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John Boehner

John Andrew Boehner (born , 1949) is the 61st and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

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I think John wins that award. He has been laughing his off since he retired.
HWJr~said, POTUS44 golf outing w/John Boehner at height of debt deal talks in June "like HITLER playing…
do you miss John Boehner now, House Republicans?
If i remember correctly, John Boehner and the GOP were to blame, not Obama.
John Boehner, also known for his. He was the Patricia and Patrick Callahan Family Professor of Engineering in its School of (1/3)
WHAT did John Boehner see in Pelosi? He went crazy after her, must have been them big breast. Couldn't be that ug…
😃🤣😂😁 it was inevitable, yeah. But John Boehner!
You can go to Naples with your brother and join Bret Baer, Brit Hume, John Boehner and others…
Mr. Speaker, can you write me--Gizzi.johnI have an important request (Make that "Gizzi" start with small g)
Um, because the U.S. is broke? I mean, John Boehner said 2009.
Paul Ryan you are the most dictatorial worthless human on the planet. Except maybe for your evil overlord John Boehner.
Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, John Boehner...the rest refused to work with President Obama. Bc McConnell.
Would not count my chicks before they hatch. Paul Ryan learn from one of the lowest…
I truly didn't think we could ever have a more useless Speaker than John Boehner, but there you go pro…
Is Trump a conspiracy concocted by John Boehner? Because Boehner doesn't come up at all anymore when you Google "orange politician".
My life advice is this. Live everyday as if you had John Boehner's sense of uncanny timing.
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Playbook: “John Boehner and Eric Cantor were thrown to the wolves a few years ago for even toying with some sort...
Really, the amnesia of "Obama never tried to work w GOP". GOP so dysfunctional in end, even JOHN BOEHNER couldn't work w them.
Yankshake - John Boehner Handshake Pull on President Barack Obama at Sta... via
Rep. Paul Ryan’s tenure as House Speaker has been enough to make conservatives almost miss John Boehner. Until...
Nice try. All speakers do not use govt jets. Paul Ryan doesn't use one, neither did John Boehner. Do…
1) If you believe SNOPES, you're a moron. 2) Dennis Hastert is a pedoph…
So I assume you have the same complaints about Dennis Hastert, Jo…
Under threat from Trump, the South Korea trade deal received a defense from an unlikely source: John Boehner.
Anyone who believes that Pimps Don't Cry never met John Boehner.
WATCH: calls out John Boehner for praising Hillary Clinton.
Ran into John Boehner at Trattoria Alberto, his DC hang out. "The nation needs you.". "Oh God no," he said, radiantly sippi…
Somewhere in Ohio, John Boehner is sitting on a patio with a nice glass of wine, laughing hysterically.
Somewhere John Boehner is kicking back, enjoying a glass of merlot.
Statement on future of trade agreement and US policy in Pacific:
Same . I hope he goes. Sometimes I think he's worse than john boehner .
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Absolutely two of the 3 biggest weasels in recent history- the 3rd was John Boehner
John Boehner never went to 1 State Dinner...imagine a gov leader doing that
That's because the GOP majority plan was to not let him .Per John Boehner
It wasn't okay for Boehner, Ryan, and McConnell.
Obviously she never watched A House Divided or spoke to John Boehner
10/ The same goes for Mitt Romney and John Boehner, says
I deleted in 2012 when FB kept "suggesting" that I follow Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Sarah Palin! FB showe…
Reminder that chairman of House Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows, brought down John Boehner.
Chairman of House Freedom Caucus is Mark Meadows, who brought down John Boehner. House Freedom Caucus is Koch Bros controlled
Fun Fact: removal of racist statues began October 15th with John Boehner as Speaker of the House.
I remember watching John Boehner surrender the Congressional purse to Obama in 2013. That was a national disgrace.
Cowardly Republicans typically wait til they're out of office to talk like they've got sense. Cases in point: John Boehner & Olympia Snowe.
unnoticed by the Speaker of the House whether it was John Boehner or Paul Ry…
Maybe bill drafted when John Boehner was still in House (he's presently on board of tobacco firm Reynolds American)…
Squire Patton Boggs had their "best year ever" in 2016. Interesting note: they also hired John Boehner in September. http…
Hmm..John Boehner calls Cruz, Lucifer. Considering the feckless source of that statement... It sounds like a Cruz endors…
It is shameful of John Boehner to convince the American people his name is not pronounced ***
Adviser close to Trump says he was "very unhappy" yesterday that John Boehner attacked his presidency. But decided not to twe…
Today, John Boehner said President Trump "has been a complete disaster"...and a tree fell in the forest.
Boehner on leaving Congress: “I wake up every day, drink my morning coffee and say, ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelu
John Boehner supposedly 'trashes' Trump's presidency. . The only thing *** was good for were his pink ties and crying…
John Boehner torches authoritarian madman Trump: Almost everything he’s done ‘has been a complete disaster’
John Boehner is thankful AF he's out of politics and thinks Trump's mostly been "a complete disaster"
Who Cares what John Boehner or Bonner "Whatever His Name Is" Has To Say. Everytime we hear his name, three words come t…
F John Boehner. He got us into a $21 trillion debt. He is a Commie Democrat in disguise. $21 tri…
John Boehner & Obama are just sitting back & watching it all crumble away. You have both sides acknowledging Trump policie…
Boehner: Trump has been a 'complete disaster'
John Boehner is what America is rejecting! Talk smart do nothing establishment politicians! Thank God he's gone!
Listening to crybaby John Boehner say Trumps presidency is a disaster is sickening for the fact that he bent over backward…
Can we all scream a collective Boehner! You are
And John Boehner is suddenly a good guy...Talk about Armageddon...!
John Boehner is a CLOWN! ...on Trump: ‘Everything else he’s done has been a complete disaster’ via
John Boehner unloads on Trump: A 'complete disaster'
John Boehner believes Trump's presidency is a "disaster.". You know things have gotten bad when you're on the same page as J…
John Boehner sounds off on Pres. Trump: Besides foreign affairs, everything has been "a disaster."
Jeopardy Answer: "John Boehner has zero of these left to give."
John Boehner is only calling my Presidency a disaster because I deported his gardner and forced him to mow his own lawn!…
U SIR never mastered Speaker of the House. UR a PROGRESSIVE REPUBILCRAT. Conservative Demo HERE!!!
John Boehner says that aside from international affairs and foreign policy, Trump's time in office has so far been…
Trump continues to accomplish the impossible, like makin' John Boehner the voice of reason.
John Boehner has to be one of the happiest men on earth.
John Boehner is a Commie Jihad Obama whojg boy who helped get us a $21 trillion debt. F Commie Boehner!! F off.
First of all Nobody Cares what John Boehner says
Former Speaker of the House John Boehner says the Trump administration has been a "disaster"
Name me something good John Boehner did as former speaker of the house?!?!?!
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, says the Trump Presidency has been a COMPLETE DISASTER.
John Boehner is an American computer scientist and United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015. The district included (1/2)
After Leadership Elections for the 9th Congress, John Boehner stays on as House Speaker. Jon Doom elected Speaker Pro Tem.
Love it on iOS; it feels cramped and crippled on day one back on the job, John Boehner is so many marijuanas that you have to call 911.
Apparently those walking out didn't take that sentiment from one of their own very seriously.
Yeah, I'm not trusting him. He's making a good show, though; but we know how that goes. When you feel wistful about…
John Boehner, why did you murder Nehemiah 'Nicky' Swigart?
Senator Boehner, do you mind, as the fine upright Christian defender of your country you think I'm…
It's 12:11 on Sunday morning & I'm thinking about the pronunciation of John Boehner's last name.. maybe I should go to church in the morning
Matthew Hale of the World Church if the Creator! You and your inner Washington circle, like John Boehner and ...
Fund raiser for a job, John Boehner is attacking Social Security, a program that keeps seniors alive.
John Boehner and Richard Durbin have been seen with DEA…
John Boehner and Cheri Jacobus stumble towards them from a dark corner...
Politics is ruining me. I first read that as (John) Boehner Bobblehead Night.
It's Saturday night in America and John Boehner is still the
He is worse than John Boehner. Rino sleeze
John DeStefano never Trumper in White House. How many more are there? Get them out! And he was John…
John Boehner resigned suddenly after meeting the Pope. Work your magic, Holy Father!
high profile men become jokes if they cry. whether or not you like John Boehner, conservatives STILL make fun of him for crying years ago
& People with any ties or connections to John Boehner are traitors. Fire/remove all these people from the WH
Do you mean from the party of Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Ryan, and McConnell, where John Boehner now looks like a statesman?
You blow John Boehner. You watch the Love Boat. You stay at the Chicago Castle. Good night.
Of course they do. is incapable of doing the right thing…
Pope Francis may convince DJT to resign. As Trump said when John Boehner resigned, "I think it's time." We think it's time for . YOU, SIR!
I know, right? I agree! Its his rebel, opposite world personality. Maybe the pope will work…
Majority, and yet he can't rally them. Somewhere John Boehner is reclining with a martini and laughing his *** off
OR! We'll get another John Boehner situation: Pope talks to her and two days later she quits.
John Boehner is the most joyful human in the world after he watches Paul Ryan on the news
John Boehner sort of deserves the nod. He invited every Pope to visit cogress during h…
Why wouldn't Trump pick John Boehner or Jen Bush or Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal?
Paul Ryan is another enemy, like John Boehner. and this is what WE THE PEOPLE expect fr…
Paul Ryan sold his soul to John Boehner... and Boehner sold out the American people... and…
Get John Boehner & the rest of the traitors in the R Party that committed TREASON and cost American lives.
You don't remember Nancy Pelosi handing the gavel to John Boehner in 2010?
You know, when the came to America, he got John Boehner to retire, maybe he talks into resigning?
Maybe he'll have a John Boehner moment and resign.
What a legend. John Boehner's retirement couldn't have been timed better
John DeStefano Director of personnel for Trump worked for John Boehner and was a Never Trumper he is working to keep Trump loy…
Tears won't help anymore than they did John Boehner
John Boehner is looking like a dapper silver fox today in his red sweater vest
Johnny DeStefano's last job was driving John Boehner to his spray tan appointments.
John Boehner just gave it to him back when he was speaker of the house I know he…
Paul Ryan's performance as Speaker makes his predecessor John Boehner look like a candidate for Mt. Rushmore. Ryan is a Hall of Fame hack.
Never thought that I'd look back, and think to myself that John Boehner might have been a stronger Spea…
Spotted at Trattoria Alberto on CH: Former Speaker John Boehner & cos Michael Steel sipping a bottle of red on this 80 degree day 🍷☀️
Paul Ryan has me missing John Boehner as Speaker. Oh the time we live in.
I'm glad John Boehner is not the speaker of the house anymore.
Goofy is going to J Crew. Bluto and Melvin have lice. George Washington. Han Solo and John Boehner are playing mah jongg in Atlantis.
Is Paul Ryan the Speaker Of The House? Then he should do as much as John Boehner did.
Netanyahu to speak at us despite the Dems trying to keep him from coming. God bless you John Boehner , I miss you as speaker of the house
Paul Ryan has hired, promoted John Boehner's cronies in the personnel office & they are purposely delaying, blackballi…
Paul Ryan is teaming up behind scenes w/ John Boehner to stall agenda. DC contacts confirm. All a ruse to kee…
Good for Harry Reid and John Boehner. It's easy to be cynical, but hopefully this leads to some good things.
Times change. In 13, Speaker asks Obama how: "justification comports with exclusive authority of Cong authorization"
lol... so congress wasn't republican with John Boehner as speaker of…
John Boehner's reaction when the bartender called "Last Call."
I imagine John Boehner waking up early today, & sitting in front of a big flat screen w C-SPAN on, a glass of red wine, an…
Just when I'm wondering why ppl like Justice John Roberts & Spkr John Boehner deviate from Constitution & help Obama, I remembe…
One need only look at letter to to see the very different response from…
Er no he won't was clearly 'presidenting while black'…
sent letter re: military intervention in Will do same?
GOP leaving town with little to crow about Ryan proves he is same Dem lapdog failure for USA as John Boehner.
If >7yrs there was nothing, I don't think they can agree on anything called healthcare. John Boehne…
I lived in John Boehner's district for years so I feel you.
Boehner: Cruz is 'Lucifer in the flesh'
In 2013 John Boehner and other GOP threatened Obama with impeachment if he struck Syria wi…
Reid was a senator, not a congressman. And the house was under republican cont…
Republicans Speaker John Boehner made it clear that premature military action w/o congressional apprvl wld be unconstitutional.
Was Obama backed up in 2013 by congress? That´s not how I remember it. Ask John Boehner. al-Assad must go but is Tr…
Remember Boehner threatened Obama over Syria> Is Boehner's letter to Barack Obama setting the stage for impeachment?
Right wing blogs covered it extensively. True.
John Boehner colluded with Obama against The People. http…
Pence was at the White House while the attack was going down..John Boehner was on the hill today..just thinking out…
John Boehner is just mowing his god *** lawn while drinking a beer.
None at all. Freedom Caucus is knifing him in the back just as…
Tell me about or just maybe they are interpreting the handwriting on the wall as John Boehner did when he quit?
Someone in front of this entourage said "an alumni." Up the Senate escalator comes John Boehner.
IRS committed a Crime John Boehner & R House chose not to prosecute her, Holder, Hillary, Huma you name them R's wo…
Chuck Schumer seems to have taken a remedial course at the John Boehner School of Crying on Camera.
“We're going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whateve…
Meanwhile John Boehner chuckles as continues to self destruct defending
The R's House Funded Obama to interfere in foreign elections that would be John Boehner who also funded refurbishin…
Why wouldn't John Boehner be laughing he isn't in the mess and he's an emotional alcoholic.
John Boehner every time Paul Ryan has to deal with another member, like Nunes in the
John Boehner and Gregg Popovich are my 2 I'd love to go wine tasting with. Coach Pop's aff…
John Boehner spotted in the Capitol. "Oh, I'm just hanging around," he says.
Wandering past the Senate during nuclear detonation: John Boehner.
-_- Yea... Good luck with that Trumpo. Just ask John Boehner & Eric Cantor how well it worked out…
Brilliant plan Joe! Which of your chosen Rinos will replace him? John Boehner, John Kasich, Eric Cantor, Steve Schmidt?
People, listen up. Get your CivilIT peeps to rebuild your home page. It still shows John Boehner as Speaker.
Remember when the Freedom Caucus forced out John Boehner and Paul Ryan was the savior? Good times.
here's another suggestion for your banner , they told me it's John Boehner when he was an intern in c…
Yea I've always liked John Boehner more than Paul Ryan.
Their butts are going to be held accountable, too, just as illegal tap with Dr. John Boehner, x- Speaker of the House.
I haven't had sex since the Obama Administration, which doesn't sound that bad until I also say that John Boehner was Speaker of the House.
Memo: John Boehner isn't Speaker anymore. We have a much better one now.
I added a video to a playlist Full Speech and Swearing In of John Boehner as Speaker of the House
John Boehner told Republicans some inconvenient truths on Obamacare
John Boehner admitted 'repeal and replace' is a Republican pipe dream via
John Boehner, freshly tanned, says a full Obamacare repeal and replace isn't going to happen https:…
John Boehner: Obamacare repeal and replace is “not going to happen”
Paul Ryan is as I said before, WORSE than John Boehner! He's as bad as Mitch McConnell! Raising the white flag to t…
No - while I'm out on the links with John Boehner, President Bannon has my phone.
No one cared what John Boehner had to say when he was speaker of the even less now.
Remember when John Boehner said something was 'beneath the dignity of the White House"? featured in NBC s Science of Love
1) Callers keep bring up the Debt, but POTUS & John Boehner, Majority Leader of the House created a tax plan to address the Debt
did he really forget that John Boehner openly opposed the Obama administration while he was Speaker of the House
John Boehner was former speaker of the house, in some of his pictures, it looked like he was using spray tan.
Remember when the GOP took the house in 2010 and Obama didn't even have John Boehner's phone number? Trump is inclusive!
you're more famous that Ashley Judd, Former speak of the House John Boehner, LeBron James, and idk DRAKE
If that were true then John Boehner and Paul Ryan would have been able to negotiate compromises with the White Hous…
Where is John Boehner when we need him. Paul Ryan is a not terribly bright power hungry oligarch wannabe. Cares onl…
When 96.5 Kiss FM at 6:30 am is John Boehner, former speaker of house, talking at a formal dinner party...? Why is this airing on the radio?
John Boehner resigning as Speaker is basically like Raditz dying and saying that Nappa and Vegeta are coming.
John Boehner Fast Facts. View CNN's Fast Facts on John Boehner and learn more about the former Speaker of the US
Life after power: John Boehner's uneasy adjustment to retirement was beginning 2 think he joined a monestary.
John Boehner was not "Majority Leader" in 2015. He was Speaker. Are you there?
Something not right with this article, date is November 24, 2016 but also states John Boehner is Speaker of House.…
Recipe: This turkey brine is endorsed by John Boehner
Bill Mitchell sounds like John Boehner trying to avoid a govt shutdown tonight.
As if he had a choice. Thank you Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and your Republican controlled 12% appro…
it's influence may have peaked around then. Schwarber, Braxton Miller winning B1G titles & John Boehner as Speaker
I find it humorous Obama blamed for not being able to work with Cong GOP when it's clear John Boehner couldn't.
And Congress did WHAT? Did Congress do ANYTHING about this?
don't blame democrats for Obamacare. Republicans & John Boehner said no to everything. Isn't that right John B?
House Freedom Caucus is considering doing to Paul Ryan what it did to former Speaker John the lame duck.
He has been more destructive than ever was. needs to step down. He hasn't said a word a…
Thanks to Trump? The people voted for him. It should be thanks to John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the establishment.
grew up in and around bars. He knows it's time to leave before the crazies roll in.
"John Boehner is a genius, he quit because the job was hard" is my least favorite DC meme
Another traitor to the American people along with John McCain just like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.…
In the meantime check out my big Boehner profile:
aligned with the Democrats. Folks like Paul Ryan, the John's (Boehner/McCain), Mitch McConnell have sold out the people
Mitch McConnell and drunk John Boehner motto: As long as it wasn't the Texan. That's why everyone should have rallied around the Texan.
Mailed my ballot 2 weeks ago and finally realized that absolves me of keeping up with Trump news. I feel John-Boehner-mowi…
They never seem to go back home:. Former House Speaker John Boehner and Members of His Staff Join Washington Law Firm
RYAN: IT WASN'T HIM. BOEHNER: The Bushmills in me says--. RYAN: *** John, don't make me say it. BOEHNER:. RYAN: Ronald Reag…
"THANK GOD, I retired, when I did..." . - John Boehner
Earmarks have become a symbol of a Congress that has broken faith with ...
They have called Operation Iraqi Freedom a war of choice that isn't par...
. Can't wait to see Mitch McConnell share a crying towel with John Boehner.
Enjoyed watching John Boehner looking so refreshing and enjoying his retirement ...Looking Good ... That 's Exceptionalism at its core!!! 🇺🇸
John Boehner must laugh his head off just about everyday!
Donald Trump will lose the election but won't end the GOP, John Boehner's former press secretary says. htt…
When you see John Boehner crying, believe you me, it's because he cannot ...
John Boehner and Eric Cantor were the worst of them and could have chosen to make the President's first term an American honeymoon.
John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and now Paul Ryan have been feeding the public lies about the economy, when they had his relief in hand
receives Congressional Gold Medal from John Boehner, Speaker of the House, 2012. tribute:…
Republican congressional fiefdoms? John Boehner the ex House GOP speaker couldn't even bring them to order. So, this is a
John Boehner re-elected House Speaker in tense vote
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Free: John Boehner, ex-speaker of US House of Representatives, joins Squire Patton Boggs.
Source: THE INTERCEPT John Boehner, the retired Speaker of the House, is monetizing his decades of political...
Victory for Thomas Massie and Walter Jones. (It only took John Boehner taking a K Street job whatever whatever.)
Now we know why John Boehner stepped down as House Speaker. He's joining tobacco company Reynolds American's board.
Not as much damage as McConnell, John Boehner, etc. have done since 2008. James Buckley, where are you?
Jeff Fischer is crazy tan. He has both me and John Boehner totally beat.
Paul Ryan is going to get a voicemail tonight that will just be John Boehner laughing.
My face when Ted Cruz was speaking. At some point all I heard was John Boehner saying 'Lucifer in the flesh'. htt…
You also need John Boehner in your corner. A man of faith, loyal, knows all HC's failures, tough,strong, just like you!
My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati I worked there growing up mopping floors waiting tables - John Boehner
John Boehner reading that Scott Baio is speaking at the "My party's dead. Well, it was a good run". Puts shotgun in mouth.
"John Boehner gave up being speaker of the House because...his caucus had become a madhouse, incapable of governing".
Mc C is a used car salesman who sells his votes to the highest bidder. John Boehner takes a golden shoot.
John Boehner is somewhere drinking Bourbon, smoking a cigarette and laughing his *** off. - Democratic Underground
Will a Convention ever be as fun as NYC in 04 w and our crashing John Boehner parties?
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Hey if John Boehner grew a conscience sorta, it could happen again. Won't hold my breath.
Is there a specific word for the confusing nostalgia I feel for John Boehner?
John Boehner should just get it over with and change the spelling to *** What a ***
Republicans wasted a big opportunity to crush the zealots. John Boehner is a common sense conservative guy and they ignored him.
Forgot to include spence was a strong supporter of John Boehner.
In 2006, Pence, then a congressman, challenged John Boehner to be the minority leader. Boehner whooped him 168 to 27.
A new album of duets by John Boehner and David Cameron called “Goodbye Ditties” drops Tuesday
For those who don't know, my last name is pronounced "HAY-ger." It's a German thing, just like Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner.
John Boehner's "No decisions have been made on a CR" = Paul Ryan's "First of all, I don't want to give up on the appropriations process."
New ep! speaks to me in pokemon. I think. & I declare John Boehner a gender avenger. 2016 = cuckoo.
A reminder that John Boehner also sang at his resignation.
John Boehner must have given Pence and Trump the number of his spray tan "artist" a few years ago.
looks like John Boehner with a bad sunburn.
Obama is a world class jerk, and I'm being as nice as I can, don't want to make him cry like John Boehner.
Cut to: David Cameron and John Boehner on a beach somewhere smoking a bowl and laughing hysterically.
A color never before known to humankind.well, maybe John Boehner.
That awkward moment where you make John Boehner appear to be a critical thinker & wise legislator. .
Next week: David Cameron taking a long drag on a cigarette as he and John Boehner share cocktails and laugh at Paul Ryan and Theresa May.
Jean Claude Juncker reminds me of John Boehner a few years ago - fighting for a job he can't succeed at.
John Boehner is sitting at home with a whiskey, happy to have gotten out early
You're almost making me miss the days of John Boehner. As a citizen, your support of Donald Trump disturbs me greatly.
Somewhere in the world John Boehner is shedding a tear of joy from dodging a bullet by stepping down and letting eat it.
Pence ran against John Boehner for House Minority Leader and lost by a landslide. The Establishment hates him. A plus?
I want to see him and John Boehner take a vacation together and reminisce of the good times.
John Boehner is a cigarette smoking player! Retirement does politicians well.
Sen Harry Reid: Paul Ryan's experiment in being a better speaker than John Boehner is failing dramatically...
Just like John Boehner before him, Paul Ryan never stood a chance!
Paul Ryan is probably as bad of a leader as John Boehner.
a "showdown" between Obama & China? We are doomed . . . UNLESS the Chinese hire John Boehner as their negotiator.
Yes, ​​Speaker of the House, most powerful GOP member of Congress, has endorsed Donald Trump. Come back, John Boehner, al…
former speaker of the House John Boehner
obama John Boehner great politician speaker of house
John Boehner is probably at home drinking another Scotch and laughing maniacally at Paul Ryan
Warren Davidson, Republican, elected to Ohio U.S. House seat to succeed John Boehner
Here are some that back up Iwill never vote for them are Trent Lott,John Boehner,Bob Dole,Reince Priebus
Why don't we stop the stimulus spending? There's still about $400 bill...
I have a serious tan goin on. I am now Jerry Jones orange. John Boehner burnt orange. Smh.
Remember when John Boehner called Ted Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh' , although it doesn't endorse him and Boehner is still irrelevant.
John Boehner must be kicking himself -- he could have been our first orange President...
Slutty John Boehner-looking coworker must have fried her brain in the tanning bed
With s guest appearance from John Boehner! Who'd have thunk it?! :D
. Ted Cruz + John Boehner pushing the bottom to start Democalypse 2016.
They are holding up the government. To the point they made a sensible man like John Boehner step down bc he didn't wanna ride with that
John Boehner unchained: “I did my best to bring our party together, but I don’t know what the knuckleheads want”
Trump - the establishment candidate. Backed by Mitch McConnell and his texting buddy John Boehner.
IRL, he apparently used strategic crying for everything. the John Boehner of his day.
Gary Johnson is a Libertarian like how John Boehner is a Republican.
These two are as laughable as. You can get with Mitt thinking. He's King Maker. And the Brain child of John Boehner
Mitch McConnell is a Ben Shapiro type of conservative, so is John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Why can't Trump be more like them?
I'm no legal expert, but John Boehner calling Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" seems slanderous. Lucifer should sue.
John Boehner once hired Ted Cruz to be his lawyer via
Yes, and his history against Conservatives is long and putrid...
HRC is going to be nominee. Cenk Uygar&John Boehner?
JOHN BOEHNER found a THINKPIECE! They put it in the SOUND BITE pocket.
Will we fight or will we retreat? That is the question that is posed t...
Rep. Mark Meadows started the process by filing a request to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner in 2014! Ryan needs to go!!!
The only good thing about former Speaker John Boehner is the "former".
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