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John Bolton

John Bolton (born 23 May 1951 in London, England) is a British comic book artist and illustrator most known for his dense, painted style, which often verges on photorealism.

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John Bolton only knows one speed: stupid.
If only John Bolton had your level of experience.
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear menace -
It's rare that I agree with John Bolton, but this time he's right re DPRK.
New post (John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub of News -…
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat - Fox Business
I liked a video John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat -
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat
"John Bolton hits Jon on national security claims," reports for
Tune in tonight at 8:30p est to hear "What is the Church?" By Big El and his special guest John Bolton
Re John Terry - one of Allardyce's first moves as England manager was to try & tempt him out of retirement. History with veterans at Bolton.
John Bolton. Wouldn't an EMP take care of NOKO once and for all?
Ambassador John Bolton says President Donald J. Trump sent a message by dropping "the mother of all bombs" on the...
I doubt John Bolton could ever come up with a caption that clever.
That's a gentlemen for you John...I was hoping to get the freedom of…
and then David Sanger, touting John Bolton, 1st charmingly as "that mustachioed man about tow…
John Bolton slams the *** out of Obama 4the risk that his administration placed on our country by ignoring the threat pos…
Join an activity wkend with legends Tony Kelly & John McGinlay for charity!
John Bolton writes: It’s time to name and sanction terrorists . (NYP)
--John Bolton is the man to listen to. I'm thankful he cares and speaks up
2014 - Bolton council voted overwhelmingly in favour of schools being encouraged to fly the.
"It’s time to name and sanction terrorists" by John Bolton - New York Post -
John Bolton argues if NK gets intercontinental nuclear weapons Iran will have them the next day for right price...…
Aliens: Earth War (1990) by Mark Verheiden & Sam Kieth, with an amazing cover by John Bolton. See more at…
Trump leaning toward extreme militant John Bolton as Secretary of State via
📷 Up now on my eBay! Classic X-Men by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Art Adams and John Bolton,...
when John Bolton speaks, I listen. Since every option is on the table, consider this:.
Referencing John Bolton: Not all False Flags are created equally.
Why is it the pissers in Bolton all smell like John Paul gautier
Ted Cruz: John Bolton is the PERFECT man for national security adviser
Next week on Fox, Ambassador John Bolton: "I've long believed that reunification of the USSR is the answer"
John Bolton, Matt, Steve etc were all in gypsy when we got there but then went up to the sherwood as we went to town
Last night the Obama era in American foreign policy ended says John Bolton
Not that I have to explain why John Bolton is not a smart man, but even the South Koreans don't want a unified Kore…
For once I agree with John Bolton. The question now remains how to make the WH understand this and back off.
I've long believed that John Bolton is a stark-raving lunatic who can't be trusted to work…
Eric Shawn reports: How to handle North Korea: Amb. John Bolton says the nuclear test 'could come at any time'…
Ambassador John Bolton. Thank you for being here this evening. Specifically, we know the is apparently unstable,...
But.NOTHING will work either. it's a lose-lose before reunification could ever happen + Kim nor China want it.
John Bolton’s North Korea fix: Take out regime - -
The manager has praise his players after the game against Bolton Wanderers .
Eric Shawn reports: Facing the Moscow-Tehran axis: Amb. John Bolton on Iran's 'arc of control' in the Middle East…
John Bolton was Ambassador to the UN when North Korea tested its first Nuke. Is he:
Islamic State has "perfected the art of using people as human shields" says Former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton
John Bolton at CPAC: US ought to tell China: back off from South China Sea and East China Sea.
Rand Paul rejects John Bolton to replace Michael Flynn: 'He still believes regime change was a good idea'
Rand Paul warns Trump: John Bolton is a bad choice to replace Flynn
BREAKING: Senior White House officials, NSC insiders tell me John Bolton is top choice to replace Flynn
John Bolton for NSA: Former U.N. ambassador championed by Senior White House Officials and Flynn loyalists…
John Bolton? That's not scraping the bottom of the barrel. That's the bottom of the barrel scraping the bottom of the barrel.…
Sen. Ted Cruz to President Trump: Name John Bolton as national security adviser
Ted Cruz: Why not John Bolton for national security advisor? - Hot Air
I'm hosting Breitbart News Daily tomorrow morning from 6 to 9 am on Sirius XM 125 with Seb Gorka, John Bolton and more. So w…
Amb. John Bolton on Kim Jong Un's threats to U.S. security
John Bolton calls him an 'embarassment to the British Parliament' & 'good riddance'.
John Bolton would be a great asset to you cabinet.
John Bolton would be a great asset For your cabinet.
John Bolton? That monster still lurking around in the shadows? Creep w/rapist mustache
.has John Bolton giving his take on state of affairs; desperate.
Bring John Bolton in National Security Team in some role. He has been great supporter, knows all the players well, strong!
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me and slept in the John Ireland upper tier concourse for Bolton away (play offs), those were the days Tim
is a Trojan Horse for Vladimir Putin, The Alt-Right, John Bolton, & the Billionaire Class ht…
John Bolton on how retail banks make money and why mortgage rates are increasing . mon…
I grew up in the Leigh area, played cricket for Bolton Association & got my 1st job in Middleton. Let's keep it factual…
Richard Hearne - Wikipedia was this man separated at birth from his twin former USA ambassador to the UN John Bolton
Indeed. John Bolton wrote about it but my linking suxed.
I suspect it was John Bolton's work.
I would like to see John Bolton as Sec. of State...he is very knowledgeable about foreign affairs.
"A good decision. Why would this person even be considered. John Bolton has been the chief…" — logdog56
it was likely John Bolton who scuppered it.
Didn't think I'd be writing this, but Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentines Special on Netflix is one of the funniest things I've ever seen
If you get rid of Flynn then get John Bolton in there !!! He should be in security or state
I'd rather see John Bolton he could drain the swamp at the state department much easier and quicker than almost any one else
Lou how about John Bolton for deputy?
John Bolton would be a GREAT asset.😎
Hamilton Collection
So, who has John Bolton nostalgia now that Nikki Haley is like the others in that she is some pro-forma neo-McCarthyite lite fascist lackey?
But John Bolton is in his team, the most hawkish politician in the USA. He still defends the Iraq intervention of George W. Bush.
Any reasons are good reasons for rejecting warmongers John Bolton and at State. Including hygiene.
.is just as stupid as John Bolton. Apologies to the World in advance. Real America is trying to clean up this mess.
Massive games today.. Us at home to Hammers at home to the baggies nd the saddlers away at Bolton..
Should give an opening to another favorite of yours: John Bolton. Probably similar ideologically, and did not diss Trump.
W/ . Bolton Wanderers have revealed twelve goals that will compete for the Goal of the Year for 2016.
The deputy Sec. of State should be John Bolton! Let him clean up foggy bottom once and for all while Tillerson does his job
Get John Bolton aboard if you have to abandon ship with Flynn...not sold on Gorsuch.
Nikki Haley wants to outdo the universally loathed John Bolton as the most controversial US Amb. to the UN?. She's v…
AEI / John Bolton war with Iran is gonna be fun
Cut the Loses and get Rid of Flynn Now and Appoint John Bolton before all *** breaks lose?. Can't Recall Really? BS!
thanks but he's better than John Bolton, isn't he? I understand, but Trump will find someone worse than Abrams
Tillerson has reportedly vetoed John Bolton as his deputy (but reports also say Trump disliked his appearance).
Trump is the POTUS. Abrams has issues. John Bolton is a much better choice anyway!
we cant have Elliot Abrams. ..I lose a ton of faith in Trump if he allows that...we need John Bolton
John Bolton: FBI will 'explode' if is not indicted
For the life of me I can't understand why John Bolton is not on your team !!!
Mr. President, Ambassador John Bolton should become new National Security Adviser. General Fynn can no longer be trusted.
perhaps you are unfamiliar with John Bolton.
Stuntmen and classical music come together in Aim For The Roses. I spoke with director John Bolton.
It's time for Flynn to go.John Bolton has a ton of experience and I thought he was going to be chosen at first.Please talk to PT
Please advise the Pres.that he needs to let Flynn go.John Bolton is the man,he has tons of experience as National security.
PLEASE bring Ambassador John Bolton on board to get State Dept working right.!
If you have to get rid of General Flynn you should seriously think about offering the job to John Bolton. He would be great
We think Gen.Flynn has got to go.John Bolton has a world of experience as National security.This is the right thng to do
If the decision is John Bolton then you're right. Otherwise, I don't know that it could get worse than Abrams.
must have smoked pot to suggest chickenhawk warmonger John Bolton as NSA for Where was Bolton during campaign?
John Bolton out, Elliot Abrams in as top choice for Deputy Secretary of State. Either is a good pick IMO
The top takeaways from Tillerson's rocky Hill performance Might be more acceptable than John Bolton
Is it possible former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is at this Starbucks? Prolly the John Bolton is a common look for distinguished gents
Fmr. UN Ambassador John Bolton: Time to give up on two-state solution in
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says it is time to give up on coming up with a two-state solution for the...
On Fox News Ambassador let me laugh John Bolton believes the CIA should make decisions for Donald Trump. Thank God he's not involved
Re:Criticism of John Bolton - Please ask either the ambassador or callers to explain/address his membership in PNAC.
Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton has reportedly called on the incoming Trump administration to...
so who has paid to play next Ambassador at Will Trump replace him with a loyal Zionist? EG John Bolton? FFS.
John Bolton: Putin is smart, and that worries me: Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. weighs in…
Former U S Ambassador to the U N , John Bolton, says we need to shame Russia into never crossing Am: на
Russian decision not to expel US diplomats a signal to Trump that Putin rejects John Bolton as ambassador, despite…
The American Mustache Institute has risen to John Bolton's defense.
John Bolton discusses impact of devastating Berlin attack
Multiple sources claim that John Bolton was denied a cabinet position because Trump cannot stand his mustache.
Who on earth wrote John Bolton back onto the show? Ratings poor last time; not going to improve. Better off with his kinsman, Ramsay Bolton.
Washington Examiner . . NEW: John Bolton says Turkey is "moving away from
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Names I thought were buried in ignominy for ever, like John Bolton and Eliot Abrams, arise like zombies
As opposed, to, say, John Bolton and Richard Perle?
JOHN BOLTON: It's not at all clear to me that the hacking into the DNC was not a false flag operation (via http…
Risk Alert = Lobbyists for Japan estimated that John Bolton is easy to be corrupted.
Bad for the Jews: When it's Adelson, Kushner, and Kristol vs. everyone else.
Yet this clown has no problem 'pre-judging' a great man like John Bolton.
Unsure why Tillerson wouldn't want someone hugely controversial w/ reputation for bad management for his deputy. Od…
Somebody tell Trumpov that John Bolton IS one of "the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass dest…
Even in retirement, can't stop, won't stop.
Must read story by and out tonight on possible Bolton nomination for Dep Sec of State
One proxy battle within Trump Tower right now is over whether to make Bolton deputy sec of state. + me https:/…
Bolton is "facing stiff resistance"as Trump's at State from Rice, Gates, and Hadley per htt…
Elliott Abrams has also been floated for dep sec of state, as well as dep sec of defense
“I’ll do anything to try to prevent John Bolton from getting any position...” said on Sunday.
Never thought I'd see the day Republicans have some common sense on foreign policy
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
NYT: Tillerson has expressed misgivings about having Bolton as his deputy
“There is something to be said for one of the top diplomats in the country being diplomatic” - on Bolton. https:/…
Reince keeps telling Tillerson Bolton has a really good personality," and then starts giggling.
John Bolton is a potential candidate for assistant Secretary of State under the Trump admin. Read about his history: https…
The man in the running to be deputy Secretary of State could spark an all-out war in the Senate https…
So on the bright side, if you guessed John Bolton as SecState last Feb, we can't say Trump is wholly unpredictable.
War advocate John Bolton is hostile to the notion of diplomacy itself & embarrassed our country as UN representative https:/…
Russian Hackers a "False Flag" says John Bolton, former Ambassador to the U.N.
John Bolton questions if Russian Hacks are a False Flag Operation
John Bolton is going to get someone killed. This is the same conspiracy theory talking point that fuels White Nationalist terro…
John Bolton must be one bad dude if even Rand Paul hates him.
Rand Paul: "Ben Carson is great for HUD. But I'll block John Bolton."
.John Bolton is insane and this statement shows why he is. He's now been picked up by Trump for the State Dept. Da…
."Automatic no" on likely deputy sec. of state pick John Bolton: "Should get nowhere close" to State Dept https…
Rand Paul vows to block John Bolton from State Dept. - Red Alert...
yes! And a little bit of Rand Paul who clearly has a beef with John Bolton...
.John Bolton is the Tony Clifton side act when Andy Kaufman occasionally tires of being Alex Jones
The only thing worse than Exxon running US foreign policy is having John Bolton as his deputy, so.
His opposition to John Bolton makes no sense to me. Did he oppose Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch?
I am a no on John Bolton for ANY position in the State Departement and will work to defeat his nomination to any post.
tfw you thought Milo would be SecState and now this John Bolton guy is reminding you to sign up for selective service
808 WikiLeaks files on John Bolton who is reported to be Trump's new Deputy Secretary of State https…
Report: Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson Expected to Be Named Secretary of State, John Bolton as Deputy - Breitbart
ACTUALLY, HE IS A FAMOUS NEOCON. John Bolton is a senior fellow at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institut…
Trump should appoint either Tulsi Gabbard or Jim Webb, not crony capitalist neocon John Bolton, as Secretary of State.
I'm praying that John Bolton is our next Secretary of State. Based on merit and loyalty he easily rises to the top.…
John Bolton: ‘Castro’s Death Could Be like the Fall of the Berlin Wall’ for Communism in the Western Hemisphere
Trivia note: Hillary Clinton and John Bolton both worked as Barry Goldwater campaign staffers.
Trump's Top Aide Has Received 'Deluge' of Messages Regarding Romney via John Bolton is the best man 4 SOS.
Thankful for my wife & that can pick Mad Dog Mattis, John Bolton, and for Defense, State, and DHS.
Kellyann Conway Please not Romney for SOS. What's wrong with John Bolton.
It would be a mistake as their policy goals are very different Imagine Obama having John Bolton as SOS. Well that w…
John Bolton: European Union Military Would Be ‘Dagger Pointed at the Heart of NATO’ via
Tom Cotton may just be a more devoted Christian Zionist lunatic warmonger than John Bolton. Now that's saying something.
Psycho like my name Bolton. That's for certain, Roose Bolton, Ramsey Bolton, *** John Bolton. .
Possibly the most depressing part of the whole Trump thing: the potential return of the neocon's neocon, John Bolton
For us the best candidate for US Secretary of State is Rich Armitage who has an honorary knighthood; John Bolton the worst, h…
forget John Bolton for ANY position- he's a total Russophobe like McCain!
Rand Paul warns Trump against appointing John Bolton as Secretary of State
"Rumors are that Donald Trump might pick John Bolton for Secretary of State," writes "Heaven forbid."
Rand Paul: I oppose both Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton for Secretary of State - the guardian
Rand Paul warns Donald Trump not to choose "menace" John Bolton as Secretary of State
MY CANDIDATE! . tells he is opposed to John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani for Secretary of State .
New post: "Rand Paul: John Bolton is 'totally unfit' for Secretary of State and Rudy Giuliani is 'very similar'"
John Bolton, Christian zionist & director of Project For a New American Century, has repeatedly called for Iran to be b…
Mr. President-Elect, John Bolton would be an outstanding choice for Sect of State! Rudy for AG or Homeland Security.
It's not all bad news: John Bolton, the "anti-establishment" Trump's choice for Secretary of State, would not...
agreed, but I see him more as an enforcer. Homeland Security or AG. Chief Diplomat, I don't know. Newt or John Bolton, yes.
If Giuliani and John Bolton are both given roles, and Sheriff David Clarke takes over Homeland Security: apoc…
is your patron saint. He should be your first pick for ANYTHING No John B…
I love Rudy for Homeland Security. John Bolton best for Sec State!
I guess didn't catch wind that John Bolton may become our new "Secretary of State" ?
Donald Trump leaning toward John Bolton as Secretary of State via
I just don't see the qualifications. How about John Bolton
John Bolton didn't want to go to Vietnam because "it was already lost." Strong advocate for Iraq War in 2003. Future UN Ambassador?
Dear John Bolton supported Iraq War, which you opposed. supports him- & hates you. Don't make hi…
"Tonight, I worry about the talk that John Bolton might be Trump's choice for Secretary of State." --
.National Review, which campaigned against you, is pushing John Bolton: Bolton also wants to "punish" R…
Last year, John Bolton called on the US to bomb Iran. Now he's on Trump's short list to be Secretary of State.
Here's the most detailed recent article I've been able to find on Bolton's current views. Not encouraging   10% Off
John Bolton for Sec of State is a far greater thing than getting a train set for Christmas!
John R. Bolton or Rudy Giuliani. Seriously?? THIS is going to "Make America Great Again"??
If John Bolton does become Sec. of State it would be good news for Sisi & Egypt. His article from last year:
John Bolton 4 Secretary of State🇺🇸. has the advantage of being an experienced,straight-talking yet nuanced fore…
Source says John Bolton is close to being named Secretary of State, Corker still a remote possibility, Gingrich is out
to tell John Bolton is the opposite of America First, and never saw an idiotic war he didn't like.
"National Review" dedicated whole issue to attacking you, Please do NOT hire Bolton! http…
suggestion: John Bolton for Sec of State, Rudy Giuliani for Sec of Homeland Sec, Gen Mike Flynn for Sec of Nat Defense.MAGA
I'm prepared to make Rudy my Sec. of State if he does a better Silly Walk than John Bolton, who got 10 bonus f…
I think John Bolton will have trouble getting confirmed. But I will love to see Lib heads explode. Bolton is Libs worst night…
.For the love of God, do not choose John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State.
The fact that all the NeverTrumpers like the idea of John Bolton as SoS says all you need to know. These people are ca…
Please please please John Bolton for Secretary of State!
Believe it or not, compared to John Bolton, this is actually good news. That's how far we've fallen.
Trump appointing John Bolton over Corker or Hadley as SecState dooms US to an implosion of global power & will sew doubt in…
Should John Bolton, opposed Trump, be appointed Secretary of State? I do not trust him! Let know
Partial to John Bolton. Thought Giuliani would be a great AG.
Trump is now considering John "Bomb Iran" Bolton for Secretary of State. Bolton's mentor? None other than *** Cheney.
When John Bolton advocated for starting a war with Iran (last year).
.is supposed to represent fresh air-- John Bolton represents the same ole tired and failed Bush-era for…
John Bolton, who may name Secretary of State, still thinks invading Iraq was the right decision:
Trump's complaints about Clinton's foreign policy hawkishness were totally disingenuous if he selects John Bolton as Secret…
John Bolton’s most important backer & mentor is *** Cheney. Emergence of Bolton name suggests that Trump & Cheney are talki…
We understand the Reince decision, Deals had to be made, etc. Bush-era neocon John Bolton would be a…
If Trump selects John Bolton as his Secretary of State, that's a huge middle finger to the rest of the world and proof th…
John Bolton wants do to the UN what Ron Paul would do to the Fed. That's the main reason I like him
Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton are leading candidates for next Secretary of State via
So far, the Trump administration includes white nationalist, a southern Senator with an ugly racial history, John Bolton &…
Not my top choice, but it's better than John Bolton which he almost picked.
Yikes. John Bolton, the guy who says no regrets on the Iraq War?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
John Bolton as Secretary of State, perhaps Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense?
for the love of God no John Bolton, we asked for a
John Bolton would mean more unending saber rattling with world powers to come, DONT DO IT.
John Bolton, while funny on the Daily Show, is insane and thinks that only the US should have nuclear weapons...…
and the Neoconservatives : John Bolton for Secretary of State? via https:/…
"In short, John Bolton is an ideal pick…" Ain't that so. John Bolton for Secretary of State https:/…
Please consider John Bolton for Secretary of State. He's no jello spine, like Clinton or Kerry.
. Expect the US to start 5 more wars for oil when John Bolton and Gates, Rice, Gulliani, Gingrich ar…
Those pushing for John Bolton to be Secretary of State are wish-dreaming, IMO. I don't think Bolton has the Realpolitik stance Trump wants.
For Secretary of State "none is better suited to the job than former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton."
John Bolton is a great choice for Secretary of State.
John Bolton as Secretary of State would bring about much needed changes in the State Department and US Foreign Policy. Go for it!.
I would much rather see John Bolton in that position. Take Charge, No Crap kind of guy. Antithesis of J Kerry.
But that was Enoch Powell on the UN, not John Bolton.
my facts are that John Bolton called for the execution of Chelsea manning look it up
analysts like John Bolton, Monica Crowley, Kim G. They stay focused + on point. + don't drink the Coolaid as u do!
Fox News going to their NEO CON war monger John Bolton. He's got a hard-on for war w/ Russia. Can we send him inside missile first?
"blames media for terrorists getting publicity-John Bolton slams him silly on FOX,” reports http…
God bless you all went to Trenton New Jersey instead of Washington this year John Bolton also
(I don't trust Hugh Hewitt and Salem Media, have made that very clear already, however the John Bolton bit is noteworthy)
wants to name John Bolton to State. 😂😂😂 Next he will float Ollie North for Defense and Palin for Education 😂😂😂
Trump told thinking about John Bolton as Sec. of State. In Cleveland, Bolton told me he'd be open to it https…
. The only saving grace is the talk of John Bolton as SoS.
Fox News reports that Donald Trump will name John Bolton as Secretary of State if he becomes president.
It's very personal in its politics, very bitter and very negative.
John Bolton is human embodiment of diarrhea; The won and lost and Bolton squirts:
Honored to have the endorsement of He understand we must keep American safe! https…
you'll be cheering John Higgins on next
Soul music is thee best--// let's talk bout bo Michael Bolton..Elton John..Phil Collins...// I believe this is a sign of maturity
Trump says will probably pick John Bolton as Secretary of State via
John "BadAss" Bolton as Sec of State in a Trump Administration, YES PLEASE! it's *** Kicking Time! via
Has John been with you these last months?. A Secretary of State is an extension of U & ur policies. http…
It's Jon snow not John snow, it's Ramsay Bolton, not Ramsey Bolton, it's Robb Stark, not Rob stark
try being a Bolton fan bud - thankfully we've won our first two games!! Championship here we come 🙌🏽🙌🏽
TRUMP, do believe naming some of ur cabinet members would Help bring up ur numbers. Love Rudy, Newt, Chris, John Bolton
. Trump continues to put together a great team to make America great again. . John Bolton for Secretary of State
Donald Trump to lay out ISIS strategy in speech tomorrow. John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, says...
# please don't raise your voice so much, it's unbecoming to u & detracts from ur messages. Call John Bolton u could help
RedState Gathering interview: Ambassador John Bolton and the crises in national security.. Related Articles:
Now for panel discussion with Katie Griffiths of Mark Afeeva and Prof. John Bolton
I agree Newt would be great VP and Christie would be Dynamo AG. And Sessions Sec of State or John Bolton. Love Trump
Sad to hear about the passing of former Sen. Voinovich. He stood up to Bush & GOP to oppose John Bolton for UN Amb.
Please consider Amb. John Bolton for a position in your cabinet, i think you compliment each other very well. Thank you.
Mr. Trump, i believe Amb. John Bolton would be an incredible asset to your cabinet, in a variety of positions. Agree ?
"SNARK in a president is not an admirable trait...He's never been qualified to be Commander in Chief." - former U.S. Amb. John Bolton
Snark in a President is not an admirable trait - Amb. John Bolton
I have great respect in Amb. John Bolton. He lays it all on the table.
John Bolton Endorses Five Veterans for Congress: John Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations,...
John Bolton on Hiroshima: Harry Truman’s Morals ‘Apparently Didn’t Quite Make it Up to Barack…
please do NOT pick Sarah Palin for VP. Pick Cruz. . John Bolton for Sec. of State.
John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, and a foreign...
Ralph Peters for Secretary of Defense, John Bolton for Secretary of State.
John Bolton contributes $100,000 to ‘national security’ candidates in House and Senate via
Carson too nice for that job. John Bolton, maybe for Sec. State.
Ambassador John Bolton made a good argument against litigation.
Gatestone is a neoconservative US think-tank chaired by John Bolton, former US ambassador to the.
John Bolton: "What Hillary Clinton and her top aides did is not just make a few small violations of laws to protect classi…
Tom Nichols is a master of the snarky reply. :-)) And, of course, your UN comments reminded me of John Bolton as UN Ambassador.
A workshop for Dames at Sea was held early 2014 with John Bolton, Mara Davi, Danny Gardner, Laura Osnes, Cary Tedder & Rachel York.
📷 brudesworld: Vampire - The Masquerade by John Bolton for White Wolf Studios, 1995
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Um, care to share with us your contempt for Senate Ds blocking John Bolton's UN ambassador nomination?
Why can't former UN Ambassador. John Bolton be our next President?
We need Ambassador John Bolton as our next Secretary of State.
John Bolton: Nancy is reunited with President Reagan: Former U.N. ambassador reflects
John Bolton should be Trump's UN Ambassador. Christie the AG, Cruz the SC justice, yes I said Cruz. Carson the Surgeon General, more to come
Nice to see the cable news channels' Welfare-to-Punditry working so well. Jeffrey Lord, John Bolton, + Ed Rollins have no marketable skills.
Former no one is still angry about his non success. far better for than John Bolton
as Attorney General, John Bolton as Sec State, Jack Keene Sec of Defense..keep your Press Sec she is great!
"...noted always-wrong John Bolton as well as Speaker Ryan and a bunch of Republican lawmakers lined up to oppose...
John Bolton super PAC, which has backed Ayotte re-elect, collected $ from big GOPers Sam Fox & John Childs in Jan. $1.7m cash on hand.
Trump would appoint John Bolton as Secretary of State. .Palin as Sec. Of Defense, James Inhofe as Sec Energy...sound good??
John Bolton: ‘Biggest threat to national security is sitting in Oval Office’
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