey, Shelli,Da'Vonne, Jason, James, Vanessa, Becky, Jackie and John for all stars.
Congratulations to John Brennan of who was named a national semifinalist for the Campbell Trophy!
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