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John Boyega

John Boyega is a British-Nigerian actor best known for portraying the lead role in the 2011 science fiction film Attack the Block.

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congrats to John Boyega for being the real sexiest man alive 2017
KOP be way too packed on Black Friday
getting in line at the theater to watch the Incredibles 2
I've just realised that John Boyega resembles Denzel and that explains a lot of my fangirling
People visiting the Buvvins were intellectually oppai but I encourage suicide be committed by a John Boyega passion project.
only saying this cause lil bro made mom watch the Force Awakens now John Boyega has a new fan.
A concept? . Idris Elba as Eddard Stark. Octavia Spencer as Catelyn Tully. John Boyega as Robb Stark. Chosen Jacobs as Bran…
will be inarguably low-quality craft beer and I basically want to die because of a John Boyega passion project.
The Circle's storyline is meh but Emma Watson, Karen Gillan and John Boyega in one movie?
After Craig is done. The new James Bond should be John Boyega and directed by Nolan. Make it happen!
I completely understand. I stan Alan Yang, Oscar Isaac, Ed Sheeran, and John Boyega. So I'm going to do w…
ICYMI: John Boyega shared his opinions on the possibility of Finn being a Jedi:
Is it just me or did people completely sleep on the movie for The Circle?. Netflix + Tom Hanks + John Boyega, Karen Gillian, Emma Watson?!?
John Boyega and Daisy Ridley on the set of Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
Glad that both Daisy Ridley & John Boyega are doing well outside of the franchise. Type-casting can be troublesome for young stars
John Boyega impersonating Daisy Ridley on Ellen is still the best thing ever 2 years later
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I can't believe I disliked a movie with Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega in it
John Boyega should be young Harrison Ford famous after this if there's any Justice in the world.
Any Pacific Rim slander will cease & desist 2day. John Boyega is moisturized 2 the Gawdz & my childhood love 4 monster mo…
'Pacific Rim: Uprising' trailer blazes with Kaiju battles - CNET
I legit thought that John Boyega was playing Megaman when I first saw this thumbnail
John Boyega is going to be amazing in the drift.
Watch John Boyega in the new Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Does John Boyega have "Monsters must have glowing blue mouths" in his contract?
Pacific Rim uprising looks so sick!!! John Boyega is gonna kill it in this movie!
Watch the first full-length trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, starring Star Wars’ John Boyega, now.
= More Robots and bigger monsters. Plus very questionable 'tache from John Boyega.
Pacific Rum Uprising photos offer first look at John Boyega preparing to stomp monsters
Mark be calling John Boyega "son" just a few days after proclaiming Sebastian Stan his long lost son. Wow canceled.
"John Boyega? Well I've seen Wesley Snipes in Blade so I'm sure he's great. They're all great! Denzel Washington too!" h…
I could see John Boyega rocking this role, h…
My startup is called "Boyega" . It aims to replace coverage of that very bad bodega idea w/ photos of John Boyega look…
John Boyega should not have to defend himself --> 'Star Wars' Star John Boyega Defends Carnival Grinding:
If Hayden Christensen would've had some girls bending over dancing on him, he'd be a legend. But since John Boyega does it, it's bad. Foh
John Boyega & Will Poulter are defending the decision to cast British stars in their new film Read more:
John Boyega might have just confirmed Prince William and Prince Harry‘s appearance in
And . STARWARS has Daisy Ridley. STARWARS has Adam Driver. STARWARS has John Boyega. STARWARS has Oscar Isaac. SW ended every movie :D
Like his co-star Daisy Ridley, John Boyega was largely unknown when he was cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. T…
The fact that we got a Zendaya and John Boyega pic before Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley pics even though they're in the sa…
ENGLAND has Daisy Ridley. ENGLAND has John Boyega . ENGLAND has Tom Holland. ENGLAND has Anthony Daniels. ENGLAND has A…
I'm going to be a blubbering mess after watching
John Boyega’s complaints about LOTR and GoT remind me of this classic stand up comedy quote
dnaAfterHrs: talks about Princess Leia's farewell in
.Fisher "is still kept alive in this franchise. That's the beauty of it: She lives forever in a sense"
.says Finn & Leia have multiple scenes together in "We worked together closely on this"
The Last Jedi will be giving Carrie Fisher an amazing send off according to John Boyega.
John Boyega: The Last Jedi gives Carrie Fisher an 'amazing' send-off
'Last Jedi' sends Leia off 'in an amazing way,' John Boyega says
Super hyped going to see Detroit tonight.Even tho I always see John Boyega and just think of him as a storm trooper ha.
The next Felicity Jones, Christopher Nolan or John Boyega could be in this group - this year's BAFTA LA Newcomers:…
The title of this smells 'There are no black people on 'Game of Thrones,'' actor John Boyega says - ABC News
John Boyega has criticised the HBO series for its lack of diversity
Sickly clones of John Boyega will be emotionally cringy so I [predicate] the Wikimedia Foundation.
John Boyega: "I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-screen"
I love that shirt almost as much as I love John Boyega.
ICYMI: According to John Boyega, fans could see Finn and Phasma battle in
I'm watching a film with Emma Watson, Karen Gillian & John Boyega. So Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars mashed together in one! Amazing
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega's rap is amazing
And to think John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones were subject to so much internet butthurt.
Her salary was right on par with unknown actresses in 1st blockbuster. See Daisy Ridley, John Boyega & A…
The Last Jedi panel is shaping up. Moderated by Josh Gad and featuring John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and more. https:…
Still not over the exploding table, going to watch Daisy Ridley and John Boyega interviews until I'm calm
John Boyega and Steven Yuen fall in love during the apocalypse.
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega got paid only $100,000-$300,000 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
John Boyega has confirmed on BBC radio that Prince Harry, Prince William and Gary Barlow will be in
Star Wars actor John Boyega was among hundreds of people forced to evacuate the Old Vic theatre due to a bomb threat https:…
Woyzeck, Old Vic, London, review: John Boyega leaves you in no doubt about his stage chops
wasn't great but whatever, I'd watch anything with Emma Watson, Karen Gillian and John Boyega.
Riz Ahmed & Felicity Jones to the MET Gala, Daisy Ridley's Orient Express photos, John Boyega on TGN show, Donnie Yen to Comi…
Today May 4 is "Star Wars" day and star John Boyega, he of Nigerian parents, already promoting Dec 15 release of Episo…
The Circle Movie is NOW PLAYING. With an all star cast of Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega, you won't want...
For Christ's sake, Emma Watson, John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Tom Hanks, Patton Oswalt. How the *** did they get roped into a bad movie?
Even more disappointing when you look at the supporting cast has Karen Gillan, Patton Oswald, Bill Paxton & John Boyega.
not even Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega, Patton Oswald, and Karen Gillan could save that movie.
Check out a fun new video featuring John Boyega surprising some fans!...
When star John Boyega sneaks into your photo, it's pretty much the best photobomb ever
Who is John Boyega? Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor who plays Finn starring…
John Boyega photobombing Star Wars fans will fill you with the Force
John Boyega and Lindsey Morgan as international spies sent to kill each other
28 Days Later with John Boyega as Jim, Dichen Lachlan as Selena, Jorge Garcia as Frank, and Oscar Issac as major He…
City of Bones, with Brit Marling as Jace, Zendaya as Clary, John Boyega as Simon, Idris Elba as Luke.
📷 johnboyegadaily: John Boyega auditioning to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice.
John Boyega to star as a police officer during the 1967 Detroit riot in Kathryn Bigelow's 'Detroit' ht…
I had to change my ticket due to operation, oddly John Boyega and Jack Thorne hasn't been the hot ticket I expected
I'm am too excited about the Circle , Emma Watson Tom Hanks AND john boyega gimme it right now
Sickly clones of John Boyega are religiously anger so I make Call of Duty trolling compilations to annoy Rand Paul 2020 (not really though).
Can i just say, John Boyega, Emma Watson, and Karen Gillan in the same movie. Where do i sign up
John Boyega was great in Star Wars. But have you seen Imperial Dreams. The man is godly. It's all around phenomenal movie 🎥
Okay I'm a fan of Tom Hanks but haven't watched a film of his in ages but I will watch this upcoming one with John boyega & Emma Watson
Emma Watson, John Boyega, Tom Hanks, and Patton Oswalt in a movie together? SIGN ME UP!
I'm so glad we're getting a sequel with John Boyega.
John Boyega, Emma Watson, and Tom Hanks are in a movie together 😍
Why did nobody tell me that Rmma Watson and John Boyega are gonna be in a movie together?!?!?!
At least...not white actors. There are different stakes around John Boyega or Taraji P.…
The next (Dan Stevens-led!) movie from the director movie is headed to Netflix
john boyega posted this on Instagram 😢😢
John Boyega will play Jake Pentecost. Jake is the son of Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris Elba. https:…
yes true. I guess I might just naturally pay too much attention to john boyega lol.
Sickly clones of John Boyega will be playfully woke so I perform autofellatio towards dated jokes about Monica Lewinsky.
Oh true. I thought that was a screenshot from the john boyega movie.
Just had an allergic reaction to pre workout. Feels like I'm dying
John Boyega has no time for Samuel L. Jackson's 'Get Out' criticism
Actors that should've been cast instead of Ansel:. Logan Lerman. Dylan O'Brien. John Boyega. Emory Cohen. literally any other 20something actor
So far, I'm very happy with the guest announcements, but I'm still hoping for Mark Hamill, John Boyega and Daisy Ri…
I was just sort of imagining John Boyega. ... and while I was typing that I heard the Wilhelm scream in the clip
"Time of Hunt": In this crime drama, a medical examiner and John Boyega hunt serial killers in New Orleans
I really hope this rumor about Tom Hardy slapping John Boyega's *** in Star Wars VIII is true. The rest sounds bad
With great acting comes great accolades. Rising Star Holland follows in the footsteps of John Boyega, Kristen Stewart and Tom H…
Yes like John Boyega, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman; wait a minute there already loads in big movies!
Dave Eggers' book comes to life in the new film w/ Emma Watson, Tom Hanks & John Boyega
I went to Star Wars Celebration last year and nerded out because I saw Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and John Boyega
'The Circle' Trailer: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Karen Gillan Star in 'Wow! Look at that Cast!'
Just saw a trailer for The Circle. Adapted from a book, with Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, and Karen Gillan in the cast? A++ already!
Wait! If not Blue Marvel, how about John Boyega as Raymond Kane/Nighthawk?
Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Karen Gillan and John Boyega star in based on Dave Eggers' book. Here's the...
Yo there's a movie coming out in April that's similar to Black Mirror with John Boyega, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and Karen Gillan. SIGN ME UP
The Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega movie about a Monsanto/Google/Apple company looks awesome.
John Boyega. Shameik Moore. Michael B. Jordan. doing it for the youth
with David Oyelowo and John Boyega at the London Film Festival, repping Nigeria.…
John Boyega and Joe Cornish working together again would be very cool. Attack the Block was really dope.
I think the John Boyega autograph has become too common on SWCT..
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Daniel Radcliffe returns to UK stage after four years - and John Boyega's biggest theatrical role yet
Happy birthday John Boyega have a great day bro 😎🎉💯
I added a video to a playlist David Beckham and John Boyega Fight With Lightsabers - The Graham
John Boyega from Star Wars heading to Australia for sequel Pacific Rim: Maelstrom
John Boyega dressed as Finn visiting sick kids in the hospital
If Sherlock is over next season then reboot it again with John Boyega and Oscar Issac.
Woyzeck starring John Boyega at the Old Vic next year!!.via
That's a wrap for John Boyega on Kathryn Bigelow's untitled Detroit movie
That’s a wrap for John Boyega on Kathryn Bigelow’s untitled Detroit movie News
Heard that John Boyega is here for filming of Untitled Detroit Project with director Kathryn Bigelow. Tons of extras
I had a dream that I met john boyega
if you think John Boyega should appear on my inclusivity-centric podcast ✊😎
i thought this said John boyega why
hi the John Boyega relic pack isn't giving out 50k as advertised; just got 2 - more like 15k ign: RJL1138
I'm going to be her official John Boyega source
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My friend only j discovered the beauty that is John Boyega
mr. John boyega actor and sweetheart has shown his full support
John Adedayo Adegboyega, known professionally as John Boyega is a British actor best known for playing Finn in the
John Boyega dressed as Finn and visited sick kids in the hospital
'Star Wars' star John Boyega shares some inspirational Instagram advice, proves he's the best
When I see John Boyega on my feed he is literally geeking out more than anyone else about Star Wars I love it
I was watching Graham Norton with Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and David Beckham for the millionth time!
wow...just wow. Sorry to hear but good for her and good on John Boyega for supporting her decision.
John Boyega. Heart of gold and he always gives back. Inspirational. Adorable. POC lead in Star Wars.
I love Daisy Ridley, I love Daisy Ridley and John Boyega they're so good
'Star Wars' stars, old and new At a 'Star Wars' panel in London, John Boyega cheers for new Han Solo, Alden Eh
Chris Evans and John Boyega are the only men I trust. The rest can rot tbh.
John Boyega said Kelly Marie Tran will be like the new lead for the upcoming Star Wars film I want to cry and dance
The next Star Wars will be like an "indie movie," says John Boyega
John Boyega is in the house for the future filmmakers panel at
Leigh-Anne Pinnock is 24, so is John Boyega . I have found my new ship
Ok so the obvious: Morgan Freeman as Gandalf, Donald Glover as Frodo, John Boyega as Sam
John Boyega teases “something new” with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish
John Boyega and Joe Cornish are working on something together
John Boyega teases reunion with director
Directed by Joe Cornish and produced by Edgar Wright. With a baby John Boyega. Can't go wrong.
Warner Bros want to bring in Scott Eastwood to co-lead with star John Boyega.
John Boyega is gonna be in Paciffic Rim 2. hmmm
John Boyega, Emma Watson and Idris Elba to be among members of biggest, most diverse new Academy intake ever
Idris Elba, John Boyega & Eva Mendes invited to fight backlash by joining…
The Academy announces diverse class of new members including Idris Elba, John Boyega and America Ferrera
Idris Elba, John Boyega part of new inclusive Academy class
Idris Elba, John Boyega part of new diverse Academy class Hope ur screening out tobacco advertisers, too.
John Boyega. Matthew Morrison or Darren Criss or Chris Colfer I don't know😂
Watch John Boyega Prove He’s the Best Kind of Celebrity: John Boyega, the breakout star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, continues to...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
John Boyega will play Idris Elba’s son in the sequel. Can he be James Bond, too?
John Boyega will fight really big lizards in Pacific Rim 2
John Boyega takes lead role in Pacific Rim 2, will play the son of Idris Elba's character:
Pacific Rim 2: Star Wars' John Boyega cast as lead in sequel to monster epic
John Boyega to suit up for Pacific Rim 2
John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2 as a lead role
I hope John Boyega will still have time for stuff like FRANCES HA 2 or a movie where he beats up Ed Norton in a parking garage or something
This is my favorite sentence now: "John Boyega will play the son of the character played by Idris Elba"
Between Brian Tee trying to be Namor and John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2, this is turning out to be a good week.
John Boyega is doing so good for himself!! He's been announced in a bunch of movies the past few months hasn't he??
wasn't John Boyega at Warner Bro Studios recently? Maybe he'll be static!
Last night, dreamt I was groupmates w/ Oscar Isaac & John Boyega on writing a story + we were discussing if we shud make it 1st/3rd person 😁
My nominee for is John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
John Boyega - British actor born to Nigerian parents. You may know him as Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Celebs on this J train: Kelsey Grammar, Liv Tyler, JK Rowling, Ridley Scott, Bob Balaban, John Boyega, Lil Jon, the RZA and Adam Driver.
John Boyega is making his London stage debut - Here's how to get tickets first!.
dude Black Panther really gonna have John Boyega, Michael B Jordan, Lupita nyong'o... man what a power cast
John Boyega might be joining the already stacked 'Black Panther' cast.
THIS MOVIE WILL HAVE THE BEST CAST EVER. John Boyega, Lupita Nyong'o, and Michael B. Jordan? Take all my money now.
John Boyega and Kyle Lowry share a resemblance
The HoloNet Digest is up! This week's Star Wars links include John Boyega and Oscar Isaac's hints at Episode VIII:
Here's how Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and the cast of "Star Wars" celebrated Star Wars Day.
This is Jussie Smollett, NOT John Boyega. Google image search is RIGHT THERE.
📷 lovemyths: John Boyega and Bel Powley in Cannes (x)
Which celebrity y'all would want John Boyega with?
John Boyega may be the next actor to join 'Black Panther' film. Go inside and get the update..
Watching featuring 2011 John Boyega + comparisons of aliens to Dobby & Gollum.
It's all just speculations but HOPEFULLY we get John Boyega casted in Black Panther ! 💯👌
I think my mom thinks I'm a traitor for being excited about Rogue One because she asked me where John Boyega was in that poster...
glad you enjoyed it, John Boyega looks so different between then and now
So there's a rumor that John boyega is in Black Panther and I
I'm just tryin' to be John Boyega's girlfriend tbh.
I love you John Boyega, what an absolute star.
New 'Star Wars' will be 'darker, bigger' than 'Force Awakens': John Boyega
Is John Boyega meeting with Marvel Studios? On Snapchat he posted a…
Had a quick look under the car alright as I was leaving with the Dublin reg... Too soon? This John Boyega chap. He'll go places
if John Boyega is in the MCU there should be a scene where Spider-Man sees him and says "You remind me of Finn."
John Boyega is my click bait. I see his name in my feed and every single time, yes, I *do* want to know more!
John Boyega just teased a key plot line in Star Wars Episode VIII via
ohhmgofogo if John boyega is in Black Panther then My *** will b on Fire please confirm it
The cast is exceptional and a lot of them went on to bigger things, one in fact being John boyega
I just realised how much he looks like john boyega oh god
♡ Glenda Jackson in KING LEAR, John Boyega in WOYZECK...Sign up for priority tickets here:
John Boyega visits sick children at the Royal Hospital in London while dressed as Finn. Boyega said, "Really...
Comparing the Post-Force Awakens Projects of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega: . . On Wednesday, Vulture's Kyle Buchanan wr...
I just want to be friends with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. And Oscar Isaac.
Just rewatched Star Wars and can't stop thinking about how badass Rey is and how much I want Oscar Isaac & John Boyega to kiss
I agree with this list bcs it got T.O.P, John Boyega, Godfrey Gao and Oscar Isaac:
Watch Hood Documentary’s R.S. make his music video debut, with a cameo from John Boyega
Watch Daisy Ridley and John Boyega give Princes William and Harry a tour of the "Star Wars" set: 🎥
Prince William and Prince Harry meet Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill and John Boyega on Star Wars 8 set
Yes, sure, but I want to hear about the basketball game John Boyega and Chewbacca are describing to Prince Harry.
Wells reminds me a lot of john boyega
John Boyega needs to be a part of my everyday life
jawnbaeyega: Full entire complete offense but JJ Abrams looked John Boyega in his face and told him he was...
I swear to god I’d learn to like Star Wars if it meant I got to be friends with Mark Hamill and John Boyega.
Look, John Boyega is freaking out a little bit that he's standing next to Prince Harry.
I trust someone's working on a video of this that zooms in on John Boyega's face as The Sound of Silence plays?
Prince William and Prince Harry meet Chewbacca, BB-8, and John Boyega of 'Star Wars' at Pinewood Studios.
6. Oscar Isaac . • could've made Dr. strange better. • so kind. • a friend of John Boyega . • a ball of sunshine
📷 isaacoscar: Oscar Isaac and John Boyega at the Table Read for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
John Boyega is Finn in The Force Awakens Biggest Fan - "It's a Millennium Falcon, so don't…
I didn't even notice it but China's Force Awakens posters have BB-8 bigger and minimized John Boyega. *** 😶
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega rehearsed scenes while running on a treadmill to prep for running in sand in "Star Wars: The Fo…
that looks like Tracy Morgan, not John Boyega.
Real Clear Politics- Watch John Boyega and Daisy Ridley Rap About Star Wars: Finn 'n Rey have some rhymes. .
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega rap about 'Star Wars', Oscar Isaac dances = perfection -
Visit The Wall Street Journal to see a clip of John Boyega boarding the Millennium Falcon for the first t ...
John Boyega's reaction to first seeing the Millennium Falcon is exactly what ours would be too
John Boyega absolutely loses his s**t when he sees the Millennium Falcon for the first time
Kyle Lowry looks a lot like John Boyega 😂
John Boyega grants a very special wish. The rest of our week in pictures:
You did, after all, already woo John Boyega.
John Boyega had this perfect response when he was criticised for praising women.
Karen Gillan set to join Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega in cyberspace drama via
Website Builder 728x90
Did you know...John Boyega was originally attached to play Jesse Owens, but dropped out to star in Star Wars: Episode VII?.
📷 jonhsboyegas: Idris Elba congratulates John Boyega for winning the EE Rising Star Award
I would like to formally distance myself from the people who say, "I like John Boyega, but not in a sexual way".
Need to draw Dorian from more. I kinda picture him looking a bit like an older John Boyega
UK Ghostbusters dir by Wright: Zawe Ashton, Rafe Spall, John Boyega, Ellie Taylor as GB. Feat all the usual Wright suspects plus Matt Berry
Stop what you're doing and add John Boyega on snapchat
New on : John Boyega and Nick Frost in the great, Carpenter-esuqe alien action pic ATTACK THE BLOCK -
I never realized that John Boyega was Moses from attack the block
John Boyega should be NOMINATED as a LEAD ACTOR...because that's what he played in SWTFA. (Edit)
Confused by John Boyega nom as supporting while Ford is nominated as a Lead. Did you watch the same movie?
What's this about John Boyega being a Supporting Actor and Harrison Ford a lead?
.Why is John Boyega nominated as Supporting instead of Lead?
Missing him was dark grey all alone. (John Boyega)
So decided John Boyega was the supporting role and Harrison was the lead actor? I see you, casual racism.
Nice that they got Daisy Ridley. Next, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac!
All purpose parts banner
John Boyega was NOT a Supporting Actor! Do better.
Whoa. Can't believe John Boyega is NOT being acknowledged as the lead actor by .when he clearly is.
Why is John Boyega nominated as Supporting Actor instead of Lead for The Force Awakens?
When you find out that John Boyega is a Preacher's Kid 😳
I support my fav by letting you know that my fav, John Boyega, is NOT a Supporting Actor.
It makes zero sense that John Boyega is nominated in the Supporting Actor category at the because
John Boyega should be nominated for lead actor. He's one of the leads of the film, not Harrison Ford.
Why isn't John Boyega nominated for a leading actor? He's the lead
If anyone is the Supporting Actor, it's Harrison Ford, not John Boyega (aka the main male lead)
We play Fallout 4 and for some reason John Boyega gets brought up!
I think you missed a memo, John Boyega is definitely a lead in The Force Awakens. NOT a supporting role.
and Why is John Boyega nominated as Supporting Actor? He's the leading man. Please rectify.
Not sure what film you watched but don't feed into racism and nominate John Boyega in his rightful place
please explain why john boyega is the Supporting Actor nomination when he is obviously the lead
John Boyega literally ran for his life beside Daisy Ridley for the entire movie i mean c'mon
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Why is John Boyega is being nominated as a Supporting Actor instead of a Lead? please do better
why is John Boyega nominated as Supporting Actor instead of lead?
why is John Boyega nominated as Supporting Actor? he is literally the LEAD
in The Force Awakens. John Boyega should be nominated as a lead actor. Please fix this.
John Boyega in The Force Awakens is far...far...far...from supporting At a loss...
y'all. Everything hinges on him + Rey. So I'm confused why John Boyega is nominated in the *supporting* category
John Boyega is the male lead of The Force Awakens. Why is he nominated as a Supporting Actor?
John Boyega was a lead in TFA just as much as Ford was in 1977. He should be nominated as such
.was listing John Boyega as a Supporting Actor in The Force Awakens a typo? Because Treat him like one.
I said I'd draw John Boyega soon so here he be!! !!
why is John Boyega not nominated as a lead? he was clearly the main actor along with Daisy Ridley
"John Boyega hints that Finn and Poe Dameron Star Wars romance could happen."
[] Famke's one of the people who could punch me in the face & I'd thank them. The others being . Adam Driver, John Boyega, Kit Harrington etc
John Boyega hints Finn and Poe romance could happen
Where did John Boyega get his tuxedo from? That he wore at the ? Very very smart
Update your maps at Navteq
And our best dressed awards go to... John Boyega and Cate Blanchett!
John Boyega/legend Sidney Poitier both winners this evening, the BAFTAS have lost their BaftasSoWhite tag. Wonder what…
When we finally run out of fossil fuel we can power the national grid off of John Boyega's charisma 😍
John Boyega winning Rising Star in 2016 is like Belle & Sebastian winning Best Newcomer at the 1999 Brits.
I think Dakota Johnson or John Boyega will win. Although I don't know last year's winner. I think the BRITS do a better job.
John Boyega beats out Brie Larson, Dakota Johnson and Taron Egerton, among others, for the Rising Star award
What did we do to deserve dogs, Sebastian Stan and John Boyega
Jason Schwartzmann loves Alec Baldwin as much as John Boyega loves Harrison Ford.
Delete comedy's starring the basic white dude bro pairs and replace them with John Boyega and Oscar Isaac.
I didn't realize The Circle, that movie coming out next year with Emma Watson and Karen Gillan, also stars John Boyega!!! This is amazing
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