John Boehner & Rob Portman

John Andrew Boehner (born , 1949) is the 61st and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Robert Jones Rob Portman (born December 19, 1955) is the junior United States Senator from Ohio. 5.0/5

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Ohio - Home of John Boehner, Rob Portman, & Sherrod Brown. And to think we are a swing state!
Story broke in Cincinnati, Ohio which lead to all the Tea Party profiling cases. A local newspaper called the Enquier leaked the story at the advice of John Boehner, Rob Portman, John Kasich. The Lehman Brothers plan. It goes nationwide as this big scandal.
Well, everybody knows I feel strongly about politics so here is my rant for today. I see that Washington, DC cleared out for the weekend letting the "sequester" take effect. All they did, BOTH D & R, is let down the American people. I find it interesting how none of the "cuts" will affect them, only us. John Boehner, Sherrod Brown, and Rob Portman have turned their back on the American people for their benefit. My opinion? Let Congress and the Senate be furloughed - they are the ones who have failed this country. This is exactly what INEPTNESS looks like. Instead of doing something, they chose to do NOTHING. I have NO RESPECT for any of our federally elected officials.
Attended the Romey - Ryan West Chester Ohio rally last night...AWESOME!!! A great, orderly, well behaved informed crowd of well over 35,000 attended. I spoke to friends who unfortunately could not get in.too many people there. The line up was incredible...Rudy Giuliani, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, John Mccain, Rob Portman, John Boehner and on and on. Very positive and uplifting. Lets get out to vote...3 more days.
The Rally I was at last night was crazy! Rudy Giuliani, Bob McDonald, John Mccain, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Rob Portman, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney were there and spoke (along with the every other elected Republican in the US government)! It was crazy. Oh, and Kid Rock performed.
Romney's closing argument to the American people: "I represent 'real change.'" He trumpeted this message at an event in Ohio (where else?) with 100+ Republican officials. Headlining the event: Condoleeza Rice (Bush II's Secretary of State), Elaine Chao (Bush II's Labor Secretary), Tom Ridge (Bush II's Homeland Security Director), Rob Portman (Bush II's budget director), & John Boehner (current House Speaker & Crybaby-in-Chief). Change? Really? Did the Democrats cast this thing? (BTW, 17 of Romney's foreign policy advisors are Bush II holdovers. You no doubt recall how well Bush II's foreign policy worked out.) We cannot allow this guy to be president (appointing Supreme Court Justices to repeal Roe v. Wade & expand on Citizens United...thereby expanding the power of Wall Street & multi-national corporations). Nor can we afford to allow Republicans to take control of the Senate (where they already obstruct progress via unprecedented use of the filibuster making 60 votes...not a simple majority of ...
Now thats what I call a rally! Just got back from the biggest rally of the campaign, had an amazing time and saw Josh Mandel, Reince Priebus, Rudy Giuliani, Bob Mcdonnell, John Mccain, Artur Davis, Kelly Ayotte, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Mary Taylor, John Kasich, Rob Portman, John Boehner, future VP Paul Ryan, and future President Mitt Romney speak. Also got to shake hands with Governor Kasich and Governor McDonnel and got to take a picture with Rick Santorum.
I am fortunate to have seen Mitt, Paul, Ann, Janna, John and Cindy McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, John Boehner, Rob Portman, John Kasich, Rudy Guilliano, Bobby Jindel, the Romney sons and their families and Kid Rock and many more. I am so excited!
Obama rally in Springfield, Ohio had about 3,000 people. In West Chester, Ohio tonight Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, both wives, Rob Portman, John Boehner.are expecting a crowd of 25,000 to 30,000! BIG DIFFERENCE! :)
Here is a short list of who is supposed to be coming to the Romney/Ryan rally here in West Chester, OH tomorrow night. Not a bad lineup! Hope there is a great turn out in support! Romney/Ryan, Condalisa Rice, John Mccain, Rudy Giuliani, Marco Rubio, Jack Nicklaus, John Boehner, Rob Portman and of course, Kid Rock?
I'm ashamed that Rob Portman and John Boehner are from Ohio
Why does Congress not want to end the Bush tax cuts: D. Issa (R) Calif Net Worth 448 million, John Kerry (D) 234 million, John Boehner (R) Oh 6 million, Nancy Pelosi (D) 101 million, B. Corker (R) Tn 60 million, P. Tiberi (R) Oh 1.3 million, McCaul (R) Tx 300 million, Josh Mandel (R) Oh 7.4 million Sherrod Brown (D) Oh 745K, Rob Portman (R) Oh 9 million. "Well because its a job killer" Have you ever, ever heard a single politician claim how many private sector jobs they have created while they are running for re-election? And if you check the rosters you will find the average house member's Net Worth is over 1 million and the average senator's is over 10 million. And Bill O'Reilly (30 million) is looking out for you, but who is the you? I think the you is his rich peers and politicians.
got to see Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Rob Portman, and Josh Mandel. I'd say it was a good start to the day
John Boehner knows the words to My Girl. With Rob Portman, he sang and shimmied for a group of Ohio reporters. Portman didn't shimmy.
John Boehner 'partial to' Rob Portman for veep (Kevin Robillard / Politico)
John Boehner to Mitt Romney: 'I'm partial to Rob Portman' - The Capitol Column
John Boehner 'partial to' Rob Portman for veep: He's a United States senator from Ohio, served...
A furious John Boehner insisted President Obama "doesn't give a *** about average folk and Harry Reid sarcastically referred to Grover Norquist as "a real dandy," strongly implying that 1950s-style verbal confrontations are all the rage on the Hill. The ratio of Republicans who publicly believe that Hillary Clinton's aide is trying to undermine the American way of life from inside the State Department versus those who think that's bunk stands at 5:1. And Rob Portman strongly brushed aside VP rumors, either because that's the proper thing to do or because it kinda *** being thought of as the guy who can make Mitt Romney seem interesting by comparison. Politics, the best comedy on tv. I really don't see how anyone can take these guys seriously, no matter what your party affilliation, these guys are funny. Sad thing is, these guys are in charge.
We all own letting our Congress know they're failing at our expense - VOTE TO CHANGE OUR CONGRESS. It's time to clean house on Both Sides - Republicans and Democrats. Let’s start with the following Senate, House and Super Committee members : Nancy Pelosi , John Boehner, Paul Reed , Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, Patty Murray, Max Baucus, John Kerry, Xavier Becerra, Jim Clyburn, Chris Van Hollen, John Kyle, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, Jeb Hensarling, Fred Upton, Dave Camp. Also, we need to send a message to all those Congress members that signed the “Grover Norquist Pledge”, that they are next. No more special interests creating barriers for mutual understanding and compromise.
For Miracle Worker John Kasich. Will he run for president with John Boehner or Rob Portman in the near future? He's definately creating job growth in certain industries and raising the numbers as to possible new jobs. Is it a hat trick? See the really smart musicians on my list I think have figured out what the hat trick is. When you take money from hand and give it to another hand then you hand the hat back to the person who payed you the $20 to see the hat trick. Whats under the hat?
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